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FF: The Thing called Love- Part 23-PG 114 (Page 31)

viny_queen IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 July 2006
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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged
ram ka gussa Dead
feel bad 4 him
let see ram go party or no
dance ka chance
plz hope u update next now  but i know its not possibleEmbarrassed
anyway thank 4 update just love it

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Sakshi_Deewani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 8:43am | IP Logged
aawww poor ram... feeling really bad for himCry
chitloner IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 January 2012
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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Priya ki kya galthi hain issme? Ram is always like this. When the issue is about Priya, he is hasty. Give me the next update Neha. I am dying for it.
fanraya IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 March 2012
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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Arre yaar Priya ki kya galti hai esme? Confused Ram ko kitna gussa atta hai? but I am excited for Officer's ball, lovely, looks like we are going to get Raya dance?????NehaWink Please update soon,eagerly waitingDay Dreaming

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noya28 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 October 2011
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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
thanks for pm, as for the update  what can i say it is beautiful, but feel sorry for Ram,and please clear this misunderstanding, waiting for next update soon. thanks 

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noddiye Senior Member

Joined: 23 March 2010
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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Alright guys since many of you wanted the next update here it public demand (just kidding)

Its gonna be a short one and i hope all the wishes are fulfilled!!!


Nikhil: Its ok Ram i understand that. Just wanted to tell you that tomorrow is the officer's ball night. Col Singh has put up the notice and it would be announced at the dinner too. 

Ram: I am not interested Nik not with that scoundrel around...

Nikhil: Ram, leave him...come for us...

Ram: Let it be Nik, just leave me alone...

Nikhil: As you wish rm, i can undrstand, you wouldn't want to see Rajiv and Priya dancing together right? 

Ram: Rajiv and Priya? 

Nikhil: Seems likely na, the way they behaved today, looks like they know each other really well..

Ram: They can do whatever they want Nik, for all i care. 

Nikhil shrugged his shoulders and left...

Ram took out the photo from the frame and tore it to pieces...I swaer Priya, you would never be a part of my life...never ever!!!! 

The next Day...

The bugle sounded at its usual time..Immediately there was a buzz in the camp. It was a dedicated and disciplined routine for the soldiers, wake up get ready and go for the drill. But today was different. today was the Independence Day celebrations and the promotion announcements too. Everyone was eager to know the results...

Ram got up to, he did not need the bugle sound today. he hadn't been able to slep a wink. He had skipped dinner as well just to avoid Rajiv and Priya...Ram got to his feet and started to get ready, today as a special day for im, he was going to be a major. How proud his father would have been if he was alive today... Still he resolved not to let anything hamper his big day. before he hit the mess he had one more job to do...apologize to Adi.. He quickly shaved, bathed and got ready. He went off in the direction of Adi's room...

Ram tapped on the door lightly..Adi opened the door...

Aditya: Good morning Captain...what brings you here in the early morning? 

Ram just looked at Aditya, he was really blessed to have a friend like him. he must have hurt him so badl but here Aditya was behaving all normal as if nothing had happened. 

Ram held Aditya by his shoulders: I am sorry Adi...i am truly sorry...

Aditya: Its ok Captain, no need to be sorry about it..

Ram: I behaved badly yaar..

Aditya: Ram i know you more than myself Ram, i know your reasons and since when did the need to give reasons arise between us? Trust me all ok..

Ram hugged Aditya...You are the bestest friend one could have...

Aditya: Well i wont deny that i assume you must be hungry since you missed dinner yesterday?

Ram: Yes, i am damn hungry, if you are ready should we go to the mess?

Aditya: Afcourse Captain...lets go...

Ram and Aditya were among the first ones at the mess. Ram was eating breakfast like a famished kid, he hadnt really eaten the previous day...

Priya: Can i join you guys? 

Aditya: Sure Madam

Ram put his head down and concentrated on eating...

Priya felt her heartbeat rise the moment she set eyes on Ram. He looked terrific...she so wanted to talk to him, ask him so many things but Ram refused to make eye contact..Priya could not fathom the reason behind this behaviour. What was it that was bugging him? 

Aditya sensed the growing tension in the air. Priya, you do know there is the officer's ball tonight?

Priya: Yaa i have heard of it...What is it all about?

Aditya: Well as you know today is the independence day, normally after the flag hoisting there is an announcement of the promotions. In the evening we have a sort of party and all men are allowed to bring a partner...There is music, dance, good drinks and afcourse food.

Priya: And how does one get to the ball, i mean how do the men ask? Priya looked at Ram as she said this but still could not get an eye contact with him. 

Aditya: Simple...just ask the girl you wanna take which reminds me...are you free tonight?

Priya's face fell a little, if Aditya was going to ask her out it meant she would have to dance with him and be with him, so did that mean Ram had already asked someone else...

Priya: Errr..i actually i , i am ...

Aditya suddenly held Priya's hand under the table and looked at her. He hoped his eyes conveyed the message he wanted to say. Priya looke at him...she was sure Aditya was trying to tell her something...

Priya: I am free

Aditya: Great...We will pick you up at 8...Right Ram?

Ram jerked out of his thoughts...why had Adi taken his name...Huh?

Aditya: Great its decided...Ram you have to pick Priya up at 8 pm sharp...Priya will catch you at the ball...gotta go now...

Ram looked at Priya for the first time that morning...She is just so beautiful were the first thoughts that came to his mind...

Priya felt a flush of red coming on to her cheeks... Ram was by now staring at her...

Aditya: have got loads of time in the can continue there...

Priya and Ram were both embarrassed ...Priya stood up quickly: I ll she you soon and she walked off...

Ram stood up too: Adi, what was that all about? Are you nuts, i am not coming to the ball and i am not picking her up...

Aditya: Sorry captain but the promise is made, and you cannot leave a woman in lurch can you? 

Ram: But Adi...

Aditya turned and started to walk...stopped and turned back...Captain...remind me to check your eyesight 

Ram: Why what's wrong? 

Aditya smiled: Coz you cannot see the obvious you have got the I LOOK BUT DONT SEE SYNDROME...and he walked off leaving a confused Ram...

After some time, the Indian flag was hoisted followed by the national anthem which kick started the Independence day celebrations. 

Col Singh announced the promotions. He called out quite a few names and came down to the last one...

Col Singh: I take great pleasure and satisfaction in announcing the next promotion, this gentleman has earned it through sheer fearlessness and love, decication towards duty and the country, someone for whom the county is always first...Captain Ram Kapoor and now promoted to Major Ram Kapoor...

Ram walked to the dias all beaming...He reached Col Singh and gave a salute...As a special case Major Kapoor your promotion will be done by no other than a very prominent personality...request Ms Priya Sharma to come up please...

Both Ram and Priya were stumped by the announcement...Priya walked towards Ram... Hesitatingly..her hand reached out to Ram's shoulder and she unstrapped the additional star that ranked him as major...Priya's hand lingered a little longer on the strong masculine shoulder of Ram...Something within stirred Ram too...Priya withdrew her hand. 

Col Singh: The rest of the day goes as per schedule lads, see you at the ball tonight...

In the evening...

Priya had laid out the few dresses that she had. Gosh...wish she knew it would be a ball party she would have carried a few of her good ones...  Of the limited choices she picked out a blue coloured dress. She saw herself in the mirror...not bad. She always liked it simple so she just applied the eyeliner which further accented the beauty of her eyes...The dress was an off shoulder one. She wore a simple pearl necklace and matching earrings. thank God she had packed her heels...She did her hair and as ready...She was searching for her stole when there was a knock on the door..Absentmindedly Priya opened the door...

Ram stood look at Priya and his jaw fell open...His heartbeat had risen drastically...Simple yet elegant...the dress only added to her beauty...Not a hair was out of place and those doe eyes of hers...Ram blinked his eyes once...

Priya: I am just ready...i ll just take my stole...

Ram did not reply..he kept on looking at her...

Priya: Ram...??

Ram: Yaa...ok..

At the ball

Ram was silent all the way to the ball room. They reached the ballroom and the moment they entered a hushed silence crept up the room. All eyes, male and fmale as well were on Priya, for some reason Ram felt proud...He was the one besides her at the moment...he knew every man in the room would give an arm to be in his place right now...Ram led Priya to a side...He looked around Rajiv was there a minute his anger returned...he walked away to the bar...

Someone tapped Priya on her shoulder. It was Aditya: Man ...our government is wasting their money on weapon yaar, We could keep you on the border and the enemy would die by your looks...

Priya laughed: Thanks Aditya, thanks for the compliment it was unique...

Aditya: I am special and my compliments are the way did Mr Major give you any?

Priya looked at Ram sadly: No...i think he hasn't noticed...Why did you stop me today in the canteen...

Aditya: You wanted Ram to ask you right? i just helped the cause...

Priya looked down...

Aditya: Oho the lady is shy ...

Priya: Stop it Aditya...Priya punched him lightly...

Aditya: Now i have to fix one last thing...Before Priya could say anything Aditya walked off towards Col Singh...

Col Singh: Ladies and per the tradition the party is not started unless we have the first officer's dance...There were loud cheers and hoots...Col Singh raised his ahnd...So to let the party begin officially...may i call upon Major Ram Kapoor and ms Priya sharma to lead us on the dance floor please...

All eyes were on Ram and Priya...Everyone nudged them and pushed them forward..Priya looked at Aditya who gave a thumbs up sign...Ram and Priya stood awkwardly...Everyone around them cheered them on...Ultimately the lights went off and the spot light was on Ram and Priya...Seeing no other option Ram thrust his hand forward...Priya slid her hand in his...Hesitatingly and slowly ram slid his hand across Priya's waist...the action bringing them closer to each other..Priya put her hand on Ram's shoulder..The song started to play...

Pyar ki ek Kahani Suno...

Ram and Priya started off and soon other couples joined in...

Ram looked at Priya...she felt so delicate and petite in his arms, he held her tight. Priya liked the secured arm around her. She knew Ram had held her too tight but his eyes said it all...It felt nice to be in his arms...Ram and Priya swayed to the song their bodies in perfect rhythm ...surprising even themselves, it was as if they were dancing to a choreographed number, they were so at ease with each other...their hands entwined firmly...Unknowingly their bodies too inched closer...Ram pulled her more and  more towards him...Priya losing complete control of herself found her within close range of Ram. He had a magnetic pull towards her...something which she could not resist...Ram moved his head forward a little...he was in proximity with her luscious lips which were inviting, the surrounding and the dimmed light providing the perfect setting for them. Priya sensed what was about to happen next and closed her eyes in anticipation...

To be continued...

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Awww the dance part was so romantic.adi reminds me of vil ram kiss her in da next part?
viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 1:03pm | IP Logged

i cant find the word that is perfect 4 this updateEmbarrassed

chale gaya kiyaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOL
they dance u write this really beautifully  and i feel my heart miss a beatEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
what nextShockedDay Dreaming

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