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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:24pm | IP Logged

I liked the episode; it was the ok types...There is a sense of mystery here. Something the Raizada's are trying to hide from each other and the rest of the family about their past. Anji didn't know where dadi has been all these years...Shocked Khushi is on the way to becoming a star bahu....She hasn't been accepted by the star parivaar; which essentially includes all of us, the TRP audience.

The competing show is whooping their behind on a not so modern concept. They tried very hard with the nayi soch, a girl whose husband cheated on her but all she did was cry; a mami who continually called the bahus derogatory names but the bahus kept mum....the men of the house just watched the wives being treated less than bahus....But kya kare, nothing excited the audience, they still watched the other show....If what we saw before was nayi soch, this is the newer nayi soch...It is only going to get better...

Be pogitive, be pogitive....This isn't coming from me, even mami seems to believe that! Yes, Dadiji will be positive but in a ASR way....You get the point..... She gets straight to aukat like you know who....When all else fails, it is aukat. So we are stuck on aukat.... Who in the world will have such a pretty naukrani? Do you think the pati's would stay married with such a pretty maid? Wouldn't they do a Malik on them like ASR's father may have done?

Dadiji knew who she was but by now we know the Malik tradition, they always start off on the wrong foot...especially with someone who is as clumsy as Khushi....

Points against Khushi

Khushi doesn't see imminent danger in Dadiji; she is sidetracked by the chipkali...Sign of things to come?


  • Khushi is an orphan so this will go on for some time...Dadi's frown upon orphans. General school of thought -  pata nahi kiska najais aulad hai. 
  • Chote married for love or so everyone thinks....To top it, the marriage happened in a mandir with no witnesses, so Khushi is the one with no character or values. 
  • Chote's father seemed to have done something similar that destroyed the family. Khushi caused ASR to stray like his father
  • Khushiji is the other woman in Anji's life...OUCH!

Points  for Khushi

Romance will blossom, like these rosebuds soon will...

  • Dadiji loves shudh Hindi...Our girl has introduced words ASR never knew, paala, ramanchi & tilchatta.
  • Naniji & Dadiji are friends, some day naniji's views may prevail. But nani cannot control mami, so I won't bank on this one.
  • Dadiji presence made Khushiji admit she loves him; "Kabhi Kabhi aisa lagta hai - hum jinse itna pyaar karte hain - unke baare mein hum kuch jaante hi nahi hai..." Maybe a real ILU on the cards.....
  • Dadiji's presence will make the pati come to her rescue & maybe propose a real marriage
  • Dadiji's presence will make the pati repent the rushed marriage, the grief & embarrassment he is causing the patni
  • Pati may buy her a whole new wardrobe to show she is Mrs ASR, maybe sari's to please Dadi.
  • Shyamu's plans always fail...LOL


Potential threats from Dadi 

Dadi promised to set things right, does that mean she will bring back Dhaiyya ho?
Imminent rift in the Raizada camp - team Anjali-Dadi vs team Arnav-nani. It is evident that all others will be on Arnav's team but could be silent spectators...

Positives outweigh the negatives in this track coz it is the world against them... That could only mean one thing...He was willing to stand by her when Anjali said she won't be accepted as the Raizada bahu. Then it was hate. Why wouldn't he stand by her now? Let the games begin...



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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
SG's - A friendly reminder to all who post here. Here are some guidelines we expect you to adhere to. Please be courteous to fellow SG's and follow these guidelines. It is impossible for me or any SG to monitor the discussion here due to the size of the thread. So we decided to post the rules as a reminder and for those who are new to the hangout.

  • Please stick to the topic of discussion; all things IPK is permissible. Occasional OT's are acceptable...Wink

  • We  refrain from posting links to spoilers, spoiler videos like SBB/SBS and the likes. This is just a courtesy we extend  to all fellow SG's who would  prefer not to know upcoming scenes until the scene is airedSmile

  • We  DO NOT bash other threads or individual posters. Although we are free to share links to appreciate outstanding write ups. We appreciate and applaud  creativity.

  • Please refrain from making political statements or bring up political affiliation. This could result in hurting the sentiments of others reading the post including the silent readers.
  • We are not about running up the page count or our individual post counts. We do encourage fellow SG's to get to the next level but please do not inconvenience others by excessive spamming. 

  • We DO NOT drool over BS. Although occasional drooling is acceptable...Wink We are the spice girls, we appreciate a good thing...ROFL

  • We DO NOT post Salluben videos or Shyamu pictures. That comes with a jurmana...ROFL

I believe in free speech and do not believe in policing the thread or micro managing it. I expect SG's to use their best judgement. At the end of the day, it is about having a good time. I hope I have not rubbed anyone the wrong way, it is not against any 1 individual. We are now a big group and I had to lay out the rules so that we do not go overboard and make it unpleasant for others. It is also for those who are new to the hangout.

Thank you...

Edited -

On the spoilers: Feel free to discuss them but put a spoiler alert msg clearly indicating it is a spoiler so that SG's who do not want to watch them are forewarned...Wink

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joenet1234 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
Winter is coming... (In case you don't know, it is the tag line of 'Game of Thrones')

Interesting episode and maybe a necessary one given the PH has their knickers in the knot to up the drama quotient and bring in the bucks. Dadi Malik is here and she means business. A woman who deserted her own family 14 years ago for some reasons unknown, vowed never to come back barges into the lives of the Raizadas to stake her claim. I am alive, I am here, I am Malik, so are you and I am here to remind you of that! What is her agenda? Why does she matter? What will she do? All remains to be seen. Which way does the scale tip with Dadi will be a matter of perspective. For now, there is not enough evidence to be pro or anti-dadi. I am sitting on the fence and my ass hurts.

There were plenty of hints for decoding but I am going to refrain. I am not about to get slapped with another jurmana in 24 hours. If anyone asks a kostin, I can oblige only if you are willing to split the jurmana :)
With Dadi, comes a quiz show. Why now? Isn't that a loaded question. Besides the obvious answer, TRP, looks like Dadi is here to be the third wheel in pretty much everyone's business. Every love story needs a conflict, without pain, trials and tests somehow the strength of love is incomprehensible. Whoever came up with that idea was one sadistic and unhappy person but sure as hell got people to buy into the concept. Love in the time of Cholera! Did I just compare Dadi with Cholera?

Something big happened 14 years ago that made Dadi hibernate up until now. Something equally big must have happened for her to shed her exile. She must have known that something is not kosher at Shantivan but how? Did she come here on the pretext of Shyam? It is possible. Who says she has to personally meet Shyam to get the news? A message is what matters, not the messenger. It could be a fly on the wall, a little birdie, water cooler talk or what have you. There are other typical IPK ways in which she might have gotten the message: telepathy with Payal so Mami can be set straight or through random gusts of wind. Yes, the same gust of wind that is around Khushi and Arnav, now has a third tenant, Dadi. The point is message was sent and received. She is here to 'right' all the 'wrongs' but what is black or white depends on your perspective, doesn't it?

Another interesting point to note here is why Dadi chose to go away 14 years ago? Does the 'peetal ka bartan' run in the family? 'Woh aurath' that night did something that made Dadi hide in her peetal ka bartan for 14 years, does the same fate await the grandson? There have been hints of the past which connect Khushi and Arnav, who knows what the past brings in the future?

Khushi was just getting ready to accept her feelings and her place in Arnav's life. With the introduction of Dadi's chaos in their lives, she will retreat back to her shell once again. Looks like Arnavji has his work cut out for him. 'jis say hum itna pyar kartay hain inhe theek say jaantay bhi nahi hain'. The last few months we have seen Arnav realizing his feelings and getting to understand his Khushi, will this track lead to Khushi understanding her Arnavji? 'Aap aisay kiyon hain?' I don't remember the exact times Khushi has asked this question but the two distinct moments were New Years Eve and just last week outside of Gupta House. Both of the times the answer raised more questions. With the entrance of the Malik, will Khushi be able to figure out why Arnav is ASR, the person and not just the name?

For those wanting a 'redemption' will see this track as their wish granted. I for one disagree, because for me redemption has been well underway for a while. I hope CVs are able to execute this mega drama in a decent manner and get their main point across - For Khushi to understand Arnav, for their love to stand the grueling trials and be victorious and be prepared for the next dhamaka.

Briefly touching on the last scene - lines have been drawn, battle is about to begin. It is between Devyani and Arnav Singh Raizada vs the Maliks and the rest of the family in a supporting role. The terms of the battle have yet to be determined but this is one deal that will cost ASR one way or another. 

Points to ponder:
1. Khushi spilling water on Dadi - Will she be the one to get the stick out of Dadi's ass?
2. Aukat - this is what defines the Maliks. Somethings don't change, like Dadi said.
3. Anjali and Dadi conversation - Reassurance from one mother to another. There is more to it.
4. NK - Love you. Will be counting on your support for what's to come.
I generally don't dissect the precap but today's deserves a special mention because of one of my areas of interest: Strategy! I am talking about 4lions strategy to show a seemingly cringe-worthy episode and than completely wash it away with a 34sec precap that has the audience clapping (not me). You get the aunties to tune in tomorrow just for dadi and you get everyone else (internet audience, youngsters, phangurls) to see THE man, ASR. Brilliant! Seems like someone besides ASR has gotten a Harvard brain. It is interesting to see how a precap can rectify an episode, much like the audience wanting a sorry from ASR to rectify all his mistakes. But I am a different kinda gal, a precap doesn't do much for me, neither does a sorry. A thousand sorry to me will fall on my deaf ears, but if someone takes off work early just to spend time with me or make a cup of Early Grey when my nose is running, that stuff counts, that is redemption - much like what ASR was doing but alas! masses want something different. I forever will be a member of the 'show and not tell club'; Docgirl is the leader and my unofficial mentor (she just doesn't know it yet) Wink

Side note but important:
I get the pressure of TRP and the scheme of being profitable has been giving the PH nightmares but does the solution have to come at the cost of compromising on social values? Was there absolutely no other way to show a stern, firm, egoistic, prejudiced older woman than to bring in the regressive trait of branding someone 'untouchable' and servant? Humanity took another fall today. In this day and age instead of using a powerful medium to promote progressive values we are yet again seeing it is acceptable to belittle another human being. Yeah, yeah I get the whole 'but but... you see dadi will be reformed and all and will see the err in her ways', but the fact is what you showed today! It saddens me to admit that these stereotypes still exist in the society but should they be given such a wide platform to showcase their prejudices, even if it is temporary? Are the cruelties of real life not enough? I never met my dadi but did see a dadi figure with her own nuisances. She would only eat the roti/chappati as soon as it was hot out of the pan, a few seconds delay and the taunts started Confused never understood why but than what do I know, I survive on microwaveable dinners! The point is there were other ways to show Dadi Malik, in an attempt to pick the 'most likeable by aunties', you also picked the one with most resistance, at least for me. Let's see how long this nautanki lasts. If a show is willing to stoop to this level, there are not enough Rabba-Veys in IPK to keep me around. A not-so-wise man once said 'dekhna hai to dekho'. Little did he know that people might actually consider taking his advice. But the kostin is, kya dekhain? ab to Satymev Jayate bhi khatam ho giya!

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:24pm | IP Logged

As expected not much of ASR today, full focus on Dadi's entry. An episode which appears to be a filler, is much more than that on a second watch. Yes, I watched it again as I gain a different insight when I watch twice and noticed little things I didn't see before

Episode starts with Manorama being a nervous wreck trying to explain to NK and Payal about the kind of person Dadi is, never have I seen Manorama like this before so Dadi must have some effect on her

I liked the scene with Khushi and the flowers, she is really adapting her husband's traits which is cute. Poor Khushi had no idea what she was in for, a day which started off beautifully for her quickly turned into a disaster with Dadi mistaking her for a servant on their first meeting and being a complete snob. Got to love NK for trying to defend Khushi not once but twice, he was the star of this episode

Payal disappointed me, not only did she not defend her sister she foolishly tells her to go and give Dadi milk. Khushi being the eternal optimist hoped to clear the MU and learn more about the man she loves, sadly in the process she forgot her manners and rudely interrupted Dadi praying not good for someone who already has the worst opinion about her. Poor Khushi just can't seem to do anything right in Dadi's eyes and the elopement will only drive a bigger wedge between them.

The next scene leaves you with more questions than answers, Anjali returns home to see Khushi upset and learns Dadi is back. Here's where things get interesting, how did she know Anjali was pregnant without a bump? How does she know about Shyam?? Dadi has promised to set things right and in the end it was a clear case of battle lines being drawn, you have Anjali and Dadi on one side while Manorama, Payal, NK and Khushi are on another. Arnav and Nani are in the middle of it all. Looks like Dadi will be the one responsible for bringing back Shyam.

Precap was good, I look forward to Arnav standing up for Khushi but doubt it will be enough for someone as headstrong as Dadi. Could it be that Dadi will be responsible for a remarriage track?? She certainly was not happy to hear about Arnav eloping, so could it be she sets forward a condition that she won't accept Khushi until he marries her again? Or will it be a clear case of Khushi and Arnav facing more turbulent times with the return of Shyam and having Dadi and Anjali as his pillar of support?? Maybe both.

Ok for an episode that didn't seem worth a take, I ended up writing a lot more than planned! Must mean something about this episode worked to get me talking

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-Vee05- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
Sari I agree with was a good episode but one really had to focus on a lot of things. Great take as make the IPK Experience come alive Star

Today began the clash of the Titan's...from the Ramayan we jump Ship to the Mahabharat and we restart the Epic story all over again! Big smile

First watch yawn worthy stuff...a second watch gave me a lot of insight...either we are moving so fast and heading to an end or the creatives have decided to keep spinning us in circles and give us a run for our money. Either way this will be interesting to watch! Thumbs Up

The Kissa Kursi ka is interesting to watch...Dadi and Nani childhood friends will be on opposite sides of the battle lines supporting their selected/elected grandchild. The concept of Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon has changed for me...this is a battle of a brother and his sister is a story of love entangled in the Relationship bonded by blood and essentially sibling rivalry.Approve

The sister will fight for her love and the brother for his wife's pride and honor...and personally i think i like this story much better than Di ki Saut or Didi bani saut! Clap

He gave her rakhi ka vasta a few weeks ago...she ignored him...she put a brave face on and nibhaoed Rakhi last weel...but she will now change gears head for Shyam Babua because Dadi will make her.Dead

Khushi is left feeling alone and incomplete but she has her man by her side. She will again be selfless here and let Dadi win when he will lose it on her . I want to see this play. Smile

Today was a weirded out episode at many levels though...too many flaws and too much to think about:

-Peetal ke Bartan Dadi brings carries around in that Tiny bag of hers...

-Why does she carry a chattai with her?

-Will the baat ever be completed between Arnav and Khushi or will it be forgotten jut like the will under the crib?

-Where was HP?...clearly Dadi hasnt seen the servant's of the house!

-the 14 years, Anjali's wedding fiasco, their ages and everything around their past is getting iffier and more confusing. The number's just dont add up anymore!

-Manorama is on crack!

Song of the evening...LOL

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
i jus LUVED the epi...

cvs motive was to leave an impact by the new entry nd they did it convincingly...quite well i mus say

nd the. casting is also perfect...i like the woman playing the role already...

plus its very much evident that its shyam who sent her coz of the way she askd abt shyam nd the fact that she knws abt anjalis pregnancy inspite of not being in touch with them for ages nd her extra negativity towards khushi...she isnt negatv but akru nd kharoos jus like arnav...nd i m luving it

as usual the forum is flooded with ANTI -DAADI posts
after anjali daadi is their latest punching bag

but she is a welcum entry than shyam again

i luved daadi nd anjali hug

plus arnavs eyes were also moist seeing her

shows both siblings luv her a lot and vice versa

cuming to the is an awesum reply posted by one of the members

Originally posted by sumaya123

i loved todays episode. it was just so intriguing. i really like the dadi although she's against khushi , but i got a feeling that she's gonna bring an interesting twist to the story.
i just hate it when people complain so much about new characters, they end up sending complaint mails to star plus. they even go to the extend of using fowl languages. thats just pathetic. i really want the dadi to stay this time , i think she'll play a vital role in the re-marriage of arnav and khushi..

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:27pm | IP Logged

Hi Sari and SG's!

Dramatic start to the week, quite a powerful entry for Dadi if you ignore the whole saas bahu crap. Loved Khushi when she was gardening, nurturing Arnav's private worldDay Dreaming; she looked beautiful and loved the tied up hair. What followed was 20 mins of drama to introduce a new strict character and for setting the stage for the next few weeksThumbs Down.

"Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai - hum jinse itna pyaar karte hain - unke baare mein hum kuch jaante hi nahi hai..." was clearly the dialogue of the day not because Khushi confesses her love for her Arnavji to the walls D'oh but because in the coming track Khushi will actually get to know her man; the man behind the mask, the reason behind what changed a happy jovial teenage into the hard hearted cynic he now is and hopefully she will understand him and be his support system and he hers instead of her wanting to run away at every stage due to straining relationships in the family.

I know the first reaction to Dadi is everyone instantly disliked her; while I wish they had kept the saas bahu circus of her repeatedly calling Khushi a servantAngry out of it while the morons at RM stood by watching without voicing that she was wrong; I think she was quite realistic as an old school, wealthy, disciplined small town lady who definitely has the attitude to be ASR's dadiLOLLOL. A lot of people of that generation come from a high and mighty POV, a strict sense of how things are to be done and who is allowed to breathe the air they do because of their belief in the caste system. While I find her regressive, I understand such people do exist.

Loved NK for atleast making an attempt to clear the air, hated Mami as usual though she seemed pretty panic stricken herself, and well Payal either needs some dialogues and expressions or just keep her out of the scene. Anjali's first reaction when she saw an upset Khushi was of concern; is she really trying to give her the benefit of doubt? The Anjali-Dadi conversation was confusing; Dadi knows about the baby and damadji but has clearly not been in touch with Anjali since the mysterious night 14 years back; ASR said on Friday that he made repeated attempts to contact Dadi; too much confusion, lets see how it all plays outConfused.

Loved the precap with ODB finally standing up for his wife in true ASR styleThumbs Up. Plus there clearly seems to be an upcoming battle with Anjali-Dadi on one side and Arnav-Nani on the other. I've always loved Nani and with Arnav-Nani as a team the clash of the titans can be very interesting.

The overly dramatic display we saw today was 1) to create a filler for Barun's 2 day leave and 2) to make Arnav bitwa look good tomorrowWink.So cheer up people; hopefully come tomorrow we get back to business as usual. For Mishti's spoiler; I think Arnav will not really be mad at Khushi but upset about the whole situation and so Khushi tries to cheer him up. I'll be quite mad if he unnecessarily is angry at Khushi and she manaofies him when we are technically supposed to be in the "Arnav winning Khushi back"track. Love the song though, great possibilitiesWink.

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:30pm | IP Logged

Hello ladies ,

I have to say I kind of skimmed the episode today . I do not have much tolerance for stereotypical matriach figures walking into a house with a condesending attitude... yet I refrain myself from making a judgement as it was the first day.
So the lizard arrives ...I mean  dadi.  What triggered her arrival after 14 years of staying at the ashram ?  And what is her agenda ?  So  Anjali is definetly  meeting someone in secrecy and it is not hard to guess who ...
On the positive side I think dadi's arrival is good. A strong person to guid teh Mehta kids is required.  Arnie who is never answerable to anyone needs to give a few  and Anji who is lonesome and so tainted from the past is unable to sepearte the truth from the lies.  I am hoping dadi makes Arnie see the importance of society norms that a marriage in a temple with no witness does not get a stamp from everyone and  for Anji that breaking away from the past and moving on is an option.
On the negative side we may just see a typical saas bahi drama with dadi and her rules and  high handed manner who can never be pleased and for Khushi being the scapegoat.   There is no place for this in IPK and I hope the cvs keep it that way.
 What I did like was ,
 NK , a good friend and clear hearted.  He needs a clear role in the show. Loved the way he stood by Khushi all the time .
Anji , finally finding someone she can talk too though the info that she would provide will be very biased.
Khushi , looking after Arnie's plants and her acknowledgement that she knows very little of the man she loves so much.
And the a rule they are very deceptive and at times do not live up to their promise...but the 2 secs of Arnie standing by Khushi gives me hope that he is now committed to her 100%.  I am so looking forward to him establishing a rightful position for her in the house and for Khsuhi to take on that rightful ownership of Arnie and her position in the house. Enough of sacrifices and pleasing everyone...
Lastly...( I know we dont discuss a lot of spoliers )  but could not resist this one...There is a roothna - manana sequence coming up with Khushi doing the "aaja piya tohe pyaar doon...gori bahiyaan tope waar doon..."  Isn't that just dreamy ????
From  SKD...till later.

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