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siya_sharma Groupbie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
hey updatted part 2 also
please comment guys , waiting for your comments

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged
I used 2 luv this ff
thanx so much fr starting it again
lovely start plz update soon n do pm me.
siya_sharma Groupbie

Joined: 06 October 2009
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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetshera

I used 2 luv this ff
thanx so much fr starting it again
lovely start plz update soon n do pm me.
thanks for your reply
will surely update this ahead soon and will pm you
siya_sharma Groupbie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 1:03pm | IP Logged

RECAP: Armaan getting some flashes while playing basket ball and he also confused about them
Kashish told armaan about there family history and that , his grandparents want them to come to India
Samrat , adiraaj and riddhima playing basketball, and riddhima getting some flashes , she is confused about that , mayank entry ,




all that family bonding loving and all session were going on there , mayank was still there with samrat, adiraaj and riddhima

and meeting all of them , when nupur came there


samrat: bhai , you just came back , hey what took you soo long, your flight must have landed 3 hours ago , and as we knew airport is just 15 minutes away from our home hmm


[samrat said with a wink , as nupur came there , the were teasing them , as nupur had gone to receive mayank from airport and before coming home they must have spend some time alone together, as they were meeting after 5 days and mayank was as usual quite and nupur was giving samrat 'I will beat you look' , as he was teasing them when adiraaj also teamed up with samrat]


Adiraaj : oh hoo samrat , what kind of question is this hmm , may be bhai and bhabhi got struck in heavy traffic [said adiraaj offcourse in teasing way , and riddhima to joined them]


Riddhima:  yaa or may be there car tyre got puncture hmm or maybe the whole car broke down hmm, am I right bhabs , [riddhima said nupur with a wink]


Mayank: shut up [Finally mayank just said them with stop it now look]


Samrat :  ok as you say [samrat said] , well if you want I can send your car to mechanic


Nupur : uski koi jaroorat nahi hai samrat , and as per we coming late , so it was just that your ever so unromantic brother actually went to office first , direct from airport for some work ,and I was left with no option rather that to just wait for him there in office [nupur said with frown , more to mayank then samrat as she was actually angry with him]


Samrat : what !! r you serious bhabs ? , bhai how can you be soo unromantic, hmm ?

Mayank: will you stop this now , and nupur I think I have already said you sorry for that , now what could have I done it was urgent and I was needed there , sorry jaan , ab to maan jaao naa


Adiraaj: hyee , bhabs , ab maan hi jaao bhai itane pyaar se sorry keh rahhe hai


Nupur: adi , tum rehne doo tum to hamesha apne bhai ki side lete hoo


Samrat : aree let him be that,  I m here on your side bhabhi


Riddhima : yaa even I m here with you bhabs , now bhai has to compensate for his mistake , otherwise no sorry for him


Mayank : ok ok fine , I surrender , soo tell me what I have to do now


Samrat :  hmm ok bhabhi tell him it's a great opportunity , don't miss it ok , kabhi kabhi to bhai vo karte hai jo aap kehti hai  [he said to nupur]


Mayank : aree aise kaise , main to hameesha hi vo karta hu jo nupur kehte hai hai naa jaan , aapke koi baat na maanne ki gustaaki to humnee aaj tak nahi ki [mayank said romantically to nupur and she was there left with blushing]


While the other 3 were like : awww  , [making nupur blush even more]


Ok , then let the enjoy there sweet cheed kaahne







Like always , There was a stupid argument going on over there as always happens in a family discussion over one or some other random topics and today's discussion topic was offcourse riddhima

adiraaj  , samrat  mayank were sitting there with prerna and were talking generally about riddhima


prerna: riddhima itane badde ho gaye hai , koi kaam nahi aata usse abhi tak , how many times have I told her , to learn some cooking but


adi: mom princess ko cooking seekhne ki kya jaroorat hai hummare ghar mein allreally itane saare cooks hai


prerna: tujhe nahi patta adi ...abhi to theek hai lekin kal ko iske shaadi honge...naye ghar jaana hoga.patta hai mujhe usse cooking karne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai ..per ladkiyo ko sab kaam aane chahiye...ab apne nupur bhabhi ko hi dekh vo bhi to cook nahi karte per sab kuch aata ho hai na usse


[all mom says like this I suppose its mine personal experience ]


samrat: yaa adi mom is right seekhane mein koi buraaye nahi hai


mayank: bilkul nahi ...hamaare princess koi kaam nahi karenge

adi: ya bro I m with you princess koi kaam nahi karenge aur aaap ye kya shaadi and all ki baatein kar rahe hai vo abhi chote bachee hai mom


prerna: bachee riddhima 23 saal ki ho chuke hai , yahe sahe umar hote hai shaadi ke liye in fact main to soch rahe hu ki uske liye rishte dhundna shuru kar du


samrat: no ways bade maa riddhima ki shaadi abhi usme bahut time hai itane jaldi aise kaise


adi: yaa mom vo kahe nahi jaayenge


prerna: [getting emotional] ladki hai aaj nahi to kal to uske shaadi hone hi hai , tum usse itana pyar kar rahe ho , naam se hi nahi sach mein princesss banna ke rakha hai usse , patta nahi shaadi ke baad uske family kaise ho  wahha usse kaise treat kare


mayank: bilkul nahi mom , dekhna hamaare pricess ke liye ek aisa prince aayenga ,jo usse sach ke princess banna kar rakhenga


prerna : [joking ]  achaa to uske liye kyaa koi royal prince aayenga , u know kisse jagaah ka raja and all  prince [smilingly]


mayank: yaa mom bilkul dekhna ek prince hi hoga vo...



A royal welcome was organized there , it was like they were celebrating any festival


first wee see sujal and kashish getting out of the car , and they both took aashirwad from raaja sahib  , standing there to welcome them


sujal: [hugging him tight, tears falling from there eyes] kaise hai aap pitaji ?


Raja sahib :  aaj theek hai , saalo baad apne bete ko dekh raha hu


Sujal:  [seeing tears in his eyes]  yee aasoo [tears]   raja  bhi kabhi rota hai .


raaja sahib : itane saalo se inhe rok ke rakha tha...aaj inhe beh jaane de...[and then towards kashish]  aayo bahu apne ghar der se hi sahe aaj is haweli ki bahu ka swaagat hoga


[they were standing there when sujal asked his wife]


sujal: kashish armaan kaha hai .???


kashish: angad aur armaan doosre car mein the...[only then car entered the main gate]...vo aa gaye


and then car stopped and angad and armaan both got out of car ...together..


and raaja sahib saw both of them approaching towards them together and he saw both angad and armaan


sujal: main battatu ...apka poota  [grandson] kaun hai inme se .

[but before he can say further]


raaja sahib : bilkul nahi apne poote [grandson] ko hum khud pehchaanege , hum to isse dekhte hi pechangaye the

[towards armaan]  yahe hai na hamaara poota.[grandson]


armaan touch there feet to take there blessing , and instantly raja sahib , took him in a big tight hug


Everyone eyes there were wet seeing this happy family reunion


raaja sahib : kitna badda ho gaya hai...bilkul apne pitta ki tarah dikhtaa hai


armaan: ji nahi main to bilkul apne dadaji jaisa hu hai na grandpa

[then he realized that he should not use English] ops I mean daadaji


raaja sahib [smiling].: yes offcourse my handsome grandson


armaan.:[shocked for a while]  wow u speaking  English I thought


raaja sahib : its ok beta well your grandpa is also a well graduate but still hum apne culture ke saath rehna pasand karte hai


armaan: I like that and I like you too grandpa


[sujal interrupting them in between]


sujal: pitaji  vo maasa  [Concerned]


raaja :  vo ander hai ...chalo unse mill le


then after a whole welcome and all they moved inside the palace was really big, then what armaan thought off , it was really , very big with all types of antique furniture and interiors and each and every place was breathtaking beautiful and then there was another huge garden on the backside of palace


After a long walk they reached a room there lied an old lady on the bed , she would be probably off around 70 years many servants and care takers were taking care of her


armaan can easily guess that she was maasa his grandma


First sujal met him and then kashish , met masaa taking her blessing and then complete emotional saas bahu scene and ,maasa apologizing for all she did to her for not accepting her for years and all


After that it was armaan turn , he bend down and touch her feet to take her blessing and she immediately took him in a hug , she was crying badly


maasa: hum bahut burre hai apne parevaar ko aur uske khushiyo ko , apne poote [grandson] ko apne se door rakha humne , per ab hum aap sab ko kahe nahi jaane denge kabhi apne se door nahi karege


and again a happy family reunion.


[I know it was a bit bore , hope you all r not bored of it well now noo more family reunion]


after all this meeting  Armaan was finally resting in his room when ANGAD  came there

angad: [teasingly] yuvraaj ki izaajat ho to hum andar aa jaaye


armaan: shut up angad not u atleast !  jab se yahaa aaya hu sab aise treat ka rahe hai jaise main


angad: [cutting him in between]  as of you are a king , which actually you are , you r an actual Prince of here armaan


armaan : I know but all this is so different and a bit weird as well , I mean sab itane care kar rahe hai and all that


angad: soo enjoy it na ye to achee baat hai , you r important over here enjoy your importance


armaan: I m yaar infact I m loving it


angad: ok then you take rest , I will go back to my room


armaan: hey you can go back later to your room naa just be here with me for sometime

angad: vo actually it's the time for [angad said shyly]


armaan: oh yes offcourse its actually the time when mr angad khaana hat with his MS DESI GIRL , seriopusly angad , you chat with her everyday , why don't you just meet her ,or I mean at least ask her about her name


angad: ok ok yaar , I will meet her soon , as for now , let me be her 'cool dude' and she as my 'desi girl'


armaan:  you really don't want to knew that how she looks where she live and all

angad: I will knew that also soon , what's so hurry


Riddhima and gunjan were standing outside there college , with few of her friends,


gunjan: where is this kripa today , I cant see her around she was here few minutes ago


riddhima : yaa she was , but now what's the time she must have gone to chat with her net friend


gunjan: oh yaa her soo called net friend I don't get it she didn't even know his name and still she chats with him everyday


riddhima: I know but you know what something is really strange with her and her net friend how can they chat without knowing any identity of each other


gunjan : forget it yaar I have much more bigger tensions then that


riddhima : tension what tension...????

gunjan: I m going , I m going back to India [gunjan said sadly]


riddhima :  India ,why when ?


gunjan: actually we were here for our studies and college is over now  soo wee  have to goo back home , my parents r calling me back , infact kripa's parents also want her to come back , but I think she will stay here for some more time , but as for mee , I need to o back


riddhima : oh gunjan don't go , you know I will miss you she said hugging gunjan

[and then she said to herself]  and somebody else is going to miss you more poor samrat bhai




samrat: what ???? gunjan , gunjan jaa rahe hai  , but why? How can she goo leaving ME I mean US like this


riddhima : yaa bhai  , she is really going back , I told you earlier to just tell her what you feel about her see now she is going leaving you


[riddhima knew what samrat feel for gunjan so she is worried for her bhai]


riddhima : you know what , I should be more sad than you because my best friend is going


samrat: oh I think we need to do something.


riddhima : you don't worry bhai we will figure some think out


samrat: but what ?


riddhima : even I don't know that [she sighed]




nupur was sitting in living room she was watching a hindi movie yes none other than "DDLJ"


riddhima went to her she saw that nupur was seeing the scene where they all went back to India and then that Punjabi song going in background , and ladies dancing in that farm


an idea clicked to riddhima


riddhima :  bhabs


nupur: aree riddhima come here , see I m watching a very nice movie


riddhima : bhabs u really miss India a lot


nupur: yaa. I do you know what riddhima India, my home, I miss it a lot , you knew riddhima India ki to baat hi kuch aur hai


riddhima : really tell me more na I want to  knew more


nupur:  India , all the places there , our culture , the people there , everything is really special , the seasons there , the rain


riddhima :  rain !! bhabs I think London is also prone to rain


nupur: not like that baby you knew what's the best think about rain , it's the smell of the mud at the time of first rain , it used to felt was so good , but we can't feel it here like that anyways leave this topic and let me watch the movie


[well I love that smell of mud at time of first rain I just love it hope many of you like it]

Riddhima : bhabs I heard that dad was planning to shift to India and settle there
nupur: yaa mom , dad always wish to go there , they want to live rest of there life there in India , at there motherland in between there own people , they even want to shift there head office there and then permanently settle there only , but then


riddhima : then what bhabs what's the problem ?


nupur: you sweetheart


riddhima : me but why what have I done


nupur: its just like , mom , dad thought that you all kids r born and brought up here in London , they didn't knew whether you all will be ready to live there in India or not


riddhima : no bhabs we would love to live in India , infact you don't worry I will talk to everyone for shifting to India it would be fun




On the breakfast table


Breakfast was not one of riddhima's choices


Still riddhima sitting very quietly and not even arguing on not to eat that breakfast and even drinking milk quietly


Everyone was confused on that behavior as they don't like her sitting quietly


karan: riddi r u ok ??


riddhima: yaa chachu I m perfectly fine


mayank:  r u sure?


riddhima : yes bhaiya  , why r u all asking that??


rishab: that's because sweetheart you r sitting so quietly today and u r even drinking milk


riddhima : ok u all want me to argue and doo nautankii and all stuff , then I m surely going to do one


rishab: what I didn't get it  ?


riddhima :  I know the breakfast is not of my wish but I m still having it so for this can u fulfill my one wish


rishab:  off course princess our wish is a command sweety say it what you want I will get it for you


riddhima : [nervous] dad  , I , I mean , I want that wee all shall go to India , I mean , I want to go to India


rishab: [shocked ...and high tone]   what??????


riddhima : [quietly this time just in a soft tone]  I want to go to India


karan: lagta hai tumhaare tabiyat sach mein hi kharaab hai aaj


riddhima : I m serious chachu why r u all behaving like this , I knew that you all were planning to shift to India you all want to live your life there in your country with your people


rishab: yes sweetheart but hum to tum logo ki wajaah se nahi jaa rahe the I mean we all thought that you all don't want to go there


samrat: [who was sitting next to riddhima ]

off course we don't want to go , riddhima what r u saying ?


riddhima got angry on that she was doing this for samrat and he was opposing her ,she held samrat collar and whispered in his ears


riddhima : [whispering]  samrat r u gone mad...u jerk...I don't knew you loved London more than gunjan


samrat: [whispering back in her ears]...u mean u r doing this just for mee


riddhima : off course I m doing for that now what do you think...mere dil mein koi bhaarat  [india] prem jaaga hai kya , I m doing all this just for you , now shut up and support me


samrat: oh okk ookk


The others who were watching them whispering in each other ears now finally asked them


karan: ab tum dono kya baatee kar rahe ho


samrat: nothing dad actually riddhima is right we shall go to India in fact I m with u all I  would love to be there and I m sure adi would also not have any problem with that right adi


adiraaj who was sitting quietly was very  confused on riddhima sudden request .


adi: yaa of course I don't have any problem.

[he knew that something was cooking there between riddhima and samrat so he thought of asking both of them later about this ]


riddhima : ok soo done we all will go to India yaaayyy it will be great fun


riddhima verdict was last and none want to argue with her

 and so they all decided to leave for India all started with there preparations









kripa : i told him to meet me

riddhima : who ?

kripa: oh my chat friend My cool dude , his name is angad , he told me that , and we r meeting soon 

riddhima : thats cool kripa , I m dying to meet your cool dude
angad: her name is kripa , and she is here in India and i m going to meet her soon 

armaan: soo finally you got your desi girl , great , we will also

meet your desi girl

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HR-DMG4life IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
amazing ff and thanks for the pm :D

Nikki <3

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Nurshad.kajen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:01am | IP Logged
Plz plz plz plz cont. this..u don't know how much i miss this ff..plz cont. as soon as possible..

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TANHA_H Goldie

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siya_sharma Groupbie

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Originally posted by nature7

thanks glad you liked it

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