Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

MMT Tuesday Renu bani Honeymoon Travels Agent

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                                  Shaadi ki hain humne toh HoneyMoon chahiyeDancing
                                           Mahal nahi chota sa ek room chahiye Dancing

Addu arrives and calls out "mummy". Mohan says you shout just like Addu. Megha asks Addu what happened?  Addu says this towel-man put me in some other bus. Mohan says he is lying. Then he says it might be possible. Mohan says but you could have told me. Addu says you never gave me an opportunity to say anything. Mohan-Addu argue. Addu says the driver scolded me and I missed my class match. Megha says I will drop you in school. Mohan apologizes to Megha. Megha asks him eat breakfast. Addu asks Mohan to wear clothes as he doesn't have a body like Salman Khan to show off ROFL Mohan asks Megha to take Addu away.

Mohan meets Jiji. Jiji says this is the second day after marriage and you are going to office. Mohan says actually I am going to get the wedding album, then Nanhi and Addu will come. jiji says you don't have a problem in this small house. Mohan says no it is perfect. Jiji says when are you going to HM? Jiji says you guys need to go somewhere where there is no Addu, Nanhi and Guru.  Mohan says it is a good idea.

Megha tells MIL that they cannot go now as Mohan suddenly the financial responsibilities. MIL praises her. Renu says he married Megha for her money only as he doesn't want to take responsibility. Megha says Mohan is not like that. Renu says I'll ask you in a few weeks time. 

MIL comes and tells FIL that she needs to talk to him about MM. Jiji comes and says we need to send MM for HM. Renu says why should we send her. Jiji says because Megha is our daughter. FIL says where can we send them? They start discussing ideal locations for honeymoon. MIL suggests a hill station with many temples. Renu vetos the idea. Jiji suggests Switzerland. FIL says we need to see budget. Guru comes and Jiji asks him where he would go for HM? Guru says Nepal as his parents are there and plus it is a clean place and beautiful place. Guru asks Jiji who is going? Jiji says MM and aks him not tell MM. Guru says he is not Renu Bhabhi.

Mohan comes home and sees Megha wiping the floor and asks where Guru is? He says he bought the album and he'll see it when Nanhi comes. Megha looks worried. Mohan asks what happened? Megha says Renu Bhabhi said something which pinched me. Mohan says after all these years you are not used to Renu Bhabhi. Don't listen to anything she says. Megha says Bhabhi said you married me because I have Amar's money. Mohan yes of course that is true. Mohan says we don't need that money why should we keep it? Megha says she kept it for Nanhi and Addu's education. Mohan says you don't believe in me right? I can take care of  the three of you. He says we will transfer this money into Papaji's account. Megha says you said what was in my heart. Mohan says thats why even with your denial I knew you loved me. Megha asks Mohan never to change and remain as open as ever.

MM at Vyas house. Mohan gives FIL some papers. Which says that Amar's FD's have been transferred into FIL'sname. FIL says no this money is for Addu and Nanhi. MIL suppoerts FIL. Even Jiji reprimands them. FIL says that this is for kids. Mohan says and I want to return it to Amar's father. Mohan tells FIL that you deserve this more than me. Mohan says if you accept then I will be at peace knowing that you trust me to look after Megha and kids. Renu taunts Sanjay and calls hima loser. She says Amar left and now Mohan is here. Mohan and FIL hug.

MIL praises Mohan. Jiji says if we ask them for HM they will never say yes. Lets surprise them. FIL asks Renu to book tickets for MM. He gives Renu the FD's and asks her to keep them. He asks Renu to make good arrangements. Renu says of course I will make such arrangements that they will never forget.

Guru gives Mohan a courier. It is divorce papers. Mohan asks Guru to get a file.

Precap: Megha setting her sarees in the cupboards, finds the file and picks it up. Renu at a travel agency and asks how is Bhatnagar spelled. Riddhima sitting next to her says I've written the name just above you can write it the same way. Renu reads "Riddhima Bhatnagar" and is in thinking mode.

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adoremevirgo IF-Rockerz

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well...i think i can say NBT is back with its old flavour only if ridzie track was not there...wat i like is that this show has always dealt with practical issues although its out and out love story...

first i want to talk about the FD issue...about mohan i hv learnt all thru the show is that he is a man of integrity, honesty and "wat i want i will get that" kind of person...he is impulsive and has little patience for consequences...and another thing is that wen he shoulders responsibility he knows how to abide by it...

about the FD there can be 2 views of it...first let me talk from mohan's POV...megha and the kids r his responsibility now like he said...he fell in love with megha knowing very well that marrying megha means shouldering responsibilities of 2 kids in this mehengai ka zamaana...from this i can deduce that he earns a lot and so he can confidently gv up amar's FD and at the same time promise megha and papaji that he will look after the needs of the children...
i dont believe mohan did it because of his ego...if one thing i hv found vey surprisingly lacking in mohan is his so called male ego...mohan is the most modest character i hv known...he has never shown any kind of anger or hurt even wen he went thru the worst humiliation like the chappal issue and megha's insulting words in those days...

but this was mohan's POV...personally i hv my own view on this...
i feel amar's money belongs to nanhi and addu and also to megha...okie megha i can understand she may forgo her part because she is now married to mohan...but as son and daughter of amar the kids hv every right on the was amar;s hard earned money...he made those savings with the dream that one day nanhi and addu wud need them...they r minors now so i can deduce that megha is the custodian of the money...amar's money kisko milega i dont think mohan shud hv any say in it...
the best he can say is that regular monthly expenses like school fees, tutor, food and clothing...these will be borne by mohan...even further demands of the kids like expensive toys and other luxuries can also be borne by mohan...i mean those FD shud stay in the name of nanhi and addu but it is not necessary to break the FDs any time...wen they grow up and become adults then they can decide wat to do with the money...

kal ko kisne dekha hai...anything can happen...mohan may hv his own is now just 2 days into the marriage...mohan still has no idea of monthly may happen mohan may not afford all the indulgences of the kids...and aisa ho ya na is a form of security...he cannot gv it up...
secondly mohan gv the money to i believe he wont spend the money and in future will return the money to the kids...i mean that is wat my practicality mohan ko tab ye accept karna hoga...

also there is a third point...wen the kids will grow up they may ask mohan wat right he had to gv up their inheritance...there r so many practical points that the CVs overlooked...i admit mohan is an extremely emotional person and he always takes decisions from the heart...but he is also a crime reporter...separated from his i expect him to be more practical in life...just because he has given up his own inheritance doesnt mean that shud fit for nanhi-addu too...he has a bitter relation with his dad but nanhi-addu had a loving relation with amar...

nywyz now let me get back to the episode...i loved the argument between too i found it very real...although we want a bonding between mohan-addu...but i wont be surprised if the CVs keep this relation in this bittersweet manner permanently...i feel here mohan doesnt take that extra effort to bond with addu...because he has a sour experience with his own he cannot bond with his stepson...with nanhi it was different...they bonded way back even wen mohan did not even know that she is megha's daughter...
and i liked the fact that megha did not utter a single word in the ongoing argument...i said it in one of the previous posts...let me say here too...mohan and megha always seem to gv each other enuf space to tackle with their own issues...even if they involve the kids...not stepping into each other's domain and not lecturing each other how to manage issues is the best thing of this relation...

and mohan-jiji scene...always i wait for such scenes...they always gv me a warm feeling and today was no exception...jiji always behaves more excited than MM as if she is in love and not MM...and mohan blushing at the mention of HM is always the cutest part...kunal's smiles and his blushes always hv a killing effect on me

i dont want to talk about the precap...just wen i was absorbing a beautiful episode...the precap brought me back to earth...these days precaps of NBT seems like precaps of some horror show...

now that megha knows distorted truth and mohan thinks that megha knows everything...this current scenario is very dangerous...mohan is now both guilt free and defenseless...he widout any second thot keeping the divorce paper in the cupboard knowing very well megha mite find it...i am sure mohan thinks that ridzie has told megha that he has signed divorce papers...

now wat will happen to HM...i believe the precap is misleading...megha wont get the opportunity to open the file...letz wait and watch...

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misty85 IF-Stunnerz

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Pre-episode Comments

A look at new laws regarding marriage & divorce.
Excerpts from various news items:

Another amendment cleared by the Cabinet allows for the six-month cooling period, required for divorce filed under mutual consent, to be waived off by the judge only if both husband and wife agree.

The bill seeks to introduce irretrievable breakdown of marriage as a condition for divorce through mutual consent.


The amendments include allowing courts to reduce or waive the waiting period of six months before moving a joint motion in case of divorce by mutual consent and making provisions to ensure that women get a share in property acquired during the marriage.

In a move to make the process of divorce easier, it is learnt the government proposes to insert "irretrievable breakdown of marriage" as a new ground for parting ways. As for the mandatory six-month cooling-off period, the reasoning was that there was no point in prolonging a marriage where parties are unable to live as husband and wife.

Sources said the Bill provides for some safeguards to women to ensure that the "irretrievable breakdown of marriage" clause for divorce is not misused. There is a provision giving the women right to oppose divorce pleas filed by husbands on grounds of irretrievable breakdown of marriage.

Grounds on which Divorce can be sought

  • Adultery on the part of the spouse of the petitioner, or any other sexual relationship outside marriage.
  • Willful desertion or abandonment of the petitioner by the spouse, for a continuous period of two years in India, before the date of the filing for divorce.
  • Infliction of physical and/or mental torture on the petitioner by the spouse, which may result in danger to life and health of the former.
  • Sexual impotency or inability to perform sexual intercourse by the spouse of the petitioner.
  • Insanity or suffering from incurable disease by the spouse of the petitioner.

Well while searching material for this post I found another old post of mine on the forum (in a different context) where a legal expert replied to me giving references regarding marriage & rape law. I'm posting the relevant section here rest of it can be found on the given link.

Rape Law: [IPC Sec 375] and also IPC Sec 376 under special cases

A man is said to commit rape who has sexual intercourse with a woman,
with her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is lawfully married, or

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

5- Conditions for a Hindu marriage.
  A marriage may be solemnized between any two Hindus, if the following conditions are fulfilled, namely:-
    (i) neither party has a spouse living at the time of the marriage
    (ii) at the time of the marriage, neither party-
      (a) is incapable of giving a valid consent to it in consequence of unsoundness of mind; or
      (b) though capable of giving a valid consent, has been suffering from mental disorder of such a kind or to such an extent as to be unfit for marriage and the procreation of children; or
      (c) has been subject to recurrent attacks of insanity or epilepsy;
      (iii) the bridegroom has completed the age of [twenty-one years] and the bride the age of [eighteen years] at the time of the marriage;
      (iv) the parties are not within the degrees of prohibited relationship unless the custom or usage governing each of them permits of a marriage between the two;
      (v) the parties are not sapindas of each other, unless the custom or usage governing each of them permits of a marriage between the two.

7- Ceremonies for a Hindu marriage.
  (1) A Hindu marriage may be solemnized in accordance with the customary rites and ceremonies of either party thereto.
  (2) Where such rites and ceremonies include the saptapadi (that is, the taking of seven steps by the bridegroom and the bride jointly before the sacred fire), the marriage becomes complete and binding when the seventh step is taken.

11- Void marriages.
  Any marriage solemnized after the commencement of this Act shall be null and void and may, on a petition presented by either party thereto against the other party, be so declared by a decree of nullity if it contravenes any one of the conditions specified in clauses (i), (iv) and (v) of section 5.

(1) Any marriage solemnized, whether before or after the commencement of this Act, may, on a petition presented by either the husband or the wife, be dissolved by a decree of divorce on the ground that the other party-
    (i) has, after the solemnization of the marriage, had voluntary, sexual intercourse with any person other than his or her spouse; or
(2) A wife may also present a petition for the dissolution of her marriage by a decree of divorce on the ground,-
      (i) in the case of any marriage solemnized before the commencement of this Act, that the husband had married again before such commencement or that any other wife of the husband married before such commencement was alive at the time of the solemnization of the marriage of the petitioner: Provided that in either case the other wife is alive at the time of the presentation of the petition; or

16- Legitimacy of children of void and voidable marriages.
  (1) Notwithstanding that a marriage is null and void under section 11, any child of such marriage who would have been legitimate if the marriage had been valid, shall be legitimate, whether such child is born before or after the commencement of the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Act, 1976, (68 of 1976) and whether or not a decree of nullity is granted in respect of that marriage under this Act and whether or not the marriage is held to be void otherwise than on a petition under this Act.
  (2) Where a decree of nullity is granted in respect of a voidable marriage under section 12, any child begotten or conceived before the decree is made, who would have been the legitimate child of the parties to the marriage if at the date of the decree it had been dissolved instead of being annulled, shall be deemed to be their legitimate child notwithstanding the decree of nullity.
  (3) Nothing contained in sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) shall be construed as conferring upon any child of a marriage which is null and void or which is annulled by a decree of nullity under section 12, any rights in or to the property of any person, other than the parents, in any case where, but for the passing of this Act, such child would have been incapable of possessing or acquiring any such rights by reason of his not being the legitimate child of his parents.

These are some facts regarding marriage & divorce...People who are interested in reading more can follow the links. Smile

Comments on Episode.

Mohan Addu war cool... I wish they continued these things rather than ... em... I shouldn't take her name.
Renu will definitely explode a bomb... today she again brought up the topic of money. I'm sure when bomb will explode Mohan's position will be pathetic.
So finally honeymoon talks happening.
Today Jiji rocked. Wink
Yeh lo... guru nepali hai...ShockedLOL
Looks like we are going to get renu-guru wars than rehan wars...LOL
So marriage issues have started coming up. Thumbs Up
Khuli kitab... bahut jaldi baand bajegi...Angry
I feel our guess will be right... jab tak bhanda phootega tab tak divorce ho chuka hoga ya final stages mein hoga... And renu will play a major role in revealing the truth.

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swavai2 Goldie

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Thanks Nilima, Aditi and Mamta for your wonderful posts. I have only read these 3 since the episode was aired yesterday. Had no time to come up here to make any analysis, though I liked the episode and have the same opinion as of Aditi's on Amar's money being given to FIL.

Basically if one wants to transfer the FDs one has to withdraw them, make a new FD on the new person's name. It is not necessary to give the money to FIL.

Megha, Mohan can take care that the FD's are in the name of Navika and Aditya, they being minors, names of Megha and FIL MIL can be kept as the guardian.

The bank can be asked to transfer the interests earned on these FDs into a joint account with MIL, FIL, Megha and Navika, Addu's names in it. That way Ved and Saroj get some security from their deceased son's money. Kids still own it. Mohan has no access to it, neither that he wants or needs it.

I am sure Ved being what he is, will arrange something like this. Or the way Renu will try to grab the money (she can't!) will send due signals and Jiji, Saroj will see to it that money remains in the name of kids and Renu, Sanjay shall have no access to it.

But I am happy for MM to have expressed so easily and clearly to give up the money. MM shall soon realize the exponential hike in their monthly expenses. May be only then Megha will decide to get back to PL. I hated seeing her house wife avtaar !! And loved Monu's reaction - angry - to see her wiping the floor when clearly they have Guru as a full time help.

Megha raani wake up, recall the "Achaar Papad banaane ke alawaa kafi kuch kai aurate kar sakati hai, magar afsos yeh hai ki nahi karati", words of your loving man, husband (yep, there is a weird legal mess around if he is your husband or not!, but he sure is the man of your life.). Go Megha, go to PL office again. You are lucky, the owner of your office is your school friend and the next powerful, respected person in that office is none other than your dear man!

We MM fans are waiting to see you back in PL office. Your bike rides with Mohan to work, your Nok Jhok and sharing tea. I would personally love to see Megha the professional working woman.

I shall be glad to see her working not because Mohan can't afford it but because she wants to contribute to their family's income and lead a nicely independent, modest but happy life.

Oh, I am dreaming too much, almost lost in the lalala MM land. Anyways all this is not possible unless the truth of dirty MR wedding episode comes out totally. You Megha, is not going to show the strong side of you unless the time puts you through a difficult test. In normal or happy times , so far you have shown a tendency to be domesticated. Something many of us modern working woman have not chosen to be. We do have our share of domestic responsibilities but we love to do our professional work as well. I hope they show you back in PL, entering into a serious journalism like your lover.

I am double sorry for this long and late post. I don't know how many of you will read it. Thanks all.

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Thoda hai thode ki jaroorat hai..Clap

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Sunna_Deewani IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by ankur281


Thoda hai thode ki jaroorat hai..Clap

This is a old song title and also a old colors serial's nameLOL. Mohan bhi serial dekhtha haiLOL

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ankur281 IF-Dazzler

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Jiji bua...Juna Mohalle mein monu dhang ka kamra le nehi paya...woh jayga switzerland...

Renu-Sanjay apni HM leke suru ho gaye...

are Jiji firse Switzerland...

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