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FF: The Thing called Love- Part 23-PG 114 (Page 64)

noddiye Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Recap : Priya was praying while Ram was just looking around...The priest was setting up some things in a corner...

Ram walked up to get a closer look ...

Priest: So where are the others? 

Ram: Others? Who Others? 

Priest: Your friend's who have to get married...

Ram: There is some mistake...i am not related to anyone who...Ram was suddenly struck by an idea...

Priya ...he called out...

Priya turned around...Ram forwarded his hand towards her...Priya put her hand in his but had a questioning look on her face...

Ram: Lets get married Priya...

Priya withdrew her hand back forcefully...Ma Maa Marriage she stammered...


Ram noticed the haste with which Priya withdrew her hand it was an almost spontaneous reaction. Priya was too taken soon? What had gotten into Ram's mind? 

Priya: What do you mean by marriage? 

Ram: What's wrong with you many definations of marriage are there? Marriage means marriage...

Priya: Yaa but all this is so sudden..i mean i need

Ram burst into peals of laughter :  Hey hey relax...i did not mean to startle you Priya...i was just joking...the thought just came to my mind...Sorry...its just that i ...i dont know ..when i am with you i am a different me...

Priya heaved a sigh of relief...but she had to find a solution and she needed it fast...She gulped some air and moved a little closer to Ram...I like this different Ram...

Ram smiled...Priya...i don't want to lose you...

Priya looked at Ram, she could feel a sense of nervousness in his eyes...his eyes were doing a lot of talking...Before Priya could reply they heard the sound of music coming from the stairs and within no time a group of youngsters and some elders came to the man from the group rushed towards Ram...he folded his hands in front of Ram...Sir...thanks to you daughter is now getting married...

Ram: I have done nothing Sukhpal...

Sukhpal: How can you say so sir, the villagers had ostracized me and nobody would have come forward to marry my daughter, if you had not given me the money that day. i would not have seen this day...Sukhpal folded his hands...

Ram placed his hands over his...Sukhpal...i have done nothing...after what your father did for the army this was just a small gesture from my side. i am glad that i could help you...Now no more tears, this is a joyous occasion and i want only happiness all around...

Sukhpal smiled at Ram...may god grace your pair always...Ram looked away and wiped some of his tears...Priya remembered Ram giving the man money in the village...she felt proud of Ram...

Ram: Priya...should we leave? 

Priya came close to Ram...Ram come with me...Priya led Ram near the main idol...She turned to face Ram...i know you do not believe in these things ...but i trust this absolute power called God...and one thing i can promise you on his would never lose me ever...Priya slowly slid her fingers into the spaces of Ram's hand...We are meant to be together Ram...

Ram smiled at Priya...and blinked ...the feeling of completeness engulfing true Adi was..not every one gets love...

Priya: Mr. Major...i hope you have planned a lot of other things too on this date ?

Ram rolled his eyes...Afcourse Madam...

Ram Priya turned and started their descend ...Ram quickly glanced back at the huge idol ...he felt as if the idol was watching him...he pointed at Priya with his eyes and gave a thumbs up sign...if there was this super power or God whatever he had definately created a masterpeice...

Priya: Where to now? 

Ram: Ahh...the best for the ll find out soon...

Ram started the engine and the jeep sprang to life...Within no time they were treading along a treacherous path full of dangerous curves and winds...

Priya: sure we are on the right road? 

Ram: Yes sweetheart...don't worry this time its the right road...

After a half hour ride which seemed like a lifetime Ram brought the jeep to a halt...As the sound of the engine cut down a certain blanket of calm took over the place...Priya stepped out from the jeep...he eyes were transfixed to the view in front of her...Every where she saw huge mountain ranges with snow clapped peaks surrounded her ...These mountains were quite different from what she had seen in the region...these were brown and the snow on top of them made for a breathtaking view. Priya ran both her hands up her arm...this was by far the most beautiful scene she had visualized...

Priya: This is so beautiful Ram...

Ram: Well Priya the best is about to come...and he clinked the glasses to get Priya's attention...Priya looked back at Ram...he had arranged a mini spread on the bonnet of the jeep...Two wine glasses lay neatly placed on a sheet...The wine bottle simmered as it awaited its turn to pour out itself in the two glasses...Priya came near Ram...and looked at the wine bottle ---Domain Romanee Conti ...Someone has expensive taste...

Ram: And someone knows her wines well...

Ram opened the bottle and poured equal content in both the glasses...He held one hand up for Priya to sit on the bonnet...Priya was about to sip her wine when Ram stopped her...not now Priya...just a few seconds..he looked at his watch...

At the precise moment the clouds gave way and the sun reflecting an orange orb shone on them...It were the gentle rays of the setting sun that bathed the entire place...Ram signaled  to Priya...both took their glasses and watched as the sun set itself...Priya set her head on Ram's shoulder...Cheers Priya...Cheers to you. to us and our beautiful married life ahead...

Priya got up...we are getting late Ram, we should move...

Ram: Don't worry priya...i have to report to duty tomorrow and we still have time to...

Priya looked at her watch...No Ram, i promised Mahesh i would be back in time to supervise the work and its almost 7, we need to head back...

Ram got down from the jeep and placed everything in the back seat of the jeep...What was it...why did Priya clamp up the moment he uttered marriage...were not all relationships meant to end there? Was not marriage the ultimate pedestal for people in love? He had known men to be commitment phobic..afraid of marriages...but here Priya no need to give her time...may be you are rushing things ...she loved him no doubt on that but ...Ram brushed aside the thought at the back of his mind...he had to try a different appraoch...if something was bothering Priya..he needed to find out...

Ram started the jeep and within no time they reached the camp.. Priya had not spoken a word during the entire journey...Ram had been observing her all the while...Adi's word rang through his mind...Don't make judgements

They reached the camp and Priya got out...She gave a quick peck on the cheek to Ram : See you at dinner...bye...

Ram waved a goodbye to her...later as he sat in his room, he recalled the events of the day...Something was bothering Priya...but what? What if she refused to marry him? No why would she do that? Ram held his head in hands...he needed Adi...

Ram found Adi in the surgical room...He was very restless and decided to go in...

Ram: Adi, we need to talk...Tell me according to you what happens when people fall in love? 

Adi: Major Kapoor...i am actually in a bit of a minor operation...if you can wait for a few minutes...

Ram realized that he had barged in, in the surgical room...Oops...sorry...i ll be outside...

Once Adi was outside...Ram grasped him...

Adi: Easy ...easy...if something happens to me i run a risk of getting a doctor outsourced...

Ram: Sorry, adi..answer my question na

Adi: What type of question is that Ram...what is supposed to happen? 

Ram: Adi...i meant..ok describe a does it happen? 

Adi: I am not sure what you are getting at but people meet, fall in love, courtship period and then marriage...

Ram punched a fist in the air: Yes!!! Yes,yes yes !!! people do get married...

Adi: People? and what are you Alien? 

Ram: Dont be funny Adi..i asked Priya to marry me and she ...

Adi eyes popped out...You did what? confessed yesterday...and technically not even was in the wee hours of today morning and  you want to marry her? 

Ram: Oops!!! that's it Adi...thats it...Oh God i am so naive...its early right even for her? No wonder she was taken aback...

Adi: Even for her? Its early for damn any one...God Ram...can you please step down from the Ferrari and get into a Maruti model plz...Anybody would be taken aback Ram...

Ram let out a relieved smile and sat down...Man i was so scared about this, i thought Priya was withholding something or something was bothering her...coz as soon as i mentioned marriage she just froze...but now i know...I am such a fool

Adi: I second that opinion...

Ram punched Adi lightly...what could he had done without him...He looked at his watch...time for Dinner...Hey Adi..see you at the to go and he dashed off...

Aditya: Ram Kapoor...comes as a thunder...goes as a lightning...God save Priya...

Ram rushed to the mess, he did not want anyone to sit next to Priya this time...he entered the mess but Priya was not to be seen...He waited for some time but still no sign of Priya...restless he decided to check on her himself...He made way towards her room...the room was locked...strange...thought Ram...Priya is not in the mess and not in the room either...there was only one way from the mess to here so surely they haven't crossed paths...he was still thinking when he heard the engine roar...Ram's ears pricked as he heard the familiar start up of the Royal enfiled...he walked out to see who it was and found Priya riding pillion with Rajiv in the driver's seat...Before Ram could react...Rajiv drove off ...Ram watched as their silhouettes disappeared in the darkness...

To be Continued 

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sushfiza IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
priya might hav connection to ram past,which could hurt ram in near future...increase in suspense making me scared abt ther relation...whts d matter wid priya...a lot of qs arrising afr reading this.anyways thnx a lot .

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Ram ferrari nahi rocket speed mein ja raha hain.I am unable to enjoy da present coz some wer i feel something wrong gonna happen.but i must say u truly are very talented writer neha i feel like i am actually watching da drama.

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name2saakshi Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
yaar i think u inspire movie ek tha tigerLOLLOLLOLLOL
y so late ConfusedConfused

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Siacutie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 2:17pm | IP Logged

Adi: Even for her? Its early for damn any one...God Ram...can you please step down from the Ferrari and get into a Maruti model plz...Anybody would be taken aback Ram...

Aditya: Ram Kapoor...comes as a thunder...goes as a lightning...God save Priya.

superb neha  sunset scene was marvellous 
y priya is so nervous about marriage Shocked
where she is going with rajiv ye kya ho raha he Confused

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-evan- Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
wow! nice update :) but it feels like some sort of missunderstanding is on the way :(

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love4raya Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 3:35pm | IP Logged

She left?Arey yar wats it vid her marriage and all??Pls reveal soon am dying to know..I just hope all this does not hurt Ram..

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Pinkjali Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
Defo something wrong is going to happen in the near future.. But the present update was just fantastic.

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