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Spice Girls Hangout:Let the games begin... (Page 2)

sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:30pm | IP Logged

Hello Ladies!

So the Dadi makes quite the appearance and brings along with her a chattai and a pandora box not filled with past secrets but with personal dishware. I see a potential second best character after ASR etched in her, if the CVs maintain consistency and rationality.
Her personality and characteristics can some what paint a picture of how Arnav's father must have been and the one word that screams to me right now is "rebellious". Much like Arnav. There's a pattern here and it seems they both didn't like being kept under the thumb and rebelled as they pleased. Arnav with Lavanya and his dad with whatever or whoever. 

So she and Devyani Raizada are childhood friends which gives us a tad more insight into how Arnav's mom and dad got married. Yes, we're all thinking that and it explains why his father went astray, but I truly believe the tides run deeper than that and the creatives will give us much more than we bargain for with this track. It is their baby! 

I do not condone how she treated Khushi today. I'm sorry, I was born into the 21st century and if my own grandmother pulled ignorance like this and openly practiced something that Colonial India preached, I'd be ashamed and would call her out on it.  I really don't care what Hedge has to defend himself on this, its just not cool. Your male protagonist is meant to be a Harvard Business School graduate and this new character of yours has spent the last 10+ years in an orphanage being taken care by people way below her "status", I'd love for you to tell me how she got along there for all these years with all this sass! 

Arnav missing from the episode was expected with BS's leave, but the last scene and the precap will make many of us want to watch tomorrow's episode, so well done there CVs. Just please stay consistent with ASR being the husband and lover this time. He doesn't always have to be a brother and son.

I'm personally taking time to warm up to this track. Its about to get very dark very soon. There was a shit load of symbolism thrown at us today and really all it screamed to me was "chaos" from start to finish.
So the contract ends soon,  Anjali pops a baby soon? I want to think Daadi's jab was at her "bump" that only she can see, then again she called the D-I-L of the house a servant so I really don't want to believe in her vision and perception!
If it wasn't that, does Shyam have something to do with this? It would seem plausible, she did go missing from the ashram all of a sudden, so he may have given her a heads up. 

But but but, the inconsistencies remain big freaking time. 
If Anjali indeed did not know about Daadi's wherabouts since that night, how does Daadi know about Anjali's marriage and damadji? If someone from home did inform Dadi, what did they say when Anjali asked them for her whereabouts? 
Its only been one day, so I'll let you tell me that in the upcoming episodes CVs :)

Daadi's hate towards Khushi and her affinity towards Anjali and her promising her that "everything will be okay" concluding the episode with a triangle with Anjali-Dadi on one side, Arnav-Nani on the other and the group of "Dadi hates us" on the third tells me, the ultimatum won't just be thrown by Anjali, Dadi will have a bigger hand in it.

I did say it spelled chaos for me and I do think Arnav-Khushi getting married again and a few other things like Arnav standing up for Khushi, consummation and Anjali's delivery will be the high points of this track, but it is going to head into Arnav and Khushi separating. 
I hate to be the party pooper, but they will face it all like troopers but a separation in this track with the past is inevitable, but... the outcome won't be out for a while, so enjoy the ride!

Edited to add:
With Priya's info coming in, it seems the re-marriage will be around the 3rd Teej.
Hartalika Teej is on the 18th September. So if re-marriage is indeed in September, I'm almost confident consummation happens on Diwali night.
Yes, they'll give us a 360 with some more!

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged

I liked the episode. Not brillliant but a good indicator of the storm to come.

So dadi aagai, with her Malik ego and aukat dialogues. Sachi mai ASR ki daadi hai.

Nak chari.D'oh

With her suitcase full of peetal bartan, one item for one member of the Malik clan. 

A glass for Amma Malik, A spoon for Papa Malik, A jug for Bitwa Malik and A plate for Malik Di.

Why does ASR get the jug??? Well he needs something to hide in doesn't he???Wink

enough of bakwaas.LOL

Khushi gets mistaken as a servant, no one corrects and daadi flashes her dhai kilo wala palm at intervals because her face doesn't have the time to listen to Raizada nonsense.

We all know our Gauti Bhaiya is a satyamev jayate supporter and he brought in the caste issue into the show. Well done, IPK will receive brownie points from TRP dadi for social message.Clap

This track will click definitely with some of the 8000 TRP meters. We have a Maha Saas, an aukat issue, a standard bahu and the nayi soch in this is the pati taking a stance for the biwi, aur kya chahiye?

So well done, baaki ka pata nahi but my dad did a little dance at the precap, the same way he dances when bhabho and koki show their love, so this track is right up their sleeve for that kind of audience.

What we got was the battle lines drawn. Nani-ASR vs Dadi-Anji.

I look forward. Good stuff!Big smile

Aaja piya tohe pyaar doon, gori baiyyaan tope vaar doon.Wink

Aur haan. Shukriya for all the Lau Sgs today. Aap sab bohat ache ho!!

Thank you for the wishes, songs, scars, cakes, DP teapots and the  VM by Rags. Lau you all AMEZING peeps!Hug

Had made a VM today, lekin my Lappy keeps crashing. So if it goes on before i switch the lappy off. Good. Otherwise i'll try again tomorrow.

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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
hi everyoneHug so i liked the episode and loved the precap as far as the acting/new track/ hubby's stance for the wife was concerned…content (episode) not so much…but that might be the feminist in me ranting….anyhow let's delve on what actually happened today… was quite a dhamaka….coz rile up khushi and u rile up the audience…it is quite simple that way….especially the trp audience and it is quite apparent it is a trp ploy and i dont blame them….all i want after all this throwing around of khushi unceremoniously..they actually do get the trps….i guess the nayi soch will kick in with the precap playing out tomorrow….

so i always believe in talking about the good stuff first and so the precap discussion….arnavji moves back a few steps 2 join his dutiful wife and accord her the respect she so deserves and very coolly asks dadi to continue with her rant…..o.m.g. didnt y'all just love his stance/dialogue delivery/not to mention looking groomed as well after a long time and most importantly dadi's shock and her mouth opened with a perfect o LOL…in your face bad a*s dadi or whatever…..get this straight this home's right ful owner is right now standing beside your grandson…hmph Angry

moving on to the episode…dadi enters RM…but not before mami is shown scared to bits and nk and payal not getting a clue as to what is it about this dadi that is scaring her…khushi in the meanwhile tends to the plants of her arnavji oh so lovingly but talking about di and her  nanhi kaliShocked…i guess negotiation is working alright…anyways…she is made 2 be the brunt of dadi's anger by throwing impure water on her and worse touch ehr with her impure hands….the one q that always used 2 spring up in my mind when delaing with such characters in real life was how the hell do they purify themselves in the first place….i know many will say gangajal (or water from ganges….but that is just bah…coz indian junta has already impurified the ganges water to the hilt)Ouch

anyhow the interesting part was why did daadi call khushi naukar n not nk n payal….was it coz she was working with a tub of water or is there some sinister reason ….will prefer to watch n see n not speculate..

ill definitely kill the useless mami one day if she continues doing what she did today….affirming to dadi with ehr silence that khushi is a naukar….sab uske pati ka khaate hain aur himmat toh dekho….gawdAngry nk gets special hug n kiss for being such a dearHug u truly r a sachha dost…..Thumbs Up

the next highpoint was khushi accepting in so many words she loves arnavji…which i made the mighty mistake of missing in the first watch….so i guess wooing wont be pursued anymore from arnavji…he much for 12 s days of christmas etc….another googly….

payal speaks up for khushi's insult but in private Thumbs Down that is not what khushi would have done for u payal…but ill let it be coz u or neone can never be as selfless/brave as khushi is….and payal directs her 2 dadi…bhys…someone pleej tells… was such a bad move….but i guess more insult more tears more trps….Star

khushi disturbs dadi in her pooja n she asks her 2 withdraw her feet from her chaukhat/the ledge to the door ..yeah yeah we get it…dadi wont allow khushi in so easily….but why did khushi not wait…doesnt she know all the tracitions n rules of every nature….she was the teacher of a certain bigadi hui ladki last year…isnt itConfused

anjali is sweet 2 a crestfallen khushi at the door..yeh dekhkar mann prasann ho gaya…sweet anjali wins hearts….Smile but she didnt know where was dadiShocked….aakhir is rm ke secrets n pahelis ko kya naam diya jaaye….dadi in the emanwhile visualises her non existent 8 months bumpLOL or as suggested by many…she is a deputy of shyam…which im not falling for….sorry Ouch coz then she will not act n aks were is damadji n why is she crying….dadi says ill set things right…im taking that as a cv's clue as to what is gonna happen next…things will indeed be set right until the return of the devil himself….amen to both LOL

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-EndlessSmile- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:38pm | IP Logged

yeH super excited for de Epis!!
Awesomd post Sari!!

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-monalisa- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 March 2008
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:39pm | IP Logged

Rabba ve Masala girls!  Big smile

What a trump card played by the CVs in the form of Daadi Mallick!  Killing many many birds with one mean-looking stone. 
  1. Bring the past back into the present.  What better way to do it than to actually resurrect a key player. 
  2. Make the s#$% really and truly hit the fan.  I allude to the white elephant called Shyam Manohar Jha.  No one's talking about the dude.  Well, they have to now.  And pick a side as well. 
  3. Bring said white elephant and the DHV back into the show.  It is now clear that Anjali's emotional blackmail would not have sufficed to achieve this.  Enter Daadiji. 
  4. Lay out the ASR RTR.  All the proponents of "actions louder than words" can rejoice, because that's what this will be about apparently.  
  5. Pave the way to the mandap for Arhi remarriage.  If we couldn't see the need for a shaadi 360 until now, one just showed up at the door of RM, chataai and peetal bartans in tow.
  6.  Manorama-Payal lacking in the saas-bahu quotient of paramount importance in a SP show?  Why fear when a maha-saas is now here.  Let's all worship at the altar of the TRP meters.
While I'm not happy with the way dadiji was introduced today -it was a bit OTT for me -this track definitely promises to be fun as long as Khushi doesn't play the mute bechaari nari she did today. 
What's more, Swati Chitnis seems to be a fabulous actress and suits her role to a T. 
Front front see...bhat bhat happens! 

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SSB28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:51pm | IP Logged
Nice post Sari Smile

I am going to  give Dadi a bit of time before declaring my verdict on her character ... Plus Khushi is such a doll that no one can stay angry with her Smile...

In my opinion the upcoming track would be very interesting as we will finally see the lost pieces of puzzle which will solve Arnav's past plus Khushi's relation to Arnav's past ... so I am eagerly looking forward to it Smile

Precap was awesome ... Way to go ASR Clap...

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Vistaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:59pm | IP Logged

Hello dear SG's,

Today turned out to be a true blue manic Monday and IPKKND topped it off with a dimaag-ka-dahi -guaranteed-varna-full-refund episode. So the heretefore unheard of Dadi enters, dragging a cauldron full of prejudice behind her. Flashbacks of pre-Khushi, unevolved ASR and his auqaat lines come to mind. Perhaps that is the show the origins of ASR-ness. So then the question becomes, wherefore does Dadi's prejudice stem from? Is it just a sign of her times and place, or were real-life events responsible for this distaste for lowly servants? Such as the apple of her eye, her Bitwa developing a roving eye for the pretty maid/worker in the house, perhaps?  Despite the aage squared dekhiye hota hai kya mantra that I stick to normally, am beginning to think that is likely what happened with Senior Malik and what led to all the rest of the mess in ODB's past.

Few other points to ponder:
Peetal ke bartan out of her suitcase? Bhys?
Bhy the failure to reciprocate Anjali's first hug? For the longest time she didn't even raise one arm to console Anjali as she was shedding buckets on her shoulder.
Does servant phobia extend to Manorama, given her past? Hence the line "kuch cheezein aur log kabhi nahin badal sakte" Is that why M is scared? So then does this make Nani a better elder than Dadi? So much for all the scorn heaped on her during La times.
Dilkhush Cadbury moments:
Khushi tending to Arnavji's plantsSmile
"Jinse hum itna pyaar karte hain..." said with complete acceptance and matter of fact-ness..Day Dreaming
NK, bless his soul, making attempts to correct the servant mis-notion...and feeling aggravated on Khushi's behalf... he is a darling...Clap



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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
I am another silent spectator today. But, can't wait till hear what all lively ladies have to say?

One question. Could they wait till the wooing track to end before starting this one? Love story, why cut romantic tracks short? And it had so much potential.

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