Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

~:~NT#6:Kisi Aur Ki Mangetar Bani RK Ki Dulhan:~:

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Nautanki Times #6
(Kisi Aur Ki Mangetar Bani RK Ki Dulhan)

Dimpy: Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika!!!LOL

*Shivu enters*

Dimpy: Dhinka Chika!!
Shivu: kya baat haii...aaj joi bahot khush hai?
Dimpy: yep yep yep!!! 2 wadde reasons hai!!!
Shivu: woh kya kya??
Dimpy: ek toh meri Tanu ka budday!!Big smile
Shivu: oh yaa...!!! btw that was an awesome thread!!!
Dimpy: tthank you jeeHug
Shivu: and reason 2??
Dimpy: urmm... RK-Madhu ke not so shandaar but yes hot SHAADIDay Dreaming
Shivu: eeeppp!!! I know... give me a jhappi!!Hug
Dimpy: Hug

**They share a cutee hugg**

Dimpy: ohh teri!!D'oh
Shivu: kya hua?
Dimpy: he forgot Nautanki TimesEmbarrassed
Shivu: D'oh ok...chal go on!! I won't disturb you any more!

*Stepping forward*

Welcome ji!! We are here with the latest edition of Madhubala Newsletter

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(By  --Shivu-- )

Monday- RK Ki Laila
Shammo and Madhu reach RK's house to ask him to take actions of media for printing the baseless rumours about RK being Madhu's BF. RK presses Shammo to read about the article defaming Madhu-RK aloud in front of him as his hands are not clean. Inspite of being ill, Shammo reads aloud his daughter's defamatory article. When Shammo is unable to read, Madhu gathers courage and reads out the NEWS aloud. RK pretends to be shocked at her and shouts at Bitto Ji to arrange for an IMMEDIATE press conference where he can clear the rumours. Madhu and Shammo leave. RK goes for the conference and attacks the Media for defaming a middle class girl like Madhu just for publicity and crispy news. On being asked about RishBala relationship… He agrees that he is seeing Madhu and loves her dearly and that his heart broke when she got engaged to some other guy. Mallicks are SHOCKED
Tuesday- RK Press Conference
RK reveals how Madhubala and him love each other and spend some secret moments together. He defames Mallicks by firstly attacking Shammo for not being Madhu's biological father and then defames Paddo by revealing that Paddo-Shammo are living together since 20 years and do not believe in what "samaj" says. He continues that Trish wants to be a heroine and that Roma and Paddo are junior artist and by this news, they intend to get famous. Shammo is furious. Madhu weeps bitterly and is shattered. Her parlour owner asks her to leave her post until these rumours are all sorted out.
Wednesday- Madhu's MMS
Madhu and Trish consol Paddo and asks her to have courage as nothing would go wrong. Shammo is going aag babula recollecting RK's conference when Trish asks her to calm down. It's hard time for Madhu as she breaks down in kitchen… Trish comes and hugs her. They share a sisterly moment. They think of something to console Paddo. Suddenly Aai comes… She is furious and replies she won't step in Mallick House. She shows the MMS of Madhu-RK to Shammo and exclaims "RK Ki Laila-Madhubala". Shammo finally leaves to teach RK a lesson.
Thursday- Shammo Assaulted
Shammo reaches the RK shooting site and starts beating the bodyguards there. He then catches hold of bittu ji and beats him tearing his clothes apart. RK enters the scene sipping coffee. Bittoo Ji exclaims "ab aayi teri maut". He runs and hides behind RK. RK's special guards soon take over Shammo and when he tries to come near RK, RK coolly calls him Master ji… The guards take Shammo away in a godown where they beat him mercilessly to his last breath. When they are done, Bittoo Ji asks that what is to be done with Shammo… he asks them to keep him alive. Mallick Sisters are running in RK's house searching for Shammo. They breakdown and reach the police station where the inspector asks them to wait for 24 hours as they cannot write a report for missing within 24 hours.
Friday- Madhu Mukund Break Apart
Paddo and Roma reach the Police Station where they come to know that the police is not taking their report down. There Aai advises that with Madhu as their bahu, her daughters marriage would become troublesome and Swati might be affected by these rumours. Madhu asks Mukku to come and help them. He is leaving when suddenly Swati enters all drenched in fear. Mukku decides something seeing Swati being teased because of Madhu. He reaches the Police Station and says that they cannot be together as this would not be viable with his family. Madhu and Mallicks are APPALLED 
heart divider

(By  Armu4eva )

In a week full of strife... and heartache... Ouch ...getting a Romantic Moment... is indeed next to impossible! Disapprove  But ..well .. if i did b forced to choose...Stern Smile then the scene of RK talking about moments spent with Madhu ... during the press conference ..& Madhu hugging Mukku mite just scrape in for a mention ...Embarrassed!

^ ^  Aah.. look at those Lovey-dovey  eyes as he talks about his Future BIWI Day Dreaming*so sweet*! But .. who could have guessed that what would come from RKs mouth next... would b more destructive than even the Nuclear Bomb..Unhappy! [Grr... RK Angry]

Coming to the next entry...! Well yes... yes LOL I know ur thots on seeing the name 'Madhu-Mukku' in this category... but thats just how un-romantically romantic the week was Confused ! So well we saw... Madhu, while waiting outside the Police Station sees Mukku and thinks Mukku has come to be her strength ... and runs to him with gay abandon and HUGS him tight! But boy-o-boy is she in for a shock! Mr. Spineless has to run and literally with his socks! Ouch [PS: Knowing the casualties likely for this entry ...not keeping the pic of the HUGWinkLOL


(By jigyasa28 )

This week was full of jhatke for madhubalaCryCryCryCryCryCry but jahan se in sab jhatko ki shuruath hui thi that can be the

scene of the week i.e. rk's press conference jahan usne apne ishq aur junoon ka elaan kiya with proof
but uska maksad tha madhu ki sagai todkar revenge lenaAngry and yes he was successful in doing soClap
(thanks to him ab hume madhu aur mukku ke scenes ko bear nahi karna padegaBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile)


(By lovelygeet24x7 )
I am not at all proud to say that each and every episode of this week had a worst scene!Be it R.K defaming Madhu to the core or Aai's permanent insult to the Maliks.But the most worst scene was Shamsher beaten up by R.K's men by order of Bittoji.It was so horrific & so inhuman!It was such a heart-wrenching scene Shammo smeared with blood with R.K's men going on beating him like robots!Full on emotional attyachar to the viewers!

(By  Phoenix.Xeelan  )


With a heavy heart this week I select the Bakra of the week my most favorite character. yes - you are absolutely right our beloved Superstar Risabh Kundra!!

He got this exclusive honor for being super successful in literally destroying his JUNOON Madhubala ahaan!! He finally proved what it takes if you mess with RK. I cant deny how impress I am with his lying ability and he can write scripts too. Since he wrote an imaginary lovestory of Madhubala and himself!! Wasn't it simply amazing!! And how can someone look so convincing and hot while he is delivering downright white lies!! But he specially got the title for dishonoring a mother that is Padmini. Whatever he did to Madhu was for revenge but what he did to destroy Madhus family too wasn't appreciable and specially how he humiliated Padmini.



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(By  lovelygeet24x7  )

Monkey Icon

There were NO comic moments in this week.Seeing this week's episodes,one must have forgotten even the meaning of comedy!.It has becum a rule in MB not to have any light moments!.Better luck next time!Monkey Icons
(By Armu4eva  )

D'oh  Hayo Rabba... why do i not get an OFF on a Sunday too Angry Ouch .[Ok..sorry for khaoing some footage folks] LOL

.. chalo... lets..dig out the Stupidest Moment of the Week WinkLOL

^^ I seriously HATE this female... Angry .. i mean... why does everyone go into the PERPETUAL SILENT & in Madhu-Paddos case.. CRYING mode..every time she opens her mouth? Shocked Here she was back to her ... venomous ..pricky self...and going on n on about Madhu and Paddos character...but majal the Malliks wuld shut her up! Ouch 

Honestly ...feel like taking out the Danda... n getting into Action .. u know! LOL

(By DamnedDrooler-)
No prize for guessing yes it is RK as cool,collective and of course cold superstar ... Vivian look great with new gelled hairstyle... He looked amazing in the scene with shamsher where he is being ruthless and ass... Okies peeps I am talking about the looks only and not behaviour ... superstar indeed looking superstar 

(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )
This week was high on emotions and not much into fashion display. everyone was normally dressed even Roma's flower printed dress was actually nice. But Bittuji took the cake again. His animal printed (almost) like zebra printed shirt on Fridays episode was very tacky so his got the title again.  

(By   _Aanchal_   )


(By .SilentPrincess   )
Ishq Ka Junoon

Made By Jenny1000



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(By   _Aanchal_   )

(by ArShiGurTiKaSh)

(By  _Aanchal_  )
(by TheRazoQueen)

(By  bubblygal1711 )
VM of the week


(By  Jyo_Ks )

In this article, delicate darling DD tells us about her totally different journey of MB so far, also about her supportive & helping Cast and Production House. She also states about no similarities between Madhu & Drashti, further describes herself as an Ethereal Beauty & shares a beautiful quote for life which is as follows "Do everything once in life and if you like it go ahead for more, that is what life is all about. Enjoy it till you live it."
This article got about 20164+ views with 1129+ comments & 624+ votes
(By deboleena.manna )

hey guys another week here comes last weeks...Fb & Twitter Update Of The Week...and this weeks award goes to...

congrts dear...for ur this tweet post-
n the tweet is-
16mVivian Dsena ?@VivianDsena01

RK's New Avatar gets on air by 2mrw evening ...Madhubalaaa...Aaannhaannn...

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19mVivian Dsena ?@VivianDsena01

Guys the new promo of MADHUBALA EK ISHQ EK JUNOON gets on air by 2mrw evening,biggest twist in the story ever...

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this tweet got 38 likes,31 replies and 1006 views...

but there is a twist guys...this same tweet also posted by Abhayangel n her post got 33 likes,22 replies and 791 congrts to her week I will b back with new updt of the week...Smile
 (By princess163 )

If Last week we thought the show was dramatic, then, *Swati faints witnessing the drama this week*

But, loads of drama means, so many people who could be our Character of the Week Monkey Icons

Who should it be? *Swati con-phusedMonkey Icon

Should it be RK for his impeccable portrayal of a man obsessed with the idea of revenge?? Monkey Icons Cici

Or Should it be Padmini, for the heart wrenching acting of a woman broken by the wounds inflicted on her daughter and pained by old wounds being rubbed by the world Monkey Icons Yoyo

Or rather, lets give it to Mr. Malik, for the role of a father who dotes on his daughter and sees red when a finger is raised in her directionMonkey Emoticon

But, beating all the competition is our very own heroine, MadhubalaIcon Monkey Yoyo

The girl's life is in shambles, her family is falling apart, her relationship with the love of her life has shattered like a piece of broken glass and the cruel world is hell bent on maing her walk on the shattered pices, take all the pain, and inflict some more.
She has lost her support system, her fiance, and is trying to find the man who has been more than a father to her.
Yet, she tries her best to hold herself together. At times, she allows herself the liberty to break down completely, give in to the urge of shedding tears. She tries hard, accepts everything the world throws at her; fails to stop the tears that now flow freely as she tries to hold on to the tattered remains of the happy life she once lived.
Excellent work!!
So, she gets the Character of the week, for just being-Madhubala! Monkey Emoticon


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(By  Xx-Shama-xX )
FF/OS of the week - piya-
With a hit of maximum 113 likes! =D
Congrats! :')
(By  -NaGs_BaBy-  )

RISHBALA KE 4 PHERE- discussion thread

by mymagic13 with 648 replies and 6935 views


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(By swaron502 )


Madhubala Awards Ceremony

Hello Guyzz i am backk with the awards... Sirf awards dekh ke khush mat ho jana neeche ke notes bhi pad lena LOL

Glycerine Of The Week: Shahisthi
You Gift:

(The awards doent mean that u r acry baby... it means dat u proved to be the most loyal MB fan in the week Big smile )

Superstar Hot Chunk RK Of the Week: Chakku_Chudail
Your Gift:

P.S. khud ki siggie khud hi ko mubarak LOL

Laughter Medicine Of The Week: SheDevil
Your Gift:

( No jootes and chappals guyz LOL... m afraid ki mostly har week shrishti ko ye award milne wala he since fun posts are dese days being made only by her...cmon guyzz... give her some competition...LOL.. or the gaame ll go boring LOL )

Gossiping Queen Of The Week: Manonids
You Gift:

Heroine Of The Week: *Shifali*
Your Gift:

Shifu Di... u shocked??? dnt be LOL


Time For the Serial Awards now LOL

Chuglibaaz Of The Week: Bittoo G Tongue

RK ke freedomz ka galat fayd uthaya Bittoo Ji ne...biggest Chuglibaaz Tongue

isnt he looking so cute?? LOL LOL

Hats Off To You Of The Week: Shamsher Mallick Cool

Shammu played the role of a father perfectly welll... no1 else deserves this award as much as he deserves Smile

Satti Savitri Of The Week: Trishna LOL

cmon guyz dnt be hairan... finaaly we saw THE SISTER roop in Trishna Tongue

Bhago Yahan Se Of The Week: RK ke bodyguards ROFL ROFL
They created a gr8 havoc !!! Tongue
sry no pics of dem Tongue

Chakna Choor Chalak Item Of The Week: Mukund's Aayi

ohk i noe many of u were expecting RK to be here... but Mukku aur uski family toh ab serial se alvida ho rhi he toh jaate jaate Mukku ki ayi ko salaam he ye LOL
uske baad toh RK ne hi chaa jana he LOL

Thats all For the awards..Congo To the Winnerzz... Big smile
Enjoyy the gifts guyzz..!!!
(u r supposed to use these gifts as ur siggies in ur siggy box Wink )

(By --Shivu-- )
*sob sob* What a week! How bad can RK get? He doesn't look like he would be a NEGATIVE person well anyways... it was really a week of some surprises...from the Newspaper waala event... or the SHAMSHER to SHAMSHAAN event... that was the most... and then MUKUND...finally... going away from Madhu's life  anyways...I'll keep blabbering if you ask me... soo!!! let's not wait further and announsh the ratings...?

Well... what do you have to say?

**shouts of 3/5 ; 3.5/5 echoeing**

welll guys...don't get over excited! this week...

it has to be 4/5

Kudos to Shamsher, Madhu and RK...for doing it soo well... and to Aai...for irritating us to no limit!

Sayonara... see you next week!!


Heads: Dimple (-Dimple-) and Shivangi (--Shivu--)
Main Banner: --Shivu--
Logos: -Stutz-
~Dimple & Shivu~


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Omg I can't believe it My first FF on Rishbala "Kiss of Poisonous Love" was selected as the best FF of this week 

Me dancing in joy Dancing

Thanks a ton guys 

love u all 

Rishbala and MB forum rocks


If anyone is interested in reading the FF here is the link

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