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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF: Femme Fatale (3): Chap 20 pg 119 (19/6) (Page 2)

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waiting fr update dear

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congrats for the new thread.

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Congo on new thread
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Femme Fatale


Chapter Fourteen

Born to be



Rules for agents 14:


Information is power




The angel project was something that should have never come to being, yet like always the human mind was capable of carrying out acts that should never be. History would be witness to acts that could be both heroic and also destructive, the angel project was both.


"The angel project was meant to be a part of the covert defence projects. Khurana's have always worked closely with the government for defence projects, so I was privy to the Angel project as well."


Rajiv had a faraway look on his face as he started to explain to Geet. "You see every project or system has a lynchpin, which if manipulated can destroy everything through a cascade effect. So the idea was to create a weapon that would topple the opposition's defence. The answer was so simple, that we were all surprised at its simplicity."


"What was it?" Pari asked. It didn't matter that she was a child, with her intelligence she understood what her Baba meant. She understood that this information would change her life, answer the questions that she bothered her.


"Children" Rajiv looked at her sadly.


Children are the linchpin to every society, the cohesive force that holds us together. No government can suspect or willing harm kids with severe repercussions. So children were to be our weapons. With that in mind, the angel project was developed.


"No one would ever suspect children as agents as they are seen to be innocent and vulnerable" Rajiv continued, "So one of the guys, thought that we can have a national test, where exceptional children are picked and trained from early age to become agents. These kids would have both intelligence as well as physical strength, which would be harnessed and utilised.  As they are chosen so early they can be malleable and managed the way needed."


Pari knew what was coming, for it was obvious at this stage what Rajiv was indicating.


"Initially people thought about it and gave the idea credence but once we understood the risk to vulnerable children, most of us refuted the idea. If our whole idea was based on the idea that our enemy wouldn't hurt children, then how could we hurt our own? It was preposterous and we immediately blocked the sanction. Unfortunately some of the less moral men wouldn't let the idea go, so they set out to surreptitiously create the program by involving doctors and trying to take away the children from their families. This went away from being a government project to a private one handled by a corporation that tried to excuse its actions under the guise of patriotism."


Pari knew what was coming but she still spoke up, "And I was one of them?"


"Yes" Rajiv looked at her sadly, "You were the daughter of one of my advisors, Mohinder Handa. When you were born, it was obvious that your IQ was off the charts and you would succeed in anything you did. You were smarter than any of the other children. We thought you would be safe but….they had known about you from the start. So they took you away, kidnapped you. You were only 3 years old, so thankfully you don't remember any of that. There were other children but at that moment your parents and I only were worried about you. It took as months to find you but we did"


"However that wasn't the end of it. They came back for you, paranoid and over-zealous of their plans, they couldn't let you go. These men are ruthless, realising that they couldn't take you away again with your parents with you they killed your family. I tried to get there in time to warn them but unfortunately I was late.  Luckily I was able to take you away and keep you safe here….till now"





Sliding out of the Khurana Mansion, Geet blended in the shadows even as she left the party. That was the skill of an agent, to mix in with the shadows when needed.



But even as she went out, she couldn't help thinking of Gurvinder Singh and she wondered what the bas***d was up to.


If there was anyone she would actually take pleasure in killing, instead of the detached coldness with which she usually worked, it would be Gurvinder.



Patience Geet, have some patience, she chided herself as she started to change her dress behind the house, quickly slipping out of the gown and pulling down her hidden tights.



Time to dig a bit deeper, find out a bit more about the whole issue with Maan and the PAR 1 project.






General Kashyap was having a normal night home with his family, relaxed and enjoyable.  After finishing dinner he gave a kiss to his wife and said goodnight to his children.


He then went to his office, ready to tackle some paperwork. An hour or so later he could feel his eyes dropping slightly with sleep but his tiredness was drained out of him as the rooms lights flickered off.


Standing up, he was about to walk towards the switch when he felt someone press a hand to his neck.


"Hi General" A smooth voice whispered, "I think it is time for a talk"



General Kashyap didn't need to ask who it was, for he recognised the boss's voice readily and knew that no one else would have the audacity to enter a General's house like this.


"Sure" He answered, trying to stay cool. He gestured towards his seat, wanting to sit down for the conversation.


As he sat down, he felt the boss sit on his table, still shadowed in the dark.  


"What is it you want to know?" Kashyap asked, sounding neutral and open.


"I don't appreciate it when people keep secrets from me, after all that is my job. Not yours" There was ice in the words, clearly stating her displeasure. "You don't want to mess with my Kashyap because no matter who you are, I am capable of destroying those who try to play games with me. I don't put up with this bullshit"


"I am not playing games"


"Well, why didn't you give me the full story about PAR 1 project" Kashyap felt a hand right against his neck as the boss leaned forward to emphasis the point. "Though the project is about the new jet, that isn't why the different people want access. It is because of the cloaking system that it operates on"


Kashyap felt coldness build within him as he understood how much the boss new about the project.


"The jet has an in built system that disables all electronics and radars up to a radius of 1 km. The issue is that this is restricted to just a jet, the system can be used to disable any electronic system, including defence and security. It means that with one small device I disarm the most secure banks in the world, the pentagon or even still the crown jewels." The boss systematically told the secret that Kashyap had tried to keep hidden.



"How…how did you find out?"


"I can find out anything. Anything" The boss warned, "Never assume you can trick me, ever"


"What do you want?"


"I want access to the government files on Gurvinder Singh, every little detail you have on him. I could find it out myself but why waste my time?"


"As you wish" Kashyap succumbed to her demand, knowing that he had no other option. "I am trusting you"


"No, you have no other choice but to trust me" there was soft laughter in the words, "You know that I can do the work that none of your men can."


"Yes, but this is for our country" Kashyap spoke but glancing back up, he saw that the Boss had already left.




The next day at the office, all the employees were drained from the party but Maan was a hard taskmaster and didn't let anyone slack off. He was busy typing away details about the PAR 1 project and analysing the different quotes when there was a discrete cough at the door.  


"Sir I have finished looking through the quote from McIntyre, the US Arms company. Apart from some discrepancies in the numbers, everything seems fine. Though, I have to say that I wasn't overly impressed with their offer. After all, a project of this magnitude can be sold for triple their offer, "His secretary gave her thousand watt smile. "Also here is your coffee"


"Thanks Geet" He took it gratefully, "I really needed this and thanks for looking through the files. I have some more for you to glance through."


"Yeah sir, you look awful!" She said this cheerfully, "We wouldn't want you to turn ugly because you don't have brains to fall back on. Your only asset is that face of yours"


"Why, thanks Geet! Finally you admit that I am handsome!" Maan smirked, using that devastating smile to his advantage, knowing the effect it had on women.


"As much as I hate to deny it" Geet agreed, "Thank god, you aren't smart otherwise I would be in trouble! You are a male bimbo!"


"Very funny!" Maan hid a laugh, "Anyways, where are the boxers you promised to get me? All that talk and no action"


"Why sir, are your undies not clean?" Geet smoothly volleyed back, "It is okay, I'll get a pair of Calvin Kleins. Actually, I'll get you cheap ones"


"Why?" Maan knew she was going to give a ridiculous answer but couldn't resist asking. "Maan Singh Khurana only wears the best."


"Because as we discussed, you must get through many pairs" She smirked, "Wouldn't want to waste my paycheck on all that. Unless, you are willing to talk about that raise"


"Pay raise? For you?" Maan snorted, "Be grateful that I don't fire you because of your ridiculous behaviour. Talking about underwear and bodily functions, god knows how you get any job done!"


"Very interesting conversation" A voice interrupted them. Both turned quickly to see a smirking Savitri Devi standing there, looking like the cat who got the cream….as well as the mouse. "How enlightening"


"Ma'am!" Geet didn't look even a bit embarrassed being caught talking about Maan's undies, instead seemed calm. "Hope you are doing well"


"Fine dear" Savitri sat on the couch, looing regal except for the devilish gleam in her eyes. "How is my grandson treating you"


"Oh great, just trying to get a pay rise from him" Geet answered honestly, "See I am such an amazing secretary, I am even concerned about his underwear! Yet there is no appreciation!"


Savitri Devi's eyes widened at Geet's comment, both surprised and amused, while Maan nearly choked on his coffee. Does she have no filter? She should at least try to control herself in front of my Dadi!


"We have to have lunch sometime" Savitri recovered quickly, "You are very….interesting"


"But Dadimaa!" Maan tried to stop this from happening.


But it was impossible, "As cool and suave as you are, I am your Dadi and I changed your diapers! So don't interrupt me!"


Geet pealed out laughing while Maan banged his head against the table. "Dadima, why do you have to do this?"


"Cause I enjoy it" She said simply.


Maan gritted his teeth, knowing that this wouldn't bode well for his mental health. The women around me are going to drive me mad!




Thanks everyone! Embarrassed

So, you guys know the truth about the Pari project...the next update will focus more about Geet's change into an agent and the reason why she detached herself...

As well there will be growing intimacy between the boss and her bossWink

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ossum dear
fablous update
sperb dear
i am laughing like a maniac when dadimaa and geet made msk to choke
superb dear
waiting for the next update dear
pls update soon dear
cant wait more

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simply awesome.loving it9

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awesome update
poor maan women around him are going to drive him crazyROFL
loved it...

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