Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner 1.16 :When the clock strikes 12 - Updtd

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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aaj toh dadi ki tareef mein likhna hi padega!!!Big smile
O maa!!! abaar prothom!!!Shocked

hey priya sweetie!!!Hug

absolutely fabulous crooner!!!! loved your rant and so agree with you...they really picked a very regressive way to show dadi being against khushi!!! loved the points u picked and their connection to the main story!!! i was intrigued by your title...but loved how u connected it to the story...brilliant!!!!ClapClap

i don't know if i enjoyed the epi or not...yeah one of the rare instances where i am not sure how i felt abt the epi!!!!Confused

the epi begins with manorama mami pacing around totally in panic...NK and payal try to pacify her but the thought of dadi coming to RM is terrifying the daylights of mami!!!! mami finally tells them abt arnav's dadi and what kind of a person she is!!!! khushi on other hand tends to the plants and goes out to water the rest of the plants only to see a lizard and drop the bucket of water on a lady who was at the door!!!! Entry of Subhdra Mallick...Anjali and Arnav's dadi!!!

the scene which followed reminded me of the time arnav met khushi for the first time...then it was aukat...and now its naukar!!!!Ouch

khushi-payal...the two sisters talk abt dadi...both were surprised that arnav dadi was still alive but living in an ashram...payal asks khushi to take milk for dadi and also tell her that khushi is wife of arnav!!!! one thing i loved abt the scene was khushi's effortless acknowlegment of her love for arnav to herself!!!!Embarrassed she is worried that there is so much she doesn't know abt the man she loves...well knowing her inquisitive nature she will try to find out more abt him and his past!!!!Smile

khushi goes to give milk...dadi doing her puja...khushi is shown the hand, the door shut on her face and the curtains pulled!!!! reminded me of the time arnav doing the same thing except of course pulling the curtains...agar pardah khich dega toh usse dekhega kaise???LOLLOL

the puja room scene irritated meAngry...less said the better...ab toh ghar mein sirf shudhi hone wali hai...aur dadi ko sabse pehle arnav bitwa ki karwani chahiye...cause he is in constant touch with khushi!!! LOLLOL am still trying to figure out why did she think khushi as a servant...i mean the first time she met maybe but later???? ConfusedConfusedanother thing...not letting people finish their sentences...seems like both raizadas and mallicks have it in wonder arnav never lets anybody complete their sentences...dono taraf se mila hai!!!!Big smile

dadi-anjali...well am not going to comment on the equation between dadi and anjali as of now but this much is understood that anjali is also dadi's fav...priya liked what u said abt the bhikre rishtey...she left them then to cope up with the situation on their but now she is back and will try to pick it up for them...well shyam's comeback to RM is absolute certainty now and have a feeling that dadi will be responsible for arnav-khushi's remarriage!!!! btw was glad to see despite all that has happened anjali could see that khushi was troubled abt something...guess all hope is not lost yet!!!

priya, dadi is a strong-willed, stubborn and opiniated woman and yet she decided to leave her grandchildren to defend for themselves and comes back 14 years later to make everything ok for them!!!!ShockedShocked

well the last scene is still not complete will wait for it!!!!

precap...definitely looking forward to it!!!!

PS...Wishing Arnab a very Happy Birthday!!!!


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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Absolutely superlative Crooner today sweetheart! Loved the beginning rant especially - so true, the distinction between a supposedly "lower class" - why was that even talked about? We have been praising our show for being non-regressive - so this was a little tough to handle! And completely agree about "pooja ki saamagri" - but I doubt it will be corrected. And NK, atleast he tried to open his mouth... even Mami is understandable - she might think of it as payback, though I REALLY hated it Angry... but Payal didn't think to open her mouth even once? And worse, left Khushi to face up to Dadi? What kind of elder sister would do that? Dead

Guessed that, as hard as it is to hear, the naukar wala thing had something to do with the past... Mami especially is completely in awe of Dadi - if this is her attitude, and Mami was from a different background, it's not surprising at all. But that doesn't excuse the keeping shut one bit. Interesting also is the fact that Dadi and Nani were best friends - how many secrets will come out of that?

Anjali's first reaction to Dadi, and her asking Dadi to make things ok (especially with regard to Damaadji) scared me big time. Also, how did Dadi know that Anjali was expecting, what about Damaadji - some things are explained too much, some things are just left hanging sometimes. Her crying on her lap and the whole scene - Anjali and Shyam's relationship seems to be a pivotal point at this stage. What is going to be her reaction when she hears about Khushi's role in that relationship, is going to be interesting to watch as well. Another thing that troubles me is that Khushi was actually working at RM before the marriage - will that also have an impact?

Anyway leaving aside all that - like you said Priya - Khushi's two monologues were so interesting. Just in the Sunday Crooner, we were talking about roses, and here they are again! LOVED her kitchen monologue - her love is never questioned like I said - it's all for the man who loves making her life a misery! But the marriage is still a sore point - from the moment that he threw the contract in her face! Even when she says to Payal, "koi farak nahi padta hai" and the next moment she says "jise hum itna pyaar karte hain" - it defines her differing feelings to the same relationship under two different names!

Janmashtami - I was thinking about it suddenly last night when Farha had asked who Dadi was worshipping (in the last Crooner!). Will it match with Arnav's birthday? Will they show Arnav's birthday at all? I'm waiting to watch! And Teej and remarriage - sounds awesome! Though I was still holding out hopes for a small marriage between the two of them still! Embarrassed Anyway, I'll be happy so long as Khushi gets her dream wedding!

Waiting to see what will happen on the Khushi linked to Arnav's past front too! No comments for now! Loved the placement of people at the end - Dadi and Anjali, Arnav and Nani - and I couldn't help but think of the chess board!

Editing was pretty bad in the first part, for sure! And that Dadi, I have never seen her before, but she quite freaked me out! Pitch perfect! Daljeet I loved her acting after a long time! Sanaya was awww - so pretty especially in the first part (where Dadi mistook her for a servant Angry) and she was completely awesome in the kitchen scene! Barun - two mins entry and that kick-ass precap - and left us breathless!

Leaving with a song that has nothing to do with the episode - but it always reminds me of Khushi, especially today when she was in the garden!

And awww congrats to Indi Di, and to my jaan Shwe! Hug

Here is to my darling-est SubaHug And to Nishi, thanks a ton for your post in the last Crooner - loved how you connected all the titles - it made it sooo special! Hug

And happy birthday to Arnab, Priya!

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Congratz Shweta & Indi!!! HugBoth of you did a brilliant job and one thing I like about both of your writing skills, is you are lyrical. 

Ok. So how did you feel about the episode (not precap Tongue)? Excited? Intimidated? Intrigued? Bored?


I will settle for intrigued. Smile This was indeed an interesting episode. On the surface, it was about introducing Dadi to the plot but parallelly lot of other things was running - the same segment giving away multiple messages. This episode tried to deliver at least something for everyone & finishing off with the precap, I will say they have been successful. However, this episode seemed to focus more on the storyline than the characters - how things were in past, why things are as they are and also what the future is about to bring. It must have been a decoding delight for the analysts where nearly half of the dialogues & incidents seemed to have been stating something else - full of innuendos, nuances & symbolisms. My amateur brain already on overdrive Confused - I hope I can make some sense.


As I mentioned in the last crooner, the last episode for me was a crossroad of beginnings - beginning of closing of one base of the story - "Khushi ki Aaj" & the beginning of the revealing of the other - "Arnav ki bure Atit". So the episode rightly started with hinting the return of the past as we see a clearly scared Manoroma, apprehending the arrival of Daadi - someone who affects her BP, someone who causes "Darr", someone who "Jaha Bhi Rehe, sukhi rehe, bas yaha na aye". Payal & NK tries to get insight into the storm approaching while I keep on thinking a lot of other things. "Darr" is one of my old time fav by SRK - a story of an obsessed lover. But why did I feel there is someone else than Daadi who the family wants to stay away wherever he/she is?


At the same time, in their own castle or Tajmahal, Khushi is busy tending the rose plants of her Shaitan/ Rajkumar. Besides seeing a Khushi who is happily taking care of Arnav's plants - there were two other things that instantly struck my mind as Khushi went on with her little monologue - by the time the rose buds will bloom, the Nanhi Kali of Anjali will come to this world. The first thing that crossed my mind was what Priya mentioned in the last crooner - of many other things, Rose also refers to secrets. So I would like to settle for this meaning in this dialogue and that gives us a timeline in the story. The other thing was the very obvious essence of "Beauty & the Beast". We have discussed this over & over but let me take you through it again a bit. What caused Beauty to land up with the beast? A Rose. Beauty asks her father to get her a rose, on his travel back home. It is the picking of this rose, from the Beast's private garden, which causes the daughter to replace her father in the castle. I have never given this part of the story any significance before but somehow it ticked me today. We all know the second part of the story - keep on thinking!


So Daadi enters RM only to be welcomed with splashing waters from Khushi who wanted to water the plants outside but ends up spilling the "water" seeing a "Lizard" on the door. FYI - of the many things Lizard refers to, one is snake or serpent. LOL There goes Khushi's first impression ' Daadi thinks of her as a servant - our very own "Kaneez" carrying a tub of water, in Kurta though married, quite in a disheveled state with "mitti" on her face. Thinking of someone so graceful like Khushi a servant was a bit OTT but being a part of the liberal audience, I forgive the CVs because they were trying to deliver a lot of things with this little "Servant" track. In Daadi's defense, she clearly has no idea of any other "Bahus" in the house and perhaps, she is not used to seeing Raizada Bahus working like that. As for CVs, on the surface, this "servant" track will draw a part of the audience who likes Saans-Bahu drama over intense romance. Other than that, a parallel story was again being played here by the CVS - something they are clearly enjoying these days. But, but, but .. this time I felt this one little segment was referring to two other Kaneez from the past - someone perhaps we yet to meet, but the other one - can it be Manoroma Mami? I will touch upon that later. Another thing that came through this segment is social stigma. We will need that little trace of "mitti" removed off Khushi's face before she becomes the Raizada Bahu in true sense. Who wants a remarriage? I do!


Moving on! No one gets to clarify who Khushi really is - let the drama continue for a bit longer. Khushi was visibly hurt & appalled though she tried to show she is taking it in good spirit. And what follows next is perhaps her greatest realization about Arnav till date, "Jisse hum itna Pyaar karte hain, hum unhe thik se jante bhi nehi hain." I will stick to my "New Book" theory of their life as she declares her love for Arnav without the slightest bit of hesitation and that too in an open space - not inside her room. And the second part of the dialogue is all about the track to come - the knowing of Arnav Singh Raizada by his biwi. As the past will reveal, understanding the love of her life will be the most important of all for her.


So Khushi goes to offer "milk with kesar" to Daadi. Daadi not only restricted her to enter the room but also rejected the milk, shut the door & pull the curtain. Daadi does not accept the "milk" from Mami either and jibes, "some people & some things will never change." Then she finds Khushi preparing for Puja and again she stops her. In the mean time, Anjali enters the house and realizes something is wrong with Khushi - the first sign of concern from Anjali in days for Khushi. Perhaps, her grudge has started to lessen? Perhaps, she no longer needs to hold any grudge against her? Before Khushi could answer she hears somebody talking about "wasted time & saving time" and there stood her Daadi in all glory. Following was an emotional union between the two ladies where Daadi was concerned to know about Damaad ji particularly when she clubbed the rest as "others". Anjali breaks down, runs to her room. Daadi follows her, learns things are not right and promises she will make everything right. Why was she not shocked learning her pregnant Granddaughter was not fine? To top it, how did she even realize Anjali was pregnant since she visibly is not? And of course, why after 14 years she is here? Let's keep thinking!


Raizada Bahus Revisited:

I am happy I decided to write a little bit on the Raizada Bahus in the last crooner since it was bothering me for the last couple of episodes. An excerpt from what I wrote - "I feel Raizada Bahus perhaps have always needed to work really hard to make their places in the family. That has to be one of the reasons why Manoroma Mami is also giving a tough time to the girls." And it came into play today again, with the entry of Daadi. "Some people & Some things never change" - this can refer to a lot of things but on the very surface, it was directed to Manoroma Mami from whom also Daadi did not accept the milk. It is not only about the Bahus, it is also about their social class. Apparently, the gupta sisters & Maami - all are from LIG. I could smell an inherent dislike about this class in Daadi - this could be familial or triggered by some incident in the past. Whatever it is, Khushi is not going to be accepted by her very soon. Besides, I cannot stop thinking of the times I have not liked Naani for taunting Manorama.


Anjali-Dadi vs. Family:

Anjali has finally found her anchor. She has been waiting for someone to tell her, "Saab Kuch Thik Ho Jayega". And Daadi says that to the word which even Aranv could not say. Anjali prompted Arnav asking for this assurance after she attempted to harm the baby but he avoided. Though she mended things with Arnav, her insecurities were visible and that perhaps was one of the reasons why she kept doubting the intentions of Arnav-Khushi. She wants to start afresh & with Daadi by her side, she will leave no stone unturned to get what she wants. And yes .. perhaps, she does not need to hold any grudge against Khushi anymore. The closing shot was interesting - I am sure none of us has missed it. Arnav-Nani& Anjali-Daadi facing each other as the other family members look on - we can try making a guess what may cause the family to stand like this in the future.


Brain Teasers:

1) The Baby Krishna - there has to be something about it. Due to my lack of knowledge in this arena, I will leave this to you. Smile

2) We heard "BP" & "bartan" again. Is Daadi carrying some "bartan" of peetal? And how many times has she referred to "Shuddhi"?


Scene of the Day: Precap!! Day Dreaming .. will analyze when it airs.



This is an episode I am happy with everyone. Going with my tendency to favoritism, a special mention to the man of the show Embarrassed - you surpassed all in that just 1 minute shot.


On a Lighter Note:

Anjali Darling, don't bend like that on someone's lap! You are pregnant for God's sake! Shocked

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beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

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res                   Shweta dear & Di    Hug   well  deserved  Clap 
                   Suba & Nishi way to go girls Clap 

                                                                       The Beauty Of A Women
                                                           by: Maya Angelou

                                                            The beauty of a women 
                                                          isn't in the clothes she wears
                                                         The figure that she carries, 
                                                      or the way she combs her hair.

                                                         The beauty of the women,
                                                      must be seen from in her eyes,
                                                   Because that's her doorway to her heart,
                                                     The place where love resides.

                                                        The beauty of a women 
                                                      isn't in her facial mole,
                                                    But true beauty in a women,
                                                       is reflected by her soul.
                                                      It's the caring that she cares to give,
                                                             the passion that she shows,
                                                       And the beauty of a women
                                                           with passing years only grows.        

 On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave me five golden rings. The golden rings are supposed to represent the first five books of the old Testaments, which tells the story of a mans fall from grace.       

 Lakshmi gaye new friend  Gecko , sorry friends have to keep it light. If this is SP's nayee sooch I am disappointed. For a country to have had a female Prime Minister  who was an icon an stood up to the Regan US  and then  to show a female being ridiculed was difficult to digest. Oh well , I say it's reel  not real .

Priya, love Vriginia Woolf so apt. I so agree with your ranting girl much needed here.  My question to you Priya is '..Dadi has walked away 14 yrs ago how did she know Anjali was pregnant '..CV's bump we viewers  can't  tell and Dadi could . Dadi has not asked for Nani and Arnav but wants to know where Damadji is ? If Dadi is in the ashram for 14yrs and Anjali and the rest of the family has not met her in all these yrs how did she know Anjali was married? Is Anjali not married for the past 5yrs ? Yeh timeline meri samaj ke bahar hai. Yes, I agree with you Dadi will set things straight for Anjali for the time being till the next storm hits everyone. 

Khushi ''''''..hum jinse se itna pyaar karte hai unke bare mei kuch nahi jante'''''..I hope the CV's handle Khushi's character delicately here . Personally don't want to see Khushi  in her investigation mode, would love to see her stand by her husband and help him open up and talk about the past. Like you said Priya, she has the mannat ke chabi  from the look at the precap we know Arnav will be at his wife's side all the way. The man who stood by Lavanya  all the way when Nani didn't endorse the relationship , now the man is in love and has Nani's endorsement '''''..will surely be a treat to watch not only to us viewer's but to Khushi and the rest of the family. Like Suvi said in her post seeing a mature Khushi.  Priya, please tell me ASR will say something to Mami , I am tired of her  using derogative   language .

Not happy with Mami , Payal lost all respect for these two character's today. As much as I love Mami's acting thought she over did it today. A little toning down much needed.  

The last scene for me stood out take a bow Mr Khan well executed .  Looked like a battle field with spectators . ASR be ready dear you have another one of you to deal with .   Mr Sobti you grace the screen for what a minute and we phangrls are like WOW''''.

The precap was the best part of the episode so glad to see ASR back in full form  some exciting episode coming our way.

Priya , I can't wait to read all about 12' o clock symbolism nab Bal Gopal.

Sorry guys for the thakeela post had a rough day. Will touch on the 5th day of Christmas more tomorrow the day has just begun.

                                                                                                                                               Pic Credit: Lovely 

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PartyPartyCongratulations to all the starsPartyParty
Thank you GS for calling me a creative thinkerEmbarrassed...I am happy you liked me postEmbarrassed

I loved the crooner Priya.. I agree with you completely on the part that got you to rant...there are many other ways of showing the class difference and there was no need to resort to what was shown yesterday. Expected better from GH but nevertheless will wait and watch how they rectify their mistake. I just loved the first quote you have used. Indeed the rise of the woman...everytime a woman is put down, she rises and shows the world her powers. This she does because of the love, faith and belief...Khushi will rise because of the love she has for her husband and the faith she has in her relationship. Anjali will rise because of the love she has for her child and the faith she has in her chotte and now Dadi...

When I watched the episode, the direct insults to Khushi made me cringe. But this was one episode that made me connect a few more dots with the past...Dadi mistook Khushi to be the servant not once or twice but three times in the span of 20 minutes. It is something done with a purpose...what could it be? I am in the mood of some detecive giri so me trying to find out what happened that night. In friday's episode, Nani referred to some "lady" because of which Dadi went to the aashram. The same night when everything changed for Arnav and Anjali...they saw their mother's death. We are also bombarded with the clip of Arnav's mom running time and again...his dad no where in the picture. In all probabilities, the reason for Arnav's mom's death could be due to the other woman and your hint on half sister  and Shyaam's return makes me want to jump to a conclusion but I will waitLOL. The other woman could have been from the lower strata of society making Dadi the woman she is today. Chance ho sakta hai. How Khushi's parents are involved in all this is yet to be seen...they died in a car accident when she was 8. Now if only Khushi's age was not a mystery, it would have helped meLOLLOL

Back to the episode...

Khushi was shown to be gardening...taking care of Arnav's plants. Also an indication that she would always be the protector for Arnav's loved ones. She had said she would always be at her Jahanpanah's serviceSmile. Another hint...why did Khushi call herself a kaniz the other day? Isnt kaniz a mere pawn..why didnt she call herself a Rani? Is it because she is yet to become his Rani? Loved the way, they have thrown hints in the episodes. Big smile
Khushi connecting the blooming of the rose bud to the birth of the child indicates that there is not much time left for the delivery. 

I liked the scene between Anjali and Dadi. Anjali who hasnt yet recovered from that fateful night breaks down as soon as she sees her Dadi. Even I feel that Dadi will help getting Shyaam back to the house. Anjali's eyes lit up the moment she heard dadi say, everything would be fine soon. Like you said Priya, Dadi will once again try and bring back the happiness and mend relationships. Dadi seems very orthodox, conservative and a strict disciplinarian so I wont be surprised if she forces Arnav and Khushi to get married again...her first step.

Other thoughts:
1. I loved the two reactions of the siblings...while one broke down and shared her pain, the other froze with the pain so evident in his eyes. 
2. Loved the long shot of the hallway...Dadi/Anjali on the right, Arnav/Nani in the centre and the so called outsiders (Khushi, Payal, NK and mami) as the spectators/witnesses.
3. Loved Khushi's monologue...there is a lot for her to learn from hereon. That journey will start only once she becomes Arnav's better half in the true sense. This scene also cleared the doubts that many people had on Khushi's feelings for Arnav.
4. I cannot forgive Mami for what she did today...I demand for a separate redemption track for this woman.Angry NK Bhai!!!! Why couldnt he complete his sentence??Cry Why was Payal quiet?Angry Infact, Khushi doesnt need anybody to stand up for her...she is capable of doing that herself. She goes around town telling people that she is KKGSR and she could have spoken even today but I guess it was the need of the scriptOuch
5. Barun's 2 second shot was the best part of the episode for me...the pain spoke a million words. Cant wait for the episode tonight.
6. Daljeet and Sanaya were very good. Daljeet's break down was far more natural compared to her other scenes off late. One point to crib...the director should avoid showing Anjali's left profile. Her flat tummy makes it difficult for the audience to sympathize with her character. Nobody is asking her to have a football inside but at least a small bulge will do wonders. I am always reminded of Vidya in Kahaani. All they had to do was to show Vidya waddling on the street and you feel so bad for her. 
7. Swait Chitnis is a terrific actress...I have seen some of her earlier serials and she has always done a fab job..I am sure she will do full justice to her character.

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Congratulations Shwetha, Indranidi, Suba and Nishi...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap


Brilliant crooner is less said'ClapClapClapClap

Fell in love from d first quote'.

Two elements women and servant:

Now what was that? Should I just overlook d whole segment as TRP garner'.typical SP kitchen drama'.and frm which angle does our KKG looks like one? Ok if working in your own house makes you one, or not being decked up as Christmas tree at home makes you one then it's a different issue.

I wanted to shout bravo when I read your reference to Ram and Shabri.

For me the yippie moment in d epi was Khushi nurturing the rose plant, planted by her husband, watering it, caressing d bud. Nanhi kali'rose standing for beauty, secret, lots of time referred in fairy tales as means of transformation, and its bud d symbol of innocence, d symbol of love in nascent stage.

Khushi's monologue: jisse hum itna pyaar karte hain'.unke bare mein hum thik se jante bhi nehi hain''bound to happen girl'such is his charishma.WinkWink.her first acceptance of d paramount love she feels for Arnav'she just needs to be aware of what is in Arnav's mind'love is already there..they understood their magnitude of love when they were on d verge of losing each other..what made matters go wrong was d reference to d contract again on that satsang night.

Khushi is always ready to love, to learn to make others happy especially her Arnavji but she still doesn't know much about her husband..what pushed Arnav to resort to bring in d contract that night'why did he even mention that'Arnav d ocean is too deep'khushi has to dive in that ocean to figure out d actual reason behind his every tough talk'.

Arnav has already pronounced his love, his yearning for her hume bas Khushi pursuing that he is not going to leave any stone unturned...he wants khushi next to him...whatever it takes him to do that...he is not used to lose any deal...and he is confident that once Khushi is close to him he will win her back. As Priya says, he needs to denounce that contract to bring back Khushi's confidence ,her trust her faith in that institution called marriage'


Enter of d dragon ooops sorry dadi: severe case of talk to my hand syndromeOuchOuch

Dadi enters and gets a watersplashed welcome from Jhalli bahu.  I believe she is from old school of thoughts but untouchability and naukarlog ka aukat and naukarlog should not touch puja things..i guess CVs are walking on very thin lines'.will see where it leads to.


Janmashtami, Goverdhan, subhadra and time details: I always refer to Bal Gopal or baby Krishna as d god widely worshipped when ppl are expecting or want to have a baby specially'so a janmashtami celebration round d corner'.sorry my mind just went to visit those scenes last year. Silly

Krishna is also Goverdhandhari who is providing shelter to lot many ppl like ASR.

Suvadra I can relate to Arjuna's wife, more of Abhimanyu's mother who didn't knew to come out of Chakravyuh'I refer to d seven circles of Diya shown in Diwali'and somehow believe that our Arjun will be able to break through it.

Their past is going to spill a can of worms'however horrid it will be added with d re surfacing of Shyam'Arnav d purifier will bring an end to it.

for d time details and explanations am totally looking upto you...cant put much stress on my limited grey matter...TongueTongueTongue  
Manorama: I want an iron bartan for Mami's redemption and without lid'.she should not be able to come out of it. Pronto.AngryAngryAngryAngry

Isn't she too coming from a so called servant background? That's why probably dadi refuses to take milk from her too. the dadis and nanis of raizada and maliks should by now accept that all their boys from all generations are big time lover boys,,,,all re incarnations of majnus and Ranjhas...LOLLOLLOLLOL

Nk: a true sakha, how you addressed him as sakha of phatti saree,'though his character is a little effeminate(sorry to use this word, but what I mean is a little soft character) but only he dared to speak in front of Dadi' he mustered d courage to say what is wrong'ClapClapClap

U cant address d daughter in law as servant'actually to be honest which normal person refers to their maids as a naukar in front of them'.which class and upbringing Raizada are boasting of?

Payaal: strictly NADeadDead

Return of ASR: every action invites an equal reaction.LOLLOL Cant explain how much I screamed and jumped at d precap'.previously we have always seen how ASR always pulls up Khushi next to him'.but today he followed Dadi's gaze and took that step to stand next to Khushi'his wife'.we have discussed it time and again how Arnav has accepted her wholeheartedly'that's where tumhara haq hai mujhpe hain comes '..lets wait for a dabaang episode tonight with ASR back ground score'.

My today's kostin:

1.Why was Anjalidi's and Arnav reaction to their Dadi diametrically opposite?

2.Arnav knew where she was and even tried to bring her over and Anjali said they looked for her for so many years?????
3.How Dadi knew that Di is pregnant? We cant see that'ShockedShocked
4. is Shyam behind this sudden appearance of Dadi?
5.Since when Payalia started getting important calls?????
p.s: my todays post looks like i have split personality...LOLLOLLOLLOL

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