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siya_sharma Groupbie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by NURSHAD52536

Plz plz plz plz cont. this..u don't know how much i miss this ff..plz cont. as soon as possible..
yes sure i am going to countinue it ahead

siya_sharma Groupbie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aanchal_c

please continue this ff.
yes i am , will pm you soon with updates
siya_sharma Groupbie

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 2:33pm | IP Logged


RECAP:  Armaan came to India, Rajasthan , with his parents

And Riddhima convinced her parents to go to India as Gunjan has went back there ,and that samrat need to be close to her

riddhima verdict was last and none want to argue with her wish and so they all decided to leave for INDIA all started with there preparations

next few days past really fast , riddhima was having a very different feeling of thinking about India
she was damm too excited to goo there , she knew the main reason for going there was to help her brother samrat in getting his love gunjan who was now back to India to be with her parents
Once all the arrangements were maid , everyone was too excited to go back to there country , all were really happy in sharma family
All the elders of the family , as in rishab , prerna , karan and nandani , have already gone to india , actually they went a week earlier so that they can make all the arrangements for there kids as they all were first time coming to India they didn't wanted them not too feel comfortable in India
There head office was already shifted to India , in Delhi
[Guys in my ff the whole story will be about Delhi actually I really need to know places in the city and being in Delhi I know more about here only
And there they bought a new house just the same as there in London, and even they maid all the interiors almost same as they were in there London house so that there kids feel comfortable there
It was BIG news all over the business news and newspapers that Sharma's r now back to India 
One side this all was going and on other side
[Some random name for the area or town where armaan is living actually it's a name of a place there, but I will post a fictitious surrounding]
armaan was soo busy with his family new discovered relations , he was more than happy to get a grandfather , who was just like a buddy to him , and grandmother who would love him a lot, and give him all her love and lots of pampering all the time
angad: ammy for how many more days r we going to live here in jaitpur , I mean aren't you getting bored here
armaan: no yaar I m loving it over here , I mean its such a nice place , its too beautiful and its too peaceful as well and moreover I think this place is not much away from the city and moreover we r already going to settle in Delhi in few days
angad: yaa it actually reminds me that I m going to Delhi ,actually dad had asked me to make all the arrangements there for us , as we r soon going to shift there , even our bungalow there is also been locked for soo long , I think we will live there only , as now you have to handle sujal's uncle business from your head office
armaan: ohh yaa , achaa yahaa se Delhi jaane mein kitna time lagega...
angad: well it is 8 hours drive by road  , but if you goo by angad khanna's car , you casn reach there in less then 5 hours .[angad said with confident] and as for now , you r coming with mee
armaan: where ? [asked armaan with confusion]
angad: aree dad is coming to India today , and we need to go to receive him from airport , actually his flight will land in Delhi soo I was leaving for Delhi airport  so r u coming with me ?
armaan: aree off course I m hum bhi maama ji se milne chalenge
angad: kya baat hai ammy tu to bahut jaldi royal language bhi seekh gaya hai , yahaa per main nahi kaha jaata na  ,tune notice kiya tu bhi ab apne aap ko 'hum' karke hi acknoweldge karta hai you r becoming a complete yuvraaj now
armaan: vo to hum hai hi...achaa abhi tum jaao...and haa saare arangements hote hi humme batta dena
and with that angad and armaan went to delhi airport to recieve angad dad mr khanna
kripa: riddhimazs i will miss you a lot ...first gunjan went to india now you r going ...what will I do here now
riddhima: i will give a better option you also come with us and then it will be fine wee 3 will again be together after all I will need my Hindi teacher there [she said trying to be normal as she was feeling sad leaving kripa there]
kripa: yaa off course I will be back to India in few days once all my certificate formalities r comlplete , but you don't worry till then gunjan is there na she will teach you well
nupur: waise kripa is right ab tumhe india mein kaafe problem hoge , I mean I know you can understand it well but you cant speak a single word properly in Hindi [nupur said teasing riddhima]
riddhima: you don't worry bhabhs I will manage main koshishh that's the correct word na, for I will try my best
nupur: not bad abhi se improvement aa gaye hai tumhaare hindi mein
riddhima: thanks to all my dreams I don't know why I sometime hear many conversation in Hindi in my dreams
nupur: dont worry , hope ki India jaakar tumhaare ye nightmares end ho jaaye
mayank: [intrupting them from behind]   ladies I know when 3 ladies r standing together they cant stop there gossips but still you have to now , actually announcement is all ready maid we have to bored the flight now So lets go
riddhima: mayank bhaiya we were not doing gossips ok lets go bhabhs  [now hugging kripa]  bye kripa take care I will miss you a lot
kripa: I will miss you too bye and haa call me once you reached there
riddhima:  I will bye 
and with that a flight take off
In Car
and now see armaan coming to Delhi , on road on his way to airport
he sees some roads the area around
armaan: angad jagaah itane jaane pehchaane se kyon lag rahe hai hum pehle kabhi delhi aaye hai kya
angad: armaan jahaa tak main jaanta hu  , tum 3 saal ke the jab uncle and kashish bua hameesha ke liye India chod kar chale gaye the , and uske baad tum ab India waapas aaye ho to yahaa aane ka to koi chance hi nahi hai
armaan: patta nahi jab se India aaya hu bahut ajeeb lag raha hai , and specially dreams itane ajeeb ajeeb se dreams aa rahe hai na , I mean kuch samajh nahi aata
angad: ammy tere problem patta hai kya hai tu bahut jyada sochta hia , I mean don't think soo much relax just relax , kuch nahi hota and patta hai dreams r only dreams inka koi matlab nahi hata
armaan: patta nahi kyon mere saath hameesha aise hota hai I mean maine kahe baar dreams mein kuch flashes dekhi hai  kuch log baate karte hai aisa lagta hai main kisse ki zindage dekh raha hu  kisse ke zindage ka safar dekh raha hu , I mean kahe baar main dekha hai  ek ladka aur ek ladke ko vo saath hai khush hai , and kabhi kabhi mujhe aise lagta hai ki koi doob raha hai bahut saara paani [water] hai and koi usme dhoob ke marr jayeenga , and then vo basket
angad: basket ...basket kya hai.
armaan: patta nahi...i mean maine kahe baar dekha hai ek ladki hai usse isse naam se bulaata hai koi ...and then vo paani koi doobne [drown]  waala hai  and vo kabhi kabhi aise lagta hai ki kisse ki shaadi [marriage]  ho rahe hai
[to this angad starting laughing]
armaan: angad ..tu hass kyon raha hai
angad: patta hai ammy ...scary dreams kya hote hai...jis cheez se hamme darr lagta hai na insaan vo hi cheezs apne sapno mein dekhta hai , ab dekh you r hydrophobic you r scared of water , tujhe kitne saalo se water phobia hai isseliye tu apne dreams mein ye drowning n water and all dekhta hai , because you r scared of it per mujhe nahi patta tha tu sapne mein shaadi [marriage] bhi dekhta hai , ammy u r scared of getting married also [making fun ]
armaan: angad ...shut up aise koi baat nahi hai its just that  anyways forget it main bhi jyada hi soch raha hu all this is just a dream
angad: ok forget about bad dreams ...waise tere dream girl ka kya hua ...
[oh yaa for your information ...armaan allways get a dream about his dream girl also...a girl with a bit green eyes ...long black silky hairs wearing a salwar kameez and her hairs flowing all over her face due to wind...and then her duppatta...flying in air...]
armaan: kuch nahi yaar jab bhi usse dekhne ki koshish karta hu  sapna toot jaata hai lekin mujhe patta hai vo sapna nahi mere haqeeqat [reality] banke mere life mein aayenge , and jab bhi vo mere saamne aayenge bas mujhe patta chal jaayenga ki haa yahe hai mere dream girl
angad: voo ammy ...thats too romantic yaar ...pehle mujhe lagta tha ki ye sirf sapna hi hoga...per tera confidence dekhkar lagta hai ki tere dream girl sach mein hai and vo tere paas aa rahe hai..pehle mujhe bahut weird lagta tha tere ye sab sochna. I mean you know school and colleges mein  saare ladkiya marte the tujhpe I mean you were the most handsome and dashing guy and  tu tha ki tune aajtak kisse ladki ke taraf theek se dekha bhi nahi ...sirf apne perfect dream girl ki talaash mein jo tujhe abhi tak nahi mille
armaan: haa lekin mera dil kehta hai ki mere dream girl mujhe bahut jaldi milne waale hai.
and here riddhima putting her first step on the land
and riddhima freeze there for a second as the world had stopped for the time
nupur from back
nupur: kya hua kiddo...kya soch rahe hai...
riddhima: nothing bhabhs lets goo
and after all the immigration formalities and all they were out to the passengers lobby where karan was waiting for them as he came to receive them after greeting each other
karan: [to riddhima]...soo bachaa what you r feeling now
riddhima: oh chachu I m soo happy and I m too excited
[only then she got a call]...kripa .is calling me.just excuseme
hello  yaa kripa hello signal problem just wait
karan: bachaa yahaa signal problem hoga...tum bahar jaakar baat karo hum samaan leker aate hai
and she walked towards the main entrance ...
on the other hand...armaan and angad reached the airport and just parked there car moving towards the main entrance
armaan busy with discussing and talking with angad his head is sligtly towards angad and on the other hand ...riddhima busy with her phone..
and on coming form opposite sides ...there shoulders hit each other very lightly ...they both were in rush
armaan took a bit turn and saw her back and just said a small sorry and move forward ...same was with riddhima when she looked back she saw his back and he was already gone far away soo she went out
[hehe ab itane jaldi thode na milwaaonge un dono ko ,  Still there is time for ar meet]
ok then lets see what's next
riddhima and her family were out of airport and went towards there house
mayank: wow ...chachu delhi has improved a lot
karan: yaa mayank...last 5-6 years mein kaafe changes aa gaye constructions building has became a better place to live in for now
riddhima was looking deeply outside form the window everything was looking too familiar too nice to her
nupur: riddhima kya soch rahe hai ...itane der se bulla rahe hu kaha kho gaye madam.
riddhima: nothing bhabhs just looking the way where do we live I mean
karan: we r going to live in the heart of the city
ok now every think almost got settled
riddhima was really busy with her family with sort of arrangements and adjustment in her new house ...
it took her a week to settle there and then they started with there routine like even gunjan use to visit her daily  and she was too happy that her best friend is now there with her
riddhima had to admit that from the day she came to Delhi all her dreams  have become more frequent
and she sees more and more flashes not only of that boy and a girl but also of a house and ...most of a man a marriage ...and then lot of water
every think was too complicated for her to understand so she simply ignored it and never considered it important as every think was just her illusion her dream
After a week kripa also come to India to surprise riddhima that day in her home
Kripa : supriseee
riddhima: kripa oh my god...hey u there ...oh i missed you soo much ...but how come you came here
kripa: well I just came to give you a surprise..
riddhima: really ... [riddhima said staring at her , as she very well knew that there was somethink else to kripa sudden visit and riddhima giving her expression to tell the truth]
kripa: oh ok...actually dad mom mumbai ...mein hai to maine socha ki jab mere best friends yahaa hai mere parents yahaa hai to main wahaa london mein kya karunge
riddhima: so you came back thats too you r gonna stay over here with me
kripa: no sweety actually I m going to live with my aunty I mean at gunjan house you know na my parents and gunjan parents are old friend soo mom wanaa me to stay over there
riddhima: ok ok its ok you stay with her , after all I m always going to stay with you and gunjan only...right na
kripa: absolutely...waise. I have to tell you one more think
riddhima: yaa tell me
kripa: maine usse milne ko kaha hai
riddhima: kisse ?  [she asked with confusion]
kripa: aree vo he mera chat friend cool dude ...uska naam angad hai ...usne mujhe bataaya...main usse milne waale hu
riddhima: thats cool kripa...but where do he live?
kripa: oh he is currently in  India only and when he came to know that I m also coming to India ...soo we planned to meet
riddhima: kripa r u sure you r gonna meet him .. I mean you didn't even know him in fact you have never seen him you have just chatted with him and that too only on net how can you bee soo sure that you can meet him
kripa: riddhima Please you r scaring me I mean what do you think  I mean now what
riddhima: relax sweety I m here with you naa you don't worry I will do some think
kripa: but what ...?
riddhima: even I don't know and you didn't even know how to judge peoples
kripa: yaa just a second I m poor in judging people but you r not
riddhima: what do you mean...?
kripa: I have an idea , tum angad se milna kripa banke and and if you find him correct person then wee will tell him the truth later
riddhima: what !!!!!!!! [shocked]   no ways I cant doo this
kripa: please riddhima you have to do this for mee please please
riddhima: ok ok fine I will try ok happy now so when r going to meet him
kripa: tommorow at 4 pm in hotel Taj
riddhima: ohh ok  sweety I m new in Delhi do you know where is this hotel
kripa: no I don't that's not a problem it is one of the best hotel in Delhi ..any driver will take us over there.
riddhima: ok then ...its a deal ...lets get the plan in action
same time IN RAJASTHAN
angad: uska naam kripa hai vo yahe India mein hai main usse milne waala hu armaan
armaan: to finally tere desi girl tujhe mill he gaye hum bhi milenge tumhaare desi girl se lekin angad how will you get to know that she is a good girl and a perfect girl for you I mean ...
[and then same talks as like done between riddhima and kripa and then finally decided that]
angad: to finally armaan tu kal kripa se angad bankal milenga...theek hai hum subha hi nikal jaayenge humme delhi jaana hai
armaan:  yaa done main main kripa see milunga and I m angad  for her ok

SAMRAT: princess tum kaha jaa rahe ho.
RIDDHIMA: samrat bhai actually me and kripa r just going out for shopping...
SAMRAT: oh that's cool...actually let me accompany you too ...I m already getting bored here
RIDDHIMA : what ...u will come with us...but...ok

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HR-DMG4life IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 1:56am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm and awesome update :D
Interesting precap

Nikki <3

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aanchal_c IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:28am | IP Logged
if u dont mind me asking have u posted this ff before also,because i remember reading it before...long before and i know i read till the part where riddhima sees armaan in her dreams and also meets atul anjali rahul and muskaan...anyways nice continue soon...Smile

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plz pm me this ff when u update next part

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lovely update
I so hope AR 2 meet soon
update soon
Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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will you make any changes to the initial parts?

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