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IP REDUX ; Panchajanya !! (Page 40)

sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:14pm | IP Logged
just caught up on the Wisconsin temple shooting on doods fav Anderson Cooper.. very sad.. racism in 2012.. very sad!Ouch

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:16pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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coolgal270 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Teju! Hope you have a fun filled day! Lots of love..

Happy birthday Sonu..Appu, cherish the feeling...God Bless him..Lots of love..
A very nice episode for it opens the pandora box..The curtains to be lifted, secrets about to be spilled, the relations to be tesetd, the love about to give agnipariksha.
Not doing much analysis today, just laying down some thoughts that popped in the head while watching
the epi.
Thoughts to ponder:
  • The whole untouchability issue is untouchable..Literally..I dont want to go there as it fills my heart with immediate loathing...not of the character,actor or the show..but of the concept. To maintain the decoram that this forums demands, I refrain from commenting on this. But just one request, the lesser it is shown in prime time television and the faster it is atoned for, the better!

  • The loathing that seems to emanate from Dadi on seeing khushi is not just about a servant touching her or throwing water on her face. It looks more deep-rooted, it feels as if khushi reminds her of a similar situation some years back. Did Senior Malik fell for a servant? someone of significantly lower stature than the pedestal Dadi would have set for her son? is this instant dislike actually towards that woman and it has found a source, a medium in khushi?

  • Mami is really scared. I mean really...and she has taken silent revenge on khushi for even thinking her to be a servant in their first meeting... Also I kind of get it why she doesnt tell Dadi who khushi is..because she def has no answer to her impending question of why Arnav married the woman and why in temple and how can any body in the family allow it to happen!!Thats the reason mami leaves the difficult task of handling dadi to her BFF, naniji..

  • NK is a gem of a person. The only one who dares to correct the wrong even though he has little hope that he will be heard. Loved his telling "Not done" to mami when she chooses to remain quite! For children, its always elders who handle such situations. Among all present there, that is Dadi, mami, payal, Nk and khushi, mami being the eldest among the baccha party, is the only one who can actually correct Dadi. That is expected from her. And when she doesnt do it, our pyaara NK has the himmat to tell mami the same.

  • But NK and Khushi are both in her(dadi's) list of "i dont like these people". I somehow like it that khushi is not alone in this..Nk will ensure khushi smiles even when dadi is at her rude best!

  • The Dadi loves showing off! her palm particularly...Does she think we are some jyotshis who will tell whats in store for her?LOLNo, we are not dadiji. And if we would have been, your palm would be one of the last in the list. Pehle hum apne love-birds ka bhaviishya nahin padhte kya?

  • The woman is stern, arrogant, full of attitude and loves spilling out "aukat".. Flashbacks to a certain Mr raizada/malik who loved to throw the 'aukat" word at the same woman. 

  • Poor khushi. Pehle ek insaam ko bimari thi aukaat-aukkat khelne ki. Now the bigger one has arrived in the scene and she again has to be the listening bag for the same set of lines! if I were khushi, I would remove that word from the dictionary for ever!

  • The lady looked beautiful with that hair style and simple non-velvet salwar! And Dadi takes her to be the servant. really dadi ji? aankhon ka operation abhi hona baki hai kyaLOL?

  • Anjali looked genuinely concernced for khushi when she meets her at the door. What I liked was that she is not so much engrossed in her world that she doesnt notice khushi's plight. liked the scene for its simplicity.

  • The shock, pain, bitter memories and enormous love for her dadi the minute Anjali sees her face, very nicely done by Daljeet! Totally got her crying like that. She was bereft of her dadi's love, care,protection all these years. She just didnt loose her mother that day but also another motherly figure in her life! Totally natural emotions.

  • The mysterious baby bump that is visible to dadi's Xray eyes! amazing...
    Oh so the same eyes take khushi for a naukarani and sees Anjalis bump! ye to sach mein chamakaari 
    aankhein hain. Jai ho!!

  • Dadi doesnt ask about Arnav even when Anjali mentions that how much she and chotte looked for her. Thats just odd for me. A dadi who supposedly loves her pota very much, how come doesnt ask about him even when he is refernced!

    But damadji doesnt escape her notice. Ok I give it that when elders meet the married daughters, they do 
    ask about their husbands. that is natural! ok..maaf kiya.

  • So Anjali finds a new himmat in the form of dadi. Of course, dadi will be the one who will get shyaam back for Anjali.
    But then I also feel, once she comes to know about the asli chehra of her damadji, she will not leave 
    him. But  *Sigh*, there is some time for that. First she has to be properly brainwashed from Shyaamwa and then 
    later dimag ki baati jali moment will happen!

  • Loved loved the last shot..The complete stunned reaction from Arnav. Also loved how nani turns to look back at him as if to gauge his reaction first.

  • Also the positions suggests kaun kiske saath for the time being. I have to say that I love that nani and arnav are together in this. They are the two most righteous people and they instill belief that nothing wrong will happen because they simply wont let it happen!

  • Precap: I know, I will repeat the same thing. Arnav bitwa will not let any disrespect come to his wife now! Loved loved his instant understanding of the situation and his walk back to where khushi is standing. Maybe I am reading too much into it but the thought that I had, was that he is ready to walk backwards to be with khushi, he is ready to even move behind if khushi's honor,respect is at stake!Needless to say, I complety melted inside when i saw thatBig smile..
The storyline is thrilling, execution nice till now, acting splendid with just perfect BG music.

The actress Portraying Dadi's role is good, she gave that "chill down the spine" feeling just by her 
body language and looks.

Didnt like Mami's acting yesterday!

Sanaya was excellent..her discomfort, fear,sadness beautifully portrayed. Plus she loloked absolutely 

NK bhai was as good as ever. So was deepali. But oh I hope she gets more lines than that.

1 min onscreen and my dil goes hmm...Barun sobti, even your shock and silence speak volumes about your acting talent! *Whistles*LOL

Love, Sumi.

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Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
Hi sunny i loved ur pearl wala analysis u write short simple but heart touching. N 4rm ur that post of seashell i remind a poem i read long ago n i want to make post 4 asr n kkg on that poem .

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by riyya6

new promo guys : credit m/forum

So the SBS was for the promo, interesting. Finally we get a promo after like a month

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vaatuhaara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
Hi friends...Tongue as there are Amazingwa people who do Amaaazingwa analysis i'm not venturing into dat.

Today, i'm an 'Angry Aatma' after watching the episode n roaming around the forum... All becoz of the 'Great Injustice' done to the Character of 'NANI JI', who is undoubtedly, the 'heartwa of d show'AngryWink

How could you do this cvs... How could you do this to 'Naaniji'? In all your 300+episods , you treat her as a 'GOAT CARRIER' n now you throw her out like this...grrrhhAngry you never gave a full episode to her n never highlighted her Emotions... And now you Bring in a 'DAADI' and dedicate an entire 'trackwa' for her n shed all the limelight on her... Not fair Cvs...Angry

director n producer, especialy Producer, being a woman, how can you do this?Angry

'Naniji' was the Character who 'shoulderd The Responsibility of the Show, when Nanaji n Mamaji went missing... Did u forget dat...Angry

or, did u forget dat, it has been, 'Nani' who singlehandedly Carried the 'goatwa' on her Shoulders' all through out 300 episods...??WinkAngry

(here, play the BG music of 'how can u do this cvs..., sad version)

Cvs, i dont knw what your storyline and pastwa is... Neither do i care? I want my 'meat wa' of 'justice' to 'Nani'.

If d story is about 'the Touch me not' 'Daadi'... Why did u project it as a 'love story between 'goatwa n Naniji'...? I want my answers cvs... Or better, pay me the 'cable bills' n 'net charge' which i spent For your 'Daadi' show...Wink

clearly, You used 'Naniji's Character to build d character of 'goatwa' n 'Daadi' n now u relegate her to background? REALLY cvs...?? If u look at the bigger picture, Naniji was popular even before your 'goatwa' was born...(thats what my forum says and i believ in them 'aankhon mein dekhke, without any proof...)

get your Facts correct Cvs... Just becoz some immature fan girls 'droool' on 'Daadi's style' that doesnt mean you can ignore 'Naniji'...

I'm giving up on the Show Cvs... Becoz I was promised "Iss Naniji ko kya naam doo' n now as a 'reward for my Loyalty, i'm getting 'DAAADI KI SAHELI'...[:X]Wink

to hell with your Show Cvs... I've stoppd watching.. Dont mind me 'posting at teek 8.30 pm tomorrow'Wink becoz becoz... 'mere paas 'Remote hai' aur 'mere pass IF user id bhi hai'...Angry

jaathe jaathe, i'm cursing you! I want to knw the Trp of 'DAADI KI SAHELI...' that wil vindicate my stand. (not dat it was any better before) bt it wil stil vindicate my standwa... Kyunki 'meine kahaa hai'... ROFL

I want Naniji to walk out of d Show... Bcoz i like throwing people out of their ' job'...Wink

(no offence to Nani or Jayashreeji...)

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by namedx

Originally posted by sunshine99

What Makes A  Great Love Story ?
gKoel, have I ever told you how much I love you!!!?? I guess not, since I refuse to do mush!! But mate, this post of yours today was right from the heart!!!! In fact it always is! But I just love the journey you've painted of the two lovers caught in the throws of war! Your thoughts on Khushi's acceptance of Arnav's love and her willingness to become KKGSR was a real treat to read! And love the way you linked Daadi's character to ASR's dark beginnings, and yes, I also hope, or rather believe that he'll stand up for Khushi out of love and in the process will eradicate those "string of hurtful memories"! TOO GOOD matey!! Kudos!
Shaz  thank you for the warm appreciation..Embarrassed.. You really uplift spirits to the zenith...a great morale booster .. thanks  for being here buddy!Hug You can say I love u as many times u wish.. it's always good to hear tht from friends Hug Hug

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 February 2012
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Supna9

Hi sunny i loved ur pearl wala analysis u write short simple but heart touching. N 4rm ur that post of seashell i remind a poem i read long ago n i want to make post 4 asr n kkg on that poem .
Hi Supna.. I feel honoured to hear such lovely words from my friends.HugHug. Please do write the poem would love to read it.

Edited by sunshine99 - 06 August 2012 at 8:33pm

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