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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF: Femme Fatale (3): Chap 20 pg 119 (19/6) (Page 19)

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Originally posted by ANGILS.KALI

simply awesome.loving it9

Thanks hun! Big smile

Originally posted by 286pearl


Thanks dear Big smile

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Originally posted by chavvi16

Well that sure explains it how she became the boss well the agent
Wonder what else happened in her past that she had become this detached from things
This seems to be getting even more interesting with passing update
Wonder what else you have in store for us
This version of Geet I really love it
See you soon again

Thanks Chavvi! Embarrassed
A lot of things happened in her past...and they will be explored soon.
Glad you find it interesting!
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Originally posted by sheetalahlawat

So we know what the Angel project is all about. Now what next. It's almost a week now. When will we get the update? I don't know about others, but I feel that the humour, that you so effortlessly weave in the dialogues, looses some of it's sheen when you update after so much gap. I mean, when I first read FF in one go, I was falling off the couch laughing ever so while. So to savor the laughter, we need more frequent updates. Big smile

Thanks Sheetal! Big smile
Sorry for the delay...and sorry that you feel that way...
I try my best to update but seeing as I write 3 different stories, it takes timeEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Soapoperasrfun

Sanjana, what I will be interested to know is if this is before or after Pari met/meets Maan?

Oh, this is after the fire, so she has already met Maan. Its after their second summer together.

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Originally posted by -memorable-

Broken Heart

AWww...sorry hun! Embarrassed
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Femme Fatale


Chapter Fifteen




Rules for agents 15:


Avoid love and lust




Pari took in all that Rajiv had told her, trying to analyse the effect on her life. It was easy for her to understand that she was responsible for her family's demise. They would be alive if she hadn't existed.


But Rajiv was going through the same guilt within himself, "Geet I am sorry, I failed you. I should have kept you safer" He reached and patted her head, "I made a promise to myself when I found you, that I would make sure that I would keep you safe but I couldn't keep it. However I will keep on trying my best."


It didn't matter how young Geet was, she understood that she could no longer drag Rajiv into protecting her at the cost of his own life and family. Today it had been only her, but what if there had been others in the room?


"No Baba, you can't do this" her voice was unnaturally sober for her age, "I refuse to let you protect me. It is better if you move away from me"


"What are you saying?" Rajiv frowned, not believing her words,


"Baba, I already lost my family" She looked right into his eyes, wanting him to accept the truth, as bitter as it may be. "And the longer you…or anyone else is with me, the more at risk they are. So it is better that I don't live with you"


"No, I don't accept this!" Rajiv shook his head, "You are but a child, how can I leave you?"


"You can leave me because you must" Geet was forceful, unbending, "You cannot think about me only. You have to think about your family as well. Do you really want to put them at risk for me? Lets say that someone was with me today and they also got stuck in the burning room, who would be responsible? Also they must know that I am with you, so it will be safer for me to go away."

That had Rajiv stumped, for he didn't want to risk anyone, including Geet. He knew that the people behind this must already know where she is and whom she is with, making this place unsafe.


"Okay" Rajiv sighed, "But we have to decide where you are to go"





There was so much work to in such short time and Maan definitely felt the strain of this. Despite this, he was Maan Singh Khurana and still appeared to be calm. While everyone was running around in a mad dash, he was cool and collected.


"Okay guys calm down" He used "the voice", as it had been labelled by his workers. It exuded confidence, arrogance as well as a touch of amusement. But more importantly it made all the women sigh. "There is a lot of work to do, I know, but it isn't overwhelming and is far from impossible. I want you all to work in an organised manner, as is expected from me always."


"Yes sir!" Sasha, his architect spoke in a breathy voice, failing to sound seductive and Maan just ignored her, as usual.


"Geet, we need to go to the Annual Microfinance Convention" Maan reminded her, which she responded to with a thumbs up, "The rest of you back to work"


The boss and secretary duo walked out of the Khurana Building, out towards the front, where the car park was.


Maan was slightly distracted, thinking about the meeting as well as the convention, so he didn't notice the car that came out from the side street. It happened so quickly that Maan could only blink in surprise.


But Geet as always was alert and quickly snapped him back towards the curb. She had done it so fast that he was pressed against her and could only stand there for a second.


It also took him that moment to realise how close they were. He was basically leaning against her and could feel her breath on his neck, as well as her hands clutching his shirt.


Looking down he stared into her eyes that were wide open. He had noticed previously, that despite her jokes and amusement, Geet's eyes had always been shuttered, not giving anything away. But at that moment they were open like windows, showing her emotions.


He saw relief as well as deeper emotion that he couldn't read. He felt her body tremble ever so slightly against his.


But what caught his glance was her slightly parted lips. They were so tempting in their beauty and he could barely control himself from leaning forward, ready to touch them with his.


They were a fraction away, just feeling the warmth of their mingling breathes, when a horn on the side broke the spell.


Geet quickly jumped away from Maan, who looked bemused and confused at what had just happened.


Unwilling to face up to what had happened, Geet quickly asked him, "Sir are you okay? Thank god the car didn't hit you"


Maan ignored her words and just stared at her for a moment, trying to understand the moment they had shared, or nearly shared. "Geet what just happened?" He blurted out.


"Umm…you nearly got run over" She shook her head, "Aap tho bache ke tarah hain, I have to hold your hand like we are walking to school"


Maan rolled his eyes, "Seriously Geet"


"Sir I am serious" Geet smirked, "Maybe we should get a leash for you"


"Leash? Very kinky" Maan smirked, "Didn't know that's your type of thing….but don't worry I am very open minded"


Geet rolled her eyes, "Sir, not that type. The leash they put on kids so that they don't run in the malls or onto the roads."


They continued to bicker like this, both pretending to ignore the moment between them but still it was on their mind.


As they reached Maan's car, a Lamborghini Aventador, Geet quickly got into the driver's seat.


"What do you think you are doing?" Maan asked with raised eyebrows, "You are not driving my half a million dollar car"


"Sir, I am your secretary so I can't let you do such manual tasks such as driving yourself" Geet pretended to look concerned. "What would people think? That Maan Singh Khurana is acting as his secretary's driver"


"I am not your driver" Maan again rolled his eyes (he seemed to be doing that a lot!)


"Exactly" she snatched the key from him and before he could say anything else, she spoke out, "Hold on tight boss!"


Not needing to be told twice, cause he knew that his insane secretary had a high chance of crashing his precious baby, he quickly buckled up.


But he didn't notice the way Geet kept on looking at the rear mirrors, checking the car behind them.


So we are being followed?  Geet frowned but instinctively noted the car number even while driving.

Trying to lose the car, she quickly changed lanes, edging in front and away. Within minutes the other car was stuck at the lights and she was thundering away.


"Stop driving like you are a formula one driver" Maan half yelled at her, "This car is my baby, so one scratch and I'll kill you!"


"Hmmm…I always wanted to drive like Michael Schumacher" She smirked and couldn't hold back a chuckle as she saw Maan's vein throbbing at her driving. "Sir, since you aren't giving me the pay rise I asked for, I might as well drive this car till I can get a better one for myself."


 However internally she had other thoughts, "Need to find out who was following us"



It had been a long day, both physically and emotionally for the boss. Trying to relax, she decided to take a bath and drain away her day's worries.


Laying down in the water did help to sooth her but even then things kept flashing through her mind, for an agent never relaxes or stops the job. She stared into the clear water and saw all the bruises in her body, that were unavoidable due to her job. But they didn't hurt, not anymore. Truth be told she had ceased to feel pain.


"There is something I am missing" the bosses mind kept on thinking. A missing piece in this puzzle. But I will find it out. She had done a check on the licence plate of the car that had been following them but it hadn't been registered, No worries, I'll just have to dig a bit deeper.


There wasn't much she wouldn't do for protecting her Baba's family but having met them all, she wanted to protect them for their own sake.


At least some families should be untouched by these travesties and violence, the boss didn't want her own story to be repeated in anyone else's life.


In particular Maan, her mind and heart both spoke out. Yes, it was true that of all people, she didn't want Maan to undergo any pain. She wanted her childhood friend to remain safe, to retain that jest and delight of life that he clearly showed.


Even the boss sometimes smiled, and at that moment remembering his disgruntled face as she had taunted him, caused one to bloom across her face.


And just as quickly she recalled their near kiss. It had been such a beautiful moment and her mind tried to recreate it.


She wasn't a virgin, hadn't been one for a few years now, but all her experiences paled in comparison to just being touched by him. Because there was emotion and actual feelings.


However being the boss, she shoved it aside. No, I cannot let my emotions get the better of me. There is no such thing as attraction…..or love for someone life me. What would be the aim or the result? Pain and suffering.


Instead I should focus on protecting him and his family, she decided with grim determination. I hope that Agent 2 is doing her job.




Meera as always had an eye out in the Khurana Mansion, taking note of who was coming in and out. This was her job and she was great at it.


As she strode towards the east wing, the wing that was dedicated towards leisure and hobbies (rich people!), she tried to look for ways intruders could enter the building.


Taking note of the number of windows and the height of the windows, she decided that this level was safe enough.


However she was soon distracted from her job, as she heard someone muttering from one of the rooms. Deciding that she needed to know who was there, she snuck open the door and the sight that met her eyes made her gasp.


Inside Vicky was painting on a massive canvass. The colours were amazing; vivid and domineering. The image itself was very simple; a country side at sunset but somehow he had added a depth to the picture that made it special.


But it wasn't the painting that had stolen Meera's composure but the fact that the painter was shirtless. There was paint splattered down his torso, somehow making him look even more attractive and his messed up hair made her want to fix it up.


Sensing that someone was watching him, Vicky turned around and was pleased to see Meera there, "Hey! How are you?"


"Good" Meera coughed to clear her voice, "Nice painting."


"Really, you like it?" He was pleased with her appreciation and wanted to show her more, "Come here"


Meera gingerly walked towards him and the moment she stood next to him, she was fully aware of the heat from his body caressing her.


Control Meera, control, she admonished herself, what would the boss say?


Little did she know that her boss was having the same issue but with the other Khurana.



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Khurana brothers are giving tough time to both Agent and Boss Wink

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fablous update dear
spell bound dear
eagerly waiting for the next update dear

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