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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; Panchajanya !!

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...Meaning 5 people ..Meaning Arnav, Khushi, Anjali, Shyam  & The Mysterious Woman !! ..5 people whose past is  veiled by the cloaks of time..The past of Arnav/Anjali constantly alluded too but skirted ...The Past of Khushi  which supposedly is all cut and dried , above board !!...The Past of Shyam whose came from nowhere, whose whereabouts were never known, His past referred occasionally but never touched upon ...Five different people with different outlook, views,values yet intertwined by the threads of a past that will turn out to explosive if not catastrophic..will be cathartic if not Cataclysmic...

Panchajanya ...The Conch of Krishna, which was blown to declare the beginning of Kurukshetra ..Why is the Conch blown ..why was panchajanya blown  before beginning the war.. Because The conch signifies Purity , when it is blown..All the Negative vibrations are swept away by the Sound of the Conch !! ..The Conch heralds a new beginning !! The Conch or Shankh as it is called in Hindu culture literally means  Pacifying the inauspicious !!..

 Panchajanya   came out of Samudra Manthan or the churning of the Sea ..Similarly Dadiji's arrival will cause the churning , the  digging out off all the treasure/past that the sea/Arnav/RM  Holds ...Today The cleansing has begun... ...The warriors are aligned ..Nani & Arnav to one side , Dadi And  Anjali on the other side... Panchajanya has been blown announcing the war ..

The sands of time has shifted, The winds of the past has begun to blow stronger sifting the sands, baring the  skeleton buried beneath the mounds of secrecy !! The Wind is Subhadra  !! Will she prove to be a Good wind or the wind that destroys  shall be seen  later but She has entered  the tightly closed citadel of  Raizada Mansions !!

Heyy  Friends,

Today is the Birthday of a sweet Girl, Lovely Girl who is shy, loving, affectionate, intelligent  and possessing a loving heart of a  little child ..Please  Join me in wishing TEJUVIJAY !!

 we have another B'day  in our international Family..We celebrate the B'day of Appu/Sonshine's Son's Birthday ..Please  join me in wishing and blessing Young Sonu  who brought forth Brilliant sunshine into Appu's family!!

Hugs to u both !! Big smile


I felt the CVs pushed things with Dadi and the way she treated Khushi believing she was a servant, I know similar scenes have been shown in the past on this show but still it was upsetting to see Khushi go through this, only highlight was NK defending Khushi. NK was the star today and is truly living upto what he told Khushi about always being there for her, he is a true friend ...

Want to  Read more of  Mandy's Musings , Follow the Link ;


If d story is about 'the Touch me not' 'Daadi'... Why did u project it as a 'love story between 'goatwa n Naniji'...? I want my answers cvs... Or better, pay me the 'cable bills' n 'net charge' which i spent For your 'Daadi' show...Wink

to hell with your Show Cvs... I've stoppd watching.. Dont mind me 'posting at teek 8.30 pm tomorrow'Wink becoz becoz... 'mere paas 'Remote hai' aur 'mere pass IF user id bhi hai'...Angry

Read More of the Anguish ridden post of Cute Barun/Jachu here ;LOL


Chalo jaate jaate lemme say something ... Nothing extra about the earlier pagers because you all know that you all are doing a great job ... All I say is if I don't get to reply daily please don't feel bad ki I don't read ... again me saying if I like it then always see I liked it genuinely so I clicked the button ... point hai ...hai naa??? 

Tant:- Maine kya bolna ... you know it ... Big smile Bolun??? chal --- TANTASTIC Clap

Arhimaniac:- Bush, see I have circulated the  picture of your creativity on FB .. so samajh jaa that I have really really liked it ... Clap

Anna:- I applaud even though ASR was not there still you wrote on Dadi and now I can say you like ASR not because of  --- but because of his behavioral traits ... Nice post Clap ... waise Dadi Anji scene was layered ... 

Jhalak:- I see you have touched the last scene ... I am happy that you picked it up ... Clap ab toh meri chutti pakki LOL But seriously liked your explanations .. why a short post ??? 

Sandhya:- Wait ... you defended ASR ??? Good Lord. but yeah he is all Khushi's now ... Nice thoughts ... loved it Clap

Sheila:- Yup Dadi have that aura around her and Khushi's traits are a trouble maker no doubt ... but if there is no trouble then how can there be closeness ...bolo ??? Liked your post ...Clap  keep it up and the small appreciation on all the actors at the end of your posts is good ... Big smile

Sarunrocks:- How sweet that you continued the "Chakravyuh" in the post today ... yes Arnav will exit from that formation as now he knows the way out ... 
Loved to see that you continued from where me and Tant left that analysis... I am seriously proud of you Big smile Clap

Koel:- Yeah today actually Khushi for that there are only 7 1/2 days left for her to continue this name status ... and your analysis on greatest love stories was indeed a pleasure to read... Keep it up Bud Clap

I just finished first page writing ... and its 1:20 am ... i have to get up early ...

anyway second and thrid pagers from Abavi to Chitmanas , from Fari to Sharmi, from Sampin to Divya ... all of you wonderful ...wonderful job ... KEEP IT UP Clap


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A Very very very Happy birthday to Teju Party

Appu ...May God make you witness many wonderful birthdays of Sonu...Many happy returns of the day to the sweet angel..Embarrassed

Ladies and Gentleman...

Can we please join our hands together and give a warm welcome to the newest member of RM zoo...After our beloved Laxmi,  Machar and scorpion  we have a very smart looking, perfectly proportioned Ms. Chupkali joining the family Clap

Edited to add:  see the pic sideways...i think they have brought the lizard for a reason...side se dekho it looks like a pregnant woman...Symbolism at its best!!LOL

OK Ok sorry...please welcome the newest member of the family...the member who Anjali has claimed to be missing from the past 12 years but sadly we never even knew existed...the member who has red visioned glasses as she spotted Anjali's bump housing (Mr. India baby) in one second...the member who is the female version of ASR but has Amitabh(of kabhi khushi kabhi gham)like capabilities of shutting people up with the raising of her hand...Please give it up for Dadiii

Hello hi bye bye!! Mami jee in trouble!!!

Kahe...?? How does it feelwa to revisit your jawani ke din mami jee???

The episode started with the hoopla created by mami about the fear of arrival of Dadi...she managed to give us info about her...that she  is strict likes cleanliness and shudh hindi...NK bitwa you are in hot soup with Khushi bitya...enjoy the sauna in the soup bowlLOL

So one thing is clear mami has faced her hard times with dadi...considering that she herself came from a lower class and we have seen dadi's aversion to it...mami's apprehension is understandable...

Plus mami got a chance to even it out with khushi once and for all for the fact that khushi called her a servant on her first mami ke hisab se her shut up on the matter is justified...lolz joking...mami clearly spelled out that dadi will be unhappy on hearing about the temple wedding...and mami did not want to be the one sounding the horn and facing the wrath...

Re-wedding ground set:  Check

Khushi Kumari Gupta-Singh Raizada...main malan tere garden ki!!

Duniya ki her ghalti per hamara naam kiyun likha hai??

Khushi was introduced as tending to Arnav's plants today...funnily roses have bloomed out of the leafy plants...sab Arnav khushi ki pyar ka Asar is in the air..she is happily chatting away thinking that along with the flower buds..anjali's baby will also many days does it take the bud to turn into a flower???? Anjali di is near her due date Shocked...

Anyways Khushi plans to water the plants outside on the stairs and on seeing a lizard screams and drops the tub of water and in process drenches the newly arrived dadi jee...then NK mistakenly assumes that Khushi called dadi jee a chupkali...then she tries to clean the water of but in process slips and holds onto her for support...haye re haye D' about starting on the wrong foot...LOL so now apart from the guilt of ruining di's life, still in process of getting herself accustomed to being accepted by her hubby...mami's rekindling of the stigma of temple wedding... to top it all dadi has assumed her to be the serbhant of the house...instead of the lady of the house...poor khushi...too much to bear...first husbandwa called her middle class and low aukaat...and now dadi calls her a sibling of HP...tsk tsk...history repeating...only for Arnav bitwa to realize what he has put his wife through in the initial days...oh dear time for another loop to close...the one who degraded her will give her the izzat she deserves...he will make sure Khushi gets the position and acceptance in RM as she deserves as the bari bahu of RM and as that of Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada...Embarrassed 

Re-wedding ground set:  Check

Subadhra Malik...Female ASR:

Choose the right answer...Main pichle janam main Kon thi??

- Traffic police (raises hand to stop)
- Amitabh Bachan (Watch kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham)
- Mr. Bean (Man of few words uses his hands and face for all communication)

After a vanvaas of 14 years dadi has returned to raizada mansion...what a woman...lady of authority I must say...what may come i will not what is the aukaat of RM main door...she enters RM without ringing did she know the door was open?? far I have only seen Arnav barge in the main door...even Anjali rings the door bell...

Anyways enters dadi fresh from Ashram only to be given a bath khushi style the moment she enters...which does not please her irked dadi after initial inquiries and establishing the fact that she thinks khushi is a servant goes of to get clean...dadi is super smart...pehle se pata tha which room is hers...and where it was...she bans khushi from entering the room and is further irked when sees her doing pooja ka kaam...belittles mami by reminding mami that some things never change (a direct hit on mami being from lower class)...NK again is shown the palm of her hand when he tries to speak up for Khushi...I am so glad that dadi was not given the role of thakur in the film sholay...dadi communicate kaise kerti?? thakur ke to haath hi nahin thay...LOL

Anyways enters anjali who was clueless about dadi's whereabouts for the past 14  years (hmmm interesting bitwa and nani why was anjali kept in the dark again?) Happy reunion of the two...dadi proves her bionic eyes or sonographic eyes as she spots a bump and says humain nahin pata tha ke aap maa banne wali hain!!( dadi jee hamain bhi nahin pata ...woh kiya hai na seeing is believing and so far we have seen nothing Confused)

Then comes the shyam interrogation part with the expected outcome...
Anyways dadi has made her position clear that she is going to stand by Anjali come hell or high water...Nani has positioned herself with bitwa ...the rest of the RM members are we will have tennis double matches where khushi will be the ball  and NK the beloved ball boyLOL
(@ purple..this part of the post is dedicated to Chani123, Sunshine99 and Namedex)

Special Appreciation:
To our beloved NK for standing up for Khushi at every possible instance and also doing blooperwa with dadi initially by offering her a hand after an HINGLISH introduction...thus making him stand in line with khushi in dadi's dislike list

To the pre-cap...I loved it!!

Serious Note:
Anyways on a serious note...Subodhra Devi is introduced as a righteous woman, with an ego and attitude...she is a woman who gets things done...ASR ki dadi jo theri...I have a strong feeling she along with Anjali will be exploited by Shyam to the fullest..

A Social Message:
Knowing that GH is a fan of SMJ...I am glad that Cvs are finally bringing in an aspect where they can correct the wrongs of the society...Dadi jee is a woman who still believes in class difference and treats the working class as CVs will redeem her and make her believe that all are equal..thus promoting the right message...and who will be instrumental in bringing about a change...ofcourse NK and HP...enjoy the video (keeping in view the characters marked for you in the picture)..Satya Meva Jayate!!!

Also lets sing along as we all will be doing it in this track anyways...

Credit: Original uploader on youtube

So now if you love NK, Dadi, her chattai, paani ka jug or bitwas shadi wala suit..don't forget to press 'LIKE'Tongue

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Hola people Hug

I did not think I will write today - for I did not see much in the episode - however it was definitely a "symbolism" or as one may call a "decoding" delight. I generally don't read much into the future - because I believe keeping too many expectations from an episode spoils the fun of watching it. However for the first time I am shivering in fear - at what Arnav has to face in the coming future.

I do not want to get into Dadi - she seems like a head strong person - very superstitious - someone who is feared and someone who can take control of situations and boss any one around. Also one thing is definitely clear - Anjali has not been meeting Dadi - she has been meeting someone else - and we all know that someone else can only be one person - that is Shyam Manohar Jha.

Two things that caught my attention when I discussed the episode with Ranju - how did Dadi know about Anjali's pregnanacy!? And second, the end scene. I don't want to get into Dadi mis-treating Khushi - but there is definitely something there that will be out soon enough.

However what got me thinking was Dadi's sudden arrival into the family - and questioning Anjali about the baby and about Shyam and continuously looking at Khushi with suspicious eyes. If I recall right - Arnav and Nani's conversation was quite clear on friday - Dadi has not been in touch with any family member since very long - to be exact 14 years. She has not spoken to anyone and all the attempts made by Arnav and Anjali to meet her or bring her back to the family - has always gone in vain. But she comes to the house and she congratulates Anjali on her pregnancy. How did she know it!? Secondly - she did not ask about Arnav - if Anjali is important so is Arnav - she jumped to Damaad ji - Why!?

Anjali and Dadi's conversation showed Anjali's fears to Dadi and Dadi vowing to make everything that has gone wrong in Anjali's life! As of now the one thing that has gone wrong in Anjali's life (from her pov) is Shyam - and it will be Dadi who will bring back Shyam back into RM - against the wishes of Arnav and the family to make things better for Anjali. She does not know the truth of what had happened ( I think) but she definitely is going to play a pivotal role in bringing Shyam back into RM.

Last scene - a scene that showed that war lines will soon be drawn.One side Anjali being supported by Dadi and the other side Arnav and Nani - while the family looks on. Another hint - when Dadi brings in Shyam back - Dadi will have Anjali's support (obviously) and they will be standing against Arnav. Arnav's support at that time will be Nani and Khushi and I want to believe the rest of the family. However, even if its not the rest of the family - it is definitely going to be Nani and Khushi. Khushi because by then she and Arnav would have been bonded again in holy matrimony with respect and honor and Nani - because she understands Arnav and Khushi and she has seen the whole Shyam drama unfold in front of her eyes and also heard Arnav's truth regarding Shyam.

Also judging by the way things ended in the last scene - the brother sister rift is going to be big this time. Who will it break more - I dont need to say! Cry Cry
(And that is what scares me - we all know how close Arnav is to Anjali! If for her happiness he could shatter Khushi's dreams - then what will happen when for her happiness Shyam Manohar Jha will have to be brought back in and moreso if he is forced by Dadi to bring him in! - Shyam will make matters worse when he is back - since he will be at his manipulative best- but the rift will start even before him entering. Shocked Cry)

Dadi and Nani are friends - however they both will deal things with different manner. One I feel will easily let Anjali's happiness overpower Arnav's happiness (till she knows the complete truth of the whole mishap with Shyam) - on the other hand - the other will - make sure that a balance is maintained and the right one survives and wins.

Khushi's dialogue today ;

 "Kabhi Kabhi aisa lagta hai - hum jinse itna pyaar karte hain - unke baare mein hum kuch jaante hi nahi hai..."

I said this in my analysis on friday, the upcoming episodes - will be a learning phase for Khushi - and I hope she grows as a mature woman - because if anything - Arnav Singh Raizada would need her the most by his side. The coming track should have Khushi understand Arnav and also make sure that she stands in support and does not give up. My baby is for tough time ahead. They can fight with each other - but when time comes - they need to stand together whatever happens. Embarrassed Arnav is not going to let go of Khushi now - he will stand by her and stand as her protective shield - and she will have to stand by him - understand the reasons of why he is the way he is and I am sure this will help her grow as a woman.

Needless to say
- Shyam is soon coming back again! Sree should be happy and so am I. But I do hope my Arnav Singh Raizada is able to fight all this and manages to cross this line of fire along with Khushi by his side successfully!


I loved Swati Chitnis's acting! She is an actress par excellence. Her eyes speak - and it was quite visible. Dadi ji, I don't think I am going to like you very much if you trouble my baby - but welcome to IPK!  Clap Clap

Barun sobti : Even if for last 2 minutes - my heart skipped a beat when I saw you enter. The expressions were perfect Clap Clap

Sanaya Irani - Great job! Liked you today. Clap Clap

Karan Godwani - aap ke baare mein kya kahein!? You rock it with your dialogues! Clap Clap

Utkarsha Naik - Felt it was bit OTT and did not seem funny much.

Let's get our tissues ready, I remember Sathu writing in her analysis once - When Arnav is smiling one moment - next moment spells doom for him. I can see it approaching. Cry Cry

Love and Light
Anna :)

P.S : To all the writers of redux - read all your posts over the weekend. Dropped in a comment or two for some of you in the first thread of that previous REDUX page 85-100. Looking forward to reading your takes today.



Warm wishes for both of you. Wishing you both loads of happiness in life and moments of fun frolic and laughter. Appu, Please pass on our message to young Sonu Embarrassed

And we need a cake also Tongue

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Wishing SONU a Very HaPpY BiRtHdAy,,,,,

May he be blessed with choicest of blessings, a destiny dipped in riches n success & all along him should be guided by happiness,,,,,, like his mother has won our hearts may he win everything life has to offer.



We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness         TN HAHN

 Day 4 In continuation
The episode I hv reserved my choice on dadi, will let her open more and than form a opinion, but on the facevalue she looked from the old school, book of Aristocracy and a able just person, who is respected and demands the respect..
The episode started with Khushi bzy in Arnavs, garden tending his plants, for the first time in last couple of days she gave a glimpse of happy khushi which we know in the intial days of IPK who is ever so hopeful with the hope of change in RM at the onset of flowers,
the next scene where she is going to throw water to plants and she accidentally threw it to dadi, is exactly like the way she met Arnav, she had accidentally spoiled his show, here dadis attire, he too without listening to her had locked her in room, dadi too doesnt let Khushi speak, Arnav too had preconcieved notions of class n aukat, dadi too is like him but look in a year, Khushi with her righteous attitude inlife has bought out a new Arnav from the cloak of ASR so will Khushi here also bring new changes,,,, need to seen
Looking today I realised Arnav will once agn see the mirror of his actions in respect to Khushi and understand the amount of Hurt he had leived on this gal,
the more Khushi is Hurt, the stronger the protectiveness of Arnav,,,, the game will bring a new hieght to Arnav understnading of khushi & vice versa,,, these two are so similar almost like 2 sides of the coin, flawed, lonely, protective, instinctive, one hides behind stupidity other behind anger,,,
The scene which took me in was Khushi wondering abt Arnav, that she has been love with Arnav so dearly it looks as if she isnt aware of a lot of things...
Once agn the gal who has very recently found Love, has been accepted on her values, idiosyncaracies is in doubt that the man who is all set to woo her, make her realise the importance of her in his life, isnt sharing the most importnat things with her, As we all saw, Khushi isnt intrested in the name fame n authority, money power of ASR she is happy with Arnav who will share the simplicicties of life who will be her guiding star in journe of life at the same time, who will gv her a chance to the walking stick, to lean on in diff times, who will value her from heart.. she is left floundering in doubts once agn
& finally the aligment of the family in the drawing room, it was intresting to see Arnav & Nani ,  another grp of mami, nk, payal & khushi & final grp of Anjali & dadi.
The group were Arnav & Nani, just, trustworthy, protective & aware of the truth
The second group were NK, Payal, Mami & Khushi, all emotional heart ruled ppl with partial awareness of the truth
The Third Group were Anjali & Dadi, unaware of the truth Yet wanting to restore their world with their own Vision but
there is a invisibe group here too which is of Shyam & shasji, who is completely aware of the truth and can turn the tables in this game,
Shashi a father to Khushi at the same time who understands Khushi completely, A guide A mentor, A silent testimony to crimes
Shyam A leech, who can color the vision of Anjali with charm & sweet talks, he can manipulate a emotinal Anjali, A gloating player who will like to win at all costs...
so the game has been set and A new game of players from Past & Present is set to take place to create a soothing Future
NK standing for Khushi Once Agn, Her Personal KrishnaStar
Payal questioning the working of RMClap
Mami scared  with DadiClapClapClap
Dadi & her calming effect on AnjaliSmile
Two Matriachs Nani & Dadi, Age old ripe fruits, one who has been stod all along with her family, has held the string of family, one who has returned after 14 years, is unaware abt a lot of things on the opp sides,  frnds for lifetime, will they be able to read in between lines..
Sanaya looked the part so well today, shy after her love evocation, smart shy eyes..
Dedication for Khushi & Arnav Singh Raizada

Shared joy is a double joy; Shared sorrow is half a sorrow.


Thanku Readers & the like time to go through the ideas

Kudos Redux, the platform, the mentors, the fellow Joy riders 

Happy Birthday Teju, A blooming garden of Happiness & A bouqet of Success may always enlighten you path, may you be blessed with maining gifts from LifeSmile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Krishna drove the horses forward and the fine chariot moved into the center of the field. Krishna smiled. "Just behold, O Arjun, all the Kurus assembled here." Arjun looked across the field. Krishna could understnad Arjun's mind. The long-awaited time for war had arrived--a terrible fratricidal war. There was now no turning back. Suddenly seeing the horror of it before him, Arjun gazed at his relatives and friends arrayed across from him--med who were like fathers, brothers, sons, and grandsons, as well as teachers, uncles, friends, in-laws, and well-wishers.
-Mahabharata, Book Six: Bhishma(Krishna Dharma)

Sathya I am really happy that you have taken this title. Instantly when I saw the last scene I only remembered the Panchajanyam. Or in this case Devadatta which was the conch used by Arjuna. Devadatta that which gives joy. The one who blows it will attain the state of self realization leaving behind all the doubting mental state and discriminating intellectual state. He will lead the army with clear perception. Holds good for Arnav right??

When the Panchajanyam and Devadatta are blown then that marks the beginning of the war and  the victory will be announced at the end of the war who holds the truth and here will come the play of Chakra Vyuha fromation too but that will be used when the war in at the stage of culmination.

Yes the conch has been blown and the Kurukshetra War has started. It lasted for 18 days and in the end truth/Dharma won. What was that war for??. It was to fight for Dharma or truth and who participated in the war. All near and dear ones. It involved fighting against your own blood your own guru and your own family members but yet with the power of divine intervention the war was won and the dharma won against adharma.

What marked the end of the War??It was the end of Duryodhana. I can only imagine Shyam as Duryodhana for whom winning is everything and for that he can do anything. Duryodhana gathers support with such a power that he cannot be defeated and he even went to blackmail and make the near ones against the Pandavas so that they will withdraw from war. Now the same thing will happen with Anjali Shyam and if everything goes well Dadi may remain in that side.

I was really excited seeing the last scene where we had ASR, Nani one side, Anjali, Dadi one side and Khushi, Payal, NK and Mami one side. The dual is set to begin. Shyam will have his biggest weapon in the form of Anjali and dadi will be the guiding force whereas ASR on the other hand had to fight for the justice even against his sister with the guidance of Nani. Now the interesting thing will be when Khushi wil join the loop with Arnav to fight for it. Dark secrets will be revealed all sides we can see pain but finally truth will beam and win.

Now what interests me is Arnav and Khushi Love and role in all this. Time may come for Arnav just like Arjuna who will fear to battle against his own blood but we have to see whether Khushi will become is Rathasarathi just like how Krishna came for Arjuna and helped him to see the greater good and save the truth and in that process he will also protect Anjali.

In my theory I will take Arnav as Arjuna because Arjuna also has a name dhanajaya meaning conqueror of riches indicates that he would conquer all the wealth by defeating all the powerful kings arrayed against him on the battlefield. For me what chakravyuh meant was it was that formation to distract your opponent and make them lose meaning duryodhan attempted for the downfall of Arjuna. Since Arjuna knows how to enter and exit from Chakravyuha a group of warriors called Samsaptakas were asked to draw Arjun to a far corner of the battlefield so that he could not attack the Charkavyuha. But here Arnav as Arjuna will successfully break the chakravyuh and will solve the entire puzzle. I thank doods for explaining this wonderfully in Nemesis Thread.

Just for Information:

Why was Abhimanyu even after being the great warrior died in the process of penetrating into Cahkravyuha. Actually Abhimanyu is said to be an incarnation of a demon named Kalyavan. And he was capable of killing Lord Krishna at point. So in order to give salvation to Abhimanyu and to let him attain moksha it was destined for him to die in Chakravyuh. Krishna planned in such a way that eventhough Arjuna started to narrate the whole crux of how to enter and exit from it he played in such a way that Subhadra went into sleep and baby in her womb could not hear the full process thus seeking partial knowledge about it. 

I am not going into detail because so many things are going in my mind and I am not very clear to express it. Waiting for Sathu to explain it in detail.

Just the war has been announced and we have to see how they enter and how and who and all successfully comes back without getting affected

Scene I loved:

Khushi alone thinking about how she does not know Arnav fully. Finally she has caught the right train. I hope she boards it and go in search of her destination which will show her the real Arnav who is masked with ASR. She accepts that the person whom she loves a lot she is unkown of him. Yes ASR is masked by dark secrets which she has to find out and help him to come over it. What will ensue this journey only coming episodes of IPK will tell us'

Sorry yaar if I confused you ppl lot of things came up in my mind at the same time. Whatever I could make up I just have shared with you. Thanks to my father who always discuss these things with me imparting me some little knowledge on mythology.

Happy birthday Teju and Sonu.

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Wishing  Teju and Sonu many happy returns of the day...may all your dreams come true...PartyPartyParty

What Makes A  Great Love Story ?

I have often wondered what makes a love story so appealing to a romantic heart like mine...  yearnings of the lovers,steadfast loyalty to their emotions, the fear of loosing a cherished relationship or the odds that the path of love makes us cross to understand its true value.. I guess it's a culmination of all of the above but the understanding of  love and the beauty and joy  it brings is the jewel in the crown for a memorable love story...  And  the people who make the journey of love tough for the hearts to realize it's value help us enjoy the story and revel in the lover's journey.The presence of  conniving Shah from the story of Shirin and Farhad, the jealous Kaido in the saga of Heer Ranjha, the burning hatred of the Montagues and Capulets  in the tale of Romeo and Juliet, and the reservation of Oliver Barrett III  on his son marrying a low class girl Jennifer Cavilleri made each of the love stories special and beautiful. As the obstacles we hated in the stories successfully gave us pleasure of enjoying and remembering the hearts in love.

 Following in the same tradition are Arnav and Kushi... who have  a thorn ridden path in their love...The people around them and circumstances do not let them enjoy an uninterrupted moment of blissful togetherness but their  adhuri kahani propels the duo to work harder to steal few more moments of sweet nothings  and endears them to us...They are ably supported  by the obstacles Shyam, Anjali, Dadi to fight for their love and their well wishers NK, Payal, Buaji, Amma,Babuji for the much needed help and comfort...

A smiling and much in love Khushi tends to Arnav's prized possessions... his plants with utmost care...she is happy to nurture his love(plants ) as he  had shown how much he valued the things(channas,golgappas,jalebi,the pearl necklace) that had brought her comfort the night before... Oblivious of the impending tornado that was building up Khushi thinks of the happiness that lay in store ahead... Di's baby...who would bring the fragrance of happiness in Shantivan like the roses surrounding her ...
She wants to know more about the person Arnavji...  Khushi expresses to self  the desire of understanding the man she loves and trust...Arnav's love for her has started to silently open up the clamped heart again... The journey of Khushi to truly accept herself as  Mrs. Raizada has begun in earnest.

The tornado with the name Dadi written over it encircles RM... everyone feels its impact... Khushi bearing the major brunt. The common girl is mistaken for a servant and treated so... Her efforts to communicate with Dadi are met with closed doors... A reminder of how ASR had viewed Khushi earlier with preconceived notion... he had closed  the door on her face too... unwilling to lend a hearing...Very soon ASR will experience how badly he hurt her when Khushi had been belittled by him in the past courtesy his Dadi's actions and words...His guilt is going to increase in leaps and bounds...Evil Smile Arnav will stand up for her out of love and his wish to lessen the sting of those hurtful memories...

Dadi brings in glad tidings for her granddaughter Anjali, in the name of a promise that she will set things right... The ending scene was very revealing to me... Arnav on one side with his Nani who blames  the damad Shyam for the misfortune that has befallen them with Anjali and Dadi on the opposite end who have not yet pronounced Shyam as the guilty party... Khushi on the sidelines but at  the middle position... does it signify that she will be the one to try and bridge the gaps cropping up?

A difference of opinion is likely on the cards but not between Chotte and his Di.... but between  the love of Arnav Singh Raizada the husband of Khushi and Anjali Manohar Jha the wife of  Shyam...


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