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IP REDUX ; Panchajanya !! (Page 2)

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A very happy birthday to you teju Hug God bless ya girl.. 
A very happy birthday Sonu Hug Stay blessed always !!

Sathu ur yest analysis was damn good Clap lubbed eet.

loved the precap..
loved that kushi finally said she doesnt understand Arnav much, finally girl bravo .. 

I hope this dadi track will make kushi get a better understanding about Arnav and also Arnav's past will be handled well, i wud wanto push gotti off the cliff if he messes with Arnav's past .. 

C yo ladies.. A very happy friendship day to you all.. Hug i knw m lateEmbarrassed

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Teju and Sonu - Wish you both a very Happy birthday!!
Did you all like the episode yesterday? Not much of romance or nok-jhoks - Lots of drama and a new entry.. Oddly I loved it... Welcome to IPK, Dadi! we have already started a club for youBig smile
Here goes today's edition of Anjarai Petti, And Thanks to all of you who liked and commented on my post yesterday!
Anjarai Petti
Kushi: Sothapiten Machi- Dead
Dadi enters shantivan and is given a wet welcome by the eldest bahu of the house.. or should I say her rightful Grand daughter in law! But sadly dadi does not appreciate the efforts of our Kushi betiya and silently shouts "Abacharam Abacharam"
Dadi's first impression on Kushi is not the best impression... The way the things seem to go... it looks like it will be days before kushi can manage to make Dadi have a Ok impression on her...
Payal and Kushi rendezvous in the Kitchen and discuss how the family has kept a secret away from them... that Arnav has a stireket "Dadi" ji... while Payal gets a call at that time- probably from her pinku sweetheart, she sees an opportunity to get even with him for hiding this big secret from her... so she asks Kushi to take the milk to dadi and introduce herself...
Kushi isnt much worried that dadi thought Kushi to be a domestic help, but is worried about water welcome that didnt go well down Dadi's throat and perhaps a little more worried that she didnt know much about the person whom she has grown to love... She decides to grab this opportunity to find more about Arnav - but it again miffed off by Dadi... Kushi doesnt get third time lucky as well when Dadi finds her in the pooja mandir and is not very happy!
Wait for hubby dear to give a proper Intro babes!
Mami: Puthusu kanna puthusu-Wacko
Manorama Mami is scared of someone other than the imaginery ghost! wow thats something new!
She is wishing that Dadi doesn't come to shantivan but stays wherever she is and her wish is (de)granted !Mami is reprimanded not once, not twice but thrice about keeping the Domestic helps in place... But Mami who doesnt ever fear to open her mouth, stutters and stays quiet.
She explains to an annoyed NK, who demands her why she hadnt said Dadi that Kushi is Arnav's wife...that she doesnt want to be the one who would break the news that Dadi's grandson had eloped on fine day- sorry one fine night with Kushi bitiya and returned back home losing his eligible bachelor title. This particular adventure of her grandson will be narrated by Dadi's BFF herself who is none other than Nani...
I was remembering my dear friend from college when I came to know that Nani and Dadi were BFFs... My friend is stririket and a terror like Dadi and people often wonder how a softey like me gets along so well with the likes of her... But as such inside that rought exterior is a sweet interior that only people close to them recognise.. I hope the same applies to Dadi as well!
Dadi: Touch me not- Shocked
Dadi comes back after 14 years of vanavas in an Ashram... Wonder if she punished herself for her son's conduct?
Dadi is a orthodox person! Only that she has mixed superstitious practices of the past into her orthodox beliefs. She comes across as a prejudised person, Can imagine her being strict with her own grand children when they were younger, but yet that didnt stop her from being affectionate with them! How much baised or righteous the lady is, we are yet to see.. but her character will suit the work she is supposed to do atleast for now...
That is to create the tension that is necessary to make the story more spicy!   
Dadi again: Thilalangadi-Confused
- Dadi didnt hug Anjali back the first time, but did hug her back when she herself asked Anjali that she is going to be a mother!
- Very curious- How did she know?
- she did ask about damaadji too and later says that she had arrived and everything will be alright!
- I have a inkling feeling that Shyam might have got in touch with Dadi- and told that Kushi who was actually brought in as a worker got married to Arnav and influenced him so much that Arnav believed her tell tales and threw him out... - this point is just a guess and nothing more!
- I thought probably she called Kushi a domestic help, for the above mentioned reason as such and she is very prejudiced about middle class girls, who come for work and end up enticing the son of the family. 14 years back her own son, now her grandson!
Nani, Arnav Vs Anjali, Dadi : Neeya Naana- Star
The last scene was the best in the episode.. Nani with Arnav and Dadi with Anjali...
Interesting combo... Nani and arnav is something I would call vegam+Vivegam in Tamil!  that is the Action,rashness and bravery that goes with the young- coupled with the maturity and patience of the Old and on the other side, we have Anjali who is capable of influencing Arnav emotionally- Would he probably break down just like Arjuna broke down just before the war started, citing that it was his old blood he was going to battle against!
Arnav has got an army of love and Dharma whereas Anjali side also has an army comprising of Loyalty of beliefs, Bias, Cunningness and a thrist for revenge- which lurkes within them... Arnav has to enter into the chakravyuh this time to save his sister dearest and a wrong move would burn out Anjali if Arnav isnt careful enough to bring out his sister and her baby unharmed out of this chakravyuh
NK and Anjali: Nanbenda!Tongue
It was a delight to watch the ever cheerful NK trying to clear off Dadi's MU as it was pleasent to watch a concerned Anjali when she saw a lost kushi!
Kushi: KosuruSilly
Kushi while gardening commented something like when the roses bloom it will be time for Anjali's new Arrival... where is it? where is it? oh ok.. you meant shyam babuwa's come back?

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PartyWishing you a very Happy Birthday Teju and Appu junior! Party where's my cake!? Stern Smile

Episodic highlights! 

*tuning in now*

- LOL @ Maami, Payal and NK scene, never thought the three would go together! Great opportunity for Payal to come out of her shell and join the circus! Wooo!

- Maami was slightly over the top for me in this scene, I was expecting a slightly more subdued reaction, a fear which mirrors the seriousness of the past, but then again, it gives you more hope that Dadi may not be as evil as we'd like to believe!! LOL 

- LOL and NK wins for me yet again!! *hands down* one of the best comedic characters to ever grace our screens, ever! Period. Heart

- ROFL @ NK's "WHOOO IJJJ"...oooh granny!!

- Khushi is looking really pretty with this new look of hers!! Love it!! Reminded me of the look she had during Payash's haldi ceremony, when sexy Raizada became a waiter for the day! Embarrassed

- Lol@Khushi's "Aaarargghhh" - so genuine!! Loved Sanaya's acting here, very realistic! 

- Lol damn, she's in for it now - can't believe the water landed on the one person that could make her life a living hell!! Stern Smile 

- *dun dun dun* It's the infamous DAADI!!

- Ooo, I'm loving her character already!! Kya entrance maari daadi ne!! She wears a cold expression so well!! Actually reminded me of Arnie during his early PMS days!

- Lol check out her glare!!!! Oooh can't wait till she shoots some of those daggers at maami! If looks could kills, RM vaasis would be dead by now! LOL

- WT*!!! Did she just show Khushi 'the hand'!!??? Oooh no she din't!!! Angry

ROFL@chipkali!!! ----> *daadi's death glare* 

- LOL she just gave NK the cold shoulder!! It's OK NK, we still Heart you!!

- Wow, granny's reaction to Khushi is damn harsh and despicable, I'm hating her already!! But I love it!! See how she squinted her eyes in disgust when Khushi grabbed onto her for support...she removed her hand like she was filth!! oh dear, I'm going to have so much fun hating on this character!! 

- Daadi: Manorma, iss ghar ki naukroh ko uski aukaat nahi batayi - LOL Dejavu anyone!??? I guess now we know where Arnie got it from!! Stern Smile

- Damn, what is that woman's problem!! See the way she turned back to glare at Khushi, as if to declare war!! You show her Khushi!! You managed to tame the mighty ASR, toh phir yeh daadi kya cheez hein!!

Heart NK supporting Khushi!

- Well done Payal for asking the right questions about daadi!!

- Ok, how much do you Heart Khushi's realisation of not knowing her loved one as well as she thought she did!! Her love and concern for Arnav in this scene was brilliant; finally we'll see her making an effort in her relationship and start chipping away at his past until she understands him as much as he does her! Atta girl!

- Looks like daadi's pretty old school based on her packed belongings! Traditional, religious, self righteous, disciplined, scrupulous - wow,looks to be an interesting character right from the start!

- The background score to Daadi's character is thrilling! Love the foreboding atmosphere..dark and ominous. Yep, daadi's going to be ruthless, I can tell!! LOL

- Stern Smile @ Daadi's ESHTOP hand gesture...Khushi, don't go there girl! She'll only snub you! *rolls eyes*

- She just close the curtains on Khushi... Shocked

- wow, this granny's all about showing people their "aukaat", she clearly places herself way above the rest in terms of social status, crme de la crme snobbishness at its best - So NOT cool Daadi, discriminatory much!!?

- Ok this daadi is really starting to grate on me, how dare she stop others from fulfilling their godly rites!!? Not impressed daadi!! Looks like she's having to put up with maami for the sake of it as well!

- Ok I'm feeling mightily sorry for Khushi this episode! Glad to see Anjali showing a tinge of concern! Let's hope it lasts!

- Loved Daljeet's acting here - her past flashes across her very eyes the moment she sees her daadi after so many years; pain, relief, shock all welded into one! Nicely done Daljeet! Hmmm, Daadi hasn't reciprocated her longing embrace...kuch toh garbar hein!

- Interesting how Daadi skips over the past, swiftly moving onto enquire about Anjali's present and her unborn child...ok so now she hugs her!

- Ok it seems Anjali was none the wiser about daadi's whereabouts!! Was she purposely kept in the dark!!?

- Though I hate how ruthless Daadi is, I equally love the fact she's so cut throat! No playing games here, she is as she is! 

- Ok a very small moment - but I just loved the way Anjali glanced at the empty cot in front of her and then looked back at the picture of her and Shyam. Almost like being stuck in limbo, stuck between her past and her present future. She needs both Shyam and her baby to complete this family portrait of hers..

- So a daadi who promises to make everything right again...hmm interesting times ahead and RM!!

- Is it just me or does Daadi's bg score sound uncannily like Terminator!!? Lol sorry, had to say it!! LOL

- Wow, EPIC final scene - the moment Arnav and Naani walked through the door, everyone had taken their positions. And it seems new alliances are looking to be formed with the return of Daadi. Anjali has found her backbone, Maami after a long time is reminded of her former status and is forced to take her position next to the Gupta sisters - there's karma for ya manorma mami! Whilst the others have clearly chosen their sides, it is Naani and Arnav who will remain impartial in this conflict - and justice will be served! Nicely captured!

- Damn!! I just *died* watching the precap, several times might I add!!!! Muahahaha, karma can be such a b*tch when it bites back!!! How suave was Arnie taking Khushi's side without a moment of hesitation!!! Atta boy Arnie!!! So proud of you!! *wipes tears* - HA! IN YO FACE DAADI!! Right, now I can relax, lol, knowing Khushi has her protector readily by her side, every step of the way...and it does seem Daadi has quite a soft spot for him, so let's see where they go from here next!

Additional thoughts shared with my dukhi friend Sunshine99 Smile

lol can't believe the uncanny resemblance between Daadi and ASR, naani and her "aukaat ki baat" took me back to where Arnie first started! And look how far he's come based on the precap! It's going to be soo satisfying watching him take control of everything and making sure Khushi is given the respect and dignity that is rightfully hers, even if that means going against his daadi! Can't wait!

Plus, based on the precap, it looked as if Arnie remained a firm stance but still held his respect for daadi. The guy is principled enough, I don't see him acting rashly against daadi, not any time soon anyway. Plus, he's calmed down a great deal - will be a treat to see how far his changes will take him in dealing with family predicaments...

Loved the episode! I was hooked all the way through; even without Sobti's presence, they kept the momentum going - now that for me is a damn fine episode! Kudos to you CV's! 


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The winds are picking up and the clouds are gathering. Very soon the storm is going descend and it is so be seen who sinks in the waters of destruction, and who fights their way into the storm and reach the eye. The eye of the storm is the place which is at the centre of a hurricane and it is where it is the safest and calmest, even amongst all the chaos.

The Paternal Matriarch has arrived. She comes with all the dignity in the world and at first sight, seems to dislike Khushi. This seemed very odd to me. Very odd indeed. From the her very first episode, she seems to be the genetic cause of everything that makes Arnav Singh Raizada tick. The arrogance, the snootiness, the haughtiness, the domineering attitude and the disregard for the lower classes seems to be a genetic match. Interestingly, the superstitious outlook on life was inherited by Anjali. 

Khushi was carrying all the dirty water to throw out but before she could she tipped the bucket in fright and let it all pour out and cover the ground. Rings a bell? Khushi is going to reveal all (no surprises there!) Hitler Grandma seems to have it out for Khushi, maybe because might remind her of woh auraat? Wouldn't be surprised!

After rejecting Khushi time and again, very similar to the way our White King did once upon a time. But she succeeds in driving it home the fact that our Queen knows very little of her King. And that maybe, just maybe, she may need to change just a tinsy bit for her King.

One of the most important scenes in my opinion was the Anjali was genuinely worried about Khushi. She asked why she was worried and was concerned. (Hallelujah!!!) She is slowly accepting Khushi. But. Will the dynamics change because the Hitler Grandma and Shyam lead her astray? Picture abhi baki hain!!!

Finally, the battle formation at the end of the episode. LOVED it. It was epic and it strangely reminded me of a chess board from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone though I have no idea way! 

My thoughts on who is on whose side has been and will be explained by a few other very talented ladies and I will leave it to them. But I didn't understand the significance of today's title because my knowledge regarding Indian mythology is nil. I am not joking when I say I know absolutely nothing about the topic in any way, shape or form. I usually get by reading from everyone's posts but I have finally reached the limit of my brain. Can someone be kind enough to educate this poor soul? I will appreciate it if someone just sends me a pm! Thanking you!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teju and Sonu!!! Many happy returns of the day and have a wonderful time!!! Party


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chickky Goldie

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Lot many questions and pointers  to ponder on ..!!!Day Dreaming

Whzz everyone afraid of Dadi??? Is she a perfectionist or a disciplinarian??? 

She also has a low opinion on poor class is it? Is this a family beemaari????

She too is highly rebuking and looks she's a tough lady with a soft interior ! Rings a bell???

Looks she also has huge amount of respect n regards for Arnav..notice the change in the tone when She talked to rest of RM waasis n with our Annie baby??!!! Arne is an emperor of RM n fits well on why he wa nts everything under his control...

Why do Kushi always have to break to connect/join!!!

Kushi now on understanding! That's highlight of the day!! Please do understand his darde dil baby! U get to know what a gem of a person DM has chosen for u!!!Wink

Why is that anjali always have to seek sympathy?? Is she that crippled that she want to take support from a 70 + yr woman...gosh!now she's carrying..sympathise with her to be kids..Amen!

Nani,Arnav on one side n anji,daadi on the other with Kushi in between!!! A very subtle symbolism abt the upcoming rift! 

I liked

Poojaali n her pooja ka thal continues to make entry ...

Nks and payals effort in standing for truth about kushis mistaken identity!!

Arnav going n standing equal with Kushi implying a lot many things! A sample cud be if she's not allowed even I am not! 

Wow!!! What a poignant n beautiful act to stress her importance in his life!! This man have really travelled long! Wish to see Kushis journey hereafter!!

Kushi picking gardening as her hobby following her husbands interests!!! 

CVs, please give some food for ur brain n high time,to show kushis character development! Please, don't make it a out n out ghar ka drama..beech mei,please do accommodate us with Arnav doing better with his work with this improvised knowledge! Give us some scenes where arnav n Kushi needs to attend a party n arnav teaching Kushi some class!!


BS..only a mins screen space is what all u need to turn ur fans ON!! Ata boy..liked u to the core in precap today..Clap

I liked kushis outfit n style today..she actually is getting better...sanaya..u rock as one can bring the clumsiness in Kushi n thr selflessness as u portray..Clap

Payaliaa,,NK,mami,anjali,daadi n nanni..good performances..Star

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Thanku ladies for The honour n privilege! I am Truely honoured in every,transparency,affection  n warmth!!!

I unfortunately have no other word than a Big Thanku!!!HeartHug

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The battle lines are drawn

The episode was a very interesting one. I was losing patience with it for obvious reasons while following the live updates, but the precap was a relief for me as it helped me keep my cool to watch the entire episode at one go. It was painful to watch Khushi being repeatedly insulted and ousted by dadi, with no one (except NK) even making an attempt to stand by her. Ouch

While Khushi was contentedly gardening, unknowing of the bombshell that was waiting for her at the doorstep, mami was panic stricken with the very thought that dadi might just land up in Shantivan. It was sad and funny at the same time to see mami in such a condition. Sad because a lady who is never fearful of her own mother-in-law is now suddenly terrified of the arrival of a guest. Funny because mami has always had a caustic tongue for Khushi and Payal and she has always kept Payal on her toes and shown her authority as the MIL. Now it's her turn to be in Payal's shoes.Big smile

It was lovely to see Khushi tending ASR's garden in his absence. Many episodes ago, ASR told NK that there were no roses in his garden. Red roses are a symbol for love, the buds represent new life and the full blown roses are a symbol of youth and the peak of life. His garden has always been a part of his private world, a world which was lifeless in many ways and the blooming roses signifies that his world in longer lifeless and is now filled with love and Khushi is the one who is nurturing his world. Smile

When a carefree and slightly disheveled Khushi panicked and dropped the bowl after seeing a lizard on the door, dadi walked in stood in front her with her imposing presence. Dadi is a stern and superstitious lady who still appears to believe in the age-old caste system and refuses to even stand in close proximity with a servant let alone touch or be touched. Khushi's disheveled state gave her the impression that she is a servant as a family member would appear more prim and proper.

One thing that caught might attention is that although ASR's aukaad lectures may sound similar to dadi's aukaad, there is a startling difference. He may have inherited the arrogance from the dadi, earlier he looked down on people for strictly their lower economic status. He has looked down on Khushi in the past but he never considered her as someone he can't touch. What made him despise people coming from lower economic background?

On the other hand, dadi's attitude towards the servants stems from the idea of considering them as untouchables. She does not even want them stepping into the mandir. But then how and why did she accept Manorama?

In the kitchen, the sisters talked about their surprise of seeing dadi as they had no idea of her existence before and Khushi had a little self talk about how little she knows about the man she loves.

Dadi repeatedly kept addressing Khushi as the servant and mami did not dare to challenge her, afraid of the questions she won't be able to answer. Payal's silence was expected and the only one who attempted raise voice was NKa friend in its truest sense.Smile But even he was shushed by dadi.

When Anjali came home she noticed the hurt and dejection in Khushi's eyes but that was soon forgotten as shock took over her at hearing dadi's voice after so many years. With the sight of dadi, came the flashes of the dark past.

Anjali hurriedly walked towards dadi to embrace her, dadi hugged her back and she burst into tears as happiness along with sadness engulfed her. Dadi noticed that Anjali is expecting and she enquired about damadji, a topic which is now a prick for the Raizadas. The discomfort was visible in Khushi and Payal's face. It was visible in Anjali's face too but it also had shades of pain and disbelief.

When Arnav and nani entered the mansion, they came face to face with dadi.

What caught my attention in that particular scene was the way each members of the family stood. Arnav and nani were standing side by side and Arnav held her by the shoulders comforting her. Anjali was at the opposite end with dadiand dadi held Anjali by the arms, supporting her. The rest of the family, Khushi, Payal, mami and NK were standing on the sideline, witnessing like spectators.The battle lines are drawn and these invisible lines defined their positions.

It's quite evident the dadi will be instrumental in bringing Shyam back at the RM. She being a lady who firmly believes in age old traditions will not have the damad of the house exiled, the man who is not only the husband of her granddaughter, but also thefather of her unborn child. She also seems to have a good image of him on her mind unlike Khushi who is yet to enter her good books.

Anjali never believed allegations made towards Shyam but she never dared to speak out in front of the family as they never showed an ounce of interest in discussing Shyam. Dadi might just give her the courage to speak up and support her. She being dadi, who has also witnessed Anjali's baraat going away, will not allow Anjali's dreams to be shattered again.

Nani on the other hand is a righteous lady who is traditional but she makes rational decisions and she judges people by their qualities and not there status. She knows the truth about Shyam because she is the only one ASR has confided in.She knows better not to fall into the traps and she also dotes on Khushi. Anjali did mention to nani once that she wants her baby to be like her father and nani was full of disgust at that thought. Nani may be forced to accept Shyam for Anjali but chances are she may not accept him back. Either way she will be on the side of the truth.

The precap gives hope that ASR will stand by Khushi. He has certainly come a full circle and he is now standing by the girl he once insulted by bringing up her status. 

Dadi has arrived with the baggage of the Malik's ominous past. The shadows of the past will soon overcome the present.

What effect will it have on ASR and Khushi's blossoming relationship?

Anjali's words to Khushi in Friday's episode were a sign of things to come.  The dark past will overshadow the present. Moments before Anjali said those words to Khushi, Khushi gifted her roses she picked from the garden. Will Khushi be able counter the darkness, or will be the darkness suck the life out once again from the blooming roses.

Anjali seems to have no idea where dadi was staying all this time. Nani and ASR knew but they kept it a secret. But then shouldn't Anjali be surprised after hearing about damadji from dadi's mouth? Am I missing something here? The dialogues seemed a bit confusing.

Dadi and Nani are childhood friends but it startling how the two of them get along with such different ideals. How far will be nani be able to influence dadi? 

Dadi's way of thinking was a bit too much to digest though. I hope you will show dadi slowly changing her way of thinking and treating people as people respecting not just Khushi but Hari Prakash too. Embarrassed

There is one other thing which I can't get out from my head. The curious case of the missing baby bump. Confused How did dadi realize Anjali is pregnant?  ShockedLOL


Happy Birthday Teju and Sonu Party

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