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ArHi FF:...Secrets from the Past...Chap 3

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Character Sketch--- scroll down
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Character Sketch:

Arnav Singh Raizada: 28 years old
Arnav loves his Family and girlfriend. For other people he is the mighty ASR. He is like in the show cruel and dont want anybody to interfer in his personal matters. He is the owner of AR Designs.

Lavanya Kashyap: 27 years old
Lavanya is Arnavs girlfriend. She is a nice girl but arrogant and takes too fast conclusions which are more than often wrong. She is friendly but dont want to show it bcoz she thinks ASR dont like emotinal people thats way she always do cruel things and hurts other people emotions.

Anjali Singh Raizada/Maohar Jha:29 years old
She is like in the show cute friendly and happy. She want to see her brother getting married to Lavanya but this things will take time bcoz he is not yet  ready for it. She is soon going to have a baby.

Shyam Manohar Jha: 30 years old
He is not the villan. He loves Anjali and her Family.

Akash Singh Raizada: 28 years old
He is like in the show cute and friendly. He is Arnav and Anjais cousin. He is a doctor (senior doctor of Khushi).

Khushi Kumari Gupta: 26 years old
She is always happy just like her name and always tries to make other people happy but deep inside her she feels really alone. She is the daughter of Garima and Shashi Gupta but Garima hates Khushi to the core. Khushi and Payal were born at the same time but Garima and Buaji loves Payal and always make diffrences between them . Khushi is the only one in her family who earns money. She is educated and is now a doctor. She has a secret with his father and when it will revealed her whole family would hate her father Shashi and the trust between the family members (except Khushi nobody trusts her) would be over thats why she dont want to reveal it.

Payal Gupta: 26 years old
Payal is Khushis sister but hates her just like her mother and her buaji do. 
She is also educated but dont work she lives at the cost of her sister and never do anything, even the houshold is done by Khushi but nobdy know this. The only thing Payal do is shopping and go out with her friends. Her family thinks she is searching for a job but they dont know anything what she do.

Garima Gupta:
Garima is the mother of Payal and Khushi. She loves Payal and gives everything what she wants (whether its good for Payal or not). She is so blind in love for Payal that she never sees her mistakes and never feel Khushis presence, who always sees the love for Payal in her mothers eye which turns into rage when she looks at her.

Shashi Gupta:
He is the father of Khushi and Payal. He is the only one who loves Khushi. They both share a secret wich shouldnt be revealed in any circumsantces bcoz it could destroy the trust in the family which is build after so many years. He always feel guilty when he sees the love in Garimas eyes for Payal which turns into rage when she sees Khushi.Shocked

She loves Payal and hates Khushi she tries to ignore her and hurt her intentionally.

Arnavs Family is like in the show

Lets see how long Khushis secret will be a secret and how she will meet Arnav and what role he plays in her life and in her secret. There will be relationships which will break and will bond again after everbody konws the truth...

Plz do let me know what you think and tell me whether I shold continue or notBig smile


Chapter 1

Morning in Gupta House:
Sharp at 6 am Khushi gets up ang takes a shower. After that she gets ready for her work. (Thats her outfit:)

She dont like to wear these dresses she prefers simple salwar
 kameez but her father dont like it, he thinks that he took all the happiness from her life thats why for her fathers happiness she wears  this dresses. But her mother, buaji and Payal dont like that she wears these dresses they always say she want to trap someone with her beauty (like someone did before her).
After that she quickly do her Pooja and goes in the room of her parents and takes their belssings. In the end she makes breakfast for everyone.  Its nearly 7 am now and erverbody is about to wake up so Khushi has to hurry up, bceause if somebody sees her in the kitchen and sees that she made the brakfast than nobody will eat it. Normally her family thinks that Payal makes the brakfast and the whole household (but Khushi do this). As usal Khushi has no time for her breakfast so she takes an apple and is about to run from her house when sombody calls her from behind...

At the same time in RM (7 am) Arnav wakes up. He gets ready for his work and then takes his breakfast along with his family members.
Arnavs Outfit:

They talk about all random topics which annoys Arnav. But he is pleased to know that her sister Anjali and his grandmother dont talk about one topic. But how could that be this possible just as he thinks that his family forgot about  this topic they start to irritate him with this topic... HIS MARRIGE...
Khushi... somenone calls her from behind and Khushi stops to look who it is. Its her father who is looking at her. Khushi sets her fake smile on her face to hide her misery. But her father knows this bcoz her smile never reaches her eyes they dont have the sparkle in them which was always there when she was happy thats why he tries to cheer her up.

Shashi: Khushi beta tum ja rahi ho? Apne Papa se mile bina?He inquiries trying that she will open infront of him and let go of all her hidden sadness and misery.

Khushi: Woh.. woh hume laga ke aap sore hon ge to ishi liye...
she says looking everywhere exept him not want to meet his eyes.

Shashi: Khushi, tum janti ho na ke main kya sunna chahta hun... sirf ek haan aur tumhara sara dhuk khatam ho jayega aur... She didnt let him continue and tries to change the topic.

Khushi: Acha Papa aapki tabiyyat theek hai na aapne aapni dawayan leli ha na aur aap ka juice maine fridge mein rakh diya hai aur baki sab ka nashta bhi ready hai.aur aap aapni morning walk ke liye late ho rahe honge aur mein bhi late ho rahi hu toh phir hum jab hospital se waapis ayenge tab baat karenge. Theek hai aur ha wo (She says all this while walking her and there).

Shashi hold her hand and her apple fell

Shashi: Beta tum janti ho ke Garima hamrai dawayan ka khayal rakti hai aur mujhe pata hai ke juice aur nashta kahan hain. Tum Topic mat badlo tum jahnti ho ke main kya puchna chahta hun to phir tum kyun.
Khushi looks here and there and tries to hide tears. Shashi sees this and sees that his words are bringing bad memories back into her mind.

Shashi: Beta its ok if you dont want to talk about it know, I will wait. And if you are ready please dont hesitate.

He know that she is sad and he want to see her happy thats why he changes the topic...

Anjali: Waise Chotte tum Lavanya ji ko Ghar kab la rahe ho?

Arnav stops eating and looks at his sister

Arnav: Matlab? he asked confused bcoz he dont know what she means. Lavanya every weekend to meet his family and him.

Anjali: Hamara Matlab hai ke...tumne khuch sojah aapne aur uski future ke baare mein. She asks a little bit scared of what his brothers reaction would be.

Arnav: Di..Maine aapse kitni bar kaha ke.. (He tries to control his anger)

Anjali dont let him speak.
Anjali: Hum jaante hai lekin ab aapki aur Lavanya ji ki shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai.

Now Nani interrupts

Nani: Haan chote aur agar aap dono ki umar nikal gayi to log kya kahenge? Aur ab hamrai bhi to umar ho gayi hai hamara to pata nai ke hum rahenge ke nai.

Arnav is at the end with patience but he tries to control his anger

Arnav: Stop it Di and Nani aap marne ki baate kyun karte rehte hai aur what is this shadi ki umar? I have told you many times main abhi tayar nahi hum. Mujhe thora aur waqt chahiye. Uske baad mein...

 Anjali interrupts
Anjali: Kitna waqt aur.. Batao hum sab ko aur kitna intezaar karna pare ga... She says with teary eyes.

Arnav: Pata nahi he whispers and lives the table.

But Anjali calls him from behind.

Anjali: Dekho Chote hum sab tumhe khush dekhna chahte hai tum samjne ki koshish kyun nai karte. Shaadi ek bohat khubsoorat rishta hai jo sab ki zindagi main hona chahiye (She says with a very big dreamfully smile on her face). Kal aagar hum sub nai tumhare saath rahe to tum aakele par jaoge tab tumhe hamari baate yaad ayengi (she says worried for her brother).

Arnav turns around 
ASR: Arnav Singh Raizada kabhi nai akele parhe ga infact ASR ko kissih ki saat ki zaroorat nahi hai (he says in his ASR tune).

Anjali: ASR ko nai hai par Arnav ko to hai na?? she says with a sad voice

Arnav has no answers and goes from there.
Shashi: Acha Khushi kahin tumhe tumhara saapno ka rajkumar to nai milgaya aur tum har roz usse to nai itni subha milne jati.

Khushi starts to blush and hugs her father

Khushi: Ais kuch bhi nai hai aur jab wo ayega tab main aapko usse zaroor milaungi.

Shashi: To tum itni subha kahan ja rahi ho?

Khushi: Hum Mandir jah rahe hai aapne raajkumar ke liye prathna karne ke woh jaha bhi ho sahi-salamt ho aur jaldi se mere paas ajaye.

Khushi realize what she is saying and that too infront of her father she blushes again and smiles.

Shashi: To yeh hai hamati bitya ke dil main.

Khushi: Nahi woh humme deer ho rahi hai hum chalte hai.

Shashi: Khushi.. yeh tumhe mandir main chahiye ho ga.
He gives her a dupatta.

Khushi: Oh yeh toh hum jaldi main bhul gaye the. thanx Papa.
She smiles and takes the dupatta.

Sashi: Hum tumhare saath challe..humari morning walk ho jayegi aur humme pata chal jayega ke hamei bitiya aur kya pasand hai.
He teases her.

Khushi: Kya Papa aap bhi na...hume chalte hai. She sees the time and let out a little scream.

Khushi: OMG.. Papa aap ke saath baate karte karte main aaj late ho jaun gi.. Ab humme bhag na parre ga. She makes a face

Shashi laughs at her and says that he can drop her of but she prefers to go alone.

Both dont know that somebody is looking at them from distance... Its PAYAL...she is boiling when she sees Khushi happy...
Payal to herself: To tum aapne raajukumar ka intezaar kar rahi ho Khushi, dekhna ke main kya karun gi. tumhe bhi wohi dukh dun gi jo tumahri wajah se meri maa ko mila tha. Tumhari zindagi main se sari Khushiyan chhin lungi aur aapni jholi main dal lungi. (She didnt listen to the first part of the conversation where Shahsi asks Khushi.)
Anjali follows Arnav to his car.

Anjali: Chote hamari baat to sunno.

Arnav: Di mujhe abhi is bare mein koi baat nahi karni.

Anjali: Tum humme Mandir chor do ge kya?

Arnav: Di, I am getting la..

Arnjali: Jhoot mat bolo tumhe aaj office 9 baje lana na hai aur abhi to sirf 8 baje hai...Lekin agar aapko aapni Di ki koi fikar nahi hai unki khushiyon ka koi khayal nahi to aap jaiye hum akele chale jayenge. She pouts and fake tears come from her eyes.

Arnav: Di...Stop this Melodrama... Mera Dimag waise bhi ghum chuka hai so plz isshe aur mat ghumao. Sit in the car main chor dunga. He says in his ASR tune.

Anjali: Aur waapis hum kaise aayenge?? she pouts again and new tears come from her eyes.

Arnav: DI I SAID SIT IN THE CAR...CHOR NE MAIN JAUNGA TO WAAPIS BHI MAIN HI LAUNGA. he says getting agry at himself that he is again falling for his sister blackmailing.

Anjali: Tum humse aise kaise baat kar sakte ho now her tears begins to flow like a never ending river, she is really hurt. Humme aapse koi baat nai karni hai aur aapko taqleef uthane ki koi zaroorat hai hum akele chale jayenge aap aapne office mein jayen aur waha pe ghar walo ga gussa kisse pe nikale. She says this in one breath and is about to leave when Arnav calls her with a soft voice.

Arnav: DI. I..I am Sor.. He close his eyes and says I am Sorry DI. Mujhe aapse aise baat nahi karni chahiye thi. Main aapki baaton ke bare mein aur aapni shaadi ke bare main sochunga but plz aap mujhe bar bar mat puchah karo mujhe thora sa sochne ka waqt do. Aur main aapko Mandir lekar jaunga aur waapis bhi launga...par pehle aap rona band kijiye aap janti hai ke mujhse aap ke aansu nahi dekhe jaate chahe wo fake aansu hi kyun na ho, he says with a smirk.

Anjali:Sachchi. Now she is happy and smiling like she is the most luckiest girl in the world but then she asks him: Aapko kaise pata ke hum...natak kar rahe the?? Matlab hum Nataka nahi kar rahe the.

Arnav: Aurte (Women) aise hi hoti hai jahan unki nahi chalti ya unka jhoot pakra jayta hai wahan wo  rona shuru kar deti hai. he smirks again and sits on the driver seats.

Anjali stands there with her mouth open.

Arnav: Chale he asks her?? Aur aapna mu band karlo warna makhi andar challi jayegi. He teases her

Anjali sits in the car.

Anjali: Waise chote tumhe kaise pata ke aurton (women) kab roti hai she asks him with a teasing voice and gives him a wink.

Arnav ignores what Anjali said bcoz he remembers something...something why his blood starts to boils and his eyes get red with anger... Anjali dont sees this bcoz she is looking out of the window and somehow she feels dizzy but dont want to disturb Arnav bcoz he will get worried. Nobody of them talks during the drive both are having their own problems and dont want to disturb the other one.
Pre-cap: Arnav Khushi meet.
Arnav will accuse and humiliate Khushi.
Arnav will pick Khushi in his arms.

You want to know why will Arnav accuse Khushi and pick her in his arms..but what will he do with her in his arms?
 so if you want to know like and comment plz. Everybody has to comment...Embarrassed

I hope you liked it... I dont wanted to post chapter one so soon I wanted to have ideas from you guys and what you think but didnt get much respond. So Ive posted chapter one plz like and plz plz comment this chapter took me 2-3 hours so plz respond or else I think nobody likes my work and I have to stop writing my sto


Its a long update so enjoy and do comment and likeTongue
Chapter 2:

Khushi reaches the mandir. She goes inside the mandir and starts to pray.
Meanwhile Arnav and Anjali also reach the (same) Mandir. Anjali gets down from the car and asks Arnav to come along with her.

Anjali: Chote tum saat nahi aoge? (Chote wont you come?)

Arnav: Di...Aap janti hai nai ke main...( know that...)

Anjali:I know I know you wont come with me but I can atleast try it everytime maybe one day you will come inside the temple, she said with a cute but a sad smile on her face.

Arnav smirks:Di would you plz go inside now, I am getting late.

Anjali: Ok Ok I am going but stay here.
She is about to leave when something comes in her mind and she again looks at Arnav.

Anjali: Chote ek baat batao tum Mandir ke andar nahi jaate aur tum car mein bhi nahi hote jab hum waapis aate hai to tum kaha jaate ho? Batao!
(Chote, tell me something you never go inside the tempel but you also dont sit in the car where do you go then everytime when we are here? Tell me!)

For a second Arnav was shocked that his sister knew that he goes anywhere when she is not around him but then he control his shocked 
Arnav: Di if you will not go in the next 5 seconds I swear I will leave.

Anjalis mouth is wide open and Arnav smirks.

Arnav: 4,3 the clock is ticking Di 2,1 and.

Anjali: Ok Ok I am going. If you dont want to tell me its ok but dont leave me her alone saying this she quickly makes her way to the temple.

Arnavs smile disappears and a painful expression comes on his face. He steps out of his car and closes his eyes and rest his head against the car.
Khushi prays:
DM aaj bhi babuji wohi sawal puch rahe the hum kaise samjhae unhe ke...aap hi humari madat kijiye na aise kaise hum har din jaldi nikal sakte hai aur har din deer se ghar ja sakte hai? Aise to babuji ko pata chal jayega ke hum ghar nahi ana chahte aur unko phir burra lagega humare liye. Par hum Ghar bhi to nahi ja sakte kyunki humme paise bhi to chahiye hai aur phir hume Payal ki shaadi ke liye bhi paise chahiye hai. To kya hua agar Amma aur Buaji humse paise nahi lena chahte phir bhi humara bhi koi farz bhanta hai na? Aur waise bhi humme ghar par dekh ke sab khushi nai dukhi ho jaate hai.
(DM today Babuji asked me again. What shouly I do plz help me. I cant go early every morning and come late every evening. Babuji will come to now that I dont like to come home. He will feel bad. But I also cant stay at home. Firstly I have to earn money and save some money for Payals wedding, even though Amma and Buaji dont like when I give them money but Ive also duties which I have to fulfil. Also nobody is happy when I am at home)
A Tear fell down from her close eyes but she consols herself.
Acha hum chalte hai warna humme aaj deer hojayegi.(Ok now Ill leave otherwise Ill be late).

She leaves the mandir and when she comes the stairs down she remembers something and she has to run back all the stairs again.

She quickly closes her eyes and prays:
Hum to bhul hi gaye aapne Amma, Baubuji, Buajii ke liye prathna karne ke liye. DM aap unhe hamesha sahi-salamt rakhna. Unki Zindagi main bohat burra hua humari wajah se, aap bas hamesha unhe khush rakhna. 
(DM I forgot to pray for Amma, Buaji and Babuji. Plz give them all happiness bcoz of me they had to go the through bad times. You just keep them alwyas happy plz.)
She opens her eyes: Ab hum aram se ja sakte. Theek hai to hum ab sachi mein jaate hai.(Now I can leave.)

She again goes back the stairs but then again something comes in her mind and she has to run back the stairs.

She again closes her eyes and says: Maaf kijiye DM ke hum phir se app ko pareshan karne agaye par hum kya kare, aap to jaanti hai na ke humme ek dafa mein sab kuch nahi yaad aata jo humme maanga na hai to isliye humme baar baar aake aapko tangnb karna parta hai. Hum aapne liye kuch nai maange ne aye (she says while her hands are in air and she behaves like she is taliking to someone) hum to bhul gaye ke humme Payal ke liye bhi kuch mangna chahiye hai. Aap uski saari wishes puri karna aur usse jaldi aapne sapno ke raajkumar se milwa dena. (Sorry DM. I am again here to disturb you. I am not here to pray for myself I just wanted to pray for Payal too. Plz make her wishes come true and let her soon meet her Prince.)

With that she opens her eyes and is about to leave when she notice a women who looks at her. 
(Thats Khushis regular morning in the temple, to run the stairs up and down, at least 3 times she have to run them every morning bcoz she always forgets to pray something).
The women comes to Khushi with a cute smile on her face.

Women: Maaf kijiye ke humne aapki aur DM ki baate sun liye par hum aapne aap ko rok hi nahi paye. Aap ko baar baar aise upar niche bhagte hue dhek ke humara dil kiya ke hum aap se puche ke aap ko koi masla to nahi hai. (Sorry that I heard your converation with DM, but I couldnt control myself. I saw you running up and down the stairs and just wanted to ask that everything is ok?)

Khushi is a little shocked and a little embarassed that the women saw her like this and.. but her thoughts were interrupt when the women spoke again.

Women: Waise humne zyada kuch nai suna. Kyaa hum aapka naam jaan sakte hai? (I didnt hear much. Would you like to tell me your name?)
When Khushi didnt replied back she said

Women: Humme lagta hai ke aapko acha nahi laga ke humne aapki baate sunli. Humme Maaf... (I think you didnt like that I heard your conversation. I am really...) But Khushi interrupts her.

Khushi: Nai Nai humme bilkul bhi nahi burra laga. Woh kya hai na ke humme thora si sharam agayi ke aapne humme aise bhagte hua dekha aur humme laga ke aap humme thorasa pagal samajh rahi hai toh issih liye. Woh kya hai na ke humme ek baar mein yaad nai aata sab ke liye mannath mangna to issih liye humme baar baar...Waise hamara naam Khushi hai... (No not at all. It felt a little embaressd that you saw me like this running and I thought that you will think I am mad. I cant pray for all people in one go bcoz I forget so thats why I have to run like this... By the way I am Khushi.)

Women: Aapki baate humme bohat achi lagi hai Khushiji to isih liye humara dil chaha ke hum aap se baat karre.(I liked what you were talking thats 
way I wanted to talk to you.

Khushi: Ab aapni Humari aur DM ki baate sun liye hai to aapko ek wadah karna hoga. (Now that youve heard our conversation youve to promise me something)

Women: Kaisa Wadah (Which Promise?) (she asked quit amused but scared what would it be)

Khushi: Ke Aap humari aur DM ki baate kissih ko bhi nahi bataenge (That youll tell nobody about our conversation)  (she said with a cute smile on her face). She held her hand to shake it with the women. The women laughs and promise her that she will tell no one about her privat talks.
Khushi: To iska matlab ke ab hum Dost hai na? (That means were friends now?)

Women: Hanji bilkul iska yehi matlab hai (yes that means were friends now)(she says amused to see such a cute and innocent girl).

Khushi: Acha ab hum chalte hain warna hum late ho jayenge aur aap aapna khayal rakhigya. Ab hum dost hai to milte rahenge na. (Ok I shall leave now otherwise Ill be late. Take care of yourself and now were fiends well meet often)

Women: Ji bikul par... (Exactly but..)

Khushi gives the women a quick hug and run away. The Women just looks how Khushi run the stairs down.

Women (to herself): Kitni khoobsurat aur masoom ladki thi. Humme ek pal mein hi aapni dost bhanaya bina humari bimari ko dekh ke warna to har insaan humme humari bimari ki wajah se humare saath humdardi jata ta hai par yeh ladki, isne to humara naam aur nahi phone number pucha hai. Bilkul Hawa ki tarha ai thi aur chali bhi gayi. (What a beautiful and innocent girl. She made me her friend in one moment without looking at my disease. Normally people would pitty me but this girl dont aksed my name and not even took my phone number.)

The women was no one else then Anjali.

She turns to DM nad prays:
Aap isseh hamesha khush rakhiga aur isne jo bhi manga hai isko dijiyega aur iski jo bhi taqleefe hai khatam kardijiyega. Aur humme inse dobara milayega. Aaj hum aur kuch bhi nahi mangege bas humari ye mannat puri kijiyega. (DM plz keep her always happy and give her that for what she prayed and plz take her problems from her. And plz let me meet her once again. Today Ill not ask for something else just accept this pray).
She smiles and is about to leave when suddenly all things feel bizarre and in the next moment everything went black ...
Meanwhile Arnav went behind the temple (as he always do when he gets the time) and looks at the beautiful sight infront of him. (The temple is at a mountain above a river and there is a beautiful relaxing atmosphere bcoz when you look straight you see the raising sun). But for Arnav it is not at all relaxing he closes his eyes and old bad memories comes back to him. 
How he met her here...She was wearing a white long dress and praying, her bangles and her anklet... How she blushed always near him but always run away from him but then how she got scared and left him forever...But this was all fake like all girls they do all this to trap rich guys with their great acting skills. First they play innocent and trap the guys and after that... He open his eyes. His eyes shows nothing but pain hatred and he was fuming from inside.

Arnav (to himself): Tab to maine ek dafa phir se pyaar pe yakeen kiya tha lekin ab main doobara yeh galti kabhi nai karunga. (That day I again trusted love but now I wont repeat this mistake ever again.)

He is about to leave when he sees a girl standing not far away from him. She is looking in front of her at the bautiful sight. Arnav cants see her face clearly bcoz its hidden in her dupatta. He sees how she closes her eyes and put her hand together and prays something.

Arnav (to himself): Zaroor Paise ya kuch aisa maang rahi hogi. (She will surely asks for money or something like that).

Suddenly his old memories come back the white dress, praying, payal (anklet), churiya (bangles), he couldnt take it anymore he tried to control himself and was about to leave but when he passed by the girl he heard her say:

Mera Raajkumar, safed ghore pe ayega aur... (My Prince will come on a white horse and).

He stopped and looked at the girl who stood know infront of him with her back to him. He thought now she will say that her so called Raajkumar should be rich and powerful. All girls are same cheap...but what he heard shocked him for a while.

Girl: aur humare saare dhuk humse le jayega humara dil ka booj kaam kar de ga aur humme samjhe ga. DM aap to jaanti hai na ke humme koi amir ladka nahi chahiye hai bas ek ladka jo humme pyaar kare aur hamesha humare saath rahe, jo humpe vishwas kare. Koi esah ladka jiske kande pe hum sarr rak ke dil khol ke roh sakhe. Kya koi aisa ladka hai aur kya aapne humare liye bhi koi banya hai? Amma, Buaji ko kehte suna hai ke Jodia Aasmaan main bhanthi hai humme bas unhe khud dhundna parta hai, par phir Amma Buaji yeh kyun kehti hai ke humari jaisi ladki ke liye aap kissi ki ko nai bhannati (A tear fell down on her cheek). Kya sach mein...hum jai..jaisi lad..lad..ladkiyon ke liye aap kissih ko nahi banati? she said while crying. (Soemeone wholl take all my sorrow from me and understands me. DM you know that I dont want any rich man, I just want somenone who always be we with me and trust me. Is there any guy and do youve made someone for me? I heard Amma, Buaji saying that you make couples and we just have to search them. But why does Amma, Buaji say that you dont make partners for girls like me? Is that true?) 

She opens her eyes and takes her bag and thaal. But then suddenly something comes in her mind and she let out a little scream which brings Arnav back from his dreamworld.

Girl: Arre humne us aurat ka naam hi nai pucha jinse hum abhi mille the, hum itna bolte rahe aur unho ne kuch bhi nai kaha unko to lagta ho ga ke hum pagal hai. Lekin DM aap humari unse dobara mulaqat karwa dena theek hai aur unko sahi-salamat aur khushi rakhi ga. Aur... aur acha ab hum chalte hai theek hai.
(Oh I totally forgot to ask the name of that women who I just met, I talked and talked and didnt let her speak even a word she must be thinking that 
I am mad. But DM plz I want to meet her again till then keep her always good and happy. And..and I think I should leave now.)

She turns around her eyes are glued on her thaali and suddenly she bumps into something or someone really hard. Its Arnav.
She fell on the ground but Arnav didnt moved a bit. He just looked at her like she is some dirt.

Girl: Ouch..Yeh kya tha...Din ki shuruat to bohot achi si hui hai, Khushi..she begin to mumble.Ouch humara pau itna dard kyun ho raha hai? (Ouch..What was that.. Your day has started good Khushi..)

Arnav was getting annoyed by her self talking.
Arnav: You Idiot, look what youve done. Tumhara dimaag kharab hai dekh ke nai chal sakti kya? (Are you mad cant you see were youre walking?)

Khushi realizes that someone was yelling at her bcoz there was npbody else behind the temple except them. She quickly gets up and saw that she dont run into something but someone. This someone was really looking mad at her and she saw why bcoz her thaal landed on his chest and his coat was full with the sindoor which was on the thaal.
Khushi stept forward and started to clean the sindoor from his coat.

Khushi: I am really really sorry woh hum dekh kar nahi chal rahe the, humme maaf kar dijiye. (I wasnt looking were Im waliking plz forgive me)

Arnav (to himself): Like I said all girls are same..JUST CHEAP...
Saying this he hold her both wrists in his hand and draw her forcefully to himself so that their chest collided. Khushi was shocked at this and suddenly her foot started to pain. She realizes that she had hurt herself on her right foot when she fell on the ground.

Khushi: Ouch, choriye humme. Humme bohat dard ho rahi hai. (Ouch, leave me. Youre hurting me)

Arnav: Tum sab ladkiyan ek jaise hi hoti ho pehle zabardasti ladkon ke paas aati ho, unhe aapne pyaar mein phassati ho, unko pagal banati ho aapne liye aur phir... (You all girls are same first you come to the boys, trap them in your love, make them mad for you and then...)

Khushi: Aap yeh kya keh rahe hai? Humne ye sab jaan ke nahi kiya humne kaha na ke ghalti se.. (What are you saying? I said I didnt do it purposely. It was a mista..)

Arnav: Ghlati bhi aukat dekh kar karni chahiye. (A Mistake should be done, if someone have some status)(Sorry couldnt translate it right)

Khushi: Humme aap jaise insaan ke saat baat nahi karni. Choriye, humme dard ho rahi hai (saying this she looked to the side). (I dont want to talk to persons like you. Leave me youre hurting me.)

Arnav just tightend his grip on her wrists to make her look at him. Suddenly Khushis churiya (bangles) broke bcoz of his strong grip.

Khuhsi: Ouch..Choriye. (Ouch..Leave me) a tear fell from her eye.

Arnav didnt know why he was doing this to her and why he was letting his anger out on her so he let go of her but pushed her so that she fell back on the ground.

Arnav: Tum jaise logon ki jaga yahan gand mein hoti hai. (Thats the place for people like you) Remember that. Aur ab rona mat shuru kar dena tum ladkiyon ko to bahana chahiye hot hai rone ke liye. (And now dont start to cry, you girls just need an chance to cry).

Khushi tried to get up from the ground but her foot which was already injured hit the ground again and her hand were also not helping bcoz her wrists were hurting too much an now bleeding also.

Khushi: Agar aapko humare madat nahi karni aur humare ansu aapko pareshan kar rahe hai to aap yahan kyun karre hai. Challe jaiye jahan se aur aapna aur humara waqt saya mat karre. (If you dont want to help me and my tears are bugging you then why are you still standing here? Just go from here and dont waste your and my time).

Arnav clenched his fist and jaw.
Arnav: SHUT UP.

Khushi: Hum nai aap Shut up (You Shut up) saying this she finally got up. Hum aap jaise logon ke saath baat nahi karte aur na hi aapne aansu saya kart hai.(I dont talk to people like you and also dont waste my tears on people like you).

She turned around to hide her tears and bend down to take her bag and thaali. This wasnt so easy bcoz her foot was hurting badly while she was picking up her things. When she took her things and was about to get up she felt two strong arms, one around her back and the other arond her legs.She was shocked.
Arnav put her up and saw that her foot and wrists were really injured but he didnt show any regret. Khushi, meanwhile recovered from the shock and started struggling in his arms.

Khushi: choriye humme (Leave me) (she hit him on his chest but it go all in vain)

Arnav: Soch lo doobara, aagar maine tumhe chor diya to tum...(Think again, if I let you ..)

Khushi: Soch liya ab chriye humme,(considered, now leave me) she roared. 

Arnav walked a little bit more and then smirked at her. Khushi felt something was going to happen now, but surely nothing good would happen. Suddenly he let her fall and she fell in mud. He looked straight ahead without any emotions on his face. After that he walked pass her.

Khushi was really shocked that how can someone be so cruel but then she felt strong pain in her lower back (in her coccyx) for a little moment wich felt hours for Khushi the pain began to reduce. She started to cry silently, so that nobody could hear her.(It was the best thing what Khushi could do to hide her pain, to show fake happiness and to cry silently.)

Khushi: How can somebody be so ruthless and arrogant. Firstly he didnt accept his mistake. I said sorry bcoz I didnt pay attention but he saw me couldnt he go out of my way and then he let me fall on the ground, dont help me infact hurts me more and then just leaves. I HATE HIM.

Arnav who heard all this what she was saying turned around to face her anti give her some piece of his mind.
Meanwhile Anjali has fainted. People have started to talk what could might happen to her. Two girls come forward and help Anjali. They took her phone and dial the first number on her phone. Its Arnavs number.
Arnav kneeled infront of her.
Arnav: Tum jaise chote logon ka yahi problem hai. Saamne bolne ki himmat nahi hoti aur...Anyways agar tumhe dard ho rahi hai to tum mere pau par kar mujhse maafi maango aur mujhse madat manngo shayad mujhe tumpe reham ajaye aur main tumhari madat kar du,(People like you dont have the guts to speak infront of someone but behind them...Anyways if its hurting than fall on my feet and ask for forgivnes from me and ask for my help maybe I get some pity on you and help you.) he said while smirking.

Khushi controlled her anger and tears:
Khushi: Aap abhi tak gaye nahi aur rahi baat aapke saamne boolne ki to hum aap ke saamne bhi bol sakti hai ke aap ek ghatiya aur ghamandi insaan hai aur hum aap se nafrat karte hai aur kuch sunna chahenge aap? (Youre still here? And if you want me to talk infront of you then listen to me: Youre a ruthless, arrogant and self-obsessed person) (Sorry dont know the english word for ghatiya)

Arnav: What the...How dare you..

Khushi: Aur rahi baat maafi aur maadat ki to hum aapse kehde ke humme na aapse maafi mangni hai aur nahi aapki madat humme chahiye. Shukriya,
(And about asking for forgivness and help, let me tell you I dont need your forgiveness and help, thanx) saying this she slowly gets up from the ground with her bag and thaali.

Arnav is fuming with anger, he was about to hold her from her shoulders but before he could do or say anything his cell phone began to ring. Arnav sees that its his Di.

Khushi quickly made her way before he could react. She was happy that his phone rang and she had a chance to run away.

Arnav: Di are you done with you Pooja? Can we leave now?

Caller: Excuse me Sir. The women who belongs this phone had just fainted in the Temple are you around or should I bring her to the hospital, the girl says in a calm voice.

Arnav: OMG. What happend to her wait Ill be right there.

Caller: Dont panick Sir. I am a doctor and with me I have one more female doctor we wont let anything happen to her.

Arnav: How can I not panick? Anyways Ill be right there, saying this he cut the call and turn around to leave. He notice a small think infront of him its a Payal he knows that it is from the girl. He sees that the girl has left from there and he dont know why but take the Payal with him and goes from there.

Arnav Khushi meet again. Maybe he will help her to patch up her injuries and maybo something different happens.
It depends on your likes and comments. So plz do comment and like.
And sorry for mistakes.Embarrassed

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Loved both the part. Waiting to read more. Thanks for the pm.

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So like I said if I dont get a good response Arnav will a little sofort towards Khushi but I didnt get much respnose so Arnav will harsh so dont blame me.Pinch
But dont worry Arnav will (soon) change for Khushi.Star 

Chapter 3:

Meanwhile Khushi hobbels to her house to change her dirty clothes and wash her face. She is really afraid to go to her house but it was much near than the hospital and she couldnt go in this state to the hospital. 

Khushi: Ouch..Bohat dard hori hai. Us Aadmi ki wajah se humme phir Ghar jana hogoa. Aagar wo humme..Khair jo bhi hai ab jo hogaya wo hogaya ab kuch badal to nai sakte ghar to jana padega. Par DM humme uss Aadmi se doobara mat milwana plz aur humme bacha lena Amma Buaji se. (Ouch..It hurts a lot. Bcoz of that man I have to return to my house. If he didnt... I cant change what happend I have to go. But DM plz save me from that man and from my Amma & Buaji.)

She reaches her house and quickly cleans her tears away and sneaks inside. She wanted to run to her room as fast as she could but stopped as someone called her.
She turns around and sees 3 women looking at her but not with love. Khushi gulps bcoz she know that they wont let her go so easily and to her luck her father was also not at home to save her from them...
Meanwhile Arnav reaches Anjali and the two girls. He sees that the girls are helping his sister and dont let anybody else look at Anjali. He run to them and picks his Di in his arms. The girls look at him confused, so Arnav gives them a fast instroctions.

Arnav: I am ASR her brother. Come with me to the hospital.

Girls: But well go to Anjali Hospital. Its the best hospital here and we also work there.

Arnav: I know. he cut them off and with that they drive to the hospital.
Buaji: Iss baar kahan se aapna moon kala kar ke ayi ho maharani? Humme to pata hai ke tum aisi ho par bahar walo ko kya zaroorat hai dikhane ki? Unhe bhi batana zaroori hai? Humari liye tum humari kuch nai lagti par bahar walo ko to lagta hai ke tum humari beti ho. Kamse kam Shashi ka lihaaz karlo aur... (Where did you get your face dirty this time? We know that you are characterless but what about other people? Do you have to show them also? For us you are nobody but in the eyes of the world you are our daughter. At least for Shashi you can...)

Garima: Bas kare Jiji is ladki ko humare saamne humari beti mat kahiye. Aap jaanti hai ke hum isseh kitni nafrat karte hai aur humare liye humari ek hi beti hai aur woh hai humari Payal bitiya. Aur aap bhi isse baat mat karre hum jo kehne aur puuchne aaye hai woh bass kare aur challe, (Plz stop it Jiji. Dont call her my daughter. You know how much I hate her and that I only accept Payal as my gaughter. And plz dont talk to her just ask her the questions for what we are here) she says with a angry look on her face.

Khushi could feel how tears were forming in her eyes. She tried her best to hide them.

Buaji: Han, bilkul. Ey Maharani (Exactly, ey Princess), she stepped forward to Khushi and hold Khushi roughly from the shoulders and shakes her roughly.

Khushi hiss in pain but tries to stop herself from screaming. She could feel how Buajis grip tightend on her arms.

Buaji: Tumne phir kitchen me kadam rakha? Tumhe kitni baar kahan hai ke tum humari jison ko chua mat karo. Humme to pata hai ke tum humari baat nai sunti issih liye tumse kitni baar kaha he ke jis din humare Ghar Pooja ya koi aur khushi ka moka ho to tum na humare aur nahi humare Ghar ke aas paas honi chahio ho.. To phir tumne aaj khane ko haat bhi kaise lagaya aur uppar se ab tum iss gandi halat mein ghar bhi aagi. BOLO. (You again entered the Ktichen? How oft I have to tell you to not touch our things? I know that that you dont listen to me thats why I told you atleast to stay away from us and from our house when there is a Pooja or a other good news in our house. Then why did you touch our food again today and on top of that why did you came back in this state? TELL ME!!)
All the while she was shaking her roughly.

Khushi: Par Buaji..woh humme pata nahi tha ke... (But Buaji..I didnt know that today...)

Buaji: CHUP...(SHUT-UP)

Khushi stopped abruptly, fear raising in her.

Buaji: Besharam to tum pehle se hi thi, ab humme hi jawab dene lagi ho... (I knew that you are shameless but now you have started answering me back...) She slapt her hard and Khushi fell on the ground bcoz she couldnt handle the force of the slap and her injured foot twisted again.

Khushi was totally shocked and suddenly her tears began to fall down on her cheek. Her back was facing the three women so nobody could see that she was crying. Suddenly she felt someone holding her from her wrist and lift her up from the ground. She quickly wiped her tears away but it was too late and her Buaji had seen them. But she saw that not her Buaji but her mother hold her wrist so horribly that her wound on the wrist opend again.

Buaji: Lo phir se aapna choota rona dhona shuru kar dia. (She started again with her fake tears..)

Khushi wiped her face again and looked down at her feet.
Garima still standing there and holding Khushi from both her wrist now.

Garima: Tumhe sharam kyun nai aati. Tumahri wajah se pehle bhi humme itna duukh mila kya tumse humari Khushi bardasht nai hoti. Kya dushmani hai tumahari humse? Bolo? (Arent you ashame? Bcoz of you we have to suffer why cant you see us happy? Tell me)

Khushi: Nai Amma. Aap aisa kyun... (No, Amma. Why are you saying..)

Garima: Mat bulao humme Amma. Hum tumhari nai, sirf Payal ki Amma hai. Tum humme sirf ek baat batao. (Dont call me Amma. Im not your Amma. 
Im only Payals Amma. You just tell me one thing.)

Khushi: Amma..Aap yeh kya ke rahi hai.. Aap hi humari Amma hai aur...(What are you saying Amma? You are my Amma and..) 
She stops there bcoz she was about to reveal the secret...

Garima: Kal Payal Bitiya ne tumse kaha tha na ke aaj Payal bitiya ko ladke wale dekhne arahe hai aur tum phir bhi Ghar aagi humari khushiya barbaad karne? BOLO KAHA THA KE NAI (Yesterday Payal told you that some people are coming to see her nevertheless you came back home to destroy our happiness? TELL ME..)...she screamed

Khushi was shocked to hear this bcoz Payal didnt said anything to her. For a moment she couldnt move but when she looked over to Payal who was secretly laughing at her, she understood that it was Payals plan so that her Amma & Buaji get a chance to insult her again.

Khushi: Par Amma Payal ne to humme...(But Amma Payal didnt)

Payal: Ji Amma humne to isse kaha tha ke aaj ke din koi garbar mat kare lekin aap to jaanti hai na ke ye kahan kissi ki sunti hai...Isko to maza aata hai humme rote hue dekhte...(Yes Amma I told her that she should do nothing wrong today but you know na that she doesnt listen to anyone. She likes to see me crying) She starts to cry and fake tears come down her cheeks...

Buaji and Garima hug Payal and looked angry at Khushi.
Payal look at Khushi and smirks and continued her drama.

Payal: Khushi tujhse humari Khushi kyun nahi dekhi jaati kyun tu humare piche pari hui hai? Tumhari wajah se humari shhadi ek dafa tuut chuki hai ab hum doobara yeh bardasht nai kar payenge. Hume tumhe aapni behen maante hai, tum humme aapni behen kyun nahi samajti? (Khushi why cant you see me happy? Why are you after me? Bcoz of you my wedding got canceled, I cant bear this pain again. I always try to be your sister why cant you treat me like your sister?)

Khushi knows what Payal was talking about and now she knew why her Amma and Buaji were so mad at her. Payal remembered them of the incident that happend one year ago. But nobody knew what exactly happend, except Khushi.

Khushi began to breath heavily and hugged herself as the incident played infront of her eyes again. Fear and Pain written on her face but none of the women saw this bcoz they were engrossed to wipe Payals fake tears. Khushi wiped her sweat from her face.

Khushi: Humme Maaf kardijiye..Hum...Hum.., she couldnt continue and run to her room. (Im really sorry...I...I.)

Buaji: Kitni Besharam hai. Humari Payal bitiya ko rula diya aur maafi bhi sahi se nai maangi. (How shameless she is. Firstly, bcoz of her Payal started to cry and then she didnt properly apologize to her.)

Payal: Arre Amma Buaji hum bilkul theek hai...Aap dono Khushi ko bhul jaen aur tayaria shuru kare, (Amma Buaji Im fine..Forget about Khushi and start the arrangements) wtih that she run to her room with a wide grin on her face.

Garima: Pata nai yeh humari Payal bitiya ke khushiyon ke piche kyun pari hai aur kab Payal bitiya ka picha chorigi. Nagin bhanke beti hai humari Beti ki khushyon par. Phir rula diya aur dekho humari Payal Bitiya kaise aapne aansu chupa rahi hai, humme khush rakhne ke liye. (I dont know when 
shell get out of Payals happiness. She is like a snake who sits on her happiness. Bcoz of her Payal Bitiya cried again today and Payal Bitiya hides her tears from us to keep us happy.)

Buaji: Chalo bhul jayo us Khushi ko aur Payal ne jaisa kahan hai aise hi karo. Tayariyan shuru karte hai. (Forget about that Khushi and do as Payal said. Start the arrangements.)


Meanwhile Arnav reached hospital and took Anjali direct to Akashs room. The two girls followed him.

Arnav: Akash, Di Mandir mein behoosh hogi hai. Tum jaaldi se inka check-up karo. (Akash, Di fainted in the temple. You quickly start her check up.)

Akash: Oh MY God. What happend to her?? Arnav take her quickly to the bed in the next room. I will look what happend.

Arnav: Ok, with that he leaves.

Akash: Dr.Riddihma and Dr.Geet what are you both doing with Arnav and Di?

Riddihma: Sir, Dr.Geet aur main Mandir main Dr.Khushi ka intezaar kar rahe the aur waha par hummen dekha ke ye behoosh ho rahi hai to hummne jaldi se inki madat ki. (Sir, Dr.Geet and I were waiting for Dr. Khushi in the temple. There we saw that the women was about to faint and fall so thats why we helped her.) 

Geet: Waise Sir aap inko jaante hai? (By the way do you know the woman?)

Akash: Yes yeh meri cousin hai, Anjali. By the way Dr.Khushi kaha hai? Woh Di ka case handle karengi. (Yes she is my cousin, Anjali. By the way were is Dr,Khushi? Shell handle Dis case.)

Geet: Sir, woh humme nai milli. Sorry Sir. (Sir we didnt met her.)

Riddihma: Aap usseh call kar sakte hai? Humne usseh call kia tha kyunki hum jaante the ke wo ye case bohat ache se kar payegi par wo humara phone nahi uta rahi hai. So if you could call her. (Can you plz call her? We called her bcoz we knew she would handle the case really good but she didnt picked up.)

Akash: Ok, Ill try but first of all you go and check Di. Ill join you after calling Khushi.


Khushi was taking a shower. She was badly shaking altough the water was warm. She reminded how Buaji and Amma talked to her but this was nothing new to her but the reason why they talked so to her was too much for her. She remembered what happend one year ago and was crying more and more. She had almost forgot about it and now the old fear was back. 
She heard her mobile phone ringing. First she didnt want to go out of the bathroom but then she thought it could be an emergency from the hospital so she quickly got out.

Khushi: He..He..Hello, she said in a shacky voice

Akash: Hello Dr. Khushi?

Khushi: Yes, Dr. Akash. Is everything fine?

Akash: First tell me are you allright?

Khushi: Yes. But why are you asking?

Akash understood from her shaking voice that something happend but didnt asked further so that she dont get uncomfortable.

Akash: Nothing, Just like that. Dr.Khushi I know that you need not to come today but there is an emergency. My sister fainted and I wanted you to ckeck her. So could you plz come?

Khushi suddenly felt how her whole body was aching. She saw her face in ther mirror. She was looking horrible. Her right cheek was swollen and her lip was bleeding from the left corner bcoz of the slap, her upper and fore amrs had bruises and on top of it her eyes were red.
She didnt want that somebody sees her like this what would she say?

Khushi: Sorry Sir, I cant come. I am feeling not well.
Suddenly Khushi remembered that her family dont want her at home today.

Akash: Khushi, I can understand but...

Khushi: Ok, Sir Ill be right there, with that she disconnected the phone.

Akash (to himself): Something happend, first of all she didint meet Dr.Geet and Dr.Riddihma at the Mandir, then she didnt answers our calls and then she said she wont come and now she is coming? I hope everything is fine.

Arnav: Is she coming? I said if she dont agree to come then offer her more money and she will definatly come, he said with arrogance in his voice.

Akash: No, bhai she is coming...Ehm Bhai what is that on your coat?

Arnav looked at his coat and remembered that girl who threw the sindoor on his coat.

Arnav: Nothing. An low class girl threw sindoor on me.

Akash: A girl threw sindoor on you?? he asked quite surprised.

Arnav: Yes but she got an answer from me, he remembered that he let her fall in the mud but still she answered him back. He will surely teach that girl a lesson when hell get time.


Khushi quickly choose a dress. It was really hard for her to wear a full sleeves frock bcoz it was hurting on her arms. She wore a long Anarkali Frock wich reached her feet (to hide her injury on her foot). After that she took a little bit make-up to hide the scars on her face. After that she quickly got out of the house and drove to the hospital. It was quite hard for her to drive with an injured feet but she wanted to be away from her house as soon as possible.

Probaly it will not open. I am really sorry for that. Its a long white Anarkali dress with beautiful purple, pink and red flowers and at the border there are also floweres-embroidery work)





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