Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF: Femme Fatale (3): Chap 20 pg 119 (19/6) (Page 119)

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Can't wait

Plzzz update

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Soo glad to have this story back...waiting!
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Femme Fatale

Chapter Twenty




Rules for agents 20:


There is always a solution




Even in the darkest of moments light can be found. Lisette was the light that Geet needed, as was Siddharth. Geet had never thought that she could have another friend but sometimes it is hard to avoid a connection that was meant to be.


"Mera naam Siddharth hai" the skinny boy with bangs over his eyes murmured to Geet, even as his eyes skittered away from her. There was something so endearing about him, that even Geet's hardening heart found softness.


Siddharth was the boy who cleaned Madame's Boudoir and ran errands for the girls. Geet had asked Lisette about Siddharth's past, but she could only tell Geet that Siddharth had been found in the streets as a toddler, supposedly dumped by his mother.


Some around the neighbourhood would say that it was because Siddharth was not "normal". He could not converse easily with others, never made eye contact and had peculiarities.


"I know your name" Geet smiled at him, the first smile in a while. She understood the feeling of being a loner and not fitting in.


But it seemed that Sid was not as comfortable with Geet. Again his eyes were skittering around and he started to twist his hands. He started muttering, "She knows me. She knows me"


Geet didn't know how to make it better but she had an instinctive understanding that touching him would aggravate the situation. Instead she took a step back. "Do you want to play with marbles?"



"In 1932 the World Marbles Championships was held in West Sussex" He finally glanced at her eyes but again they looked away. "It has been held annually since then."


Geet tilted her head, quite interested in this conundrum of a boy. "Really? Well did you know that there were small rocks found in Mohenjo-daro, supposedly used to play marbles?" It wasn't often she found someone who could keep up with her intelligence but obviously this boy could.


So back and forth they went with facts, creating a strong friendship.






The boss slowly walked into the small apartment, making sure she turned on the lights, not wanting to startle anyone.


The apartment was minimalistic in its dcor but the wall was filled with photos, all black and white. The photos were diverse, from animals to huts. However right at the centre was a picture of her. She was 14 in the photo, looking ahead with an intense look. Already one could see the disillusion and cynicism in her personality.


"Sid?" She called out.


Slowly someone walked out of the bedroom, shuffling along. In a soft voice, Sid murmured, "Its 10:32pm.  Too late. Too late. You have come in too late."


"Sorry Sid" Geet replied. She knew that any disturbance in Sid's timetable would frazzle him. Usually when she came back to their apartment so late, she made sure not to bother him but she really wanted to talk to him. "I know I am late"


Sid and Geet had been friends from their time at the brothel; two kids rejected by society who had formed a bond in their isolation. Sid was the only one who truly knew Geet, which was ironic considering his lack of insight in social interaction.


Indeed, when she had left the brothel, she had taken Sid with her. While she explained it to him that she needed his expertise, the truth was more complex. She wanted one person, just one who would try know who she was and someone to be Geet with.


"Sorry, Geet is sorry" He murmured, and finally looked at her. "Okay. How are you? I missed you."


It continuously surprised Geet, how Sid would suddenly bring in an emotional comment as he usually avoided them. However she hadn't been spending much time with him recently. No one who knew her as the boss called her Geet, except Siddharth. He simply wouldn't call her anything else.


"Just busy with the job" She smiled at him. "But I need your help. I have gone through all of Lola Singh's accounts and there are some discrepancy."


"Discrepancy? Why?"


"Something just doesn't feel right" Geet responded. She had gone through everything with a fine comb but there was something niggling her. She was slowly forming a theory on Lola and Gurvinder but couldn't make sense of it. "I want another pair of eyes to go through it"


"But you are the best" Sid's eyes widened. "You see all"


"No, you are the best" Geet smirked at him. "You see the world as a quiz, with a solution, where as I see it as a puzzle with missing pieces. Sometimes I can't find the pieces but you always find a solution."



"I'll help but first popcorn" Sid finally smiled at her. "Did you know that Mexican's first domesticated corn?"


"Yes, but did you know that I am so hungry that I could eat two bowls of popcorn?" She retorted back. " My stomach is going to start screaming soon"


As usual the comment flew over Sid's head, "How would I know that? While it maybe possible to decipher peoples hunger if you observe them long enough, it isn't an accurate sciences."



Geet laughed out, "It was a joke Sherlock, obviously a poor one. Come on now, let us get to work"



"Very poor joke" Sid retorted back.  "Tell me more about Lola"



A dark frown went across her face, "She is the daughter of Gurvinder" She spat out his name.



"But who is she?" Sid asked. "You need to know her, not whose daughter she is"



And Geet nodded, acknowledging her weakness.







Gurvinder was deep in thought.


His battle with the Khurana's was deep, extending across decades but they hid it under the guise of civility. He knew that Rajiv Khurana had been responsible for destroying the Angel Project but the bas***d was too powerful to destroy.


For years he had waited and waited. Not being able to prove that Rajiv had been behind everything but deep down he knew it couldn't be anyone else. He had held himself back but now he was so close to winning and having his revenge.



"I need Maan" He murmured to himself, as he stared out the window of his study, "He is the key to this."



When his sources at Khurana Corporation had started whispering about the new project, he knew that his time had come, for he would use their own tools against them.


So he continued on with plotting.







Maan stop thinking these crazy thoughts, he argued with himself, she is just another woman. Nothing special.


But he knew that it was a lie for she was undeniably unique.



He had kissed many women (and more) but there was something special about her. Almost as if they had gone through this before or that a piece of puzzle was falling into place.



And almost as if he had called her through his thoughts, she entered his office with a small knock.



"Sir, Ms Lola is here to see you" there was a curiously blank expression on her face, something that she never had in front of him.



"Do you not like her?" Maan asked outright.



Geet just stared at him, not answering the question, "Do you want me to bring her into the office?"



Maan smirked, maybe someone is jealous.  "Go ahead."



And within minutes Geet had Lola seated, while giving a quick warning glance at Maan that he couldn't properly read.



But before he could contemplate that, Lola started talking, "Maan I want to make a deal with you. If you take me out to dinner tonight, I might buy you a drink. We have hardly had a chance to talk recently."



From the corner of his eye Maan saw Geet scrunch her nose in slight disgust. Laughing internally he told Lola, "Sure thing. We have an after work drinks tonight, so join me. It will be fun to catch up"



For a split second there was a frown on Lola's face but it was gone immediately. "Sounds lovely, message me when and where darling." She stood up to go, "Anyways I have another appointment. Always a pleasure Maan." She lent forward and gave a small peck on Maan's cheek.




"Bye Lola Behen" Geet quipped as Lola walked out.


Already used to Geet's ridiculousness, she just rolled her eyes and said, "Bye secretary"



Trying to hide his laugh, Maan turned to Geet, who handed him a wipe. "Here is a wipe sir"



Maan took the wet wipe that Geet had plucked out, "Okay, but why?"



"Well you did just get kissed on the cheek by Lola Behen. We don't know her vaccination status. She could be carrying viruses!"



"Viruses?" Laughing, Maan did wipe his cheek, "You are crazy. So Geet, you have to come to drinks as well"



"Sure sir, also" She gave her usual salute to Maan and continued, "Also another warning, alcohol increases your urine output"



Maan just shook his head, "And why do you feel the need to tell me this?"



"I am just looking out for you. What if you have an accident, sir?" Geet asked innocently, "After all 1gm of alcohol increases the amount of urine by 10ml. You might need to wear a diaper!"



"GEET!" Maan choked out, "Seriously, stop with your ridiculousness. Why would I wear a diaper? I am not incontinent!"



"I am not sure Sir, after all Dadi did say she changed your diaper" Geet smirked, "How can we be sure that you were potty trained? After all Dadi never mentioned that. For all I know you still wear diapers."



"I am potty trained...I mean of course I don't wear diapers!" Maan spluttered, half laughing. "I can't believe that I am talking about this with you!"



"I know Sir, you are always wasting time when we should be working" Geet gave a sad look, "I really don't know how this office functioned without me."



"We were functioning much better," Maan retorted, "Now go back to work"


"Aye aye cap'n"



WOOT I am back!
Thanks everyone for waiting!

So, this update might have dragged a bit but the next one will be integral to the story...a lot of truths coming out!

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Thank u sanjana for interesting update..nd coming back ..baap re geet's knowledge abt urine output after consuming alcohol :)..enjoyed the update . Once agn thank u for coming back .if possible plz update the other ones too

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Awesome update so happy ur back... 

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Originally posted by hermosoanu123

Thank u sanjana for interesting update..nd coming back ..baap re geet's knowledge abt urine output after consuming alcohol :)..enjoyed the update . Once agn thank u for coming back .if possible plz update the other ones too

Thanks dear!
Lol she keeps updated about everything ;)
I'll try to update the others soon...
I am gonna try my best to continue writing but obviously depends on time and work.

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After ages
Welcome back
Nice part

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hi welcome back! fantabulous update! Geet is indeed unique! Maan contemplates their sizzling kiss! she is mad seeing Lola there! Maan knows n riles Geet up by agreeing 2 meet with Lola 4 drinks! Lola leaves bt kisses Maan on his cheek! Geet calls her Lola behen n she calls Geet secretary! Maan laughs! Geet gives him n wet wipe n talks abt virus n urine! Maan stunned! Geet is hilarious! update soon! thanks 4 da pm! Clap Star Smile

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