Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF: Femme Fatale (3): Chap 20 pg 119 (19/6) (Page 77)

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Originally posted by EimenEnchanted

Great time ahead ! :D

Definitely WinkEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Koolsmile

This Geet os really something Different Wink
Waiting for boss' next move Wink

LOL glad you think so! LOL

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Originally posted by girlz-rule

@maan-ki-sanjana: Awesum n fantastic!!!!Smile

Thanks dear! Big smile

Originally posted by kiran_rati

add me to ur pm list
cont soon

Thanks Kiran! Big smile
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Originally posted by tehzeeb25

thnx 4 pm

Thanks dear! Big smile

Originally posted by -afsha-

Geet n her tezz tongue Malfunction hehehehe

Thanks Afsha! LOL

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Originally posted by mandymore

woww awsome prt...change n plan to save him bt hurt him tooOuch

thanks dear! Big smile
Well, she is doing it for him...

Originally posted by MeghPiyashi

awesome part..

Thanks Piyashi! Big smile
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Femme Fatale

Chapter Eighteen

Locked away



Rules for agents 18:


Love can be faked



She felt like she was living in a palace at times and at other moments it would like a dungeon. Geet was precious amongst all the courtesans; they petted her and looked after her. Yet she wasn't one of them, there was a sense of isolation.


Amongst the young girls, Lisette was the one she was closest to. Lisette would tell her stories, some inappropriate but they were spoken with good intentions. Lisette told Geet about her past life, how once upon a time she was called Lata and was a small village girl. She told Geet how a bad man had taken advantage of her and she had no other choice but to come here.


"Geet what I want you to understand is that we can never wait for someone to rescue us" Lisette told the tiny girl whose body was curled next to hers. "Learn to look after yourself because a day will come when there will be no one around you"


And even at a young age Geet had taken those words to heart. She continued on her training with Yash Uncle. But concurrently she learnt the subtle ways to fight; how a lady should walk, how to bring everyone's attention to oneself or how to disappear even in a crowd. The courtesan's taught her all that; showing her the subtleties of their trade without the glaringly obvious one.


 But oneday she was forced to face the reality of what happens there.


Kumar Nandurkar, a MP,  was a regular patron and an excessively rich one. But none of the girls were fond of him. Madame Le Blanc was always loyal to her girls and would let only the experienced girls go to him, not wanting him to touch the younger ones.


However on one particular day he visited Geet had been downstairs, sneaking into the kitchen and had caught his eye. While smart for her age, she was still unaware of the twisted perversions of some men.


He grabbed her hand and looked her. "How pretty….beautiful." With that he started to tug her along and had a vice like grip around her waist. She wasn't a mild child though, she kicked his shins and was ready to fight but the man weighed so much more that she couldn't stop him from dragging her along.


Geet had no idea what he was going to do to her but she knew that the dirty look in his eyes could only be bad.


But it was Lisette who came to her rescue. Just as he was carrying her upstairs, she stopped them.


"Ohh…Mr Nandurkar" She injected just the right amount of huskiness and stood boldly infront of him. "I've heard so much about you"


Kumar looked at the luscious young woman, in her late teens and knew that this would be enjoyable experience. She was a stunner and had a gorgeous figure, which his lustful eyes soaked in.


"And who are you darling?" he snarled, but still held on to Geet.


Lisette's eyes flickered to Geet but her voice was the same when she spoke, "Lisette. Leave the girl and come with me. I promise I'll show you fun" She reached over and pressed a kiss to his repulsive lips.


Kumar immediately dropped Geet and follow Lisette, who with the slightest tilt of her head told Geet to hideaway.


Geet stood helpless as she watched her friend walkaway with the man, knowing that Lisette was saving her at a cost to herself.


And it was only later in the middle of the night, after she had been sure that the evil man had left that she went upto Lisette's room.


Lisette was curled up on her bed and Geet's young heart felt pain at seeing her friend like that. She curled up next to Lisette, trying to give comfort.

It was only when Lisette turned around that Geet got a glance at her bruised face. Geet gasped in surprise and horror, "Lisette what happened?"


Lisette sighed and gave a bitter smile, "Nothing little one."


But Geet was not a stupid child, so she asked, "Was it that man who did this?"


"Yes" Lisette couldn't and wouldn't lie to Geet, "Geet, maybe a child your age shouldn't face these facts at such a young age. However it would be evil of me to let you remain ignorant of the darkness that can exist in this world and the harm people cause others."


So it was then that Lisette explained what the man had done and the pain that the courtesans were susceptible to.


Internally Geet vowed that men like Nandurkar would pay for their sins but more importantly she understood that she could utilise her body before letting someone take advantage.


Meera was sitting on the terrace looking at different colour schemes for the library but she also had an eye out on everyone coming in and out of the rooms.


And it was within seconds that she knew that Vicky was standing behind her, so she lightly turned around with a ready smile on her face. However internally she felt her heart flutter against her stern attempts to remain impervious to him.


"Vicky, how are you?" She asked calmly, ignoring the way he was staring at her.


"Fine" He gave a small smirk, wanting to discomfort him. For some reason Meera was special to him and a part of him wanted to dig deeper to know more about her. "Busy with work?"


"Yeah, looking at different colour schemes for the rooms" She quickly replied, discretely tucking away the plan of the Khurana Mansion that also detailed the security around the place.

"Well, all work and no play will make Meera a boring girl" Vicky joked, "So time to break you out of here. Come with me for some coffee"


"No, I am really busy" Meera protested weakly. She knew that it would actually be a good idea to get closer to Vicky in order to ingrain herself better into the Khurana family but another part revolted against the idea.


"Nope, you have no choice" He grabbed her hand and dragged her off but didn't notice it when Meera surreptitiously glanced around the mansion, making sure the security was in place.




Geet stifled a yawn as she sat in the office. It was around 11 o'clock in the evening but she was stuck in office because of Maan.


Maan glanced up, with a smile on his face, "Sorry but it won't take much longer. Are you done cross-checking the files?"


"Nearly, just have a few more things left" Geet sighed, "Honestly you work me like a slave but luckily I am efficient enough to handle the load."


Maan rolled his eyes, "Stop being dramatic and get on with the work."


The next half an hour both went on with their work and had it all sorted out.


"Well, time to leave" Maan stretched his legs and arms as he stood up, "We have an early start tomorrow so we should get some rest"


"Aye Captain" Geet mock saluted as she got up to open the door, "Bright and early to another day"


"No more jealousy, okay?" Maan winked at his errant secretary, while gauging her reaction.

However Geet just smiled at Maan's dig. "I'll try my best not to turn green with envy. It really isn't my colour."


With that she turned to open the door but unfortunately it wouldn't open. She tugged again but it was stubbornly stuck.


"Umm…boss" She turned around, "Seems like we have a long night ahead of us"


"What do you mean?" Maan frowned and come forward to pull the door but it was still stuck. "Oh crap. Looks like we are locked inside because the security stuff don't come upstairs after 10."


Geet chuckled at Maan's frazzled look, "Don't worry boss, it will be like a sleepover. I can even braid your hair if you want me to"


Maan glared at her but then his face broke into a grin, "So brave Geet but have you thought of what can happen here. After all you are a young lady and I am a young man. In such situation physical attraction can take over."


Geet smirked, "Is this the part where I am meant to scream out in fear, "Nahi!" or something like that?"


Maan chuckled, "So cocky Geet but you are entirely at my mercy. Maybe I should test how strong your courage is. "


For the first time Geet looked straight at Maan without any smile, "Maybe I don't mind being at your mercy."


At those words the atmosphere in the room suddenly became heavy, Geet looked up at Maan through her eyelashes and her cheeks were faintly red but she held her ground.


Maan didn't know how serious she was but something in her words made him nervous. Still he edged closer to her.


"Are you sure?" He whispered, "Are you willing to risk everything?"


Geet looked up and murmured back, "Yes" They were so close that she could see the flecks of gold in his eyes.


And Maan was helpeless to do anything but to touch his lips to hers. The moment their lips touched it was like an explosion of heat. He couldn't get enough of her, he let his lips fiercely kiss her, trying to take as much of her as he could.


Wow, was the only coherent thought in his mind as his hands grasped her closer to him and held her against his body.



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The first thing I noticed was of course the title 'Love can be faked' and the instant reply my inner self gave was 'but falling in love can't! Embarrassed

What happens in a courtesan's house is something which none of the outsiders look at without disgust. But as they say, there're always two sides to a story. We think how can a woman live in such a place and a life like that. But we never thought that they could've been forced to come over to that place, all thanks to the cruel world they have to live in. Lisette's is one such story and I absolutely bow in front of what she did to save Geet! Clap She put herself at stake to protect the young girl.

Meera's part popped a question into my mind. How did she meet Geet? Was Meera too forced to live at Madam Le Blanc's?

Geet is a very good actor. How can someone who's been through so much still manage to be lively? Loved her 'nahin' wala answer! LOL But I think her serious answer if being at Maan's mercy had both reasons involved. She is the boss and so she has to do whatever she can to do her job but she also has a Geet living within her. Which is why I thought that her submission to Maan was as much personal as it was for her job as the boss! Embarrassed

Thanks for the PM! And happy new year! Smile

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love u i was waiting from long time

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