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My Maaneet and Rishbala FFs n OS Gallery Complied

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Hey friends this is my FF and OS gallery. Here u will find all my works ON MAANEET and RISHBALA/RiMa complied togetherTongue All the following posts contain a small summary of the story along with the respective FF/OS link. Let me start with my First Maaneet FF "DIL MIL GAYE"


Maan Singh Khurana, a reserved person is MD of Khurana constructions and loves spending quality time with his best friend Geet Handa who is a complete chatterbox and is pursuing her graduation and is working part time as an RJ. Maan, Geet and Yash ( is also an RJ with Geet) are best friends. Maan is highly busy with his business but then also he doesnot miss any programme of Geet, he secretly admires her and loved her too. Geet on the other hand had always dreamt of her prince charming. Despite of being best friends geet and yash always kept on fighting as who is popular amongst them and then geet decides to arrange a contest to win a date with yash. Meera who is a die heart fan of Yash has never missed his programme. Geet was confused about her feelings for yash and her confusion increased when she announced that programme. Her mother savitri with whom she shared a sweet bond helped her to give herself some time before coming to any conclusions. Well the date contest was won by meera but she was shy to face Yash, she convinces her friend pari to go and meet yash as meera as she thought she was not beautiful and Yash would simply reject her. But then Yash and pari could relate to each other. 

One day yash went to meet meera so that they could know each other better where he met original meera and was bowled by her beauty and innocence. On the other hand maan finally decides to confess his feelings in front of geet but then he recorded his confession in a cassette. 

Yash came to know about the truth of Meera and leaves the city for few days while geet's confusion about Yash kept on increasing. She shared her feelings with Maan that she is afraid of losing someone...Maan was left heartbroken and he decided not to tell about his feelings to geet. He helped Geet in making her assignements and spends quality time with her. Savitri Aunty understood that its not Yash but its Maan whom Geet is in love with. 

Maan kept the cassette in his car and dint gave that to geet. Once Geet's scooty went out of order and Maan was passing by so he offered her help...Maan went out for some work and asked Geet to sit for few minutes...Geet getting bored played up a Cassette where she hears the feeling that Maan had for her. She too realized that she to is in love with maan. It was a beautiful confession where maan left out his heart of expressing his feelings. 

But then geet decided to trouble maan whereby announcing Maan's secret girlfriend khwaab shocking the entire office section. Meanwhile maan and geet shared few beautiful moments making maan clear that geet has heard that Cassette. He seeks yash helps so that Geet herself confesses about her feelings for maan. He informed geet that he will be on a date with her GF that shocks Geet to the core as Maan was playing Prank on her. 

Geet being jealous of all that was happening and she finally decided to confess her feeling through a radio programme. This was the time when their Dill exactly met each other. Here maan too confessed his feelings but that was a special way...He gave unique surprises to his mishty (the name he called his geet with). The surprises included four beautiful poems, a mirror which showed geet, jewellary gifted to geet, a wax statue of geet, maan's diary in which he wrote everything about his feelings for geet, Maan also took geet to their dreamhouse and he arranged a grahpravesh ceremony for her as well...

On the other hand Maan and geet decided to help Meera and Yash...they made Meera join the radio station as the RJ...Yash dint like Meera as RJ but slowly when meera started ignoring him he realized her importance in his life... 

Maan and geet shared a lot of intimate moments as well...they too celebrated their first anniversary at their dream house where maan proposes Geet for marriage...They shared loads of romantic moments.. 

Adi, manisha and Romeo went from Maan's side to take the proposal to savitri aunty. She too agrees Now the marriage preps have started...Maan and Geet select clothes for each other for the ceremony and then both of them design a card for the marriage that includes all the seven vows of the marriage in it...Maan and Geet also did a radio program explaining the depth of love and marriage to all the listeners. 

Maan and Geet also participated in a play acting as Romeo and Juliet where they both got lot of appraisal from all the people. Now the sangeet ceremony has started...the director of the play, adi, meera, yash, romeo everyonr participated depicting the beautiful maaneet journey at the ceremony. 

Maan and geet together performed a dance as well...The haldi ceremony was depicted beautifully where maan promises geet that he will be the first person to apply haldi on geet..and he did that...he took geet to their dream house and shared intimate moments and applied haldi on Geet. 

The mehandi ceremony was amazing...Maan adi and yash went to geet's house in lady outfits..where maan gives a special gigt to Geet giving him original mehandi and applies that on her maang...Geet was overwhelmed and she whole heartedly submitted herself to maan with few romantic and intimate moments... 

Maaneet get married in a romantic way and they become one in every true sense on their wedding night. The muhdhikayi of Geet is on its way and Maan has invited some special and extra ordinary guests to bless his beautiful wife. Every day brought a new romantic chapter in Maaneet's life sometimes Maan made her feel special by getting beaten up by a mad lady just to fulfill her wish to eat tamarind and sometimes Geet pacified her charming husband by seducing him in an unimaginable way whatever the case each time their love reached new levels

Maan plans a 2 month long honeymoon and picks up the 10 most romantic places of this world for his beautiful Mishty. Maaneet reach their first destination which was Hawaii and were lost in the breeze of their love when a storm entered their life in the form of Princess Shaiyna who tried to snatch Maan from Geet by trying different ways but each time she had to face failure as Maan treated her like trash in front of his beautiful wife Geet. He married Geet once again in a dreamy fashion and this marriage of theirs was telecasted in all the TV channels of the world. The rituals and the small gestures like placing his palm in front of Geet's feet and requesting her to walk on them took Geet into a world which was more beautiful than a paradise.

It is now time for their 2nd SREmbarrassed

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Its a journey where destiny brings two opposite souls maan n geet together n plays cupid to bind them in a divine relationship for eternity. Maan Singh Khurana, an arrogant man who doesn't believe in the institution of luv n marriage and believes that world is all about money while Geet Handa is a girl of morals n values who truly believed in beauty of relationships n can never tolerate something immoral happening in front of her. They insulted each other in their first encounter n became each other's topmost enemy. Maan vowed he'll find Geet n make her life a living hell oblivious to the fact that she is Annie's(Maan's sister) friend n was going to live at Khurana Mansion. Dev(Maan's brother) offers Geet a job at Khurana Constructions n Maan unaware of d girl Dev n Dadima were talking about agrees to keep her as his secratery. Their second encounter signified the spark between them when unknowingly Maan promises her that he will stay till electricity gets back since Geet was scared of darkness. Here they were comfortable in each other's arms till the time their faces were hidden in darkness from each other but alas as soon as the darkness vanished they exploded on each other. Before Geet could deny to work at KC Maan smells her intentions and challenges her to accept his enmity by signing a 2yrs contract to work at KC. Maan promised that he will obstruct her path at every step while Geet vowed to change Maan's attitude. Dadima heard their conversation and told Dev n Annie and the three of them decided to change their enmity in love. Maan decides to take revenge on Geet as in an argument she hit him with a broomstick so he makes her climb the stairs in office n keep a broken stool in her cabin because of which Geet badly hurts herself n due to dadima's orders Maan has to take her home n ask his family doctor to examine her n he takes her full care but only till others come. N this incident marks d start of a blissful journey of love. Geet went to thank Maan where he was practising his tai chi n both get out of control with their desires and were about to kiss when their trance broke n Maan accused Geet and Geet also retorts back but later both apologise to each other. A client named Arjun came to KC for a very important project but his behaviour was flirty with Geet. Arjun's flirtish ways make Maan posessive n he tries to protect her from him n he himself starts developing feelings for her. One day finding Geet alone in storeroom Arjun tries to take advantage but somehow Geet manages to escape but Arjun tries to accuse her n calls her characterless but Maan cancels his deal n beats him black n blue n only stops when Geet gives him her kasam to do so. After this Maan becomes posessive for Geet n Geet starts respecting him. Arjun stteals an important project from Maan with help of someone from KC n Maan gets a parcel that has all evidences pointing towards Geet as traitor. Maan insults her in front of whole office n Geet vows to prove herself innocent. Geet, Adi n Dev make a video of Sasha(the traitor) n Arjun that proves Geet's innocence but when they reach to show it to Maan they saw Maan proving Sasha n Arjun guilty in front of Mr. Chopra. Geet was overwhelmed by the fact that Maan did trust her all the while n her respect for him reaches ten folds high but Maan wasn't able to get out of the guilt of insulting Geet so Geet takes the promises of never talking about this incidence n Maan gifts her a bracelet with a hidden word incrypted on it. Maan takes Geet along with him to Amritsar for a business trip where they share a room because of unavailability of rooms in the hotel n they share some intimate moments due to which Geet realises her love for Maan. A client asks Maan to come for his son's engagement which makes Maan furious so Geet pretends to faint but as soon as they get inside car Geet tells him that she pretended n Maan tells her that it felt lyk his breath was snatched away n maaneet share their first kiss at this moment. They go to golden temple where Geet meets aa baba who gives her a taweez. She was waiting for Maan when she learns that he met an accident n so she maniacally runs to hospital injuring herself here n there on the way to find out that Maan took the man who met the accident to the hospital n he himself was perfectly alright. While taking out a glass piece from Geet's feet Maan injures his finger n while placing dupatta over her head a drop of his blood falls on her maang n indirect marriage of maaneet takes place. Maan notices her red maang n feels very happy n decides to tell the reason behind his hatred for marriage n propose her as soon as they reach delhi. On their way back to delhi Geet witnesses a brutal murder. Maan somehow save her from the goons but she goes in trauma due to which she stops talking n only responds to Maan. With the help of a brain mapping test Maan finds out the reason behind her trauma n then he recreates the same situation n pretends to be lying dead in front of her. Not able to see Maan in that condition Geet speaks up n she gets out of trauma. Geet openly confesses her luv for Maan n Maan decides to talk to dadi for their marriage but dadi has went to her friends place for few days.  Geet comes to know about the secret word that was engraved in the bracelet by Meera the word was "MAYARI" Meanwhile Maan has to go to Mumbai for some business meeting.and here dadi meets an accident. Geet n Adi try to contact Maan but his phone is unreachable. Dadi as soon as she gains consciousness makes Geet promise that she'll marry Maan. After the promise dadi was happy but Geet was tensed as she didn't want to pressurize Maan for anything. She again tries to contact him but he is coming back earlier n wanted to surprise her so he didnt pick up her call. He bought a wedding dress for Geet. At airport he met his old friend who went through divorce currently n was really frustrated with marriage hence reminded Maan that may be his family is cursed n thats why couples either take divorce or either of the partner dies. Maan instantly gets scared at the prospect of losing Geet. He kept thinking all the while in the flight. Adi informed him about dadi's accident n he rushes to hospital. Dadi asks him to promise that he'll marry Geet or else she'll get Geet married to someone else. He immediately agreed not able to bear that his Geet would be someone else's but was in dillema that he put his Geet's life in danger for himself. Destiny that decided to bring these two together is now the reason of the distance between them. Geet gives a suggestion of contract marriage as she does not want Maan to marry her due to some kind of pressure Maan gives his approval to this idea as he too wanted to convince Geet that he has agreed to marry her just b'coz of their love. Maaneet get engaged and Maan makes Geet feel special by giving her 10 different diamond rings on their engagement day. Maaneet share a lot of romantic moments and indulge in a special Holi and Maan makes every arrangement of their marriage extra special for Geet, they live a dream in their Sangeet ceremony and Maan makes Geet feel like a princess by doing her Haldi and Mehndi in the most extra ordinary way. Geet feels so touched by Maan's gesture that she fulfills his wish and kisses him in front of the entire family. Maan celebrates his bachelor party in a very different way after which Maaneet relive their entire journey by recollecting all the small and big moments that they shared with each other. Maaneet get married in a 7 different styles to gain a special blessing in their married life. On their wedding night Maan gives the most precious gift to Geet by placing a large photograph wherein Maan was kissing Geet's maang in Amritsar thus disclosing the truth to her that he knew they were already married in Amritsar but he wanted to make it special for his Maayari hence he selected this day to open this secret. Maaneet become soulmates in every true sense and they consummate their marriage with love, passion, romance and a never ending promise. Annie comes up with a unique game for Maaneet and tells them to share 10 things that they hate about each other but Maaneet's love was so divine and sacred that they gave a beautiful turn to this game and confessed the love that they have for each other in an extraordinary way. While scanning their wardrobe Geet finds a black box which had the photo of a lady in it somehow she was able to judge that this lady was responsible for Maan's hatred towards marriage, Maan informs Geet that the lady is his mother. Geet could see a deep pain and hatred in Maan's eyes she takes him in her loving embrace and tries to soothe him. Maan decides to tell Geet about his most dreadful and painful chapter of his life...

Links to threads of Mere Humsafar

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Tujhko Jo Paya is all about the power True Love beholds. Its about how true love makes a young heart feel his love's presence n support from miles away n how true love invades n conquers a heart that had strongest of walls built around it. It starts with Maan being immensely happy since he was moving back to India after years. India, where his heart has always been with his childhood sweetheart Geet. Maan thinks that Geet must have kept alive his n his love's memories in her heart the way he does. He thinks she must be the same innocent Geet he left years back but the picture in India has changed entirely the pain of Maan not being by her side n lack of compassion from her parents during childhood has turned innocent Geet into a spoilt brat who doesn't care about anyone n she has landed into bad company of friends. Geet now loves betting n doesn't think for a second before doing dangerous fire stunts or stealing question papers for winning a bet. She has made many enemies in disguise of friends. Dev whos basically a complete womanizer lend his hand of friendship to Geet when she was all lonely n in need of a friend thus he claims to be Geet's friend n tries to get close to her but Geet knows him well thus she always insults him n rejects his proposal but he vows to fulfill his lust one day. Geet denies to recognise Maan n insults his dadi but Maan who understands his shehzadi(Geet) beyond words recognises the pain hidden behind her rude behavior n vows to get his old innocent Geet back. Maan's love starts effecting Geet slowly but she was not ready to believe her heart n potrays to hate him with harsh behavior but Maan always replies her with immense love n this gives birth to fight between Geet's heart n mind. Arjun traps Geet into a life endangering bet but Maan comes at the right time n saves Geet but Geet was adamant to complete the bet n to make her realise her mistake Maan slaps her. Due to Geet's stubbornness Maan had to slap her but he was immensely guilty to hit his shehzadi so he punishes himself but his slap made Geet feel that someone still cares for her. 
Geet extends her hand of friendship towards Maan. Both find solace n bliss in each others company for which their hearts have been longing since years n somewhere the wall around Geet's heart starts breaking. Both have kept some belongings of each other as memories with them. Maan starts writing a letter for Geet which he decides to give her at d right moment. Maan n Geet go for college's prom night where Maan opens his heart out proposing her in front of the whole college but Geet not only rejects his proposal but humiliateshis love n insults him revealing that the whole friendship thing was a drama to settle the scores for that slap. Maan listens to everything calmly then gives her the letter n goes away. From the letter Geet gets to know that Maan already understood her plan but he let her humiliate him because her happiness is d most important thing in his life n he cud bear anything for that. Geet realises the extent n depth of Maan's love n wants him to be by her side but unfortunately Maan meets an accident n here Geet also faces the most unfortunate thing that can happen with a girl. Maan suddenly starts responding since his heart feels that his Geet is in danger n needs him. Inspite of doctor's insistence that he is weak n can't go he goes for his Geet's rescue. He succeeds in finding his Geet n this incident marks a new beginning to Maan n Geet's eternal love. Maan takes Geet to his farmhouse since he didn't want anyone to see her in that condition n there they share d insecurities n dillema of their heart with each other n decide to make their love their strenght n not their weakness. They decide to give time to their relationship to reach the heights of love. Geet tells Maan that she wants to take her revenge herself n Maan promises her to always be by her side. Geet was partially conscious when that unfortunate incident happened with her n so she saw d monster's face n it was none other than Dev. At college Geet asks Rasika(dev's gf) Dev's whereabouts but Rasika tries to insult her n says that Geet is bored of Maan n then Geet accepts her love for Maan n tells the importance of Maan in her life to the whole college.
Rasika informs Dev about Geet's warning Dev gets scared and tries to run away but Geet traces him successfully and gives him a dangerous punishment but before she could completly destroy the devil Dev managed to escape by getting into a train. This was a temporary exit of Dev from this FF. Maan and Geet's relationship continued to blossom the priceless posession that both of them had kept safely was a handmade Tajmahal which was a symbol of their love. Maaneet share loads of romantic and intimate moments and Maan takes Geet to their first date where he surprises her again by gifting her a beach house at the place where both of them had dreamt of constructing their lovenest during childhood days. He proposes her for marriage officially on their first date in a beautiful way.Geet accepts his proposal
Maan and Geet's relationship has now reached a new level but Geet is still unable to forgive her parents Maan decides to make Geet realize the hidden love of her parents.

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The story begins with Geet and her companion "The Moon" with whom Geet shares all her deepest secrets. Geet was waiting for the moon to share her griefs but nature was giving her signals that today she won't be able to meet her companion but Geet does not lose hope and waits for the moon patiently. Her patience gets rewarded as the moon arrives with a message that today your dream would turn into a reality and u will be blessed with the love of your Maan the man whom u love unconditionally. Geet was confused as she was unable to digest this fact but all her insecurities vanished as Maan proposed her in a beautiful way and confessed that she was the love of his life. Geet was going to place her first step in the paradise of love by kissing Maan when all of a sudden her dream was washed away in a matter of seconds.
Yes she was dreaming and this was the only dream that her eyes kept on weaving from so many years. Maan and Geet are best friends and both of them share the same apartment. Maan keeps on cracking jokes on Geet and always tells her about his dreamlady Bollywood Queen Naintara. He gives Geet a yellow rose on her birthday and keeps on showering Naintara with expensive gifts like a gold chain whenever her movie hits the theatre. Geet has kept each rose gifted by Maan safely whereas Naintara considers the gift as a toy that her dog can play with. Maan goes for an audition and gets really frustrated when he does not get the role of the male lead. Geet and Prem help an old lady who was hit by a car and this was their first offical meeting. Prem is totally bowled over by Geet's selfless nature. After returning from the audition Maan removes his frustration on Geet and insults her to a great extent by declaring that she can never be a successful actress. Geet is completly shattered but her love was so unconditional that she took his insult as a token of his love. Aditya arrives in Mumbai and informs Prem that his two classmates would b the main leads of his first movie which would be produced by Prem. Maaneet were the two friends of Aditya. Initially Maan does not give any importance to Adi as he feels that he too is a struggler but when he realizes Prem's presence he tries to gain Prem's attention but Prem was a guy who could figure out the true faces behind every person. He ignores Maan and talks to Geet. Prem and Geet become good friends and Maaneet get the film.
Naintara gets the news about Prem Singhania's first movie she feels insulted as she was not approched for the role she tries extremely hard to get bag the role but Prem does not change his decision. Maan tries to argue with Prem that he was way too rude while talking to Shikha( secretary of Naintara) Prem gives him an advice to find the actual difference between a true gem (Geet) and a stone (Naintara) before it's too late
Maan fails to understand the depth of his words. The shooting begins Prem and Geet's friendship blossoms. On the final day of the shoot as a promotional event Prem invites Hrithik Roshan to shake legs with Maaneet. Maaneet and Hrithik dance to the tune of "I'll do the talking tonight"
Maaneet become superstars as their movie was a blockbuster hit. Prem organizes a success bash of their movie wherein Maan and Naintara come face to face for the first time. Naintara traps Maan in her fake love. Maan leaves the flat which he used to share with Geet the very next day; he just keeps a note and goes away from Geet. Maan and Geet do not meet each other for one whole year both of them r successful actors but Maan has become completly materialistic whereas Geet still cherishes the memories of Maan. Prem and Adi continue to be by Geet's side but Maan had forgotten Geet completly he did not even wish her on her birthday. A director signs Maaneet for his movie; Maan n Geet meet each other after one year Geet was very happy but Maan was least interested to talk to his old friend.
Destiny played the role of cupid and Maaneet get accidently married during the shooting of a wedding scene wherein by mistake the assistant gets a real priest who carries out the ritual and declares Maan n Geet as husband and wife in front of the media. Maan accepts Geet as his wife and proposes her in front of the media. Geet is very happy but her happiness is shortlived as Maan reveals the truth that he had accepted this marriage to gain publicity; he tells Geet that they should continue this drama as this will give a huge boost to their movie as well as their respective careers. Geet was dying a slow death but then she took a decision that she will make Maan realize about the beauty of love and the divinity of marriage by showering him with her unconditional love.
Geet starts her mission and slowly Maan realizes that he has a special place in Geet's heart... he has started developing feelings for Geet. There live together for 6 months and during these 6 months Maaneet's relationship takes a beautiful turn they consummate their marriage and take their relationship to the next level

Maan thinks of planning a surprise for Geet and Geet is waiting for Maan eagerly as she feels today Maan will confess his feelings openly but destiny was cruel as Naintara was back and she convinces Maan that Geet's love is fake and she is doing this drama to secure her future and to gain publicity; Maan gets trapped in her evil spell and accuses Geet and insults her by giving her the divorce papers.

He thinks that Geet will cry in front of him but he is shocked to see a tigress who is all ready to show him his true worth. She signs the divorce papers and throws it on Maan's face and she gives a solid reply to Maan's accusations

Geet decided to step out from Maan's life but before she left Maan demanded her mangalsutraCry this was a final blow to her innocent soul; she told him the true meaning of mangalsutra in a girl's life and gave him a peace of his mind. In an attempt to end this relationship as fast as possible Maan snatched the mangalsutra from Geet due to which her mangalsutra ripped apart making it clear that now nothing is left in their relationship.

Geet went back to Prem and Adi who shower her with their love and care and try to bring her out from her trauma. Naintara forces Maan to sign the divorce papers and arranges a press conference where she announces that the marriage between Maaneet was a publicity stunt planned by Geet; Maan gives his approval to this false statement. 

Geet removes all the traces of Maan from her life by burning all his memories.She is now ready to start a new journey. Sanjana is hired as the new secretary of Geet. Prem and Sanju share a cat and mouse relationship.Geet gets a Hollywood movie due to the contacts of Prem and that too opposite Brad PittBig smile Brad is super impressed with Geet's talent and professional attitude  and they begin the shooting of the movie. The good days of Geet begin, she is extremely happy with her professional and personal life. Meanwhile, in India slowly the true colors of Naintara have started to unfold in front of Maan. He is tasting his own bitter medicine of direct or indirect insults due to Naintara's behavior. During a particular shoot of the movie Brad takes the help of Prem to picturize a romantic song sequence wherein Prem openly confesses his love for Geet. Geet appreciates his feelings. Maan starts realizing the importance of Geet as he is gifted with insult and negligence from Naintara in every phase of his life. He feels ashamed of himself and tries to end his life in guilt; his condition was so serious that he landed in coma. The doctors had lost all the hope but Geet's love was so strong that she could sense his danger and asked God to protect him. Her prayers were answered and Maan got a dream wherein his soul could communicate with Geet's soul and he realized that only Geet had the right to punish him and more than the punishment it was important for him to shower Geet with all his love that she deserves. He was a changed man now, every breath of his life was dedicated to Geet. He tried his level best to find out Geet but was unable to do so for 3 months. He got a glimpse of Geet when Brad released the first promo of his movie on a grand scale. Maan immediately packed his bags and flew to LA but is it that easy for him to meet Geet? Weather was the first obstacle and this is just the start as Maan has to pay back in a strong way before getting the divine love of Geet back

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The story begins with a challenge. Dev challenges his best friend Maan that his charisma won't work in front of the girl he chooses and if he fails to woo the girl then he would get settled in the beautiful institution of marriage. Maan accepts this challenge and declares that his charisma can force any girl to say that she loves him. Amrita the editor of a newspaper is launching a special edition explaining the beauty of relationships and she wants her best journalist Geet to pen down this edition but there is a problem Geet herself does not believe in love and considers it to be a game of attraction between the opposite sex. Amrita challenges Geet that she needs to prove this point that love does not exist in this world by making a man say that he hates her and if she fails to do so then she has to write the special edition perfectly.Geet accepts this challenge.

Dev selects Geet for Maan and Amrita selects Maan for Geet. So now the mission is that Maan has to woo Geet so that she utters I LOVE U to him and Geet has to trouble Maan to such an extent that he will express his hatred by confessing I HATE U.

Maaneet meet at a function and get attracted towards each other but they deny to accept this by making one another realize that they have nothing special in them. This was their first rule "IGNORING EACH OTHER" and this rule was a hit as both had sleepless nights thinking the reason why their charm failed in front of the opposite person. They were dying to meet each other but alas their so called ego was not giving them the chance to accomplish this mission so both of them removed their second weapon of COINCIDENCE and their second meeting took place at an award function wherein both were getting rewards for their respective achievements.

Destiny played a game and the situations took a major turn and the media declared Maaneet as a couple, Maaneet decide to live this fake relationship in front of the media to save their reputation but the real reason for their acceptance was their respective missions.

Maaneet get into a live in relationship for a month and Geet moves into Maan's Mansion. Their proximity starts affecting them as new feelings starts developing in their hearts. They ignore these feelings and Geet tries her level best to trouble Maan by dressing him like a joker and making his hair an oil factory as well as forcing him to get into a strict diet. Maan decides to make Dr. Asthana of Munnabhai MBBS movie his Guru and always gives a loving reply to Geet.

Both of them are getting irritated and in an attempt to accomplish their missions they start developing feelings for each other unknowingly. They share their FIRST KISS which touched their soul and forced them to think that something has changed...

DESTINY HAS ORDERED CUPID TO MAKE THESE OPPOSITE POLES SOULMATES but the question is when will these two strong personalities realize that THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST IN THE WAR OF LOVE and they are meant to be each others?


The story begins with 2 mysterious characters Vijay Singh and Arjun Singh. Both of them r searching someone and can go to any extent to find those individuals. The scene changes and the focus of the story moves on to a small village where every individual is busy talking about some verdict and are fearing the future consequences. Maan and Geet r doctors in this village but for unknown reasons they just can't tolerate each other's presence; whenever they meet they start fighting over silly issues they call each other by strange names like donkey monkey frog chameleon etc... basically the fight is who will open the clinic in this village. The Panchayat tells them to open a joint clinic initially they once again start pouncing on each other but finally they had to bow down in front of the Panchayat's decision

As soon as they start their clinic all the villagers go on telling them that they r made for each other; initially Maan n Geet get irritated but the first spark was ignited between them when Maan carried Geet in his arms and took full care of her when she twisted her foot accidently he himself admitted that he can't see her in pain. Dev and Meera realize that somewhere deep in the hearts of Maaneet there is a pure and divine love that both of them possess for each other. Dev and Meera cunningly make Maaneet to voice their feelings but as Maan n Geet ignore this truth. Besides this there is a very big secret of Maan n Geet which is hidden from the world only Dev n Meera know abt this secret. After few days Maan n Geet stop fighting and become friends this was a big blow to the local goon Brij as now the villagers had started visiting Maaneet's clinic ever since their relationship had improved. Brij was dealing with the business of counterfeit medications and his business was experiencing a heavy loss hence he decided to remove Maaneet from his way. He attacked Geet when she was all alone but the goons got the biggest shock of their life when Geet fought with them like a true tigress with the help of a sword... a similar situation was seen with Maan but Maan gave a tough fight he not only fought like a master with the sword but also majestically rode a horse. Brij started planning something else for Maaneet by this time Maan n Geet realized that they love each other but they have still not confessed. Lucky took Maaneet and Deveera for a fare where accidently they get lost in the jungle. Maaneet share a passionate romantic moment with each other but before they could submit to each other completly Maan realized that Geet should know the biggest truth of his life b4 they took their relationship to the next level

What is the biggest truth of Maaneet's life? Will both of them b successful in telling each other about this secret? Who is Vijay? Who is Arjun? What will happen when the secret unfolds? 

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The heaven showered its divine blessings on them when they met 

They kept on meeting and slowly they got connected into an unbreakable bond 

Their relationship blossomed into a fragrant flower as they entered a paradise of friendship

They beautified their relationship with the strong base of trust and respect 

It was not difficult for them to read the true feelings of each other's eyes They knew they are made for each other

They confessed that they were incomplete without each other and decided to name their relationship as LOVEEmbarrassed   

They couldn't bear a minute's separation and named their life to each other's existence by getting Married in one of the most magical ways

They are married for 2 years now and one would expect them to live a happily married life ever after...

But something has changed...

They  love each other but maybe the spark has diminished

They care for each other but somewhere the need to convey this truth is no longer there

They used to have unspoken conversations together but now they hardly find time to look into each other's eyes








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RiMa /Rishbala FF 



The sun bows down in fear with his one look. The dew from the leaves drop vigorously as soon as they hear his footsteps. The wind trembles in shame as his dark fragrance sends chills through its existence. He is powerful, arrogant and believes in writing destiny. He has a perfect brain which can defeat the devil within a matter of seconds. He gets what he wants and his wants are always special...

She is a living angel simple yet divine, sweet, caring and and an epitome of truth and sacredness. The shine of the moon is a mere reflection of the purity of her heart. The breeze sways in a rhythmic fashion with every musical beat of her breath. She has a beautiful heart which can conquer all evils. She believes in destiny and tries to give happiness rather than snatching it from someone...

What will happen she becomes his need not because of his love but due to a different purpose which according to him can be  fulfilled only by her?

What will happen if she tries to decline his wish? Is it possible for her to do it? 

What will happen when their destinies get bonded by a KISS OF POISONOUS LOVE?

         LINK TO THREAD 1


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My OS Gallery 

Maaneet OS: Tere Mast Mast Do Nain (COMPLETED)
It is a very intriguing OS...expressing the beautiful Maneet and leaves its viewers in tears seeing Pain in Maan's eyes...

Maaneet OS: Hothe Hothe Pyar Ho Gaya (COMPLETED)

When an accidental meeting turns into a lifetime bond

Maaneet OS: Forever Yours(understand the true meaning of love)

Maaneet OSLove Story Written With Coffee Beans

 Maaneet OS: Ikraar by Chance

Shahid Kapoor Dhrasthi Dhami OS 

Jeena Sirf mere liya 

What is Love? Is it mere Infatuation or is it an eternal bond?
Does love really require physical presence or does it possess the beauty to spread it's fragnance even if u r miles apart?
What will happen if u fall in love with a person whom u have never met?
Will ur heart recognize ur love when he or she comes in front of u?
Can anyone be so special that without thinking twice u will dedicate ur entire life to ur love?
True love is a magical spell
After all


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