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FF: The Thing called Love- Part 23-PG 114 (Page 89)

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by noddiye

Originally posted by leena04

ok now fabbb update with a pinch of fishy things... Thanks Leena...yup fishy things 

yes see i was right Approve but what now???? Shocked
awww Nik is married man... & Parakarm also going to get marry soon... Embarrassedlovely so just Adi & Ram left in bachelor group of 5 LOL loved the way Adi was abt to brust out the truth n Ram stops saying he will get marry soon before Parakaram... hope Priya get agree soon...Tongue

Yaa Nik is married so need to worry about the 3rd angle now...Asi almost spilled the beans...Parakram is to be married soon and only Ram and Adi left

yap i know hope they also get marry soon...Dancing  want a sweet girl fir Adi he is so cute Embarrassed but not more then Ram Tongue
what is Rajiv & Priya up to something is very fishy there...Confused is Rajiv have some connection with terrorism & he is misguiding Priya too for it???????????????? Broken Heartas from the beginning i feels Rajiv very fishy personalty but will wait to unfold it...Ouch but Priya wounded hand made me think more hope Priya had made some surprise for Ram which shew wanted to give him after mission completed but what is this ...Embarrassed but what i read at end nooo i don't want any one of them to be die... Ram can't i know but all other 4 r also gud... hope some gud news is waiting for us in next...Shocked  Rajiv and Priya have their own thing going, it might be possible that Rajiv is connected to some nefarious activities ..all things will unfold in the coming parts All things can't be good na?

i know dear n i m ok with it...Smile bad things is fine but it can't be in worse way Winkn i loved that in ur FF there is bad things but not in worse way which make story more lovable... Big smile
btw awesome update you know Neha di very well how to hook up viewers to FF for reading every part have different suspense which make FF more desirable... u r awesome writer yaar too guddd waiting for next do update soon... Clap Star Clap Star Clap

Thanks so much sweetheart...thank you for all the appreciation
my pleasure Big smileEmbarrassedWink

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 November 2009
Posts: 15330

Posted: 12 September 2012 at 2:22am | IP Logged
part 17

awesome update Neha di...Tongue u have kept the suspense so well till now Wink so Ram is finally aliveEmbarrassedbut Prakaram died that was shocking poor he was just abt to get marry... Broken Heart not happy with it Ouch

loved Priya's support for Ram they r truly made for each other lovely update Embarrassed i just loved when Priya said "i m always there for u Ram" awww Embarrassed lovely Hug by the sensational Duo Clap Star Clap awesome emotions expressed by them i can imagine RaShi in it...lovely... Embarrassed Tongue Wink

now what is it Adi suspects some one is from among them is culprit (even i also feels so) Ouch Shocked& then Priya's thing got reveled front of Ram  Shockedi m sure have something to connected with all this Ouch but what fail to understand have to next parts... Confused Ouch

btw awesome update di full of suspense & drama... looking forward to the story... waiting to see what happens next... Star Clap Star Clap Star

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 November 2009
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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 2:46am | IP Logged
 part 18

OMG     hates off to u Neha di... what a Update just fabulous i was feel like watching some suspense movie wohoho whoho... Tongue Wink  Clapi m thrilled after reading whole the update... Embarrassed Clap Star

awesome just happen in moment... Shocked Star Coolso it was all the Trap made by RAW agents gosh... Shocked no one can expect that finally spills the bane & all the MU got clearsClap Star Clap have to see it in FF finally time to party...  Dancing

all the suspense out now Nikhil is real culprit Angry Deadbut sad he is married n now what abt his family what is their flute in this nothing still they will have to face all this... OuchDeadAngry n Rajiv got hurt so sad i feel now he is gud guy just come in between wrong things... OuchConfusedPinch hope everything got gud between him n Ram... Winknow really happy that Pari is alive awww he was also merged into RAW agents Tongue plan waiting for marriage celebration soon... TongueLOL lovely & funny imagination of Ram when he saw Parakarm after get conscious LOL LOL n the biggest shock for Ram that Priya is non other then RAW agents head ShockedEmbarrassed OMG that was even big shock for me never thought with that angle...Shocked Shockedawesome update di u r mind blowing writer one of the gem for FF's in this forum... Clap Star Clap

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lalmadhu Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting
Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Neha update karo yar after loads of drama give some light hearted moments girl.
noddiye Senior Member

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Ram looked at was obvious now that Mahesh belonged to RAW and was an undercover agent...Sorry Mahesh...and brilliant work my friend...

Mahesh: Well the work is indeed brilliant but you are crediting the wrong person...the entire credit should go to our mastermind, the best RAW agent and my boss...

Mahesh looked back..Major Sengupta and Col Singh stepped aside to reveal Priya standing there...Mahesh pointed out..Meet Priya Sharma...

Ram's mouth fell open for a second time.His eyes stood transfixed at Priya...this delicate, average height and slender built woman, she must not be even half his weight...a RAW agent...

Aditya: Major, can you please close that mouth of haven't really brushed since yesterday...

Ram quickly closed his mouth admist laughter...Priya...RAW never told me about it...

Priya: Ram, i am an undercover agent...i am not supposed to claim it from rooftops, am i? 

Ram: Yaa but ..Gosh i still can't believe it ...Priya Sharma...RAW agent...

Aditya: I guess if you remember the deadly punch that knocked you out things would be much more easier to believe? 

Major Sengupta: Ram, you let me down...i had challenged Col Singh that you were the best soldier in my unit but you were knocked out that too for almost a day...

Col Singh: Major under cover agent is quite deadly...I had told you your Major Kapoor would stand no good against her..

Major Sengupta: You are right Col Singh ..i lost the bet..i owe you guys a dinner. The day after tomorrow , would that be fine Doc Sinha for your patients to join or should i postpone?

Aditya: It should be fine Sir, no issues..

Ram: Sir, i am still not clear how did Nikhil get involved in all this?

Priya: Well Ram, we had our suspicions as the incidents were too frequent to term it as co incidence. Ansari and his group were already scouting for a weak link, someone who they could exploit. In your team the probable targets were Parakram, Nikhil and Samir. Since you and Aditya belonged to fairly well to do families you could not have possibly lured with money. During his last vacation, Nikhil got into the habit of gambling and  he lost enormous amounts of money and the creditors started harassing him. That's when Ansari zeroed in on him. He paid of all the debts and just told Nikhil that he would only have to provide sub standard information. In the beginning it was just like what is the strength of the unit, what weapons are used etc information that even Ansari could have gathered without Nikhil's help.

Mahesh: And the amount paid for this informations were huge and after a time Nikhil got so used to the money that he did not think twice before plunging into something as dreadful as this. We had him on our radar for quite a while, the moment we confirmed that it was him we planned the whole thing along with Col Singh and the rest you are aware of.

Ram: Can i talk to him once?

Col Singh: I am afraid not Ram, he is into the RAW custody and they will have their own investigations. Later he would be court marshaled too..but none of us can speak to him right now. I understand what you must be feeling but Batra is a closed chapter for us. 

Ram remembered the night when Priya had gone out with Rajiv.
Ram: But Priya, where did you go with Rajiv that night?

Priya: Rajiv and me always wanted to open a girls school in the memory of Nisha. We had initiated the process and  Rajiv wanted the school to be here in Ladakh itself he had taken me to see the sight.

Ram bit his tongue and looked at Priya sheepishly ...God what all had he misunderstood...he remembered the moment he had almost pulled the trigger on her...Ram gulped some air he shivered at the though that had Mahesh not intervened he would have...No he closed his eyes...he had almost lost Priya and that too by his own misjudgement and fault.

Aditya kept a hand on Ram's shoulder, he knew what he felt. He was glad that ram and Priya's love story had no hurdles now...
Ram looked at Priya and mouthed a Thank you. Priya acknowledged it with a nod.

Col Singh: Now Kapoor if you are done with all your questions for the day can we take your leave, i have to report to the army general too..

Ram: Sure Sir...Ram slipped back into his bed...Hope that all surprises have ended here...Phew!!! what a day...

Col Singh smiled at Ram: Well son, just one thing i forgot to mention...

Ram sat bolt upright his pulse rate increasing...entire attention placed on Col Singh, what was it now?

Major Sengupta : We  have fixed your marriage 5 days from now...

Ram's eyes widened with shock...before he could utter a single word Priya spoke up...

Priya: Pardon me Sir, but the marriage cannot happen..

Ram put a hand to his heart to check if it was still working..he was sure he would have an heart attack any time soon. He felt like watching a tennis match..eyes darting from one player to another.

Major Sengupta: Priya, we have applied for the necessary permissions from RAW and the army as well, i assure you

Priya winked at Major Sengupta who was quick to see that Priya was upto some plan: Sorry to say Sir, but i am not sure Major Kapoor wants to marry me...

Major Sengupta decided to play along, he looked at Ram who had a confused expression on his face.: And why is that so yong lady?

Priya: Sir you see, i was almost shot the other day, how can i be assured that the person with whom you have fixed the marriage loves me and will never harm me?

Major Sengupta: Fair enough  young lady, Ram would you like to comment?

Ram cleared his throat: Sir, this is ridiculous, i was the one who wanted marriage in the first place and i do love her, it was just a misunderstanding...

Priya rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Major Sengupta : In that case sorry lad, you have 5 days, i ll ask Priya on the morning of the wedding, if she says yes the wedding happens.

Ram: But Sir...

Major Sengupta held the fingers of his hands indicating a 5...and gave Ram a thumbs up sign...Priya i need you to sign some papers just come with us...

Priya walked away with Major Sengupta and Col Singh stifling a smile.

Aditya looked at Ram and laughed ...

Ram: What you laughing at?

Aditya: I was just thinking Ram, in future she would be called your better half...

Ram: So, whats so funny about it?

Aditya: Well you see it suits you'll among the two of you she is indeed better...

Parakram laughed out aloud ...Ram stared at him...

Ram : 5 days 5 days you would be the one who would run after me for marriage...Ram thought and smiled to himself.

To be Continued

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asheema_sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
yipeee marriage in 5 daz... 
plz plz update soon...

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xenots Groupbie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Your FF is one of the best I must say...excellent plot and smooth flow of the story line...not to mention very different and refreshing from other FF's...its got me hooked...Approve

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