Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director' Cut : 6th August, 2012 (Page 2)

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Knock! Knock!! Who's There?


Dadi Who?

Da di-mwit from SP & PH

First of all, we are now firmly in the realm of Saas-Bahu di-raamaa!! I went through confusion, irony, and yuck factors all in a row. So i'll try to list them out as I saw them.

Secondly, I am confused. I usually have very strong opinions about things. But todays knee-jerk reaction to the pre-cap was YES!! And then I had to watch it again and again just to get a feel for where we are at. 

So let's start at the very beginning, shall we? Manorama Mami is in a tizzy. She is fluttering around with NK and Payal as her audience and tells them about Dadi being missing and Arnav and Naniji still out searching for her. 

Irony # 1:Payal and Manorama are actually having a conversation. Mami's nervousness idue to Dadiji's 'danger' is causing her to even speak to Payal in a more 'normal' manner. 

Meanwhile, Anjali is at the temple. 

Manorama doesn't want Dadi to come here. Cue Dadi walking up the (astro-turfed) path and the stairs with a mat and a suitcase. 

Where is Khushi? She is in the garden tending to his/her roses. I remember a time when Arnav said he never had roses in his garden. So looks like wifey's favorite flowers have made it into his garden now.

Cute Factor # 1: High

Confusion #1: Khushi says - By the time these buds will bloom DI's baby would have been born. What the?! Anjali is that far gone into her pregnancy that she's due any day now? Why don't we know about it?

Khushi heads towards the door with a tub of water. In true RM style, Dadi enters without knocking (What! they keep even the front door unlocked these days?) In true Khushi fashion, she throws up the tub of water and Dadi is splashed. Dadi's immediate reaction is anger! (Surprise!!) How dare a servant toss water onto her. (Ummm... Dadi, perhaps if you'd rung the doorbell... you know, a little thing called etiquette? Now I know where Anjali gets it from). 

In her defense though, Khushi does not look like a Bahu - no jewelry, no bangles, hair mussed and tied up. Unlike Payal and Mamiji in their over decked, over made up glory! So Dadi makes the same kind of superficial judgement that ASR did the first time, that Khushi is a servant.

Irony #2: Khushi thought Mamiji was the servant the first time she entered RM and therefore Mamiji continues to ill-treat her and call her phatti sari to this day. Dadi thought Khushi was the servant and immediately wants to put her in her place.

Yuck Factor # 1: The 'aukaat' word makes a return. Yet it is Mami who shows her true aukaat. She is nothing in front of the Malik fish. At least the Raizadas give her some respect!

NK stole the scene and my heart here in the way he introduces himself to Dadi. Hi I'm Nand Kishore. and he sticks out his hand. There is a total lack of self-consciousness in his whole outlook, and the completely confidence he has in his dimples! 

Cute Factor #2 : Through the roof!

As soon as Dadi goes, he immediately tells mami off - its wrong. Khushiji is a bahu in this house, not the servant. Once again stepping up as Khushi's defender. This is a role he will continue playing in the coming weeks, I hope.

Cute Factor #3: High

Yuck Factor # 2: Mamiji's refusal to tell Dadiji about Khushi's true role in the household. why should I be the one to inform her that Arnav had a secret marriage with phatti sari? (Not very brave, are you, Mami when there's a bigger fish in the pond?)

Confusion # 2: Nani and Dadi are BFFs? What the?! Enough said. However, I wonder. Is that why their children got married in the first place? (We'll watch and see).

Payal and Khushi have a bonding moment in the kitchen while Payal prepares milk for Dadiji. Payal regrets Mamiji not clearing up the MU right away with Dadi. 'Tumne suna na Mamiji ne kya kaha? Koi farq nahin padta!' Why? Because Khushi has never been given her rightful place as the bahu of this house? The lingering farq padta hai makes another entry here. 

Khushi's monologue. Beautiful. Naive, innocent. I'll tell her that I am the bahu of this house. Why have I never heard of her before? ...So many things I don't know about Arnavji. Sometimes it feels like I dont even know this man whom I love so much! 

Cute Factor # 4: Very High!

Dadi makes herself at home in Nani's(?) room. Then she goes for her bath before its time for pooja. (See? It runs in the family- this obsession with puja!) Khushi meanwhile arrives with the milk for Dadi, knocks, and gets no response. She is about to step in, when Dadi raises an imperious hand, and gestures her to go away. She steps back. Dadi closes the door, and draws the curtains. 

Yuck Factor #3: Through the roof! We've seen it all before with ASR, Dadiji.

Dadi comes down and bumps into Mami with the milk. Tells her off about sending servants to provide food for her. She doesn't take ANYTHING from the hands of servants. 

What follows is simply degrading to Khushi. What I don't understand is why Khushi who is so capable of standing up for herself is now tongue-tied. And even her feeble attempts to explain who she is, is cut off. Dadi makes Mami take the thaal and purify it and herself. Then she gestures for Khushi to leave the temple. How much it must have hurt her, to leave her Devi Mayya when she is her purest devotee. I nearly cried for her. 

Yuck Factor #4: OMG

Even Payal abandons her here, but NK waits on Khushi and only leaves when she does. I am thinking - another showdown, and NK will once again be by her side. He is her truest supporter at this point. 

Anjali returns from the temple, and when Khushi opens the door she is concerned for her, because of her wan look. This was a really nice touch and follow up from earlier that day. She is truly trying to get back to their previous relationship. Her caring for Khushi shines through. 

But it is short-lived. She hears Dadi's voice and the little girl Anjali comes out, hurries over to her and hugs her. 

Confusion # 3: Why does Dadi not hug her back? What stops her? Its kind of like ASR's almost hug in the hospital, except less of it!

Then Dadi says: I didn't know you were going to become a mother?

Confusion #4: First of all, you were sequestered in an ashram. Were you supposed to be informed of these things? If so, who has been in touch with you that didn't tell you about the baby's impending arrival?

Confusion #5: How on earth did you deduce that she was going to be a mother? By that invisible baby bump that she has? 

In most TV series, when actors or actresses get pregnant in real life, they either tie it into the story (Courtney Cox in Friends, Emily Deschanel in Bones) or the camera never pans below the waist or there's stuff placed in front of the tummy to hide the bump and/or they cut down screen time for the actress (Mariska Hargitay in Law and Order:SVU). So why oh why can't the DP use these same techniques to NOT show Anji's baby bump? Why do we need full body shots of her unless its a long-distance shot or a shot of her back? I think it would be more palatable to ALL viewers. All in agreement - press Like!

Dadi finally hugs her back and enquires about Damadji...Oops!! Everyone looks tensed...Anjali walks away. The look that Dadi gives all of them... especially Khushi... I am thinking hmmm.. does she think what I am thinking, that the pretty 'servant' girl is the reason for Damadji's absence? 

Dadi follows Anjali to her room, and we see a moment of Grandma/Grand daughter bonding. Anjali breaks down and sobs in Dadi's lap. The scene closes with the ominous and fateful words: 'Ab aapki dadi wapis aa gayi hai. Sab kuch theek ho jayega'.

Hall Shot : Nani and Arnav on one side. Dadi and Anjali on the other. In between are Mami. Payal, NK, Khushi.. .Are the battle lines drawn?

The Last Confusion: Why does Dadi come into the Raizada home and behave like it is hers? What gives her the right to be commanding everyone around in the place - after fourteen years of absence?

Ruby - one time you said this about the Raizada men: that they are a little weak in the spinal area. Its the Malik strain that is capable of cruelty. The Malik men are headstrong, and have mean characteristics. ASR was like that. Dadi seems to be like that. They even have shared gestures - the imperial raised hand. The disdain for people of a lesser aukat (including Mami). I have to totally bow down to you on this one. You hit the nail on the head!

I am not going into the precap here, because I loved it - but I want to see the whole thing before I say anything about it.

Thought for the day: SP proclaims itself as a Nayi Soch channel. What happened today was anything BUT Nayi Soch. Its a Ghissi-piti soch that is being fed to the viewers now. 

One last thing: What I will say next may offend some of you, and if so I apologize in advance. I don't like debates on religion. Having said that, I wanted to point out some factors in today's episode that has irked me many times in real and reel life. Remember this is one episode of Dadi and she may yet turn out to be better than we thought. BUT...When a person is overly religious, it is one of two things - that that person has a true belief in the higher being that governs our lives. OR that person compensates for the lack of true faith in their lives by doing all the rituals in a mechanical manner. There are three very religious people in this series. Khushi, Anjali and now Dadi. 

Khushi's is the true faith of a devotee. A person who will turn to God in good times and thank Him/Her, and in bad times for strength to deal with their trials. This is a person in whom charity is second nature. Who lives by the principles but doesn't loose herself in rituals. She believes that the rituals support her faith. In reality, she lives her faith. This is the beauty of her character. 

Anjali used her religion as a crutch. She compensated for doubts about her husband by participating in rituals that gave her comfort from her doubts. She needed to have those rituals in order to feel that everything would be alright in her world. In other words, her rituals are almost bribes. That does not mean that she does not believe in a higher Being, it just means that her faith is weak and can break at any time. Anjali cannot live her faith, her doubts were very large, and when they crumbled, she broke too.  

Dadi as we have already seen, is ultra-conservative, rigid and depends on these rituals to compensate for the lack of true faith. She believes that rituals (shuddhi, pooja, aarti) are the mainstays of religion - not charity, faith and love. Dadi is too far gone down that path - she is late in life, and that's why she will not change - at least in the near future. Dadi embodies a true non-believer and non-devotee - she cannot respect another human being enough to let them touch or feed her!  In my dictionary, a true hypocrite (okay I feel very strongly about this, having been on the receiving end of this kind of behavior many a time). If you cannot be charitable towards a fellow human being, you have no right to the kingdom of God! Period.

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 I thought I will not browse through others post.. First share my thoughts..

As usual... I cannot analyse scene by scene...what stood out From the episode... 

Arrival of Dadi... Cannot comment much or analyse because first episodes are just building one with more drama how it it lays out we will know after the second week.
The Dadi character will play out according to trp fall or rise...
If this week trp rises significantly... We may see shades of candle wick., and the  other Bahu serial in SP..
To bring in the larger audience... If no significant change than the true character and purpose wil be played out  by cvs...

What I truly felt was anger and disappointment for 3 characters...

1...for khushi...she could not stand up for herself...she could not correct with one line.. I am the lady the house... This house belongs to my husband...

I realised long ago if u don't stand up for yourself others will dance on your head... This kind of behaviour was not expected out of khushi...Confused

2 anger at mami... Why did she unnecessarily create MU between Dadi and khushi... Was khushi really looking like a house help... It's preposterous ...Deadthe cvs have unnecessarily alienated labour class which watches serials.. Why hurt them..Dead..

Why did she not correct Dadi when this behaviour continued repeatedly... It happened at the door... Chalo  once she was rebuked... by NK
second with the milk tray... Third time in the pooja.. What kind of precedent is she setting... Gosh I love kokila Ben in the 7 o clock show  then at least she makes her dil get due respect in the house from others... She is strict withher but nobody messes with her vaus  dignity,..
 What trashy behaviour by raizadas...

3 dissapointment with Daljeet and anger with ANJali...

ANJali had so much support and love from family.. Nani virtually keeping her at lap.. Mami pandering to here ego.. Younger bro at her whim cousin too.  
Still madam had more tears... Humne  apppko har pal misskiya.. She knows how to wrap everybody  in sympathy wave..
  Now with the actor... This was supposed to be your track... Daljeet ... The pseudo mom in law u were supposed to play.. This is what the cvs had played out for the whole year ...your shakiness in doing your role properly... Changed the whole track ... This whole track has to be playedby another moreaccepable relation..

Now do not complain if you are again totally sidelined because... If this track is approved heartily poor Shyam angle can also be sidelined...

Because cvs plan something in I the long run but they have an eye on trp...the antagonist in Arnav's past is still not revealed.. We are all making conjectures.. Shyam sister.., khushi mom , it can be anybody ... The cv can randomly introduce new families  with no link to any one...

I would have personally enjoyed the sister Playing the gray character ...because that was what I was expecting... But I guess the actress and the cvs ... Chickened out.. Well tough luck...

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Chowna,,Sarita, Payal, aditi... and everyone who takes the time and effort to write such beautiful pieces.

Wonderful posts guys.



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Woh Bhooli Daastaan Lo Phir Yaad Aa Gayi
Nazar ke Saamne Ghata Si Chhaa Gayi !!

Kahan se Phir chale aaye, yeh Kuch Bhatke hue Saaye..
Yeh kuch Bhoole hue Nagme, jo mere pyaar ne gaye
Yeh kuch bhichhdi hui Yaadein, yeh kuch Toote hue Sapne..
Paraaye ho Gaye to kya, Kabhi Yeh bhi to the Apne !!
Na jaane Inse Kyun Milkar, Nazar Sharma Gayi..
Woh bhooli dastaan lo phir yaad aa gayi !!

This episode marked the return of  The past into the present!! When the shadows of past start to cloud the present, it leads to an inevitable Clash!!...What happens -- when two persons who mirror each other in almost every way, same attitude, some strength, same confidence, same arrogance & exuding the same power, but distanced by the values of two different generation -- come together ?? inevitable clash!! & that is we going to witness in the coming episodes!!

As some posts like Lizzy's, Priya's poem have already talked
very well about Dadi's behaviour with khushi today --- the ridiculous 1800's practice of Untouchablility being carried out in one of the richest families of Delhi in 21st century Angry--- so, I am not going to go much in detail in that !! Regarding this matter, I am just waiting for tomorrow to Arnav to explode in anger seeing Dadi insulting khushi...really want to see how he stands up for khushi...glimpse of which we have already watched in the precap!! Absolutely Dhamakedaar Precap...loved itEmbarrassed!! Loved the way when he found his wife was not being allowed to enter the room, he also went out & stood behind her...WOW..such a meaningful & powerful gestureClapClap

Arnav has been never been one of those who has held back expressing his opinions, his beliefs, defending what he feels right & most importantly standing up for his loved ones!! Remember the Muh Dikhayi Rasam -- when Arnav had stood up to all the guests defending the honor of his wife, a wife whom he hated at that time, whom he hadn't even accepted as his wife in real sense, but nevertheless he had stood up for her in front of whole society only coz she was His wife!!

However, now we are talking about the Arnav who will be witness to insults hurling at the same wife -- a wife whom he now loves like anything & wants her in his life forever-- , that too insulted by no outsider, but by his own grandmother, who was estranged from him for past 14 years!! Wonder how is going to openly or loudly would he able retort back ?? He would definitely stand up for khushi, but at the same time how openly & loudly would he able to take a stand against his own dadi ?? Yes, he loves khushi...but he also loves his dadi, whom he has missed for last 14 years!!Actually cant wait to watch him standing up for khushi, be with her at every step, supporting her openly, & also trying to make dadi understand!! Seems like Arnav is again caught up in the same turmoil as before -- Trying to balance out his relationships!!

What is even more interesting is, that ASR is such a spitting image of his Dadi!! Now we know...where he got his ASR genes fromLOL!! They both have the same attitude & arrogance, both are never afraid to speak up their mind, both live their lives as per their own wishes & values, both didn't even think once before hurting someone below their status by their words & actions (remember ASR in the initial months).
Today dadi had said,"Naukaron Ki Aukat", & we all know that in the initial months, most of ASR's dictionary for khushi consisted majorly of words like Aukat, Hasiyat, Status, Money !! & what an uncanny resemblance, that both of them have even had a similar start with khushi... hating her for her low status!! Wonder if Dadi is also going to follow the same path with khushi like ASR did i.e. love her!! & Funny enough, Manorama Mami is afraid of & listens to only these two in the family LOL !! But, ASR changed after falling in love with khushi, she mellowed him down, made him softer, made me more humane... wonder what effect khushi will have on dadi in long run?? It is going to be very interesting to watch how everything plays out!!

Another thing which caught my attention was when Mami said that Dadiji & Naniji have been Best Friends since childhood!!! I couldn't help but notice how different their attitudes are!! Friends since childhood..& still one is so rigid, dogmatic, unwelcoming, narrow-minded, scaring off others & other so warm, welcoming, vibrant, loving people irrespective of their backgrounds, loving people for what they are, one the most understanding character in the show!! further apart these two could be...& still very close friends?? Moreover, Naniji's behaviour on the next day of Arnav-khushi's marriage had clearly shown that she hates Arnav's father..yet close friends with Arnav's grandmother ...really interesting!! I wonder whether Dadiji was always like this or  the terrible incident dated 14 years back changed her to become so cold & rigid??? The same incident which changed arnav into ASR, is it also the reason how Dadiji's personality is today?? intriguing angle!! Well...this is something which only story can unfold!!

Nice & very touching scene between anjali & Dadi!! Anjali was so overwhelmed so see her dadi..opening up to her & Dadi was being so protective & caring for her...she really loves them a lotSmile! but i fear, will she lead to the return of the SnakewaOuch...would everyone be able to tell her the real truth of "Daamadji" ??

Loved NK again today for standing up for khushiClap...accusing Mami of letting Dadiji believe that khushi was a servant, trying to tell dadiji that khushi is arnav's, he is such an amazingly dependable & trustworthy friend!! Really hope his character is made permanentBig smile!!

Loved How khushi was planting Roses in Arnav's garden, treating it as her own!! He never had roses there, & she was doing it so very confidently-- exercising her "wifey rights" in real sense!! Loved that how everything in arnav's life which were earlier only 'His' are slowly becoming
'Theirs' !!

Really liked that khushi in her monologue today openly said & accepted how much she loves arnav...although we all know it...but it is so amazing to hear it..right??

Anyways, signing off...seems like IPK is off to a very interesting & an intriguing track!! Loving the IPK...CUT IT!!

Enjoy the Song...its a beautiful & a very melodious No. by Lata Mangeshkar!! Talking about how it feels when the Past again comes around the corner -- around ones' present, especially if it reminds of ones' painful past!!

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Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

i know many of us dint like the episode... because as far as we are concerned any non arshi episode is not worth watching... now aren't we turning into spoilt brats?
so this post is dedicated to all the bashers
"all rabba veys n no story makes ipkknd a trp disaster" always remember this..
so presenting u my split personality takes on this episodeWink we have a lot more loop holes to close... n rabba vey is not going is not going anywhere...after all khushi accepted today

                                               "maine pyaar kiya"

vm for the evening ladies

Smile.angel understands that barun was on ASR had to be missing for  most part of the episode.. atleast no body double rabba veys..Embarrassed aint it better tat we get the real deal... once barun is back?
Smileas dadi is a main character who is to bring a lot of changes n past out in the open ... an episode dedicated to her was kinda we know her character well..
SmileAsr was very rude to people of lower income/class...infact how many times have we seen him insulting khushi because of her status? hari prakash will vouch for me.. so why dadi bashing guys? she is ASRs dadi.. asr is in love with khushi not dadi... so...Wink
Smilewhen khushi opens the door..anji asks her wats has anji forgiven khushi n cares about her?
SmileNK stood up for khushi again proving what a gem he isEmbarrassed...
Smileanji and dadi hug... n her promise to anjali tat she ll make everything ok...beautifully executed... angel noticed tat anjali never said anything bad about shyam.. she just wants everything to be fine
Smile and the most important scene for me tonight..khushi finally said.."jis insaan sey hum itna pyaar kartey hai"...last time shyam provoked her..this time she is just having a monologue..Heart
Smile arnvs's shocked expression after seeing his dadi after a long time.. priceless.. he was living the past there..


enough of the love showered!!! lets let back to business...Evil Smile

1.Evil Smile vamp is in love with mami... wow... wat a snobbish ****.. wow .!!.. don even miss  1 single opportunity we... just forgot ur great beginnings huh??? phati bloujjjAngry
Evil Smile  khushi u cant always slip n expect arnavji to be there to pick you up... careful babes..
Evil Smile payal babes u need to take it easy... why are u so flustered around everybody???? n when will u start getting dialogues? woh ,..hum...woh... seriously drives me madAngry
Evil Smile khushi bitiya when dadi made it clear she doesn't  like you...what makes you think tat you can have a small chit chat with her about arnav jees bachpan????
Evil Smile and where is the do chammach saffron mamiji asked u to put in the milk? forgot huh... no wonder she sent ya back...
Evil Smile anji you are so smart ... now u are clinging to dadi... u liar u!!!
dint even mention her for the 1whole year that i ve known ya... n u said u missed her ... "hamne aapko kitna yaad kiya???ConfusedConfused hamesha aapki kami humey mehsoos hoti thi??"- ya rightLOL

Evil SmileHeart i ve left dadiji in the end so that i can welcome her properly...
bhelcomes dadiji... bhelcomes...Hug... so are going to be the trp saans of our bechaari khushi? great...
u really thought our khushi is a "naukar" ??? let my asr listen to this... he ll personally drop u off to tat Ashram from where u came.. chatai included!!Angry

is this what u learnt in asharm for 14 long years? which baba's ashram were you staying at??? i ve my doubts..Confused Wink
u asked manorama to do shudhikaran after touching the pooja ki thaal... n u passed the thaal to her... what about ur shuddikaran babes?
me n angel are having a debate on who will love u more...Wink

**Starsmall notes to:
  swati chitnis- i dont know about the serials you ve worked in before... but my dear .. ipkknd is a completely different ball game... pls dont say that i dint warn you... pls close all your twitter, facebook n email accounts...till you accept khushi as ur bahu... or atleast till u initiate the remarriage..
p.s. never interrupt a rabba vey.. in case u do... then
contact manu and rana for excellent security services...

PH- another grey wig huh? chalo one body double less on the sets.. now dadi and nani can play bd/bdLOL

cvs- khushi slips and falls on dadi... if this was our
rabba vey ration for the day...i swear u ll get it AngryAngryAngry

wait for tmrw... it wil be great!!!


SAARU...THIS IS FOR U GIRL...STANDING OVATION...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

I'm in love with ur vamp, seriously,,,,,,,,,she has outdone herself today & the sp notes to CVs & PH...mindblowing!!!! 

P.S. My hubby loved ur post too & he doesn't even read mine...Wink

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I'm in love with ur vamp, seriously,,,,,,,,,she has outdone herself today & the sp notes to CVs & PH...mindblowing!!!! 

P.S. My hubby loved ur post too & he doesn't even read mine...Wink
thank u sooo much payalia... u know my khurafaathi dimaag naWink

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Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

                              ******** Payal's post*********

Battle Lines Are Being Drawn''''''''

With the arrival of Dadi in the Raizaada household a new twist has been added to the story!!! Is this the picture of things to come???? The Raizaadas Vs. The Maliks???

Dadi is being shown as a strict matriarch who has her own sets of rules & a way of living. She scares a usually muhfat mami so much, that by keeping quiet, she unintentionally lies about Khushi. Now dadi thinks Khushi is a maid in the house when in fact she is her grand daughter-in-law, her Arnav's wife!!! Due to this misunderstanding dadi has been treating Khushi with disrespect!! 

Dadi is shown as a very self-respecting lady, when she realises that she has inadvertently being mistreating Khushi , her ego might get hurt'''''this could lead to a very strained relationship between dadi & Khushi in the future!!!

Anjali's expressions on seeing her dadi & her hug felt like she had found her anchor, an ally who would bring back her happiness.

For the first time ever we saw Anjali openly expressing her feelings to someone. Till now we've seen everyone concerned about her, but she hasn't confided in anybody about what she is feeling!!! She lays her head in her dadi's lap for comfort & support.

Dadi notices Anjali & the family's reaction on mentioning 'damadji''''''she goes to find out what's happening from Anjali.

Please notice the conversation between Anjali & dadi. Anjali tells dadi that, 'sab bigad gaya''.her carefully threaded world has collapsed all around her, kutch bhi sahi nahi hai''''.nothing is right in her world. Aap kyon chale gaye they, humesha aapki kami humey mehsoos hoti thi dadi''''..why did u leave, I've always felt ur absence '; and dadi promises, 'ab apki dadi wapas aa gayi hai,sab kutch theek ho jayega'''' that I'm back everything will be allright', to which a visibly ecstatic Anjali asks, 'sach dadi''''..truly dadi?'

What does dadi's promise to her grand daughter mean?

1. Does this herald the re-entry of Shaym in RM, on behest of dadi, for a pregnant Anjali's happiness?

2. Will dadi be made aware of complete truth about Shyam's departure from RM?

3. Will dadi also hold Khushi responsible for Anjali's unhappiness?

4. How will dadi's arrival affect a budding Arnav-Khushi relationship?             


Points worth mentioning:

a)      The Malik genes in terms of akad & the word 'aukat' have raised its head again.

b)      Loved NK for being a true sakha of Khushi, first for taking mamiji to task about lying about Khushi's position in the RM, & then trying to clarify the situation to dadi.

c)       Loved Payal's effort to console Khushi & then giving ideas to resolve the MU.

i love ur takes on anjali... even if u r not doing it consciously...
thats wat makes your post beautiful...and different...
n a subtle way of putting fwd the most important pointsClapClapClapClap

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Originally posted by sarithaipkknd



I'm in love with ur vamp, seriously,,,,,,,,,she has outdone herself today & the sp notes to CVs & PH...mindblowing!!!! 

P.S. My hubby loved ur post too & he doesn't even read mine...Wink
thank u sooo much payalia... u know my khurafaathi dimaag naWink
U r welcome...Big smile
I think by now all of us is in awe of ur khurafati dimagLOL

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Barun Sobti & the Director-Take a bow

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