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FF: The Thing called Love- Part 23-PG 114 (Page 49)

noddiye Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Recap: Ram was stunned to hear that...He sat down unable to comprehend anything...It all seemed to happen at once...He looked at Aditya, Adi had never told him about this...but endured it all alone...Somewhere Ram knew he was responsible for it...If Adi had ever mentioned Rajiv, he wouldn't have spoken to him...

Rajiv: I dont mean to interfere Ram, but there is nothing between me and Priya...I have only loved one girl all my life and thats Nisha...I know for a fact that our relationship is twisted...and i never expected you to accept me as a brother...i know it cant happen but i have always thought of you as a friend...thats it...Our parents may have made mistakes but there is no reason for me to hate you...right now the only truth that remains is that Priya loves you...Her eyes say a lot of things Ram..try and see rather than just looking...

Rajiv turned to go...he went down the steps and looked at Ram again...Priya doesn't know anything about us..atleast i have never told her anything...and you dont need to be good to me just because i am related to Priya...anyways i am here only for a short period of time...but don't hurt her for no fault of hers...she simply loves you...and Rajiv walked off from there.
Anu----As promised your update is done
Leena- Your kiss request has been incorporated...

Aditya walked over to Ram : What are you thinking Major...just go and tell her...

Ram: Adi, you never told me about this, you suffered so much...Aditya put a hand on Ram;s shoulder: Dont worry about me Major, i am fine...we have our whole lives to discuss this go ...

Ram: Now, at this hour? Does it seem right? 

Aditya: Which idiot has prescribed a time for love? Its my order Major..just move it...

Ram: Alright, i ll do what the doctor ordered ...Ram walked off...Aditya too walked towards Rajiv's room, as expected Rajiv was sitting outside with his head hung down...

Aditya: Hey Rajiv...

Rajiv looked up, he knew what Aditya wanted...without asking he pulled out the photograph and placed it in Aditya's hands...Aditya ran his hand over the photo...a smiling Nisha...He gave the photo back to Rajiv...

Aditya: Dont cry Rajiv...remember the best moments you spent with her...she would have never liked to see you cry...

Rajiv: I know Adi...but sometimes it just overpowers you...

Aditya threw his arms around Rajiv...she ll always be with us the wife who loved you and as the friend who i loved...

Ram turned in the direction of Priya's room, he found that his feet were more than willing to take him there...Ram literally ran all the way to Priya's room...He came to an abrupt halt in front of the door..gasping for breath he just tapped on the door...

Priya looked at the door wondering who must have come at this hour..She flicked on the light and opened the door slightly to see Ram standing there trying to catch his breath...Joy crept up in her heart at the sight of Ram which was instantly replaced by hurt...Ram looked at Priya...her eyes felt as if they had shed a lot of tears...still he could clearly see her feelings in them..

Priya looked at Ram: What?

Ram: Priya...can i come in i need to talk to you?

Priya: We will talk in the morning Ram, whats so urgent? Priya started to shut the door...Ram put his foot in and forced himself in...

Priya let go of the door. What is it Ram, now what? 

Ram was slightly intimidated by her ...but he was at fault and he knew that her anger was justified...I am sorry Priya...

Priya: Sorry...for what?

Ram: I shouldn't have behaved that way, i am so sorry...

Priya: Which way?

Ram: Whatever i did Priya...i should not have kissed you that way and

Priya: So you did not want to kiss me, the tone was sharp..

Ram: No...dont get me wrong...i wanted to kiss you...

Priya: Ohh so you only wanted to kiss me? 

Ram opened and shut his mouth...This was difficult...he had to make up and make up fast...

Ram walked up to Priya and looked at her in the eye...Priya..i know i have behaved very badly and no amount of excuses can wipe it off...I was waging a battle within myself, believe me, this has never happened to me before and there a lot of reasons to my behaviour. There are certain things which happened in the past that has made me the way i am and it is true that i did cast my doubts on you but Ram bent down on his knees...

Ever since i have seen you my eyes have only your reflection...
Ever since i have touched you my own touch is alien to me
My name had never sounded so beautiful before it passed from your lips

Priya, in flowers my rose is you
In diamonds my Kohinoor is you
I am just a body my soul is you!!!!

There was complete silence in the room with only the two heartbeats racing at full throttle perhaps racing against each other too..
Ram still held Priya's hand and he could feel the tremble in her...Priya turned around hastily...Ram was up on his knees in a flash...

Priya stood with her eyes closed, how she had longed to hear those words from Ram... Ram walked up to Priya and kept a hand on her shoulder...he was trembling as well...He could face dreaded criminals, diffuse bombs, maneuver through landmines, but this was so damn did people do it...

Priya...I Love you...the words came pouring out ...I love you Priya

Priya turned around ...absorbing the words she had just heard, letting it soothe her...But i hate you, I hate you Ram...hate you for doing this, why...what was my fault? You just...Priya found it hard to say anything further she just buried her head in his chest...I love you Ram, i really do...Ram wrapped his hands around her...feeling her against his chest...this was new for him, he felt protective towards her...soaking in every moment of this beautiful thing called love...

Priya looked up at a smiling Ram gently caressing her hair..She smiled too...Ram: So you hate me...Priya smiled and shook her head...

Ram: Then what? 

Priya: heard it..

Ram: Heard ...heard what Priya? 

Priya blushed...broke away from the hug and stood facing the window...

Ram: What did you say Priya? 

Priya: Nothing... its late Ram, you need to catch some sleep

Ram: I am not going anywhere unless i hear what i want to hear...

Priya: Your wish, i am feeling very sleepy ...Priya stretched her arms to put her point across...and moved towards the bed...

Ram caught her hand from behind and pulled her towards him...Priya crashed into him...Ram moved in a little closer to Priya making her nervous...he looked at her lips which were trembling from anxiety...Ram too moved her lips towards her...Priya's heart rate accelerated she was sure the entire room could hear it like surround sound...Ram stopped very close to her lips, it was the perfect distance from where the eyes could still see before they closed in ecstasy...Priya closed her eyes and Ram smiled, he changed the course of his direction and took his lips near Priya's ears...Major Ram Kapoor has always learnt to have his way...and he moved back...Priya opened her eyes and saw Ram standing in front of her...She knew Ram was in some ways like her...adamant to the core, he wont move till he got what he wanted...Priya looked down trying to calm her nerves...3 simple words which she had to was at the tip of her tongue but she just couldn't say it...Ram...I love you!!!!  The sound of those very words delighted Ram to the core...opening up his senses making him so alive that he felt he could like on forever...

Ram cupped Priya's face in his hands...May i kiss the lady? Priya blinked her eyes in affirmation...Ram moved in close to her and kissed her lightly on the was so gentle yet the touch was enough to send them both in a tizzy wanting more from each other...Both broke the kiss at the same time...
Ram took Priya's hand and led her towards the bed. Both sat down...

Ram: Priya, i am so grateful that i fell in love with you, i coudn't have asked for a better life partner...But there are some things that you need to know about me...I want to tell you all the things...and know about you too...Trust me nothing you ever say is going to change my feelings for you...but i need to know everything...Let me start with myself...

Ram told Priya everything, every little detail of his life including those painful memories that he had locked up inside him for so many years. His reason for choosing the army inspite of having a successful business empire...Priya patiently listened to all of it admiring Ram even more for his honesty...

Ram: That's it Priya...over to you...

Priya looked unsure of where to start, Ram noticed an inner turmoil going through her...He felt that maybe because of what happened to her sister she was a little hesitant ...Look Priya...i have no hurry, we can talk whenever you are ready for it, i just felt the time apt to tell you about me...

Priya: No Ram, infact i am  glad you brought it up...There are indeed a few things that i would like to ...

The sound of the bugle cut off her words...Ram looked at his watch...4 00 am it read...the drill would start soon...he knew it was time to go as he did not want anybody to see him in Priya's room...Priya too knew that it was time..

Ram: Priya i ll run away now catch you in sometime...Ram lunged towards the door...he stopped at the door and looked back...Love you sweetheart...and he blew a flying kiss and dashed off...

Priya looked at the retreating figure of Ram...head and heart never go hand in hand...She knew she had an important decision to make...She dialed the mess and requested to be placed through a number...In some time the number was connected...Priya spoke when she heard a familiar hello on the other end...After a few minutes she placed the receiver back...Satisfied she plonked on the bed...eyes melting into a peaceful sleep after a long time.

To be continued ...

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
me 1stDancing
daaammmnnn!!!! could it be any better??Shocked how the hell do u say that u hv got writers block?? stop lying to yourself yaar... each n every word.. every sentence was so perfect... so damn perfect...!!! u r my genius... love u yaar

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fanraya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
WOW Neha, Thumbs Upsmashing update, love the kiss, and the confession.. so lovely..but not enough, want moreBig smile  Super like, now I can not wait for the next update.Day Dreaming

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saniya9919 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Awesome update.Love it. Heart

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balhfan4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Lovely confession and it's Priya turn to reveal her past and my intuition says that there is something bitter which might hurt Ram again...anxiously awaiting next updateClap

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Yay... Atlast they confesssed... Loved it... Just cudnt stop blushing and smiling while reading the update... Awesome.. But again an abrupt end... Ab priya ne kiske saath baat ki... Waiting for next update... But this eas the best update...
P.S. You are awesome writer...

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ahana1994 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Oh yes ram proposed priya Day Dreaming and the kiss was so sweet Embarrassed bt than what priya was about to say?? with whom did she speak in phone Confused plz continue soon dear and thanx for the pm Hug

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sushfiza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
thnx a lot neha fr giving us such b'ful story...i feel vrmch joy,overwhelmed aftr reading this part...the lines by ram befr proposes priya are incredible...i think d person on phone might be ram's mother.anyhow thnks again n plz updt soon.

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