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Game or Love-MG FF#5 LINK THREAD 6 (Page 102)

tellyme IF-Rockerz

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Part 45


"So is the decision final.. Should we go ahead with relation like this? "


Maan did not have to force any of his wish on her and as Armaan had said, he had to succumb to all her wishes.


He gave a weak smile and then took her in embrace' "As you wish" with shiver running down his body with pain in heart.


Geet slept peacefully in his embrace while Maan felt suffocated in the situation surrounding him.


How can she even think of divorce, to end their marriage life? They were part of each other, how could Geet go to this extent.


He knew he deserve severest of punishment of but their marriage being a JOKE? He chocked at the thought.


He looked at her in his embrace and softly shifted her in the pillow beside and caressed her hair.


She did not believe he loved her, he knew with his act he has lost her trust but then their marriage was no meaning for her, it pained deep within.


"I will work hard, do everything possible in this world to gain your trust Mishty, to make you believe in our marriage. I will bow down to any length but I can't leave you believing that this marriage has no meaning. We are each other's Mishty" tears were just flowing down his eyes as he went deep and deep thinking of what she has decided.


Yes he was physically attracted to her and her to him. But as she loved him above all he loved her too. Now the emotional love of him for her was way beyond stronger than physical. Things have changed so much with him but his Geet does not trust anything. Everything seemed meaningless.


"Just for Mohit or she would have gone for divorce'" he closed his eyes as deep pain engulfed him.


She had used the word divorce and she was so serious about using it, it pinched him. His own words came back to him.. How he had said once that he had married her just for Mohit and other than that she meant nothing.


How much pain she has suffered he could feel now more. Her pain was immense compared to his. He has to hear only one thing and it was hurting' how much hurting words he have used with her, knowing and unknowingly'she has survived hearing all those, no wonder he has forced her into depression. She is strong to still be in sense as her just one decision is making him insane, how she took his all rubbish.


When she was madly in love with him, he used to joke her.. not to dream of being Mrs Khurana. Now he felt so ashamed of how he had uttered those words.


 Every thing came back to him. He did not know what to do but he knew he have to win her trust back and make her believe in their marriage, how? He had no idea.


Next morning, he woke up with heavy heart but all he knew that he have to keep strong face in front of Geet and be as usual with her. She was happy was one thing for him to cherish at least.


Geet was slept peacefully long today as it was Saturday and Mohit was home too' she felt at peace after clearing her mind.


While Maan was out of Kitchen after preparing break fast and about to sit on for a meeting, Mohit came running and held him on his lap


"Moi luv dadda" Maan picked him up in his arm' "Dadda loves Mohit too'" Mohit has been slow in learning speaking, it was due to Maan and Geet's relation, Maan knew. Showing up a normal relation doesn't actually bring a natural effect and it had definitely affected Mohit.


Though both Maan and Geet were working hard to be normal for Mohit but going to playschool has helped him a lot. And he has started to join sentences.


Maan turned and saw the care taker standing behind them, he just signaled her to move from there. The girl was little disappointed by his dry behavior but Maan was in no mode of joke today.


He then called the project head to lead the project meeting with client he would soon join.

Later he played with Mohit, got excited with kid for new things he had learned and played his baby games with him.


"Mohi go to Mamma" "Mamma sleeping baby" Mohit made a sad face and then Maan took him to Geet and made him lay beside her.


Maan got back to his meeting getting the status while Mohit woke Geet up. Geet just got lost in Mohit, Maan's eyes going on them in between and he realized the missing link for Mohit. Both played with him but Mohit needed to play with both of them together sometimes.


When Maan was done with meeting and Geet done playing with Mohit, after handling Mohit to care taker she came to Maan who was drowned in some file. He was keeping himself to himself to absorb the new situation.



Geet came from behind, laid her self on his shoulder and traced her finger from his forehead thru his face to his neck. Maan closed his eyes.


"Don't want your morning romance today'" Geet asked kissing his cheeks. Maan was in no mode of getting physical today, he was emotionally too heavy but irony of situation he had to be perfectly normal with her.


He pulled her in front and made her sit on his lap "Offcourse, when I am not ready for that but should you not have your breakfast first"


"So boring" Geet made her face. Maan did not want to make her upset but he was so much in emotional grip now.


"Abb dekho itne pyar se banaya hai maine" "Pyaar se? " she caught that word as if he is not supposed to use that word, as if he does not deserve to use that word even in simple sentence.


Maan immediately corrected "I mean lot of interest. Its really special." "hmmm' no, I am going for a shower then, you joining me"


Maan was shocked, first time in three years she has been so bold. Shock came to his face first but he soon recovered.


"See you love me right, so for your love will you not eat something that I made" she at last agreed and had Bf with him. Maan just watched her, not knowing how to handle this abrupt situation.


Geet went for shower and Maan again got busy with another critical project.


He was still busy in meeting when Geet came there and stood quietly, she wanted to talk something it seemed.


Maan in five minutes asked someone to head the meeting and got out of it.


"Any thing serious Mishty" "Why are you not being yourself today, just like you have been all days we have been in Mumbai.. you are different today."


Ohh no, his internal turmoil was visible to her after all. He immediately pulled her in his embrace, caressing her curles back her ears


"No , why will I be so.. Its just a coincidence that today there are so many important projects to be discussed" "Sachi" she said encircling her hand around his neck'


"But am free now, to be with Mohit and you" She traced her finger from his neck to his chest, teasing his senses in so many ways


"But when are you going to complete your promise" "What promise? "


"That we will not be husband and wife and only a live in relation partner" Maan felt like someone slapped him hard on his face. How easily she said it.


"I agreed to it na Mishty, what else you want me to do?"  he said almost in irritation.


"Ok If you get so irritated, leave it" and she got up. Maan immediately held her hand, he was in completely stuck position.


Went near her and trying to sound normal "Ohh Misty naraz ho gayee, I didn't mean it that way"

"Ok, what do you want me to do?" She took him to his room and made him sit and she sat too. Maan was wondering what was coming next, only wishing it was not other storm.


"Simple, for our relation to be live in, you have to take away all my rights of Mrs Khurana"


"What?? " Maan almost blurted. He wanted to be normal face with her but everything new she was coming up was not helping.


He recovered "Listen Misty" she placed finger on his lips "Only Geet' after all we are just partners"


Maan felt like he will break now. She was taking all his rights of loving her emotionally; she was making sure that it was just physical except for Mohit.


Maan was looking at her with wet eyes' She wiped his eyes as she herself could not see his eyes in tears but she could not leave a confused life of trying to believe him and not being able to.


"Maan trust me, it will be a blast off time just like before. How much fun we had, remember"


Maan took her hand in his, making himself mentally strong and believing he will fix the situation one day.


"As you wish, let me know what what you want me to do to make sure I fulfill my promise."


Next: Geet's demand


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After eons... me first...

this update was just brilliant anu...
Geet's decision... maan's inner turmoil... u have written them in a brilliant way... i loved the way Maan recollected his deeds towards her in the past and comparing it to his present situation...
the pain that geet underwent and the pain which maan is currently undergoing was amazingly expressed...
Loved it completely... scared for Geet's demands...
continue soon

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amazing update

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yahooo un update

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Cutypie212 Groupbie

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Keep rocking

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Will read it later

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omg she is just acting so indifferent with him
dis shows hw much damage has maan done to der relation
do update soon

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