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6/8 DragonClub:AarYa Journey & HappyBirthday Geets (Page 37)

InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:42pm | IP Logged
They say without freedom there is no creation...freedom breeds creativity. In the freedom of time, the family was being remolded and given shape...the potter working her magic through some deft nudges, some deliberate presses, some soft moldings. She created life as she went along, replacing conformity with divergence...saying that either cling to what has passed or be accessible to...even surrender to...the changing process, thus embracing life.

From blemish to perfection, their hands will mold the clay; this lifeless piece of rubble must let them have their way.

Four years to the day when a sudden stillness of another wheel had stilled his life...halted his motion...he set in motion another wheel, with the one who is breathing life in his soul, and the time moved again. Earth, wind, water, and fire come together to create once again, under the open skies, a beautiful pot of life that those two pairs of precious hands molded to give shape.

The children are their creations...yet they are the ones she is relying on for support to help revive him. While communicating with them, she inadvertently cups his face, in the same act of molding as he teaches her later.  "What are you doing, Aartiji?"..."Forget what I'm doing...what are you doing? Why are you working? This is our vacation. This phone needs to be put off. If you still insist on working, then we are going back home...so there!!!"...The kids nodding and parroting all the way with her, glide away from the room in annoyance. He saw the kids go...and now he sees her move away from him, and suddenly nothing mattered than to stop her...The walls didn't matter, who was on them didn't matter...all that mattered was the person who was walking away...somehow he couldn't handle that. He wanted her and the kids with him..."You and the kids are not going anywhere. Nobody is going anywhere...here, take the phone and silence it."...And with that he expresses his desire to be with them in his entirety...acknowledges the responsibility he has toward the family...and all but nods at her guidance. He doesn't even look at the walls...at the one who gazes at them from every corner. "Bravo Yash!!! You choose to join the dance of life taking place in the middle...instead of standing still and staring at lifeless walls. You are realizing that the colors are around you...in that beautiful face in front of you...in the three children who adore you." 

He plays ball with the kids, going round and round the area, with Aarti...their center of universe... standing in middle emanating glorious sunshine and laughter. Her sheer magnetic pull keeps them tuned toward her...so much so that he couldn't resist coming up close and behind and orbit around her in a mock play of hiding. It affects her...but he, at the moment, is only content to shine bright in her brilliance. The rolling motion of the ball takes them to the potter's wheel...and everything comes to a standstill for a few moments. The children sense the change and move away when told by their mother.She walks upto him and using the key word urges him to keep the motion going...as if to say "Just transfer the motion from one to another, Yashji. If one motion stops, life doesn't have to stop...somewhere another wheel is always around to continue the movement. You hold a great art within you...why are you hiding it? Create again...for her, for the kids, and for me. Teach me to create and we will make new memories...our memories." He looks at her and understands what she is saying...that the activity that gave him so much happiness once need not be abandoned because the one he shared it with is no longer there. It's all up to him...He can pick up the wheel and set it in motion again...use it to create again. He doesn't need to forget the one he loved in order to again take pleasure in the activity that he once so loved to do. Both can coexist. 

He had made her aware of her skills once...and now she reintroduces him to the art he had chosen to forget. He becomes her teacher again...and she the eager, naughty, sunny student. In their circle of life, who is the teacher and who is the student cease to have a clear definition as one overlaps the other as per the need of the hour. When the wind blows, he clears the hindrance her hair cause; when she laughs at the stuck clay, he uses her dupatta to wipe it of; when her hands go all wobbly, he holds them together...molding together, creating together...He all of patience, skill, care, and love, knowing how fragile the creation is, teaches her the same. And thus they live and mold...mold and live...and the bubbles of life, laughter, and joy float all around them...The pot they create is full of imperfections...yet, it has a shape...all that is required is fire of love and passion to harden it and make it everlasting!!!!

Give a little turn, listen to a spin; make it into the shape you want it in.

Righto friends. The wheels are in motion...life goes on...
Have a nice day.Smile

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angake IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by tarantulla_p

The most interesting takeaway for me was that the ubiquitous photos were relegated to the background where they belonged by all this pull and push. Maybe they were intended as decorROFL

@Aparna fantastic take my friend. I have so many takes to comment on. Might as well start with yours

That line of yours...ROFLClap I most certainly do not want that interior decorator decorating my house. Oh! I forgot! She is not alive any more. 

And yes I too thought the dupatta scene was too short.

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
@Aparna: I was not expecting you today since you said you had a busy day ahead of you yesterday, but I am so glad that you showed up and posted your thoughts! This is the kind of episode that I need your and Red's takes for and when you express your approval over it that just makes the whole thing all the more sweeter! I guess the CVs took your words seriously and really decided to make Arpita and  those portraits part of the decor!

I have obviously been swept away by the beauty that was AarYa today along with the rest of the DC, so as always it was fun to read your to the point, no nonsense pointers LOL And you're absolutely right, today's episode did mark the beginning of the real romantic moments for Yash & Aarti, because like I said, their interactions (at least from Yash's side) truly passed the line of formality directly into flirtation of sorts! And that too right after we got such an Arpi filled episode on Friday and the CVs left us on tenterhooks about what to expect this week! 

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
All I can take away from the episode is AarYa and their growing bond. I won't speak about Bua and her usual harkaat, because the episode was all about AarYa!

They were adorable, cute, hot, everything good on God's green earth. This is by far my most favorite episode. Yash looked great in a new colorful tee and jeans but Aarti took my breath away in that gorgeous pink salwar suit. She looked like a little girl. 

Yash's slight smile while making the pot was a joy to watch. Slowly the happiness is returning to his life. 

I love Gayatri for the trust she has in Aarti. 

In precap, I couldn't tell exactly what Papa Scindia was feeling when Gayatri told him Aarti has started falling in love with Yash. 

Both promos look great from the pics but I have yet to watch it. I hope they stay in Mumbai a little longer. Mumbai ka jadoo Yash pe assar karne laga hai. Or is it Aarti ki jaddo Wink?

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:48pm | IP Logged

Today's episode was totally unexpected and a beautiful start to the week. It starts off with Aarti entering the room wearing a gorgeous pink suit with simple jewellery showing the contrast of being away from the Scindia mansion.  The kids compliment her on the new look and as they are about to make a plan for the day's activities, she notices Yash busy on a business call. They all look at each other disappointed until she suggests that she will talk to him if they support her. She quietly walks up to him and extends her hand to touch his shoulder, while looking at the kids, only for him to turn at that exact moment and her hand rests on his cheek instead. The kids cutely cover their eyes leaving their parents to a moment where they are lost in each other's eyes and are only brought back to reality by Ansh's giggle. An awkward moment ensues with Yash asking her what she is doing. This gives her some confidence and she acts like a typical wife with the kids repeating her words by scolding him as he is supposed to be enjoying vacation with his family. He is initially confused by her behaviour but then gets intrigued when she snatches his phone, turns it off and when she does return it, her threat to return to Bhopal with the kids. He tries to stop her by asking her to listen to him but she keeps up her charade of leaving only for him to run behind her and grab her hand. She turns and they are lost in another eye lock where Yash looks as though he's seeing Aarti as a person for the very first time. She breaks the eye lock first and looks at the arm he is holding. His gaze follows hers but he does not immediately release her hand showing the growing attraction between them. He then goes on to tell her that she is not going anywhere, nor are the kids and hands her his phone, thus finally giving his commitment to their relationship. I think the reason why Yash is initially confused by her behaviour is the fact that he never experienced such a scenario during his marriage with Arpita where she spoke in such a manner and was even willing to walk away.


Yash is then shown playing soccer with the kids with Aarti watching on. Unintentionally Yash draws her in to their little family activity by dribbling the ball around her and when he tries to get away from Ansh, he ends up hiding behind her. Time stands still for her at that moment and she engulfs the happiness around her only for it to quieten when   Ansh throws the ball towards the wheel and Yash gets goes back into his past. Aarti immediately picks up on this even though his back is to her and she makes the children play in another area so she can she can compliment him on his pottery and by extension encourage him to get back into it as it bought him happiness. He is about to walk away when she stops him by grabbing his hand and asking him to teach her how to make something.  What I love about these two is the support they have started showing to each other by just a mere handhold. It's as though the two individuals are slowly coming together as one unit. What is noticeable here is that the use of Arpita's name doesn't have much of an effect on him but when she mentions that his happiness is the kids and her happiness, it gets some reaction.


The actual pot making scene was beautiful, natural and one of my favourites. It was a combined effort by both of them with Yash spinning the wheel and Aarti moulding the pot. When she has trouble moulding, he explains how it should be done thus putting himself wholeheartedly into the task at hand and symbolically showing their combined commitment to making this marriage work. During this learning session, the playful/naughty side of Yash finally comes to the surface when Aarti's hair starts ruling her and he just reaches over and brushes it away from her face. (Man those fingers and her hair was a treat to watch). He then gets clay on his face which causes Aarti to laugh and playfully attempt to wipe if off only to realise that her hands are dirty. He then does the unexpected by grabbing her dupatta and wiping his face. It ends with their efforts producing a small pot which both of them hold, symbolic of their current relationship which is still fragile.


As an aside I really liked Gayatri's full acceptance of Aarti by terming her as "my Aarti" as well as Paridhi's response to Bua by not falling into her trap.


Looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

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Good Morning All...I'm a bit early this AM...Got to be at the hospital for 5AM so here I am getting my daily dos before heading out to face the world Wink
@Deeps: thank you very very very much for the gorgeous caps and that pottery scenes is gonna be the death of me I keep watching that part of the episode over and over again Dead Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed LOL
@Borna @Maham: Gonna be looking out your takes later when get home Big smile
@Aparna: Great take Doll Clap Clap...So much needed humour abut Arpita's pics to help me tackle the day...thanku Heart
@Jyo: hmm I never do this but KS & GC were too fab in those AarYa scenes yesterday so I need a mind blowing action/reaction from you later...No pressure ok Wink LOL
EDIT: I still can't get over how happy G3 was to hear that AarYa were spending time together from Chagan's wife...I know I'm asking for too much but I need a rain sequence before they leave Mumbai Embarrassed Tongue
Have a goodnight, morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are in the world Lovelies and remember to smile no matter what cause every problem has a solution...Ciao!!! xox

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@Indu, today kids really set the tone. They helped him stay in present today, I thought he will retaliate but a look on their faces, and he gelled in fine..
Aarti is using different approaches but still has to use Arpita from time to time as her last weapon, but he is responding to them better everytime..
When he was casually touching her but still unware, you feel for Aarti..
If anyone watching JKR on ZeeUSA, will surprised the uncanny similarities in current tracks. There also she use disguise to gauge Gangadhar's feelings for JKR, she yearning for his touch but unsure of his feelings for her. Loving Kratika there, its more raw deal than in PV but I believe in PV the pair makes it more exciting..

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
@Indu: Wonderful analysis as ever Bud...I couldn't leave without reading your post (sue me, I'm addicted Tongue LOL)...It was so great to see how Yash stopped Aarti for leaving and then she did the same and once they worked together they created...MAGIC & BEAUTY Heart Heart
Aarti made Yash rediscover his artistic side today and she's gonna awaken the man in him just by being there for him...Can't wait for what comes next Wink
@Saf: Beautiful take as always Sweetie Clap Clap 
Seriously going now...TTYAL!!!!

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