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Regarding today's episode!!! (Page 13)

archverma10 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jaishankar

My dears,
You might find this post bit weird so bear with me LOL
Archu said "Me and Manav still love each other but cant get together and hence I was strict and lost faith in love" and then later again Archu said " Arvi relationship has told me that just coz my life did not work out why should Arvi not be happy."

This means Archu loves Manav and whatever it is now Manav has and will always love Archu..No matter whatever issue between them,the moment Archu gets into trouble he will be the first person to come and support her and thats him and I relate to that old Manav's trait.He will come for her when she is in trouble..When tomorrow something happens to her/Purvi/Sulo ,he will be there for her. There are various shades of love and certain love are such that they cannot be expressed nor mentioned and it makes one wonder what kind of love is this..But thats human emotions and it differs from person to person.I agree Manav is making things worse here but I can never agree that he does not love Archu.18 years has changed him for sure. Just as it made Archu loose faith in love to be strict with Arvi ,Manav has changed too but somewhere down there is that one instinct that makes him forget everything and rush to Archu when she in trouble.You cannot define that instinct or feeling to a specify name as I feel their souls are united as one and no matter how much they decide to part away or destiny separates them but fate keeps bringing them back together through their soul connection and I believe in that connection.
I want to believe in that my dears.I want to believe in that for the 3 years of my time I have given to this show.I want to believe that no matter what eventually love does win and I dont have go away believing that no matter what love does not have the power to win the impossible..I want the impossible turning possible for Arman for being their fan for 3 long years and been with them in their ups and downs.Its a test of my faith over Manav and I want to believe in my faith.
You might think about me as a emotional idiot with one of those impossible dreams but I for one would like to be that if in the end I get to see a victory of impossible over impossible..Wink..

well said my friend...and I also pray that your Archu finally gets her happy ending..:)

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dabulls23

I like to know how Archana handles her two personalities...Bipolar or not...One the mother for Sachu-Ovi-Teju @ Deshmukhs
The happy mother for Purvi..
How does she goes from crying buckets to smiling at Karanjkars blessing Arjun-Purvi jodi as if nothing had happened just about couple of hours back at Deshmukhs..
I would like to know so may be I can learn a thing or two WinkLOL
Sometimes people over compensate in the name of beig fair to Be it their adopted or step children or their ILs what ever the case is ..Just an observation...
Varsha ClapClapClap, I am in line tooWink, want to learn from the pro how this is doneWink

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 August 2010
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princessjojo

Originally posted by Kalapi

Originally posted by naava



Well, been debating for a while whether to put forth my 5C worth of opinion, but after much thought I decided to'

Now, for Mom Archu can sacrifice and pull herself away from Purvi's wedding, even if it did break her heart to do it'this can only happen if she really cares as a Mom to Ovi and feels the need to show her support for that girl'Mom do such sacrifices all the time'the question, of course comes to whether Mom Archu will do it????

As for Purvi/Arjun being right for each other??? Am wondering how you concluded that?? Is it because Arjun earned the 10K, but that just manual labour, he was earning even before the challenge. Or is it, because of Arjun/Purvi's chemistry'.but the reality is that they are not couple in real life, so is only acting to create the romance (am sure both these actors could recreate the same chemistry with other future costars, it isn't an inborn in just this couple ' if it is am sorry that they will probably not have much career as heros, right????) , and acting extremely well, if I look around in the forum, but then are the other actors/actresses acting Ovi, Manav, Savita, Soham, Archana to just name a few'they are convincing in their portrayal too.

Now, again being right for each other. In truth and in reality, no one really knows whether a couple will make through, unless they do'I have seen, love marriages fall apart after a yr of marriage and also after 20 yrs in real life. Living together is a different ball game, right???? Besides, why can't Ovi be happy with Arjun, she can with her love and understanding could change Arjun too, can one definitely predict that this will not happen? In real life peopledto fall in love twice, after the loss of former husband/partner and move on. That could happen too, in case or Ovi/Arjun, right??? So, I fail to understand why are this couple right only???? The chemistry, I guess created by the actors doing what they do'act'

Ovi and Arjun would've gotten along had Arjun never come to India. Now things are different. Arjun is a changed man. He has done lots of soul searching. His values are completely different, while Ovi is just the same. They won't be happy together. This is not because the leads cannot move on but because Ovi and Arjun now are just different in pretty much all aspects of life. A very mundane example would be: Arjun is now fully comfortable waking up for water at 5 am. Can you imagine Ovi doing that without traumatizing everyone around her or just doing that at all?


Well, let me divide my post in 2 section ... the pre Purvi days'.Ovi loved Arjun whereas Arjun considered her a good fact the basis of any successful relationship is friendship...if spouse is a friend, ife becomes a breeze. Besides they come from same background, so there isn't any compatibility issues, Ovi accepts Arjan 'as is' demanding nothing in return. The truth is a MAN can only dream such a girl as his wife. The way I see is they were perfect and could lead a very happy life where Ovi's world could revolve around Arjun's...Besides, without Purvi in the picture, nothing changes for there isn't much to say they will not be happy...and as for Arjun not loving Ovi...well take it from me, people 'grow' in love all time...The example you give, beasts me, why does Ovi need to wake up at 5AM for water??? Is Manav or DK filling for bankrupcy anytime soon???? After, today's episode, I don't expect Arjun to get water from a chawl tap at 5AM...that could be too funnyWink...and I will freak out totally...I mean one never knows if marrying Purvi is equivalent to living in a chawl...Poor DKLOLLOL

Post- Purvi life, well, I don't think a month of hard labour has changed anything in-built in Arjun. Actually, changing isn't that easy. Only thing that might have happened is that Arjun might just 'appreciate' the working class and could probably work differently in business. That's all. Nothing else, because there hasn't been anything so far that can/could/might erase his upbringing/education or his innate nature. He still comes from a wealthy background and is used to the 'wealthy life style". He being the wealthy Man will go back to his everyday 'normal' lifestyle, that of being 'rich'. Now Purvi, she comes from a lower middle class life style, where her basic lifestyle don't match his. She isn't compatible and it is upto her to adjust and that I see accept his world...his is how I see chances are, if you ask me Arjun/Purvi's 'happily ever after' can be pretty rockyBig smile

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dabulls23

Princess Jojo Appreciate your response abv..
How long has it been since new and improved Arjun has been born or reformed...Its been only less than a month that he has lived life as a mechanic and in a chawl..Man lived rich life for 21+ yrs of his life
All this with a thought of he will be going back to his normal life...This challenge was never permenant...Archu as well as Sulo and Arjun-Purvi knew that too..You think DK would allow his son to live mechanic life for ever? NO
Its like me going to India for short vacation is great but will never move back though I love my mother country...But love my father country more and I am comfortable with the way my life is here...Nothing wrong..also nothing wrong with the way people live in India..Evreyone is accostomed to their life styles..
Arjun and Ovi both have something very basic and important in common which is their families and lifestyle they were having in Canada..They were best of friends for most of their lives..Arjun was never asked to be changed by Ovi..Ovi may even change for Arjun if situation was presented...Love can grow even in a non loving partner...Arrange marriages are based on that principal only...They need something to build on that is it...
Most love marriages are unhappy...Marriage remains and love goes out the window..Any couple has a potential to be happy if they work on it...We all fall in love and fall out of love and even fall in love twice or more...Hearts have potential to be fond of someone more than once...Yes I agree first love is hard to forget and it always remains in your heart for ever...Meaning the fond memories..I believe in hearts are meant to be broken few times before they can be whole and full of love Big smile
I am not against Arjun-Purvi at all...But giving my 2 cents Embarrassed
ClapClapOooppps Varsha, my lonnng twin lost at the Kutumb melaBig smileHugI wrote in similar lines...we do share the same brainBig smile

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Not_a_fan Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
You guys have been busy!! Bhalla, Umi, Varsha, Kalapi, Jai and others- agree completely with all your points. Anything else I might add will only be repetitive, so I won't waste my time and yours!. Loved reading all the viewpoints!

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soapwatcher1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
Dear Kalapi, friendship does make it easy but while you can have many friends, you cannot marry any friend hoping you will be happy with him/her. Ovi is friends with Romil, she could be happy with him too. If she loves Arjun and wants him for love, why should Arjun have to settle for mere friendship? Just because Ovi wants, Ovi cannot have it both ways, love on her side, friendship on his.

Also, Ovi is not as undemanding as she says she is, she is pretty manipulative, she did get him trapped the second time into agreeing to marry her. And let us not forget the same girl who said she would ask for nothing from him, asked Purvi to take over all Arjun's work after their marriage so that Arjun could spend ALL his time with her, Ovi. Her demands would soon make him go bonkers.

Even in an arranged marriage, where there is no basis of friendship even to begin with, the girl and the boy have to learn to live with each other, make compromises, adjustments to build a life together. In an arranged marriage, I think that the fact the families expect you to work it out and that you enter the marriage with the mind set to compromise and commit to each other is what makes it last.

Purvi knows Arjun's world of business, she knows him as a person, she may not have his wealth but being of equal economic status does not ensure a happy marriage in itself. Look at Manav and Archana and all the other couples in PR - none have a happy marriage except perhaps Vinod and Manju. Most of them are of similar economic background barring a few thousand rupees here and there.

Between Arjun and Purvi, there is chemistry (yes the CVs show us this just as they do about Ovi and her love/friendship/obsession so we base our opinions on what they choose to dish out unfortunately), there is love, there is commitment, a propensity to sacrifice for each other, the parents like the match - it sure looks like it is blessed and will work if it happens.

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cs-07 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:36pm | IP Logged

from what i remember she told her friends that tey are engaged and arjun cleared it out in front of both the families right there and then that its not true.
then ovi was being treated badly by some men, thats when arjun comes n says, am her fiancee or soemthing like that. how did ovi trap him?

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalapi

ClapClapOooppps Varsha, my lonnng twin lost at the Kutumb melaBig smileHugI wrote in similar lines...we do share the same brainBig smile
Lord have mercy!!!!!!!! Yep the twins seperated in kumbh mela CryLOL ...Share away which sided brain are u WinkLOL  Left or right sided...I think I have mix of both though more of the left sided brain LOL
I am being silly right now ...
Arjun-Purvi ki jai ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sanskari Maate ka aashirwaad hai aur Sanskar ki devi Sulo Aaji ka support  hai Wink
Add:  On a serious note Ovi never tricked Arjun...As Nirvan explained it was Arjun who volunteered and annouced he was Ovi's fiance when some dude was trying to make a pass at ovi..
Now to support Arjun-purvi we want to fix up Ovi with Romil who is just a business colleague not a close friend like Arjun was to Ovi-Teju ..
About settling for friendship in a marriage I would say I will take a friendship over an infatuation in the name of  two months old love which may disappear over the period..Usually they say friends make better spouse as they have good understandings and respect for one another for who they are...They accept each other..

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