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Dekha Ek Khwaab

first fan-made episode

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The baby rays of the early morning sun was playing in her face as Manyata sat by the window lost in her own world of dreams, or may I say sweet realities. She opened her hair allowing them to dance in the breeze as she closed her eyes for a moment and the morning hustle bustle of the palace reached her ears.

Outside Jay was shouting at someone for over ironing her party dress and somewhere beyond her, Vijay bhai was singing loudly. Manyata smiled, her sister and brother would never change and as for Vijay bhai's singing there could be only one reason, Unnati should be here.

If Unnati is here that means, she smacked her forehead surprised at how easily her thoughts slip to him, it wasn't as though she hadn't seen him for a long time. They met each other the other day and spend the whole day together but she couldn't help but admit that as they had moved back to their house hotel to tell you the truth saying something like dhulha dhulhan ek ghar mein shobha nahi deta, she missed seeing him here, and wanted him to change his mind and come back. But no, he won't, Yuvraj Udayveer had never known how to listen. Thinking as she sighed and smiled, in the whole world of royals this was the man she fall in love with and wow! Now she can't keep her thoughts away from him she thought to herself

Slightly her memory pushed her towards sweetest memories of the past few days and she got lost in them as usual.

**Flash back**

"Can I please know where we're going princess?"

Uday asked for the tenth time, trying to figure out where Manyata's driver was taking them, Manyata on the other hand was quite enjoying the restless Uday and thought to tease him further by ignoring, she said nothing and kept staring out of the window quite fondly.


They were still ruled by the busy roads of Mumbai and the evening was wrapping around them, Manyata watched the normal life what she called it on both sides of the road, and soon forgot that actually she was doing this to tease Uday.

The car stopped at the signal lights and she watched a little girl walking hand in hand with her mom, dressed in a white frilly dress and red roses in her curly chocolate brown hair.

Uday who clearly wasn't ever trained to be ignored had enough by now,


"She's beautiful" Manyata said lost in her own world,

Uday closed the screen dividing driver seat and the back seat and pulled Manyata who was innocently staring at the girl towards him,

"Now I know what to give you this birthday" He said huskily with a mischievous gleam in his eyes and a smirk twisting his lips, "But we'll have to start nine months or so before your birthday so what say princess'"

"Chee!" Manyata said struggling against his hold, "kutte! kamine! khasmanu khane!"

"Whoa whoa" Uday said leaning in, "I was talking to Yuvrani Manyata I guess, where does this jungli billi turned up from?"

"From the same place you brought Yuvrani Manyata!" Manyata snapped,

Uday said nothing for a moment he watched her eyes gleam in the setting sun slowly caressing her cheek and dived to kiss her neck, Manyata closed her eyes as his lips touched her skin,

"Missed you jangli billi" Uday breathed in her ear, and kissed just below it, "I was getting bored of yuvrani Manyata"

"Achcha bachchoo" Manyata frowned, "So yuvrani Manyata's boring huh?"

"Yeah" Uday said smirking again, "And look till now she doesn't know I'm dating my jungli billi too"

Those words had done it Manyata was super angry as she pocked her finger in his chest, it was surprising how she managed it as they were only millimeters apart,

"Don't you ever dare cheat me Yuvraj Udayveer Singh!"

He kissed her collarbone again,

"And what would you do if I did cheat you?"



Break time guys ...go n grab some snacks Wink


At this Manyata looked into his eyes, there was a new kind of gleam in them, a mature look a look of a royal lady, there was a pause in which Uday admired his princess, the one he had turned in to a princess, and then she said,

"Yuvrani Manyata will die" She said slowly still looking for her reflection in his eyes,

Uday hugged her tightly his eyes turned moist,

"Itna pyaar karti ho hum se?"

"You wrote her destiny Uday" Manyata said still hugging him and placing her head on his shoulder, "She's your reflection isn't she, if you're not here neither will she"

Uday stroked her hair and sighed,

"Forgive me princess, bato hi bato mein tume rula diya"

She smiled at him,

"Only you have the right to do that" She said, "No one else dares to speak so with me"

"Achcha?" Uday asked watching her with pride, "You really have grown up princess"

"Haan jab tum nahi hothe toh I keep growing up" Manyata said rolling her eyes,

"And your highness this is your punishment! Three days! Three days you weren't picking up your phone!"

"Wo princess kuch important'"

"Mujhe nahi sunna!" Manyata snapped, "I don't like reasoning"

"Do you talk like this with you subjects?" Uday asked caressing her cheek again, he had an urge to kiss her but thought better of it as Manyta was already very angry.

"Haan nahi toh" Manyata puffed, and Uday laughed.

"But princess" he said leaning in again, their noses brushed each other, "Keep your haan nahi toh locked up somewhere especially for your king"

"Ohh really??" Manyata rolled her eyes at him, "And what does my king has locked up for me?"

He kissed her right cheek,

"His soul,"

He kissed her left cheek,

"His heart"

He kissed her eyes that had closed hiding the feelings he was invoking inside her,

"I'll tell you the rest once we're locked up together" He laughed softly in her ear and his breathing brought a tangling feeling alive inside her soul,

"Hatt, veda kahin ka"

She said pushing him as they had already reached their destination. The surprise Manyata had planned for him.

***end of one flashback***

"Jiji are you alive or not?" Jay asked in a super angry tone.

And Manyata blinked innocently at her getting up from the window sill,

"How can she be alive Jay bhai?" Vijay bhai winked at her, "yeh toh Udayveer ke pyaar mein kab ki shaheedh hogai, I tell you"

Ignoring his words Manyata turned to Jay,

"What were you saying Jay?"

Jay held out two dresses for Manyata to see, one was red and the other was black,

"What do you think?" She asked, "Black yaa red?"

"Why are you asking me all of a sudden?" Manyata asked surprised,

"Because'" Jay begun,

"I told her to" Uday said leaning casually against the door,

"You did?"



Break time again...will be back soon Wink


As they were busy looking at each other Vijay winked at jay and both slipped out of the room,

"Irada kya hain jamai sa?" Manyata asked imitating her mother,

"Apko bhagane ka" uday said pulling her towards to his arms wrapped around her waist, he placed his chin on her shoulder and watched their reflection in the spotless mirror,

"Really?"  Manyata asked also looking at their reflection and reading his expression,

"Really really"

 "Then I should call my security"

With a swift movement Uday pinned her to the wall, and closed her mouth with his hand, at his touch she closed her eyes as usual,

"Hum rajwade hain princess, apni dhulhan utta leijate hain"

"Bada aaya dhulhan utta laijane wala!" Manyata said rolling her eyes, as he let her speak, "Do you think I'll get afraid of you?"

"Oh don't you?" Uday asked and his eyes gleamed as he leaned in, Manyata closed her eyes sensing his breath burning her lips,

"Ahem ahem" A voice said in their ears and in a moment he released her,

It was Unnati  with a smirk very similar to her brother's.

"Bhabi sa, have you seen the rocket that reach Jupiter recently?"

"No Unnati" Manyta said casually,

"Well don't worry too much" Unnati smirked again, "Your love story's faster than that"

Laughing she ignored the daggers Uday was throwing at her and sit on the bed, both Uday and Manyata was speechless at this,

"What?" Unnati asked raising her eyebrows, "You two carry on don't let me disturb you"

"Do you want me to call dad choti?" Uday asked in a cute voice, "And tell him you're too close to Vijay banna these days?"

Manyata had a hard time not to laugh at the look on Unnati's face,

"Oh I'm going dada, I saw nothing" She went away smashing a vase as she went her eyes closed.

"Get ready soon princess" He said letting her go, "And I don't mind whether black or red"

"But where are we going?"

"Ah uh" Uday said his fingers wondering over her shoulder, "Now I won't tell you that will I?"

His fingers moved down her arm,

"You teased me so much yesterday princess now I'll tease you a bit"

"But.." Manyata started protesting,

"Shhh" He said kissing her below the ear, "Now get ready please"


Manyata felt self-conscious as she looked at herself in the western dress that kissed her body like some second skin. She wasn't used to this kind of dresses that  it was hard to recognize her reflection in that black shoulder-less dress   and she wonderd what could Uday be possibly planning for tonight, when the car finally stopped.

Uday hasn't come to pick her up, he had already left when she got ready and had sent the driver for her, and this didn't encourage things as she was already feeling like a fool listening to jay and Vijay's remarks on her beauty.

He held the door open for her and stretched out his hand in welcome. Not that she needed any help in stepping out but as a true princess she held in to his hand softly as she joined him, and linked her arm with his.

Both stood there for a moment in silence and letting their eyes do the talking. Two equals, two lovers and two royals were taking each other into notice,

"You look beautiful" He said after a moment,

His warm hand touched her cheek for a moment,

"That I feel like the luckiest in the world"

She smiled at him,

"Why are we here Uday?"

"This is my world Manyata and soon it'll be yours too"

There was nothing unusual, it was one of the Jaygar palace hotels, but she hadn't seen this one and there was something strange in its air. They stepped into the escalator that took them upwards, both hand in hand and still not breaking the silence.

In her heart Manyata was wondering what was it that Uday wanted to show her here, and why did he wanted to change her'what was waiting for them outside?

And as the double doors opened her jaw dropped.

They were facing a wide area with glass walls, there was nothing but glasses, glasses that reflected the candles which were burning, mixing their aroma to the air that surrounded them. They were high over the Mumbai and very close to the skies; Manyata took a deep breath in and felt his fingers wondering across her shoulders again,

"So princess, do you like it?"

She turned around and put her arms around his neck, her eyes moist,

"Can everyday be just like this one?" She asked slowly,

"No," Uday said bending down to kiss her forehead, "They keep getting better and better"

Taking her hand he led her to the little table set for two,

"Ab toh aap samaj hi gayi hongi ke why I brought you here tonight"

Manyata shook her head looking confused,  

"Arre baba, app ko propose karne hain" he said smiling at her innocence, "Properly"

He held her hands in his and kissed them,

"Like a royal"


Thank you for readin . Its the end of todays epi Smile

Precap - "now give me the privilege and honor to put this ring in your finger" Uday took a Diamond Ring out 

second epi

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guys pls like n comment if it is good...
episode written by cham42195 and edited by vampire12345678

thanks to our team -

plot makers -
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Its awesome...
Countinue soon.."...Smile

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wow man u guys r too good... giving a break n all.. LOLLOL
love u all a lot.. missing dek a lot.. written episodes s an awesome idea..

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lol thoda galat ho gya tha...

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Anjalika if this is the first episode, I'm sure I gonna die as the episode keeps progressingEmbarrassed. Love it to the coreClap, thanks for the effort that the whole team as put in coming up with the fan made episodes, I really appreciate that Hug. Aab lagta hai saare murad pure honge Manveer ke.Wink

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not fair!!! itni jaldi break kaise ho sakta hain yaar??? come back...come back!!!...COME BACK!!!

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