Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

MMT Monday~Poora Sach ya Aadha Sach?

NeelimaSJ IF-Sizzlerz

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sitamma IF-Rockerz

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Well, now we know for sure that the cv's plan to shelve the Rondy issue ...whether temporarily or permanently only time will tell..But it is evident that they no longer consider Rondy [sorry..I love shamil's names like meenu, monu, rondy..much better than the original names of the characters..] as good TRP material...And Rondy sure is upset with that...saw her psycho expression before she left the Mohalla??

 Well, coming to a more serious mode, it is really unfortunate that the CV's have robbed Mohan Batnagar of his can he not talk about Rondy issue himself and clarify everything..At least the reporter in him should have smelt something fishy when he saw Megha accept the marriage between Rondima and himself so easily...but did not...and I dont know whether to laugh ,cry or howl in frustration..I sadly realize that there is no point in doing any of these..The cv's have decided how to handle Mohan's character..And if we want to continue to watch the show, we should accept it...As someone said before...none of the serials like the male leads to be strong..the females are portrayed as the stronger an d better ones..Ours was an exception for some time at least and for that i suppose we have to be thankful..I found the scene between Mohan and Megha very artificial..and it was frustrating to watch...

But the early morning start of the day..well..That at least made me laugh a little...At last..after a long summer vacation of more than 4 months..Addu and Nanhi are back to school..Thank god they remembered that these kids have to go to school..!!

 And it was hilarious to see Mohan accompanying the kids to their bus stop.with the bags, water bottles etc around his neck...And how Addu was put in the wrong bus..I was rolling with laughter..and was reminded of my childhood days when my father did that..He met a friend of his while we were waiting at  the bus stop..and unknowingly, fully involved in talking to his friend my father put me in another school ka bus...and poor me also did not realize till after some time..And then when the original school bus came to the bus stop. my father .who was still standing at the bus stop talking to his friend..was so agitated..bec he did not even know in which school bus he had put me in..

Mohan looked like a school boy himself with the waterbag dangling around his neck..If Indu sees this..she would be wild.!!!

 ..Well, I want to know how Addu is going to behave to Mohan after coming home..and how Megha is going to be irritated with both papa and son..

And about MM romance...well,I suppose those who are waiting for that will have to be satisfied with luke warm scenes like the hug yesterday..and the moments between them after Mohan came out from the bathroom wearing a towel...Megha was behaving as if he were a stranger and not her husband.!!

Other than that..nothing much to write about the episode...

BTW,I wonder if it is Amar's money the Vyas parivar are squandering ..first for such an elaborate shaadi..and now honeymoon at Nepal!! well..well...tu paagal hai many times should you be told that you should expect only illogical scenes to be shown..

Happy watching of the coming episodes...


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swavai2 Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Hey hey me 2nd? wow! Big smile
Lets see what is in store for us tonight.


unresereved and edited here.

Megha knows the distorted truth. Rondi told her that MR was a fake wedding. So Megha and kids are back in Bhatnagar pad in JM.

A hurried morning scene to send 2 kids to school is taken care of by MM. But Mohan puts Addu in a wrong bus, addu discovers it only after the bus has left the stop.

Overall things happenning are expected. But cvs are trying hard to bring in the feel good factor. But yeh, trying very hard. :-(

There was a moment between MM today. Mohan comes home after dropping the kids in bus. Goes for a bath. After bath he comes out wearing his black ganji and has wraped a towel.

That time only MM are home. He is his usual self, combing hair, etc. Megha sees him dressed like that and says 'tum aise kyo ghar mai gum rahe ho? ghar mai aur log bhi rahate hai!'

Mohan looks at her (slight smile), says, ' aaabbhi to tumhaare aur mere siva koi nahi hai!'

Megha is nervous. Akansha has shown that she or Megha is very conscious of scenes showing MM being in a husband-wife living mode. She / Megha was shocked, knowing ... little apprehensive ...

She is so nervous that her hand is shaking probably hence the tea drops on the floor. But then tea is hot. Mohan is right there. He goes holds her hand and asks 'jali to nahi' Mohan is shown soothing Megha's hand, blowing it. Megha is letting him do it and is fine with the way it is happenning.

And comes Addu - back from the wrong bus.

Then the pre cap. Jiji suggests Ved to send MM on honeymoon and he tells Renu to book the tickets for MM.

Guess the cvs are playing a game to keep all of us DLF, LF and SRF happy. Those who love MNGJ, they also got that.

Nanhi proudly introduces Mohan as her new papa to her school bus friends and that he is spiderman. School friends ask her teasingly 'kya udate hai?'. :-)

But interactions with Addu are not easy at all. He is going to give Mohan a tough time. But one thing I don't understand, how would Mohan know this boy's school bus? Since it was the first day, isn't it expected that someone who usually drops him into the school bus comes along and tells Mohan about the school, the bus?

Any ways I have to remind myself about my decision to switch the logic off while watching NBT now. I keep forgetting but cvs are too strong to send frequent reminders of my decision.

Okay then. There is little to analyse. Except I think as many of us want it also, MM will take their time to get intimate. But cvs have started their track of bringing their husband -wife relation on the screen.

Thanks and good night.

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misty85 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:49am | IP Logged

Keep commenting on Kunasha's profile & New TB article. Smile

Episode was good in terms of acting & dialogues. I'm truly upset with the way story is progressing. I really want that CVs close this rondhi track forever before they show MM ka honeymoon.

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
The episode was a laughter riot !!! Wow, have just finished watching it and I don't want to be among those who don't give credit where and to whom it's due. Here the whole credit for making us roll around the floor laughing with such accurate, situational and appropriate BG music goes to ...
Oh fish!!! I don't know to whom it goes to but jis kisi ka bhi hai, unth hai. Unth bole tou ek dum 
mast +++

The episode started with Monu staring at the countless little insects squirming and roaming around his giant feet and Megs is looking at him, in highly ferocious manner, her eyes shooting daggers at him. Well baat hee kuch aisi hou gayi thi. Monu se itni badi ghalti hui, he had forgotten to spray insecticide in Vyas house, which Megs had "requested" him to do as a sort of Suhaag Raat gift to her but alas!!! Monu has failed in not only not De-insecti-fying the Vyas house but also in informing Megs about the steep hike that the insecticide spray prices had suffered that very day. Instead of coming to know of this important fact from Monu himself, Megs was brought into this knowledge by the Insecticide selling company's sales executive Chillimaa. 

The BG music here, as i already mentioned above, was bang on

" Tana de tana de tana tana de tana tana Tana De De tana De De"

Arey yaar!! Kaisa kaisa Tana diya Megs ne, Monu ko sharminda hou kar rona pada. Megs wasn't letting him explain at all, but the emotions of distress flitting across his face, the tears streaming down his face in thick rivulets reflected truly and heart achingly that he was suffering under this brutally cruel onslaught of Megs anger.

Finally he told Megs that the only reason he hadn't  done this job was because in his search of a place to wash away "Qismat aur Paap bharey jeevan ki Rekha" from his hands, he had met a holy diety last week and this holy diety was an amalgamation of all the sacred religions of this world. That Holy diety had told him that killing little poor harmless insects was the worst kind of sin in the world so don't ever kill even a tiny ant, always walk with care so as not to crush any non-speaking living-beings under your foot. The Holy diety had said that this sin was even worse than telling lies, committing bigamy, hiding ugly truths from your family or even taking vows of marriage under false pretenses.

So all the above had brought a stop to his plans of killing the insects and about the price hike, he told Megs that on his return from this meeting with the Diety, he had paid a visit to the headquarters of Miss Chillimaa and tried to convert her to this idea as well. He had best tried to put forward the theory of an insecticide-free and insect-full world to that efficient executive, in return the executive had been very forth-coming too and had agreed to this plan of revolutionising the world. 

Now Megs on seeing Monu crying so much, started smiling with tears of happiness and love glistening in her eyes. Those tears were testimony of the fact that she was indeed proud of her Monu, for his noble thoughts and sentiments for all living beings and then she honoured him too, with glowing words of praise, duly acknowledging his good sense, the world of good that he had brought her and the pride that he had made her feel.

Monu was happy and relieved but he was thinking inside his head as to why when he had told Chillimaa not to sell the idea of the "Good World" to Megs before him, as it was only his right to tell this good news to Megs ; why then had Chillimaa come to spoil his surprise. He consoled himself that he had done right to give a scold to her outside his home earlier today.

Outside Chillimaa was walking, feeling numb all over. She felt so hurt and betrayed by Monu, who had just a few days back, come to her all in despair, begging her to shut down her well-established Insecticide factory and give up her job as sales executive to join him in his mission to make an insecti-full world. Making insecticides had been her childhood dream and ambition, she had really worked hard to reach where she was now, but Monu's begging and news revolutionary ideas had appealed to her good sense. Hence she had decided to shut down her factory, give up her job to become a total convert, and in her excitement to sign up more members to convert (to make Monu's job easy) she had come and told all to Megs.

But instead of Monu thanking her in gratitude, which he should have done, Monu had instead scolded her so very rudely, without even thinking twice as to all the sacrifices she had done to enable him to live his new dream. He didn't know of how eagerly she had been looking forward to converting the world but now, her whole being was alight with the flame of hatred, for Mohan and all insects !!! Right then and there, she made a resolution to herself  -  

" Aandhi aye ya toofan, abb mai apni factory band nahi honey doon gi, balkey dou teen aur banaoon gi aur phir iss puri duniya se saarey insects ko khatam kar doon gi. Monu ne mujh se panga liya hai, Chillimaa se!!! Mujh se bura tou koi hou hee nahi sakta "

Back to Monu's home, the next morning was here already, and the happy Bhatnagar family, scurried, rather flew around in hot air baloons, hurriedly getting the kids ready for school. They were happy that all insects were safe, then the task of getting the papa and kids ready for school vans, Megs let her baloon rest on the dinning table, breathing in relief.

Monu was looking happy and cute, standing at the bus stop with the kids. Nanhi's van came, Nanhi duly introduced her "new papa" to her class fellows. Her class fellows notably hooted. Nanhi thought it right to mention that he was the new "InsectMan" which duly impressed her friends, so much so that, in an effort to get a glimpse of the InsectMan they all tried to cram outside from the same window, cheering and honouring him with a new title "MakdiMan" , happily shouting, 

"Baalon ke taj se tou MakdiMan lagtey hain"

That really flattered Monu so much, that even after Nanhi's bus left, he kept day-dreaming about what it would be like if he donated his hair to a "web-making" company, so that huge new webs for spiders get created, thus providing countless spiders with safe, secure abodes, so that they won't have to roam around on the floors endangering their own lives on daily basis.

In this day-dream, he didn't pay attention to his whereabouts, and stopped the next school bus that came, put Addu onto it and happily saw him off, not knowing that that had not been Addu's school bus at all.

Bus abhi ke liye itna hee, baqi kisi aur din!

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-lightinfested- IF-Rockerz

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NeelimaSJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Dhinchak dhichaak!!!! Ek dum "phault-less" episode tha Clap 

So miya and biwi have opened up a mutual mahanta admiration clubClap Hubby thinks he is lucky to get a biwi who doesn't mind the fact that he committed bigmay. He went all Dancing coz wifey's understanding means that he can marry another couple of times and yet remain "dil se bachelor".  Wifey No.2  on the other will remain "dil se oblivious" and Wifey No.1 will remain "dil se married". What a dil se lobhely family!!!Clap

Surprising that Megha actually trusts her children with Mohan, who is nothing more than an overgrow kid himself. Out of the 3 Nanhi is the only with brains. Addu gets onto  a wrong bus, how brainless does he have to be to actually make that mistake and Mohan expects this one to understand what "metrosexual" meansLOL

Then the ande-tamatar scene of the day. Mohan in  a toliya and Megha sharmoying as if he is stripping and doing a pole dance! Ah! Maybe she did not want her hubby to expose while the door was open for anyone to just walk in.

Wowie!!!!! HM for MM on the cardsClap It will be so beautiful that I'll want to cry. Thank god Renu is around to keep some sanity intact. Negative, rude, crass, vulgar call her whatever you want but she is the only sensible and sane person left in this serial. So once again Go Renu Go Renu Go!!!!

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NeelimaSJ IF-Sizzlerz

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                                                Kaisi kaisi aankh micholiDancing
                     Nikal le bhaiye, sambhal le bhaiye, nikal le bhaiye reDancing

Megha says is there anything left to say? Mohan says I wanted to tell you. Megha says yes but you did not. Megha says but you did not. Mohan says I tried to say before we started this relation. Mohan says I never wanted any secrets between us. Megha says then why did you hide? Mohan says "I am sorry". MOhan says I tried tell you many times and make you understand but I got scared and couldn't muster up the courage to hurt you. Megha says what about now? What I should have come to know from you someone else told me.

Ridz walking on the road having FB of Mohan scolding her and asking her to stay away. Ridz says I wonder why you have problem in understanding that I gave the name of "natak" to the mariage which was so important and sacred to me. But what choice did I have? Ridz says if I told her the truth she wouldn't have been able to bear it. Ridz has FB of telling how she and Mohan did natak of being married to save her father. Megha asks Ridz why Mohan did not tell her? Ridz says maybe he thought you will not understand. Ridz says you should be thanking me Mohan. Even if you don't accept this relation I do.

Megha telling Mohan is this all the trust you had in me? Megha smiles and tells him why did you think I wouldn't understand you? Megha says I am proud of you. You did all this to save her fathers life. Megha says why did you think that I won;t trust you? Mohan says I was scared that I'll lose you. I got you after many difficulties. I don't want to lose you and criesMegha says I will not leave you and go. I am proud of you. MM hugSleepy Nanhi and Addu come and show their gifts to Megha. Mohan relieved. Megha thinks you did such a good deed and yet were scared of telling me? You have so much respect for my feelings. Mohan thinks you were right Megha I should have trusted you and told you everything. Mohan says I am lucky to have you as my life partner.

Its next day morning and Megha is rushing around the house getting everyone up(Dauda dauda bhaga bhaga sa from Chachi 420) playing in BG. Everyone rushing around the house getting ready for school. Mohan taking kids to the bus stop and Megha stops them and holds their hankies up. Addu steps into a puddle and Mohan scolds them. Nanhi's bus comes and she introduces Mohan to her bus mates. Nanhi gets her bag from Mohan and her bottle bottle and leaves. Addu says you gave my bottle to Nanhi. Mohan asks him to use this one. Addu says it is Pink and it is girls ka color. Mohan says it is "metrosexual" colour. Mohan puts Addu on a school bus. Addu enters the bus to see that it is not his bus.

Guru comes with upma for FIL. Renu and Guru war of words. Jiji asks Guru to get 4 coconuts for her. Jiji tells him a shop which is 2 kms away. She asks him why does he have to remain stuck to his bhaiya and bhabhi. It is Jiji's plan to get Mohan and Megha to spend some time together. Mohan arrives home and Megha asks him to get dressed. Mohan comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. Megha asks him why he is dressed this way as there are so many people in the house. Mohan says there is no one else. Mohan is about to leave but dashes into Megha.

Megha picks up tea cups and dashes into Mohan. Chai falls on Megha;s hand and Mohan blows on them. Addu comes and says "mummy".

Precap: Jiji tells Mohan that they should go on a honeymoon so that they get an opportunity to be closer. MIL tells FIL That she needs to talk to him about Megha. Jiji comes and says that she thinks MM should go on honeymoon. FIL asks Renu to book tickets for MM.

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