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Crooner 1.16 :When the clock strikes 12 - Updtd (Page 15)

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Originally posted by Omoraboti

Ohh ... I forgot among all these drama & brain teasers!! Embarrassed
Happy Birthday Arnab! Smile Party

From me to..wish him a veryyy happy birthday!!! Smile  

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Originally posted by indi52

thanks, suvi

beautiful points in your post. oh yes the man in the grey suit. why abalaa khushi always? i hope soon no one can mess with her like that in her own house. pondered at length in my lengthy post. Big smile that title is indeed deadly, and reminds one of so many things, fairy tales, movies, always excitement.
Thanks Indi Di Smile 
The reason they show her ' Abhlaa Naari " is bcoz she is an SP bahu, toh saari sympathy usse hi miley LOL  LOL 
But IPK mein kabhi kabhi ulta bhi ho jaata hai, thanks to Janaki, jo SP ko bilkul pasand nahi aata hai Wink 

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Originally posted by Nandalala

Originally posted by Omoraboti

Congratz Shweta & Indi!!! HugBoth of you did a brilliant job and one thing I like about both of your writing skills, is you are lyrical. 

Ok. So how did you feel about the episode (not precap Tongue)? Excited? Intimidated? Intrigued? Bored?


Awesome, awesome, awesome take on the epi, Farah!  As always, you give us a lot to chew on!Big smile  We had discussed the significance of the rose in Beauty and the Beast quite extensively during the Sundari/Shaitaan epi...  I am glad you reminded us of that again!  I also appreciated the reference to kaniz here in the context of how Khushi had used it a few days ago.  But having said that, Khushi was obviously not happy at being called a naukar today...her allegiance as a kaniz, therefore, seems only to Arnav...maybe a distinction to note given the battle lines we saw drawn in that last scene.  

I don't think Dadi would have accepted the milk from anyone in that household today until her purification rituals were complete.  Having said that, I thought it was interesting she was open to conversing with Manu.  So somewhere I couldn't help but think of the double standard at play, regardless of whether Dadi was aware of Khushi's "status" within the family!  

Agree with you on the Anjali scene...I have similar questions too...She seemed completely aloof to Anjali in the beginning.  And yes, the lack of distress at Anjali's pain was hard to fathom, not to mention the fact that how did she even KNOW Anji was preggo?Shocked Yes, good catch on the "theek ho jayega"...but while Arnav may not voice it, Anjali knows its implicit in his actions.  That kheer scene and the raksha bandana scene last week reassured her!

I am intrigued by your last paragraph...I think Anjali may see Khushi in a possible negative ligjt because of Dadi (until everything abt the past is revealed.)  The battle lines we saw in that last scene were there for a reason.  The sides already chosen.  

The Bal Gopal-and the celebration of his birth-Janamashtami-has a lot of religious significance.  It marks a new birth, as it is the celebration of Lord Krishn's birth...And it falls 8 days after Raksha Bandhan (according to the Hindu calendar, not the IPK calendar!LOL)  So it will be a marker in  the storyline moving forward!

Yes, Dadi does have some peetal bhartan with her...She took them out of her bags today, and set them up in her room before sitting for her puja!  Shuddhi is the key with her...purification, but with what purpose...she will make a big deal abt it until ASR takes her up on it...

Ah, one minute of bliss was just that...enjoyable!!
LOL. When my brains are chewed, I feel better to transfer it to you guys!! LOL
About Daadi .. we have to watch more to comment. But it was interesting that she was not talking to anyone whom she was not familiar with. About Anjali .. the way I felt about it, she knows Arnav will be there for her but she also knows he will not help her to mend things the way she wants i.e. something to do with a certain snake. Tongue This is where Anjali will anchor on her Daadi over Arnav because Daadi, being traditional & with her dislike to Khushi, will probably help Anjali to get her ways with Shyam .. lets see!
Anjali was avoding Khushi because she had to blame her for her own misfortune .. with Daadi by her side and a probable new cause in her life, she will no longer need to vent out on Khushi. She will get a new focus in life and thus may be will choose to ignore Khushi. Have to watch!!
Daadi is going to contribue a lot to the track .. i am happy she is here. Big smile
I havent read your post yet .. will comment once i am done. Smile

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Updated my post on page 1Smile. Will be back in a bit to read the other posts.

Happy Birthday to your brother Arnab!!!!

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Originally posted by Nandalala

"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; 
I lift my eyes and all is born again." 

~Sylvia Plath

 Pic Credit: FB


 I just love that first quote by Virginia Wolf, hun...and your title is perfect...taking us back to that garden again...where past and present meet.  A fabulous, insightful and concise Crooner! ClapClap For me, this epi hit several important notes with one common theme...It was defined by those roses she was tending to. Roses that he planted, she was now the caretaker...Roses that symbolize love, faithfulness, and purity...The same roses which have thorns that can cause you to abandon them because of the pain.  And then the rosebuds--nascent, tender and without thorns.  A perfect metaphor for the past and present; old and new.  The other note for me was the re-introduction of certain elements...namely, Water, Fire & Earth...We all know the significance of Water in this show, so I won't touch on that right now...But I was more intrigued by the Earth brought in--with Khushi tending to those roses...and then with Daadi not allowing Khushi to step foot into "her" space, delineating an invisible line immediately...again, marking a difference between past and present...old and new. Finally, the Bal Gopal reference--Janamashtami--a time of beginnings...the new baby on the horizon and its implications for our story. Taking an age old tradition in the 21st century and still giving it the same importance that it was given centuries ago...the more things change, the more they stay the same...

"...Jise Hum Itna Pyaar Kartein Hain"

These fabulous words eclipsed and set the tone from Friday's fantastic episode.  She has now had her awakening!  She has now recognized the love that he brings to her being.  Accepted it.  If she dares to shut out that very love as she learns about his past, their past--hum unhe teekh se jaante bhi nahi-she will be drawn into to a dark world.  An ultimate test for Khushi as the gatekeeper for all things Raizada and Gupta, too.  Thus to my quote today: will she chose to keep her eyes open or her eyes shut?  Will love motivate her, or make her a victim?  

The answer came to me in the next scene.  She walks with the basin of water to tend to the plants outside--again--the nurturer--here.  Very interesting...she sees a lizard. Lizards are a symbol of dreams and perceptions...Again, the CVs don't leave anything to chance, do they?LOL She throws the water on the ground and unto Dadi... A cleansing...Water on Dadi's face..Every ritual in the Hindu tradition begins with water and fire.  Water is needed to purify--the mind, the space and the being itself!  When I had written about Seize-Fire in my seat-filler edition of the Crooner, I had said water will always trump every other element!  For me, Dadi represents the past--part of fire--just as Shyam and Anjali do, too...It will be Arnav--Water--who will be the key there to wash away the sins of the old...and allow them to triumph anew as a couple.  Yes, Khushi's education into his past is critical and she will be the "key" for him, but not before he steps up to quell the fire! 

In a deliberate attempt to talk about "class", social distinction, and societal norms, the CVs took some broad liberties today...I, too, was amazed and irked at how quickly Khushi was marginalized to a "servant" where as all of a sudden Payal appeared to be "elevated" to the Raizada bahu.  Was it because Payal is, in fact, the only Raizada bahu?  Khushi is really a Mallik bahu, after all! It was also interesting to note that this perception was at play while Naani and Anjali were both out of the house.  I think the point was to show that within a generation, mindsets can be so different.  Naani is just as opinionated on certain matters as Dadi, but she never once made Khushi feel like a "naukar"...As you pointed out, Manorama was also a maid to Naani, but now accepted as the bahu.  I found it interesting that Dadi was willing to talk and take items from Manorama, knowing who she double standard, much?  The implications of princess to naukar and vice versa are obvious here!  Not to mention the reference to 12 again...

"Welcome to 'Unwelcome.'"
~Jarod Kintz

Earth...stepping into unwelcome space...After talking to Payal, Khushi decides she will go and talk to Dadi to find out more about her.  Khushi was willing to take the first step again to find out more about her beloved's past.  But her attempt was thwarted by Dadi.  Just a gesture...that hand forbidding  her to come within. Khushi walks back...tracing back her footsteps! I had to wonder here about the distance: will Khushi be given all the facts about the past or will it be that they will only reveal that which they want her to see while bridging that gap between Mallik and Raizada to get to Arnav?  Seeing the Bal Gopal in that scene  brought me back to Janamashtami last year...where Arnav and Khushi held the diya so that the flame didn't extinguish; I couldn't help but connect that scene to what we saw on Friday, and also its implications for all the revelations on the horizon! Finally, Earth as Mother...seeing Anjali and Daadi together--Anjali's initial reaction was heart wrenching, but Dadi seemed very cold to her until she commented on her pregnancy (did Shyam possibly tell her?) Followed by Anjali's questioning her about abandonment...After the death of their mother on that fateful night, Anjali and Arnav became orphans...A relationship that they seemed to have cherished, walked its way away from them.  Ground slipping from under them! Dadi did not offer her an explanation other than to say she was back and everything would be alright...I absolutely loved your reference to bhikarna here--those pearls, memories of the past, truths...all scattered...and all waiting to become whole and complete again!

"The past lies beneath the surface, intransigent truth. Remembered or not, what we say and do remains, always." 
~Meredith Hill

My aha moment in the epi came while seeing the two sides of the chessboard at play! We saw Anjali and Dadi on one end, and Naani and Arnav at the other that one frame.  Past and Present. Arnav's face was absolutely a give away here--his shock at seeing Dadi in his home, but his eyes gave away his pain at being abandoned and alone...More importantly, a realization for me, that somewhere along the way, he obviously had found out that Dadi was in an ashram, but it sounds like he never made an attempt to contact her--the total opposite of Anjali!  He wanted the past to stay where it belonged--away from him!  Completely in keeping with his character!

Other thoughts~

~NK was awesome today!  Loved his reference to "taare" above!  We all know the significance there!

~Mamiji and Payal were just hopeless...hopeless!  Ultimately, such COWARDS!

~Anjali was spot-on!  Loved her was emotional, but she hit it to a T!

~Oh, I have some thoughts on Subhadra...let me think on them some more before I share it with all of you!Big smile

PRECAP:  Here is where Arnav becomes ASR for everyone but Khushi!!!Big smile  United we stand, divided we fall!Big smile Super LOVED it!!

After a long time, I felt a lull in watching today...but the precap made up for it! I loved Sanaya in the scene with the roses--so "earthy" right there!  I agree, Daljeet made up for her lackluster emoting in the latter part of last week...Enjoyed her thoroughly!  Swati Chitnis--I have watched some of her scenes in the past--and this genre of acting is her forte!  She is very good in playing the matriarch and I am sure she will be a treat to watch...But for now, we wait for tomorrow!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your ARNAB, hun!  Absolutely LOVE that song!!!!Smile

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to all my gals!!!HugHug

Awesome post Anjali Big smile luved the refernece to water & the cleansing. Again, Arnav the ocean being the balancing fatcor here.
The older generation with their rigid mindsets, I have seen the same in our extended families & their reservations with respect to servants.
It seems Arnav was always aware of Daadi's whereabouts but Anjali was kept out of the loop.
Daljeet was quite gud & Swati Chitnis, another feather in the brilliant IPK ensemble cast.
Thnks fr ur lovely comments Hug

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I just read that today is the last day shooting of Main aur Mr Right...can we expect the much awaited HAIRCUT now??Stern Smile

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Originally posted by --Nishita--

PartyPartyCongratulations to all the starsPartyParty
Thank you GS for calling me a creative thinkerEmbarrassed...I am happy you liked me postEmbarrassed

I loved the crooner Priya.. I agree with you completely on the part that got you to rant...there are many other ways of showing the class difference and there was no need to resort to what was shown yesterday. Expected better from GH but nevertheless will wait and watch how they rectify their mistake. I just loved the first quote you have used. Indeed the rise of the woman...everytime a woman is put down, she rises and shows the world her powers. This she does because of the love, faith and belief...Khushi will rise because of the love she has for her husband and the faith she has in her relationship. Anjali will rise because of the love she has for her child and the faith she has in her chotte and now Dadi...

When I watched the episode, the direct insults to Khushi made me cringe. But this was one episode that made me connect a few more dots with the past...Dadi mistook Khushi to be the servant not once or twice but three times in the span of 20 minutes. It is something done with a purpose...what could it be? I am in the mood of some detecive giri so me trying to find out what happened that night. In friday's episode, Nani referred to some "lady" because of which Dadi went to the aashram. The same night when everything changed for Arnav and Anjali...they saw their mother's death. We are also bombarded with the clip of Arnav's mom running time and again...his dad no where in the picture. In all probabilities, the reason for Arnav's mom's death could be due to the other woman and your hint on half sister  and Shyaam's return makes me want to jump to a conclusion but I will waitLOL. The other woman could have been from the lower strata of society making Dadi the woman she is today. Chance ho sakta hai. How Khushi's parents are involved in all this is yet to be seen...they died in a car accident when she was 8. Now if only Khushi's age was not a mystery, it would have helped meLOLLOL

Back to the episode...

Khushi was shown to be gardening...taking care of Arnav's plants. Also an indication that she would always be the protector for Arnav's loved ones. She had said she would always be at her Jahanpanah's serviceSmile. Another hint...why did Khushi call herself a kaniz the other day? Isnt kaniz a mere pawn..why didnt she call herself a Rani? Is it because she is yet to become his Rani? Loved the way, they have thrown hints in the episodes. Big smile
Khushi connecting the blooming of the rose bud to the birth of the child indicates that there is not much time left for the delivery. 

I liked the scene between Anjali and Dadi. Anjali who hasnt yet recovered from that fateful night breaks down as soon as she sees her Dadi. Even I feel that Dadi will help getting Shyaam back to the house. Anjali's eyes lit up the moment she heard dadi say, everything would be fine soon. Like you said Priya, Dadi will once again try and bring back the happiness and mend relationships. Dadi seems very orthodox, conservative and a strict disciplinarian so I wont be surprised if she forces Arnav and Khushi to get married again...her first step.

Other thoughts:
1. I loved the two reactions of the siblings...while one broke down and shared her pain, the other froze with the pain so evident in his eyes. 
2. Loved the long shot of the hallway...Dadi/Anjali on the right, Arnav/Nani in the centre and the so called outsiders (Khushi, Payal, NK and mami) as the spectators/witnesses.
3. Loved Khushi's monologue...there is a lot for her to learn from hereon. That journey will start only once she becomes Arnav's better half in the true sense. This scene also cleared the doubts that many people had on Khushi's feelings for Arnav.
4. I cannot forgive Mami for what she did today...I demand for a separate redemption track for this woman.Angry NK Bhai!!!! Why couldnt he complete his sentence??Cry Why was Payal quiet?Angry Infact, Khushi doesnt need anybody to stand up for her...she is capable of doing that herself. She goes around town telling people that she is KKGSR and she could have spoken even today but I guess it was the need of the scriptOuch
5. Barun's 2 second shot was the best part of the episode for me...the pain spoke a million words. Cant wait for the episode tonight.
6. Daljeet and Sanaya were very good. Daljeet's break down was far more natural compared to her other scenes off late. One point to crib...the director should avoid showing Anjali's left profile. Her flat tummy makes it difficult for the audience to sympathize with her character. Nobody is asking her to have a football inside but at least a small bulge will do wonders. I am always reminded of Vidya in Kahaani. All they had to do was to show Vidya waddling on the street and you feel so bad for her. 
7. Swait Chitnis is a terrific actress...I have seen some of her earlier serials and she has always done a fab job..I am sure she will do full justice to her character.

GS, you are most welcome!  Well, detectivegiri suits you, hun! Cool Loved how you are trying to connect the dots to the past with all the references to kaniz and the hints thrown at us through the script and Priya!  For me, the picture is still very blurry...which is why I hesitate to go into it.  But it is pretty clear that something must have happened in the past which attests for Dadi's preconceived notions about certain ppl!

I think the references in the precap to the marriage and Arnav's words about having gone through it alone without witnesses will unravel Dadi's intentions about the re-marriage--explaining the social stigma behind it!  It will also raise questions about Khushi's character for sure!  More on that after Tueday's epi.  Having said that though, I would still prefer if the re-marriage happens without the circus present...but something tells me we may not be so fortunate!

As always, your other points ROCKED, although I will not discuss the lack of the baby bump anymoreLOL!!  Great post, hun!!Clap

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priya sweetie...managed to update on pg1!!!
hello hi and bye bye to all!!!!Hug
have to rush...wrote in a hurry...hope it makes sense!!!!

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