Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF: Femme Fatale (3): Chap 20 pg 119 (19/6) (Page 40)

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Originally posted by Madhuri53

This is the reason for geet and maan parted away in their childhood... to protect his family...
Loved their cute little intimate moment...maan is falling for her...but geet very tactfully changed the topic with her usual hillarious way...
Her drive was was indeed to protect him...BTW who was following them...
Oh...even meera is falling for vicky...hummm...khurana bros me kho gaye to, ab ye agentgiri kaise karenge dono...
Cont soon

Thanks dear! Big smile
Glad you enjoyed!
Don't worry, even the Khurana's can't distract them from the jobWink

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Originally posted by .Priya2000.

Omg ! it was terrific Clap
this whole agent stuff is too exciting Big smile
of course the sublime sadness of Geet's truth is there ; at least Maneet are together Heart

Loved it Clap
Thanks for pm

Thanks Priya! Embarrassed
More agent stuff coming...more intrigue I promise.
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Originally posted by shruthiR

It was a very nice chp.So now both the agents are having to put in quiet a lot of effort to control their desires for the Khurana brothersLOL Wonder it was who was following Maan and Geet.Looking forward to the next chp and thanks for the PMSmile

Thanks Shruthi! Embarrassed
Don't worry that will be revealed...
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Originally posted by Clairvoyant20

thanks for pms

Thanks dear!
Big smile

Originally posted by Ubiquitos

Like this story. And Geen and Maan in this story are interesting characters!

Thanks hun! Big smile

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Femme Fatale

Chapter Sixteen

Death of a friend



Rules for agents 16:


No mercy on the weak.




Rajiv thought the most difficult part would be letting Geet go but he hadn't realised how hard it would be to explain to Maan about his Pari.


He had tried to avoid talking about Pari but Maan himself brought her up, taking the matter out of his hands.


"Dad, when can we go to see Pari?" Maan asked impatiently, eager to see his best friend, "I want to tell her about school and all that has been happening!"


Rajiv felt cruel, knowing that he was going to give pain to his son but it was necessary. Maan couldn't be dragged into something he had no connections with. So taking a deep breath he broke the news, "Maan'.beta sit down, there is something I need to tell you"


Maan was a smart boy and he knew when his father was being serious, so without questioning he sat down though his brow was farrowed in confusion.


"I know this is going to be difficult to hear'..but Pari died" Rajiv felt the injustice of his word, killing off someone who was alive but his mind reassured him that it was necessary, "She died in the fire that happened in our country house. I waited to tell you because I wanted to say it at the right time."


Maan's eyes widened in disbelief, "But how can she die! We just saw here a while ago! It can't be true!" The little boy wouldn't and didn't want to believe what his father had said.


"I am sorry beta'.but it's the truth" Rajiv lied despite the pain his words were causing his son. It was the last thing he wanted to do but it was the most sensible one. Maan couldn't understand the risk Geet was taking and it was the best option for him to forget about her.


"But'" Maan bravely held back the tears, "We were meant to meet her'.how can she leave?"


And it was as Rajiv saw the sheen of tears in his young son he realised that maybe it wouldn't be possible for Maan to forget his Pari but at least her memories would be with him.



They were at the riverside, cloaked in darkness as there were no street lights near. But both of them were used to the darkness. As always Crash felt the hair on his back rise as he stood in front of the boss. But there was also a sense of satisfaction as he could give her some information.


"Boss, the name of the driver following you was Amer" Crash spoke out, "But more importantly he works for Innovative alliance, which is a large company consisting of many shareholders and other smaller companies. He is technically employed as a driver but from what I could gather he does other "odd" jobs."


The boss smiled in satisfaction as Crash, her informer, gave the asked for information. The boss was not used to anything but success.


"Good work" it was a rare compliment but the words following them made Crash nervous, "Maybe you do have your uses. I want you to something else now. Follow Gurvinder Singh and his family"


"But boss'.I can't follow Gurvinder Singh" Crash weakly protested, "He is one the most powerful people in the city and even more ruthless, not like the Khurana's"


The boss just raised an eyebrow, "Did I ask your opinion?" Moving closer, causing Crash to take a step back, the boss continued on in a soft tone, "Don't you want to be useful Crash? Or are you expendable?"


The hidden threat in the words as well as the look in the boss's eyes had Crash taking another step back and gulping nervously, "Sorry boss. I'll follow them"


The light laughter from the boss felt like needles against Crash's skin and even her words burned, "I knew you would see the benefits"


Without anything to add she walked away, leaving Crash to ponder on what he had to do.



As the boss reached her apartment she tried to gather all the information she had and make sense. She had a vague idea about the Innovative Alliance, also knew that Gurvinder Singh was one of the leading stakeholders.


"That bas***d has his hands in every jar" She growled out, in futile frustration. Taking off her clothes even as she stared out through the window of her room, she started to unstrap her gun from her ankle as well as the one tucked in her jeans.


Holding the revolver, she couldn't help but feel the need to attack, "One day I will get my chance to attack him, just not today"


Shaking her head, she went to her laptop and went to see the surveillance camera she had set up in Maan's room. Some people might have felt bad about intruding on his privacy but to the Boss there were no such qualms. After all it was all part of his protection.


The camera would automatically detact anyone in the room who wasn't Maan or his family members. It would then send a single to her laptop so she could make sure that it wasn't anyone breaking into his house.


But all was well, so se shut it down.


Instead she went put on her sports bra and shorts, getting ready for her usually gruelling exercise routine, after all agents have to be in top shape.




Maan walked into his room, thinking about what had happened with Geet. Sometimes it was too easy to just think of Geet as "Geet", instead of a woman.


But today he couldn't avoid seeing her in a different way. She had been so close to him and he knew that a moment later he would have kissed her.


Blasted car! He cursed inside his mind. He knew that she was his secretary and he shouldn't go around kissing her but a part of him wondered how it would be. After all she was beautiful in an unorthodox way. In the party he had seen how beautiful she could be but otherwise she tried to hide her looks, wearing slightly loose clothing and hair in a bun or plait. But more than her looks there was something about Geet Handa, an innate charm and brightness that made it near impossible for people to not like her or be attracted.


Yes I am attracted to her, Maan thought with more curiosity than anything else. He was the sort of man who readily accepted these matters, after all he was used to having women around him.


She was definitely not the sort of woman he usually was with. In many ways they were so dissimilar, he was smooth and rich while she was blunt. Yet they had their similarities, both very confident and had the same dry humour. In fact, despite being a player and quite friendly, he had never gotten along so well with anyone else in his office.


And there was that look in her eye, something deep but unreadable. He had never seen such emotion on her face, indeed she was usually so good at keeping everyone distracted that it was impossible to know what she thinking.


Suddenly Maan realised that he didn't know much about her while she seemed to know so much about him. He knew nothing about her family, where she lived and the people she was with. She was an enigma, and one he wanted to know more about.


Geet Handa needs to be uncovered, Maan thought with a smirk, Lets find out who you truly are.



Maan watched his secretary as she was organising his files on the shelf. He wanted to analyse what she was thinking or see her emotions but she in her usual closed of self, only humming.


Suddenly turning around, Geet raised an eyebrow at him, "Sir is there a stain on my kameez?"


"No" Maan frowned, "Why do you ask?"


"Because you have been staring at me for the last 5 minutes" Geet answered.


"Why does it bother you?" Maan sounded flirtatious while the smirk on his face was definitely wicked.


But she was Geet Handa, so she only smirked back, "Yes sir, it does bother me. After all if you become the stalker types than I'll have to quit my job. I am still waiting for my pay raise before I live or a Lamborghini"


Maan just chuckled, "Maan Singh Khurana a stalker? As if! I don't chase people, they chase me"


"Well, maybe it wouldn't be that bad" Geet's smile was definitely mischief filled, "I could sue you or blackmail your family for money. That way I could get more than one car! Hmm'.maybe I should start wearing more low cut tops and short skirts so that I can trap you. You know the typical femme fatale secretary!"


Maan choked on his laughter, "Geet you are diabolical! You should have been a tactician or a spy! Honestly all those evil ideas in your mind."


For the barest of moments there was a weird look on Geet's face before she smiled and said, "Of course, I am a special agent and am currently on a special case. This is just my cover" She winked at Maan who laughed again.


"Very funny Geet" He shook his head, "Who in their right mind would let someone evil as you get power? You would probably try to take over the world"


Geet said in a breezy tone, "Oh that's my plan for the weekend, world domination"


Both then started to laugh but were interrupted by a voice at the door, "Very cute joke" turning, they both saw a young lady standing there, "How plebeian of you to joke with the help Maan!"


"Hi Lola" Maan smirked at her, "What brings you here?"


Lolita Singh, or more commonly known as Lola, was the daughter of Gurvinder Singh and was one of the leading socialites in Delhi. She was known for her extravagance as well as beauty and a certain edge of ruthlessness. There wasn't a soul in Delhi who would want to go against her socially. So it was with utter confidence that she strolled into Maan Singh Khurana's cabin, ready to see the man himself. 


"Can't I pop into visit my friend?" Lola said in a seductive tone, "But its better if we have some privacy" She looked pointedly at Geet, hinting at her intrusion.


Geet just gave a serene look but it was only as she was out the door that she said, "Lovely to meet you Behnji" and then strolled away with the smallest of smiles.


Maan tried to control his laughter whilst Lola splutter indignantly, "Behnji!"



As always thanks for all the support and comments.
So...Lola singh is a new entry and one that will shake things a bit Wink
More about Geet's past to be revealed in next update...

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so maan will spy on her to find out who she is...lols
who is lalita and who is samira...are they same person...i am ConfusedConfusedConfused
maan is attracted to her/...awww...she is a cutie pie isnt she...

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Amazing update

Maan attracted to GeetEmbarrassed
please can we have some Maaneet romanceUnhappy

MSK on mission to explore the real Geet
interestingWink spying over a spyLOL

Geet as always perfectStar
few are the times when u can get the truth out of horses mouth
But,  Maan missed itDisapprove

New entry Lolita or SameeraErmm
me confusedConfused

Behenji ROFLwas the best
just right in her face

Continue soon

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awesome going . Maan wanna to spy her real , he will faint once he cumes to know the truth Big smile

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