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Roxxy47 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
Superb ff Clap...
Loved it Heart...
N i would like to read further Big smile...
But i think u should first ask "Simi2" that can u continue her work Smile...
Its just my opinion. 

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Originally posted by Roxxy47

Superb ff Clap...
Loved it Heart...
N i would like to read further Big smile...
But i think u should first ask "Simi2" that can u continue her work Smile...
Its just my opinion. 
thanks for youe comment , glad you liked this , will surely countinue ahead
and as for the permission, its simi2 who have told me to countinue it ahead, she is very close friend of mine, and we are still in contact through telephone
i am going to write this ff the way she told me to write it , and the story is also hers, its just i am going to write and post here as she cant come

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Roxxy47 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by siya_sharma

Originally posted by Roxxy47

Superb ff Clap...
Loved it Heart...
N i would like to read further Big smile...
But i think u should first ask "Simi2" that can u continue her work Smile...
Its just my opinion. 
thanks for youe comment , glad you liked this , will surely countinue ahead
and as for the permission, its simi2 who have told me to countinue it ahead, she is very close friend of mine, and we are still in contact through telephone
i am going to write this ff the way she told me to write it , and the story is also hers, its just i am going to write and post here as she cant come
Okay...will be waiting for u to continue Smile.

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updatting part 3 here now

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RECAP: friendship between all 6 and how they became best friends and can't live for a single day without each other few memories of them when they were in 5th standard and 9th standard there childhood masti 


[I know I have taken a  big leap well there were more time and many memories of there past now you will read about them in few flashbacks whenever they will be required ]
ARMAAN and MAYANK were Basket Ball Player , in there school team. Armaan was te captain and mayank was also one of best players
[ yes in my ff samrat is not a basket ball player for a change  ]
[haa I knew thoda alag hai , per I think itana chaltaa hai  ]
MAYANK  was also the HEAD BOY of the school
And with him NUPUR was the HEAD GIRL of the school

It was a normal working day

Today is armaan and Mayank basket ball match with the opponent team of there school

It was an inter school match

And the captain off opponent team was GAURAV - arrogent ,rude and hated armaan mayank  and there group as armaan and matyank were more popular then him in school and in between girls

The match was almost about to began
The basket ball court was ready and almost whole school was sitting in audience cheering for there favorite most heard as
almost all the girls were saying this

everybody was ready for the match except ARMAAN


Mayank: armaan chal match ka time ho gaya hai

armaan didnt replied

enter's samrat

samrat: Mayank, armaan the whole team is ready come on move what happened armaan ?
armaan: vo riddhima ...she haven't came yet
Mayank: oh no I just forgot to wake riddhima  I think she must be sleeping till now
armaan: what ..she knew that its my match today can she
samrat: I m sure vo aa jaayege tu baahar to chal
coach: dekho armaan aaj mere job ka sawaal hai aggar doosre coach ki team jeet gaye to mera to please chalo match khelne
[actually this match was played to decide that who was a better coach to get a permanent job ...the coach of armaan's team or the coach of the opponent team]

samrat took an exist and went towards the audience and joined nupur and gunjan who were cheering for there team in audience
nupur: hey sammy kya hua , itane pareshaan kyon hoo
samrat :  Riddhima 
gunjan: oh noo , riddhima  abhi tak aaye hi nahi
samrat : nahi ?..patta nahi kahaa reh gayye 
armaan and Mayank came in the court
the cheering became louder as armaan entered and on other hand gaurav was getting more and more angry seeing that

The Match Began
armaan was not at all concentrating on the game he was continuously staring towards the entrance gate and soo game getting out of there control.
the opponent team maid a basket
Mayank: armaan kya kar raha hai come on concentrate on the match.
coach: bas aggar aise hi chalta raha to mere to job gaye aaj [praying]
Mayank: nahi sir aisa nahi hoga hum jeetege hain na armaan
armaan: aree haan ...haann chal

the game began again

and just then riddhima  entered from gate

as armaan saw her coming he ran towards her leaving her game in middle
armaan: riddhima  tum kahaa thee main kab se wait kar raha tha
riddhima : armaan tumhara match  [as he almost left that in middle] main aa gaye ab jaao
armaan: mera lucky coin kaha hai?
riddhima : coin  vo to
armaan: tum mera lucky coin nahi laaye riddhima  ab main game   [riddhima  inturrupted him in between]
riddhima : hain mere paas ...pocket mein raha
[she put hand in her pocket and get something out in his hand]
armaan: do mujhe .[he hold her hand and tried to get it]
[riddhima  pulled her hand back]
riddhima :  you play your game I will take care of this
[there coach arrived towards them]
armaan: sir vo riddhima  aa gaye
coach: haan dekha maine [ towards riddhima ] arree tum yahaa kyon khade ho andar aao na court mein
riddhima : [really confused]     ji ...ji sir
coach: haan waise bhi armaan to match khel hi nahi raha [ pointing towards riddhima ] tum hi khel lo armaan ki jagaah...
[on the coach comment armaan realized he left the match in middle of the game]
armaan: ohhh nahi sir main jaa raha hu
[he ran and joined his team and started playing the match]
[riddhima  who was standing there open her hand and there was nothing there she had not bought armaan's lucky coin she had forgotten that]
[she joined samrat and girls in the audience and started cheering for Mayank and armaan]
the game now became the --"the actual armaan's game"
and finally they won the match and the crowd was getting mad with happiness
riddhima  came running in the court and without any delay ran towards Mayank and hugged him
riddhima : wow Mayank i knew ye match to tumhe hi jeetna tha
then she approached armaan and hugged him and congratulated him in the same manner she did to Mayank
riddhima : mujhe pata tha ye match to tumhe hi jeetna tha
armaan: mera lucky coin kaha hai [ he said in a shocking manner ]
riddhima : vo vo. .  to   [she didnt know how too reply]

armaan: tumne mujhse jhoot kaha riddhima  tumne mera lucky coin ghuma diya [ he said it just like a small kid say when he didnt get his toy]

riddhima : oh god armaan stop crying ...and by the way your luck depends on your handwork not on any stupid lucky coin ok ...

[after saying this she just ran away towards there group who were cheering Mayank and other team member]

armaan: [as she ran from there ] thatsss not fare haa

[but he cant fight anymore as now he was surrounded by the audience specially the girls cheering for him and he got busy with them ]
Here samrat , nupur and gunjan were congratulating mayank , as well [one think guys they all r just in there school , soo till this point its just there friendship between them , soo no love affair for now , love stories have not started yet]
Everybody was happy and enjoying there except GAURAV as he was really annoyed as he lost it

riddhima  looked at him and as usual  'AADAT SE MAJBOOR' she went towards him to make fun of him

riddhima : so gaurav 2 saalo se Mayank aur armaan se haar rahe ho ek aur baar ...tch tch tch ...poor u aren't u tired of loosing ?

gaurav: [ as he was really arrogant and rude ] excuse me what did you said  ?

riddhima : [with same arrogance] well i said ' looser '
gaurav: [he was really angry now ]    looser !! ... how dare u say that

[he in anger hold riddhima 's hand very tightly which hurt her a bit and that's it Mayank by chance watched it and without wasting any time he ran towards gaurav and catch a hold on him]

Mayank: how dare u dare you touch riddhima...

[Mayank was really angry ] 
[normally Mayank is really a cool quite and understanding type of boy but when it something related to riddhima he loose his temper completely he is actually too too possessive for his sister and  even he is too caring for gunjan and nupur also , as they r his best friends]

gaurav: [arrogantly] vooo Mayank relax sirf haath hi to pakda hai bas...kuch aur to

[before he can even complete his sentence Mayank lost his temper and gave him a full force punch due to which gaurav fall down on the ground]

[now everybody there noticed it and came towards them gaurav got up and as he tried to punch on Mayank a strong hand stopped his hand in the air]

[ it was Armaan and then he came between gaurav and Mayank and in a few second samrat also joined them]

samrat: kya hua Mayank? [as they all wanted to know the reason of the fight]

Mayank: iski himmat to dekh riddhima  ko haath lagane ki koshish kii ...  aur kehta hai kya kar loge ...iski to main

[as Mayank comes towards gaurav to hit him again he is stopped by armaan]

armaan: relax Mayank ...soo gaurav what have you said  ?  'kya kar lenge hum' chalo vo bhi dekhte hai ja himmat hai to ab haath laga ke dikha riddhima  ko

[gaurav as he was really in a mood of fight again proceeds towards riddhima  who was really happy to see Mayank reaction to realize how much her brother and even her friends loves her was not at all scared as gaurav was approaching her]

[as gaurav picked his hand to touch riddhima  armaan hold his hand from behind gaurav again tried with second hand and armaan again holdded it now he was holding his hand so tightly that gaurav was feeling that his bone would definitely crack in a while but before any think like this could happen a voice from behind interrupted them]

voice: what the hell is going on here ?

Everybody turned back it was the principle

samrat: armaan leave him princi aa rahha hai

[ armaan didn't leave him] [ so finally riddhima  came there]

riddhima : armaan ...armaan chodo usse   ... princi aa rahha hai
[she hold his elbow and tried to get his hand away from gaurav]

riddhima : armaan leave him

[Finally he left his hand and gaurav fall down on floor with pain]

principle: what was happening here  ? armaan Mayank report in my room in 15 minutes
Mayank: yes sir.

[as armaan and Mayank were bright students so they were left by the principle with first and last warning to them]
AT THERE HOME [means riddhima's, mayank's , samrat's and armaan's home as they 4 live together and nupur house was just few blocks away from there house and soo was gunjan's]

Riddhima  was really upset on there over reaction to the situation

[and as usual she was standing in front of Mayank and armaan like a jailor and they both were just sitting on the sofa and can't dare to watch at riddhima  and gunjan nupur and samrat were standing in one corner]

riddhima : there's a limit to everything now why r you sitting like this with your head down... dammit speak something koi  "moun vrat" rakha hai kya  [ she was scolding them]
samrat: ab riddzs tu bolnee degge tabhi to vo kuch kahengee na
riddhima looking with I will kill you samrat looks towards him : samrat tu apna muh band rakhnee ka kya leega 

nupur  : riddhimaaa. forget it naa ...leave it yaar

riddhima : nupur tu beech mein matt aa , main bahut gusse mein hu, tum teeno chup chaap khade raho [towards gunjan nupur and samrat ]

gunjan: lekin humne to kuch kaha hi nahi [in a joking jesture ], kyon samrat?

riddhima : haha very funny gunjan dekh mainn bahut gusse mein hu abhi kuch nahi ok

samrat: riddhima  tum itna gussa kyon ho rahe ho ,. I mean kya galat kiya armaan aur Mayank ne , uski himmat kaise hue tujhe...vo to armaan ne chod diya usse   main hota to us idiot kaa haath todd hi deta

armaan: vo to main bhi kar deta aggar vo princi na aata to.

riddhima : shut up u guys [ getting more angry ]    stop it ...and armaan tumhe itna voilent hone ki kya jaroorat the ...come on guys aise bhi kya baat ho gaye the sirf haath hi to pakdaa tha

Mayank: chup kar tu tujhe kuch nahi pata haath pakadna to door choo ke dikhaye tujhe koi phir dekh main kya karta hu...aur tu tujhe kya jaroorat the usse baat karne ki kitni baar kaha hai aise logo se door raha kar
riddhima : Mayank [ riddhima  anger was getting vanished on seeing Mayank concern and love for him ] main koi bachee to nahi hui can take care of my self
armaan: nahi riddhima u can't tum abhi bhi bachee hi ho and  hum to hameesha aise hi karege koi problem
riddhima : theek hai tumhe jo karna hai karo ...per mujhse baat karne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai..

[saying this she ran towards her room ]

Mayank: ye to jyada naraaj ho gaye ...ab

armaan: don't worry Mayank riddhima  ka gussa hai ... jitni jaldi aata hai utni jaldi chala bhi jaata hai.

samrat: haan dekhna subha tak bilkul normal hoo jaayege

nupur: ok guys kaafi raat ho rahe hai ab hum chalte hai ...haina gunjan.
gunjan: yaa its too late .
samrat: haan ...chalo i will drop both you girls
gunjan: nahi samrat uski koi jaroorat nahi hai ...waise bhi kitna door jaana hai . ...5 minute mein walk karke ghar pahuch jaayege hum
mayank : no ways , itane raat ko tum dono akele nahi jaa sakte , samrat tumhee chod degga naa
nupur : nahi mayank its fine , hum chalee jaayenge
gunjan : haa thode der hum walk and talk kar lengee
samrat: aree to theek hai naa main bhi chaltaa hu , saath saath walk and talk kar lengee , koi problem hai
gunjan: ok  ok samrat. tum kitna argue karte ho tumse to behas karnaa hi bekaar hai
samrat : to phir karte kyon hoo , hmm , chalee ab
and with that samrat , nupur and gunjan went after bidding bye to armaan and mayank
armaan: ye to gaye ab kya kare Mayank riddhima  to.
Mayank: idea...
armaan: kya?
[Mayank went towards the kitchen and called there servent ]
Mayank: robert doo one think take riddhima 's dinner to her room and yaa right now send someone to the ice cream parlour to get hot chocolate fudge  for her ...absolutely of her choice
armaan: Mayank I think its too late ..where will we get that soo late
Mayank: they will get it in main market and you know naa  hot choco fudge dekhte hi uska gussa thanda ho jaaata hai
armaan: haan chal abhi mujhe bhi neend aa rahe hai subha baat karta hu usse
Mayank: yaa good night
[ as armaan was about to leave the phone rang up]
Mayank: its definitely gonna be dad's call
[he picked the phone]
Mayank: hello
[ it was Mayank dad mr sujal]
sujal: hi beta its me
Mayank: hi dad r u.. and hows mom and why did'nt you called yesterday  riddhima  had  called karan uncle he said you were in meeting
sujal: sorry beta actually i got stucked in some important work yesterday anyways how's riddhima  hope you r taking proper care of her and how are armaan and samrat
Mayank: yaa dad wee all r absolutely fine you just don't worry at all
[ sujal gave phone to karan who was sitting with him]
karan: hi buddy [to Mayank]
Mayank: hey karan uncle how r u
karan: i m fine beta how's riddhima  ?
Mayank: fine ... bahut gusse mein hai
karan: jaroor samrat ne kuch kiya hoga vo to hai hi nalaayak [ karan thinking about his son 'samrat is allways the nalayak of all' hehe]
Mayank: no  karan uncle this time its not samrat she is angry with  me and armaan
karan: then its definately a problem
[ armaan who was listening there conversation as it was on speaker phone said ]
armaan: no buddy  koi problem nahi hai dekhna abhi thode der mein maan jaayege ye to uska roj ka kaam hai
karan: haan... achaa aaj tumhaara basket ball match tha na I m sure tum hi jeete hoge hai na armaan [ said with confidence]
armaan: yaa buddy hum hi jeete hai ab aapka ye beta haar thode na sakta hai
karan: yaa right ...achaa dekho take care of yourself aur riddhima  ka bhi aur haan samrat ka bhi khayal rakhana
Mayank: ji karan uncle aap bilkul tention na le hum hai na
karan: ok bye then
Mayank and armaan together : bye
[actually now Mayank and riddhima  mom and dad sujal and kashish and samrat's mom and dad karan and nandini have settelled in london]
[and the kids live here only as they don't wanna leave there town and so they lived here with armaan's mom -prerna there chotima]
On the other hand
Samrat , nupur and gunjan were still outside sitting in the garden and chatting
They didn't went back to there house , actually they were planning for what to doo at 12 tonight
Midnight same day
He was standing in his room balcony one side of which was samrat's room and other side was Mayank 
Actually there were 4 rooms in a row...
the one in the corner  was riddhima  and then Mayank and then armaan and last was samrat's but as all the rooms were really big soo it never seemed that they were in row one has to walk a lot the in corridor to move from one room to another but there balconies were really can easily jump from one balcony  to another
armaan through the balcony jumped in Mayank's and then riddhima ima's balcony and tried to open the door but it was closed
but his goodluck the window there was opened and so he entered riddhima 's room
it was dark inside but a dim light was there and he can see riddhima  sleeping on her bed
RIDDHIMA 'S ROOM WAS REALLY BEUTIFUL it was fully maid in baby pink colour
pink walls ; ... pink curtains bed and even bed sheets were pink
riddhima 's room was decorated like a princess room
and there a princess was sleeping on the bed with many different types of pillows surrounding her
she was sleeping holding a big pink heart which was really big in size

armaan move towards her bed and bend down on his knees beside her bed
riddhima  was deep in sleep and so he holded her hand lokked towards the time and it was 12 now
He bring out a friendship band from his pocket and tied it on her hand and kissed it and said softly
" happy friendship day riddhima  "
he got up and as he was about to leave riddhima  hold his hand and said opening her eyes
riddhima : ' same to u armaan'
and she got up and sat on bed and then armaan gave her a hug wishing her again
riddhima : to tumhe yaad tha mujhe laga tum bhool gaye
armaan: main bhool gaya...[with a shock] main tumhe wish karne aaya hu tum bhool gaye the riddhima
riddhima : nahi armaan main nahi bhoole aggar bhool gaye hote to ye arangement kaise karte.
armaan: kaunsa arrangement [ a little confused]
[ riddhima  switched on the lights and on the other side of her bed there was a table decorated with roses and a cake was kept there on which happy friendship day was written]
armaan: woww ye kab kiya tumne ..
riddhima : surprise ab mujhe pata tha tum 'tarzon entry' to karoge mere room mein to maine yahe surprise arrange kar diya
armaan: how sweettt
they were standing near the cake and having this conversation when Mayank samrat nupur and gunjan
actually samrat , gunjan and nupur were waiting for 12 o'clock as they always use to wish each other at night only . excatly at 12 they first went to mayank's room and then from there al 4 of them came here in riddhima's room  
samrat: by the way hum bhi hai yahaa and I think is cake mein hamaara bhi share hoogaa
riddhima : ha haa aaja , tu and teraa cake ?..
[they all move towards them and everybody hugged and wished each other and exchanged there bands ]
[and finally they celebrated by cutting the cake together this was what they all did every year armaan tarzan entry in riddhima 's word in her room .his being the first one to wish her every year  and then all 6 cutting a cake together]
[Seriously the most scary month march   ]
It's Afternoon time


riddhima : [ mummering her chapter] oh god! meraa kya hoga ...itana saara syalabus
nupur: haan aur karo classes bunk. aur khelo basket ball ab pata chalega
riddhima : kya nupur tu to aise keh rahe hai ki tu hamaare saath hoti hi nahi the vo to tu saath saath studies kar lete the varna tera bhi hamaare jaisa hi haal hota
Mayank: [correcting her] aaahaa humaare jaisa nahi aapke jaisa mera course complete ho chuka hai
riddhima : haa ,...tera to hoga hi na nupur ke saath saath pura din books padte rehta hai
gunjan: Mayank tum dono pad -pad ke bore nahi hote
[ enters samrat and armaan and armaan straight away lied fully on the bed where riddhima  and Mayank were sitting and samrat sat on the couch where nupur and gunjan were sitting ]
armaan: [ streching his arms] oh god ! ...i m tired waise samrat match was really nice na
gunjan: [with shocked face]  you both were watching a match
samrat: today is india vs england final
riddhima : really  what's the score [asked curiously]
Mayank: [before samrat can reply] [mayank said to riddhima ]  concentrate on your studies not on this stupid match
armaan: haan riddhima  tum bilkul serious nahi ho pata hai is tarah to tum fail ho jaaaoge [ said casually]
riddhima : achaa ,, mere choddo armaan tum apni baat karo ... books ko dekh lo armaan exams aa rahe hai
armaan: thank you ,tumne bata diya ...varna mujhe to pata hi nahi tha ki exams hai   [sarcastically]
riddhima : .shut up also get serious now
armaan: [confidently] riddhima  tum tention mat lo main exams jaise bhi dunga atleast tumse jyada score karunga.
riddhima : really...oh just forget it  this time i m gonna score atleast more than you
armaan: ok then bet  ...lets see who scores more  ...the one who scores more is the winner
riddhima : . done...
armaan: ok if you won well there is no chance for that but still if you won than  whatever you say ...and  ..i won..
[cutting his sentence]
ridz: aaa ha IF you won ...[stressing on word if]
armaan: ya ya that only then you have to doo one work for mee

[armaan and riddhima  were chatting and everybody else just like a silent listner listning to them]
rizs: what work I have to doo for you ...[confused]
armaan: well voo the girl our class
riddhima : armaan there r many girls in our class  ...whom r you talking about ?
armaan: arre vo priya...
riddhima : oh that one...what happen to her ?
armaan: nothing happened to her  ...just asking she is your friend .right
riddhima :  yaa she is ...soo
armaan: soo you have too arrange for mee you know  a date with her
riddhima : ok like that fine I will do that and waise bhi almost tumhaare saare setting main hii to karwaate hu
armaan: excuse me...madam jahaa tak mujhe yaad hai tumne aaj tak sirf mere 6 dates arrange ki hai , baake kii  .ummm
samrat:    baake kii   ?
armaan:  aree yaar 2 minute , mujhe mere dates count to karnee dee
riddhima : armaan baake ki  18 dates   [ riddhima  said before armaan]
armaan: yaa yaa  18 ...hey guess what,,,,,, riddhima  if you arrange this date for mee then it will become my ,SILVER JUBLEE
gunjan: silver jublee how
armaan: like that because it gonna be my ...25th date
samrat: [surprised] man you allready had 24 dates...i only had 16 till now ... [with disappointment]
riddhima : [towards samrat] ohhh so sad samrat ...don't worry main hu na... i will arrange dates for you too as I did for armaan
samrat: really riddhima sweet you r such a true friend yaar [ coming close to riddhima  and hugging her]
[prerna armaan's mom entered the room and said to ]
prerna: . wahaa!... kya dosti hai... [taunting them] ...[to riddhima ] ..aur bigaado in dono ko [pointing towards armaan and samrat]
riddhima : chotima maine nahi bigaada inhe [ towards armaan and samrat]... ye to pehle se hi bigde hue hai.
armaan: haan ...ab sangat ka assar to hoga hi na ...[to riddhima ]...ab tumhaare saath rehenge to sudhar to sakte hi nahi hum i right mom
prerna: armaan [ giving her a tought look] concentrate on your studies idher-udhar ki baato mein nahi
armaan: mom main studies mein concentrate karta hu ye to riddhima  hi..
riddhima : arre maine kya kiya...main to pad rahe hu.
armaan: oh really .
[before he can speak further]
prerna: ok quite you both don't start fighting ok... jab dekho bas ladte rehte hai..
Mayank: choti ma aap inke chakkar mein mat padiye hameesha aise hi chalta rahega.
prerna: haan vo to hai ...[suddenly she remembered somethink] aree main to bhool hi gaye bhaiya ka phone aaya tha
riddhima : karan uncle ka phone aaya tha...[happily]... kya keh rahe the vo
prerna: he said all the best to all of you and yaa there is a surprise for you all
all together: surprise what ? .[ excitedly]
prerna: wait wait .here it is  [she gave some paper to riddhima ]
[she immediately without wasting time read it]
riddhima :  aree these r brochers of goa ...what r these for chotimaa
prerna: yaa these r for you all all r going to goa for picnic after your exams
samrat: wow goa thats lovely... bua . has dad arranged this for us.?
prerna:. yaa .he thought that you all need some relaxation ...after your exams soo
armaan: thats so cool mom you guise r the best ...
samrat: yes...
riddhima : yes...waise you will also come with us naa ? [towards prerna]

prerna: no beta i have some urgent business work

[actually since when karan and sujal settelled there in london prerna is the one handling all there business in india] 

Mayank: we know that choti ma but its just for few days

prerna:  no Mayank i can't and actually i have to goo for a business tour of 3 months  next month

riddhima : 3 months!! you going for 3 months  leaving us here alone will we live here without you
prerna: what .sweety i think its not the first time i m going out of town leaving you guys here i have been on soo many business trip earlier also
riddhima : yaa but that were maximum of  1 week or 2 weeks but 3 months
prerna: riddhima  ...sweety now you guys have grown up and you all can take care of yourself i right [ she said to convince her]
riddhima : yaaa [said as shee was not so convinced]
Mayank: comeon riddhima now cheer hum log hai naa yahaaa
samrat: yaa riddhima hum hai naa yahaa , aur waise bhi , jab tak hum 6 saath hai humme aur kisse ki jaroorat nahi hoote , right guys
Mayank: right samrat ...hai na armaan ...tum bataao , tum kisse ko miss kartee ho hamaare saath hoote hue ?
armaan: miss  miss kisse ko nahi  sirf  miss ...miss sonia and miss monia and miss dolly...and
[riddhima  inturupting armaan]

riddhima  oh god armaan ...stop your this ...dolly... polly... discussion

[armaan inturupting her in between]
armaan: riddhima  galat baat mat karo
riddhima : maine kya galat kaha...[confused]
armaan: wrong ...don't you know that none of my girlfriend was named as  ...polly...
riddhima : ok ...fine armaan ...[ she get up of the bed with anger]
[before she can say further prerna who was watching all this dont want armaan and
riddhima  to fight further step between there fight]

prerna: riddhima  beta relaxx...[but till then riddhima  left the room].. and armaan you .[with angry looks to armaan]

armaan: mom what i did?...[with all inocence]
prerna: kya kiya naraj kar diya na usse ... kyon us bechaare ko satata rehta hai hammesha
armaan: BECHAAREEE [with a shock] mom riddhima  aapko bechaaree lagti hai
[samrat also joined armaan]
samrat: bua...riddhima  aur bechaareee kuch galat nahi ho gaya
[and now everybody there gunjan ,nupur ,Mayank , armaan and samrat started laughing as if prerna had cracked a big joke]
prerna: chup ho jaaoo sab ...aur armaan jaao aur usse manna kar laao naraz hokar gaye hai vo
armaan: koi jaroorat nahi hai mom vo aise hi naatak karti hai hammesha...
prerna: armaan,...[now with tought looks ] i said goo to her right now
armaan: okkk mom i m going
[and armaan went out to find riddhima  to see her where she has gone]
[he went to her room first searching for her ]
armaan: riddhima  ...

riddhima to nahi hai...[ to himself]..where she would have gone
[armaan don't have to search for long as he knew THAT , if riddhima  is not in his room she would be definately sitting in there tree house]
[and without wasting time further,,,,,, he went there]

It is kind of there "DOSTI KA ADDA"
Armaan reached there, and she was there standing in the corner and pretending to be angry
armaan: mujhe patta the tum yahee hooge
riddhima : [in her angry tone] kya hai kyon aaye ho yahaa
armaan: mere marji ... mera ghar...mera ground ...mera tree house...aur mere pair[foot]  main jahaa marji jaao tumhe usse kya
riddhima : very funny armaan
armaan: really...listen main nahi aa raha tha vo to mom ne kaha ki unki beechaare riddhima udaas hai
riddhima : haan aur tum usse aur irritate karne aa gaye ho
armaan: [said sweetly this time] irritate irritate kaise kaar sakta hu ...MAIN TO UNKE BEECHAAREEE RIDDHIMA  SE ITNA PYAAR KARTA HU
riddhima : [ in a big shock] kyaaa ...pyaarrr
armaan: [holding her hand] ...haan riddhima  main tumse bahut pyaar karta hu.
riddhima : [getting very uncomfortable] armaan tumhaare tabiyat to theek hai na...
armaan: haan riddhima  i love you main tumse utna hi pyaar karta hu jitna...
riddhima : [getting nervous said softly] ...jitna...?
armaan: jitna ...[changing his tone to normal armaan tone]  jitna...chuha [rat] billi  [cat]  se , saap  [snake] nevelee see and India Pakistan se

riddhima :. armaannn   [with anger]
[armaan started laughing ]
[riddhima  got angry this time on armaan joke and armaan knew this so further wasting time there armaan just ran off from there and riddhima  followed him]

riddhima : ruko armaan ...abhi batati hu tumhe  main kitna pyaar karte hu tumse
armaan: vooo come on riddhima ...
[as riddhima  was running behind him in the ground armaan just went inside the house and riddhima  was following him but she was stopped there on the gate by prerna]
prerna: riddhima careful beta you will get hurt
riddhima : I m fine chooti ma
prerna: ab kya kiya is ladke ne main to pareshaan ho gaye hu isse [in anger]
riddhima : choti ma relax armaan ne kuch nahi kiya...
[now riddhima a taking armaan side as she don't want her friend to get scolding from prerna]
prerna: tu sach keh rahe hai ?
riddhima : haan chotima aap aise kyon kehti hai ...armaan bilkul theek hai aap usske liye itana pareshan kyon hoti hai
prerna: kya karu beta MAA hu na...i know armaan very well...he is very emotional...darr lagta hai...uske liye...
ridzs: choti ma aap bekar mein tention le rahe hai ,  armaan bahut samajhdaar hai  ,,  aur waise bhi hum hai na uske saath hameesha..
prerna: baaki sabka to pata nahi ...per tu to hai na...
ridzs: [holding prerna hand] ' haan chotima ...main hu NA ;;
prerna: [ very emotionally] riddhima  mera beta naa samaajh hai...tu mujhse vaada kar tu hammesha uska saath dege
ridzs: haan choti maa ...i promise main armaan ka saath kabhi nahi you just stop being soo emotional ok
prerna: main bhi na..    tujhe bhi apne saath emotional kar dunge.
ridzs: haan vo to hai...ok now shall I goo... I have to study now

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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pm me plzzz

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Roxxy47 IF-Rockerz

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Inki dosti ki jitni tareef ki jaye utni kam hai Big smile...
Jitna ek dusre ki care karte hain utna hi jhagra bhi karte hain LOL...
Loved each n every part of it Heart...
Continue soon...
N thanks for the pm Smile.

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thanks for the pm and awesome update :D

Nikki <3

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