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Director' Cut : 7th August, 2012 (Page 6)

rparash Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Awesome work everyone Clap

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rashika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome anaylsis everyone and great vm's

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bidz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
lizzy, ruby, sari and Maham - enjoyed reading all your takes. Will sign off now and see you all again right after the episode tomorrow.

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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
In todays episode I saw a lot of untold emotions.A future track and a bid storm on the way  

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kushikumari Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolgal270

Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se ,rishta Purana Hain 
In Aankho Se Har Aansu , mujhko Churana Hain 

Teri Bechaini Ka Teri Tanhai Ka,  Ehsaas Hain Mujhko Sun 
Main Jo Saath Tere Hu Phir Tujhe Hain Kaisa Gam , dard Baat Lenge Ham Sun 

In Palko Mein Khushiyo Ka Sapna Sajana Hain 
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana Hain 

An epi which left me reeling with emotions.  The drama, suspense and romance all entangled. An adamant dadi, a determined ASR, an unsure and apprehensive khushi and exemplary and courageous nani!

Courageous Nani:

Today, I am most touched by nani's character. For she is a woman who took the responsibility of taking care of two kids when the time was most grim. As a mother, wouldnt she have suffered to the maximum when she lost her daughter? when her beautiful grand daughter marriage was cancelled at the last moment? When she found out that her damdji broke her daughter's trust, her happiness, her home. What it would be like for Devyani singh Raizada when her grandchildren had to witness the scandal, when they had to come to terms with the loss of their mother, with the betrayal of their father! 

For her it would have been the toughest because she took it upon herself to make a life out of those two lost souls when her own life was crumbling. Yes she couldn't penetrate the wounded heart of Arnav and stop him from becoming ASR. But she made him a man who is self dependent, she made him a honorable human being, she gave him love,shelter, strength and courage to become what he is today. And most of all she gave Anjali the right direction to overcome her grief. Again, yes, she protected her far too much but to heal her, to make her believe in goodness of the world , to make her forget her painful past. And by making Anjali what she is, she gave Arnav the biggest gift! His di, his life, his support!

And so I was so with her when she questions Dadi about why she is seeking answers now?what about her responsibilities, about her care, concern for her children, How could have she hidden away from taking care of those two, how she never wanted to find out about them and now she is dissapointed with the way things have taken place in RM?
I loved her aggressive stance, loved how she clearly mentions that the past always had and still has an effect on the dwellings withing RM, how dadi cannot deny it!Evil Smile

She is the one who proudly introduces Khushi to Subhadra devi as her bahu, the queen of the house. And she is shocked and sad at the way khushi has been rebuffed by her. She goes to make amends, to ensure that dadi understands khushi and gives her the due love. Big smile

Also she is genuinely happy when Arnav stands besides khushi. For she has made that man righteous, she trusts him to do no wrong anymore. The insult at khushi pains her as well for she truly loves khushi as her own, every gibe thrown at her, wounds her heart and seeing Arnav supporting khushi makes her smile in content.

But war lines have been drawn! First, only Arnav was the ziddi insaan of the house, now she has to deal with his grandmother!
But however it goes, I have full faith in Nani. She will not let any harm come to khushi, arnav or Anjali this time. She has protected her children all these years and no shyaam or "the woman" can shake that protective shield I so love the 

Adamant Dadi:

A woman who after the gap of 14 years decides to become a part of the family from whom she willingly stayed away. A woman who gets emotional seeing her pota and hugs him affectionately and warmly but her blood freezes the minute she lay eyes on kushi. Naturally the woman is shocked beyond her wits that the naukarani is actually the bahu of the house, her bahu. For her its the biggest blashphemy to have taken place in this decade.

She does not want to remember that fateful night as she still sees "that woman's" face. She wants to deny that it ever happened, she does not want to acknowledge that the past is still haunting them.

When she left the kids in Devyani's care, she trusted her to take care of things.
But to her disaapointment, Arnav beta has married "that woman" without the presence of any family member. She questions about this to her friend, shows her dissapointment at the way things have gone wrong in the family. But she has no answers to Devyani's counter questions. What can she say? Why she did not want to shoulder the responsibility? why she never even once asked about the well being of her grandchildren? She averts her eyes as she cannot look into the eyes of Devyani singh raizada.Evil Smile

She wants to know the answers to her questions and Arnav informs her that it was he who didnt tell nani about his marriage. Dadi is shocked and reprimands him for not even considering telling anyone about his decision, not even takingpermission to marry. The last time she met him, he was a kid who was basking in the love of his mother, a grandson who would have been polite, respectful and soft spoken! But she has no idea that this Arnav is not that child. He will not listen quietly when accusations are being thrown at him. And so she gets shock-pe-shock at his audacity to question her love, her concern for their well being. This is unacceptable behavior and she unknowingly hits him where it hurts the most. She compares him to his father, a deadly mistake for which she is warned, cautioned against! 

She cannot let the bahu enter her world for she is not accepted there yet. To her amazement, a simple act of hers is met with rebellion from her grandson. Again, she cannot believe the arrogance of the man to have not let her finish the sentence and to revolt in that fashion.

The "Malik" in her makes her stand her ground and she is already locking horns with the Man of the house although its only been a few hours since she met him.

How long will she refuse to acknowledge khushi as her daughter-in-law? For how long she will not accept that what happened 14 yrs ago, is still shaking the grounds of the house? Will she fight back this time or will she leave the task to nani as she did in the past?...We will have to see.

Apprehensive khushi:

She is happy for Arnavji, she is happy he has met his grandmother and has her blessings. But when Naniji calls her to take her rightful place, she does not know how to proceed for she is not sure of her footing with Dadi. The same woman who snubbed her, would she be happy to find out that she is her bahu, would she be accepted and loved? 
All her fears come true when Dadi refuses to give  her blessings and accounts her responsible. For khushi is not sure of the reason for dadi's immediate dislike to her. 
As she searches for answers, she finds a withdrawn Arnavji immersed in his thoughts. She assures him that she or their marriage might be the reason for dadi's behavior. All she wants to do is comfort him when she herself is hurting!
At his indirect apology that he was the reason for their hasty marriage, she is moved.But she is KKGSR, his soulmate. She immediately understands its more that what meets the eye. 
She has come to the stage of the relationship where she wants to know man behind Arnavji, to know his secrets, to share his sorrow! Loved how she tells him that somehow she feels she doesnt know him at all. She is ready to accept this bitter truth and be honest about it!

She is still sure that she can charm dadi as she does everybody.So she goes to apologize but instead gets rejected again. But the next moment, her knight in shining armor declares to his dadi that his place is rightfully besides his wife. Khushi who has just found her footing with Arnav is moved beyond words!
At this point, she is both happy and sad. Happy coz her man has upheld her honor but she can sense the strain in the relationship as well as how much it will pain her arnavji to be caught in the middle!

She will not let Arnav suffer in silence, she will make him open up, she will show him that by sharing his pain, he will reduce it and be free of the burdens!

Determined Arnav:

A man who is not used to show his emotions is visible moved by the presence of his grandmother! He wants to ask her so many questions but before he can do that, he is caught unawares at the way his wife is being treated!
Loved his shock at dadi moving her feet away and denying khushi her blessings. He is Shocked, sad and hurt by this.
Arrival of dadi invokes all bitter memories, most prominently where he sees his mother running away. He is unsure of the reason for dadi's sudden arrival at RM, how will that change his equation, would that effect khushi in any way or not! He is still immersed in the thoughts when his lovely wife in her round-about way apologizes for doing something to anger his dadi.

He cannot take it if khushi blames herself for their marriage for he very well knows he is the one to be blamed! Even though he is worried and sad, he understands khushi's hurt immediately and being ASR, rightfully owns upto his mistake in order to lessen her burden!

What a beautiful scene. He is apologizing the way he does best, by his direct talks and actions. But he is not yet ready to give away all the hurt hiding inside him, share his pain. For he simply does not know how to do that. All is life, he has been the sponge who absorbs everyone's sorrow and difficulties. Before khushi, there was no one in his life to willingly wanting to share his torment. but now he has that support in his wife, that willingness to make his pain go away, to make him happy and heal him from within.Big smile

It will take time for him to come out of his shell but he will do it. Khushi's love will make him do that!

He wants to set things straight and so he goes to meet Dadi. 
To his shock dadi is questioning about his motives now when all these years she did not bother to check up on him. It's his hurt, his betrayal, his anger at dadi  for not being there for him when he needed her. Its the 15 year old boy and not the grown up man telling her how dissapointed and hurt he is with her abandoning them. Ouch
But it is completely intolerable for him to be compared to his father! How can he be compared  to that man for Arnav is an honorable, righteous man! For him, its the biggest insult and he cannot mask his loathing and anger while he talks about Senior Malik.

He is a man who will move heaven and earth to protect his wife, her honor. And he does the same today. He declares in front of his rigid grandmother that he will not let any disrespect come to khushi. If she is not allowed to enter her world, so is he. If she does not want to accept khushi as her bahu, he will not have any relationship with her. He is, where khushi is.Big smile

The two maliks are standing tall, rigid, like a wall which will not move, come what may, but will khushi's love, nani's effort and Arnav's righteousness be able to soften Dadi's stance? Will it heal the old wounds and strengthen the bonds between the Two generations?
I am eagerly waiting to find out! Interesting times have just started!!

Other little things:

Loved how mami responded today by hiding behind Nk. It was so naturally done!

Loved NK's nod of approval and happiness when nani proudly announces khushi as the bahu rani of the house! A true friend.

To the CVs:

I want clarity. Is it 14 years or 15 years? Please bata do, we have to get our timelines right!

Payal didnt come forward to touch dadi's feet and take blessings? Why? Is it reserved for the badi bahu of the house?


Barun sobti: Need to buy a new dictionary which has some freshly invented words for appreciation! I am in your Awe! If I could hail you, I would do it today..The sheer brilliance of your acting, that restrained loathing and anger while talking to dadi, wao! just wao!!Clap

Sanaya irani: You were magnificent! The love, the anxiety, the fear and the pain, all beautifully portrayed! Amazing.

Dadiji: Brilliant in doing this role. your Body language sends chill down my spine, esp when u glare at khush like that!

Naniji: Loved you...your stance, expressions, BL everything was upto the mark.

CVs: I am very happy with the execution today. Esp the 1st seg was beautifully done. Created the right amount of curiosity with rising blood pressure. Enjoyed it immensely!!

Love, Sumi

Sumi, so well written, each and every point on every main character. I was thinking about Nani's role  and her own grief... you summed her up brilliantly,  what an unbelievably strong woman! 

As far as Barun is concerned... one amazingly brilliant actor... pretty soon, a new dictionary will not do! Fantastic job, Sobti, bless you!! 

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kushikumari Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bidz

Originally posted by kushikumari

wonderful points...  repentance, redemption... not sure how people want to see it, but, i have a feeling these people want an OTT Devdas style, ASR. That's probably the only thing that will satisfy them! But then, our Arnav has to be back to ASR for a moment with a rude/ insensitive comment for everyone to cry foul again. So, there really is no point in trying to please the lot...
Having said that, yes, i agree with you on how well ASR's character is shaping up - a lot stronger and bolder than most men out there Ouch!!  For all the points you have mentioned, if this is not redemption- ASR's journey in realizing and setting his mistakes right, then, someone please tell me the meaning of redemption. i truly love how this man has evolved, and that too, into such a wonderfully strong and righteous person.

You're right Khushi. I can't speak for others but I definitely don't want to see a begging/groveling devdaas style Arnav. BTW, this so called redemption is a journey. It has just started. He will prove time and again why he is "duniya ke sabse achche pati"Smile

Bidz, as it is so many of us are totally floored by what he has done so far... any more and there will be too much drool to clean up... 
c3cilia Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
wow! Epic for sure .. seeing ASR next to Khushi and support her 100% .. so sweet when he took the blame too.

Thanks for this DC writing.

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paayaal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon: Dadi refuses Khushi as Arnav's wifelcredit -chowna

Hum Bhi Hain Josh Mein
Baatein Kar Hosh Mein
Yoon Na Aankhein Dikha
Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re
Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re

Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re
Hey Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re

Bachke Zara Sa Bachke Tu Rehna Humse Yaar Yahan
Hatke Zara Sa Hatke Hai Darte Humse Saara Jahan
Haan Bachke Zara Sa Bachke Tu Rehna Humse Yaar Yahan
Hatke Zara Sa Hatke Hai Darte Humse Saara Jahan
Na Ye Shor Kar Hai Ladna Agar To Maidan Mein Aa Nazar Ko Jhuka
Khabardaar Hoon Main Taiyaar Hoon Aukaad Kya Teri Jaat Kya
Ye To Mujhe Bata

 didnt song ring a bell .. denoted the war onscreen between the Dadi and pota...Baam Baam,dish, dish,nuke,oops ..seemed so noisy am I correct?..U are was Noisy at the IPK Shanthivan
and..was IT the right noises which came out..did all of you understand the words clearly..I could see arnav and Dadi posturing for war and could hear only four words  coming out of the DIN-hadsaa,woh aurat, naukrani,patni as I am..hope gulji is not lost in the maze just like us..

welcome to another edition of The DC which will talk about  the war and wooing which is running side by side..war of the generations and the wooing of the true love..looks like we have a a pot boiler on our  hand with all flavours mixed in the pot..but my question is whether all the favours will come out right in our dish..will it?..only time can answer this..

coming back to episode today, dadi has brought in the past with her and still lives in her most of our elders who say.."hum uss zamane main aisa kabhi nahin karte..ghor paap hain woh"..Dadi is upset when Khushi is introduced as The Bahu of the mallick's..and she walks away throwing an angry look at khushi..staring at her, giving her that "WOH  AURAT.uski aukaat look"...without even giving a blessing consoles khushi and tells Arhi that she will make Dadi see sense..but will that happen if a person lives in her past and refuses to   mingle with the present...?Isn't this the same thing that Arnav tells khushi..that Dadi never sees from the other's perspective..she has a definite case of  selective perception and selective she has perceived that khushi as the Naukrani of the house ..which is no fault of khushi's nobody corrected that misinformation..As arnav puts it to khushi that she is not at fault as he forced her for the marriage..that she is not at fault for the wrong perception of Subradha devi.. she is not at fault for this thought process of Dadi as she lives in her redundant world..but Arnavji ,I have one question to the Mallick clan-is this faulty perception that you have of people ,a genetic disorder running in the family..answerwa pleez?

next comes the dadi-nani talk and the dadi-grandson  dadi seems to be living in the past again..she demands her rights over her grandson and granddaughter but left them in lurch  about 14 years..the emotionally battered kids were left by dadi when they needed the dadi the most..The nani who took care of them relinquishes her right over them once the dadi returns without a grimace but is not able to bear a slur on her upbringing when asked as to why she didn't inform dadi about Arnav's marriage..the past rears its head again.the words "woh Aurat,Haadsa,Naukrani"..all talked about in relation to the it only related to the past?just lets wait and see..,..the words of the past seems to echo in the present and becomes the bone of contention between the dadi and the grandson..with hot words exchanged between them about arnav's father who he hates and dadi telling him to respect his father..the confrontation reaches a new heights only to reach its melting point at the arrival of khushi at the insistence of payal and the words that affected ARNAV in the past ...seems to echo in his present too..but ASR is bent upon correcting this mistake of the stands with present that his wife when dadi insults her by not allowing her in the room...but will he be able to correct the mistakes of the past too..or atleast forget the past?..I really doubt it with Dadi lingering upon it from time to time..arnavji arnavji..i have another the Maliick clan prone to the "live in the past "syndrome?..answerwa pleez...

OK guys ..sorry about this social Drama..didn't we all sign up for a love where is the love story in between all these..remember i told about how the wooing is based on the 12 days of christmas celebration ,am i right?so what did we see below the skirmishes today..the different style of wooing in the unique arhi style,am i right?today was the sixth day of celebration with the teasing precursor to the seventh day in the precap

On the sixth day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Six geese a-laying,Gift of Six Egg Laying Females Provides His True Love with Good Supply of Eggs..equate this IPK..what does the eggs here mean means Arnav's relationships he will share with her.. that is his family to be hers.. herewith hereforth.. if chickens can be compared to khushi then the eggs can be compared to his family..yet to hatched.. so yet to be related.. so will the family be in the loop at this stage of his wooing..yes it seems so.. family helps a man or woman remain healthy

Let me explain...sixth celebration is all about the family..the six geese or shall we call them the acceptance of khushi  by the six members  of the clan ..if u notice khushi has been accepted by NK and payal unconditionally the sakha of khushi and sister of khushi don't count..the family of ASR need to be convinced of her status..this is after the symbolic reaffirmation of the marriage..the six geese being anjali, Akash,mami,mamma,,nani and dadi now..this is the track where ASR gives that status to the acceptance of the khushi by his family is what is being sought out by ASAR..will khushi be accepted?..only time will tell us that

will leave u with a teaser for tomorrow..the seventh day of Christmas celebration..connect with it with the  precap and enjoy

On the seventh day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Seven swans a-swimming,-On the seventh day the lover sends seven swans. Throughout history swans have been associated with royalty and the swan is often used on royal symbols and other decorations. Swans are also found in myths and folk tales dealing with love. With its close connection to royalty and royal holiday feasting, the choice of seven swans as a gift for this high born lady from her lover is appropriate. connect this IPk now..are we talking about the gifts that are sent before the wedding from the would be husband's house.. if we talking about arhi.. is it a unique gift as rare as the swans.. Is Asr trying to give the rarest of the rare to Khushi ..yes,he is ,the rarest gift he least expected himself to give.. that is expression of love probably..what say girls..

here is the link to the DC's index-if any of you have missed reading the older threads..just peep in here

First of all Geet...Clap.
Second, I agree with u totally, the Malik genes are so many levels, it's unbelievable!!!
Third, thank u for bringing back the 12 days of Christmas relevance all the dadi drama, the romance & the no of days left got left I know thts not true...the romance & the gifts are on Thank You!!!

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