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Brief Update : 7th August 2012 (Page 9)

naava IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jaishankar

Originally posted by naava

Originally posted by Jaishankar

Naava a small correction there ,Archu said "Me and Manav still love each other but cant get together and hence I was strict and lost faith in love" and then later again Archu said " Arvi relationship has told me that just coz my life did not work out why should Arvi not be happy."

This means Naava Archu loves Manav and whatever it is now Manav has and will always love Archu..No matter whatever issue between them,the moment Archu gets into trouble he will be the first person to come and support her and thats him and I relate to that old Manav's trait.He will come for her when she is in trouble..When tomorrow something happens to her/Purvi/Sulo ,he will be there for her. There are various shades of love and certain love are such that they cannot be expressed nor mentioned and it makes one wonder what kind of love is this..But thats human emotions and it differs from person to person.I agree Manav is making things worse here but I can never agree that he does not love Archu.18 years has changed him for sure. Just as it made Archu loose faith in love to be strict with Arvi ,Manav has changed too but somewhere down there is that one instinct that makes him forget everything and rush to Archu when she in trouble.You cannot define that instinct or feeling to a specify name as I feel their souls are united as one and no matter how much they decide to part away or destiny separates them but fate keeps bringing them back together through their soul connection and I believe in that connection.
I want to believe in that Naava.I want to believe in that for the 3 years of my time I have given to this show.I want to believe that no matter what eventually love does win and I dont have go away believing that no matter what love does not have the power to win the impossible..I want the impossible turning possible for Arman for being their fan for 3 long years and been with them in their ups and downs.Its a test of my faith over Manav and I want to believe in my faith.
You might think about me as a emotional idiot but I for one would like to be that if in the end I get to see a victory of impossible over impossible..Wink

I understand what you are saying Jai...I do believe in soul connections and always felt Archana and Manav were soul lovers.  Which means destiny will always return them to each other. 

 But what i am trying to say also is that in the reality of life, how can you trust someone who treats you lovingly one day and hatefully the next?  You never know who they will be.  

I always believed too that in the end that their love would win out...but it sure isn't looking good. I'm not sure anymore Jai who Manav is.  Archana hasn't really changed in all these years, but Manav...has he changed or was he always self centered.  What is driving him? I just don't know anymore.  

I'm sorry for the loss of 3 years to you if the cv's trash the story. in the end..  I hope for your sake that the impossible will win over the impossible.  But i'm not holding my breath.  

Naava in reality people like Manav n Archu are non-existent who would sacrifice their relationship and everything for even to those who do harm to them,who tend to smile and forgive over the evilness by others to them,who are willing to go to any level to make others happy even sacrificing their life,kids,love relationship etc..These kind of people dont exit and PR is a land far away from reality.
So in such a land to relate to reality is like relating impossibility.Hence as a fan of a fiction show ,I want to have a fiction ending as it needs instead of seeing the logic behind a show which has no logic.
Hence I would like to just see the positive side of it and take positives out of the crap ditched by the CV's and as positive I would want Arman to be united and be united with their kids and Arvi united.Wink.Fiction life we can hope to see impossible to possible which is what I want to see and take a positive note from the show which is devoid of positivity.
Tongue Even i meant in the reality of the story LOL  But i guess that was my point.  I no longer see the possibility of the cv's bringing a happy ending becuase it looks like they aren't going to redeem the relationship.  they can bring the story to whatever conclusion they want but for them to restore Manav and Archana they will have to restore Manav;s character.   They seem to be making it worse and worse in relationship to Archu anyway.  Let me put it this way.  How can i trust them as writers if one day their character is this personality, and the next day he is a totally different person.  Was Manav supposed to be a Dr Jekyl and mr. Hyde?  I didn't think so at the beginning.  but now he it doesn't bode well.  
But, i will desist saying more as i don't want to dampen your dreams for a happy ending, dear.  Wink

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
Jai you  are such a sweet and sensitive boy . Whenever I write something against Manav , I always feel bad because at the back of my mind I know that you would read it ...
Today I read this article that maybe Ekta Kapoor is writing a script about Arjun and Purvi getting involved with others and breaking up ...I really hope this does not  happen ..I think after what has happened between Manav and Archana , Ekta should  show that even if one relationship went horribly wrong , another worked out ..
I am sorry but I don't think Manav deserves Archana ..She should be free of him and his mother .Yes , he is the father of her children and because of that Archana can never be disconnected with him , even if they divorce . For their children's sake they should work together to bring some sanilty in Ovi's life and also there is going to be Soham coming ..
But I do hope that Ekta Kapoor will not break up Arjun and Purvi .They should be spared .  Manav should lose Archana and then only , after seeing Arjun ( a boy he hates and mistrusts ) he should feel ashamed of himself and this young man should teach a thing or  two to Manav Uncle how to treat  your love ...

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Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
@Tanya dear thank you re for your compliments ,means a lot to me coming from you Big smile..
Yes dear I just hope one day I am able to Arman happy with their children..some good Archu- Ovi/Tej scenes ,Manav - Purvi scenes ,Arman scenes and Arvi scenes..For now as per that article nothing sort of that is happening but you never know Ekta she can twist any time.
Tanya dear at one time we used sing in praises of Manav but not now,just a week before he was hero ,now down to Zero guess thats a daily soap.
I guess for any character it keeps varying but I hope to see some positivity in some way ,whether its Manav's character redeemed(ideally) or through some other way ,I would like to see some good positivity in life of Arman..
Ekta is a master of 360 degree u turn of characters in a minute so anything is possible in her land LOL..
I will wait for one such instance..

@ Naava dear yes I got it reality in the story LOL..Naava dear I can't predict what CV's will do but can hope for sunshine one day in mid of all the darkness...Lets see if Ekta gives that 360 degree u turns to who and all and at what time..LOL..Its bound to come..

And of course dears Arman and Arvi ending together is going to be the end anyway (thats 100% sure and we all know it) and the day it happens PR let me see how Ekta plans to do that..LOL 

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princessjojo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
I loved Sulochana's smile and one-liner  when Arjun-Purvi were coming out of the room. How cute and how real! 
sushkita10 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 February 2011
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jaishankar


Archu/Anki was stunning even in that distraught condition..She is a gorgeous beauty for sure Wink
Tanya you are back at tearing Manav again LOL..You need give him some time dear...You need to give him time till he gets to know the actual facts from Arvi n DK .He deserves that one chance Wink
Tanya the fact also remains that Manav was trying to do what any father will do ,trying to pacify Ovi(he is at the moment short-sited not knowing what to do with her Confused)..He is pissed off with Archu for opening about Arvi at not so great time.His anger is more Archu for talking about Arvi when Manav was trying to calm the situation down and asked her to calm down.He was already frustrated with Ovi's Arjun jap and then when Archu rightly interfered ,there was no need to jump the gun and tell Arvi approval at that time.She could have blasted Ovi even more for being kiddish rather than stating her approval for Arvi..Archu is a emotional fool and hence she is cheated by all..Her intentions of doing good always ends up in wrong corner..Sad fact...So his anger is understandable but yes not him asking archu to stay out..Manav can clear out his thinking only when Arvi explain him the facts..
When no one bothered to explain him then for him Arvi are wrong,Archu is wrong.When they state the facts it will clear up on him and he will understand what to do with Ovi..He is totally lost seeing Ovi's condition..Any father will get mad when you see her daguther blabbering about a guy who in short ditched her (MU has not yet cleared to Manav)..As Purvi is for Archu,Ovi is for Manav and they both are standing for them in their own way which is understandable..
Even today Archu ,the way she told Sulo that Arman love each other is a clear indication how much she is in love with Manav...Manav has controlled it but I think Archu is on a verge of breaking point and she so needs Manav...This divorce will only destroy her more..She can never live in peace after divorce and its a fact as she can never stop loving Manav...
Arvi need to see the pain behind Archu's approval now and go to Manav along with DK and tell the facts whether he likes or not..Let me know it..
If Manav ever be fair like in kidnap case ,he would understand it.But now its high time he has been told some hard true facts..
And if anyone can actually bring Ovi out of this mess is Archu and Archu alone and yes for that she needs to be allowed to be with Ovi for which Manav has to be told the facts..So its a chain reaction..Manav knowing the actual facts will lead to him understanding the situation and probably might pay way for some how Archu getting close to Ovi to get Ovi out of this mess..
Ovi needs Archu more than a doctor...Best thing get them locked together in a room..Let them go all nuts LOL
[/QUOTE]wonderful post jaiClapClapbold-line 100%rite
sushkita10 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 February 2011
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
i just want to know why CV degrading manav and his biological kids' character in such a way.manav archana gave birth 3kids and all three r most terrible negative characterDeadwe archana manav fan r so mentally attatch with soham but now he turn a kidnapper and ovi-teju turning two pathetic negative characterOuchCV want they can show 1of them negative but all kids r negative i cant digest it.may b CV want to highlight others degrading these 3kids negative,morally very horrible person.why these have no trait of their parents.old manav who was world's most polite sweet person and archana remain very modest and always think good of others even now she prefer her adopted kids' happiness more than own biological kids.she gave manav her 1year twin daughters now after 18years she divorcing manav for making happy sachu even 18years before archu manav gave preference sachu over soham and they told it sulachana.why CV doing this terrible job i dont get any reason.ovi-teju knowing archana last 6months archana saw savita instigating them and she supposed to talk to manav about it but CV forget it.there is no improvement relation between archana and teju-ovi,its only degradingConfused

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Thanx 4 the wu
.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
Good episode but couldn't enjoy it much because of that spoiler article. Why can't Archana and Purvi be happy?? This is such a mess. Doubt anything comes of the precap, Manav won't find out about Varsha so early

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