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siya_sharma Groupbie

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Roxxy47

Awesome part Clap...
Acha plan bnaya tha Riddhima ne Wink...
But Armaan was Smarter LOL...
The Armaan Shergill turning emotional Tongue...
Riddhima got hit by a car Ouch...
Will be waiting for u to continue...
N thanks for the pm Smile.
thanks a lot for the reply
i m glad you liked the part , will update ahead soon

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siya_sharma Groupbie

Joined: 06 October 2009
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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 6:31am | IP Logged





Doctor were just examining riddhima, in an emergency room and all of them were waiting outside


Meanwhile armaan explained everyone how the accident happened


Everyone were really tensed especially mayank he was really hurt as her little angel was in pain.

Armaan and samrat , were standing together , while gunjan was also there they were standing just outside the room , where riddhima was , while mayank was sitting in a corner on a bench , he was really scared , nupur came near her , as she knew that mayank would really be a bad condition and would need someone to support him right now


She also sat with him there ,

Mayank was sitting there quietly he was looking nervous and scared


Nupur kept her hand on mayank's hand , holdinghim tight , assuring him that she is there with him


Nupur:  she will be fine  [she said assuring him]


And then mayank looked in his eyes, that were reassuring her , that all of it would be fine, he just hugged her tight , the think which he really needed  right now


This was there relation , where , GESTURES AND EYES , speak more then words ,

Both mayank and nupur are a bit reserved types person , and being a kind of similar nature persons , they understand each other silence very well


It was really assuring for mayank that nupur was there for her support, yes it true he knew that, she was important for him, special for him, always there to support him , yes she was , riddhima was the most important person for mayank , that was true , she was his angel , but nupur was also an important part of her life , she was also very close to him , it was like she was the one who understands him in and out very well .


Nupur was always there with him , whenever he was alone , whenever he feels the need to some support , he never need to ask that from her , it was like whenever he looks back for any support in his life , he had always found nupur standing there ,


And so was the case with nupur she knew mayank really well, despite the fact that , as compared to talking with others , they talk very less with each other , it was not that they never chat , yes they doo talk about anything and everything with each other , but still sometimes no actually many times words were not required to be said , they can very well read each other silence

Nupur parents r not very supporting with her , her step mom , hardly cares for her , and her dad , too hardly have much time for her , but still she never felt lonely , being riddhima and gunjan , like best sisters , she can ever get and more then that ,and armaan was always like a brother to her ,and samrat a cutest friend she can ever get , who can make anyone laugh even if they r very sad


But mayank was one , who always read her eyes,  whether she is happy sad , he was always like a strong pillar in her life on which she can blindly rely for support , she never had to ask mayank for that , he was there always , even before she realize that she needs someone 


Its not that other's as in armaan , riddhima ,samrat and gunjan , were not important in there life , they were just more then important for them yes they were part of there life , actually part of them as well , they were always there for them , but still when they be together with each other they always felt sense of security . 


Doctor came out , soo mayank and nupur came out of there hug and rushed there 


Mayank :'s my sister


doc: relax Mr. Mayank , she is fine , Just  a leg injury


[a sign of relief came on everyone faces]


armaan: is leg injury serious doctor


doctor: actually  its a fracture


samrat: fracture when will it get fine


doctor: well it will take 20 to 25 days to cure but I would prefer 1 month rest for her


mayank: you don't worry doctor we will take proper care of her


samrat: well can we meet her now


doctor: ya sure and you can even take her to home now  I mean she is perfectly fine  just a complete bed rest for few days


mayank: thank you doctor


[and then they all went inside towards riddhima  she was just lying on the bed and all the five move close to her and mayank , sat beside riddhima on one side, and armaan came on the other.]


[riddhima know that mayank was angry , how can she be so careless to , move on road like this]


riddhima: [she said softly]  mayank


mayank: [in angry tone]  baat mat karna mujhse ,  dekh kar nahi challa jaata tumse.


[he was angry  but  he loved riddhima a lot  and so he was not able to get more angry  when he actually saw her face his anger just vanished ]


mayank: [now holding her hand]  bahut dard ho raha hai [very caringly]


riddhima: [put her hand on mayank heart]  yahaa se thoda kam


[now actually mayank got emotional  as it was true  that there was lot of pain in his heart  tears came in his eyes]


riddhima: mayank please I m fine now  ab tum ye roona-dhoona band karo please


armaan: [who was till now just standing there controlling his emotions]  tum theek nahi  tum paagal ho and blind too


riddhima:  what!!!


armaan: what... what...  kya...  aree itane bade car tumhe najar nahi aa rahe the  bas chalee ja rahe the agar jyada lag jaate toh


gunjan: haan armaan...riddzs ..u r so aggar tujhe kuch ho jaata tho


riddhima: [very sweetly]...gunjan sweety I m fine now...its just a fracture...


samrat: just a fracture...riddzs... ab tum bilkul chup ho jaao...and sirf araam karogi ab it [giving instruction]


riddhima: oh please yaar...[trying to calm him]


mayank: he is saying absolutely right


armaan: yes mayank ab tum bas rest karoge  ok


gunjan: yaa complete bed rest.


[riddhima now needed help ...she looked towards nupur]


riddhima: [politely].  Nupur at least you support mee


nupur: no riddzs  not at all mayank tum bilkul tension mat lo , ab riddzs ka khayal hum rakhenge


riddhima: nupur tu bhi main tum sab mein se kisse se baat nahi karunge


mayank: [gettinng emotional]  please ab dubaara aisa mat kaheyo.


riddzs: ok mayank nahi kahunge...[emotionally]


samrat: achaa hum saare formalities puure karke aate hai  chal mayank


[mayank and samrat just leave the room]


[and both the girls also went out  following them]


now only armaan and riddhima were left there.


[armaan eyes were filled with water  riddhima noticed it]


[she carefully tried to sit on the bed now she was half lying half sitting on the bed]


[she hold a tissue in his hand and offered it to armaan]


riddhima: ye lo  le lo..


armaan: main ro nahi raha tha vo to mere aankh mein kuch chala gaya tha [trying to defend himself]


riddhima: haan  pata hai mujhe  [said casually as she know the truth that he was actually crying...but still he will never accept that he was crying]


[suddenly riddhima expression changed to a bit serious one]


armaan:  now what happened to you


riddhima: vo actually thanks.


armaan: thanks for what ? [surprisingly]


riddhima: haan vo actually tumne mujhe,  accident mein.


[he understood what she was to say and he really felt bad riddhima was his best friend and how can she say him thanks  he felt bad]


armaan: [a bit angry] haan thanks off course aggar main tumhe nahi bachaata to bhi mujhe kya pharak padta  main tho tumhara kuch hu hi nahi


riddhima: armaan I m sorry mera vo matlab nahi tha,  armaan


[now he was actually getting emotional and so he just hugged riddhima]''


riddhima: armaan main theek hu


[armaan didn't said a word but his silence said a lot to riddhima and she also understood that how would armaan be feeling]


[Entered samrat]


samrat: ok guys  [ they parted away]


samrat: ghar chale riddhima


riddhima:  yaa


samrat: naahi aggar chaaho tho yahaa per bhi reh sakti ho  itane burre nahi hai ye jagah  [joking]


riddhima: shut up samrat and now help me  I need to get up


[Seeing this armaan and samrat helped riddhima and armaan picked her up and seated her on a wheel chair]


samrat: ok lets go 


[then they all proceeds towards there home ]




mayank picked riddhima from the car and took riddhima to her room  and rested her on the bed.]


[mayank was giving instruction to all the servants on how to take care of riddhima]


mayank: [to a servant]  hope you got everything ...I have appointed a nurse for riddhima and she will remain with her all the time


samrat: yaa that would be fine mayank


riddhima: per iski kya jaroorat hai mayank  I m fine and I can manage well


armaan: [in a commanding tone] there is noo need  for you to manage anything riddhima you just take rest we all r here to manage everything


samrat: yaa riddzs you will need a nurse for you


riidd: ok ok as u all say  ok now I think its too late you all go and take some rest u all must be tired


[Everybody left after greeting riddhima, except mayank he just sat beside riddhima bed and holding her hand after an hour he slept there only]


[Armaan visited the room twice at night to see riddhima to see her that she was fine or not]




It was just 2 minute left to 12 in night, riddhima was sleeping in her room


Only then armaan entered her room


He came close to riddhima's bed  she was in sleeping


he tried to pick her in his arms  riddhima surprisingly opened her eyes  and she was about to shout  as it was dark and she can't see armaan  she actually got scared,


but before that armaan put his hand on riddhima mouth and stop  her from shouting


riddhima really scared tried really hard to escape but she just can't and it was too dark there to see anything


armaan picked her up she tried hard to free herself  but she was not able to do she had a fracture in her leg


armaan came in the hall it was completely dark over there in the hall also and seated her on a sofa, and then removed his hand from riddhima mouth


and riddhima just shouted



riddhima: aaa mayank ..mayuuu


mayank was also sleeping in his room but listening to riddhima sound he  just ran towards the hall  to see riddhima


IT was dark there in hall


mayank: riddhi  riddhi  kaha hai tu ? [very tensed]


[but riddhima could not reply as armaan had again put hand an her mouth]


as mayank entered the hall


then only the lights go on and a loud voice came.


voice: surpriseee


[Mayank was shocked it was samrat nupur and gunjan standing there  and  the hall was fully decorated

and he can see riddhima sitting  on a sofa and armaan standing behind her with his hand of her mouth  she was also in a state shock]


Armaan removed his hand from her mouth she didn't shouted now as now she knew that it was armaan  who just kidnapped her...from her room to hall


riddhima and mayank were surprised


and other four except mayank and riddhima were singing together






Samrat nupur and gunjan came close to mayank ...and all of them were hugging and greeting mayank.


and on the same time  armaan as he was there standing near riddhima  just hugged her and wished her


armaan: happy birthday  riddhi


riddhima: [happily] thanks...[now getting angry]  but is this any way to give a surprise .?  you know how hell scared I was


armaan: [cutely] ohhh really miss riddhima sharma  ko darr bhi lagta hai


riidd: shup up armaan


[then all reached riddhima after wishing mayank]


samrat , nupur ,and gunjan ,hugged riddhima and wished her.


and finally at the end  mayank came to riddhima  and hugged her


riddhima: [ to mayank] happy birthday mayuuu  


mayank: [completely filled with emotions] same to you  LITLE SIS.


riddhima: [getting apart from mayank]  what  litle sis... mayank we were born together on same day


mayank: [cutting her in between]  ya but I was born few minutes before you soo I m you elder brother got it


riddhimah:  yes boss


samrat:  ok  guys  lets cut the cake


[nupur bought the cake  and then riddhima and mayank together cut the cake , first they both made each other eat it  and then both together to armaan


Resulting in armaan face spoiled with the cake


then to samrat ,gunjan and  nupur


Finally after that they all sat there and began to chat


riddhima: guys only cake where r my gifts


samrat: [with fake attitude] dekh liya  madam ke liye itana achaa surprise organize kiya  lekin nahi uski koi value hi nahi  madam ko to abhi bhi gift chahiye.


riddhima: oh  just shup up ok chup chaap mere gift nikaalo  [with fake anger]


samrat: ok soo tell us princess kya pharmaaiesh hai aapke  kya gift chahiye aapko


riddhima: well ... mujhe [thinking deeply] [then realised somethink]  ek minute mere birthday gift bhe main bataonge ki mujhe kya chahiye


[armaan who was sitting there only interrupted in between]


armaan: haan samrat , tumhe nahi pata ki riddhima ko to uske birthday mein  ek hi gift chahiye hota hai here you goo madam [giving riddhima a packet] your gift


riddhima: [taking it ]  how sweet ammy you know mee soo well very well know that I only want this dairy  [getting the diary out of the packet]  as my gift every year


[actually  riddhima always want a dairy this was a special dairy which riddhima got every year and in this she and all other friends used to capture there special moments these dairies were the special memories of there lovely friendship]


riddhima: ok now lets start with this dairy the first nupur will write in this


nupur:  ya sure, give it to mee I will write something in it for riddhima  so that she gets well soon [pointing towards the fracture in riddhima's leg]


gunjan: yaa then its my turn to write ok


samrat: yaa sure wee all will write in it but before that mayank you tell now its your birthday too what gift do you want


armaan: yaa mayank tell me what gift do you want


mayank:  mujhe ...mujhe kuch nahi  [very politely]


riddhima: aree aise kaise kuch nahi chahiye batao na kya  gift chahiye


mayank: gift  bas tum jaldi se theek ho jaao  [holding riddhima hand]   I just want this gift only


[riddhima didn't said anything further  she just hugged mayank ]


armaan: ok this was riddhima gift to you and as per as our gifts your gift is due ... you ask it whenever you want a gift ok


mayank: promise  sometime in my life I will definitely ask for a gift


armaan:  yaa sure jab chaahe maang lena  jaan bhi de dunga


mayank: chup kar jaan nahi maangunga.


riddhima: not bad armaan kya ...dostana hai ek vaada mujhe bhe de do main bhi kabhi kuch maang lunge


armaan: je nahi tumhara bharoosa nahi pata nahi kya maang loge tumhe to ye vaada nahi de sakta


riddhima: bas itana hi jaante ho mujhe., ek vaada bhi nahi de sakte,


armaan: itana jaanta hu tabhi to vaada nahi de raha.,


riddhima: ok  okk guys  [changing the topic]  its too late now  lets go to sleep


mayank: yaa its too late


riddhima: well guys you all r going to college from tomorrow right [as riddhima leg was still fractured so she will have to join the college late ]


samrat: no riddzs wee all will go from next month with you only


riddhima: what !! [shocked]  but why ?


mayank: what do you mean by why how can we leave you alone like this [pointing towards riddhima fracture]


riddhima: so what mayank I mean  you all can't spoil your studies just because of mee


armaan: no riddhima , we all will go college together


gunjan: ya you get well first then we all will go together


riddhi: not at all nothing like this will happen  you all will go to the college from tomorrow and that's it no more arguments on this [commanding them]


nupur: no riddzs we will not go leaving you alone here


riddhima: but I will not be alone over here there will be so many servants at home to take care of mee and moreover college will just be for 6 hours only


samrat:  but !!!!!


[riddhima cutting samrat before he can speak]


riddhima: bas  that's it you all r going to  college from tomorrow and that's final [she ordered them]


mayank: ok ok we will go but not all of us I mean anyone from us will always remain with you


nupur:  ya mayank that would be fine  so now its decided  for tomorrow I will stay with her


riddhima: ok  ok  fine  but only one of you  fine now you all go to sleep


[Everybody agreed and then went to sleep]





[all the three boys getting ready for the college  riddhima was sitting there helping them to select there clothes,]


riddhima: armaan green shirt this shirt doesn't suits at all with you this jeans God !!!!  [bit frustrated]  when will you learn to select proper color


armaan: excuse me my selection is better than you ok I was going to wear this red one I was just seeing this green one just like that


riddhima:  ya ya I know ...go and get ready fast


[after armaan got ready]


samrat:  hey dude .not bad you r looking really handsome today


armaan: really well you r also looking very nice


mayank: ok now ready guys


[only then entered nupur and gunjan]


gunjan: hi guys


armaan: hey hi gunjan [hugging her]  r u ready  for the college


gunjan: no actually


nupur: no actually gunjan is also staying with mee for today we will go from tomorrow


mayank: ok that's fine  well  frankly speaking riddhi I don't feel like going like this leaving you here


riddhima: mayank that's it , ab tum teeno jaao , and haa mayank , tum bhi naa kuch girls and all set kar hi lenaa , you also try like these two r going to doo [pointing towards armaan and samrat]


samrat: excuse me riddzs what do u mean we r going to the college only to doo settings with the girls


riidd: [confidently] yes off course.


armaan: ya actually you r right  college and girls not bad


mayank: ok  ok now lets go  [looking least interested in this topic as mayank and running behind girls never , in this case he is actually like mayank of show girls r al over after him per mayank unhe ghaas bhi nahi daalta]


riddhima: ok bye and all the best


[all 3 boys hugged the girls and left for there first day in college]



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Roxxy47 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Fabulous part Clap...
Mayank n Nupur share quite a unique bond Big smile...
Sab kitna khyal rakhte hain Riddhima ka Thumbs Up...
B'day surprise acha tha Wink...
It was Amazing Big smile...
N thanks for the pm Smile.

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awesome IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 8:57am | IP Logged

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Bhawna_arti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Lovly update..

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
awww... Glad that ridx is fineee... Nice part... Thanks fr pm

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Malvika18 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update!. Big smile
Loved it loads. :)

Thanks a bunch for the PM. xoxo

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice update!

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