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IPKKND O/S: Only Three Jalebis? 07/08/12

indeedisa Groupbie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 8:14am | IP Logged

Hello People!! Big smile

The name's Celiza. 

Yeah. So I'm not really that new to India-Forums, cause i joined in march, but i was more of a silent reader, and then I started commenting.

I've been reading some really amazing stories on this site, and that inspired me to write something of my own. This is quite a cheesy, romantic one-shot, but  I do like writing other stuff as well.

Im a die-hard Arshi fan, and I think that Arnav is just,  aaahhh, H-O-T! Blushing

Alright, this story is set, like 2 years after Arnav and Khushi get married. The whole Shyam fiasco is over, and everyone's happy, (hard to believe, i know).

Oh, and sorry for any mistakes, didn't proof read it

Ok, then, enough of me, onwards with the story!

Only Three Jalebis?



Aman Mathur sighed as he did a 18o degree on his way to the cafeteria.


Looks like lunch can wait.


Almost everyone would have quit his job right now, stating reasons like, a large workload, unnecessary stress, unreasonable boss, ridiculous hours,  unreasonable boss. 


But he stayed on. And he endured all of the unwanted attachments that came along with his position at AR Fashion Industries. Of course, being the P.A. of a normal world-class business tycoon would be difficult, but being the P.A. to Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada was even worse. Being on the receiving end of various insults and demands for many years though, had made it almost second nature for him to just zone them out and focus on what was actually to be done. To many, ASR was a ruthless, and stone-hearted being, that cared about no-one. And that was the impression that many people left with when they met him. But Aman had seen underneath that cold facade that he had put up. He had seen him pace skittishly around in his office, when his Nani had to go to the hospital because of a health issue . He had seen it when he ordered the most expensive jewellery money could buy, for his Di, just to see the smile on her face.  


They say that first impressions always matter the most. But they also say, never judge a book by it's cover. And those that went by the second saying, would always see an entirely different side to his boss. 


Arnav Singh Raizada would always do good quietly, never publicly announcing his deeds infront of a large audience, so that he could get endless praise from people that he couldn't care less about. It was almost as if he was embarrassed to be seen, being good, as if it would ruin his ruthless image. His boss would help those loyal to him. Like when Aman's mother suddenly had to go to hospital due to a heart attack, Arnav had arranged for the best medical care possible, to get her back to normal A.S.A.P. Give him raise upon raise, for enduring his erratic mood swings, and doing everything he wanted. 


So Aman stayed on.




Aman quickened his pace, as he made it to Arnav's cabin, and opened the door.

As soon as he came in, he identified the problem. Standing in the middle of the cabin was the new intern, Raj Malholtra, literally trembling under the force of ASR's famous glare.


"How long have I been screaming for you Aman?", growled Arnav, turning the glare towards him. And just as Aman was about to respond, he was interrupted.


"Never mind that, can you  teach this imbecile how to read a watch? I have been waiting for 10 minutes for that Singhania file, and this idiot says that he doesn't know where it is! Go and get it !" 


Aman just silently turned and walked out, to retrieve the file, leaving the poor intern in the office.


Arnav meanwhile went and sat in the chair behind his desk, and started typing away furiously at his laptop, trying to control his escalating anger. Idiots like these people irked him so much, that he just felt like throwing something large and heavy at them. 


The office phone then started ringing. And kept on ringing.


"Hey you! Go get the phone instead of just standing here like a duck!" Arnav barked at his intern.


"Ye...yes sir!" Raj replied, scrambling out of the room, and almost sprinting down to the phone, and answering it.


"Hello, AR Industries. Yes, yes. He is available ma'am. Just one second."

 Meanwhile, Arnav had finally gotten his file, and was immersed in reading it.

"Uh, sir. There's a call for you," muttered his intern at the door, holding out the hand-held device, covering the speakers.


"'I'm busy now." he snapped. "Tell them to call me later."


"Im sorry Mrs. Raizada, he's occupied now. He said to..."


Arnav who as soon as heard the first sentence, stood up and snatched the phone out of his hands, and immediately answered it.


"Good afternoon, sweetheart" he said into the phone.


Raj felt his jaw hinging open.


His boss was smiling.




The cold face that till date he had seen his boss wear, almost completely slipped off, and instead, Arnav Singh Raizada, looked like a lovesick teenager, smiling goofily into the phone, pressing it as close as possible to his face, as if he wanted to go through it to the other side and meet his wife. 


Arnav meanwhile, was lost in his own world.


"What did the doctor say jaan. Is there something wrong? Do you need to go to the hospital. I told you I'd come with you but you didn't listen did you!" Arnav was babbling, a habit that he had picked up from his lovely wife.


"Arnav-ji, Arnav-ji, kuch nai hoi hai. The doctor sahab said that ever thing was fine!" Khushi replied, trying to seem as normal as possible.


"Khushi are you sure. Khushi, I can tell you are keeping something from me. Tell me!"


"Arnav-ji, I'll tell you when you get home okay. I'm absolutely fine. Mami-ji's calling me, I have to go now. Jaldi se ghaar ana, na!""


"Khushi. Khushi. Wait.."


But Arnav was too late. Urgh. He hated it when Khushi kept things from him, especially when it was to do with her health. 

She had been vomiting for the past few days in the morning whenever she ate something, ever since they had gone out to some dhabba that she fancied. And Arnav being the lovesick fool he was, bent to her puppy dog eyes, and 10 minutes later she was stuffing her face with spicy daal, and roti. 

As he put the phone down, he realised something. Mami-ji was out for today! He remembered her in the morning at breakfast saying something about visiting her old friends somewhere, and she was going out for the day.


He had to get home as soon as possible. His wife was lieing to him. 

He spun round, and started barking orders to his intern, who was still , standing there slack-jawed.

"Oi, you! Cancel all my appointments today. I'm going home."


"But wait. Sir!!..."
But he was too late. Arnav had literally sprinted out of the office and into his car.


"Hari-Prakash!" screamed Arnav, as soon as he walked in through the front door, slamming it open. 


"Where's Khushi?"


"Voh, Arnav bhaiya, Khushi bhabhi said that she will meet you in the room in 5 minutes. She has to finish off some work in the kitchen."


Arnav was growling under his breath as he stomped up the stairs and into their room, and slammed the door shut.


"What is this pagal ladki doing? She's driving me up the wall with her crazy antics. See, now even I'm muttering like her. Hey Devi Maya!"


Arnav froze as he realised what he had just said.




"Hai Devi Maiya, enough with your 'what-the-' and come sit down," Khushi said as she entered the room, carrying a covered tray in her hand.


Arnav being Arnav, completely disregarded her words and rushed to her


"Khushi, are you O.K.? How could you lie to me", Arnav said, as he ran his hands over her body, checking for an injuries.


"Do you have a fever, headache?" he asked, checking her forehead. Her cheeks looked slightly pinker than they should have, indicating that she was slightly warm.


"Arree baba, nothing's wrong with me. Sit down," Khushi replied, smiling, as she pushed him down to the recliner.


"Khush…….. Oof", Arnav exclaimed, as she plopped into his lap sideways, with the tray still in her hands.


"I have a surprise for you, Arnav-ji."


Khushi slipped the cover of the tray, to reveal two cups of tea, a small covered plate, and a plate with two jalebis on it.


"Khushi, you know I can't eat jalebis, and besides, how come you only made two this time. Most of the time, this house is filled to the brim with your jalebis when you make them," he teased, with a smile on his face, wrapping his arms around her waist, and resting his chin on her shoulder.


Khushi, unnaturally didn't respond, but instead beamed at him. How her husband had changed. Two years ago, she would never have believed that the great Arnav Singh Raizada could make jokes, and tease people. But her husband had changed.  Maybe infront of others he was still the same shrewd business man, but to her, he was the most sweetest, romantic, and kind-hearted man she had ever met.  

Her dream prince charming. She had thought that her life was as happy as it could be. But she was wrong.


"Arnav-ji, aap bhi na. These are sugar-free jalebis. I used an artificial sweeter!" she exclaimed, as she carefully fed him, and he did the same.


"Khushi, what's underneath this thing?" Arnav asked her, after they had finished eating, and –ahem- a small kiss was exchanged.


"uh, well.." Khushi stammered, bright red, as Arnav lifted the platter.


Underneath was a tiny, jalebi, almost half the size of a regular one.




"Well, um, babies can't have whole, normal sized jalebis, so I made this one."


"Khushi, Aasha always eats your normal sized jalebis," Arnav said, with a confused look on his face, referring to Di's 18 month old daughter.


Khushi giggled at her oblivious husband. For all his talk about being Arnav Singh Raizada, he really was a bit stupid sometimes.


She slowly rose from his lap, towards his face, and whispered into his ear.


"Arnav-ji, the doctor sahab said it wasn't food poisoning."


"Huh?" Arnav asked, completely clueless.


"Arnav-ji. Aap papa hone vale hai. I'm pregnant!" Khushi whispered.


"WHAT?" Arnav said, finally breaking out of his stupor. "Saach!?"

His sweet wife nodded, giggling.


"Oh My God. Khushi, you're pregnant! Khushi you're pregnant! I'm gonna be a dad! IM GONNA BE A DAD!" he shouted, in pure happiness.


"Haan Arnav-ji."


"Thank you. Thank you so much jaan. I can't thank you enough for your present."

Arnav's voice was mumbled as he was kissing every bit of Khushi that he could reach.


"I love you so much sweetheart."


"I love you too, Arnav-ji," her sweet voice murmured.

He looked up into her eyes, his own glazed over with tears.


He picked up the tiny orange jalebi carefully, and slowly placed it into her mouth. As soon as she was finished with it, he moved his head down to her tummy, where, where his baby was growing.


"There you go baby," he said, speaking into Khushi's stomach. "I hope you like jalebis just like your amma. She's crazy about them. I hope your just like her."


Khushi felt her eyes over-filling with tears, as he oh so tenderly kissed her stomach, and slid back up her body.


Arnav slowly brought his lips towards Khushi's and tenderly kissed her, trying to pour all of his gratitude and love into her. Khushi's heart nearly exploded, at how tenderly and sweetly he was kissing her, his lips softly moulding over hers, tugging on the upper one, and she sighed into his mouth.


Just as things were about a bit more heated, a voice from  the door interrupted them.


"Hello-Hi-Bye-Bye. Arnav bitwa and phatti-saree, you is being called downstairs. Jaldi comes down."


Arnav swore loudly.


Mami-ji just had to return now, didn't she?


He looked down to his lap to see his wife giggling away , looking delectable with her swollen, red lips.


"Come on, Arnav-ji," Khushi said, fixing her clothes as she stood up, and started walking towards the door.


She squealed suddenly, as she was lifted from the ground, bridal-style, by her husband, grinning from ear to ear, as he walked out of their room.


"Arnav-ji, choddiye humai! What will everyone say?"


"Ah Ah Ah… Now you're holding a small life within yourself. And I am not taking an chances with you. Be prepared to be carried everywhere now, jaan. Your feet won't hit the floor for the next 9 months!"




Khushi though, knew that any attempt would be futile, and so just decided to tuck her head into the crook of his neck, snuggling into his warm embrace, as he carried her down.


Her own, personal Rajkumar.


  The End

Ok people, so how was it? Should I stuff it away somewhere, in the deepest darkest corner of the Earth, or not?

I would really like to know what you guys thought, and any criticisms are welcomed.

And by the way, if you want PMs for any of my future work (if I'm gonna write more Confused), send me a buddy request. I'm pretty new to the mechanics of this site, so bear with me Smile

Please do tell me what you think

Celiza xox

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That is such a cute OS. I love the mix of ASR and Arnav in the story. The way Khushi told Arnav with a tiny jalebi...that was so cute and adorable!! I loved the Raj and Arnav scene. The way he was scared if Arnav...LOL!!!! And when Arnav smiled while talking to Khushi and Raaj's reaction...HILARIOUS!!! I wish you would continue this OS!! But do write more! 


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indeedisa Groupbie

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Originally posted by KaSh_Krishika


That is such a cute OS. I love the mix of ASR and Arnav in the story. The way Khushi told Arnav with a tiny jalebi...that was so cute and adorable!! I loved the Raj and Arnav scene. The way he was scared if Arnav...LOL!!!! And when Arnav smiled while talking to Khushi and Raaj's reaction...HILARIOUS!!! I wish you would continue this OS!! But do write more!


Thank you !!
AngelTeen IF-Sizzlerz

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Awww! Thats really sweet! :)

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Loved it. Really sweet. Simply superb!

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reflorated IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
this was the cutest thing ever!!!
 I specially came online, when I saw your PM on my phone. =P And I wasn't dissapointed, was I??
Keep writing xoxo

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This was a really good OS. I must tell you that you write very well and you must definitely write more.

I loved the office scene and how only Aman knows how good his boss is:D

The tiny jalebi awww

I really want to see this in the show. Arnav as papa :)

One advice: You should post your writings in the IPK forum first so that more readers can read and appreciate your work :)


P.S. I will be slow in responding to PMs, but I will definitely reply :)

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