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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director' Cut : 6th August, 2012

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IPK with a dose of DADI SAAS drama..

Times change ,Places change,Lifestyles changes too..but redundant practises and outdated rituals don't.. ASR to the rescue once again?...Welcome to another edition of the DC ..Since the onus is on me to write the Introductory piece today..I will touch on something everybody saw till date but never commented on it-The status quo  of the Bahus of the Raizada house

What does a middle class family want for its girl after her marriage-Respect in her new household,love of the  husband and the in laws,economic comfort,well mannered husband ,above all happiness of the girl where she feels a part of the new family and not the outsider..this is the minimum requirements of the parents who marry their girl into another middle class family,,but if the daughter marries into A rich household as the Raizadas..the girl's family is elated at the girl  being married in to comfort and economic prosperity..but do the girls in the new atmosphere feel comfortable?..or are they at every step reminded of their previous rank in the society.?are they really happy or do they feel like rank outsiders and the insecurity starts building inside them like the  RAIZADA now we come to the crux of the matter..the story of every  girl  who faces the status divide in her new household reflected in the story of the THREE BAHUS OF RAIZADA  HOUSE_that is the TALE OF HELLO HI BYE BYE,KHOON BARI TAANG AND PHAATI SAADI
Akshay Dogra and Deepali PansareKhushi and Arnav

How did the show  start today-with khushi gardening ,thinking about her Sister in law's happiness in the roses planted  like any average married girl from a middle class background does ,interspersed with mami recounting her horrifying experiences with Arnav's dadi..isn't it?initially I thought dadi was a strict disciplinarian so Mami was frightened of not adhering to her rules and regulations ..but thud came in Dadi's entry with khushi drenching her with dirty water because of a stupid lizard..and Bham came the answer  as to why mano mami was shaking in her chappals ..the question on the servants being given a free hand,how she sent the milk with the servant, how couldn't say that khushi was not a servant..the case of bolti band... and the snide remark that mano mami has never changed ways (read left her servant days and adopted the thakur way of life) was short and acerbic with words  ..vocal as to how the DIL who comes from the middle class background would continue to hold a secondary status in a rich house it only Dadi who treats mama so..?no you remember another person who treats mami so ..yes u are right ,,Nani..isn't it?so what has this turned mano mami into..the acerbic, she was earlier but insecure,class conscious ,trying to adapt to the high society unsuccessful manorma raizada..who failed herself and failed in her quest to bring in a high class bahu for herself..pounced on her bahu passing on her legacy of insecurity

coming to the tale of the younger bahu's- the insecurity syndrome of  payal and khushi..the demarcation of Phatti saadi and khoon bari taang from the raizada territory..since the time mano mami came to know about her son's love for payal..what did she do..she tried to derail the relationship but to no avail..but once payal came in to the household..was she allowed to live in peace?no..the taunts about her maternity home,the lack of facilities she grew up with,the plush life style of the raizadas .the parties that they attended fuelled payal already existing complex about being not suitable for akash..the constant taunts about khoon bari taang really injured the girl so much so that she couldn't even defend her sister who was called the servant of the household..only thing she could was to console and empathise with her sister in private..

wait where are u guys leaving before i complete my piece-so the insecurity syndrome passes to the third bahu of the household..khushi already feels an outsider at her home..later at her sasural..she feels outsider interfering in the relationship between arnav and his in today's episode..dadi treating her like a servant at every turn be it the milk,evicting her from the pooja space,not allowing her to step inside the room, cleansing all the items touched by the list continues..dadi dadi..i have a serious question for u.from which angle did your grand daughter in law look like a maid..i really fail to understand..I wonder how the maid could afford a diamond mangal sutra and chiffon dresses.. dadi ..answer me pleez. oops, sorry about another  secondary status stamp on khushi added to the already existing mami in the monetary terms,by her saural because of the way she married and got inside the house..her husband even earlier when he thought her guilty..but haven't things changed now..that she has been accepted as the raizada that her husband has accepted her the wife of his heart..has it really?oo the legend of the secondary status continues..the class divides does the insecurities..what remained true was the Dadi_granddaughter blood being blood..the stern Dadi greets anjali with affection..promises to correct the mistakes,promises to be there for always from that day on..the daughter  remains the toast of the house..but..there is  a big but
Barun Sobti and Sanaya IraniHE is the BUT here  comes ASR to the rescue...The precap has set a stage now..set a stage where by ASR starts to set this inequality to ASR does the right by correcting the standing with his wife..not only for his wife but for the other DILs in the house who have been treated so...what do we infer from that ...the juggernaut  of KKG to KASR  has stopped at another correct another wrong..this will continue until ASR corrects the mistakes one by his khushi the status and dignity attached to being his wife,to being the elder DIL of the raizada house..

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Daadi Maa Ke Nuskhe

Daadi Maa and her home remedies... we have all grown up to listening to our grannies / older ladies in our homes about remedies we can use at home...

So here's my take on the latest entrant in the our beloved Show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... and some home remedies from Subhadra Devi Malik... Anjali and Arnav's beloved Daadi...

Daadi Maa ke Nuskhe...

1) How to Respect People...Big smile

2) How to live in a Modern World...LOL

3) How to Calm your Temper...Tongue

4) How to Change with Changing Times...ROFL

Guys, had a horrid Monday @ Work... feeling a bit tired and sleep deprived ! Will explain the above later... probably in the morning with a fresh mind... but you get the gist of what I'm trying to say in case I don't get time tomorrow either ! I apologize for the same !!!

Till then enjoy the video... how to pacify your angry granny !!!!

And don't forget to tune in to see Arnav's support for Khushi tomorrow evening Sharp at 8:00 PM IST... on our fav TV show... Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?


Tally Ho !

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 I am completely guilty here of Plagiarism .. but when she ( PRIYA - RUPUNZALE)  shared this with me .. I wanted to be the one to BRING this piece out .. What touched me in this BEAUTIFUL VERSE she has penned is ... the POSITIVITY IN THE MESSAGE .. on a day .. when we have already once again .. made assumptions on a character .. 

The one thing a person lives for & spends his Life is RESPECT .. & the one thing we all work hard for in our life to HOLD ON TO is RESPECT .. BUT the one thing which is MOST FRAGILE .. & CAN BREAK away anytime is RESPECT ..

Guys please .. read .. & ENJOY .. a truly meaningful READ ... 


If we cannot respect another
How can we expect them to respect us

If we cannot respect someone's beliefs
How can we expect them to respect ours
If we cannot respect another's race
How can we expect that race to respect us
If we can not respect others
How can we expect respect in return

Everyone expects respect
No matter who they are
The only way to gain it 
Is to start treating everyone
As a friend, a brother, a sister
As part of our extended family
No matter what color or creed they are
Only then you will start to get
The respect you so dearly crave

Respect your elders all if they deserve; 
Respect your servants too who you well serve

 Respect your conscience which tells you what's right; 
Respect a human just for the sake of humanity. 

Priya .. Bow humbly to you . for such pure thots .. 



THIS POST OF MINE TONITE .. IS DEDICATED TO MEGHAVN & BEENA ...  the people who mean the world to me in such a short period of time .. IF NOT FOR U GURLS .. I would not have posted .. tonite .. 

TO ALL my DEAR FRIENDS AT DC .. & else where in the FORUM .. thank you .. guys .. for being there .. it means a lot ... 


Dear Fellow Viewers & Readers .. welcome to yet another edition of DC .. when i sat to watch todays episode ... had a couple of apprehensions in my mind .. 4 Lions .. known for amazing .. romance were going to venture into an unchartered territory .. that of Home Politics .. was kinda curious to see .. if they would be able to pull this off so dint want .. ur regular .. 9:00 pm dosage .. Ok well guilty .. did prejudge .. BUT .. as usual .. was taken aback with the message in the episode ...  18 minutes .. & so many .. pointers .. so many .. unchartered lanes crossed .. promise of so many loops to be closed .. Kudos team .. u got the sense of intrigue back .. NOW .. hoping the drama .. which is much needed to see this track through .. is also as high octane as the intrigue u have managed to create .. OH .. OK OK .. phangurls like me .. why should we worry .. romance is their ( 4 lions)  genre .. that they excel in . SO .. with the Promise of explosive .. Hot romance on its way .. i would say .. lets sit back .. grab the popcorn .. & catch the wonderful story of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? unfold .. 


Today guys .. i am not going to do a pause release ... but will want to nudge u towards the biggest take away  in the episode today .for me .. . which will flow through in tomorrows episode as well .. 



TIME : 8:00 PM

 RAIZADA HOUSE .. 28th February 2012 

Yes supposed to be Khushi's "MuH Dikhayi"  the day the world hearlded her as the NEW RAIZADA BAHU ...

The last time around when there was a "MUH DIKHAYI " ceremony in Raizada house .. the society was there to witness the NEW bahu being thrust upon them .. the now launching .. Arnav Singh Raizada's WIFE  moment .. 

That day .. the society of people gathered .. raised aspersions on the whole reason for a shot gun wedding .. the society expressed shock . they attended a wedding in this very house .. but of another brother .. only fair to assume if there was a marriage to be had . why dint it happen together .. The society asked .. WAS THERE A BIG REASON .. for the shot GUN wedding .. 

All valid questions .. ?? 
But .. at that time .. what was done was a stunned family stood there .. letting the aspersions being cast on KHUSHI .. a KHUSHI .. every one in the family lOVED & LOOKED UP TO .. but they stood silently back .. & stuttered thots in their minds .. 

At that TIME .. we had MR. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA .. walk up .. & proudly proclaim ... YES CLAIM .. KHUSHI is his wife .. A Raizada bahu ..NOW if you go back to the scene .. u will see .. he walks up .. says his piece .. walks ALONE .. & goes away after saying his piece .. 

  .. YES the SOCIETY accepts her . ... but does the family .. later on .. the whole group of family members again gang up on KHUSHI .. once again Arnav comes up .. Says .this is a legal wedding .. & u have to accept the same .. walks away .. leaving KHUSHI .. alone .. 


Yet another Muh Dikhayi of Khushi .. yet another .. matriach prima dona .. is here to see the new bahu .. & yet again .. Khushi is berated .. insulted .. NOT ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE FAMILY .. as the WIFE OF MR. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA .. 

Yet another instance .. when the family .. stood back .. stuttering with their thots .. too scared to voice the reality .. 

Yes the heart bled for KHUSHI .. the reluctant bahu & wife .. 

BUT now to the most important part of the episode the pre cap .. if u caught it .. ( sure u wud'nt have missed it ) .. u saw Arnav walk BACKWARD .. when dadi .. insults KHUSHI & refuses to acknowledge her .. HE THEN HOLDS HER HAND .. & WALKS FORWARD ... 

This is the BIG DIFFERENCE .. the first time .. too Arnav stood up for Khushi .. but was it really for Khushi .. or his EGO .. the ego which questioned on being questioned .. 

IT WAS HIS DECISION to get married . & he did it .. he did not want anyone elses .. interference .. NOT  EVEN KHUSHI MATTERED .. 
BUT today .. yes .. Arnav cares two hoots for society .. BUT TODAY  THE ONE EQUATION CHANGED IS .. HE CARES ABOUT KHUSHI .. 

It wasnt the EGO of Arnav .. finally .. the LOVE & PRIDE SPOKE .. finally the marriage got solemnised .. yes one of the 7 vachans is .. we will walk together .. & we will face all problems & obstacles together .. 



Ok .. Now lets go to the scene where Khushi is planting the rose plant i loved the simple scene that it was .. but yet again the brilliance was in the simplicity of message .. 

On fridays episode .. u saw Arnav .. accept the REAL KHUSHI .. the woman who was a commoner .. BUT to him the MOST SPECIAL PERSON .. Arnav accepted that Khushi .. warts & all .. apologised to her .. & finally embraced the QUEEN OF HIS HEART .. 
On Friday we got .. Khushi ..  embracing Arnav as well.. accepting his apology & accepting his LOVE .. she made him her KING OF HEARTS .. 

Today .. we get the first scene of Khushi . in the garden planting a rose tree .. Brilliant way to show .. YES .. TODAY KHUSHI HAS ALSO ACCEPTED ARNAV ..  THORNS & ALL .. she has embraced the man fully .. if he can live with her Salman Khan poster ( did u note .. arnav's version of the poster was not shirtless ) then she has today embraced his hobby .. or essentially the MAN .. who is Arnav Singh Raizada .. a beautiful person incredibly nice .. BUT . ridden with thorns .. 
A soft inside .. but a thorny crusty outside .. 

Khushi today not only embraced this Arnav  .. but .. promised to nurture his family ..another one of the 7 vachans .. 



 The other scene that touched me today was the one where .. one sees Khushi with Payal .. in the kitchen .. they both discussing the debacle of Dadi ... not acknowledging Khushi as the bahu .. or rather .. demeaning Khushi to a common servant ...

Yet again when it came to crunch time .. Payal stood back .. stuttered .. like the last muh dikhayi .. 
BUT the most heart wrenching part was KHUSHI .. one step forward .. & 2 steps back .. the woman .. who was finally accepting .. her love .. tonite was once again rudely jolted back .. 

Till now it was Anjali .. who was the firm barrier in her moving into arnav's arms .. now that cleared.. & we have Dadi .. who is here to cast a shadow on the lovers .. 
"The layers .. of Arnav .. what makes him what he is .. have yet to be unmasked for Khushi .. hence it was important for the makers to show .. that KHUSHI has accepted him thorns & all "

BUT .. this time around .. Arnav will know what he is up against .. the poor guy need not hit in the dark .. on Khushi's angst .. SO .. bitwa will come to the POINT ... he will make & give her as promised .. the title of Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada .. 


The entire episode for me had a shadow cast on it .. the shadow of the past .. & the shadow of the future .. 

A past which as we know when will open .. will sorely test the lovers bond .. 
The future as we know .. wants to break the lovers bond  .. 


As i end tonite .. i want to leave you behind with some .. yep u guessed it .. 

Points to Ponder : 

1. The Malik to Singh Raizada .. this was the big change moment in the lives of Arnav & Anjali .. what do u think is this the battle of the 2 identities now ?

2. Shyam Manohar Jha .. the omnipresent shadow .. do we see him come back to the fold .. more lethal than before .. Will Arnav .. let this happen ?

3. Khushi & Arnav .. their love .. is solemnised by the stars they so worship .. will this Legal wedding .. take a decided ceremonial wedding take as well ?

4. Khushi is Arnav's Future .. but .. as we have seen on the 5th promo released .. what is it in their past .. that joins them .. ( this is just for speculation .. please .. i am not predicting here ) 


Gud nite .. & CU AT THE IPKs 

PS: yes i left the dadi & Anjali scene for tonite .. i will revist this when the time is right .. Big smile yea yea ( CLIFF HANGAR ) 



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live with the recap

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i know many of us dint like the episode... because as far as we are concerned any non arshi episode is not worth watching... now aren't we turning into spoilt brats?
so this post is dedicated to all the bashers
"all rabba veys n no story makes ipkknd a trp disaster" always remember this..
so presenting u my split personality takes on this episodeWink we have a lot more loop holes to close... n rabba vey is not going is not going anywhere...after all khushi accepted today

                                               "maine pyaar kiya"

vm for the evening ladies

Smile.angel understands that barun was on ASR had to be missing for  most part of the episode.. atleast no body double rabba veys..Embarrassed aint it better tat we get the real deal... once barun is back?
Smileas dadi is a main character who is to bring a lot of changes n past out in the open ... an episode dedicated to her was kinda we know her character well..
SmileAsr was very rude to people of lower income/class...infact how many times have we seen him insulting khushi because of her status? hari prakash will vouch for me.. so why dadi bashing guys? she is ASRs dadi.. asr is in love with khushi not dadi... so...Wink
Smilewhen khushi opens the door..anji asks her wats has anji forgiven khushi n cares about her?
SmileNK stood up for khushi again proving what a gem he isEmbarrassed...
Smileanji and dadi hug... n her promise to anjali tat she ll make everything ok...beautifully executed... angel noticed tat anjali never said anything bad about shyam.. she just wants everything to be fine
Smile and the most important scene for me tonight..khushi finally said.."jis insaan sey hum itna pyaar kartey hai"...last time shyam provoked her..this time she is just having a monologue..Heart
Smile arnvs's shocked expression after seeing his dadi after a long time.. priceless.. he was living the past there..


enough of the love showered!!! lets let back to business...Evil Smile

1.Evil Smile vamp is in love with mami... wow... wat a snobbish ****.. wow .!!.. don even miss  1 single opportunity we... just forgot ur great beginnings huh??? phati bloujjjAngry
Evil Smile  khushi u cant always slip n expect arnavji to be there to pick you up... careful babes..
Evil Smile payal babes u need to take it easy... why are u so flustered around everybody???? n when will u start getting dialogues? woh ,..hum...woh... seriously drives me madAngry
Evil Smile khushi bitiya when dadi made it clear she doesn't  like you...what makes you think tat you can have a small chit chat with her about arnav jees bachpan????
Evil Smile and where is the do chammach saffron mamiji asked u to put in the milk? forgot huh... no wonder she sent ya back...
Evil Smile anji you are so smart ... now u are clinging to dadi... u liar u!!!
dint even mention her for the 1whole year that i ve known ya... n u said u missed her ... "hamne aapko kitna yaad kiya???ConfusedConfused hamesha aapki kami humey mehsoos hoti thi??"- ya rightLOL

Evil SmileHeart i ve left dadiji in the end so that i can welcome her properly...
bhelcomes dadiji... bhelcomes...Hug... so u are going to be the trp saans of our bechaari khushi? great...
u really thought our khushi is a "naukar" ??? let my asr listen to this... he ll personally drop u off to tat Ashram from where u came.. chatai included!!Angry

is this what u learnt in asharm for 14 long years? which baba's ashram were you staying at??? i ve my doubts..Confused Wink
u asked manorama to do shudhikaran after touching the pooja ki thaal... n u passed the thaal to her... what about ur shuddikaran babes?
me n angel are having a debate on who will love u more...Wink

**Starsmall notes to:
  swati chitnis- i dont know about the serials you ve worked in before... but my dear .. ipkknd is a completely different ball game... pls dont say that i dint warn you... pls close all your twitter, facebook n email accounts...till you accept khushi as ur bahu... or atleast till u initiate the remarriage..
p.s. never interrupt a rabba vey.. in case u do... then
contact manu and rana for excellent security services...

PH- another grey wig huh? chalo one body double less on the sets.. now dadi and nani can play bd/bdLOL

cvs- khushi slips and falls on dadi... if this was our
rabba vey ration for the day...i swear u ll get it AngryAngryAngry

wait for tmrw... it wil be great!!!

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                              ******** Payal's post*********

Battle Lines Are Being Drawn……………………

With the arrival of Dadi in the Raizaada household a new twist has been added to the story!!! Is this the picture of things to come???? The Raizaadas Vs. The Maliks???

Dadi is being shown as a strict matriarch who has her own sets of rules & a way of living. She scares a usually muhfat mami so much, that by keeping quiet, she unintentionally lies about Khushi. Now dadi thinks Khushi is a maid in the house when in fact she is her grand daughter-in-law, her Arnav's wife!!! Due to this misunderstanding dadi has been treating Khushi with disrespect!! 

Dadi is shown as a very self-respecting lady, when she realises that she has inadvertently being mistreating Khushi , her ego might get hurt……………this could lead to a very strained relationship between dadi & Khushi in the future!!!

Anjali's expressions on seeing her dadi & her hug felt like she had found her anchor, an ally who would bring back her happiness.

For the first time ever we saw Anjali openly expressing her feelings to someone. Till now we've seen everyone concerned about her, but she hasn't confided in anybody about what she is feeling!!! She lays her head in her dadi's lap for comfort & support.

Dadi notices Anjali & the family's reaction on mentioning 'damadji'……………she goes to find out what's happening from Anjali.

Please notice the conversation between Anjali & dadi. Anjali tells dadi that, 'sab bigad gaya…….her carefully threaded world has collapsed all around her, kutch bhi sahi nahi hai………….nothing is right in her world. Aap kyon chale gaye they, humesha aapki kami humey mehsoos hoti thi dadi…………..why did u leave, I've always felt ur absence '; and dadi promises, 'ab apki dadi wapas aa gayi hai,sab kutch theek ho jayega………… that I'm back everything will be allright', to which a visibly ecstatic Anjali asks, 'sach dadi…………..truly dadi?'

What does dadi's promise to her grand daughter mean?

1. Does this herald the re-entry of Shaym in RM, on behest of dadi, for a pregnant Anjali's happiness?

2. Will dadi be made aware of complete truth about Shyam's departure from RM?

3. Will dadi also hold Khushi responsible for Anjali's unhappiness?

4. How will dadi's arrival affect a budding Arnav-Khushi relationship?             


Points worth mentioning:

a)      The Malik genes in terms of akad & the word 'aukat' have raised its head again.

b)      Loved NK for being a true sakha of Khushi, first for taking mamiji to task about lying about Khushi's position in the RM, & then trying to clarify the situation to dadi.

c)       Loved Payal's effort to console Khushi & then giving ideas to resolve the MU.

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Sorry guys very short update on pointers which I feel was there for us to see & things I liked - 

> Khushi referring to rose bud blooming to Anji's baby - so hopefully we get to see baby bump in coming days D'oh or will this wither Confused

> Khushi embracing Arnav's hobby... protecting & nurturing his plants in his absence (when kidnapped) & also now when he is around like she will be always with him to safeguard him & his family from all storms.  

> Daadi entering with some past secrets & perhaps get the storm to door step of RM Shocked

> Daadi being instrumental in re-marriage of Arnav & Khushi Smile hopefully Wink

> Anji having another person on her side to pamper as though she had less people in queue in RM  Dead

> Daadi playing important role in getting back Shyam to RM Angry

> Will Daadi join the band wagon headed by Anji that Chotte is no more the same Ouch (as per precap) 

> Loved NK for standing upto Maami when she did not correct about Khushi's status in RM as bahu & not servant. NK proving again & again that he will be there for her always.

I'm mighty pissed today with Daadi to compare MY Khushi to servant... so leaving this piece from comedy circus abt Kamwali bai's... hope u enjoy it...

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"The past lies upon the present like a giant's dead body."- 

                                                                            Nathaniel Hawthorne " The House of Seven Gables"


A Monday episode without dreamboat ASR to begin with'anticipations galore for a new entry'an Arshiless episode to kickstart another week and to top it off'not so impressive trp's'I can just imagine  the CVs' plight while designing today's episode..And no flim-flam'it was indeed an interesting episode'and if we try to extend our definition of "interesting"beyond the scintillating Arhi scenes'we'll definitely realize that today's episode heralded a new beginning in the lives of our "star-crossed"lovers'


The fan girls have had a field day discussing how this new entry aka Arnav's Dadi..Subhadra Devi will turn out to be throughout the never-ending weekend!!And to be honest..I didn't have any multitudinous expectations from  this woman'But today from the first scene to the last scene(Of course before that precap)she boiled my blood'Or I'm a little wrong ..Her characterization rather didn't go down well with me'.The first watch was a disaster but on a second watch'I kind of could grasp what the makers wanted to convey'.


Maliks Vs Raizadas'


The countdown has begun'the bugle has been blown'No am not talking about a war here'Okay..till today..we have seen only two Maliks in this show..Arnav and Anjali'though legally no more Maliks'.and hence we've always assumed them to be Raizadas'But after today's episode'we probably opened a new leaf in the book of life of the Raizada siblings'Daadi begins her taunt with "aukat"'If we go back to the very first episodes'we saw  such similar berating comments'thrown towards Khushi by none other than her beloved Arnavji!!Now it might be genetic'.or it might have something to do "who aurat" who did something that left a bad taste in the mouth of the entire Malik clan'and that caused a 13 year old boy to attain premature manhood!!


Suddenly the storytelling today attained a predigested form 'It was certainly "in your face" and Daadi taunting Khushi and not accepting her as a Raizada bahu was the first step towards remarriage'For those who aren't impressed with the way story seemed to shape up today'Well I know there are many fishes in the sea and maybe some other way could have been taken and this "untouchability"issue could have been avoided..But I guess this track was important for Khushi and somehow it is also  important for Arnav to realize that in his absence and without a proper marriage'his beloved may come across more such obstacles'In a word'a clean remarriage in on the cards and Arnav has to oblige'Wink


Daadi and Khushi'.


I'm not smart enough to deduce every single aspect of this equation just after one episode'Apparently she is not happy with servants serving or food and servants roaming about the "Puja-Ghar"'But even as a lay viewer'I could observe a special look of "loathing"as she talked to Khushi'as if it brought back some  memories talking to a beautiful,young 'naukrani''It is to be seen how this relationship progresses,if it has any significance with their past or is she another shallow character..just a replacement of "saas"for Khushi'But I do hope'for once I'm not wrong and she plays an interesting part'




Well no complaints here..I suppose..A loving and strict Daadi..Not an indulging grandmother as Naani'Instead of protecting the fragility of her namby-pamby grand daughter..she declares.."Ab sab theek ho jaayega.."She is a strong woman and she's here to fix the situation!!Anjali too seemed to found a solace in her arms..Daadi hasn't been a part of RM for a long time and is kind of free from the MU reeking all over the place'And she is a connection to her happy and carefree childhood spent like any other kid in Lucknow'No wonder Anjali wasn't able to hold herself together!!To see Daadi-Arnav equation..we might have to wait till tomorrow!!




"Take bread away from me, if you wish,

take air away, but

do not take from me your laughter."

PABLO NERUDA, "Your Laughter"


The Man rises again'Not only the precap was the sole feel-good factor of the entire episode'The scene had a special significance'As Daadi once again stops Khushi from entering her sanctum sanctorum..Arnav moves backward to stand right beside her'.If Khushi is not given her rights'in no way will Arnav continue to bask  in the tender warmth of his grandmother's affection'Khushi is his wife and every single person in the society has to well accept the fact'..and respect her just as ASR's wife should be respected as!!Embarrassed


For the people'who with every single ASR's action are concluding or are hoping that this is the start of a certain redemption track..Then once again I'm sorry to burst your bubble'.The CV's aren't playing that card..not today'in fact never'"Redemption" of ASR started long back and is still continuing'Every single gesture of ASR expressing guilt or love for Khushi is a motif of his redemption'.ASR is an expeditious learner and he's learning fast and he's still in the process of becoming a husband'.but his "redemption" is sadly included in his lessons'It might miss any untrained eye'it's our fault then..But the makers when creating the character created a framework and going by that framework'..ASR redeems himself just like ASR would do'with his usual lan and if that can't satisfy the viewers..then I guess we could never understand this character and somehow the fault lies with us,not the makers!!Ouch

In a word...interesting episodes awaits us IPK land...Past,present and future have been strung together...The curtains just needs to be raised!!Thumbs Up


A special note for the Gul Khan from a fan'.Big smile


I have immense faith in your style of story-telling.Your simple story resonates with poignant touch of varied human emotions and not to mention your idea of is unique and poised'Your characters are layered and flawed and your story sublime'.Everything that needs to build up a niche audience!!


But it is sad that in a country like India'more than subtle storytelling'trp,poularity,revenue matters'.and hence comes the question of compromising with the storyline'Even a born- storyteller like Sanjay Leela Bhansali had to compromise with his story,his brainchild under popular demand'.And we can definitely understand the pressure that low trp's build on a team of a daily soap'.


But I will make a small request'please stick to the meat and potatoes of the storyline'I know the story is simply fine'But in order to combat trp pressure..I hope you do not give up your creative wand'I know if you or anyone from your PH reads this..he/she'll get my point'Take it as a request or an advice'your wish but do stick to the basics'..That's the need of the hour!!Embarrassed



I also wanted to touch execution but then my post would be a "little"long..also am sleepy'it's half past midnight!!So maybe the next day that I write!!

Sorry for the typos...Don't know if I made any sense today...But I'm pretty much inspired by the great writers we have here and So I penned down my thoughts after 2 episodes!!

PS:Sorry that I can't comment for every single post here...separately...But I seriously admire the write-upsClapand go through all of them...Ruby,Ritzy,Madhy,Beens,Sarita,Payaal,Aditi,Sumi,Megz,Lizzy and I'm sorry anyone I missed...Embarrassed

Also I stole the pic from Payaal's post...Have developed a special something for the picEmbarrassed

Love and peace


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