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IP REDUX ; Panchajanya !! (Page 3)

chitmanas Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged

Dear friends, feels good to be back on REDUX; had to take a break for work reasons.  Anyway, over the weekend, I caught up with episodes, REDUX write ups (at least some of them) and some comments Smile

REWIND TO FRIDAY: Just wanted to share a few things about Friday's episode; don't worry, it'll be a short one LOL.  I don't know how many liked the concept of the telepathy, but I'm all for it.  Just because I haven't experienced it, it doesn't mean such things don't happen, right?  I always think of how a mother knows when something goes wrong with her child, even though the child is not in her presence and they don't talk to each other.  It's nothing but pure love that opens such hidden door in us.  It's this same love that helps Arnav and Khushi understand each other without the need for words.  He's apologizing for what he did; she, from her side already forgave him (such a generous heart), understood what he was telling her and returned his tight hug and reassured him about her love for him.  Such a solace for him; he got all he asked for and his whole persona reflects a man who has reached home at last and is at peace with himself.  This whole scene was done beautifully. 

To ponder: From her side the FB was her dream about him putting the pearls on her and restoring her dignity.  From his side, I'd have preferred to see some FBs to at least show his deeds and now the regret, may be the Heer-Ranjha scene with his dialogue of asking her to forget his past deeds and past words would have helped? 

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY:  Having said that about telepathy, I wondered, when two people are right next to each other and can talk, what is needed to share things? Well, it's simple: Communication, Communication, Communication.  What exactly is happening between Khushi and Arnav?  Communicashun, Communicashun, Communicashun.  Yup, they are shunning the words that need to be spoken and are dancing around so many issues.  Does this problem exist only between these two?  Nu uh, it's the biggest problem between any two people in this show; nothing is ever cleared properly and it's all tangled up with loose ends like noodles; god knows where one begins and ends.

Enter Dadi - Ever wonder about the influence of genes?  Well hello, now we know where the 'Talk to the hand' gesture comes from (sorry, couldn't get a better picture for Anjali).

Khushi and Payal are unaware of dadi's existence.  Any surprises?  No, communication, no info exchange.  Khushi 's monologue that "sometimes the people we love the most, we know very little about them", is just paving the way for her to get to know a lot about Arnav and his past.  Lovely...this had to happen and the sooner the better, because, Shyam's entry has to happen to clear this festering wound.  Right now, there's barely a band-aid on this wound.

Mahabharat War:  Let's talk a little bit about what got the Mahabharat war started?  Of course there are several versions of this tale, but what I know is that Duryodhan who was already jealous of the pandavas was invited to see their Maya Sabha, a palace full of wonders and magic.  He mistakenly assumes that a pond that he see is actually just the flooring, walks on it and falls into the water.  The maids  laugh at him.  Draupadi, who's passing by, sushes them, but he thinks she's the one who laughed, feels insulted and then start serious plans on bringing down the pandavas.

Now why on earth did I bring this up?  Just a small thingie.  The way Khushi walked with the water, had no intentions of harming or insulting dadi ji and accidentally the dirty water fell on dadi ji, reminded me of Duryodhan getting wet, feeling insulted by Draupadi and being bent on revenge.  This one instance is all it took for dadi ji to make up her mind about Khushi.  She does not like her and even called her the servant and has started insulting her.  Will this lady change her mind so easily about Khushi?  Also, once she comes to know that the reason behind sending damaadji away is Khushi, will it be war time?  Yes, if the aim is to bring Shyam home and finish this business.  As tanthya and others have already said, the war lines have been drawn with Anjali and Dadi on one side and Nani and Arnav on the other side.  Shall we wait and see what happens.

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.Sia. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
Today's episode... I skimmed through it but I definitely feel there was plenty of symbolism in the episode. It's very easy to be angry towards Dadi but we know very little about her right now. As the past unfolds, we'll probably find out exactly why Dadi suddenly entered and why she's like she is. The lines have been drawn on the battlefield - it's going to be Arnav vs Anjali and the family will be dragged into it. I feel like Dadi will bring Shyam back firstly to pacify Anjali, but also because she will want to make her own judgement of events. That could spell trouble for Khushi as she isn't the world's best bahu in Dadi's eyes. But hopefully Arnav will continue to stand by her. Nani has always been on Khushi's side & hopefully NK and Payal will stand by her as well. Dadi will end up testing relationships in the family & I feel that's how the past will come to light. I'm sure that Shyam has some sort of contribution to their past as well. According to an old spoiler by Mishti, I recall her stating that Shyam will tell the truth to Anjali himself.
Whatever happens now is going to be crucial for the future. This is when the true drama starts! Maybe we'll be grateful for Dadi's entry for fuelling the love story soon. I'm personally still hoping that she's going to be a catalyst in Arnav and Khushi's remarriage. We shall see. I shall shut up with my bakwaas now!

& happy birthday to the birthday girls!

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Sanayam Senior Member

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
           BLAST FROM THE PAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all you beautiful Reduxians !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing episode. Epic !!!!!!
Judging by the reaction on redux there is a frenzied excitement across the board for this new chapter in the lives of the Raizadas. Daadi has created quite a stir already.
DAADI - ClapClapClapClapClap. A round of applause for Swati Chitnis. She has made an impression with her very first appearance. Marvellous acting defining a woman steeped in the past. She appears to be one of the extinct species. A person of not the previous century but previous to previous century or maybe belonging to the age of Ramayana or Mahabharata? She certainly doesnt seem to have existed in the world of today.( This Ashram must be more remote than I had imagined.LOLLOLLOL)
She has already started defining her role as the steel armoured matriarch. She is like a rock with a soft bed for her daughter but sharp, ragged edges for the world. Her MU regarding Khushi's status in the house is plausible given the dirty bowl of water in her hand, carelessly pinned hair and gota laced salwar kameez instead of 10 tola sona laden, banarsee saree clad, choti making bahus that she is used to seeing on SP LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL. Right Daadi?
Love how she shows her disdain. Yes everybody has noticed how daadi seems like female ASR with a superstitious Anjali twist. She takes the ASRishness to another level though. Hope to see some redeeming qualities soon.
It is quite plausible that she may be a catalyst in the remarriage.
Will she bring Shyam back? Possibly. Though how is still beyond me. I dont see how ASR is going to let that happen.
All in all I am extremely happy about this character. After masala mama and bubbaliya I was very apprehensive regarding daadi's character. Those were very lame characters. Thank God daadi is a genuine character. A character worthy of IPK !!!
KHUSHI/ ARNAV - Tough times ahead. Hope their love will help them tide all obstacles. May the truth prevail.
Yes I do appreciate Khushi's quest for Arnav's psyche just like all you lovely people.
Loved the post where one of you compared Khushi tending Arnav's garden (now with roses) to the likeness of her tending his love. WOW you guys are such geniuses.
The ASRification of KKGSR continues. So far, however, only ASR has been at the receiving end of KASR. I would like to see her show the same confidence in dealing with others as well.
What ASR did in the pre-cap is what dreams are made of. To me that meant heck of a lot more than all those tid-bits that KKGSR liked so much the other day. Those were sweet nothings. This here is the real gold.
ANJALI - Kya kahun? Uskey aansoo ruktey hi nahiCryCryCryCry. Just when she was ready to forget the past, Daadi comes. Talk about blast from the past.
Wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!
This is my eureka moment. I found the title for my post. Let me edit...
Ok. Continuing. Anjali getting support from dadi. Blah blah blah blah . Anji and her emotional attyachaar continue. Koi Shyamu ko bulao aur iss ladki ko usske saath daiyya ho karne chala do.Disapprove
As for the rest. Manorama used to be funny once upon a time. These days she is more OTT than funny. She was supposed to be a khadoos from outside and nice from inside character but somehow this balance has been lost in recent times and her golden heart has gone hiding. Did mamaji take it with him?LOLLOLLOLLOL
No but seriously. Mamiji has so much potential. If only she could be given a definite direction, if only she wouldnt be all over the place running like a headless chicken, if only...Her most memorable roles have been where her loud mouth has been paired with a softer heart. Mami -Lavanya kitchen scene comes to mind. Can we restore mamiji CVs?
NK was cool as always. He is such a sweetheart.
Payalia ki spine mein sab dent karte jaate hain. Whatsup with that?
Aakash babua is missing the entire show.
Poor HP. I feel for him. As if ASR ki daant khana kam tha ab he will be an untouchable courtesy dadi. Hope ASR stands up for him too. Infact I'd like to see Khushi , Payalia , NK , Anjali and Nani to stand up for HP too. Dadi is just too much. She cant be let loose with this untouchable thing into the civilized world.
"Haan Haan hum jaantey hain ke ye Raizada Zoo house hai aur yahan Arnav ki dadi hone ke saath unko sabki aukaat jataaneka haq bhi muft milta hai. Magar hum bhi iss show ke viewers hain aur ye show humaare ghar angan mein bhi prasaarit hota hai iss liye hum bhi basic human decency dekhne ka haq jatayenge." Kuchh samjhe CVs? LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
On this note... Satya Mev Jayate !!! May the truth come out and prevail. Not just of Arnie-Anji past but of Arnie -kKhushi and Anji-shyam present. To a brighter future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sharmibalan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

 14 years back Dadi witnessed the downfall of her family before her eyes. She witnessed the death of her Daughter-in-law, who was also her friend's daughter. She witnessed her grandchildren's heartbreak. She witnessed them becoming orphans. She witnessed her grand daughter's wedding being stopped. She witnessed how crude life could be even when you posses all the powers in the world. She witnessed a harsh truth. She witnessed that life has no mercy. Having witnessed enough she locked herself behind the closed doors of the Ashram refusing to return to the world that ditched her...So what made her come back now. Did she sense that all is not well with her grandchildren's life again... Did she think its time to blow the Panchajanya?


Dadi commands authority, crumbles anyone who stands near her with her looks, Stops anyone midway with her hand gesture, is very cold to everyone and yet very fond of her loved ones. Now I have got my answer. An answer to a question that I had for a year. Yes, now I know that Arnav is every bit his Dadi. Arnav Singh Raizada is indeed a carbon copy of his Dadi.


The past has left a bitter taste in both of them. The past has taught both Arnav and Dadi to be very cautious, to doubt anyone who is present before them, to stop anyone who comes closer to them, to punish without mercy, anyone who dares to come near their loved ones. They had both build a wall against their emotions, not letting anyone inside. Until one fateful day, Khushi fell in the hands of Arnav and broke his iron wall with her innocence. Today one year later khushi is facing the same situation, this time its his Dadi who is currently seeing her as a threat in their lives. Will Khushi be able win Dadi's love and trust, with the support of her husband Arnav Singh Raizada and in the process make Arnav accept his Family name Malik? Will she be accepted as a Malik Bahu?


Today Dadi realised that Anjali is pregnant and that things are not well in her grand daughter's life. Will she be instrumental in getting Shyam back? Will she also demand a re-marriage for her grandson?


For the first time I feel we can understand Arnav better...because of Dadi...

It was emotional to watch Anjali hugging Dadi and crying... and asking her why she left her when she wanted her the most.


Dadi's powerful eyes scrutinising everyone before she followed Anjali to her room... was a treat to watch.


For the first time we were all hooked on to the screen even when Arnav and Khushi weren't there...But Arnav still managed to steal the show in the Pre-cap...

On the lighter side...


Today When Mami was creating Hungama at RM...I wasn't sure if that was needed...Why fear for a lady who stayed in Ashram for 14 years...Why scold my poor NK...But I was proved wrong...Shocked


Then comes our Khushi... who was completely unaware of what was happening in the Living room... Currently Safe and happy near the pool having a chit chat with Arnav's plants...LOL


After Watering the plants she decides to water the plants at the entrance of the RM main door...Here comes the main twist in the form of a Lizard...She ends up watering Dadi...and not the plants...Bechara plants...they were so looking forward to their daily supply of water...Cry


OK now back again to Khushi...Whenever she slips Arnav was there to support her...Today when she slipped, She involuntarily holds on to Dadi for support. Only to be pushed by Dadi. This incident brought memories of Fashion Show incident where Arnav catches her involuntarily and then pushes her once he realises his actions.


Is Dadi a traditional backpacker? She carries her essentials with her all the time...Plate, Cup and a Mat to sleep...


We can also expect a Hugh raise in the water bill because of Dadi...Shocked

An episode packed with action and suspense...
Thank you IPKKND team for giving us another fabulous episode...ClapClapClapClap
Welcome Dadi and Lizard(order of apperance) IPKKND family...LOL
Thank you everyone for reading my take on the episode...

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amimus Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Hello Lovely Girls.
Sorry for taking up space on the 3rd page but just had to wirte the thoughts in my mind
So DADI 's entry came with a bang.
Lot of symbolism in the episode today. Not good at decoding it , will wait for the experts to do it.
My viewpoint loved the episode as the story is moving forward. There seems to be sibling rift in the near future, and Dadi being instumental in Shyam return to RM.
So battlelines are drawn with Arnav V/S Anjali , which side the family will choose. My bet is on Nani, Khushi , NK and Payal with Arnav and DAdi , Akash with Anjali. But then again Akash does not  go against his brother ,hmmm . Neways IPK land is going to have lot of storms, tornadoes coming its way .
So all the best to RMwaasis . But yes at the end truth will alone prevail .
Khushi still has a long way to go  of her  understanding of Arnav and what made him ASR, but I am sure she will be more mature woman by the end of it.
SO welcome to IPK land which is going to be a war zone soon. The shank has been blown and battle is ready to begin.

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged

"The past lies upon the present like a giant's dead body."- 

                                                                            Nathaniel Hawthorne " The House of Seven Gables"


A Monday episode without dreamboat ASR to begin with'anticipations galore for a new entry'an Arshiless episode to kickstart another week and to top it off'not so impressive trp's'I can just imagine  the CVs' plight while designing today's episode..And no flim-flam'it was indeed an interesting episode'and if we try to extend our definition of "interesting"beyond the scintillating Arhi scenes'we'll definitely realize that today's episode heralded a new beginning in the lives of our "star-crossed"lovers'


The fan girls have had a field day discussing how this new entry aka Arnav's Dadi..Subhadra Devi will turn out to be throughout the never-ending weekend!!And to be honest..I didn't have any multitudinous expectations from  this woman'But today from the first scene to the last scene(Of course before that precap)she boiled my blood'Or I'm a little wrong ..Her characterization rather didn't go down well with me'.The first watch was a disaster but on a second watch'I kind of could grasp what the makers wanted to convey'.


Maliks Vs Raizadas'


The countdown has begun'the bugle has been blown'No am not talking about a war here'Okay..till today..we have seen only two Maliks in this show..Arnav and Anjali'though legally no more Maliks'.and hence we've always assumed them to be Raizadas'But after today's episode'we probably opened a new leaf in the book of life of the Raizada siblings'Daadi begins her taunt with "aukat"'If we go back to the very first episodes'we saw  such similar berating comments'thrown towards Khushi by none other than her beloved Arnavji!!Now it might be genetic'.or it might have something to do "who aurat" who did something that left a bad taste in the mouth of the entire Malik clan'and that caused a 13 year old boy to attain premature manhood!!


Suddenly the storytelling today attained a predigested form 'It was certainly "in your face" and Daadi taunting Khushi and not accepting her as a Raizada bahu was the first step towards remarriage'For those who aren't impressed with the way story seemed to shape up today'Well I know there are many fishes in the sea and maybe some other way could have been taken and this "untouchability"issue could have been avoided..But I guess this track was important for Khushi and somehow it is also  important for Arnav to realize that in his absence and without a proper marriage'his beloved may come across more such obstacles'In a word'a clean remarriage in on the cards and Arnav has to oblige'Wink


Daadi and Khushi'.


I'm not smart enough to deduce every single aspect of this equation just after one episode'Apparently she is not happy with servants serving or food and servants roaming about the "Puja-Ghar"'But even as a lay viewer'I could observe a special look of "loathing"as she talked to Khushi'as if it brought back some  memories talking to a beautiful,young 'naukrani''It is to be seen how this relationship progresses,if it has any significance with their past or is she another shallow character..just a replacement of "saas"for Khushi'But I do hope'for once I'm not wrong and she plays an interesting part'




Well no complaints here..I suppose..A loving and strict Daadi..Not an indulging grandmother as Naani'Instead of protecting the fragility of her namby-pamby grand daughter..she declares.."Ab sab theek ho jaayega.."She is a strong woman and she's here to fix the situation!!Anjali too seemed to found a solace in her arms..Daadi hasn't been a part of RM for a long time and is kind of free from the MU reeking all over the place'And she is a connection to her happy and carefree childhood spent like any other kid in Lucknow'No wonder Anjali wasn't able to hold herself together!!To see Daadi-Arnav equation..we might have to wait till tomorrow!!




"Take bread away from me, if you wish,

take air away, but

do not take from me your laughter."

PABLO NERUDA, "Your Laughter"


The Man rises again'Not only the precap was the sole feel-good factor of the entire episode'The scene had a special significance'As Daadi once again stops Khushi from entering her sanctum sanctorum..Arnav moves backward to stand right beside her'.If Khushi is not given her rights'in no way will Arnav continue to bask  in the tender warmth of his grandmother's affection'Khushi is his wife and every single person in the society has to well accept the fact'..and respect her just as ASR's wife should be respected as!!Embarrassed


For the people'who with every single ASR's action are concluding or are hoping that this is the start of a certain redemption track..Then once again I'm sorry to burst your bubble'.The CV's aren't playing that card..not today'in fact never'"Redemption" of ASR started long back and is still continuing'Every single gesture of ASR expressing guilt or love for Khushi is a motif of his redemption'.ASR is an expeditious learner and he's learning fast and he's still in the process of becoming a husband'.but his "redemption" is sadly included in his lessons'It might miss any untrained eye'it's our fault then..But the makers when creating the character created a framework and going by that framework'..ASR redeems himself just like ASR would do'with his usual lan and if that can't satisfy the viewers..then I guess we could never understand this character and somehow the fault lies with us,not the makers!!Ouch

In a word...interesting episodes awaits us IPK land...Past,present and future have been strung together...The curtains just needs to be raised!!Thumbs Up


A special note for the Gul Khan from a fan'.Big smile


I have immense faith in your style of story-telling.Your simple story resonates with poignant touch of varied human emotions and not to mention your idea of is unique and poised'Your characters are layered and flawed and your story sublime'.Everything that needs to build up a niche audience!!


But it is sad that in a country like India'more than subtle storytelling'trp,poularity,revenue matters'.and hence comes the question of compromising with the storyline'Even a born- storyteller like Sanjay Leela Bhansali had to compromise with his story,his brainchild under popular demand'.And we can definitely understand the pressure that low trp's build on a team of a daily soap'.


But I will make a small request'please stick to the meat and potatoes of the storyline'I know the story is simply fine'But in order to combat trp pressure..I hope you do not give up your creative wand'I know if you or anyone from your PH reads this..he/she'll get my point'Take it as a request or an advice'your wish but do stick to the basics'..That's the need of the hour!!Embarrassed



I also wanted to touch execution but then my post would be a "little"long..also am sleepy'it's half past midnight!!So maybe the next day that I write!!

Sorry for the typos...Don't know if I made any sense today...But I'm pretty much inspired by the great writers we have here and So I penned down my thoughts after 2 episodes!!

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chitmanas Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
can anyone please tell me how to insert an IMAGE

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RJXX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Hai thinking about this dadi has given me a headache.

I've never tried my hand at analysing, but even I know that the episode was laden with hints - just don't know what they're actually hinting LOL

Few things to think about

Mami referring to Dadi as 'Sabki Dadi' 

NK I fall for you more and more everyday. Loved you introducing yourself to Dadi and telling her your nickname, and your undying support for Khushi. Oh and the way he said 'grannyyy', thinking she'd be a sweet little old lady - boy were you wrong!

Dadi being greeted first by the cartoons of the house LOL

The positioning of characters in the last scene. Anji-Dadi on one side and Khushi-NK-Payalia-Mami on one side. Nani-Arnav in the middle, will they be picking sides or trying to keep the peace?

Khushi's realisation that there's still so much more she needs to learn about Arnav, and she admitted she loves him again Day Dreaming

Might not post anything major but I'll reseve the space for my questions and comments on your wonderful posts

Question 1: Was there any significance in Dadi referring to Khushi as a servant so many times? (or was it just comeuppance for Khushi thinking Mami was a servant)
Happy Birthday to Teju & Sonu! Party Party 
@ Anna: Wonderful post as usual. When I heard Dadi was entering I too thought that Anji might secretly be meeting with her, but glad that was cleared up. Earlier in Redux a few of us were discussing that Khushi and Arnav still don't know each other and I'm glad Khushi had this realisation today, that this man she loves she much she hardly knows him. 
@Nafiza: Loved the points you made and Hitler GrandmaLOL. We can definately see where Arnav gets his traits from. When she said 'aukaat' to Khushi I had an instant flash back to the Sheesh Mahal meeting where Arnav uttered the same word
PS. I'm a Senior Member already - the IPK affect LOL

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