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~ Happy 17th Birthday Amu! ~

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7th August 1995
A Princess called Amu was born<3


Annie: *waves* Heyaa Everybody!

Sara: *mumbles* Oh here we go another disastrous birthday introduction.

Annie: Huh?

Sara: Oh nothing!

Fozi: Guys can we just start this?

Iqra: Oh come on, this is going to be a great introduction!

Sanya: Yepp, I can totally see that happening.

Sunni: Like Fozi said, can we just start already?

Iqra: Okay then, so today is 7th August.

Annie: One of the most important date in our calender!

Sara: On this day the youngest member of our crew was born!

Fozi: She's our little angel!

Sanya: And means the world to us<3

Sunni: She spreads happiness wherever she goes!

Annie: She's literally one in a million.

Iqra: We hope you have an amazing day that you so deserve!

Sara: We hope you get all the happiness in the world!

Fozi: And so we wish you...


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17 facts about Amu.<3

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Part 1
... By Sara ...

Rushing past the annoyed passengers the kameenians zoomed into the terminal cursing sanya & her cuppy as they were the reason why they arrived so late. All 5 of them were huffing and puffing as if they're running for a marathon!

Sanya: yo guys,slow down I can't run that fast!

After she said that she regretted it as she faced 4 pairs of daggers coming her way,they were already red-faced after the running but her telling em to slow down wasn't helping them, she knew if she opened her mouth once more time she'll be saying bye bye to her life.

Foz: slow down?! cuz of your stupid cuppy we're gunna miss our flight you kotti!

Sanya: listen k it's not my fault cuppy wanted to have a susu

Iqz: it's not even a REAL person!

Sanya: haaaw take that back iqzzy my cuppy is my bacha & I won't have no one bullying it hmmph!

Annie: kameeni'z you can argue all you want in the plane,first let's catch our plane

Sara: blad don't worry it's PIA,the airline'z famous for it's delays :P

Quickly going through the security check & slyly hiding cuppy the kameenians finally made their way onto the plane & ran to grab the seats. Annie & sanya sat in one window seat 'debating' over Archie & who he belongs to whilst Sara,Iqz & foz sat in another playing DS with bhudda Ben on their ipods/iPhones & watching NPM vids on ther TV sets :P suddenly the captain announced the take off whilst the kameenians hugged each other as they feared plane takeoffs,sanya clutched her cuppy to her chest mumbling "dont be scared cuppy,mummy'z got you safe in her hands"
The others just laughed at her motherly antics :P
It wasn't long before someone caught sanya'z eyes & well Sanz being the player she is couldn't let this go ;), as the air steward walked past her,she let out a whistle & motioned him with her fingers to come to her. As he came closer she scanned him up & down whilst nodding as if she was happy with what she saw :P she quickly whispered to her cup-
"cuppy,if I play my cards right you might be saying hello to your daddy!"

When the AS came over she slowly said in a quiet voice,

Sanya: can I have a diet coke please?

AS: sure,enyting elsh?

It was clear from the way he spoke that he was a mangy as he couldn't pronounce his words properly but guess Sanya had a thing for mangy men.

Sanya: ermm your phone number? ;)

AS: sowwy I no efford a fone

Sara,Iqz & foz watching all this smirked & winked at each other as they decided to have a bit of 'fun' with the air steward. Putting on her best pouty face foz stepped out her seat & waddled near the air steward as if she couldn't walk,she 'accidentally' slipped into the mangy'z arm & flirtatiously said in his ears,

Foz: are you a magnet? Cuz I'm so attracted to you right now

Sara & Iqz bursted out laughing at what foz said & watching the steward'z reaction.

AS: kya? Me koi magnet shagnet nahiin hoon samji?!

Iqz realising it's her cue got out her seat & started to play her part in this not knowing that Annie was recording all this to put on YouTube :P

Iqz: haaaw!! foz get out my future hubby'z arms,don't you have any sharam just falling into your jeeju'z arms like that?

The AS'z eyes shone up brightly assuming that Iqz checked out his profile & maybe that's why she'z addressing him as 'future hubby'. He gleamed with delight at Iqz as she made winky duck faces at him,just then Sara strolled behind them twiddling her hair around and slowly tapping the AS'z shoulder,she plastered on a shy & innocent face silently giggling like a little girl. The steward looked at her confused as she edged forward & said with a smile,

Sara: hey,are you an alien cuz there'z nothing like you on earth

The AS was shocked with horror & wailed to the girls,

AS: noo nahiin I is a human not alien pleej leeb me aloon

The girls roared with laughter & quickly sat down in ther seats before the AS started complaining bout them. Annie stopped recording & grinned to herself as she'z got a weapon to blackmail the others with if she ever wanted her way. Few hours later the plane was about to land,the kameenians were squealing happily looking out the window at the beauty of Africa

Foz: omg we're landing woohoo can't wait to get my lion!

Sanya: look cuppy,can you see that sea?! We'll try & bathe you cuz you're so dirty :P

As the captain announced the flight landing,the girls rushed out ther seats & barged through the crowds cuz everyone knows kameenians dont have patience :P
They all embraced the cool air as they stepped into the sunny airport,iqz had to make a stop as she needed a susu.

Iqz: guys hold up I need to susu I'll be right back

Iqz skipped happily as she played Draw something with Ben,she was on the 97th round with him & she was gunna make sure she hits a century before switching her phone off,finishing her susu & still holding her iPhone in her hands she was just about to turn the corner when a pair of hands clamped over her mouth & dragged her away. Iqz in shock dropped her phone and & tried to bite the unknown guy'z hand but he was too strong for her! The 'kidnapper' pulled Iqz away quickly before any of the kameenians find out...

Part 2

... By Annie ...

"Ouch! Watch where you're going!" She toppled over her suitcase. She let out a sigh and looked up to catch a glimpse of the back of the person who had nearly knocked her out. "Thanks for the apology!" She sarcastically shouted at her attacker, well surely he gets classed as an attacker right? He didn't even apologise!

"You're welcome" He replied without glancing back.

What a weird man she thought to herself. She lifted herself up and rubbed the dirt of her jeans. She saw her attacker more clearly now that she was on her feet, she couldn't get a glimpse of his face but, wait was that really a woman he was dragging with him? He had a firm grip on the arm of the woman; it didn't look like she wanted to go with him.  They were probably a couple on holiday and had a little lovers tiff. She let out a chuckle.

She turned to grab the handle of her suitcase when something on the floor caught her attention. She picked up the shiny white rectangular object. "Woahhh" She let out a low whistle. "Amu you're kismat is amazing nowadays! First winning this holiday to Africa, and now finding the latest iPhone on the floor? Make the most of it; a free phone." She said to herself whilst a big grin started appearing on her face. She placed the iPhone in the pocket of her jeans made her way to the exit of the airport. "Let's go check out this apartment now." She grinned.


"Where has Iqz got to?" Sanya let out a sigh. "Cuppy is really tired!" She whined.  

"Me too..." Fozi said whilst fiddling with her hair.

"She's not answering her phone either!" Annie replied hanging up the phone after leaving about the 100th voice message.

"I bet she's gone to of them air host guys, she was so in to the one with the green eyes!" Sara exclaimed.

"She probably-" Sanya started but was cut off by the sound of Teri Meri playing.

"Oh my god, Ann you still haven't got rid of that ringtone?" Fozi rolled her eyes.

"No I swear I changed it-" She slapped her forehead, "Sara Kaden you are so going to pay for this!" Annie screamed.

"What did I do? I don't get why I always get the blame!" Sara said clearly lying.

"Maybe because-"  Annie started speaking but was cut off by Sanya's screaming.  They all placed their hands over their ears to block out Sanya's screaming.

"CAN YOU JUST ANSWER THE PHONE ALREADY?" Sanya screamed. Annie winced Sanya's screaming was hurting her ears. She glanced at the phone that was still ringing, ooops, with all the arguing she had forgotten about the phone. She looked at the caller ID, it appeared as unknown. She shrugged her shoulders and answered the phone.

"Hello, who is this?" She asked. The kameenians looked at her with a confused look. 'Who is it?' Foz mimed. Annie held up a finger asking for a minute.

There was no answer. "Hellooo, anyone there?" Still no reply. "Who the freakin' hell is this, tell me or I'll kick your ass so hard you'll remember it for the rest of your life."

Sanya burst out laughing, she continued to laugh until Sara and Fozi shoved their elbow in her stomach. "Ouchhh! That hurt! But come on, Ann and kicking someone's ass? Now that's funny." She started laughing again. Fozi put a finger her to lips to indicate her to shut up.

"Tell me or I'm hanging up!" Annie warned the caller. There were a few seconds of silence.

"Patience is a virtue." The caller said in a tone that sent shivers down Annie.

"Who the hell is this?" She asked in a demanding tone.

"What's with all the questions? Calm down, princess."  Now where have I heard that before? Annie thought to herself.

"Is this some kind of-"

"Joke? Nope." He said popping the p. Before she could say anything he continued. "I have your dear friend Iqra. Now if you want her safety you Kameenians will do exactly as I say."

"Ann, help me. Please." Iqz whispered down the phone. Annie heard someone being pushed. The creepy voice spoke down the phone again.

"I shall be in touch with you again."

"Adios princess."

Beeep. Beeep. The 'kidnapper' had ended the call. Annie stared down at her blackberry, did that really just happen? She thought to herself. Her knees gave in and she collapsed on to the floor. "Iqz" She whispered and a tear rolled down her cheek.  The kameenians ran to her side.

"Did I just hear you saying Iqz? Ann?" Sara said placing her hand on Annie's shoulder.

"Why are you crying Ann? Who was it on the phone?" Foz whispered.

"Awww, come on Ann it can't be that bad..." Sanya said looking up at Annie's face that was full of tears now.

Some seconds of silence passed. "They've kidnapped Iqz, they've got Iqz." Annie finally let out, the tears started to flow more. The kameenians looked at Annie, shocked.

"WHAT?" Sara screamed.

"They've. Got. Iqz." Annie repeated herself.

"Who has?" Fozi asked, slightly confused.

"I don't know" Annie whispered.


"So what's our plan then? We can't just sit here and do nothing!" Fozi said pacing up and down the living room, frustrated at the fact that they couldn't do much. After the shocking call at the airport the Kameenians had made their way to the apartment.

"Well, like Ann said the creepy guy will get in touch again so we can't really do much until then-" Sanya said letting out a sigh. She stroked Cuppy.

"But like Foz said we can't exactly sit here and do nothing. What if Iqz gets hurt? Right Ann?" Sara looked over at Annie who was sitting on the couch.

"I don't know, I just don't know guys." Annie leaned her head on the back of the couch.

"This is so like a movie scene. Why don't we just go knock out the bad guy and rescue Iqz. Simple."  Sanya said trying to lighten up the atmosphere, but she only got looks from the others that said 'Are you crazy?'

"It was only an idea guys, jeez." She rolled her eyes. At that precise moment the doorbell rang. The four of them looked at each other.

"What if it's the kidnapper?"  Annie said quickly getting up of the couch.

"We better be prepared then" Sara said. She emptied the vase of flowers that was on the dining table.

"What the heck are you doing you idiot?" Sanya asked raising her eyebrow.

"What does it look like? Oh I'm just going to put some new flowers in the vase; you know make the place look nice for the kidnapper! This is our weapon, stupid!" Sara replied with a duh tone.

The doorbell rang again. "Just don't knock him out completely; we need to know where Iqz is!" Fozi said rushing the words out as they started walking towards the door.

"Pfttt, as if she would be able to knock the guy out! She's so tiny!" Sanya said teasing Sara.

"Guys, save the jokes for later!" Annie rolled her eyes. The Kameenians approached the door.

Fozi took a deep breath in, "Ready guys?" The other three nodded in agreement. Fozi flung the door open; Sara raised her vase only to hear a high pitched screamed. Confused, she looked down to see a girl around their age with her arms blocking her face, Sara looked back at the vase she was holding, ooops, she thought to herself.

"Errr, what the?" The girl asked confused, she looked up at the Kameenians.

"We're so sorry we thought you were-" Annie stopped mid-sentence, they couldn't let anyone else know about the kidnapping, it could put Iqz's life in danger.

"Thought I was...?" The girl asked waiting for Annie to continue.

Fozi said the first thing that popped in her head.  "Oh nothing we just thought you might be a robber, we've heard robberies are quite common here in South Africa."

"Oh okay." The girl replied awkwardly.

"Did you need something?" Sanya smiled at the girl.

"Oh um, I live next door" She said pointing at the apartment next to theirs, "I just thought I would come meet my neighbors..."

The kameenians looked at each other guilty. "Why don't you come in?" Sara asked.

"Yeah sure." The girl stepped in. The Kameenians led her to the living room.

"Can we get you anything? Juice? Water?" Annie asked politely.

"Water would be good, thanks." She said smiling. Annie returned with a glass of water and placed it in front of the girl on the table.

"So what's your name then?" Fozi asked her looking at her curiously.

"Amu, I-" She was cut off, a song had started playing, it was Jabbi Teri Yaad by Junai Kaden. The Kameenians looked at each, they were confused. What a co-incidence they all thought to themselves.

"Ahh sorry that must be my phone." Amu explained.  The kameenians watched her while she fumbled around to get her phone out of her back pocket.

"Oh not an important call. Sorry about that guys!" Amu started placing the phone back in her pocket.

"Waittt!" Sanya screamed her head off. Everyone pulled a face, Sanya's screams were, well, you have to experience one to understand when we say they're a nightmare.

Sanya ran to Amu snatching the phone off her, the Kameenians went and stood behind Sanya.

"Sanya, what's wrong?" Annie asked.

"Where the hell did you get this?" Sanya demanded, shooting an angry look at Amu. Amu looked terrified.

"Oh um'" Amu gulped. What was she going to do now? She couldn't tell them the truth, they would hand her into the police!

"Sanya! You're scaring the poor thing!" Sara gave a look to Sanya that told her to shut up. Sanya ignored her.

"Scaring her? Pfttt. See this?" She lifted a charm that was attached to the phone so the Kameenians could see it clearly. It was a 'K' with diamantes' on it.

"Sooo'.?" Annie said confused.

"So, remember in England when we were waiting in the boarding area at the airport?" Sanya started to explain.

"Yeah?" Fozi demanded wanting to know what was going on.

Sanya continued; "Me and Iqz wanted to have a wonder around the shops, you guys refused, but we still went. Well when we were going around the shops we saw this!" She pointed at the charm. "Iqz loved it, she thought it represented us Kameenians, seeing as it is a K. So she bought it."

"Wait a minute are you saying-"

"That this is Iqz's phone?" Sara interrupted Annie.

"OMG, the Junai Kaden ringtone! That's Iqz's ringtone!" Fozi said shocked, she couldn't believe she hadn't realised this earlier on.

Sanya let out a sigh. "Yes!" The Kameenians looked at each other before turning to look at Amu, they were all shocked.

The kameenians looked at each other again; they knew they were all thinking the same thing. If Amu had Iqz's phone, surely that meant - she was the kidnapper?

Part 3

... By Fozia ...

Before Amu could question what was going on, Fozi lurched towards Amu, yelling like Tarzan until she kicked her in the knee & she fell to the floor.
Ann & Sara, yelling like banshees, joined in, Sara grabbing a pillow & hitting Amu's head.
"What on earth are you doing, get off me! My Maryland chicken is going cold!" Amu screeched as she attempted to get the lunatics off her.
Sanya, not wanting to miss out on some fighting action, put Cuppy down, facing him the other way so he wouldn't see the violence & joined in with another cushion.
Ann took off her primark chappal and asked the girls to cease their cushion bashing, before lifting the chappal in the air & giving Amu a deathly glare.
All Amu could see were the faces of 4 angry & deranged girls, their eyes ablaze with craziness - then frowned as she looked at Sanya carefully & noticed her eyes had hunger for food in them.

Ann brought the chappal down a notch. "You tell us right now where she is, or else..."
Fozi whispered to Ann. "Will I need to get my axe?"
"I think the chappal should be enough for now," Annie replied.

Amu used the brief distraction between the two to push Sara, sending her flying backwards onto the table and on top of Cuppy. Ann & Fozi turned around, their mouths slightly open in shock,
"My cuppy, mera bacha, mera bacha!" Sanya screeched as she pushed Sara off the table & hugged Cuppy. Amu crawled away before standing up & legging it out of the apartment.
"Hey, she's gone!" Sara exclaimed, pointing at the door crazily.
Ann & Fozi ran out, followed by Sara who had gathered extra chappals just in case on her way out & Sanya, who had Cuppy clutched tight to her chest as she tried to soothe him down.

Ann stopped at the door of Amu's apartment & banged on it loudly.
"Open up the door this instant you... you... mean kidnapper!"
"Open it before I axe it!"
"Open it before I throw chappals at your head!"
"Open it after I go & have a wee!"
They turned & raised their eyebrows at Sanya, who grimaced. "I really need to pee."

"Guys, wait, wait," Fozi said, & they huddled in a small circle outside the door. "She isn't going to open the door like this. We need a plan."

Amu, who was listening with her ear pressed to the door from the other side, almost gasped out loud in shock. "Hayye, this is more dramatic than an Ekta Kapoor drama, & I only came for a holiday! These pagals think I kidnapped their friend, why would I do that?! But they mentioned torture... oh my gosh, they'll kill me! They'll kill me!" She began panicking, moving away from the door as she paced the room. "I need to lock myself into my room & never leave! At least I have an iPhone to keep me entertained... now, how do I find that Junai Kaden track?"

It was 12.30am, and one by one, 4 hooded figures in balaclavas crept around the apartment block, as quietly as they could.
"Ouch, teri-!"
"Shush!" Sara exclaimed angrily.
"Don't have a go at me, blame the stupid garbage can that I knocked my leg into! It really hurts..." Fozi said, mentally making a note to axe the garbage can as soon as possible.

They looked up at the window of Amu's bedroom, which was 4 storeys high.
"Ok Ann, best of luck," Sara said & stepped away.
"Wait, why me?!"
"You're the smallest, you can climb," Sanya replied.
"I'm sorry, I didn't realise I'd merged into Spiderman. How on earth do I climb a wall?!"
Fozi spotted a pipe at the far side & grinned.

"I cannot believe I'm actually doing this," Ann muttered.
She was halfway up the pipe with a 20 foot long dupatta attached around her waist, for safety purposes, Sara & Fozi had explained. Really, it was just an excuse for them to amuse themselves until Ann made it to the window.
Ann felt a tug on her dupatta. "Sara, you are holding it, right?" she called nervously.
"Yeah, of course," Sara replied. Sanya was too busy talking to her Cuppy not to realise that Sara & Fozi were actually skipping with the dupatta, singing Hawa Mein Udta Jaaye quietly.
"I can feel something tugging..." Ann trailed off, her palms sweaty with fear.
"It's just the wind, it's fine," Fozi replied nonchalantly.

A man was walking along, he turned at the side of the building, right by where the pipe was with Ann attached to it. 
Sara swung the dupatta a little too high & the breeze of the night sent it flying onto the man's face.
Sara, Fozi & Sanya shared a look of horror before they ran off, hiding behind the garbage bins as they nervously waited for the man to leave so they wouldn't get caught.
Ann was too busy climbing to sense what had happened as her back was turned to the whole situation. "Guys, hold a little tighter now, I'm almost there..."
She turned her head briefly & her eyes widened in horror as she noticed a man looking up at her from behind her precious dupatta!
"No man touches my dupatta & gets away with it," Annie muttered angrily, and she tried pulling the dupatta back towards her but she lost her foot against the pipe & felt herself flying in the air, the dupatta with it.
"HELP MEEE!!!!!" she wailed, before she landed straight into the man's arms, the dupatta covering both of them.
"Haila this is like Anurag & Prerna off Kasauti Zindagi Kay!" Sara exclaimed happily.
"Nazar na lage, they look so cute!" Fozia gushed, planning Ann's wedding already in her head.

"Please put me down," Ann whispered, not being able to decipher the stranger's face as it was dark - but he smelt nice.
He gently put her down & stalked off without a word. Ann felt her heartbeat rise in anticipation of meeting the handsome stranger again...

The other 3 came running out from behind the bins, excited like hyenas.
"Does he have muscles?"
"Is he good looking?"
"Can he cook daal?"

Ann snapped out of her daydreaming & glared angrily. "This wouldn't have happened if you two were doing as you were told! We've wasted enough time with this nonsense, we need to teach the kidnapper a lesson & save Iqz!"

Half an hour later, the 4 of them crept into Amu's room, where they found her covered under the duvets.
Sanya pulled the bottle of dodgy looking white fluid from her backpack, as Fozi stood guard with her axe at the bedpost in case Amu tried to escape. Sara & Ann quietly pulled the duvet off, as Sanya uncapped the bottle and...


"OH MY-" Amu sat up, gasping for air & horrified as her hair, bedsheets, PJs, everything was covered in rotten milk. 
She noticed the figures running off & jumped out of bed, grabbing one of them by the arm as she screamed for them to stop.
Ann gasped as she felt Amu's hand tighten around her arm, then wrinkled her nose in disgust as the smell of rotten milk became noticeable.

"Let go of her before I axe your head off!" Fozi yelled, stepping towards Amu dangerously.
"Wait, wait! Before you plan on killing me, I need you to know that I have no idea where your friend is, & I mean it."

They were sat down on the couches now, whilst Sanya was standing beside the chair Sara was sitting on, stroking Cuppy as they listened to Amu attentively.

"He knocked into me as I was walking along, I turned back to have a go at him for not apologising when I saw him drag her away."
"Can you describe her?" Ann asked. "We just want to be sure it really is Iqz."
"Slim, curly brown hair, she was struggling like she didn't want to be with him but I assumed they were a couple who'd had an argument."
"That's our Iqz," Fozi whispered, her throat choking up as the tears brimmed to her eyes. "I just hope she's ok."
Amu looked at the grief stricken faces of the girls who were devastated at the disappearance of their friend. She leaned across & reached out to take Ann's hand into hers. "I'll help you find her. And that's a promise."

The next morning, they were awake early, refreshed & revitalised as they decided to pay a visit to their old friends.
"Um, why are we going to a desert again?" Amu asked, confused as they sat in the taxi, heading for the sandy outskirts of the town.
"We have lions," Sanya replied casually.
Amu backed away slightly. "L-l-lions?"
Sara laughed. "Don't worry about it, they're our pets. We ride on them when we come here for holidays."
"I love Maha Lion," Fozi said, staring off into the distance. 
"They are forever loyal & can never let us down," Ann stated proudly. "Our lions will help us to find Iqz."

"Where, um, are they?" Sanya asked, as she gulped.
The makeshift cardboard sign that they had planted in the desert which read 'Kameenians Lions, DO NOT TOUCH or else you will be chappaled and axed' had been knocked down, and the reserved spot for the lions was now... empty.
"Maha Lionnn!" Fozi screeched, sinking into the sand as grief struck her.
"Fozi, be strong, we lost our lions too," Sara bit her lip to prevent her tears as she knelt down and placed an arm around her shoulder.
Ann looked devastated. "They have to be here somewhere, they have to be..."
"If they were wild lions in the desert, then I guess they ran away," Amu said meekily, a little creeped out at their dramaticness over losing lions.
Fozi began coughing violently through her tears and Sanya and Ann rushed to her side, as Sara slapped her cheek, thinking she was about to faint out of sorrow.
"Ouch you kameeni, that hurt!" Fozi rasped. "I was only coughing because some sand went into my mouth! Anyone got water?"
The other 3 stood up as Sanya gave her a bottled water from her backpack & Fozi took a few sips before standing up, cleaning the sand off her clothes.
"What do we do now?" Sara asked, looking around the empty desert.
"I doubt the kidnapper would bring her here, we should get back." Amu said, but right on cue, Jabbi Teri Yaad rang on the iPhone.

"The number's withheld," Amu said as Ann gulped subconsciously, strangely feeling nervous. 
"Put it on loudspeaker," Sanya said.
Amu answered the accept button & put it on loudspeaker.

"I'll give you your precious kameenian back," the kidnapper said, in a menacing voice which sent chills down their spines. "On one condition..."

Part 4
... By Annie ...

"W-what condition?" Annie asked stuttering. She didn't have a good feeling about this condition.  She turned to look at the other Kameenians who looked equally nervous as her.

"Yeah, like Ann said what exactly is this condition?" Sara asked trying to seem confident.

"Gosh, stop trying to act like a villain out of a movie, just tell us already!" Fozi said frustrated at the fact that the 'kidnapper' was taking so much time to tell them.

"Ahh, you Kameenians don't have any patience." The chilling voice spoke again. Amu rolled her eyes, and was about to speak before Fozi made a face at her telling her not to speak.

"Who the hell are you, and what do you want?!" Sanya asked.

"Patience, my love!"  He spoke once again.

"Patience my foot!" Sanya shouted angrily. At that precise moment she decided to kick the nearest thing to her which unfortunately, was Sara.

"OUCHH! Sanya what the heck are you doing?" Sara winced in pain.

"Guys!" Fozi snapped her fingers at Sara and Sanya, before talking down the phone to the kidnapper. "Look can you please just tell us what you want?"

"J-just tell us. We want Iqz b-back. Please." Annie added before breaking down into tears.

"If you all insist so much, then I'll just tell you all." The creepy voice spoke. "Well the condition is as follows; you want Iqz back but obviously I would like something in return. Something that is very precious to you all."

"What's that thing? We're ready to give you anything for Iqz!" Fozi replied.

"I want-" There were a few moments of silence. "Cuppy."

"WHAAAT?!" Sanya's scream echoed around the apartment.

"You heard me, I would like-" But before he could continue, there was a scream. The kameenians startled by the scream, glanced at each other nervously. It couldn't be Iqz, the scream was ermm let's say not so girly.

"Omg, guys see this'" Amu lifted the phone up so that it was facing towards all the Kameenians.

"Oh my gosh, it's-" Sara started, before she was interrupted by Annie.

"A-Amir, I mean J-Jay!" She stuttered.

"Aaah, hello Kameenians, how are we all doing then? It's been quite a while hasn't it?" Jay gave his usual smirk.

"Jay! So it's you who's behind the kidnapping!" Fozi said shocked by the discovery.

"I s-should have known it was you! The creepy voice, you said princess too! Oh my god, I'm soo stupid!" Annie slapped her forehead annoyed at her stupidness.

Jay raised an eyebrow.  "Ahh, nice to know I have a creepy voice!"

Annie shook her head, this guy was so shameless.

"Jay just tell us what you want." Sara demanded.

"I want Cuppy." He shrugged his shoulders.

"B-but, why?" Sanya asked.

"Your questions will be answered later. As much as I would like to catch up with you all I have to go. So if you want Iqz back, meet me at the desert, right in the middle of it in three hours. With Cuppy ofcourse! And oh yes, if you bring the police, you can forget about Iqz. Forever."

"But-" Fozi began.

"No but's.  See you in 3 hours Kameenians." He gave them a wink before the screen of the iPhone went blank.

Part 5
... By Fozia ...

They all looked at each other's faces, trying to comprehend what to be done next, when Sanya suddenly grabbed her cuppy, wrapped him under her shirt & began running away from them.

"Sanya, come backkk!" they called, but she ignored them & continued running until she tripped into the sand.

Sara took this opportunity to take off like a cheetah and before Sanya even had a chance to get up, she pounced on her, snatching Cuppy out of her hand.

"Give me cuppy back!" she demanded, tears rolling down her face. "He's MINE!"

"Iqz is ours too! You can't risk a stupid cup for our kameenian!"

"What did you say, stupid cup?!"

Fozi, Ann & Amu had reached them by then, panting & out of breath.

"Sara, get off her," Amu said firmly.



Sara did as she was told, threw Cuppy back to its mother & began shaking the sand out of her hair. Amu knelt down beside Sanya, who was holding Cuppy for dear life.

"Look Sanz, we all know how much he means to you. But Iqz's life is at risk here. We might never see her again. Would you be able to live with yourself, knowing you risked your friend's life for a cup?"

"He's more than just a cup," Sanya trembled. "He's everything." Her eyes narrowed suddenly. "AND I'M NOT GIVING HIM UP!"

She pushed Amu onto the sand & began running away again when Fozi grabbed her arm.

"Give us Cuppy or I'll axe your head off!"

"Fozi!" Ann rushed over, bringing her arm down. "Violence is not the way, she's our kameenian!"

"Iqz's life is in danger and all she cares about is Cuppy! Cuppy is an inanimate object you weirdo!"

"So is your wooden axe but you love that as much as I love Cuppy!"

Fozi's face froze as she understood what Sanya was going through. If someone asked her to give up her axe... she shuddered at the thought.

She let go of her grip on Sanya's arm & looked at the sand beneath their feet.

Sara & Amu walked up to them, both angrily muttering under their breaths at having being attacked by Sanya.

Sanya began remembering all the kebab eating, sari rolling, Maan drooling, Cuppy feeding times she had shared with Iqz - and Cuppy voluntarily dropped out of her hand.

They all gasped as they looked at her forlorn expression.

"Take Cuppy," she whispered. "Let's go and save Iqz."

They were walking side by side, marching along the desert like soldiers, until they finally reached the middle of the desert.

"Iqz!" Ann called, and began running towards her, but Sara & Amu pulled her back, assuring her that they had to play it cool in front of Jay.

Iqz was sat on the ground in the middle of the desert, her hands tied as a jar of achaar was in front of her. Jay was torturing her in the worst way possible.

"So, they arrive. The famous kameenians," he leered, and Sanya raised her fist to punch him but Fozi stopped her, giving her a look that made Sanya wonder what she was up to.

Fozi gestured for the kameenians to surround themselves in a circle, and purposefully positioned herself behind Jay, but didn't give anything away to the others.

Sara cracked her head from side to side, then held Cuppy out for Jay. "He's yours, take him."

Sanya looked away to control her tears, which Jay noticed & he laughed evilly. "Awh, look at your kameenian. Her heart is breaking at giving her Cuppy away."

He took a step towards her but Amu stood in front of Sanya, protecting her. "Don't you dare lay a finger on her or I'll break them all off," she warned.

Ann saw Fozi slowly pull her axe from her sari and gestured for her to wait for her signal.

Jay stepped closer to Sara's hand, attempting to grab Cuppy.

Sanya hid behind Amu's shoulder, not able to bear the whole scene in front of her.

Iqz winced in the sand as she saw Cuppy being given away.

Sara's hand trembled as Jay stared at Cuppy with menacing eyes.

Ann nodded once...


A gasp erupted from Sanya & Sara as Jay fell to the floor, having being hit harshly on the head by the axe.

Fozi jumped up & down in delight at her successful axing, and Sara gave Sanya her Cuppy, who was being kissed and hugged by its mother.

Ann & Amu rushed to break Iqz free, who squeezed them into a hug tightly before grabbing her jar of achaar & wolfing down the contents.

Pretty soon, the kameenians were hugging Iqz with relief and tears of joy, who was beaming brightly at having being reunited with her girls again, but secretly wanted to enjoy her achaar in peace.

"I think it's about time we head off," Ann announced. "We've had enough drama this holiday, don't you think?"

Sara laughed as she playfully smacked Cuppy out of Sanya's hands, who managed to retrieve him in time. "Just wait until next time, I wonder what we'll get up to then..."

11.45pm that night:

"Are you sure it's tomorrow?" Fozi asked Iqz as she watched the remaining Nanga Punga Maan scene on her iPod, before it sadly ended. Iqz was happily munching away on her kebabs, playing Draw Something on her iPhone.

"I overheard her get a call from someone earlier when I went to put the rubbish out. They must have asked about her birthday plans, because she said all she was going to do was shop & relax in her apartment."

Sara, Ann & Sanya emerged from the kitchen with a cake that was covered in cream at the top. 

"Let's show Amu what the kameenians are really about," and they scrambled out of the apartment, leaving Fozi & Iqz carrying their iPod/iPhone & kebabs & achaar in their hands as they hurried away after them.








Amu gasped as she jumped from her bed, half expecting to be covered in rotten milk again.

But to her surprise, she was met with delicious cream on her face & the smiling faces of 5 girls.

"What the-" she mumbled, half shocked yet half smiling.

"You have to pay a price to be part of the kameenians," Iqz grinned.

And Amu ran out of her bedroom giggling as she got chased by the rest of the girls who were still trying to splat her with cake, the sounds of their laughter being heard through the whole apartment block.

The End!

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La la la it's someone's birthday! Hmmm, I wonder whose :P Aaah who am I kidding! It's my Motuuu's birthday Hug Okay let me clear this up now; I'm writing this message on my iPod at 11 in the night :P So I'm sorry it cant be colourful :( I was going to do this tommorow but I so wanted this to be up by 12! Feel special by the way because you know how lazy I am :P Anywaysss no worries I'll make it colourful tommorow :P But anyways onto your birthday message. So here goes I guess :P WOOOHOOO! *shouts and screams* IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAYYY!!!! :DDD Haha I told you I would be excited for you ;D Seeing as you werent excited so I thought I would be excited for you - okay did that even make sense? Ahh what the heck I never make sense. Loool. Okay so let's go down memory lane then! Well I met you back in August 2011. So it's been a whole year! :O Happy anniversary to us :P I met you in AK's FC, so I'm really grateful to AK seeing as I met you because of him, so thankyouuu AK, for helping me meet my bestest friend & sister.<3 Haha I remember you were well into AK at that time, and you used to be like I'm Mrs K. tehehe ask Sara I used to be well jealous ;D But we gradually started getting really close, and eventually we became besties :) <3 I know I can rely on you to always be there for me and you have, especially in the last 6 months which have been the hardest months of my life. And I love you sooo much for that!<3 You've always supported and helped me through everything!<3 Haha emotional moment :') Anyways omg I remember when I asked if I could see you :P so we showed each other! and oh my gosh you are so dayuum beautifuuul!<3 the way you flip you hair gets me overwhelmed.<3 you light my world up like nobody else ;D don't ever think otherwise, because you're beautiful inside and outside<3 I love our deep talks :) I can always manage to tell you everything and trust you<3 whenever we have our deep talks I don't know about you but I come out feeling so much better! you're an amazing listener, you never judge me<33 even if I used every word in the dictionary it wouldn't be enough to describe you! ahhh I remember when you joined our kameenians crew! :P I was like the happiest person on earth! when I was going to ask the kameenians if you could join, I was a little scared but ohmygod all the kameenians were eager as me for you to join! and so you became a part of our crew and that was the bestest thing ever<3 and now I'm so tight with you that I can't imagine being without you. we have our fights & tiffs but hey you fight with the person you love the most ;) and the fact that our fights only last about a day and then we're absolutely normal shows how strong our friendship really is! and haha how can I forget our kismat is connected ;D we have so much in common, that it actually scares me sometimes :P i can't tell you how glad I am that I got to meet a person like youu<33 I'll always be grateful to Allah :) you'll always be my bestie no matter whaaat!<3 till we're in walking sticks :P stay the way you are, never change for anyone cos you're amazing just the way you are ;) so today's your birthday; I hope you have an absolute blast! I hope not just today but every day of your life is full of happiness because you so deserve it<3 May Allah bless you with tons of happiness, success & love :) Ameen.
I wish you a very very happy birthday <3 I love you millions billions and trillions biatch :) <3 always smile for me<3 ILOVEYOUUU! Lots & lots of hugs! *throws cake in Amu's face* Insha'Allah one day I'll throw cake in your face in reality ;)
Save me some cake btw :P
I hope you liked the thread :) my handwriting was absolutely awful because I haven't wrote in agess :/
sorry about this short message :( I tried my best and I so wanted you to have this message for 12 :)
you'll get your gift tommorow though :DD

Lool here's your gift<3

Once again a very happy birthday motuu :) enjoy have a blast<3

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OMGG i'm so hyper right now,dunno why though?! *scratches head* I think I'm supposed to be hyper for a reasonErmmROFL ...10 years later!...Yaad aya! Someones budday! Par kiski?! ;P aha it's none other than Amuu rani ki budday,I'ma sing happy budday to you in mangy now-here goes *clears throat* heppy budday too u,heppy bafday to youu,heppy buddaaay to amuu jaanu,heppy bafday to youuROFL-how was it? ;) pfft only nice praises or the chappal comes out! I kid ;) I won't hit you on ur B'day,I'm far too nice unlike the rest of the kameeni'z :P aaah so finally 17 huh?! Just a year till ur officially an adult like me & twipsWink LOL If I wanted I would just Copy & paste your b'day message you gave to me but don't worry I'm not that kanjoosROFL I dunno if we spoke properly in the AK FC but I remember seeing you there,I think I was shy to speak to you cuz I'm not usually the type to speak to random ppl out the blue (even though that's how I met youROFL),oh yhh & Ann used to be such a whiney cuz you kept calling urself Mrs AKROFL such a babycryer -.- we talked for the first time properly when Annie & me were playing the 'hacking game' for the first time & we were writing stupid statuses on each others profile & she scrapped you & you thought who'z this weirdo scrapping meROFL & then we started talking & I think our First memory was rishta omdz I can never forget that LOOL you & your tutti brown lipstickROFL the dude got Fatima jaan pregz over the Internet,we all wet ourselves when he said that & how he tried to blaze us but was epically failing cuz he was a mangyROFL ahaa the number of times you change ur twitter UN is just unbelievable,LOL god bless the usernamez on IF that helped you think of ur awesome twitter names ;) we even made a bet that you won't ever change it again & by next month you already haveROFL & omgg ur sooo gawjuss & I love ur smile & NO you is not fat you weirdo! -.- blad are you blind or sumat?! I remember you telling me ur fave food is Maryland & I ended up thinking you were on bout the cookiesROFL our group convo'z on msn are so funny,I think we wer supposed to be planning ann'z b'day but ended up sending memo'z to each other cuz you all thought I have a posh voice which I don'tStern Smile but yhh ur voice ain't posh it's soo street like aha ;) oh yhh I better not catch you drooling over my hubby k pfft trynna take him off me but the munda cant resist me ennit ;P but omgg you met him aswell!! Aaah I still havnt seen the pics :L and our recent memory ahem ahem your future BBM buddyROFL LMFAOO watching drama'z in primary school thinking babies pop out from bellybuttonsROFL too funny marn like who understands dramas when they're 8? :P ROFL I bet you'll be getting a surprise from her soon ;)
LOL we always greet each other with wag1 then going up by 1 with our signature emo->Cool ahaa we even do that on msn & won't stop doing it until the other changes the emoROFL ahaa we've had a whole load of memories & my 2012 has been rocking ever since i met you (yhh I know it's cheesy I can't think of anything better to sayROFL) I love how you're so courageous & a strong person & you don't let anyone bring you down! :D I hope that smile stays on ur face forever<3 may Allah shower his blessings on you & your family & may you get loads of happiness & success in whatever you do in ur life =D you're an amazing friend & cuz of Annie I got another beautiful sister<3 aha you may be the smallest but you act the oldest ;P just sayingCool so yhh happy birthday once again kotti<33 lovee youu soo muchhHug MWAAHXOXO' <33

Your gift- hope you like itEmbarrassed

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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HugH A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y B R E E Z  Y Hug

message coming soon<3

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