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6/8 DragonClub:AarYa Journey & HappyBirthday Geets

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged

Credit for this gorgeous alternate banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!

Its Raining Birthdays of all our Dragons in last 2 months and again Last weekend , there was a birthday of one very spl Leo Dragon whom we all love for her daily choice of songs for AarYa EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
So let us all wish the Birthday Girl Geets today
Here is your special Fruits Birthday Cake Geets EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
A Special Song for you EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Res for Episode Analysis
My Take on Both new Promos Big smile
Woww both promos look interesting and even the track is clear now as I see a bit of brightness in what looks like a dark promo Embarrassed..
Promo is about Yash and his dilemma between past and present .. ..Promo is asking a question about "Whether Yash will ever come out of his illusionary past of Arpita and accept his real present  Aarti ?? EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Answer to this question is given in the promo itself with Arpita's memories slowly fading away inside the ocean and thats the brightness part of the promo  WinkEmbarrassed...Even though Yash continues to stand alone turning his back against Aarti but notice he is not happy there Wink...Whenever he was with Arpita , he had a smile on his face but in this promo his face is filled with dilemma since he is left all alone with neither Arpita (since her memories r fading away in that ocean) and nor he is fully prepared to accept Aarti  , which means he is standing with a dilemma in his mind , whether to stay back in his past which has started giving him depression now or whether to start moving ahead in life towards Aarti who is a whole ray of light in his dark life ?? EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Promo ends with this dilemma in his mind and  whether this dilemma clears or not  ,will form the conclusion of this Mumbai track which for me brings a lot of positiveness Big smileBig smile.
Second promo is more symbolic than first .. In second promo Yash is shown inside the photo frame with Arpita .. but suddenly Arpita disappears and then Yash is shown standing all alone inside that photo frame refusing to come out of it  whereas Aarti is standing outside the photo frame waiting for Yash to come out into the real world with her CryEmbarrassed...Yash is alone and sad inside that photo frame while Aarti too is sad outside the photo frame since both r alone and longing for love and happiness CryCry...Both seems to b also aware of each other's longing in this promo and mayb its their longing and loneliness which will bring them together under one common frame EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
So the track is about how Yash comes out of that illusionary photo frame after realising that Arpita is no more and slowly accepting his present Aarti because their togetherness will bring happiness in both their lives EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Track seems to b exclusively focussing on Yash's dilemma and mayb his final acceptance of his present which is Aarti and not Arpita Big smileBig smile

White Colour background with white costumes was a perfect choice for the promos since it indicates the pain of loosing someone and at the same time deciding to start everything fresh on a clean pure slate once again StarStarStarStar...Camerawork is top notch as visually the promo looks great EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Last but not the least This following picture is symbolic and says it all about the promo Embarrassed .. Yash is adamant and alone standing in that frame in which Arpita was present but she is no more since even her memories r now fading away but he is not ready to move on Ouch...On the other hand Aarti is waiting for Yash outside the frame almost asking him to come out of it Angry and let us both enter into another new frame together which she is holding on with her hand and waiting for him WinkTongue
Arpita has released Yash from her memories already , reason why Yash is alone standing inside that frame Embarrassed...All he needs is make a move on from that frame and get along with Aarti as the new present frame is waiting for him and Aarti's new present memories EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Today's Episode Analysis
I dont hv words to express about today's episode ..so all I will do is OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ... WHAT AN EPISODE .. A COMPLETE SURPRISE PACKAGE from the plasant wardrobe change of Yash-Aarti for the Mumbai track to the Last AarYa Pot Making scene ... Wowww everything was just so romantic , mesmerising and dreamyyy
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...
Colour returns back in Yash's life courtesy Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...
So far we hv mostly seen Yash in grey or black t-shirt which I believe indicated his gloomy and depressing frame of mind since he refuses to get out of his dark painful past Ouch but today for the first time in the show Yash wears such a bright colourful printed blue t-shirt and jeans which I believe indicated the fact that slowly colors and brightness is returning back in his present life courtesy his present wife Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Even Aarti was wearing a very gorgeous pink coloured salwar suit which indicated the fresh new fragrence of life since Aarti brings lots of smile in Yash's life today Embarrassed...Aarti and Yash with their new wardrobe change brilliantly complimented each other in the looks department StarStarStarStar
Aarti knows how to get Yash out of his shell .. forumla is simple ..Charm+Attitude..thats it .. Yash is yours TongueTongue
Aarti throwing attitude on Yash like a typical wifey right in the beginning of the episode with the help of kids worked wonders today WinkLOL...Now this is how I interpret the starting scene which sort of sets the whole tone of the episode Embarrassed
When Aarti accidentally touches his ear and cheeks during Yash's turn back , that moment itself Yash was mesmerised with Aarti's new look Embarrassed...Aarti there dint get scared and fought like a true sherni giving him the dhamki that if he does not put off his mobile and stop working then she will go back to Bhopal with kids and instantly turned back with attitude Wink...This time Yash was impressed with her attitude since neither she got scared nor she spoke in request tone but rather gave him attitude for the first time  Embarrassed..So first Aarti mesmerises Yash with her charms and new style of dress up and then she impresses Yash with her new found confident attitude EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
These two qualities charm+attitude of a woman always makes any man go weak on his knees and same happened with Yash too today when he himself goes his way out to stop Aarti by almost grabbing her hand and submitting his own mobile to her which in a way is actually giving her the full authority by submitting himself for the first time as a husband in front of his wifeWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed/... So moral of the story is if wife starts showing her attitude to her man , its the best form of seductiion to turn your hubby into your ghulam StarStarStarStar
Loop Closure .. this time its Yash hiding behind Aarti's back EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I loved the football scene where Yash  grabs Aarti's arms to hide behind her with the ball Embarrassed..it was a loop closure since last time while playing with water in the garden ,Aarti was hiding behind Yash so that Ansh cannot put water and this time Yash hiding behind Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...It was such a beautifully done scene where Yash looked all relieved and happy while Aarti was all blushing and overwhelmed to see Yash all lively with kids EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
In short Yash is actually beginning to follow the ways Aarti used to hv fun with kids ..One of the ways is hiding behind back EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Pot making never looked so beautiful ..But AarYa made it look stunning today StarStarStarStar
Whole Pot Scene was damn symbolic StarStarStarStar... That Pot which both Yash and Aarti makes represents their glorious colourful present which is going to begin now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... That pot is the result of today's Yash and Aarti working out together EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I remember last friday when we saw the episode , that pot making wheel was standing still just how Yash's life had come to a standstill after Arpita's death Ouch ;But today Aarti gives the push and makes sure that pot making wheel starts revolving again with Yash's hand so that even Yash's standstill life gets a move on EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Both Yash-Aarti start moving that wheel and prepare a pot together which marks the beginning of their new journey in present as the wheel of their life is starting to move now StarStarStarStar 
Yash was at his playful , intenseand naughtiest best from carassing off Aarti's hair so that it does not distract her which was Yash's playful and intense side Embarrassed to wiping off that wet mud from his face by using Aarti's dupatta deliberately which was Yash's naughty side Embarrassed .. More Aarti was smiling looking at his mud filled face , more Yash was getting naughty and intense with Aarti trying to use her dupatta to wipe off his face EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Now this is the real Yash Scindia we saw today during the Pot Making scene Approve... Yash is very intense , passionate , lively ,playful and naughty in nature EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...While making the pot , his attention was only on that pot and guiding Aarti which proves that if he does something , he does it with intensity and passion Embarrassed... While carassing Aarti's hair and then using Aarti's dupatta to wipe off his face , he showed his playful and naughty side which again proves that somewhere Yash too wants to live and enjoy his life to the fullest Embarrassed...He just needs a push from someone  which Aarti gave him today by insisting him to make pots again and this time with her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Yash is also a very good artist and for him decorating Arpita portraits is more of his artistic nature than obsession .. He wants to keep Arpita forever with him in a artistic way Ouch but Aarti now realised what exactly she needs to do to make Yash realise that the true talent of an artist is to keep inventing new creations than holding onto his past creations since life moves on Big smileBig smile... Once Yash makes a move on with his new creations like the new pot he made today , then automatically Arpita's memories will fade away and he will begin to fall for Aarti's beautiful charms which we already saw today the way Yash was giving those intense looks to Aarti throughout the episode , the minute Aarti started showing her domination on Yash WinkTongue
Apart from these ,rest of the scenes like Bua's brainwashing act to Paridi or Senior Scindias sharing their joy over AarYa bonding dint matter much since the episode overall was dominated by AarYa scenes EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..
Precap is quite interesting as it makes one curious to know what spl dish Aarti prepared for which Yash gave her compliments Tongue or is Yash going in Arpita illusion again as the dish reminded him of Arpita ?? Ouch..Fingers crossed Embarrassed..Overall one of the best episode of PV in so many months Big smileBig smile

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Promo 1 :

Promo 2 :

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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haha I love how the kids were all happy that Aarti finally changed her outfit, they were too cute Embarrassed LOL


Aarti is wear a little pink saree Heart Yash is on the phone and the kids motivate Aarti to go talk to Yash...Aarti fake blasted Yash about being on the phone while they are on holidays and the kids beinfg their naughty selves are repeating everything Aarti says Big smile Aarti even touched Yash's cheeks by mistake, the kids cover their eyes


Finallly Aarti decides to walk away but Yash holds her hand, he says sorry and give her his phone to turn off so they can all have fun together


Yash and the kids are playing soccer outside...He looks gorgeous in that purple t-shirt Dead Embarrassed Embarrassed Yash hides behind Aarti and once again Aarti is overflowed her emotions...Yash sees the pots and goes back into his shell Ouch Aarti comes and said that Chagan told her that he used to make pots so come make some with her.Yash doesn't wanna make pots bur Aarti convinces him


Boa is up to her old tricks with Paridhi Angry but Paridhi said she isn't gonna beg for her rights like Aarti does she goes to Pratik and tells him she has got another chance to audition please take her there...Pratik agrees.


G3 gets to know that AarYa are spending time together from Chagan's wife...G3 is happy and asks her not to disturb them...Papa & Mama Scindia are hoping that AarYa get closer, G3 even prayed for love to reach Yash's life Smile


AarYa are both sitting in the garden Yash is teaching Aarti how to make them there's a strong wind and Aarti can't manage her hair so Yash helps her...Aarti LOL when she sees the clay on Yash's face.

He uses her dupatta to clean off the clay and Aarti couldn't stop laughing Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
They finally finished the pot, they take it off the wheel and they hold it together in their hands looking at eac other intensely Dead Dead Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
Precap: Pa & maa Scindia talking about AarYa

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abin11cynthiagemmeenagarwalTelly.AddictekomasbbbcccEva JQnirmalac99minnieeKamliKudiPearl_27saf24Samanalyseswethasyam08InduG64FireLordPhoenixMelodiousDreamsAlamelujyoti0649erFangcluvjikky_84Abby-GC-CrazypickachuVishaD.

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A special birthday song for our music lover! Wink



Here are the poems said in the promos which I transcribed, beautiful shayari!

Teri yaadein, teri baatein ab bhi maujood hain yahi,
Tera sab kuch hain mere paas, bas ek tu hi nahin

Beete hue lamhe chute mujhse
Sapne saare roothe mujhse
Tu nahin, teri kami hi sahi
Naa koi aaya hain, na koi aayega kabhi


The moral I took away from today's episode was that sometimes men (or people really, because let's not to sexist) need to be hit over the head with things before they understand that what they are doing is wrong. Yash is so used to everyone working around his idiosyncrasies that he is too confused even to be shocked when Aarti challenges his decision and the importance of his business call. It is only when they threaten to leave, that Yash realises the importance and value of those who are close to him right here and now.

Away from the pressures of the household, the pallu and the kitchen (politics), Aarti is free to let the youthful girl just under the surface come out to play. I also noted that she was not wearing the kangn in today's episode, perhaps because it denotes her status as bahu and nothing else, she felt free not to be burdened by Arpita's legacy any more than she had to. She becomes one of the children with her new avataar and so feels up to demanding Yash's time the same way that Ansh might, without any consideration for his pain or his past, just because he is here, now, he is a father and a husband and that gives him certain responsibilities. I just love how Aarti and the children played off each other in this scene, as though she was giving them a voice and they were giving her a reason to speak. This is exactly what I wanted to see in a more assertive Aarti and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also enjoyed how her unencumbered situation allowed her to be more humourous about Yash and his anger, not taking it to heart and finally getting him to surrender to her, acknowledging that she knew what was right for the family.

In this scene, Yash allowed for Aarti to become the leader of their family in this phase of their life and promised to follow her directions, because he trusted her to see his faults where he himself was blind. Yash is a man who wants to improve, who wants to do right by his kids and even Aarti, but he does not know how. Today he acknowledged that Aarti can teach him and in giving her his phone, he became an involved and eager member of the family of five, under Aarti's watchful care. I just loved the dialouge when he stopped her physically and said, "you are not going anywhere, the kids are not going anywhere, nobody is going anywhere!" That to me was his declaration or commitment, that he would not fall into his usual tropes of escapism, like business calls. It was also a huge jump from the man who did not want to come to Mumbai in the first place, because now he is ready to stand and fight.

It was interesting that the Arpita pictures were constantly in focus for the audience and to me it juxtaposed the audience's attention on Arpita with Yash and Aarti's complete oblivion of her ever-looming presence. They were so involved in the moment, their moments, that Arpita's pictures became just that, pictures on the wall, rather than a living being present in the room between Yash and Aarti. It was also significant that when Aarti first approached Yash, Arpita's picture was looking right at them and was placed between them. On the other hand, when Yash grabbed Aarti's arm and eventually surrendered her phone, the Arpita in focus had her eyes downcast. In addition, the second one was side by side with Aarti, in clear view of Yash, meaning he had a choice. At that moment he chose Aarti.

At first I didn't understand why Aarti wasn't playing football herself, but then I guess I appreciate that she didn't foist herself on Yash at all times. She was content to fade into the background and just enjoy the fun, while he let go with the kids...and what happened? He came to her, and soon enough the whole family was revolving around her. She is the nucleus of this little family, but it is only with Yash's acknowledgment that she can take up this role in the truest sense.

And now to the pottery scene. SIGH. I just love how they brought this about, where Yash was playing with his children and suddenly, motion, abandonment and energy met stagnation and neglect. I kept wondering all weekend how these objects were related to Arpita, and the CVs totally took me by surprise with their profound and interesting connection with Yash! Now I understand his expression both on Friday and today. Here was his favourite hobby, that had given him hours of pleasure and peace, beckoning him and yet he probably felt guilt to pursue it. It is also like some strange logic of self punishment, where because he can't derive pleasure from being with Arpita any more, he can't derive pleasure from anything he used to do that gave him pleasure. Because he can't recreate his memories with Arpita, he can't recreate his pots. He probably feels the injustice as well, the contrast of what he is and what he used to be, and his abandonment of his friend the faithful wheel. Here Aarti enters to help him transform that guilt into healing and understand that the only way to do justice to his skill is to create, just like the only way to do justice to his capacity to love, is to actually love the ones who are here, create new love, rather than miss the love that is gone.

I think what I loved most about the Aarti and Yash exchange was the fact that Arpita's name did nothing for him. In fact, it made him more determined, from what I could see not to go near that wheel. It was when Aarti said that the kids...and her get happiness from seeing him happy that he took her to that wheel and rediscovered his love. Aarti can't speak for Arpita without irritating Yash, but she can speak for herself and the kids, and it works because Yash genuinely wants to make them happy and he is slowly starting to understand that even one unhappy member can tip the balance of an entire family.

By making him take to the wheel again, Aarti mirrors what Yash did for her when she worked with him. He helped her discover the person she was before Prashant and his abandonment defined her, and as a result she was able to understand and realise her feelings for him, get through to Palak, by exposing her own similar vulnerability and its conquest and win the unconditional trust of her ILs. He made a huge difference in her life by telling her that she was talented, creative and intelligent. Since Yash is a man who understands actions more than words, Aarti didn't dwell on telling him how great he was, but coaxed him into actually making that pot, proving his sustained ability even after Arpita. Here is something he did perfectly without her. Yash was so affected by Arpita's death that he believed nothing could be the same. Aarti is showing him that he can be the same person, though obviously a little wiser and sadder in his soul, and there is no shame in that.

The last scene was fantastic! Their growing camaraderie and the fun they had together was so organic, unplanned and beautiful. They were two souls, lost in their own little world, with bubbles wafting in. I would like to believe that it was the kids who were blowing them, just to make their presence felt in the scene. Yash's slight smile of satisfaction as he worked was a sight indeed. But I think my favourite part was how Aarti kept hurrying to do things and Yash kept steadying her as they went along. If you saw, when she first put her hand on the wheels she was moving them all over the place with a completely crazy fun expression on her face, and he placed his hands over hers and steadied them, just as he steadied her hair before that...but probably had the opposite effect on her heart.

The Aarti-Yash relationship is like that pot right now. It is smaller than the ones Yash has created before, it is still wet and vulnerable but Aarti and Yash made it together, and they are holding it together in both their hands. It was almost a pact when they held that pot, to safeguard their vulnerable and nascent relationship until it dried and hardened and was fired in the kiln. It also goes back to the elemental symbolism because pottery involves all of them...from earth and water for the clay, to wind for it to dry to fire for it to be made hard and durable against all the elements! What a beautiful, symbolic hobby they chose for Yash.

I end by saying...sorry I didn't talk about anything but AarYa. LOL But I can't help it. Gayatri said it right. The rain which has only brought Yash pain for years now, this year, may it bring happiness, peace...and maybe even a hint of love?

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Happy Birthday Geets.
Hope you behave now that you are older LOL Wink LOL 
Embarrassed I only said older as we all get older every time a birthday comes round Embarrassed
I hope you enjoy that beautiful fruit cake. It looks as fruity as you Embarrassed Wink
Love and blessings

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Happy Birthday Geets!Party

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