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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
em bloody sick of this new charachter already...em waiting for its time to end and she shd leave...i hated it like hell the way she treated a human it khushi or any one...i F**** hate people with such believes ..thts it... humans shd be treated like humans not pigs...this was the first ever episode in the history of IPK tht made me hell frustated... if i remember right in RM even servants were treated like family members...remember nani scolding lavanya for misbehaving with old servant... then from which place she is comming tht she was being so horriable to even family members around her, i mean who the hell are you lady? u r not running this house and you were not from past be a little humble and be in ur limits...? just becoz the house is of ur grandson's tht does'nt gives u the right to humiliate others freely in it. how was she living in ashram i bet? they would have thrown her themself out of their ashram for all these awefull habits...she was simply Pathetic ...

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shree10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AyeReKhushi

This is what I said in another thread as I'm too tired to rant anymore about this think this show is produced by a woman. Gul Khan is quite a disgrace to women if she's allowing this to happen on her own show. I felt sick watching today's episode. I'd be embarrassed to admit to my friends in NY that I watch this show in the 21st century. Forget feminism. It showed Indians in a bad light...bringing up the servant/untouchable much more regressive can you get...its downright pathetic.

Its NOT fun watching Khushi getting humiliated for a whole happened many times in the past with ASR, a month ago with Shyam and today with Dadi. I've never enjoyed such scenes. Especially when I know the CVs won't write in a scene where Khushi gives it back to them. When will she get some damn respect? She needs to have another Guest House moment...she deserves to lash out and put everyone in their place for a change...that hasn't happened in almost a year!

I'd be far more excited if the precap showed Khushi opening her damn mouth and telling Dadi to take a hike. She is the "bahu" of this house, she has the first right on her husband and this is HIS house...she can kick everyone out if she wants to. This includes Anjali, who is the most shameless freeloader I've ever seen. She won't give up the mansion for her husband but she will find a way to manipulate and bring him back. She's a despicable woman.

Watching Khushi tolerate all this nonsense just makes me more can she take Mami and Dadi's taunts without even attempting to defend herself? The old Khushi would never put up with crap from anyone...she stood up to the mighty ASR, so who is this old hag to scare her? The only saving grace of Shyam coming back to the house is that maybe Khushi will finally say she can't take it anymore and walk out of the house. That's when I will respect her again. Not if she keeps putting up with this humiliation silently. She was never a doormat before, please don't ruin her any further.

I think Gul just can't see females being shown as strong and assertive individuals. It shows how regressive her way of thinking is. It has to be all about the male stepping in and saving the female, as Arnav will do tomorrow. That's lovely (and predictable) but for a change, would it hurt to show Khushi win this battle on her own? For them, it would. I won't even bother giving constructive criticism anymore. Today was the limit. Let them show what they want. TRPs will tell the real story and slap them back to reality. Bas.

Wow, I second your thoughts. The name of the show should be changed from Didi Bani Saut to Humiliating Khushi. or as somebody mentioned - "Khushi ko humiliate karne ke 101 tarike".
    And to top it all, they show all under "Nayi Soch"!!  We fell in love with Khushi because she had courage to stand up to mighty ASR for right reasons and beat him.  The CVs have killed that Khushi. The current one appears to be clone of the previous one with all typical Bahu attrubutes.
   Ok. Ok. even if we accept for one moment- that in old days people had this attitude towards servants(Though I hate it) and untouchability was very much in practice there is no need to revive it on show. Dadi's disgust towards Khushi could have been portrayed differently. And for what angle did she look like a servant? just bcos she was working where Malik and raizada women are NOT supposed to work??
  And if Dadi is from old school of thought, the secon thing she should have scolded  Anji for freeloading at her 'Maika' in spite of being married for such a long time. What happened to that tradition ?? Shadi ke baad sasural hi Ladki ka ghar hota hai??
   Well to expect any slightly logical, convincing  story from CVs wood be foolish by now. I don't how long I would be able to stick to the show.
   It seems CVs are almost embarassed to show some sensible moments or practical conversation between KKG and ASR.
  Well I can go on and on .. But let me stop here. Thanks for this post. Good to see that some people share similar thoughts.

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Miss.Supriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:20am | IP Logged
soo true! pooor khushi!

hahahaha i loved wht u said in the khushi run fast 8days to goROFL

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Cogito_Ergo_Sum IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
I couldn't agree with you more!! The USP of the show is being diluted so much, its almost like watching another serial right now.

From IPKKND to "Kyunki Daadi Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi"...Dead Angry Confused Seriously, the CV's had so much left to explore in the complicated relationship between the leads. Shyam issue is still to be fully resolved, Anjali still does not really trust Arnav and Khushi's version fully, preferring to have faith in Shyam to some extent; there is still the issue of Arnav--Khushi's tangled pasts (which could have been brought out by Shyam!!)

WHY did they need to bring in this Daadi character, who is definitely casteist? There's no point saying that there are actually people like this out there! There are all sorts of loonies, losers and low lifes in the world, are you going to depict each and every one of them even if the script has no place for them?

I am assuming there could only be 3 reasons (convoluted as they are) for this foolish track:

A) Assuming Daadi's entry and hostility to Khushi makes Arnav stand by her even more and thereby he proves his devotion and faith in her. Why did they need this new character for this? As it is, Mami is howlingly hostile towards Khushi, Akaash is indifferent and sometimes rude, Anjali is ambiguous at best!! There was enough scope for Arnav to demonstrate his willingness to stand by her without this added character.

B) Assuming Daadi's intervention is what brings out the secret of Arnav--Khushi's shared pasts. As I mentioned above, this could have been done by Shyam, the existing villain on the show! Why dilute his role?

C) Assuming Daadi forces Arnav-Khushi remarriage. Doesn't this sound totally spurious seeing how she reacts to Khushi? For God's sake, she tells her to stay out of her room and says she needs to purify herself after being touched by her!! And why should anyone force the remarriage anyway? It was part of the redemption process Arnav had to do, to actually give Khushi the wedding with all rites and rituals she always dreamed of. It was something HE owed to HER; something HE had to think of doing. Getting Daadi in between lowers the value of this act.

So really, all the excuses I can think of, for this unnecessary and diversionary track, are pointless in the extreme. If there are any more, would be glad if we can have a discussion on those. Smile

Finally, a note to the director/ writer/ other creatives of the show. In 2012, you are showing an authoritative lady, who other members of her family (including her samdhan) apparently respect and fear, behaving like a total cad, with definite casteist tendencies. And NO ONE has the stomach to tell her off? I am sorry, but this the height of inept direction and screenplay! 

If my Grandmom (God rest her soul, she was a Great Lady with nothing but kindness in her) had ever behaved this way, I would have told her it was inappropriate in a heartbeat. And I had the highest love and regard for her.

You know, seeing this disgusting portrayal, I was contrasting the situation with our domestic help who started working for us when I was 3 years old. She finally left owing to her advancing years, when I was 24. There wasn't a dry eye in the house on her last day at work, and that was true across generations and gender. She still drops in occasionally just to help out or say Hello.

Why not show the good side of relationships instead of focusing on caricatured weaknesses all the time? Is it because such negative saas-bahu (daadi-bahu in this case) tracks are supposed to be the nayi soch? Or are you actually too busy repeating 'Dekhna hai to Dekho' to do any real 'soch-ing' at all? Tongue

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catalyst IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
 i had enuff of tantrums of ANJI in show...i dont want another minakumari or so called drama queen in show just serving as nothing but a problem in khusiz life...

this is too much to handle...i usually skip to arhi n nk scnes...i cant handle the ronadhona...i mean why is it soo difficult to get this very fact glued to her mind that shyam was a douche,scumbag,pathetic being and wasting her glycerine for the sake of that vile being is just a waste of time and rather she needs to move on...n let others rest in peace...

how long is she gonna keep herself inclined to her brothers shoulder...her character is putting me to shame...grow up anji!

cuming to yesterday's episode...i wonder from which angle does khusi seem to be a servant to dadi...had dadi looked at herself once...i m fuming right now...this is soo irrevalent...

first khusi is called a gold-digger,accused to be in a affair with shyam and now this...glad for the first tymm arnav stood for her...but therez more on his behalf to act and make khusi feel loved and special!

my heart goes out to her...raizadas need to learn how to behave...applies to each and every RAIZADA!

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supriya.arshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:34am | IP Logged
I have to say... when it comes to families, ASR's is top of the SCUMBAG list! Be it the Raizada's OR the Mallik's ASR family are just plain SCUM!

love this line :)...i really wanna c Arnav stand upto Khushi in the comin episodes!!!!

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velangini IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 December 2011
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:35am | IP Logged
agree with you completely
the woman already started getting on my nerves
what's with not touching servants,not allowing them into temples
and manorama,she is having so much fun looking at khushi's sad face
now we know where all this "AUKAT"crap comes to asr from
nk is the only one tried to correct the meanie
please khushi,if you love arnav so much take his hand and go far far away
if he refuses,then he don't deserve you
for your own sanity,woman get out of that mad house as soon as possible

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ravenheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by supriya.r

I have to say... when it comes to families, ASR's is top of the SCUMBAG list! Be it the Raizada's OR the Mallik's ASR family are just plain SCUM!

love this line :)...i really wanna c Arnav stand upto Khushi in the comin episodes!!!!
Even their friends/neighbours do not leave any stone unturned.  Snobbish crowd all of them.  I too am pretty disappointed with the way the show is shaping.  If it continues the way it is, I will have no qualms to stop watching it - why upset ourselves over fictional characters?

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