Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF: Femme Fatale (3): Chap 20 pg 119 (19/6) (Page 60)

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Originally posted by

that was fab :)))

Thanks dear! Big smile

Originally posted by dona86

spying on a spy!!!

Thanks Dona! Big smile

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Originally posted by .Priya2000.

Geet surely is an enigma to Maan 
her very unconventional reasons makes her attractive to him
the childhood part was sad and the undercover portion curios 
Maan ready to peel off the real Geet Handa eh Wink
God knows in this process how many more embarrassing situations will get on his way ROFL but heck the lady in question is worth it Thumbs Up

Loved it Star
Waiting Tongue
TY 4 pm

Thanks Priya! Big smile
LOL MSK is ready to find out everything...or he thinks he is LOL

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Originally posted by Pearl_27

Awesome update!

Thanks dear! Big smile

Originally posted by Ladyofshalott

This FF of urs is so fascinating that it kept me glued to my lappy until i finished all the chapters posted here... Plzzz do update the nxt chapter soon... Waiting 4 it Smile

Aww thanks Embarrassed Welcome to the FF!

Originally posted by -dia-

Got a break and read the story in a go...must say U r a truly amazing in rendering the story and just loved the whole plot.

Thanks Dia! Big smile
Glad you are enjoying!
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Femme Fatale

Chapter Seventeen

Evil for the sake of Good



Rules for agents 17:


No hesitation or regrets...


Yash Uncle was her only comrade in her isolation. He was her protector and mentor, as such he had taken it to himself to find her a place to stay. Unlike Rajiv, Yash didn't have a family to worry about and was adamant that he would be with her.


As much as a young Geet wanted to be strong, she still had a child's heart and as such couldn't deny the pleasure of having at least someone look after her.


It was initial difficult finding a place to hide a young girl, away from prying eyes. But in the end they came up with the perfect solution. Well perfect in a relative way because a courtesan's boudoir could never be the ideal place for a young girl.


Yet it was the best solution, for no one would look for her there but it would also be the best place to gather information on the powerful people behind the scenes. Madame Le Blanc's Pleasure house was no ordinary place, for she catered towards the most powerful people in the country and had the most beautiful women working under her.


"She is beautiful" Madam Le Blanc spoke in her husky voice, assessing the little girl in front of her, "Like a little doll."


"Don't even think about it" Yash glared at the Madame, "She will be protected her, not used. You owe me a favour, so return it now"


"Of course" She replied smoothly but her voice hardened, "I never use the unwilling or underage girls, so don't look at me like that." Turning to Geet, her voice softened and there was obvious sympathy in her eyes, "Don't worry poppet, you will be safe here and we will make sure that no one can get to you." With that she rang the bell that was on the wall of her room and immediately a young woman, around 18 came running into the room. "Lissette, this is Geet. She will be staying here, so take her to your room as she will be living there."


Lisette turned to see the small child and her heart, like the Madame's, was touched at the determination she saw on the little face, "Come with me Geet"

Taking Geet's hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze, she led her upstairs while Yash and the Madame continued their talk.


Yash gave an earnest look at Madame, "I know that you are running a business but please look after her. Make sure that she is safe, that is all I ask"


Madame had a stern look on her face, "No, I'll do more than that. I'll teach her the importance of looking after herself and teach her how to survive. So that she doesn't have to depend on anyone for her safety."




"How dare she calls me behnji!" Lola spluttered in outrage, not tolerating the assumed slur.


Maan, who knew Geet very well by now, just laughed it off, "Don't take it like that. She is just very traditional and meant it as a term of respect" He lied smoothly, daring Lola to disagree.


"Well teach her some manners" She rolled her eyes, unable to argue with him.


Maan raised an eyebrow. There were many things that he could put up with but he didn't tolerate being told what to do. And under no circumstances would he allow an outsider to judge his employees. So it was with a colder tone that he told Lola, "My employees know their responsibilities and what they are paid to do" His statement left no room for any comment.


Lola realising that she was on shaky ground, quickly backtracked, "Of course. Dad is always saying that Khurana Enterprise has great workers"


Maan couldn't help but smirk, amused at Lola's simpering. "Anyways, enough chat about employees. Tell me what brings you here today"


"Well, I just thought a dinner between the two of us would be lovely" Lola tried to give a coy glance but she only ended up looking desperate. "We haven't spent much time together"


A refusal was at the tip of Maan's tongue but then he caught a glance of his secretary staring at them through the glass and got an evil idea. A part of him felt that Geet must also be attracted to him or feel some connection, so he chose the best way of finding out.


Going closer towards Lola, he gave a fake smile, "Sure Lola. It would be great"




Geet kept an eye out for Lola as she watched Maan chat with her. As someone with insider knowledge into Gurvinder Singh, she knew that his daughter wouldn't be that different from him or wasn't someone she could trust.


Her research had told her that Lolita Singh had helped her father with various ventures already and was involved as a liaison and used her "charm" to gather good will. But digging a bit deeper she had realised that Lola's role went deeper; she would manipulate men to her advantage.


She stared at the way Lola batted her eyelashes at Maan and knew that there was more to this than simple attraction; Lola wanted something, or more correctly Gurvinder wanted something.


She saw Maan walk towards Lola and give his wicked grin. Oh shit, Geet thought with a frown, What if he does fall for her act?


She did give Maan some credit, after all he wasn't a naive boy, Geet snorted at the very idea, but it didn't mean that Lola wasn't capable of using him.


Analysing the situation, she knew what she had to do. Change in plans. So she quickly got back into her secretary persona and went into the cabin after a short knock on the door.


"Sir there are some important files I need you to sign" She stared at Maan with innocent eyes. Well they are semi-urgent.


Maan gave an assessing glance with the tiniest of smiles, "Sure Geet, bring them over. Oh by the way, Lola and I will be going out to dinner tonight. Can you make a reservation at the Hyatt for us?"


Geet was a professional, so she kept her facial expression the same; pleasant and understanding. "Oh sure sir" She looked down at  her clipboard and gave a false frown, "Sorry sir, but it seems that you have an appointment with the Chopra's tonight."


Of course Maan had known about the appointment, he only wanted to check out Geet's reaction to Lola and a part of him thought that he saw a flicker of jealousy. But he continued on with the act, "Oh sorry Lola. We will have to reschedule it for another time" Reaching forward he gave her a perfunctory kiss on the cheek.


"Bye Maan" Lola said in a husky voice, with a little pout and a clear invite in her eyes. "I'll see you soon"


Geet barely restrained herself from rolling her eyes. Instead she satisfied herself with saying, "Bye Behenji!"


Lola glared at her, "How dare you call me that, again!"


Geet pretended to look confused, "But you are senior to me, hence the behenji" She played up the country belle act and made her eyes wide, "Aapko bora laga?"


Lola rolled her eyes and stomped away with a muttered, "Whatever!"


While Lola might have been fooled, Maan wasn't. He smirked at Geet and shook his head. "So Geet, what did you think of Lola? She is rather beautiful, isn't she?"



"Of course" Geet said in a placid tone, "If you like the s**tty type"


Maan choked on his laugh, "Geet! You can't just call her a s**t"


"Oh, should I call her a skank instead?" Geet said in a dry tone, "Honestly her neckline was so low I was scared that she would have a wardrobe malfunction. You know something popping out from the top"


Maan smirked, "That would have been interesting to say the least" Then he walked towards her, with a glint in his eyes, "It sounds to me as if someone is jealous of Lola. Why is that Geet? Don't you like seeing her with me?" He stood right in front of her, wanting to see how she felt in his presence.


Geet glimpsed at him through her eyelashes, his closeness having a greater impact than she would have thought. It took every inch of her determination and experience as an agent to force the next words out of her. "Maybe I am jealous….maybe I don't want to see you with someone like her" She blushed as she spoke out and then swiftly walked away.



Maan just smirked as she saw her walked out, So I do have an effect on Ms Secretary.




Geet walked out of office with a heavy heart but her job was her job. It had taken Lola to make Geet see the next step in the plan; make Maan fall for and trust her irrevocably. There were two advantages to this, firstly it meant that she could be with him more and protect him, as well as giving her greater access to all his files.


She had tried to avoid this because the last thing she wanted was for Maan to get hurt and she knew that if she did take this path it would be unavoidable.


Can you do this? The boss question her conscience, knowing that this would cross a moral line because she was about to use someone attached to her childhood. In many ways this went deeper than any assassinations she had done or any physical acts she had carried out in the name of her job. Can you hurt him for the sake of this job?


All through her trip back to her apartment those questions kept circling her head, questioning her judgment but as she entered her room she knew the answers.


I must to whatever it takes to protect him, she told herself sternly, Even if it means betraying him or breaking his heart. I will do whatever it takes to complete the job.


Girding herself, she muttered, time for second stage of the plan, making Maan Singh Khurana fall for me.


And that was that. Once the boss made up her mind, she would never back down or change her route. Her job require absolute determination and gave no leeway for indecisiveness.




As Maan sat on his balcony he couldn't help but chuckle as he recalled Geet's blushing face and her acceptance of jealousy. It satisfied something within him, reassuring him that he wasn't the only one facing this attraction.


She isn't like anyone I know, he thought with a smile, She is definitely special. We seem to get along in a seamless manner, almost as if we can relate to each other.


He recalled all there meetings and realised that there had never been any discomfort or hesitation between them. They were always parring with each other and he admitted to himself that she was the only person capable of beating him in verbal battles.


Yes Geet Handa, I want to know more of you, Maan smirked, There is definitely something tangible between us, something that makes me think we would be good together.




As always thanks so much! Loved reading the comments...
Thanks for your patience...and those who weren't as patient, sorry but I was really busy and tired after traveling non-stop for 2 months. It may come as a surprise but I do actually have work and life outside of writing LOL

Well hope you all enjoyed!
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Wow at last an update!
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after ages u updtae dear
wow geet want msk to fall for her and betray him
so sad dear
and tht for his best
msk falling fr her dear
update the next prt soon
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nice update
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geet want to make maan fall for her than hurt him emotionally

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