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FF: The Thing called Love- Part 23-PG 114 (Page 16)

ahana1994 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
loved it Heart hmmm so ram mother ran away and amarnath hanged him self Confused so is there any connection between priya and the kapoors?? waiting for the next part and thanx for the pm Hug

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balhfan4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
 Loved the update..beautifully penned emotions...I hope that Priya will be able to get through and atleast become friends with him...she will have to earn his trustBig smile.please update soonClap

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noddiye Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 4:56am | IP Logged
A stunned silence followed Ram's outburst...

Aditya: I apologize on his behalf...he is just a litle frutrated at the moment since he is holed up in the camp and cannot go outside...You have your lunch, we will see you in some time.

Mahesh: i knew this was going to happen...after all the guy is the ram Kapoor...

Priya: what do you mean by The Ram Kapoor?

Mahesh: Remember the industrialist Amarnath Kapoor?

Priya: Yaa the one who committed suicide? Wait a minute you mean to say he is related to Ram kapoor? 

Mahesh: Yups...He is Captain...Ram Amarnath Kapoor...

Priya: Holy Christ...i vaguely remember the scandal that rocked Mumbai a decade ago i think...

Mahesh: Yaa, it was rumoured that Ram's mother ran off with another man and that's the reason Amarnath Kapoor hanged himself...No one knows the whereabouts of the mother...the media had hounded Ram like anything..

Priya sank back in her chair...this was it..the hatred that he had in those eyes...She had to trace her steps carefully now.
Ram Amarnath are an enigma but i ll break through...


Ram barged into his room and threw his cap on the he hated them..His blood boiled at the mere sight of them. He opened his cupboard and took out a framed photo of his dad. Ho happy they were..and then the other man arrived on the scene. ..Ajit...he had relentlessly wooed his mom...poisoned her against his dad. His dad, the good human being he was ...ignored the growing threat of his manager and immersed himself more in much so that he could not see his own manager slowly but steadily put the distance between them..and one fine day it came as a jolt, his mom declared she was unhappy with AK and wanted to settle with Ajit. She took a lot of wealth with her and his Dad, his heart broken just ended his life...Just like that.. But what was more dreadful was the media people, reporters swarming in ever corner of his house hounding him for a few words. They did not even let him complete the last rites of his father in peace..That day..that day he resolved he would want to be away from all that...He hated such kind of people who made money out of other people's misery...Ram put the photo back in the cupboard, apart from Adi no one in the army knew about his background and he intended to keep it that way.

Aditya slowly pushed the door...He found ram siting on the chair with his hands curled up in a fist...

Aditya: Captain, so much anger is not good for you. 

Ram: Go away Adi, i dont want this right now...

Aditya ignored him and made himself comfortable on the bed...

Aditya: Ram, its been 10 years, you have to come out of it. Just get it over with Ram, it will eat you up..

Ram: I hate those people Adi, i hate them from every fiber of my being...

Aditya: I understand Ram, but Priya did not do any thing. 

Ram: I know but what difference will it make. She is from the same field...Snuff out a story and then twist it to make it interesting and keep on playing it as breaking news...and

Aditya looked at Ram...: What why are you looking at me like that? 

Aditya: Because you are taking your hatred too far...The reason was different..and this is totally different..She is only here for some show of hers and for your kind infrmation she did not come to look out for you...the army general suggested your name backed by Col Singh, so yaa its plain destiny that you are the chosen one...

Aditya walked up to the window...There are a lot of them out there who would give their right arm to be in that show..

Ram: See...thats what i am telling you. The entire regiment was good till this media people came up..and why so because is 15 August...and...

Aditya: How many times do you say thank you to Shantabai?

Ram: Excuse me? Where the hell did Shantabai come from? 

Aditya: Answer my question.

Ram: Adi, Shanta bai is my care taker, she looks after the house in my absence. 

Aditya: My question, Mr. Ram Kapoor is how many times do you thank her or let me rephrase it for your many times do you remember her?

Ram: Adi, stop this nonsense, i only meet her when i am home...and why would  thank her, she does her job...

Aditya: exactly my point claim that people dont remember you, dnt care for you, but the bitter truth is that even we dont remember people in our day to day lives. True that we strive for the country, shed our blood, life everything but its also true that when we are in the civilian role we don't care either. Its basic human nature ...same like Shanta bai we have chosen this career, no body put a gun to your head, we chose it, we live by it. 

Ram looked at Aditya in awe..He had no answer to this..I believe we are getting late for the meeting..Ram stepped out...

Aditya smiled: Captain...he yelled, Ram looked back...She is a sweet girl, dont be harsh on her.

In Col Singh's Room

Col Singh: Captain Kapoor, Capt Batra, Lieutenant Raj and Cap Arora, we are gathered here for a very special briefing. in the coming months we are doing a very high level operation involving some high risk activities. As when the time comes i would be briefing you about the nature of our operation. This special team would be headed by Captain Kapoor and since he is not fit to resume as yet we will wait for him to fully recover. In that meantime, i want everyone else to be fighting fit. Train harder, its going to be a high level, high risk task.

And of utmost importance is that this talk should remain between the 5 of us only. Is that Clear

All 4 : Yes Sir...

Col Singh: may leave now.  Captain Kapoor please stay back i need to have a few words with you..

The other leave after saluting the col.

Col Singh: Captain, i know it would take a little time for you to heal completely and i have been monitoring your progress closely with Doctor Sinha. Since at the moment you are not medically fit to fully resume the duties i would want you to assist and accompany Ms Sharma at all times..

Ram: What?? Sir but, what will i do with them? They are no way connected to us and i see no point in being with them.

Col Singh: Well captain Kapoor as you may be well aware that i am not used to receiving objections from my men on any point, secondly Ms Sharma wants to have a view of the villagers as well nad wants to do a documentary on it. As you know the outside area is volatile, it may erupt into violence at the slightest provocation and i don't want any civilian to come under harm. The crew has all the necessary permissions so we in any way cannot restrict them from doing their jobs. The least i can do is assign my very best men to them to ensure that all goes off smoothly. Am i clear enough Captain?

Ram: Yes Sir ...Ram said in a very feeble voice

Col: I did not hear it..

Ram loudly: Yes sir

Col: That's better may leave.

Suddenly Ram looked at an shadow that passed the window. He quickly darted across and looked at the corridor. The corridor was empty, not a soul in sight. Strange he thought, he did see someone or maybe it was just an illusion. He was over reacting, the fact that he had to face the media was stressing him out. He recalled what Col Singh had told him and also what Adi had said to him. He took a deep breath and marched off towards Priya's room.

Ram stood before Priya's room unsure of how to approach. He put his hand to tap on the door but withdrew it immediately..
Come on Ram, you can do it...He encouraged himself and raised his hand to tap again...the same time Priya opened the find Ram standing there with one raised hand...

Ram: I had come to say sorry...i was a little out of control at lunch today.

Priya supressed a smile, Is this the army way of saying sorry?

Ram looked confused, Army way?

Priya pointed to his hand which was still raised in the air...

Ram: Ohh sorry, i was just about to knock on the door when you opened it...

Priya: Its alright, no worries..

Ram: I heard you want to interview the villagers as well?

Priya: Yes, you heard it right. No worries, me and the crew would move out there soon.

Ram: Err actually i have to go with you..

Priya: With me?

Ram: Yes..i mean i am supposed to be with you in the village...for for security reasons.

Priya: Will you be in uniform and carrying a gun too?

Ram: Well i am a soldier and have to be in uniform and the gun is a part of it.

Priya frowned...: No i mean the villagers would be intimidated by you and i would not get the required results.

Ram pondered over it for a while. Alright, i ll ask Col Singh about it and if possible will change into a civilian attire but the vehicle has to be an army one.

Priya: That's fine by me..

Ram: Just get your things organized we would leave in exactly 1430 hrs.

Priya nodded her head.

Ram took the permission from Col Singh and went back to his room. He pulled open his bag. It was quite some time since he had worn any thing civilian, the last time was a comrade's farewell. He selected a white shirt and blue faded jeans. He hid the gun in his jeans in such a way that no one would no about it.

Ram took out the jeep and was waiting for Priya. In a few seconds Priya came there with her crew. Priya looked at Ram, sleeves rolled, a black goggle atop his eyes, seated next to the driver. She smiled at him.

Mahesh: Whoa !! What do i see, the fairy has swooshed her magic wand...Someone's transformed and how...

Priya: Stop it Mahesh...he looks dashing...

Mahesh: You bet he does...

Priya and Mahesh and another member of the crew got in the backside of the jeep and they started their journey. Once outside the camp area, Priya took out her camera and began clicking the pictures. She was laughing, smiling and cheerful all the time. Ram glance at her through the left rearview mirror. The reflection made him smile too. Priya indeed had a beautiful smile and what more it was infectious..Adi was right, not all media people are the same and most probably Priya did not even know of his past. That thought relaxed Ram, he turned to Priya..

Ram: have you been in this region before?

Priya: No this is my first time, what about you?

Ram: Its been 4 yrs i have been posted here.

Priya: Beautiful region...

Ram: Yaa it is. Sad that its beauty is trapped in the gunshots and bombardings.

Priya: But the people here seem friendly...

Ram: What choice do they have. They have accepted the situation to the best of their abilities and try to be happy.

They reached the village. All the kids ran up to the vehicle...Priya obliged by clicking a picture of all of them. Mahesh started organising his equipment. Ram wandered along, he made sure that he was not interfering in the work but at the same time he was not too far either. He had one eye on Priya and one on the whole situation all the time. to an outsider her would look like a member of the crew itself but only a seasoned pro would know that he had an army background. Ram sat down on one of the charpai's and relaxed. Soon a man approached him and Ram gave him some bundle of notes.

Priya started asking questions to the villagers and were very forthcoming. Priya has packed off satisfied with her work for that day when she heard some villagers talking about the temple on the outskirts of the village and how it fulfills all the wishes.

Priya: Mahesh, lets go to the temple na?

Mahesh: No yaar Priya, i am too exhausted now. Me and Kabir would wait right here, you carry on.

Priya looked at Ram he eyes putting across the questions to him.. Ram walked up and nodded. He went to the villager and asked for directions.

Ram and Priya started their journey..

Priya: Thanks

Ram: For?

Priya: For accompanying me

Ram: Hmnn...its ok

Priya: You have been there before?

Ram: No

Priya: Strange...i love to explore places...

Ram: I dont believe in God, for me he dsnt exist.

Priya: Ok

Ram: You are not surprised or you wont advise me that God is there?

Priya: Do you want me to?

Ram: No, i mean whenever i tell this to anyone, they are after my life. They tell me about God and how wrong i am.

Priya: I dont feel the need to. I mean you have chosen to be like that and each one has a right to live their life the way they want.

Ram looked at Priya. He felt relaxed.

A little ahead both Ram and Priya stopped. There the road was divided into two parts. Ram headed off to the left.

Priya: Hey, i think the temple is on the right, not left.

Ram smiled. Trust me on this Madam, i am never wrong with directions.

Priya: Don't  you think we should ask someone and double check...

Ram: Trust me...i have never got lost and my gut feeling is always right..

Priya: I have a feeling...

Ram cut her off: Follow me and you shall find out that i am right.

Ram walked off and Priya shrugged her shoulders and followed Ram.

Ram started making signs on trees as they moved along. Priya was right on his heels. they were walking for about an hour and it began getting dark..

After walking for about an hour

Priya: Captain, i think we need to stop...

Ram: Stop, tired eh? You know what you city girls are so weak, few steps you walked and you need to stop. You know we not walk we run for miles and miles...and

Ram stopped right there. Ahead of him there was a deep valley in pitch darkness. Ram turned around...

Ram: I think we have missed a turn, lets go back...

Priya: There was no turn

Ram: There was, i am very sure...

Priya: Do you think we have ...

Ram: I have marked the trees so i know which way we came.

Priya: Great and what have you marked them with?

Ram: With this pencil, i had only this.

Priya: Pencil, do you know the size of the tree and in this darkness how are we supposed to find your mark.

Ram: Relax...soldiers never get lost...We will be on the right way in a jiffy. Just follow me.

They continued walking for another half an hour or so.

Near a tree Ram stood still...

Priya came near him, why are you standing here? Did we get anything?

Ram turned around to face Priya: Err...i think we are lost!!!

To be Continued

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-evan- Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Man it was a fantastic part... Ha ha... Ram in casuals Heart... I'm really enjoying the way story is moving :-) now I guess both of them will get stuck in that unknown place with no one around :-) what a romantic setup :-)

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ahana1994 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Oh yeah ram-priya got lost Dancing plz update the next part soon cn't wait what happens next Wink

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kaparikh1 Goldie

Joined: 13 March 2012
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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Wow...Ram Priya lost...Now the fun will i begin...i hope sooo...Plzz continue sooon...Just loving it...Heart Hug

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taashu11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 6:57am | IP Logged
awesome update ram n priya lost...

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 7:02am | IP Logged
tha last line cracked me up lol "i think we are lost "..ram priya are so cute i am loving dem

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