Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

OS RK&Madhu **I care for you**(posted finished OS)

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RK was sitting in his car?on his way back home?where his devil is waiting for him?or maybe she was at a shooting?he didn't know?he never thought her to be this strong?he wanted to break her?make her beg her on her knees?but she didn't?he had to admit she was brave?

he expected to her fail and not to be outstanding?his wife was loved by everyone?not only her talent but also her simple character made her popular...and she loved to annoy him, humiliate him and make him suffer wherever it's possible?and he did the same?her first two movies were with him?and both were blockbusters?and she was occupying his thoughts?she was everywhere?on every poster, in tv ads?those tv ads for beauty products were really a joke?she doesn't even use those products?she was a natural beauty?and her angelic face and goddess body were god's gift?yes he was the lucky one to see her every morning...after having a shower she comes always out with a cup of coffee and enjoys the sunrise?and he hides behind a pillar and enjoys looking at her?she had the glow on her face but something was missing?yes the sparkle in her eyes?the sparkle she had when she was with her family, the sparkle when she was playing with kids or the sparkle when she could eat chocolate as much as she wanted?but when she was with him then the sparkle was missing?when she was with him her eyes were blank and cold?her beautiful eyes will only tell him how much she hated him?and somewhere it hurt him?of course he would never admit it?but he wanted her to look at him with the same sparkle in the eyes?he wanted her to be happy when she saw him?


He reached home?

MB was getting ready?she wanted to meet a friend?popular music director and nr. 1singer Angad?her friend and well-wisher?not only his personality but also his music made her forget her pain?and he was always there for her?and today she needed someone to talk to share her pain?it was a horrible day?and she was in no mood to meet him?so she was in a hurry to leave?just as she opened the door she saw him?she wanted to step out when she felt his hold on her wrist...she turned to look at him?


RK: where are you going at this time??

MB: none of your business?let me go RK?

RK looked at her?her eyes were red?did she cry?she looked upset?

RK: you are my wife?and I don't want to read any rumours about our relationship tomorrow?

MB laughed: relationship? Which relationship? We are enemies? We were and we will always be enemies?and I don't care about the rumours?

She didn't want to argue?she just wanted to leave?everything is his fault?

RK: just tell me where you are going Madhu?

MB: if I tell you?you will leave me?

RK nodded?

MB: ok?I am going to my saviour, my friend?the only person I can relay on?I am going to meet Angad?ok now let me go?

RK couldn't bear his words?he tightened his hold?he was aware of the freind

RK yelled: are you not ashamed to tell your husband that you are going to another man? This fame made you characterless?

That was it?the word characterless was the last blow?Madhu freaked out?

MB shouted: don't ever call yourself my husband?you don't have the right?I don't have to justify myself to you?now let me go?

RK: you are going nowhere?

MB: I need to go?now let me go?she started to hit him?she wanted to free herself?

He hasn't seen her this wild yet?

Madhu was close to breaking down?

RK: Madhu stop?what is wrong with you?

Madhu: everything is you fault?you ruined my life?my dreams?you made the middleclass simple Madhu?to the characterless Madhubala who would sleep with everyone just for her career?you made me a w****?

RK shouted: Madhu?.he raised his hand but stopped in midway?

Madhu: what? Why are you shouting? Are you not happy? You wanted me to suffer?I am suffering?that's what you always wanted?now you should be on the top of the world?

RK: what happened Madhu?

Madhu: nothing?stop pretending to care?I can't anymore?I am tired of all this?

RK tried to ignore the pain he felt to see her like this?

RK: you are right I don't care about you?but I am not letting you go?

Just when he was about to lock the door?Angad came and stopped him from closing the door?

Angad saw Madhu's face: Madhu are you all right? RK let her go?

Madhu ran into Angad's arms?

She broke down completely?

Angad: shh?princess?pls don't cry?

RK's blood boiled?what is this Angad doing here?and why is my wife in his arms?but something else was disturbing him more?her sobbing so badly?she was always brave?never showed her emotions in front him? 

RK: angad what re you oing here... 

Madhu is not one of your toys... dont forget that shes mrs rk...



Angad: don't you see that she's not fine'now it's not the right time to play the possessive husband'

RK: you know something that I don't about my wife'what is it?

Angad looked at Madhu'she shook her head'

Rk got more furious at her denial'he felt left out'

He went to Madhu and pulled her roughly towards him'

What are you hiding Madhu'batado mujhe'I have the right to know'

Madhu: what should I tell you'that the producer tried to force himself on me'that he told me that if I can pleasure the great RK for my career'then I should do it too with him'I can't even utter what all he called me and told'and he also blackmailed me that he will stop producing the movie if I don't spend a night with him'it won't be a big loss for him'but there are so many people depending on this movie'and the half shoot is done'I am not going to let them down'but what can I do? As I went to the director he told me to adjust'just like I adjusted you'

So tell me what should I do? That's why I asked Angad's help'are you happy now'go and celebrate your victory RK'that must be the best news for you today'

RK was fuming'he couldn't control his anger'he started to smash everything around him'

RK: how dares he' I will kill him'he's going to pay for talking with my wife like that'He went to Madhu'he grabbed her hand and pulled her out'Angad tried to stop him..

RK: that's a problem that her husband should handle'a third person should not interfere'

Madhu: go Angad'I will call you later

Angad: are you sure princess?

She nodded'and so Angad left'

RK hated to see the trust she had in Angad'he just pulled her out'he shoved her into the car and drove'Madhu continuously asked him: where are you bringing me'

They reached the producer's house'

They entered the house'

The producer saw only Madhu'

Producer: I know you would come'goddess Madhubala in my house'I can't believe it'

As he was about to touch her he saw RK coming from behind the door'

Looking at him with bloodshot eyes'

The producer was shocked...

Producer: RK you here'

How dare you? First punch fell straight on the producers face'he punched and kicked him'the producer was almost dead'

He was begging him to leave'

RK: nobody is messing with my wife'understand'if you even think about her I will kill you'what do you think just because you will stop producing the film everything will stop'no you are wrong'from now Madhubala RK is the producer of the film'and swear I will ruin you'that's RK's promise'

Madhu was looking at him'she was only shocked and numb to react'

They drove silently home'

Madhu just fell on the sofa'her mobile rang and she saw a message from Angad

Angad has messaged if she was all right'that he knew that RK is an a** but he would never let anyone else harm her'so if she needs him just one call and he will be there'

RK sat next to her'she wanted to thank him'but couldn't'

But she asked: why did you tell him that I will produce the film'

RK: because you are going to produce the film he answered calmly'

Something that feared about him was his sudden changes'one second he is calm and the other second he will be a hurricane'

RK: you will produce the film'and I will help you'so don't worry about that'

She just nodded'he was right'she had to do it'

Madhu was tired and she wanted to sleep'

She stood up and wanted to leave when she felt his hand on her shoulder'

She turned around to see him'

RK: Madhu if next time something like this happens come to me'

Madhu: you never cared about me or my feelings'we are enemies'have you forgotten that?

RK: no I haven't'and I am the only one who has every right on you'to hate you, to destroy you'all the rights only belong to me'and you are the only one who has these rights on me'

Madhu: why are we both captured in this sick relationship'why don't we free each other'

RK smiled: you know well that we won't survive without each other'

Madhu was shocked'

RK: this Ishq this junoon'it's our destiny'Madhu we are married for 2 years now'we had many chances to end all this but we both couldn't'

Madhu was still confused'what is he trying to say? 'is this again one of his tricks'

RK: Madhu we have every right on each other'but I won't tolerate it if someone else comes between us'it's a friend or an enemy'

Madhu: you know that you are really telling me one of your filmy dialogues'

RK: what?

Madhu giggled: han'they are really fimy types'kuch naya try karo RK' you are the super star here'

RK: are you making fun of me? (he made an angry face) but for the first time Madhu found it cute more than scaring'

Madhu started laughing'and he saw that sparkle in her eyes'the sparkle he always missed when she was with him'and he brought that sparkle himself back'his heart felt light and a smile adorned his lips'a genuine smile not that arrogant RK smirk'

Madhu stopped laughing and watched him all lost and smiling'why she was feeling different with him'why was it always only them'hate, love passion only between them and nobody else had a place in their world'

Madhu was about to leave'

When she heard him saying: I care for you Madhu...more than for anyone else'

And thought even more than myself'

Madhu left silently




i hope you liked it guys...waiting for MB and RK's wedding and of course post wedding romance...ah they really rock..


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Nice..:)continue soon !
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continue soon and dont forget to pm me plsss
gn tc ks hsd
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Its really nice . Wish we can get to see this side of RK in the serial as well.
Pl can you PM me when you update ?
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Great start :-)...pls cont soon!! 
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awesome dear. Clap!!! Loved it
do cont soon
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Lovely update...
Continue soon N please pm me ...
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