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OS: Khushi's return gift...A KISS (pic added)

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After a long time i am here with a cute OS on arshi as per Misti's spoiler.

Pic credit: sb2012

Khushi's Return Gift...A Kiss

Arnav blocked her against the wall, khushi heavily panting.

Arnav (husky voice): Khushi, you did not give me my return gift.

Khushi looked up and blinked her lashes, she crossed her hand against her chest and said "Kaunsa return gift arnav ji?" she asked sarcastically.

Arnav leaned further towards her ear lobes and whispered "I have given you so many gifts few minutes backs, chana, golgappas, tumhare hero ka poster, your fav jalebi's uske badle mein woh to banta hai na?

Khushi: Woh? Woh kya?

Arnav: Tum janti ho khushi, woh matlab kya hai.

Khushi: Naaahi (she stammered) hum nahi jante hai.

Arnav: To meye bata doon? He blew on her lobs, making her close her eyes tightly.

Khushi was panting heavily now hey devi maiyan lag raha hai meri saane ruk jajegi, raksha karna she said to herself and gripped his kurta.

He pressed himself against her totally, squeezing her in between the wall and him. He could feel every part of hers.

Their lips were centimeters away when she took his name almost chocking.

Khushi: aaarrrnnn...vji? Hum s...aaans nahi (panting heavily) le pa rahe hai...aa...pp

Arnav immediately moved away from her and she took the opportunity and pushed him with all her strength. Arnav fell on the bed and she giggled and flew away from there.

Arnav smirked looking at his cute naughty wife.

Arnav: RAAT KO KAHAN JAYOGI? AANA TO TUMHE YAHAN HI PAREGE...he said that loud so that she can hear it.





He yawned...yeh khushi kahan reh gai?

He heard her foot steps and hide himself behind the door.

Khushi tip toed herself and opened the door, she popped her head inside the room, her rest of the body was outside. She smiled.

Hey Devi Maiya, aapne aaj raksha kar liya, nai to who laad governer aaj mujhe nahi chodta.

She opened the door and entered. The room was quite dark she was not able to see anything, she saw a his form sleeping in the bed (the less she knew it was the pillows)

She walked carefree and stood in front of the cupboard; she fetched her dress and took out her night salwar.

Sudden strong arms hell her from the waist and spun her, she was about to scream when he closed her mouth placing his palms.

Ssshhh! Pagal ho gai ho?

Khushi: aaap? She gulped, aap to so gaye the?

Arnav held her tightly: To tum jaan bujhke der se ahi ho?

Khushi: nnnahi

Arnav: Jooti mat bolo khushi.

Khushi: jhooot kyun bolu?

Arnav: Taki tumhe woh na karna pade (he said that with a smirk)

Khushi looked down.

Arnav: Puri raat lagaogi kya dene mein?

Khushi: Sapne mein.

Arnav: Haan? What?

Khushi: Hum aapko woh nahi dene wale hai.

Arnav: Kyun? Don't I deserve it?

Khushi: Meye nahi de sakti...

Arnav: Kyun khushi? If I can give you why cant you?

Khushi: Kyunki aap beysaram ho.

Arnav: Oh! Apne biwi ko kiss karna beysharmin hai?

Khushi's ears heated up, her cheeks transformed into no less than ripened tomatoes. Yahan woh apne aap ko control kar rahi hai and aranv ji hai ki usko kiss, hey devi maiyan, mere kaan kyun nahi sar gaye?

Khushi: Dekhiye, humme jane dijiye arnav ji

Arnav: umm hmmm not before you kiss me.

Khushi: hum aapko woh nahi kar sakte.

Arnav: Woh? Woh kya khushi? (he asked naughtily, he knew she was damn shy to take its name, forget about giving him)

Khushi: Woh jo aap maag rahe ho.

Arnav: Meye koi woh nahi maag raha hoon, meye to apni biwi se apne lips pe ek chota sa kiss mag raha hoon.

Khushi closed her eyes "hey devi maiya, mujhe nahi pata tha yeh itne bey saram hai" she said that loud.

Arnav smiled: Meye isse bhi zada bey saram hoon khushi when it come to you, trust me I am very demanding khushi, yeh tum janti ho, he pressed her waist. This is nothing compared to what all I want to do with you.

Khushi: Chodiye humme please arnav ji.

Arnav: Done, kiss me and free yourself

Khushi: meye aapko kiss...she looked down blushing all the way, struggling in between his grip.

Arnav smirked, he has never been aroused with this mere word kiss from her mouth as he is today without even touching her.

The word from her mouth sent current all over his body, mind, and heart.

Khushi still struggled and he started pressing him on her. Khushi panicked a bit and started struggling more and more.

Both of them lost balance and fell on the bed.

Arnav leaned on her and kissed her nape, he removed her pallu sideways and touched her bare tummy, she felt a little ticklish and was about to get up when her elbow hit his face by mistake.

Arnav: WT'.he left her.

Khushi: arrrnnaaav ji'..i'i'am, meine yeh jaan bujke nahi kiya hai.

Arnav: Forget it khushi. I am waiting for this since morning.

Khushi: Arnav ji (she said in a sad tone)

Arnav: I don't want anything, just go and change.

Arnav got up and put the lights on, he saw his jaw bleeding a little.

Khushi stood up nervously; she clutched her night dress and looked at him with a sorry face.

Arnav: Ab khadi kyun ho? Jao change nahi karna hai? Don't worry I am not going to touch you anymore. I have had enough.

Khushi went inside the beathroom and changed. She came back and saw arnav leaning on the headboard and resting his hand on his forehead.

She slowly sat on the bed and placed her head on the pillow. She turned towards him and clutched the quilt.

Arnav gradually led flat on the bed and turned towards her, he saw her looking at him, he turned the other side and switched off the lights.


Khushi yawned and rubbed her eyes, like every morning in RM she was expecting to see her husbands cute face in front of her. But she jerked up to see the empty bed beside her. She turned to look at the bathroom but the door was half opened. She saws the clock it was 7.30. she frowned a little "Arnav ji itna subha subha kahan chale gaye hai?"

She quickly took a shower and rushed down to the living room. She took blessings in the mandir then entered the kitchen.

Khushi recollected their last night and pouted. "Koi baat nahi khushi, aaj tu unke liye breakfast le, who to waise hi teri pakwan ke deewane hai, tum to chutki meye mana lega"

She happily made food for and and kept the food on the table.

NaNi: arrey khushi bitiya? Kya baat hai? Itne saara khana?

Khushi: Who nani ji, bohot din se meye buaji ke ghar thi na isiliye aaj aap logo ke liye banane ka maan kiya.

Everyone started eating and praising khushi, par uska dhyan kahin aur hi tha.

Nani: Kya huya bitiya? Aap khaa kyun nahi rahe hai?

Khushi: Naaanhi nani ji I will have with arnav ji.

Nani: chotey? Chotey to aaj subha Mumbai ke liye nikal gaye hai.

Khushi: Mumbai?

Nani: haan? Aap ko batake nahi gaya?

Khushi: Nahi to. (she felt a little sad, for both the facts that he did not inform him and she made breakfast for him and he is only not there to have it)

She pouted a little and got up from the table. She took her phone and dialed his no. his phone was ringing but he was not picking up the phone.

Khushi was a little sad. "mujhe unse sorry kehne chahiye thi." Jo bhi huya, laga to unko, aur meine sorry tak nahi bola.

She locked herself in the room for the rest of the day, trying to call him, contact him, but it was of no use.


It was almost late night when she heard his SUV, she ran down the stairs and opened the door. Arnav looked up and saw her, she smiled and was about to take his laptop bag when he refused to give.

Khushi ran behind him, as he was walking very fast loosening his tie...Aaap aaap Mumbai gaye the?...kkaisa tha?...aap kuch khayenge?

Arnav totally ignored her and got into his room.

Khushi fiddled with her duppatta "woh ab tak mujse naraz hai" "mujhse thik se baat tak nahi kya hai" "itna baar phone kiya uthaya tak nahi" nahi khushi abhi yeh soch ne ki waqt nahi hai, tu ja aur unhe manale.

Arnav took his shower and came out, she blocked him right here. He looked at her with a straight face.

Khushi snaked her arms while arnav leaned a little back.

Nimboora'khatta nimboora.

Arnav: WT?

Khushi smiled and switched on the ipod.

Aaja piya tohe pyaar do (she held his hand and made him sit on the recliner, while he rolled his eyes and switched on his laptop)

Gori baiyan tope vaar doon (she moved back and snaked her hand around his neck and pulled her towards her, he started coughing and looking at her weirdly)

Kisliye tum, itni udaas (she quickly left him and rubbed his back and gave him a glass of water)

Sukhe sukhe honth, ankhiyon mein pyaas (she came forward and closed the laptop flap, but she did not notice that his hand was there. In the process, she closed it sandwiching his fingers.

Arnav: WT'.aaaouch

Khushi immediately got up and looked at him.

Arnav: Kar kya rahi ho khushi? Please leave me alone, stop hurting me like this.

That's it, she her control totally, she started welling up, she quickly wiped it and went to switch off the ipod, when arnav stopped her.

He made her turn towards him: Look at me.

She looked down

Look at me I said.

She looked down

Arnav cupped her face and made her look at him.

He saw how sorry she was, he knew she just tried to cheer him up and apologise.

Arnav: it's ok khushi I am fine. Just relax, you don't need to do anything. Ok? He said caring her face. You don't need to kiss me forcefully, jab hona hoga hoyega, I can wait for it.

Khushi saw him and he smiled in assurance.

Khushi: Arnavji, aapne mujhe maaf kar diya?

Arnav kissed her cheeks and cupped her face once again and nodded in approval. Tumse zada der tak ruthke nahi reh sakta hoon main.

Khushi smiled at him and quickly placed a feathery kiss on his lips and ran away.

Arnav was shocked for sometime, he did not anticipate that quick kiss from her, he was bevealed, he looked at her running from speechlessly and then she turned near the door, lowered her lashed and quickly ran out of the room.

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U actually wrote it?
***Runs to read ***

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Originally posted by preetihere

U actually wrote it?
***Runs to read ***

lol ya!!! LOL

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Originally posted by Appy_Indy

Originally posted by preetihere

U actually wrote it?
***Runs to read ***

lol ya!!! LOL

Its awesome aisa kuch nahin dikhayenge except all that comedy things Khushi does i guess- jamming his fingers, elbowing him LOL
so atleast we can imagine Embarrassed!
I was also thinking Arnav might be pretending anger on his adhoori baath Big smile

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awwwh this is sooo cuteee!!! i hope this happens :D

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hayeeeDay Dreaming wish something of this sort happens...Blushing

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