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hey Ruby,

do u think we r all talked out!!!

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Originally posted by paayaal

Originally posted by Maverick29

Originally posted by paayaal

Originally posted by sampin

Originally posted by iritz

Originally posted by Maverick29


Our friend Maverick29 has posted this on another thread... I have replied to him on a PM and will be posting my reply next... What do you think of the above post !!! Let's have a healthy discussion !!!

It's nothing but a venting out of  a  frustrated Khushi fan...I've been a fan of his write-ups but sorry..Couldn't agree with his points here...

it's too acidic...not only for the show but also for the forum members!!!!

Yep, it is meant to be ACIDIC.  Iritz said that I might have some fun discussing stuff with some "open minded people" on this thread.  So, let me explain why I wrote this:

1.  For some reason there is a percentage of population that either doesnt believe that Khushi was wronged or that she deserves a clear apology for all the acts by Arnav -- in face of a mountain of evidence -- I would love to discuss it with people who deny it at least once to see where they are actually coming from. I agree, Khushi has been wronged, & not just once but many times!!! & she did get an apology from Arnav...remember the biwi TV episode, Khushi twists her ankle, while applying balm Arnav apologises to her...that apology was all the wrongs he has done against her, knowingly & unknowingly!! Remember ASR is a character who believed hez always right...when he had to apologise to her the 1st time (ASR & Anjali's parents barsi episode), he had to practice saying sorry in front of the mirror, even then it took a lot of words & tears from Khushi for him to actually say it!!!!

NOPE!  That was just an apology and yes we did want to interpret that as "a bigger apology" and if you had read my post which I shared with Ritzy, I also made a post on the Pearls talking about it being beautiful.

But a meaningful adult conversation where he sits with his wife and simply says this -- and this can be done a million ways -- be it before or after he convinces her of his love -- would be:

I was wrong in throwing you off the first floor -- anyone for that matter -- my anger overtook my better judgement and you know it as you said when you forced me to stay back on that Nainital trip.  I was wrong in calling you a s**t, a wh**e and a Gold Digger -- that character assassination was completely uncalled for.  I am also sorry about the fact that I forced marriage on you using "blackmail" -- I fell in love with you way before that and I was about to tell you about my love when I came to that terrace.

Now to the family an open discussion about why he forced marriage and then clear her of any "wrong doing" with Shyam because ASR is the biggest witness.

With these done the rest is just a matter of them being Husband and Wife -- that is a true apology -- not this kakamami BS of holding her anklet and saying "sorry" -- I was ok with calling them BABY steps but these damn BABY steps are now interrupted by NANI.

2.  I dont know since when Redemption became a bad word!  I used to think that when someone does something wrong they should just apologize or make up! ...the word Redemption is not bad, but in what form do want ASR to repent?? 

The things hez doing for Khushi is his redemption...e.g.the gifts that he gave her on Rakhi celebration night...chana, Salman Khan poster, jalebi, gol gappe, the pearl necklace...He has realized that his wife is not impressed by his money, she never was. It's the simple things in life that give her pleasure & bring a smile on her face. Her happiness lies in other people's happiness...this was his way of saying sorry for all the times he has used the word 'aukat' & to demean her with their class & social differences in the past, this was his way of saying sorry for when he told her that, 'being Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizaada is a very profitable title for her, because now she has money & status attached to her name!!!' 

The symbolism of gifting pearl necklace was very beautifully explained by Ruby & guys on DC that day, if u can pls read that, u'll get what I'm trying to say here.

No one's denying that Arnav needs to apologise to Khushi, but he is doing it, just in his style!!!

See my text above -- we are not talking about constant apologies -- what he already started is the right thing -- he made her see that he cares about what she likes/dislikes -- that took some time.  But there are other things that a WIFE wants from her husband in terms of understanding.  THIS IS NOT SOMEKIND of a class punishment for the guy.  This is to make sure he has a great relationship with his wife and he lets her tell him all her likes and dislikes at all times.

The best marriages are those where the woman "feels" like she is in control because that gives her "security" -- this control doesnt have to be real.  YEP he is ASR but he is also human.  So far the CVs have only shown his great "control" powers being used against KHUSHI.

He fights with nani but shuts up, he constantly apologizes to Anjali, he cannot say a thing to Mamiji ...  But when it comes to Khushi he was all out there.  Now that he has toned that down -- we are seeing some development.

3.  Then there is the name game -- just so it makes it easy to dismiss people's opinion -- Oh they are so and so and we named them that so we dont need to pay attention to any points -- why?  it is easy to just make blanket statements rather than discuss something.

4.  Then there is the crowd that thinks "criticizing something somehow makes sure that IPKKND will go off air" -- just because people criticized.

First, Kushi was wronged there are no two ways about it.

Second Arnav and Khushi are in LOVE so they should get together.

That coming together should keep "dignity" of both sides.  Not just screw around with some "hero worship".

I am a fan of Khushi because of the qualities shown by the same writers -- why do I like Khushi:

1.  She is a strong, hard working, a person with self-respect, respect for her culture, love and affection for her family.

2.  She solves every problem with love and affection.
3.  She is played beautifully by Sanaya.

Now what is wrong in liking a person like that?  Does that mean that I will always think that ASR is wrong -- well you saw my posts.  My question is WHY DOESNT everyone like this girl?  She is completely non-controversial, she as a fictional character is just a good girl so why do people have a problem with her?

 This a public forum, like there are people who have problem with Khushi there are also people who have problem with Arnav. We can't really deny somebody wanting to put forward their feelings for a particular character, irrespective of our own personal feelings!!! U said it, it's a democracy, where people have a right to freely express their feelings...& they are doing it.

U like Khushi's character, next time u read a post against her, pls either ignore it or take it with a pinch of salt, because at the end of the day Arnav & Khushi are just fictional characters, created for TV, for entertainment, not for raising a national debate!!!

You seem to be under some weird impression that I go after people that are against my views.  What you are doing now is "preaching" to someone you dont even know.  DID YOU EVER CATCH ME GOING AFTER PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR VIEWS???  COme back to talk to me when you do.  For now lay off that topic.

So, the "naming" population is doing so because they themselves are actually doing it -- being subjective about people on the show!

Now for why I had to make it acidic.  If someone is paying attention to this forum and they belong to the CV group, they need to know how strongly some people feel about this current situation.

k I don't know this, but are u sure for people as busy as the CVs are, they have time to read all these posts & act or react accordingly???

They themselves said that they get daily synopsis.  This is part of their god damn job.  They are entertainers and the better get in line to understand what people want so they can entertain.  Remember, they work for US not the other way around.  If I walk away and a bunch of people do the same, they dont have a living the next day.  So, it is a simple relationship -- I help them telling them what is working and what is not.  I dont expect that they will use everything but I am just ok with a few major things that majority want implemented.  That is all.

I havent seen a single good thing here.  No one is happy, there is nothing FUN, everyone is just deadpan in what they are doing here are u referring to the forum???

DADI is who I am referring to.  I cannot see how this weird character with all the poison she brings is going to make the show entertaining!

So, if this continues the show loses its "uniqueness" and that will result int he death of the show...the show hasn't left it's uniqueness, it's still the only show on Star Plus thats stuck to it's tag line for the 1+ yr thats it been running...ask us girls, we're dying to c some romance between the lead & all we get are some stolen moments & the rest all drama...Wink

Well the TRPs are around 2.5 and some of you girls may want some romance but, the UNIQUNESS of the show was really in the treatment of a simple story -- it flowed and all the characters had a lot of HIDDEN good -- for the last few months all we have seen is "MORE BAD" coming out of people and Khushi becoming a door mat Bahu.

That is where the hell is.  Like I said in my post -- at some point, I will stop giving a damn so the hell with the morons -- there are a lot of options out there.

So, if we as critics who want the show to continue, cannot give good advise and think "criticizing" will only lead to "NEGATIVITY" (another favorite theme on the forum) -- we will be contributing to the demise of the show....ok I'll chance ur acidic comments on this but, I think u r visiting some wrong threads on IF!!!

Not everyone will have the LOVE for the show to keep giving it chances.  You guys are passionate about it and hence you are here on the forum day and night writing away.  Most people watch it for 20 mins -- if all they see is crap like Anjali getting jealous or Dadi practicing Caste System -- people WILL change the CHANNEL.  So, when our writers are being "clueless", we need to give them a CLUE....c the tracks keep changing according to the need of the hr & of course the TRP!!! The CVs have to maintain a fine balance between the keep the audience & the channel happy so that they can survive in the longer run...

Like I said, this is not working for me.  So, I made sure I said it out LOUD and as clearly as it possibly can be said.  Whatever happens with them after this is completely upto them.  If they want some more people hating the show's direction -- continue with the GREAT untouchable dadi!

That is the fundamental basis of ANY democracy in real life as well.  Dormant people who say "oh someone else will take care of it" will never help change anything.  So, like anything in life, everything we do represents who we are!!!

I dont think we are people who enjoy a girl getting beaten up over and over again.

As for redemption -- What I am expecting is a simple situation where Arnav accepts the fact that his ways may have hurt his favorite human being.  Then just let that person know that he wouldnt do it again because he knows better.  If he can convey that to his wife, and make her comfortable, we actually have a Great Couple.

So, Your imagination of what redemption means is something I obviously am not familiar with....have explained above...Smile

Finally, the reason for the strong language is simple -- many a time yelling shuts people down -- those are the sensitive people but then those people hear fine and listen to everything.  But there are those that dont really listen too well.  To get their attention, you just have to SCREAM and say some shocking things.  That definitely gets their attention.

Now what I wrote is on at least 20-30 pages on the forum.  That may fall in the hands of the writers and the SCREAMING may actually have an impact because till now they have been dismissing everything as "ranting by hormonal females" -- the writer this time is a sane and generally very level headed GUY.  If they call me hormonal they have another thing coming.


K my replies r in blue...Big smile

Mine in RED right below yours!

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Originally posted by paayaal

hey Ruby,

do u think we r all talked out!!!


OH .. CANT TELL U .. HOW TIRED I AM WITH THIS CRAP ..  its  like the show .. koi bhi rant ( loop) khatam  nahi hota 

c i always respect another's pOV .. but then i have mine as well so i put it across .. 

its the micro analysing which is killing the mood .. 

C i understand where Mave is coming from . he is not liking the track . so he voiced it . COOL .. the same way a MAHA .. voices her love for the TRACK ..who is right or wrong here .. NO ONE .. its personal interpretation ..

SO IF U DONT LIKE SOMETHING .. DOESNT MEAN .. THE WORLD IN GENERAL DOESNT LIKE IT .. so u dont like .. someone else likes it .. THE TRP is still up there .. Wink

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Originally posted by paayaal

Originally posted by Maverick29

Originally posted by paayaal

Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Originally posted by sampin

Originally posted by iritz

Originally posted by Maverick29


Our friend Maverick29 has posted this on another thread... I have replied to him on a PM and will be posting my reply next... What do you think of the above post !!! Let's have a healthy discussion !!!

It's nothing but a venting out of  a  frustrated Khushi fan...I've been a fan of his write-ups but sorry..Couldn't agree with his points here...
He is right in some ways.. From an woman's pov..I hate khushi being treated as a punch bag..but if u look at the is probably needed so that arnav realises the extent of khushi's hurt at his hands..not saying he has not realised..dadi's actions seemed a reflection of his own till sometime back..this can taken as another step towards correction of mistakes ..

Maverick is right about the doormatish attitude of the woman in Indian soaps.the modern woman seems to put off audiences..or is it that writers have created stereotypes that have imprinted itself in ppl's brains..anyway u look at it there is a need for change in the way writers approach the woman characters


But thats what TRP janta wants Geet, thats y it's been shown...agar bahu ko satayenge nahi to maza kaise aayega na...did u watch Ekta Kapoors saas bahu dramas?? They were so damn regressive it was unbelievable... infidelity, polygamy, what not, & still they were at one time ruling the TRP charts & running for 7-8 yrs!!!!

Star Plus is saying 'nayi soch nayi lehar'...but they r still running for the TRPs na...

also the audience hasn't risen above the Ekta Kapoor fed saas bahu drama, they still want that...y do u think YRKKH is been going on for sooo long, even DABH is a saas bahu drama, where the saas has been very rude to her bahu in front of wonder it's ruling the charts!!! 

I actually think that this is an excuse.  If you remember there was a phase when Mumbai just made movies that were based on Hollywood movies.  I as a guy of Indian origin used to promote the creativity of Indians -- but the reports of one movie after another being a "remake" was just disgusting.  All the directors and producers used one like "the audience want this so we are are making these movies"!  Now things have change with the popularity of Raj Kumar Hirani, Farah Khan, Imtiaz Ali, selected Karan Johar stuff and the Adi Chopra angle of making some good movies changed everything.

These guys really had a chance to change the way the TV world is.

Also, all the women sitting at home want to watch TV.  So, most of the shows will kind of rotate TRPs.  If you remember the TRPs of this show -- they were at their best at the time of Sangeet leading up to the wedding.  They dropped from that time.

So, it is really a cop-out manufactured by some ineffectual writers.  I hope things will change for the better.


therez a huge difference in movie making & churning out a 5 epis a week tv serial!!! it's not easy to maintain the same strength in the script everyday for 1 yr running...actors, directors, timings, dates, & other technical stuff, do interfere...

TRPs also affect the way a serial is going!!! SP recently pulled out 4 month old show 'Sajda' off air coz of it's low TRP!!! Other channels r doing the same...

I agree 100% that it is a brutal business but introducing inconsistencies in the story and not completing tracks is an easier way to invite more trouble.

I also agree that movies are a very different business.  They absolutely are.

What I said above was an analogy -- when the movie guys said "we cannot make anything different because the audience wants this, we scoffed and soon enough things changed".

So what I was saying was -- I spent sometime watching at least 30 mins of each of at least 4-5 shows and I did not fall in love with any of them like I did with IPKKND -- 20 mins of it and I watched the 185 epis -- I started doing this in May of this year -- so I watched all the epis online.

My complaint is that these guys were way ahead of everyone else -- but they suddenly fell of into wilderness because they lost the plot.  They screwed around with too many things.

I was hoping that they were coming back with the "wooing" thing they started but, when Dadi came the whole thing is looking like it will fall apart again.  Recovery once is difficult with people -- they got so many chances because they started so well -- I dont watch any other hindi shows and never have -- never had the time.  I make time for this.

Why? because their first 185 were awesome.  Now this crap.  So that is what I think.

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Maverick29 Goldie

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Guys off to bed.  It is nice to interact with you!  It is 2:30 here in california -- busy day tomorrow.

Good night/Good Day!


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Originally posted by srijaaa127

Originally posted by aditi07

Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain
Tasveerein Si Ban Jaati Hain
Mein Kaise Inhein Bhooloon..Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon!!

WOW...what a Power-Packed Episode!! So Intense, emotionally charged, , all the pent up feelings, frustrations, turmoils, pain & agonies of years, slowly coming to the forefront...loved the drama, loved the pace.. Absolutely Amazing & brilliantClapClapClap!!
Hats Off to Gul, Mr. Khan & IPK team for putting up such a powerful episode & special credits to Barun & Jayshree T ...these two were fantastic & mind blowingStarStar!!

Two things especially caught my eye today -
One, Arnav trying to deal with his pent up emotions after being confronted with his painful past, & Two our Rocking Naniji & the way she stood up to dadiji!!

WoW...Naniji was absolutely amazing todayClap!! From the very first scene, where as a true anchor, she understood that arnav had gone back into the times, so brought him back from his reverie to the reality, & introduced both the Bahus...Loved her loving & warm tone urging khushi to take Dadiji's blessing... , was clearly shocked, sad & disappointed the way dadiji treated khushi, but immediately regained her calm to sooth down arnav knowing his anger & the hurt he must be feeling!!

Her Scene with dadi was very powerful...Jayshree T was excellent todayStarStar!!
She gave Dadiji what was most needed...A Reality Check!! Initially being a very warm, she tried to put some sense into her that Rather than getting angry over issues about which she doesn't have any knowledge, she should be happy that she is back with family after so many years!! But when wrongly accused by dadiji for failing in her responsibilities & duties, where she was the one who had been fulfilling them
always & dadi just leaving it on her, she immediately put her back on the track!! She rightly questioned her for leaving everyone & not even wanting to see them!! She told her to Stop Living in Denial... coz escaping from the reality would just worsen things!! & advised her to accept that incident had taken place & it had changed their lives forever, rather than trying to run away from it!!

This scene again brought out the difference of personalities between nani & dadi & how the same incident affected these two in such a contrasting manner!! That incident had taken away former's daughter & latter's son, but whereas Dadiji chose to live in denial not even ready to remember it & just leaving all her responsibilities behind!! Naniji instead -- chose to Accept the reality,
however bitter it was, took in charge of the situation, fulfilling all her duties, trying to repair every thing which that incident had broken down, & engulfing the two siblings with her warm love, care & concern!!

Both have gone through the same pain, but still one secluded herself from everything even ignoring her duties whereas another went on to put back life into these two very
broken, & vulnerable parent less siblings, burying all her pain, her shattered heart, her sadness inside herself, so as to give those two a new & rejuvenated life...& Yet never afraid of talking about the incident, never living in denial!! Loving Naniji even more now...what a Lady!! I am sure all these years, while carrying out all her duties, yet bearing so much pain inside her...Nani's heart must be saying the same lines as the title song - Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain.. Tasveerein Si Ban Jaati Hain; Mein Kaise Inhein Bhooloon..Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon!!

Moreover, How well Nani knows & understands Arnav...the moment Dadi mentioned arnav's father, her eyes mirrored the fear over the confrontation which was now inevitable!! She knows that how arnav can't even bear to hear the name of his father!! Secondly, loved how she hated when dadi stopped khushi from entering, & loved her even more seeing how elated she was when arnav stood by khushi!! Perfect expressions at every moment Jayshree T ...Bang On!! really loved you todayClapClap!!

Now, talking about Arnav...well Barun was just outstanding todayStar, right from the opening shot, when his eyes met with dadi's - showing myriad of emotions - pain, hurt, affection, & even fear -- while coming face to face with a reality which reminds him of his painful past!! His pride feeling when khushi was being introduced as his wife & his hurt filled questioning face when dadi refuses to bless khushi...were just perfect expressionsClap!!

Coming to the Bedroom scene...Man.. he looked so broken & vulnerableOuch!! Totally lost in thoughts, gone back into the past, thinking about that terrible day, how he lost his parents & everything, how it changed his life, how his dadi refused his every attempt to be with him, & how suddenly Today she is here at his home...his conflict, his pain, his frustration all was clearly written over his face!! Initially so engrossed in his own thoughts that didn't even respond to khushi but later on, not only comforted her but for the first time accepted every blame for the forced marriage, owned up to the horrible mistake he had committed!! Beautiful sceneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!! However, the moment Khushi tried to know the reason behind his sorrows & anger, he once again shut himself, backed away from the scene, again being reluctant & unable to open up!! While he shared her pain, took away her sorrows by accepting his mistake, but refused to share his with him, keeping it all burning inside him!!

Arnav for so long, has kept all his emotions - his pain, his hurt, his loneliness, vulnerabilities, frustration -- all closed behind his cold, steel face, never opening & sharing himself!! he has developed his own style of behavior in all these years, always living on his own terms, never letting any one interfering in his life, never letting anyone question his decisions about his life!!So today, when Dadi, entering suddenly in his life after 14 or 15  years Confused (Really confused..PH help plzz), questioning him &
His Nani on the most wonderful relationship that he has made for himself, demanding answers from him & even accusing him to be like his father...He Looses it all!! All the pent-up feelings burning inside for all these years explode like a volcano & he answers back saying what rights she has to question him after leaving him like that!! WoW...Loved Barun when arnav was questioning dadi...beautiful voice modulation, very touching & poignant expressions..filled with hurt, pain, anguish, throat if almost about to break down..Outstanding!! He moved me by his acting & made me feel every pain arnav is going thru...Brilliant Sobti...BrilliantClapClapClap

From the song that I have posted below - "Tujhse Naaraz Nahi Zindagi", these are few line that I would specially like to quote - for what arnav has gone through in the past under the effect of that terrible incident - 

Zindagi tere Ghum ne Humein,
Rishte Naye Samajhaye!
Mile jo Humein Dhoop Mein Mile,
Chhaanv ke Thande Saaye!!

What & How Arnav spoke to his dadi today, It wasn't the 27 year old Arnav speaking, this was the hurt & pain of the 15 year old boy lashing out, whose dadi had left him when he needed her the most, when he had just lost his parents, & She even refused to even meet him even once !! The same dadi whose love, care, tending he had badly needed when he had no one to look up, had instead left him to heal all by himself!! That time Nani took him under the warm shelter of true love & care, brought him & his di up, raised him & made him the man that he is Today!! So today, When He sees Dadi making a sudden come back into his life, giving no explanations behind her behavior towards him & anjali,
refusing to bless & accept his wife, demanding answers from his nani, questioning him like this, He retorts back not only with Anger but also venting out all the pain, hurt & frustration over how badly cheated he had felt when she left!!

Seeing her stopping khushi - the woman who gave him another life, who tought him how to love & smile again, the woman who is reason for his existence -- Even from entering the room, becomes the final straw & it makes him take a even more powerful & an Open Gesture!! He turns his back at dadiji, leaves the room while she is talking & stands beside his wife coz where there is no place for his wife, even he can't be a part of that place, immediately Demanding her to accept khushi & give her the respect that she deserves!! was an amazingly touching & heart-melting momentEmbarrassed, very beautiful indeed, overwhelmed me & almost made me cry...actually at loss of words to describe the love, purity & sheer beauty that one line of arnav's held... Incomparable & one of his most wonderful gestures everEmbarrassed!! Loved khushi's wonderful transition of reactions - first surprise, then filled with immense pride & admiration at his love & support, & then shock, seeing his Attitude with Dadi, showing his vocal disapproval of the way Dadi is Treating her...beautiful expressionsClap..Loved the Camera Angle that time...made the scene even more beautiful!!

Some Other Pointers -
  • Loved NK's expressions when Nani introduces khushi as arnav's, he is such a endearing friend, so genuinely happy, proud & satisfied that finally the truth is out!! Love u NK Hug
  • Mami was hilarious, trying to hide behind Nk from dadi's wrath when khushi's truth came outLOL
  • Glad that payal is constantly being at khushi's side to comfort & support her!!
Some how the doubt that dadi's return has something to do with shyam, is strengthening more & more for me!! The woman who despite arnav, nani, anjali's persistent efforts for so many years had refused to meet them at all, has suddenly returned back for good!!...Why?? ..Further, she was missing for 2 days from the Ashram, where was she for these 2 daysConfused??

Amazing Episode...lovely music especially that drum roll one during Dadi - nani confrontation, awesome direction, wonderful script, & dialogues were bang on!! Highly fast paced, power-packed & It truly was a Episode of Substance!! Loved itClapClap!
& Lastly, Amazing & brilliant performances by all -  Barun, Jayshree T, Sanaya & Swati ClapClap!! Loved all of them, specially Barun & Jayshree ...They Rocked the show tonight!!...amazing voice modulation, beautiful expression, perfect body language...truly par excellence
...Hats off to both of them !!!

Truly, Madly, Deeply loving this phase of the show...full of passion, intensity, drama, love & romance!! Loving the IPK, CUT IT!!

Enjoy the song...Listen it from Arnav's POV !!

Wow aditi amazing postClap Clap Clap
Very well written..Thumbs Up
I just loved the episode sooo much

Thanks a lot dear...Really glad that you liked it Big smile!!
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