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What I LOVED: 6th August 2012

Shalini76 Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:39pm | IP Logged

What I LOVED: 6th August 2012

Okay, I know the episode was cool n' all, but all that later. First things first:




Just today on FB, I was talking to a few Buddies, and I said I'd Love to see Arnav vs. Dadi Ji. Oh YEAH!

Even if for a little bit, my wish was granted! I don't care if I don't see them at loggerheads after this, but tomorrow's episode has a bit of it. Though I doubt, if Dadi Ji and Arnav would be exactly on the same team.


Equations are re-aligned.

Okay this episode granted me a few of my wishes, which I'd discuss in the segments below.



Progress Points


1. Dadi Ji enters

2. Anjali meets Dadi ji first; Dadi Ji promises Anjali that all will be well



Favorite Scene


One of the last shots: 3 groups in RM.





Laad Governer ki Dadi Ji


Oh Dear!! Dadi Ji is sure Laad Governor ki Dadi. Total holier-than-thou attitude; what a Pharisee!


Mission: Shuddhikaran

Yeah, it is needed, but who needs it? Who wants it? And who deserves?


Who is Dadi Ji?


In plain and simple terms:


Dadi ji = (Arnav + Anjali) ' Nani Ji



Arnav = Classist, Ego, Pride, Power, Ruthlessness (minus his goodness)

Anjali = Purity, religious, in fact, grounded in religion (minus her keen sense of subtlety)

Nani Ji = milk of human kindness, sensibility


[Addendum: Just for fun

Arnav = healthy blend of Dadi Ji's and Nani Ji's strengths

Anjali = weak muddle of Dadi Ji's and Nani Ji's weaknesses]


Also, there is a very clear demarcation between right and wrong, clean and dirty, acceptable and unacceptable, black and white. The parameters are somewhat different when compared with Nani Ji, but these are there.


Therefore, this person would not stand with wrong, provided she knows it is wrong. This person would not willingly give into or submit to wrong. This person would probably have disgust for evil.


However, this person probably is judgmental, and maybe does form an opinion before giving the other person enough time. If true, this person probably is overconfident, and can be fooled, and can be led into misunderstandings (because they believe their belief or view is the correct one).


How does she change things? If at all!


Again, quite plainly, the last scene, where Arnav and Nani Ji come in, shows three groups:


Group 1: Khushi, Payal, NK, Mami Jaan

Group 2: Dadi Ji, Anjali

Group 3: Nani Ji and Arnav


Group 1:

>> Knows partial truth; between dark and light

>> Given to emotions

>> Strong supporters of truth, right, and family



Group 2:

>> Knows little to no truth; in near-darkness

>> More of a dependant, care-taker relationship

>> Strong supporters of truth, right, and family BUT biased



Group 3:

>> Knows most truth; holds both other groups in plain view

>> Uses reason, knows priorities

>> Strong supporters of truth, right, and family; unbiased; fair-minded


There is a Group 4 too, the involvement of which in the current scenario is unclear as yet - Shyam.

>> Knows all truth; yet in total darkness

>> Evil

>> Nothing means anything; supports nothing but self



A Nice Equation


Arnav enters with Nani, comforting her. Even though, they have not found Dadi Ji, he is pretty caring and confident.

Anjali enters with Dadi Ji, being comforted yet unsure and miserable. Dadi Ji has seemingly replaced Chhote as Anjali's savior and protector.


Hmm! Is Dadi ji as good a protector as ASR?

Shyam is snaking round the corner.



The Chhipkali Factor


It is a bit strange that Khushi got scared of a Chhipkali [lizard] when she encountered Dadi ji for the first time.

So, lizard? Eww!


>> Lizards are not easily ousted. They return to the house, as many times as they are ousted.

>> Lizards are creepy, crawlies - of the reptile family; related to snakes and serpents

>> A class of lizards is chameleon - which changes colors, and hides well


So, lizard?


In a recent WIL, I was wondering if Shyam has caused Dadi Ji to return? To enable his own return? But how? Not impossible, but doesn't make sense as of now - too little detail available!




Dadi Ji & RM


Khushi & Dadi Ji


Khushi must have been reminded of all the initial meetings with ASR.

One. First meeting was messed up.

Two. Dadi ji had a preconceived notion about Khushi.

Three. Khushi got the age-old 'Aukaat' lecture trademarked and copyrighted by the Arnav-clan.

Four. Dadi Ji walked to her room, and turned around to look at Khushi, apparently sizing her up.

Five. Dadi Ji removed Khushi's hand from her as though and later on, removed Khushi from her room, and held herself back with disgust when Khushi even passed by.

Six. Dadi Ji drew the door between Khushi and herself, and even pulled the curtain.

Seven. She refuses to hear any explanations and stops people talking.



Dadi Ji seems to have a pre-conceived notion about Khushi.


The way Dadi Ji turned around to look at Khushi - for a moment , it looked as though she was trying to gauge her, mapping up Khushi with her notion; but then for a moment it seemed that she was reminded about something or someone when she saw Khushi. Or maybe, it is just me.




Anjali & Dadi Ji


Apparently, Dadi Ji is Anjali's new ASR.

Anjali was feeling left out as she felt Arnav distancing from her, now has Dadi Ji to support her.


Anjali said that she's always missed Dadi ji. Really? In spite of having Chhote, Nani Ji, Shyam, and the whole family? Why?



Nani Ji & Dadi Ji


This is the most interesting joint.

Curiously, the two are opposites and yet share a friendship.

Nani Ji is far sensible and understanding, and Dadi Ji is all about power and pride.


A sort of Arnav-Khushi relationship; Khushi eventually won Arnav's heart. Arnav finally saw Khushi was true and reliable. Khushi looks weaker by comparison, but has never given up or given in. She has stood up to Arnav when she knew she was right.


Is the same true for Nani Ji and Dadi Ji? Nani Ji looks weaker by comparison, but we know that when it comes to right and wrong, Nani Ji does not hesitate to take a strong stand against it.




Points to be Noted, My lord


1. Khushi was busy looking after Arnav's plants and wishing good wishes for Anjali, and taking out the dirty water to water some more plants, when all the filth came pouring down on Dadi Ji.

What's more, she slipped when she was trying to take Dadi Ji's bags (probably), and ended up smearing some mud on Dadi Ji's arm.


Not a good sign, Khushi, not a good sign.


2. When Anjali hugged Dadi Ji, she did not hug Anjali back immediately. Though she was pleased to see Anjali, she did not betray any emotion easily.


3. Why did Dadi Ji leave? Why did she not come back when her two grandchildren kept on wanting to meet her? Why she left the two kids alone when their parents died and their uncle kicked them out? Why didn't she return to care for her grandchildren?

More importantly, what has triggered Dadi Ji to visit RM after 14 years?



4. The way Dadi Ji turned around to look at Khushi - for a moment , it looked as though she was trying to gauge her, but then for a moment it seemed that she was reminded about something or someone when she saw Khushi. Or maybe, it is just me.


5. The first thing that came up about Khushi was - how Arnav married her with 'hide n' seek'.


6. The first thing that came up about Shyam was Anjali crying bitterly.


7. The first thing that came up about Anjali was that she was broken and needed fixing.


8. The first thing that came up about Arnav was that he was out taking care of his current responsibility and Nani ji was with him in this.


9. Dadi Ji is Way Too Confident that she'd fix everything now that she is BACK (a la Schwarzenegger!)



Arnav & Khushi


8th day ongoing.

Within this day, a change must take place in their relationship, or a milestone must be reached.


Giving Away His Rose


WIL: 9th April 2012


"The Beast kept a garden, a garden that he held dear. She wanted the biggest most beautiful red rose from the garden of the Beast. But the Beast did not let her have it. No one entered it and he shared it with no one. Yet he let her enter, though he disallowed her to touch any of his plants.

The garden is Arnav's sanctuary. It is his resting place. He unwinds out there. He may be a beast to the world, but to his garden, he's the care-giver. He allows no one to mess with his garden. Yet, to Khushi, he allowed. He allowed her to roam about his garden. Rarely any of even his family members have been in Arnav's garden. Khushi has been a regular visitor to Arnav's garden - his sanctuary; perhaps, she's become a part of it. In her absence, he does not find rest even in his dear garden.

Arnav's big beautiful red rose - perhaps, his heart? That's all that Khushi wanted. Not his castles, not his empire, not even his garden... just one rose."



Arnav has kissed a sleeping Khushi and gifted her the rose. It was a single rose, probably from his own garden (The ones that were bought by money were given to Anjali).



Beauty Still Confused


WIL: 9th April 2012



"She did not understand that the prince and the beast were one. How could the prince be the beast too? He'd give her joy and then misery. He'd show her care, and then give her pain."



Arnav's beauty slept long back. She believed that Arnav didn't trust her and whatever she did to rescue him was because: 1. She could not bear to see him in danger. 2. She realized she loved him. 3. She found he was in trouble because of her to begin with.


Yet, when back, once again in a fit of rage and helplessness, Arnav reminded her that she was the reason his and his sister's life was miserable.


Anything Khushi may have thought about their relationship went pretty much down the drain that day. One wonders whether she knows in her heart of hearts that he loves her like mad, or does she still wonder in utter confusion as Arnav oscillates from being a Prince Charming to being an absolute Beast.




The Sleeping Beauty


WIL: 6th July 2012


The Promo picture released nearly a month back showed Arnav attempting to kiss a sleeping/dead Khushi.


Yes, the prince has been trying hard to kiss his beauty back to life. The sleeping Beauty hasn't even been resisting him much.


WIL: 4th May 2012


Khushi: the Sleeping Beauty (the entire segment)



From Beast to Prince


WIL: 2nd May 2012


"He hasn't said 'What the --!' even once since morning. He isn't talking but he's with me like a shadow. Is he following me?"


WIL: 3rd May 2012


"Poor bewildered Arnav was left wondering why Khushi was running away from him."


"Khushi spends the day connecting the incorrect set of dots and running away from the one man who'd give anything to see her alive and kicking."

Currently, Arnav has been trying to woo Khushi, care for her, but she has been running from him - quite literally, even as far as to GH.



WIL: 13th April 2012


"4. Khushi in red and Arnav in green - role reversal from the last morning?"

5. Khushi comes to give tea to Arnav.  Arnav changes gears.

6. LOVED the subtle touch of when she began to lose grip on the tray.

One, it told him she had bought his story.

Two, it said she felt he couldn't be trusted and she was being fooled.

Three, it told us he meant no harm, he was helping her.

8. LOVED Khushi's realization. Arnav wanted her to fight. Yes, Arnav wanted her to get back to the way she normally is - fighting with him.


These are manifesting right now.


4. Arnav and Khushi have done a near role reversal.


5. Khushi was caring for Arnav because she thought he was harmed because of her. Arnav couldn't handle that she was so anxious. When she brought in tea for him, he changed gears (when he told her he was play-acting, and he never really passed out.) As a result, Khushi went back to how she normally is - pagal, but cute!

Arnav was caring for Khushi because he knows she was hurt because of him. Arnav tried to woo her in NK's chocolatey ways and they didn't work. Khushi brought in her own tea. Arnav changed gears. He went back to how he normally is - ASR.


6. Arnav paid off Bua Ji's rent, but when Khushi opposed, and made her work for him (on her own insistence) to pay off the rent. When she did not relent, he bought the place. The outcome of the scenario was very similar to the tea-tray incident:

One, it told him she had bought his story.

Two, it said she felt he couldn't be trusted and she was being fooled.

Three, it told us he meant no harm, he was helping her.






The Waking Up


Arnav's Heartbeat

WIL: 3rd April


Heer, open your eyes once and see me. Heer, I cannot live without you. Heer, Ranjha is nothing without you.

I left you alone and went, and comforted my heart thinking that nothing mattered to me. But you know that I cannot live without you. Whatever I said or did, forget it, just come back to me. Today, nothing else matters - no truth, no lies - except that, if you are not, then I am not. You said that without Heer Ranjha doesn't mean a thing - without you, my existence doesn't mean a thing. Perhaps not here, but perhaps in another world elsewhere, we can be together always. Whatever wrong I said, doesn't mean a thing; whatever wrong I did, doesn't mean a thing. In love, right and wrong don't mean a thing. All that matters is that I always, always...


WIL: 3rd July



"He called her. He ordered her. He pleaded with her. He held her. He kissed her. No amount of calling, pleading, or even medical attention helped. Khushi remained dead.



It was not until he reminded her heart of his heartbeat, he relied on their union, their oneness - that Khushi responded to Arnav's call. "



WIL: 2nd June (Segment: The Complete Salvation)


Here is the interesting thing: To clear Khushi's name, not only Shyam needs to be unmasked, Arnav also needs to be unmasked. And Arnav is the only person who can unmask Arnav.


WIL: 1st August

Heart Transfusion; Arnav: Baring his Soul


Don't want to analyze further than this right now. One, because, some parameters are open-ended right now, and I do not have enough facts as yet. and Two, the story is just beginning.

(and Three, I'm typing with one hand, coz I'm holding a kulfi stick with the other.)



Khushi Wake-up


WIL: 13th April 2012


LOVED Khushi connecting these dots to begin with. LOVED her decision to continue being the pati-bhakt!"


Khushi finally realized that Arnav cares for her. He was merely bringing her back to her normal form - 'waking up his beauty'. Once the realization has come in, she's gone back to being 'pati bhakt' - she told him 'aa rahen hain, apke peechhe peechhe.'

The Twist in the Tale


WIL: 9th April 2012



"Each night when she slept, she dreamt of a prince, who'd ask her a question, but the moment he asked, she woke up from her sleep and her dream ended."


Arnav, Buddy! Do NOT ask that question, whatever it is. Khushi's happy dream would end.

Every time you get closer to her and she just about begins to feel happy about it, her dream breaks.



The End


WIL: 9th April 2012


"However, the beast did not kill the beauty, because she was a good girl. Yeah, yeah! The goodness of this girl will come to light and the beast will turn into the Prince for good."


Ah, yes! Khushi's goodness has come to light for Arnav, and he has turned into Prince for her.


But now, there is a new Beast in town!





1. Khushi realizes how little she knows about Arnav - the one she loves.

Ehem! Arnav, you don't know too much about your birdie either!


2. Arnav and Anjali are very emotional on seeing their Dadi Ji.


3. NK still ROCKS!! Stands for Khushi when no one does, and Arnav is not around.



On the Lighter Side



1. Dadi Ji tells Anjali that now she is there and all things will be okay.

OMG, another fixer of the problems!? Now, we have three in RM.

There aren't so many problems in RM, as there are fixers.

Methinks RM-waasis would be happier if they just chucked the fixers out and lived with their problems instead.


2. Khushi's sindoor is again not aligned with her maang. ROFL


3. Mami Jaan: BP high-low, high-low howat hai!


4. NK: Apka tara itna high kyun hai?


5. Khushi may have been reminded of ASR seeing Dadi Ji's demeanor, but of course, it can't be the same. This one has only Beast and no Prince in her. This isn't a handsome Raizada.

Being at loggerheads with ASR definitely had its edge.



6. In Fandom's opinion, probably NK had the BEST recognition mechanism for Dadi Ji: Chhipkali!







Dadi Ji questions Nani Ji about Arnav's marriage, and why she was not informed.

Arnav intervenes and says that it was because he didn't inform anyone, and no one was present on his wedding.

Dadi Ji begins to question Arnav, when Khushi appears outside the door and Dadi Ji stops her right there.

Arnav turns to see that Khushi has been stopped from entering, he goes out to stand with her outside the room and resumes his conversation with Dadi Ji.


Buddy, you've definitely won the heart of Fandom once again.


On the Side


Questions, Questions


Last weekend (4th August 2012), I put up a few questions on my FB page. Here they are:


1. Woo hoo!! Just when they have dealt with their known past... has the unknown past come to haunt them...?? Oh ho!!


2. Is Shyam behind the Dadi Ji missing from the Ashram? Or her landing at RM?


3. Is Arnav again the victim of half-baked knowledge about long-in-the-oven fully baked plans against him and his family?


4. Is Khushi again the victim of wanting the greater good and taking on herself the worst?



5. Is the Arnav-Khushi relationship ready to face a new, unknown attackwa...?


6. Is Dadi help or trouble?


7. Will Arnav be forced to bring in Shyam for Dadi Ji?


Well, if Dadi is trouble then history shows that Shyam is the troubleshooter.


Whatever he has done, has eventually pushed Arnav and Khushi to take steps towards each other, remove obstacles, take off masks, become more real to each other and for their relationship to become stronger.



What I Would LOVE to See


1. Khushi wearing (any one of) the two saris Arnav has gifted her, the bangles he gave her, and now the pearl necklace.

It's a pity Arnav didn't put it on her.


2. I wrote this during the day (today):

How wonderful would it be for Dadi Ji to see Payal and Khushi as the wives of the grandsons?

If she is of a hitler-ish disposition (which we now see she is):

>> How wonderful will it be for her to know that Payal and Khushi are sisters?

>> How wonderful will it be if the mystery of Adventures of Arnav-suddenly-marrying-Khushi is expressed to her?

>> How nice it would be if she sees that her grandson did not have grand wedding?

Would she push for a re-wedding with proper rituals? Well if she does, bless her! Hail Hitler Dadi!

New Rules for Khushi

1. Dear girl, we know the dame is formidable, and she has sure practiced that frown for 14 years (or more), but please do NOT, pray, DO NOT open your mouth before her, especially not when you're emotionally charged.

2. Even more important, DO NOT TRY TO HELP HER.

3. DO NOT try to explain stuff to her. 

4. DO NOT and absolutely DO NOT lie to her - about ANYTHING, for ANYONE.

5. Please, we beg thee, do NOT call her Laad Governer ki Dadi Ji in Arnav's hearing. We don't mind hearing it from you and we shan't tell Arnav either; but PLEASE DO NOT let Arnav hear it.

6. Learn from Mami Jaan and keep distance; and simply obey.


Fandom's Advice to Khushi:


Gardish main hon taaare,

Na ghabrana pyaare

Gar tu himmat na haare

To honge waare nyaare



Fandom's Appreciation for Arnav:


Ye desh hai veer jawanon ka

Albelon ka mastaanon ka ...


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Cyberpsychooo IF-Dazzler

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1st yay

Wow, so much to read!

Main mushkil se parh paati hun! Tum itna likh kaise leti ho? LOL

Nothing to add... Abhi wait kare ka padi, ye dadi kya rang laati hai! 

Ur New rules for khushi, exactly what i thought, when she was going to give milk to dadi! Star

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sunny_sarun IF-Dazzler

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dadi ji is definetly trouble Tongue

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blrgal Senior Member

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u bet Shalini... you bet i felt that too... why wld a dadi give a second look and size up khushi the way she did... daal main kuch kala zaroor tha!!

waiting now for tom's episode!

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I really liked your post... awesome n have done
 really hard work

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-Reva- Senior Member

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what a wonderful take on todays episode!!!!!...Loved ur analysis:)...Hats off to u di...

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Wow ,super long today and interesting relation to earlier deductions .
i think the epi was gripping but left me with a sinking feeling if Khushi and arnav will again take a back seat while things unfold ...wish they'd just stick to one thing at a time ...
Nice reading ,liked !

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