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It's Just Happened-MG OS

neha5058 IF-Rockerz

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hey friends... me here again with my bak-bak...LOL, i wanted to give this OS yest but electricity ditched me, and i typed it today... it was just small OS, this OS came in my mind like that and i have typed it... i was confused with the title so gave this tell me, hows it?

It's Just Happened

When ? Why? Where? How?  ……. These questions are always roamed in my mind, always searched the answer but as usual they always failed…. Always tried to find the answer , my mind always tried to search why? Where? And when? It all happened ? but it always failed…. I don't when it all started……. No, no I know when it all had started but doesn't know where and why and how, it all happened……  ok, don't be confused…. I am just talking to myself…… meet me, HI,  I am MAAN SINGH KHURANA…. Well right now, sitting In my cabin and thinking about myself, my wife and my kid…. Thinking about my life…..  I don't know the answers of these questions but one things I knew and that is IT'S JUST HAPPENED….. and now we blessed to having each other in our life….. normally people regret after doing this but we were different…. We understood each other very well….. we knew the small-2 things about each other…..

Okay, again, I am confusing you all….. I am talking about me…. MAAN and my wife GEET….. the day was the bestest day when we both met with each other and we became best friends…..  I still remember that day when we both met and we both gave a new name to each other….. first I shocked hearing the name, because no one dare to call me like that even she pulled my cheeks too….. (he was smiling thinking about their first meeting and it was best….)

It was the day when I entered in my college…. As usual my first day in college because I have best college of Engineering of Mumbai  and I have joined B.Tech…..  it was geet's first day also…. Though I don't know anyone there because I was fresher even she was too…. We both entered in college together but we both don't each other… we were strangers…..  she was wearing purple salwar suit…. (ok. You are thinking that if I didn't saw her then how can I remember her dress….. arey we met during ragging na….) …  we unaware of each other's presence but we both stopped by the bunch of boys…. I looked at her side and saw her face for the first time… though I didn't feel anything like that, that time but now we loved each other very much…… that time I have to propose her, it was my task….

We both were shock… I turned and looked at her… I saw she saw those big-2 fat tears in her eyes…I hugged her immediately….. I don't know what happened suddenly… I wiped her tears and she was looking at me with her big doe shaped eyes….  I immediately went on my knees and said I love you…. Her mouth opened in big O shape…. After then those boys went from there leaving us alone…. She turned towards me, gave me her big smile showing her 32 teeth….. I smiled at her…. Suddenly she pulled my cheeks and called me cutie…. I shocked hearing the name "cutie", no one dared to call me cute and here she was calling me cutie….  But right now I loved this name….  then I also gave her a name, usual name not so frenzy… only teddy…. Because she was looking exact like a teddy when she was crying…..   we both smiled at each other and then we became best friends…….

Time passed and we both started helping each other in our study….. she was also so good in study but a little bit dumbo in small-2 topics…. She usually forgot the basics but she surprised me after solving the hard problems which seems the shock for me….. one day after our 1st semester exams…. We got a subject DE…. We both were studying in library , I got stuck in one question…. I looked in her copy, she had solved that question…. I surprised…..

Maan- teddy, did you solved this question?

Geet-haan, kabhi ka…  abhi mai iss binary numbers par atak gayi hu.. pls samjha na….

Maan-lekin , iss ques me to binary numbers ka use karna tha…..

Geet-haan, to kiya na maine….

Maan-fir tu binary numbers par kaise atak gayi?

Geet-arey, you always forget….. mujhse ye binary ka addition and subtraction nahi hota…. Mai hamesha aak jati hu…

Maan-lekin, iss ques mein circuits and flip-flop ka use karna tha binary ke sath… wo tuney solve kar liya…


Maan-show me…. Geet showed him the solution and that was right…. Maan's eyes popped seeing the correct answer…

Maan-then tujhse binary solve kyu nahi hota?

Geet-nahi hota bas… tu samjha na….  maan sighed and taught her binary numbers and 1's addition and 2's complimentary subtraction and other different methods….. finally she got understand but still sometimes she forgot basics and solved the hard problems and sometimes afraid from little-2 problems… she was just like that….

One day, she fought with her friend and landed in my apartment…..  that time I went to her hostel for picking her for the  college but I found her there with her luggage… my heart sank down thinking that she is leaving him alone here…. I was used to her…. I ran towards her where she was looking at me with her big eyes….

Maan-teddy, what happened…? Tu yaha sie, luggage ke sath…. Kaha ja rahi hai?

Geet-stupid cutie….. mai kahi nahi ja rahi hu…. Tera pichha nahi chhodne wali… wo to maine hostel chhod diya…

Maan-lekin why?

Geet- wo mera uss preeti se fight ho gaya….

Maan-teri roommate? She nodded… par kyo?

Geet-wo… uska, yuck cheap boyfriend aaya tha to,


Geet-to, he was trying to come close to me so he punched him 2-3 times on…. On his , she closed her eyes…

Maan-kaha mara? Maan was curious to know…

Geet-ab to wo definitely gay ban gaya hoga…. And she burst into laugh along with maan….after controlling their laugh…..

Maan-teddy, tujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha….

Geet-tu uski sidele raha hai.. tujhe bhi gay banna hai kya? Maan's eyes came out from the socket hearing her warning and he ran from there saving his life from her where she was also running behind him…. then maan asked to her where she went now? But she had no clue about other places…. I hit my head….

Maan-teddy, tu kuch sochti kyo nahi karne se pehle?

Geet-ye kaisa sawal hai… hamesha tu mujhe batata hai ki mujhe kya karna hai….

Maan-fir iss baar kyo nahi puchha , ab tu kaha rahegi?

Geet- mujhe nahi pata…. She made baby face…

Maan-chal mere sath…. He held her luggage and both sat in his car…

Geet-par hum kaha jaa rahe hai?

Maan-mere flat …

Geet-lekin mai tere flat main kaise reh sakti hu…

Maan-don't worry… 2 rooms hai…. Aur mai tujhe yu akele nahi chhod sakta..samjhi…. she nodded….

Then our friendship became more stronger than before…. We did everything together… study together…. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, watching tv, etc etc… everything….. we never get bored with each other….. yeah, she was speaking all the time, and I usually listen her talks without any topic….  I loved my Italian food but she made Punjabi food lover because from the very next day, she started cooking Punjabi food and the she used to complaint me ki I am gaining weight…. And then one day, she went to mall and bought so many new t-shirts and jeans for me because my  all old clothes became tight…. After that day, I stopped eating Punjabi food…. But today, I loved Punjabi food because my beloved wife geet cooked it for me…..

Oh god, I still remember, one day, I almost caught red handed by her but she didn't told anything to me, beside of it, she cut the wires of my DVD and tv and gave warning to me….

It was the usual night….. I became little bit naughty, and I wanted to watch some p*** movie but I had a fear if teddy saw me, then what will happen…. Then one idea came in my mind….  I had played some horror sounds in my music player and watched p*** movie without any sound… I thought teddy will afraid from horror movies but rather than, she loved horror movies…. Suddenly don't know from where she barged in my room… though I locked it but it was slightly locked, and door opened giving me the shock of my life….. she looked at the tv screen and I was looking at her facial expression digesting what is happening here, she turned and covered her eyes….. I came out from my thoughts and immediately turn off the tv…  I was fumbling with my words… she turned and glare at me…. She doesn't said any word to me… I was wondering.. what was going in her mind at that time…. I thought she will kill me right now…. She went away from there in her room, I was wondering what she was upto…? But my all plans and thought went in vain when is saw scissor in her hand… my eyes popped open and seeing scissor in her hand…. She gave me a glare and went towards the DVD player,,,, took the wire and cut it in small-2 pieces…. Then she move towards my plasma…. And cut the wires of my plasma…. I closed my eyes… I was not able to spoke a word…. She came to me

Geet-if you want to watch anything then hall wale tv me dekhna aur mere room mein… you are not allowed to watch anything in your room…. And went away….. I ran behind her….

Maan-teddy, teddy meri baat to sun yaar.. wo by chance wo channel lag gaya tha yaar… I was changing the channels…. Pls trust me yaar…. Tu aisa nahi kar skati mere sath… I was pleading to her but she was giving me warning again and again….

Geet-tu apne room mein tv nahi dekh sakta to mai kaise dekhu apne room mein tv… chal mai apne tv ke bhi wire cut kar deti hu… she said so  chirpily but I scream…………… no……..and she stopped….. I somehow managed to made her understand don't cut the wires…. Ek tv ke wire vut kar diye that was enough…. She nodded and happily went in kitchen…. She forgot about the movie scene…. And I sighed in relief…..

Maan laughed loud remembering those days… she was so dumbo…. She saw the kissing scene in the movie but didn't shout at me…. But after that what she did to me, that was unimaginable for me…..

She went in kitchen and took the gangajal(holy water) and sprinkled on me… I kept looking at her… I asked from her what she is doing…

Geet-arey, tu apavitra ho gaya hai aisi gandi, chi chi yuck scene dekkar… isliye mai tujhe shudh kar rahi hu…..  and I was like OMG…..

Day by day, we are becoming so close to each other… I usually kissed her on her forehead and when I was in happy mood, I kissed her on her cheek…. But she never mind… we watch tv cuddling in each ther on the couch, tickling each other… but we never minded…. After all, we considered each other as best friends…. I was so possessive about her… I never tolerate seeing her with any guy…. Whenever I saw her with ay other boy, I dragged her from there and told her not to meet them….. I never allowed my friends in my flat…. I never gave her permission for revealing dresses…. She always wore salwar suit or jeans with long tops…. Day by day, she was also becoming little bit mature…. We knew every small-big thing about each other, as it's been 3 years, we lived with each other in a flat,  I don't know what was happening to me? Why I was becoming so possessive for her… that's why my  girlfriends broke with me….. but one day, I don't know, when, why, how, it happened… I only knew , it's just happened….. !!!

One day , we went for a movie together….. she wanted to watch some bollywood movie but that was housefull, so we went in some random English movie…. We never heard the name of that movie when we entered in movie hall, that was half empty….  But we ignored it and sat on our seat….

After half an hour, the making out scene came… after some time, she held my hand and hide her face in my shoulder… I asked her what happened?

Geet- wo, jo pichhey couple hai na, they are kissing….

Maan-they are not kissing only, they are doing more than kiss…. I teased her….

Geet-cutie, pls ghar chalein….  She was sounding so low so I thought to moved to flat….  We ordered pizza on the way… we reached home and sat on the couch….

Maan-what happened?

Geet-wo, in movie hall, sab hamein couple samajh rahe honge….

Maan-then what's the problem… that was their mentality… we can't change anyone's mentality….

Geet-lekin fir bhi, they were talking some cheap-2 , and doing a lot things….

Maan-to problem kya hai? Wo unka problem hai….

Geet-nahi wo baat nahi, they will thinking that we are also doing same thing with each other…..

Maan-to isme kya prob hai.. unhe jo sochna hai sochne do…. She has little tears in her eyes…. I immediately hugged her…. She was so low…. We both hugged each other….  I don't know how, I placed my lips on her neck and kissed there, she doesn't said anything , unknowingly, I moved ahead and I kissed on her cheeks, then the corner of her lips…. Still she closed her eyes but I felt her hold on me tighten….  I looked at her finally pecked her lips… still she doesn't said anything…. I pecked her lips again, but for my shock, she response me and pecked me on my lips… she smiled teasingly and we both kissed… then I don't know when those words uttered from my mouth…. I said, I love you geet,

She hugged me at once and said I love you too….. we looked in each other eyes and again kissed……

After that day, we became lover from friends , it was my short story…..  I came out from my thought when geet entered in my cabin with lunch box…. I smiled widely seeing her and she found her pic in my hands…..

Geet-kya hua maan? Missing me?

Maan- no, her pupils became large and she pouted cutely,

Geet-aap kyo mujhe miss karne lage… wo to mai hi hu jo aapko miss karti rehti hu, isliye lunch lekar aayi hu….  I smiled at her…..  I pulled her and she landed in my lap… and without any delay, I capture her lips and he gave herself in me….


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Yayyy..! Me First For The 1st Time To Comment Dancing

Awesomeee Thumbs Up Embarrassed 
Mind-blowing OS 

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geet is fab maan naught maneet became lovers please continue soon

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simply lovely
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awsome os
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wonderfulll os yar... awesome

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