Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director' Cut : 7th August, 2012

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon: Dadi refuses Khushi as Arnav's wifelcredit -chowna

Hum Bhi Hain Josh Mein
Baatein Kar Hosh Mein
Yoon Na Aankhein Dikha
Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re
Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re

Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re
Hey Sailaru Sailare Kya Bola Phir Bole Re

Bachke Zara Sa Bachke Tu Rehna Humse Yaar Yahan
Hatke Zara Sa Hatke Hai Darte Humse Saara Jahan
Haan Bachke Zara Sa Bachke Tu Rehna Humse Yaar Yahan
Hatke Zara Sa Hatke Hai Darte Humse Saara Jahan
Na Ye Shor Kar Hai Ladna Agar To Maidan Mein Aa Nazar Ko Jhuka
Khabardaar Hoon Main Taiyaar Hoon Aukaad Kya Teri Jaat Kya
Ye To Mujhe Bata

 didnt song ring a bell .. denoted the war onscreen between the Dadi and pota...Baam Baam,dish, dish,nuke,oops ..seemed so noisy am I correct?..U are was Noisy at the IPK Shanthivan
and..was IT the right noises which came out..did all of you understand the words clearly..I could see arnav and Dadi posturing for war and could hear only four words  coming out of the DIN-hadsaa,woh aurat, naukrani,patni as I am..hope gulji is not lost in the maze just like us..

welcome to another edition of The DC which will talk about  the war and wooing which is running side by side..war of the generations and the wooing of the true love..looks like we have a a pot boiler on our  hand with all flavours mixed in the pot..but my question is whether all the favours will come out right in our dish..will it?..only time can answer this..

coming back to episode today, dadi has brought in the past with her and still lives in her most of our elders who say.."hum uss zamane main aisa kabhi nahin karte..ghor paap hain woh"..Dadi is upset when Khushi is introduced as The Bahu of the mallick's..and she walks away throwing an angry look at khushi..staring at her, giving her that "WOH  AURAT.uski aukaat look"...without even giving a blessing consoles khushi and tells Arhi that she will make Dadi see sense..but will that happen if a person lives in her past and refuses to   mingle with the present...?Isn't this the same thing that Arnav tells khushi..that Dadi never sees from the other's perspective..she has a definite case of  selective perception and selective she has perceived that khushi as the Naukrani of the house ..which is no fault of khushi's nobody corrected that misinformation..As arnav puts it to khushi that she is not at fault as he forced her for the marriage..that she is not at fault for the wrong perception of Subradha devi.. she is not at fault for this thought process of Dadi as she lives in her redundant world..but Arnavji ,I have one question to the Mallick clan-is this faulty perception that you have of people ,a genetic disorder running in the family..answerwa pleez?

next comes the dadi-nani talk and the dadi-grandson  dadi seems to be living in the past again..she demands her rights over her grandson and granddaughter but left them in lurch  about 14 years..the emotionally battered kids were left by dadi when they needed the dadi the most..The nani who took care of them relinquishes her right over them once the dadi returns without a grimace but is not able to bear a slur on her upbringing when asked as to why she didn't inform dadi about Arnav's marriage..the past rears its head again.the words "woh Aurat,Haadsa,Naukrani"..all talked about in relation to the it only related to the past?just lets wait and see..,..the words of the past seems to echo in the present and becomes the bone of contention between the dadi and the grandson..with hot words exchanged between them about arnav's father who he hates and dadi telling him to respect his father..the confrontation reaches a new heights only to reach its melting point at the arrival of khushi at the insistence of payal and the words that affected ARNAV in the past ...seems to echo in his present too..but ASR is bent upon correcting this mistake of the stands with present that his wife when dadi insults her by not allowing her in the room...but will he be able to correct the mistakes of the past too..or atleast forget the past?..I really doubt it with Dadi lingering upon it from time to time..arnavji arnavji..i have another the Maliick clan prone to the "live in the past "syndrome?..answerwa pleez...

OK guys ..sorry about this social Drama..didn't we all sign up for a love where is the love story in between all these..remember i told about how the wooing is based on the 12 days of christmas celebration ,am i right?so what did we see below the skirmishes today..the different style of wooing in the unique arhi style,am i right?today was the sixth day of celebration with the teasing precursor to the seventh day in the precap

On the sixth day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Six geese a-laying,Gift of Six Egg Laying Females Provides His True Love with Good Supply of Eggs..equate this IPK..what does the eggs here mean means Arnav's relationships he will share with her.. that is his family to be hers.. herewith hereforth.. if chickens can be compared to khushi then the eggs can be compared to his family..yet to hatched.. so yet to be related.. so will the family be in the loop at this stage of his wooing..yes it seems so.. family helps a man or woman remain healthy

Let me explain...sixth celebration is all about the family..the six geese or shall we call them the acceptance of khushi  by the six members  of the clan ..if u notice khushi has been accepted by NK and payal unconditionally the sakha of khushi and sister of khushi don't count..the family of ASR need to be convinced of her status..this is after the symbolic reaffirmation of the marriage..the six geese being anjali, Akash,mami,mamma,,nani and dadi now..this is the track where ASR gives that status to the acceptance of the khushi by his family is what is being sought out by ASAR..will khushi be accepted?..only time will tell us that

will leave u with a teaser for tomorrow..the seventh day of Christmas celebration..connect with it with the  precap and enjoy

On the seventh day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Seven swans a-swimming,-On the seventh day the lover sends seven swans. Throughout history swans have been associated with royalty and the swan is often used on royal symbols and other decorations. Swans are also found in myths and folk tales dealing with love. With its close connection to royalty and royal holiday feasting, the choice of seven swans as a gift for this high born lady from her lover is appropriate. connect this IPk now..are we talking about the gifts that are sent before the wedding from the would be husband's house.. if we talking about arhi.. is it a unique gift as rare as the swans.. Is Asr trying to give the rarest of the rare to Khushi ..yes,he is ,the rarest gift he least expected himself to give.. that is expression of love probably..what say girls..

here is the link to the DC's index-if any of you have missed reading the older threads..just peep in here

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Clash of the Titans...  thats what came to mind as the episode started unfolding in front of me. 

Amazing isn't it, two powerful personalities, separated by a whole generation & still so similar, not only in nature but also their words & actions, especially to that one person...Khushi!!! 

Dadi has prejudged Khushi & is not likely to change her opinion about her any time soon, as witnessed by her actions today!!! Even after being informed that Khushi is Arnav's wife, her grand daughter-in-law, a Malik bahu, her animosity didn't lessen...doesn't her actions remind us of a certain someone, who had prejudged Khushi on first impression & then proceeded to make her life a living hell on every occasion they met!!!!Wink

The fact that Arnav has taken Khushi's side over his dadi is not going to endear Khushi to her any further. Though it has definitely added a feather in the repenting ASR's hat!!!

After today, Khushi has not only her loving husband Arnav by her side, but nani, Payal, & NK are in her corner too!!!! In coming days, when the true strength of relationships would be put to test, these people together, would be the ones who'll act as anchors for those who will need them the most; Anjali, dadi, and prob mamiji too (b'coz of Anji)!!!

Today's episode would be incomplete without the mention of Mrs.Devyani Singh Raizaada, naniji, Childhood friend, samdhan, & BFF to Subhadra Malik, dadi.

Again, two different women, of the same generation, but look at the difference in their outlook towards life!!! 

One, who hasn't emerged from her past, neither has she let go of all those old repressed customs, a rigid, set in her ways lady, for whom it's either her way or its the highway!!! One who has once made an opinion would not change it, she's full of ego & prejudice.

Another, a matriarch, who, though rules her clan with an iron hand, it is gloved in love, care, & concern for everyone's happiness!!! She is the lady of today, who is a keen judge of character, & is a fair person.

What raised nani's estimation in my eyes were the following pts:

1. She introduced Payal & Khushi as the new bahus of the house.
2. She was disturbed by dadi's non acceptance of Khushi as her bahu & knew Arnav would blow a fuse, so she went to handle & explain the situation.
3. Dadi blames nani for her grand children's misfortune!!! Nani looses her cool & drives a few home truths of her own. She reminds dadi of how she had abandoned her grandchildren after that incident 14+ yrs ago, & had left them in nani's care without a backward glance. She had refused any contact for years or even acknowledged them, so blaming nani was not justified!!!
4. She didn't let dadi railroad her in accepting her (dadi's) seems to be dadi's habit, blaming others for her own poor judgement & decisions.
5. Nani understood Arnav's pain, sorrow, confusion, & anger, all directed towards his dadi. She comforted him, & also calmed him down.
6. When dadi stopped Khushi from entering the room, nani got very angry.
7. Arnav's decision to walk back towards Khushi, & his declaring her 'his patni' & demanding equal repect & acknowledgement of her status for her, from dadi, earned a praising gaze from nani.
8. There was rebuke in her gaze too when ASR was confronting his dadi...nani has raised better mannered kids!!!


Points to remember Dadiji:

1.You can't walk back after 14+ yrs & demand rights on relations, esp when you were the one to walk away from them.
2.You might be living & operating in the Dark Ages, but the world has moved on a long time ago.
3. You are now in Shantivan, Raizaada Mansion, home of Mr.Arnav Singh Raizaada & NOT in Sheesh Mahal, Malik Residence, home to a generation of Maliks!!!

Did you Notice:

On Monday, on seeing dadi, an emotional Anjali ran & hugged her, dadi on the other hand didn't even lift her arms, except told Anjali that she was unaware of her pregnancy!!! When Anjali hugged her again, she awkwardly lifts her arms to pat her back.
On Tuesday, on seeing Arnav, dadi, removes her hands from Anjali's shoulders & steps forward & open her arms to beckon & then embrace Arnav!!!

Ques: why did she do that?? Is it another of her old prejudice regarding male child & female child, or is it something else???? 

What a mind blowing episode, on so many levels!!! A complete amalgamation of a range of emotions from anger, prejudice, sorrow, blame, confusion, to love, affection, trust, camaraderie, care, understanding. The time has come to loosen the shackles of the past & move forward towards the future, unhampered!!!

Pics credit: Saaru...Hug& Pearl.

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                                 MESSAGE FOR GUL KHAN .. 


( you have brought the script from turbulent waters ... 
Please keep a good watch on ur TRPS now or TAKE CARE OF UR TRPS NOW )

                  JITNE BHI TU KAR LE SITAM .. HASS RO .. 
                               KE SAHENGE HUM
                       YEH PYAAR NA HO GA KAM ... 

       DADI ... DADI AMMA .. HO HO HO . DADI .. DADI AMMA .. 

( You can throw as many slights as possible on me .. i will cry & laugh & bear it .. BUT .. my LOVE will not become any less .. DEAR DADI MAA or GRANDMA) 


   Dear Fellow Viewer & Reader .. Welcome to yet another edition of DC .. an episode which I am sure touched a lot of bruised hearts .. an episode which i am sure held you captive .. with the promise of the veil being lifted .. from the shadows of the past .. an episode . which answered some of the questions .. which was always highlighted in the past .. on the basic character structure of Arnav & Anjali .. 
But for the majority of us .. the episode was all about HUMARI BAHU ..KHUSHI ... 
Yea as always .. all this in 18 minutes of edge of seat drama & entertainment .. 


                                         ABANDONMENT .. 

 14 years back .. a young boy & a young girl .. lost all that was dear to them ..  a cruel fate of hand .. left them orphans .. & were then brutally thrown out of the their home & hearth .. the place where all their memories were held ... 

The lady who was supposed to shelter & nurture them .. left them .. to wallow in her own grief .. 
That day they not only lost their parents  .. their home ... their ANCHOR .. they lost their YOUTH & INNOCENCE .. 


( Did u ever wonder . why .. Arnav always mentions .. his name with pride "I AM ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ) .. & associates his name as his alter ego.. his name has always been his EGO .. . because he knows what it is to loose ones IDENTITY .. )

Thats the day .. Arnav & Anjali .. faced life's cruelest joke .. they faced Abandonment .. 

They say our past frames our future  .. & if this is true .. then Arnav & Anjali's past .. has this huge shadow .. on their soul .. the shadow of abandonment .. which has framed their future .. 

Time & Time again .. the maker has highlighted .. the reactions of Arnav & Anjali .. when they felt .. they were loosing someone .. who was close to them .. when they felt they were loosing grip on life .. they both unravel .. whether .. it is a mad dash run behind an ambulance .. or its a breakdown when u dont know the whereabouts of the other ...
Whether it is forcefully tying the person to you .. the moment u felt you were loosing them . .. OR .. pinning away for the person who left u .. making him larger than life in ur mind .. 

14 years ago .. Arnav left .. Sheesh Mahal .. an abandoned .. man .. a shattered man .. Arnav left sheesh mahal as a MAN OF 15 years .. 

He came back .. after 13 years .. as a BOY of 27 years .. to claim back .. all that was abandoned to him .. 
On the same day .. he met with his destiny .. he met with his future .. but instead of holding onto the future .. he insulted & abandoned that future .. since at Sheesh Mahal .. Arnav had learnt only one lesson ... ABANDONMENT .. 

BUT they say .. u can run . u can hide .. u can duck .. but the past will catch up with you .. & catch up it did .. the past caught up with him & became his future . .. 

 This is ... Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon ?? 


Ok so guys .. grab your remotes .. sit back . & lets play .. Pause Release .. 

Scene 1:

Arnav and Nani are shocked to see Dadi in RM and Arnav recalls the fateful night again. Dadi is emotional seeing him and hugs him. Dadi and Nani also share a joyous reunion. Nani introduces Dadi to Payal and Khushi. Dadi is as usual disapproving of Khushi and is shocked to know that Khushi is Arnav's wife. Dadi looks at Khushi .. then looks at Mami .. Nani asks Khushi to take Dadi's blessings with Arnav but Dadi gives her blessings only to Arnav giving Khushi a long look and walking away from them. This shocks and upsets all  Nani comforts Arnav and Khushi saying she'll talk to Dadi and set everything right.

Ofcourse Pause Pause ... 

Before i go into explaining the view from the Directors lens .. Let me first acknowledge .. Barun SObti .. BOY .. u were beyond fantastic today .. superlative .. sublime .. just dont do justice to ur performance .. 

Ok .. grab ur remote .. 

Arnav & Nani walk into RM & see Dadi there .. now pls pause here .. lets go frame by frame .. lets catch Anji first . does she for a moment have a look of guilt .. ( hand caught in the cookie jar look) .. she knows what she initiated in her room with Dadi .. she knows .. who she will use as her crutch .. but in a split second .. her expression changes to concern .. & apprehension .. she knows the impact of seeing Dadi .. on Chotte ..

Dadi .. there is a moment of complete shock .. a blank look on the face of Dadi .. she is seeing her GRANDSON . after 14 long years . ..& then the maternal feelings rev up .. 

Arnav .. he is shocked .. he then freezes . as he is plunged back into his painful past .. then the young helpless boy emerges .. lost in his reverie of the past .. who is nudged back to the present by his ANCHOR .. his nani .. & then walks forth the MAN .. Arnav Singh Raizada .. trying very hard to hide his 15 year old self ... bends & touches dadi's feet .. 

&  THEN he hugs his dadi .. with a NANI looking on .. i cant even beging to explain the brilliance of that one shot of NANI .. she is looking on at her friend .. with a FOND smile on her face for Arnav .. communicating .. U GAVE ME THE BROKEN BOY .. i am sending to you .. THE COMPLETE MAN ... 

Then comes the moment .. Nani .. the GENTLE MATRIACH .. embraces Dadi . the CRUSTY MATRIACH .  they share a quip . of long lost friends . & then Nani turns to introduce her new BAHUS to her friend .. "Samdhan"  .. She introduces Payal first .. while Dadi .. acknowledges her . there is no softening in the woman .. no call for blessings .. no general platitudes .. offered when u meet a new bahu of the house ( very strange) .. & the comes the moment .. NANI .. introduces KHUSHI .. the ELDER RAIZADA BAHU .. THE WIFE OF ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA .. 

A shocked .. dadi .. looks at KHUSHI & then At Mano mami .. who quickly hides behind NK .. a proud . Arnav looks on ... Nani asks Khushi to come forth & take blessings from dadi along with Arnav .. 
They both bend together to touch Dadi's feet .. Dadi .. moves .. one foot back .. yes the one for Khushi .. & Arnav .. looks on angrily surprised or resigned Big smile
Nani comforts the 2  .. saying she knows her friend .. oh well she knows her grandson . who her friend doesnt know .. she is not wanting the inevitable confrontation .. which will happen . hence comforts them to let her handle this . 


Nani comes to Dadi in her room and asks her why she is so upset. Dadi says how she can be happy when she had left the responsibility of the kids on her but she didn't know about anything in Arnav's and Anjali's lives. Nani is angry and shoots back that she is the one who left them and went and didn't even care to keep contact after 'the incident'. Dadi asks her not to talk about it since she can only remember that 'woman'. The two women get into an argument.

Please to Pause ... 

Ok lets firstly hand it over to Jayashree Tji .. very good performance tonite mam .. every thing the director wanted to convey thru the episode was there in ur face to read mam .. 

2 friends meeting after a long time .. Nani who had given her daughter to Dadi for safe keeping .. as her "BAHU" .. got back .. just remains .. BUT tonite ..Nani   .. is giving back the "BAHU" to the friend back.. without malice ..

Nani .. questions .. Dadi .. on what was her place to ask any questions to her .. the WOMAN left behind .. holding the remains of a butchered past ..She questions dadi .. on her right to today ask questions about .. "damadji" .. Anji Pregnancy ( oh well we have many ques here can v air them ?) Arnav marriage .. WHEN IT WAS DADI WHO ABANDONED .. SHIP   .. 
An enraged Dadi .. tells Nani not to bring in the past .. as it catapults her back to sordid thots of that "WOMAN".. Dadi says she doesn't want to remember that day .. BUT Nani . forces her to face up to reality .. ONCE AGAIN .. driving home the point .. U ABANDONED the KIDS to ME .. because of that INCIDENT .. so OF COURSE THAT INCIDENT & that WOMAN .. has impacted all the lives .. ( so guys .. who is this WOMAN .. hmm ) ..  ...  ..CUT ..


Khushi is disturbed because of the way Dadi has treated her. She walks into Arnav's bedroom and sees Arnav there. He also looks lost. He senses her presence but doesn't react. Khushi tries to talk to him about how Dadi didn't like her maybe because she didn't know about the wedding. Khushi goes and sits on the bed and Arnav finally takes a look at how upset she is. He comforts her saying that Dadi is not angry at her and also, the way they got married is not her fault but his; so she shouldn't blame herself as Dadi has always been this way and her judgement is always coloured. The way he speaks about her, it is clear that he doesn't like her dominating nature. Khushi is a little puzzled and asks Arnav why he is so angry, she feels it is some other reason and not what happened outside. She also asks why he never mentioned Dadi before and if things are fine between them. She assures him that he can tell her. Khushi tells him that she sometimes feels that she doesn't know anything about him. Arnav just walks away from her and Khushi feels that one moment, she feels she knows him and the next, she feels he is still a stranger.

Common Guys . Arhi bedroom .. U GOTTA PAUSE ...

The wife opens the door & walks in .. The RELUCTANT wife .. who just recently .. GOT the POWERS that her DESIGNATION brought with it .. who has not yet understood the power her designation brings .. hence is not able to exercise her right .. forcefully .. 

The wife walks in tentatively .. towards her husband .. doesnt know whether she can voice her insecurities . doesnt know if she can share his angst .. but knows she has to comfort .. so she does that .. finds an excuse to lessen the pain, anger & guilt .. 

The husband .. knows his wife is coming to him .. but does not acknowledge her .. he sees how tentative & reluctant she is .. BUT does not turn toward her .. or visibly accept her comfort .. 

The dejected wife walks away .. & sits on her bed .. overwhelmed .. the first baby steps to claim her rightful position .. were today .. thwarted .. she is in tears ..
The husband .. realises .. pulls himself out of his reverie of past .. & goes up to his wife .. his RELUCTANT wife .. tells her .. U R THE RELUCTANT ONE HERE .. U R THE ONE FORCED INTO THIS UNION .. BY ME .. IF there is anything or any person to be ANGRY with then it is ME .. ( hmm true union of souls .. both taking the blame on themselves to ease the pain of ABANDONMENT & REJECTION) ... 

This is the first time .. they have ever discussed the circumstance of their marriage .. & YES .. ARNAV ACCEPTS THE BLAME .. FOR FORCING HER INTO THIS MARRIAGE .. 

The Husband then offers her comfort .. but a shocked Khushi looks on .. when her husband .. gives her the first INSIGHT .. it was also the first TIME ever .. he has shared his thots .. with her .. he says .. his dadi is a tunnel visioned woman . who always feels her way is the right way .. 

The wife .. shocked .. ( home run ) hubby opened up .. walks up to him & starts pounding him gently for answers .. but .. this was the extent of how much .. ARNAV .. cud face his demons today .. he comforted his WIFE .. his RELUCTANT wife .. BUT .. he did not want to voice his DEMONS ..

The husband walks away .. the shocked .. wife left behind .. is left to wonder .. what is their MARRIAGE all about .. he has used all his might to BOUND her to him .. BUT .. a step forward together .. becomes .. 3 steps .. sideways .. away .. 

Scene 3: Release Pause .. Proceed Scene ... 

Dadi is upset with Nani about not informing about Arnav's marriage and is even more shocked to know that Arnav hadn't told anyone about the marriage (as told by Arnav himself as he interrupts their conversation). He tells Dadi that no one was present at his wedding. Dadi expresses her displeasure on this and Arnav doesn't seem to care. Arnav also tells her that she has no right to question him like this after leaving them and breaking all contact. Dadi tells him that she is still his grandmother, his father's mother. At the mention of his father, Arnav turns away and the two have a heated argument where Arnav says he is not like his father and will never be. He tells Dadi that he doesn't like anyone taking his father's name in the house and makes it clear enough despite Dadi's anger.

WhOOps Pause . else .. DadDY .. Sorry DADI  looses her cool . ..

Once again will be remiss of me not to mention .. the brilliance of the Young Barun Sobti here .. faced with 2 veteran actresses .. he more than held his own .. BUT whats more or less over shadowed & hogged the scene away .. Swati madam .. u need to buck up .. a very seasoned cast resides here .. 

Dadi is pounding .. accusations on accusations on NANI . for not keeping her abrest of Arnav's wedding .. she cannot believe that her friend would not keep her informed of such a momentous occasion .. An unravelled nani .. reluctantly tries to sputter out . that she to had no clue of Arnav  wedding .. but Dadi . the law unto herself .. is on with her diatribe .. WHEN .. they are interrupted BY ARNAV .. 

Arnav .. the husband .. who just comforted & pacified his reluctant wife comes enraged .. to his Dadi .. to answer that  .. he is answerable to NO ONE .. he did INFORM ANY ONE OF HIS WEDDING .. 
Dadi .. first tries using .. her anger to bring him under her thumb .. but .. on seeing that being unsuccessful uses the EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL route .. she tells him .. HE REMINDS HER OF HER SON .. 
The Grandson . when questioned on why he did not bother taking blessing or permissions before his wedding .. when asked .. what kind of decisions was he taking .. LETS LOOSE  .. HIS INNER .. ANGST .. the FEELING OF THE ABANDONED BOY RISES TO THE TOP ..  & out pours the venom .. U R ASKING ME .. NOW .. where were u when u totally ABANDONED us .. NEVER TO LOOK BACK ..  SO WHO ARE U TO ASK THE QUESTIONS TODAY .WHAT RIGHT ARE U ASKING ME FOR ANSWERS .. . ClapClapClap ( Barun superb voice modulation .. & expression of disgust .. mingled with angst) .

THE  grandmother .. seeing loosing her grip .. tightens the screws .. says she is his grandmother .. the mother of his FATHER .. ( whoa lady red flag to the raging bull dear) .. 

A visibly enraged .. but in control Arnav turns around .. & tells his DADI .. IN MY HOUSE  NO ONE MENTIONS .. MY FATHERS NAME .. & U R MISTAKEN I AM NOTHING LIKE HIM .. ( oh well lady ofcourse he is not .. the father was a MALIK .. the son is a SINGH RAIZADA) .. 


Nani tries to calm Dadi and Arnav down, asking them to forget whatever happened. Just then, Khushi comes in and Dadi stops her with her hand. Arnav turns around to see Khushi retreating. Dadi starts talking to him and Arnav walks up to Khushi ignoring her. He takes Khushi's hand and stands by her side and then ask Dadi to speak up. He tells her that he is not needed where his wife can't come so he will listen from the doorway. Khushi is touched at this gesture. Dadi says that she cannot say anything if that is his attitude. Arnav doesn't seem to care and Khushi is quite taken aback at this.

PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE please .. werent we waiting for this moment from 1.2 years .. the MAN CLAIMING HIS WOMAN .. 

Guys in yesterdays DC have done an indepth analysis already of this scene .. so please excuse me .. i am giving you the link for the same .. 
But it would be remiss of me not to comment on the most fantastic moment of this scene .. 

Arnav walks back ..mid conversation with Dadi .. to go to his RELUCTANT WIFE ..  stands beside her .. HOLDING HER HAND .. waiting for the couple to be .. heralded for grah pravesh .. & claims .. MY HOME IS WHERE MY WIFE ( HEART IS ) ... NOW PAUSE HERE PLEASE .. pause .. & catch KHUSHI ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA HERE PLEASE .. she is flabbergasted .. she is shocked .. she is elated .. she is estatic .. & OH YEA SHE IS IN LOVE .. & u finally see the expression of a WIFE .. who is reluctant no more .. Big smileWink


Guys at first thot will do a series on Points to Ponder .. BUT .. lets ponder tonite without boundaries .. lets let our imagination run wild .. WHAT IS THE PAST >> WHO IS THE WOMAN ... 

Gudnite .. & CU AT THE IPKs 


PS : am completely confused on dates in IPK .. i have assumed past was 14 years back .. but some say 15 years as well .. so any one from PH visiting here please to correct the misUNDerstanding Wink


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By irtiz

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My ramblings or what I gathered from the episode.. This episode was eminently watcheable  for me as it was Arnavilicious or ASRilicious... LOLLOL

We saw the entry of ASR... After a long time that right swagger was there in the strut... ASR has  always been ipk land but the strut was more today...

When he met his Dadi khushi saw him for the first time bending and touching the feet..
Even after marriage , khushi has known him for a year now ASR has never been shown touching anybody's feet..

Some thoughts came into mind khushi was introduced... Dadi was shocked and both touched her feet.. Dadi walked away..

What I felt was today the demarcation  Line between raizadas and malik  were verbalised..
Earlier on the raizadas had never verbalised the maternal angle of Arnav  and ANJali..

Today Nani valiantly put forward aapki  Bahu to Dadi...
later on in the room
 said you gave away your responsibility to me..and left the 2 kids in my care...

Dadi demanded an explanation why was she not informed or rather why was her permission and approval not taken for her grandson wedding...
Nani stuttered... Because she realised that she was accountable to the paternal matriarch..that's how Indian society are folks... You carry your fathers name and fathers lineage...

Mami also brought the demarcation to KBT yes that's what she is to me... That her sister has got a   gab bar type of Dadi saas ... And she has a beautiful non scary saas... She is so lucky... The singularly light moment in today's episode...

Khushi and Arnav conversation .. It was one of the first sensible conversation they had about serious issues without arguing...or doing tu tu mien mien..brought back memories of pre marriage conversation about dead parents becoming stars... And watching us...

Khushi got an inkling that there's more to his past than he is letting up and that's hurting him.. She behaved maturely..

Arnav and his Dadi... The strut was there.. Similarity in mannerism was there...and dialogs too...

Similarity between dad and Arnav were also implied... So asr dad was like him...

Woh  aurat was also brought in... Made me wonder can ASR dad and woh aurat be alive and living somewhere Mumbai, USA...
cvs can bring in anything..

Arnav stood up for his wife.. About time Mr...and made his Mrs happy... Let's see how the scene plays out today..
Arnav also showed that he is aware of his dadis fault .. How rigid, orthodox and judgemental she is viewing the world from her angle...

The cvs had tried this angle earlier with Nani during the lavanya phase somehow with her love with khushi that got massively diluted and the need for paternal matriarch came,..

My god Arnie so many ladiejjj in the house... Bad time KBT and PS..Too many saas.. Both better start waking early and doing stuff no romancing with hubbies and playing hanky panky..Embarrassed

Things to look out this week yes after the night romance and RAbba vey and interruption is done with how should Dadi react when she realises Arnav has changed his surname to raizadas... May blame Nani...for stealing her grandson..
It's a serious issue guys and should be emotional...
How should khushi react realise that her husband and she are not raizadas but Maliks...or whatever name cvs give them... Ideally Maliks should be changed to some r surname so AS R is still maintained...well I loved raizada too much malik will not be same...

I still standby the thought the past would have been more interesting if it had been brought with a step brother or sister... Would have opened new romance track in the line... Asr stepsister with Nk...

ANJali / daljeet should have the guts conviction  to play the pseudo saas in the story..

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meghavn Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Rupunzale post - 

Today I have the previlage to post Priya's poem to you all - Priya beautiful poem - hats off girl Smile

I am Content.

Since the day I met you I have found
This feeling that abides within.
A constant that inhabits my heart
A knowing that lingers
A sense that has been.

When I awake it rises with me like the sun.
When I lie down it embraces me like a blanket of warmth.
When I am emotionally entangled, it centers my core.
When I am Soaring above the clouds, it is my wind.
A constant, a knowing, 
I reside upon this hearth.

So you ask, "My love, what can this be"...
"What is this knowing that has so captured thee?"
Indeed, my response would be to you alone.
None other would hear these words that I have now sown…

Gratification of perfected contentment would be my simple reply.
It is a peace that surpasses the security of a fortress,
a knowing that your heart is true to me alone,
a glance at us in the distance that tells me our love shall overcome.

This is our destiny, our belonging, our fulfillment is to be One.
For I know that you love me, and that our love is true.
That no matter the chaos, the excitement, or the fears
I know you love me as deeply as I love you.

That knowing grounds me and stabilizes the forces within
so that the winds of change, of demands, of the external climate are quieted and all I hear whispering gently, yet ever so softly is the knowing, the comfort that you will always be near…

This, my love, is what I know.

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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:08am | IP Logged
dint i say todays episode will be fab?
what we need is a great script, tight direction, sarun on sets, no body doubles... n bham ... magic...!!
na koi hai ... na koi tha...
       zindagi mein tumhaare siva ...
   tum dena saath mera.. o humnavaaa...

 beautiful song beautiful vm...
enjoy the vm for the evening...

i think this song beautifully compliments the relationship of arnav and khushi...
so presenting before u my takes...

todays episode proves that we dont need a rabba vey or a shirtless barun to make an episode fab(though both are equally welcome)...

finally he has found his soul mate ...

1.with whom he can share his sorrows...
2.with whom he can share his insecurities...
3.with whom he can share his griefs...
4. with whom he can share his nightmares...
5. with whom he can share his past...

and  she will not give up:

1. until she cleanses him of his burden...
2.until she heals him with her love and patience..
3.until she can remove all the unhappiness from those eyes...
4.until she brings back arnav who is somewhere within ASR...
5.until she brings back the 15yr old boy who had to grow up in a single day    

and that will be the ultimate redemption...

she has already started removing the layers...

he just needs some time... he has been lonely for a very long time...
today we got the angry asr back... but if you look in his eyes..with anger... you ll also see a thin film of sorrow... a deep rooted sadness that his dadi abandoned them when he needed her the most... and now she is asking him why he dint consult with her about his marriage...?

my heart cried for him today...


so guys i won the bet !!!! i love dadi more than angel... i knew i ll be the one rabba veying her...Wink
i am so disappointed with this episode... this is the first time i been so disappointed...
what the hell were they doing???? how can the cvs do this to mee..??

1. no bloopersDead

2. no body doublesDead

3. no ott comedy Dead

4. no anjali!!( ramanchi)

5. non crying n normal payal Dead

6. bearable mami!!! Dead

7. no akash!!

i think i need to send a serious email to the production house...
demanding an apology!!!


 but before i say good bye... some points by mr kamlesh khabriji that u must try to decode!!

1. why wasnt khushiji wearing her amma ki akhiri nishani today???? is it something related to her past? is it wat half the forum is trying to decode??? is that the missing link

2. why is dadiji's wig so funny ??? was it borrowed from a scarecrow??? is the PH trying to  
   save more money???
3. where is dadiji sleeping? is it naniji's room? or masala mama's? or hp's? if its hps room ve they done the shuddhikaran yet?
4. will dadi say "what the" tmrw? can we expect some great oneliners from her also?
5. why dint dadi ask about mahinder singh raizada? or she also forgot about him like the rest of the clan?
6. why isnt akash coming back home? is he that scared of dadi? or is he having an affair with mrs kaul?

if u find the answers please pm me.. i ll be waiting
Big smile

p.s.- guys, ur feedback means a lot to me...thanks for encouraging me..
love u all...
p.p.s.-my take for the day is dedicated to my partner in crime in spreading cheers through r wonderful little game... we invented in DC...

who is not able to write any posts now a days because of her exams...miss uEmbarrassed

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GirlOfFire Goldie

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Time past and time Future
What might have been and what has been
Points to one end, which is always present
- T S Eliot (Burnt Norton)

This is the time...

The lines above are a quote from one of my favorite poets, T S Eliot. The lines bookend the first verse along with my signature which contains the first lines of the poem, these are the last of verse 1. The lines above and below bookend that stanza which talks about the strands of life weaving back and forth between the Past, the Present and the Future. 

When Arnav Singh Raizada woke up this morning, he was a man happily in love with his wife, drinking in the sight of her sleeping, rejoicing in being in love and being loved in return. Life couldn't get any better for him, could it? Khushi Kumari Gupta would soon become a Singh Raizada in every sense of the word, very soon. Or so he thought. 

Life however has a way of playing cruel tricks. Suddenly, this beautiful dream of a time Future is shattered by time Past. His grandmother, his father's mother who has been sequestered in an ashram for 14/15 years is suddenly back - in his home and in his life. As he enters his hallway he is stunned to see the woman standing there, next to his sister. A sister who looks guiltily at him! The sight of this woman brings him only pain. Arnav's past is painful. A past that he has dealt with, suppressed and kept hidden even from his love. He has put it aside, and moved on to his present and his future - just as he has put aside his Malik name and become a Singh Raizada. But the past will not let him go. 

He touches her feet, and then is unable to not return the hug. A little bit of joy shines through in him. Perhaps the past is finally over. His nani and dadi hug joyously. And then Nani introduces the two new daughters-in-law. Arnav is proud of the woman he has chosen as his mate, and misses the disdain in his grandmother's demeanour. She is not happy to see that the woman she thought of as a mere servant, is actually the Malik bahu! For the first time, they both bend together to take an elder's blessing. But dadi withholds it from her bahu! He notices it and he is not happy. 

When a man brings a woman into his home as his wife, he sets the tone by which his wife is perceived by his family, and in turn, the tone by which his wife perceives his family. This is true of most Indian families - because a marriage is not just between a man and a woman but between two families, who have decided to become related by choice. Khushi's introduction to the Raizada family was less than perfect. She was thrust upon them as a bahu - like it or not. The reasons for this union are known only to the two of them. Yet he had seen the effect it had on her - from both his and her families. And even in the midst of his anger and pain from her 'betrayal' he was able to perceive how she was being hurt by both their families and it had hurt him then. Once more, he sees the pain in his wife's eyes, but in the Present, he does not have the blindfold of hate and anger on his eyes, and he sees her only with eyes that love. He is furious at dadi for belittling his wife!

But is it just that? There is more to the Past in his life. There are more reasons why he became the man who he was - a bitter, cynical man who believed that money and power could buy anything. He became a 'Karwa Karela' - literally and figuratively, no wonder they are his favourite dish! As a diabetic, he could never touch sweets, they could kill him. So also in life, nothing was sweet for him. 

It is said that when you hate someone from the bottom of your heart, you start becoming like them. Arnav hated Khushi from the bottom of his heart. And slowly she - the girl who loved Jalebis brought the sweet into his life. She fed him a Jalebi. And then she sweetened his life until the bitterness started fading away. 

She comes to their room apprehensive about what she had done wrong, as usual trying to take his pain away, because she does not know what it is that hurts him so much. He doesn't respond, lost in his thoughts. It's only when she sits down and tears are in her eyes, that he turns. And in an oh! so sweet moment, accepts the wrong that he has done her. 'It's not your fault. I forced you into this marriage. So don't hold yourself responsible for even a second.' An acceptance of his immediate Past. A regret that it is not something he can go back and change. But in the Present, he acknowledges it, and in the Future, he will make it right by his actions. A promise unspoken, but there in the words, nevertheless.

He tells her about his grandma. How well he knows her, because somewhere deep down he knows that he was like that. He holds up a mirror to himself, but it's ASR from the Past. 

The sweetness that Khushi has brought into their lives has changed him and while the essence of him may not have changed, he no longer has the apathy of a hard, inflexible, harsh, immovable character. This is Khushi's doing. But, she senses the anger in him, her touch unable to cool him like before. She knows theres more to the story than what just happened. and how innocently she asks him to share with her his pain. She feels like she doesn't know him at all. How little I know this man. Sometime we are so close, and sometimes we are like strangers! The wistfulness in her voice, the want to know him fully and completely are beautifully conveyed by the simple words.

He goes to his grandmothers' room. The two of them are in a heated exchange about Arnav's marriage and he silences them with his words. Finally he has a concrete reason to vent his anger. His marriage. His dadi questions him - what kind of decisions ARE you making, Arnav? She does not question what he has done in the Past - she speaks in the Present. This marriage in her eyes IS a mistake. Now, finally he can release some of the bitterness he felt from the abandonment, the rejection that he has faced from this same woman who refused to look at him, much less speak to him, and today has the audacity to question him. It is only his respect for elders that holds him back. 

He questions her right to even ask any questions. And then she says the one word that is like a matchstick to gas! the B-word - Babuji - I am your babuji's mother. Arnav had made a decision many years ago to never be like his father - NEVER. This is another chapter in his past that rules his Present, and probably his Future. His fury is tightly controlled, deep breaths and a fisted hand reveal his anger. And then he lays down the law - coldly with deadly quiet. I don't want his name spoken of in this house. He draws the line in the sand. His grandma tries to cross it, and he repeats it. She tries to placate him, and then holds up her hand signalling whoever is at the door to stop right there. 

He turns around. Its his wife. In front of him is his Dadi - the Past that he desperately wants to leave behind. Beside her, is his Nani - the beautiful bridge between that Past and his Present. And behind him is his wife - his Present and his Future - who is backing away from his Past. He chooses his Present and his Future. Walks out of the room and stands behind her. His Nani - his Bridge - is satisfied with his choice. His Past is not. 

She tries again - an echo from his past - do not walk away as I speak. And he says, Go on, Speak to me as I stand here beside my Future. And if my Present and my Future cannot be where I am, then I have no need to be there, either. And the Past says - If that is your choice, then I have nothing more to say. And he is calm now - Your choice! I have made mine. I choose to have a Present and I choose to have a Future. 

Arnav Singh Raizada in one short span of time, has made amends for a mistake he made in the Past. In the Present, he has clearly shown how he wishes his wife to be perceived by his family - the Singh Raizadas and the Maliks!

After thoughts:
- NK is a delight! He always warms ones heart with his unflagging support of Khushi and Arnav. When Nani introduces Khushi as Dadi's granddaughter-in-law, he is so happy. There you go! He seems to be saying. And then when Dadi is walking away up the stairs, NK is looking accusingly at Mami - See what you did? You could have avoided all this earlier!!

- The innocence of Payal and NK as they think Dadi must have felt bad because she thought you were a servant! How little do they know of the complex workings of the minds of the people in RM including Dadi! 

- Why was Dadi so annoyed with Khushi? Is it because she thinks that Khushi is a servant who ensnared her beloved grandson? Or is it that once she's made up her mind about Khushi - that she is no more than a servant - she cannot see her as the bahu of the house? I find the depth of her dislike for Khushi almost scary. It's like she KNOWS something about Khushi's past that she has yet to divulge. She has a preconceived notion of Khushi that I for one, am waiting to find out!

- Arnav lifting his wife's face with a hand under her chin - sheer beauty in that small gesture. In the Past - he would always know when she was in trouble, and today, when her mind is troubled, he once again tunes in to it - even though he was so lost in his thoughts before. 

- Absolutely loved Nani taking Dadi to task about her absence and then demanding answers to questions about the family she turned away from. Yesterday's post - I mentioned this. What gives her the right to come back after 14/15 years and then behave like it is her home - when it is ARNAV's home? And today both Nani and Arnav do the same thing! 

- Why was Anjali looking so guiltily at Chotey? What else transpired between her and Dadi that we do not know of? Has she already told her version of the Shyam/Khushi/Arnav triangle to Dadi? Or was it just the Shyam/Khushi version - because Dadi was shocked to know that Khushi was the bahu of the house, so Anjali could not have mentioned that part of the story.

- Why did Arnav's Gandmother reject him?

Time is a cruel thing. It twists and turns in the wind. Brings with it all the rotting decaying smell of the Past and overpowers the fragrance of the Present. What will it do to the budding promise of the Future in the Raizada Mansion?

Here's the link to Director's Cut Index

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