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PYAR KE EHASAS -thread 1 note on pag-50 (Page 111)

SONU_29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2014 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
2 minutes r getting over

rsusmita IF-Rockerz

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rsusmita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2014 at 8:57pm | IP Logged



 Her thoughts are moving like this this train, she did not understand what to do, now ..where to go, how to live...but only the hope is this baby .. atleast for this baby sake she wants  to live ,

What  you are thinking senorita ...

I .. do .. know what to do..

Fresh tears came into eyes..

He can understand her situation...


Come  on geet it is the last station you have get down..

Hmm... vo what is this station name

Bangalore ...

So it is very far from  Mumbai ...

Hmm  very far ...if any one comes for you in searching ,it will very difficult for them to find out

No.. no one will come for me ...iam alone in this world

See geet never tell that any more like this, iam there for you 

She saw his  eyes.. which are showing that he will  be there for her, but can she trust him, what the destiny hold for her in this place she do not know

Now come let go..

Where ..

To my house..

But how can I come there ...

Do you believe me

Hmm .. see now you are such position that you cannot think anything, first you come to house,

But your parents..

My parents ..they will not object and moreover they will  be happy seeing you .

Now come

Geet steps stopped the entrance gate  it was small  individual house not so big like a khuarna mansion,so many thoughts are coming into her brain,  what  will be their reaction,

Priya ..priya open the door there is a surprise for you

Geet  saw a middle aged woman may be around 40-45 years old opened the door.

See pirya who is here

Seeing geet there ..raam  raam ..see what your  son had done..

What happened priya why you are shouting ,now what happed tell me

See your son, he did not told anything to me  aise hi shadi karke ageyahai

How many times I told priya not watch your serials , you  think too much

Now what I did ...

See mom bahut drama.. see how the neighbors are pepping inside , let me come inside , I will  tell you everything

Geet ,  why  are standing at the gate   come inside . ..

Ma she is geet  ...

Geet saw priya ,  she went  and took blessing of her ..

Geet  if you are going behave like this ...sach me unlog ko doubt  ajayega

Kounsa doubt ...she looked at the yash as if not understanding what he is talking

Ohh geet  they are thinking that you are my girl friend and I brought you by marrying

What ...

See  ma I told you, by looking at her expression you can understand that there is nothing between us now relax

Raam saw yash ,he understood something is  wrong and yash is hiding  something ...

Priya  take geet inside the room let  her fresh up we can talk after wards,

Now tell me yash who

Papa .. vo..she is my friend ...

I know all your friends yash ,I never heard geet name in that , so now tell me who she is

Papa vo ..

I do not want you think bad about her, he narrated all the incidents .. how  she did not talk with her , how she tried to attempt sucide .. and her husband had left  her .. and now she carrying   with a  child...

Hearing those words.. raam   hugged yash, I am proud of  you beta...

Do you  know anything about her beta..

Nothing papa  she did not told anything, actually she is such a stage that she is not talking ..anything..

Yash you fresh up and come we will  talk later,

Seeing priya at the door , yash understood that she listened their talks

When priya entered the room  to call geet for dinner she saw geet was near the window staring outside

Geet..geet ..  but geet was  so lost in  her thoughts that she did not hear the priya words

geet came out of her thoughts when priya hands were tapping  on her shoulders

kya hua beta, what you are thinking

kuch nahi aunty vo bas...

It is already late everyone are waiting for you on dinner, come lets go .

No aunty , I do not want to eat ..

geet see yash is waiting for you, come saying that she dragged geet to the dining  room

raam saw geet was playing  with food

geet beta you get ready tomorrow , we will go to the hospital , I  will do check up

ha priya  I was thinking  about that only  , you have to check once geet , tomorrow I will bring hospital once

geet do not give like  that expression, as if iam an alien and talking in alien language ..

actually  I call my mom by name .. and she  is  also doctor a gynecologist

raam saw geet was not talking too much ,even when yash trying to talk

yash , bahut hogayai ye drama , chupa chap khana khalo ...aur kal sube geet ko maa ke pass lekejana teekhai

teekh hai papa..

everyone silently had their dinner ...geet helped priya in the kitchen

when raam entered the room he saw geet was standing near the window, without disturbing her , raam came out the room

how is she...

Priya  geet is just like pari no...


Ha priya , geet pari ki tarah the  same eyes, the same innocent face...tears came from his eyes thinking  about her pari..

Raam you are still thinking about  pari

How can I forgot my pari

Priya came and hugged him as if consoling him..both tried to console each other ...

Yash could not able to hold his tears  when he saw his parents like this,

He quietly went into is room leaving his parents like this

He took his di photo , why akka .. why you left us . see how much I try , to bring the happiness, they are not able to forgot you, tumhari kami me kabhi poora nahi karpavuga,tears are coming from his eyes,

I was fault raam I  could not able to save your pari, even being the doctor I could not able to save her ...why ram  why this happened , kyo meri pari  ko aisa hona tha, kya paap kiya tha main ne , before my eyes how she struggled and died in pain ,

Priya isnot your fault, it also mine khas me vo meeting keliye  mumabi nahi jata to ye sab nahi hota ...because of my absence she was forced to attend that meeting

What can you do raam if you know that it is going happen like this,will you go to Mumbai That day ...

Th Raam is an archeitec he is having small company , he got a nice deal to  expand his business ,at the same time he attend one meeting here for the contract

Papa why you are so much tensed ,you  go to Mumbai and will go the office and attend the company meeting vasie bhi uncle haina muje help karnekeliye ,in future I have take care of your company, that is the reson even I studied aricticect , I want to fulfil your dream

Ha  I know beta you are my  pari...see your brother when I told  to do mba and join in the business, but  he  did mbbs and become doctor like his mother ,

Papa  why you are always behind me, now what  I did , doing mbbs is wrong

No nothing yash , your papa na he is little bit  jealous because you  became doctor

Now why I will  be jelosy , why I should be ,I have my pari who will look after my business ,you are jealous

Now both pari and yash saw how both his parents are busy with  their  pretty quarrels ..

Raam and priya stopped their quarrles hearing laughter

Papa continue , na it is so excited please...please..

Acha tumlog ko acha lagrahe humare ye jagada..wait I will show you, raam started to run behind yash

Ma save me ...yash tried to hide behind priya,

Raam leave it , na...

See seeing your mother face I leaving you, other wise ..

Other wise what .. you know papa you are  not same person you became old , that is why

Priya dekho thumhari ladle ko ..

At the same time pari came ...papa leave it see it is becoming late you have to catch the flight

Ha mere pricess ..but be careful when you attned the meeting sunahi vuska company ka malik rahul is not good person , I heard so many thing about him,

D o not worry papa I will careful , vasi bhi bharat uncle haina ,

Everything seems to well that day, raam went to attend  the meeting  to mumabi and priya and yash went  to hospital, pari went  to office

It  was almost evening when priya returned to house, n between she  got a call from pari saying that she reached the office and from there  she will  be going to attend the meeting in the evening , and from there , she will come directly to the house

It was about 8 still there was no call from pari, when they tried to contact bhart, he told he could not able to attned the meeting  because of some family emergency had come,

Ma do not worry , I will go and check  saying that yash went in search of pari, he tried to contact bharat  to find out where the metting was shecduled .

At the same time priya cell rang,

Ha pari beta kha ho tum, but her talks stopped in middle , it was call from hospital it is a emergency case , and she should attend it

When she entered the hospital , assistants briefed the case, it was accident case, as this hospital is nearby somebody who have seen this accident have joined here,

Priya was shocked seeing pari on operation table ..., pari was shocked in the blood, priya became blank , she do not know what happen, how pari was ended like this, she went to attned the meeting , then how come she is like this what happned to her,

Madam , pulse rate is going down...the nurse tried to gain priya attention ,

Nahi pari kuch nahi hoga ..nahi I am there, see your mama Is there for you , nothing will happen  to you, the blood was flowing, priya tried a lot to control ,  and tried to operate

At the same yaash went to  the place where bharat told the meeting was supposed to happen, ,

He did not understand why the rahul asked to attned the meeting in the hotel,

He called  rahul , and asked about pari where abouts but he declined , saying that she never turned out to the meetings,when he  went to hospital  to meet his mother, but he was shocked when the  nurse told that pari met with the accident and she in critical condition

The next day morning when raam entered the house only the lonely silent glommy house ,

At the same time he got call form yash saying him to come to hospital urgently ,

When he entered he saw the lifeless body of pari,

Pari .. what happned to pari,  why she is like this ,

Yash what happned to pari, why no one is telling me any thing...

Priya .. priya .. she was sitting in one corner of the room just like a life less body

Priya what happned why you are not  answering to my question what happned,

Seeing raam there, priya hugged him and started  crying

They never thought that their pari will leave them like this

 sorry friends for the late update

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Gudiyeet IF-Sizzlerz

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yash parents are lovely Smile
ram tells priya geet same like pari
someone reason for pari death Cry
emotional update

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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oh everybody in Yash's house think Geet as their lost daughter...

what is happening to maan in between...

where is he after throwing Geet out of his life without giving her time for explanation whether she is indeed guilty of deceiving him or not...

very interesting update...

waiting for next part...

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pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice part,,Yash took Geet his home..I think geet going treat as their daughter pari..Why Pari got accident..what happen to her..

What happen to Maan..after Dadi back maybe she tell him truth..

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 February 2014 at 2:41am | IP Logged
priya thinks geet as yash wife..
n knowing about geet they r thinking about their daughter..
lovely family..
no maan..
want to c maan suffer knowing geets truth..

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nice update geet pari

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