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Originally posted by dewdropsoflove


ds is my very frst writing on ds site..
i knw its nt dat awesum as u guyz are used to reading.. but i do need sum honest comments and critics.. to decide whether i shud continue or not..

plz help me.. :) 

i hope its not dat bad..Embarrassed...

so here it goes..

after the new entry of dadi who addresses khushi as "ghar ke naukar".. khushi feels dejected.. but the way arnav turns up to b on her side does not goes unnoticed and unfelt by her.. she cannot stop thinking the way arnav pays no heed to wat his dadi says nd moves to the door stands by her and says.. haa dadi boliye..!!

                      One Shot..
          "Khushi's  Confession.."

It was almost dusk by now.. wen khushi was standing in her room near the pool side watching the water and her reflection..brooding over ds sudden new trouble or surprise..(She herself didn't knw how to take it as)  in her lyf "dadi" she had nevr heard of any such persn in RM since the tym she'd known d RMians.. no mentioning of her had evr been dere..!!

In d morning sumhow she'd managed to escape Arnav.. his questions.. his support.. his sympathy..his apology for d way his dadi had acted and all dat stuff.. but how on the earth ws she supposed to act and react and run away from all of it now..!! she juzz wanted to run away bcoz she didn't know wat to do.. Yes she was feeling bad and disappointed at dadi ji's reactn.. but moreover she was worried for d replies to the question regarding dat villain dat filthy cheap man "SHYAAM" who had ruined the lives of almost every dat persn whom khushi luved and adored.. but still ws a gud persn for dadi ji.. evry one near her sufferd bcoz of dat single man.. her babuji..her  whole family had been facing humiliation over dere only bcoz of dat man. Here nani ji..mami ji..evry one was so heart-broken.. Anjalee ji who was no less dan her jiji for her..had got the shock of her life.. she was still suffering a lot.. d man almost destructed nd played havoc wd every ones life ..
d way anjalee ji and arnav ji stay now is so different.. the bond between them was weakening..
Arnav ji..arnn'av ji.. her thoughts stammered..

And the flash back started.. d way Arnav said "mujhe Khushi per pura bharosa h" slapped and had thrown him out of the RM..the way.. the way he held her and made her sleep later on d very same day evn though he himself was much disturbed..
d next day wen he said "oh.. to khushi kumari gupta ko sharmana bhi aata h.." the way he had followed her to laxminagar on her bday..the way he said tum wapas to aaogi na..!! the way he was trying and finding out sum ways thru which he wud make her take him as her husband..!! d way he had decorated whole house for her..the way she ran into his arms dat day..d way he had tried paying d house rent for buaji..d way he repeatedly addressed him as "his wife".. d way he made her wrap all the gifts.. n later surprised her by gifting it to her. Espcialy d pearl necklace..sure it was not juzz love dat dey shared.. it was sumthing beyond dat.. much and much beyond dat..he was still in the kurta payjama juzz for her.. was ds d same ASR she had met almost an year ago'!!!

she was lost deep in her thoughts.. wen a sudden cool breeze made her realize d present and her reverie broke.. she den got to know she had been weeping all the way long..!! and wd dat she got to knw arnav was back home..!!

She swiftly made her way out of her room..before arnav cud c her in dat situation..

Here arnav had tried to see khushi since mrng but he was unable.. he tried calling her almost each tym he got free..but khushi wont receive the call..he ws sure khushi was disappointed..nd had no idea wat he wud do or say to soothe her pain.. to sweep away all the burdens lying dere in her heart.. but anyhow he wanted to talk to her.. he decided the ryt tym wud b only after every one has had taken the dinner.. and the tym they wud b in dere room alone..!!

He entered his room loosening his tie.. nd his heart ached at not finding khushi in dere.. but he was firm.. he changed nd moved down.. to join every one at the dinner table.. finally dere he saw khushi.. his khushi.. who wud never leave her charming smile..watever may cum..dat face was always lit wd a smile..

a smile whch was instant pick me up..
a smile which was contagious..
a smile which made his dreams cum tru..
a smile so hypnotic dat it wud make otheres believe..
a smile which made his eyes sparkle..

nd  den he sighed wd relief.. wen she looked upto him..and their eyes met.. though her smile still persisted there.. suddenly the feeling of relief vanished.. he cud tell she had cried.. she had wept..!!

wat the..!!!

where the hell every one else was.. wen she cried.. why no one stopped her..his jaws tighten..he was still luking her at her face wd each approaching step.. all he wanted to do was cup her face.. and let her out..
he wanted to tell her dat he was dere..!! he was dere for her..only for her..!!

but den suddenly his di's voice brought him back to his senses.. which was asking him to sit and hav his dinner..and den he realized khushi was already luking sum where else..her gaze had dropped long back.. she wud move in out of the kitchen rapidly walk to and fro around the table avoiding his gaze.. she too could read he was disturbed.. throughout dinner he spoke less dan required.. he sat dere but was always preoccupied wd thoughts of khushi.. wat he wud tell her.. how wud he xplain things to her.. wat if she ud not listen to him..

he got up eating half of wat he wud eat on a normal day.. and a range of questions wer shot on him.. from every one sitting at the table.. he got up and answered once and for all' "I already the office meet" all the tym luking at khushi.. on whose face was an xprressn of confusion , concern , and amazement.. having said dat and staring at khushi for a few sec more.. he moved away.. But it was not all he said.. his eyes told khushi secretly wat his heart shouted.. "m waiting for u make it fast.."

He entered his room and sat on the recliner wd his laptop.. down there khushi ate aftr every one was done wd their dinner.. and after a few moments of chit chat.. she moved up to her room.. how badly she was praying dat wen she enters she finds arnav asleep'!!
she was walking slowly.. and on her way Akash took over her'

there was a knock on the door.. and akash called bhai..!!
Arnav called him in.. akash said "bhai .. d presentation for the foreign dealer was ready.. and as they lag behind by 6 hours in tym dan us.. its d ryt tym to mail and hav a video conferencing wd dem.. the deal is of high significance to us and hence I wanted you to cum and check out all the things for urself.."

There enterd khushi in her room.. arnav saw her.. and checked out for the tym it was 10:25 pm.. Akash was correct.. and he cud not deny dat the deal was important.. he was so confused.. he had never thought his vey own brother wud ever emanate as obstruction wen he so needed khushi.. and she needed him.. the expressn marx at his face said "dammnn the meeting and video conferencing..!!!"

I need my wife.. wd dat he looked at khushi..wen she blinked and nodded in assurance.. whch conveyed her message to him which said "I'll wait'!!"

he replied.."ok  Akash.. wait for me in the study.. nd take d laptop".. akash nodded and moved out.. khushi was still at the door.. with akash turning to move out she moved in to give him space to go..
akash and she exchanged smile wshing gud nite and all the best in return
J.. hardly had akash moved out wen she felt arnav close to her ryt at her back.. she deliberately stepped forward in d direction of the door and hence a step away from him.. she closed the door.. she had no idea wat she had invited wd d last action of hers.. she turnd to face him and was taken back at his proximity.. his face was juzz a few inches away.. thank god it was not tilted.. else she herself wud hav given in.. he raised his hand.. and tugged a lock of hair under her ear.. and den cupped her face.. making her look at him.. all she wanted to do was hug him..hug him tyt..!! but she controlled.. and he kissed her forehead..!! caressed her head.. and was moving out.. wen suddenly he stopped and turned..

Arnav: khushi wont u wsh me luck.. as u did to akash..!!
Khushi smiled and said..: all the best arnav ji.. devi maiya hai na..sab achcha hi hoga..!!

they exchanged smiles and arnav left for study..!!

He was still oblivious of the fact that khushi had almost decided on his side.. and was almost ready to b wd him as his wife wdout much effort from his part before the 10 days wer over..

The conference started at 10:30 pm and here khushi arranged the bed..and was thanking her devi maiiya for saving her and her arnav from getting embarrassed before each other..!!
she laid on the bed and continued steering the train of thoughts where they had paused previously ds  evening.!!

she was still awake wen she heard footsteps at her door.. it was 11:45 by now..she covered her face wd d quilt and feigned to b fast asleep wen arnav enterd..she cud sense him gazing at her for a few seconds.. and den felt him lying next to her on he bed..!!

She laid there juzz lyk loss of answers to the questions of her very own.. sensed arnav's breath to turn calm as in a peaceful slumber..n their she laid turning left..ryt.. laying flat on her back.. and wasn't able to sleep.. as though she was suffocated, she threw away the quilt, nd moved to the pool search of fresh air.. she closed her eyes and inhaled..and stayed..instead of exhaling she gave it out crying.. tears dangerously rolling down her cheeks.. her sobbs and convulsions increasing with every passing moment..


Arnav was still not in so deep a sleep..he suddenly got up and checked the other side of the bed for her..she wasn't there..he cheked the tym it was 12:15 now..lying on the bed he turned to see at the washroom door to find it unlocked and getting anxious for her.. he sat up and switched on the see her kneeling down at the poolside..the scene he was witnessing caused a rush emotions in him..he felt his heart beating violently..he frowned and called"khushi."in no tym he was on his feet..moving towards her..

she heard him..and had barely managed to get up..wen she felt strong palms holding her arms and turning her around..wdout wasting a single minute now she hugged him..!! a tyt hug..whch in turn was requited by arnav in d same manner..

Kushi(still in his arms): aranav ji.. sobbs.. arna'. Huhhuhh arnavji..
Arnav tightend his grip on her crushing her all over him.. caressed her head, her back,and said..

Arnav : shush..khushi..its ok  I am here.. its ok.. its alryt..!!

they stayed there for few mins. Khushi weepng.. and arnav consoling.. finally wen khushi cud control herself.. she broke from the hug.. the hug was not passionate it was imperious, so needed..
Arnav made her sit on the chair placed near.. and himself sat beside her.. she again rested her face in his chest.. holding his back.. and he agin hugged her.. not being aware of the places his hands reached.. all wat mattered was.. "she" .. "his khushi" was weeping.. and she needed support..

she closed her eyes feeling him so close.. and said..

Khushi: u knw aranv ji since past so many dayz almost a year now.. I always carried along with me a very weird feeling.. "bahut ajeeb" .. har wo pal jab aap humare paas nhi hote to hume aisa lgta k kuch jo bahut required h wo mere paas nahi h..jaise mera rone ka man ho raha ho aur hum ro naa rahe ho..jaise hum kch bhool rahe ho.. kuch jo bahut important h.. jisko bhoolna hum baad me regret kre.. jaisa hum kahi kuch chod k aa gaye..aur aaj hume pta chala wo.. arnav ji aapne humse kaha but humne kabhi aapko nahi btaya.. ur presence makes me feel complete..hum aapke bina adhoore h arnav ji.. hum aapse bahut pyaar krte h.. hum aapke bina nahi reh skte.. plz

and she hugged him more tightly.. in response arnav said I love you too khushi.. and made her look at him.. she opened her eyes.. and luked at him.. wd all a puppy face.. he suddenly jerked a little and took her in his arms and she held his t shrt for d support and was surprised wen she saw a smirk lyting his face..
He said.

Arnav:  So  miss Khushi kumari gupta tumhe finally apne shaitan me apna raajkumar dikh gaya..
            tumhe apne laad gavarnar me apne.. kya kehti thi tum.. umm umm haa sswwami..dikh gye ;)

khushi cud just smile in response..

"so tell miss khushi wen did u fall for me'?" by now he..

 had brought her in the washroom he made her stand in front of the mirror and opned the tap.. he was standing behind her  he moved his hands in front and took all her flixes of hair in a hand lock and asked her to wash off her face..!!

she did so nd said " umm' I guess the tym wen I was appointed back in ur house to teach lavanya ji.."..
wd dat she had wahed her face..

he till now had been watching wd all his attention the water droplets dat touched her face and had fallen on the neck.. and was still sweeping down near the neck line of her kurta.. it was damnn seductive.. he had just moved away wen khushi asked

Khushi : wen did d the gr8 ASR  fall for this middle class gold digger..?

by now he had handed her a towel .. nd asked her to wipe her face.. he waited patiently for her to wipe off her face.. and wen she did dat his gaze again fell at her neck to the 3 additional drops of water running down.. he stepped towards her and said..

 Arnav : "the frst tym u had fallen in my arms in sheesh mahal.."
by now he was dangerously close.. he held her waist.. made her bent a liitle and licked off the small droplets playing on her bare skin at her neckline.. she was so seduced.. her hands moved on their accord to his nape..

the towel was left on the floor.. and they moved to the bed succumbing to each other desires'!!

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insyvinsy Senior Member

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good one

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dewdropsoflove Senior Member

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Originally posted by insyvinsy

good one
oh.. dat pic of his.. i see him nd i do really say wat d..!!!
ISensedYou IF-Rockerz

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loved it!!!!
too good

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hey far
it was amazng

just luvd luvd luvd it
d flashback u mentioned was nice

arnav got to know she cried
thats d true luv..

endng was superb when both asked when they had fallen fr each otherEmbarrassed

luvly os

p.s. nw u hav to write many more os
i wll be waiting Day Dreaming

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