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PYAR KE EHASAS -thread 1 note on pag-50 (Page 4)

mansi.tripathi Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
nice concept 
continue soon

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rsusmita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
updating today , 
rsusmita IF-Rockerz

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It is still one hour left for the sun to set

One car was speeding from the high way, but it controlled its speed after coming to the village limits

The person driving the car suddenly controlled his speed was enjoying the outside view, he switched of his ac, and took the car glasses down ,

The air is fresh, he feeling the  fresh air, he took long breaths as if enjoying the fresh  aroma ,

There were farm lands either side of the road, he could hear the temple bells ringing

The temple is situated on a small hill, ,some about 50-75 steps are there, he parked the car near the gate, and started the taking the steps, when he reached the hilltop,

He was lost in the scenic beauty, it was almost the time of sunset,there was small pond near the temple, first he went into the temple to take a quick  darshan of Krishna

Pujari saw him, there, he took the arti tahli, and did arthi for the god,

Maan beta when you came from Mumbai

Abhi ,abhi...I did not go to house , I have to go

Everything is fine a maan beta

Ha pujariji...

He took arathi from the thali and went to sit near the pond

He loves that place, many memories are there attached to this place, he sat quietly  as if enjoying the calmness and peaceful of the place he was there  till the sun set and afterwards went down and started his journey  towards the  mansion

Savitri devi was pacing in the living room ,she was waiting  for maan to come,

Seeing her, everyone feel like , she  is leading her life happily, but they do not know the ups and downs of her life, losing her  kids , at their young age, bringing up the grand sons , seeing the death of husband , when maan was hardly 20, when maan needed  him most, taking care of the business,  now maan became older  enough to take care of the business, she  is complete retirement from the business and settled  in her  ancestors  house, first maan pressurized   her to come to Mumbai and be with her, but she denied saying that  she want to stay  in that house where her husbands memories are filled , and  she  wants to  die in the same house, where her husband had died, so maan used to for every 2-3  months to see her dadima , now her only aim  in her life is maan marriage, at  any cost she want  her maan marriage


 She has seen one nice girl for maan, in a marriage function, she immediately liked her , she has no one only chacha , chachi,she is having only one sister but she also died  because of ill health ,  so she immediately called maan to come

Now she is waiting  for maan to come

At the same one black car stopped near the gate

Maan entered the room ,

What happened dadima , everything is okay,

Nothing maan you have come see everything will right

But what dadima,, why you called me so urgently

Relax maan beta, just now you came you relax

kali di I want  the coffee, I missed your black coffee,

maan beta go to your room , I will bring it

maan went to his room,he missed  his room here,the fresh air coming from the windows, there was big swing in the balcony facing to the garden, he sat quietly on the swing , deeply thinking about something

at the same dadima entered the room she saw maan sitting quietly on the swing, she went there  and gave coffeepot

what happened dadima, why you brought , kalidi is not there,

no maan beta, I want to talk to some thing that is why I called you here

I have taken one decision, I feel happy if you accept it

Tell me dadima, I will do it

See maan I fixed marriage , I will be marry that girl, I have selected for you

Hearing the word'.the cup in his hand slightly shivered

See maan the girl is very good, very beautiful, your pair will be good, she is best person in your life

But maan was not listening to her words, he was slowly sipping his coffee, as if enjoying it

Maan why you are not replying

What should I talk now, why you called me for this purpose, you  would told this news in phone itself, why called me unnecessarily, you know how much busy I was , with work, i cancelled all my meeting for coming here, work can stop  maan

This is also important work, it is about your life , if this alliance is fixed, you have to marry her


Then why you called me for this , you would have talked me on the phone, you would called me directly after fixing the date


Then why you called dadima, nakul take my car outside tell driver  not    to park  in the shed  I will go


There was no reply from nakul

Nakul is not there

Why'. Where he went

I sent to girl house'..

To tell them that maan will come to see the girl

Suddenly maan felt very angry on his dadima, he sat on the bed not knowing what to do


But they want to see you,the girl has already seen your photo

The girl has  already seen photo ,

who gave her my photo. Why' and how

I only gave the photo, she came to here, , I only invited them, she saw  this photo, she pointed put the photo frame where maan and dev were standing  dev was keeping his hand on maan shoulders, , she saw this photo, this room she liked that swing

Maan got irritated to that news, that some unknown girl has come into his room, and sat on his swing, he got more irritated, when dadima was unnecessarily giving the certificate  that the girl is very good

Dadima why cannot you understand  I have to develop our company,  I  cannot fulfill the responsibility of a husband now, why cannot you understand me

Dadima was feeling bad for his irritation, her eyes became moist with  water

Seeing this maan really felt very bad, okay dadima   thre is no need to go and see there, if you have photo I will see,

Dadima felt very happy listening to his words

Maan I will show you photo, she immediately open his bed drawer

Dadima what you are doing

Maan you asked the photo  I am showing it ,

Dadima how could you keep other girls photo in my room

Maan was feeling irritated, how could dadima can keep a stranger photo in his room

I did  not like her

What maan without seeing how can you tell that see, everyone will laugh at us, see how beautiful she is, if she stand s besides you will look like a perfect couples

Saying she was showed him photo

But was maan was in his mood he was not showing any interest in seeing photo he just throwed the photo on the bed

Seeing this mood of the maan dadima felt very bad,

She started to cry why maan , at least see the photo and tell  the opinion why you are doing like this

At the same time , maan saw the photo lying on the bed, he ws shocked seeing her

My god what dadima is telling about her

Is this true or I am dreaming,for the last 2 years whom I am searching  for is before him,

Dadima is still crying

He slowly went near her

Dadima ' he called her

Dadima   how you know about this girl, where  they stay

He is trying to control himself and behave normally before  her 

Sukanaya  my friend you know her, , her grand daughter friend , she is  her friend , I saw in her marrraige,

She lost her parents in her childhood, recently her sister also dies because of ill health, she is now al alone ,  she is searching for some job,

Maan do not reject her, she is good in every aspect and   she is having all the qualities , what I thought  

Dadima  I do not want to hurt, but I have some problems

Seeing the photo

Okay dadima I will go and see the girl tomorrow

Dadima face lightened hearing these words

You know her name

Her name is geet' so nice name

You wait here maan I am bring something to eat, feeling very happy listening to his grandson words,

Maan was staring at the photo

From the last 2 years how he searched for her, even his lawyers could not trace her

He lay down on the bed , and was thinking

How he meet her and all of sudden she disappeared, in the  thin air,

From the last 2 years how she hunted in his dreams, how his lawyers were searching for her ,but they could not trace her, she came and brought storms  in his life and went away , how could she agree  to marry him,

He is feeling irritated, angry and frustration on geet decision, he was  staring at the  geet photo

How could geet can take like this decision, after coming to this room, seeing his and dev photo ,he was restlessly moving on the bed

Geet. He still  remembered the first day when  he meet her

  precape:    past   geet and maan first encounter





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mansi.tripathi Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Nice update...
good start...
maan was looking for geet

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 5:59am | IP Logged
part 1
nice part...
Maan was looking for Geet since 2 years?
cont soon dear...

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anuandavi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Please update.
Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 4:14am | IP Logged
nice update
rsusmita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:44pm | IP Logged





When he was in board meeting ,dev called him and told he will coming to Mumbai the next day and told him to arrange for good house to live

Maan  lost in dev thoughts

Maan and dev were both cousins, his father and his mother were siblings,

Lekin bua  did love marriage and went away from the house, both  his grand parents became very angry for this  ,especially dadima

When he was 10 years he remembered ,that day

Bua came back with dev ,his maa did a big issue for this, she cannot stay in this anymore , then dadima suggested them stay here and they took bua and dev to their village and settled in their ancestral   house

In vacation he used go there and play with dev,

Dadima used pressurizes bua   for remarriage, and never help to solve  the couple misunderstanding, dev loves his dad very much , he knows that dadima does  not  loves his father, so always he tries to irritate her... not able to take pressure , bua took the extreme step of suicide

Dev father also died due to illness ,

There were no one take care of him   other than dadima , do not why dev and dadima always used fight with each other, dev likes his father used friendly with each and every one, even he play with servants sons, which dadima  never liked that, and always used to scold him,

dadaji used to shuttle between Mumbai and hoshirapur and take care of business

his  mother    (maan mother )always used busy with the kitty parties and

 outings and dady was busy in expanding the business , when they are at at  home most of time they used to argue

he only felt peace  when he goes  to his village, there he and dev used play a lot , he  used to teach him how to climb the mango trees , how to do swimming  in the  rivers, both  of them used to  go the Krishna temple and stay there till sunset,  a lot of memories were attached to this place ,


about 6 years back he also lost his parents in an accident it was major  stroke for dadji, he tried to live fro us, he know  dev will not help him business and he started training me, but after 3 years due to over stress dadji also died, but before that he made a will that everything will be divided in 2 parts between him and dev

 but dev  never got interested in the business he used  some social work, and dadima was against it, due to this constant fighting ,

suddenly once he came to me

maan I am leaving the house , iam going

what dev what happened, see do  not do like this ,  I have seen nice girl nanintara she is very good marry her,

dev laughed at this word

maan I can never marry, I  cannot be under the control of some one, I do not believe  in marriage, I have  seen

see my  parents did love marriage but what happened ,  a small misunderstanding,  they left each other, and dadima never tried to clear  misunderstanding, and what happened to your parents ,  even they married according to dadima wishes but what happened you know better me, seeing all this  I lost hope in marriage and  I want to be free from this bonding,and maan I am leaving  the house and I do not want to stay with  dadima any more

dev please do not do like this

no maan I have to leave, see even though I leave , will in touch with you , every day I will call you, other than you no one is there is for me

saying that dev left the office

once in while dev used to call him ,and ask to send  money

when he used to send,

prmoptly dev used to reply

maan thanks very much, the money you have sent helped one girl

dev  why are asking the money come here, the company  is as much as yours, why are you are asking for 1-2000 thousand like that .. please come back hear

but dev never listened to him, he used to tell I do want  , this company is yours, it is all your struggle and hard work, that company position is like this ,

he then opened a joint account in the both of their names and send credit cards In the name of dev.

Suddenly he received a call from the dev  asking him to arrange a house , he will coming the next day and will be marrying and he has   to arrange every thing

He   was shocked listening to dev words, but as per  dev he  arranged the house ,

Next day maan became busy with the meeting so he asked his manger suraj  to go and receive  dev and take  him to the farm house which is little bit far away from the city

When  finished the meeting he saw suraj coming

Sir  I received dev sir,  sir along with him there is one girl also , she was looking very beautiful

Maan became very angry with this statement , do not why but he did not like suraj telling about her like that

Suraj immediately stopped seeing the maan  glaring at him,

Sir as you have told I dropped them in farm house

Okay you leave

When maan finished all his work it is was almost night 8, meanwhile he saw his cell phone, there were almost 9-10 missed calls from dev,

Oh my god dev will sure will kill me, it  is better from to go and meet him other wise he will definitely will come here and kill me

He don't why he was feeling some what restlessness in his heart when he was reaching the farm house,his heart beat was moving very fast ,

When he knocked the door , but no one has opened has opened, he asked the security ,any one  there are not in the house

Sir  I have seen the dev sir going out only madam is there , he hesitated ,he thought of going away, but he knows if he goes away dev will definitely scold him, so he gave up the plan and again tried  knocking the door , but no one opened ,

He got frustrated

What the hell , what happened   to the servants , or there no one here, what happened to that lady, is she is queen or want , cannot she take the door

He was about to knock the door, at the same time door opened by one lady

All his frustration has gone seeing her, I think so god has taken more time  in creating her , he was not able to take his eyes from her , her cute lips, the big brown almond eyes,  a very long hair almost touching her hips, his heart beat were increasing, this is the first time happened to  him like this

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