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Kunal Chopra - Man enough?

Fariyal IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 February 2012
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:10am | IP Logged

Kunal Chopra, at the start was an unhappy, acid tongued wastrel, dour faced & bad tempered.
His story, one of hope & second chances, was to unfold from the time of his sudden marriage to his young, unlikely wife.
But this KC as I know him today, is as worthless a person as he was a year back, unable to keep a job, an incapable lawyer who can't complete a case without his wife's inputs, a man who couldn't confess his love for his wife without her prodding. This unsavory man comes across as egotistical & opinionated & is a bad judge of character. He believed in the "niceness" of his evil ex girlfriend until she slapped him with a rape allegation. Just months after professing undying love for his wife, he readily believes, without a doubt, the lies she is forced to mouth. He chooses to feel wronged & drown in self pity instead of questioning the motives behind his wife's sudden inexplicable behavior. This Kunal Chopra chooses to believe the same woman who left him for a comfy lifestyle, a woman that tried to rape him & tried to kill his wife on more than one occasion.
This Kunal Chopra readily believed the woman responsible for his downfall & callously give up on the woman that instilled in him some joie de vivre, brought order into his life & taught him to love & trust again.
Not only did Ekta Kapoor's cvs fail to follow through with her heavily advertised male-centric concept, but in my opinion they are failing miserably at their own over used nari shakti plots too...for, which educated, self respecting woman would want to be with this sorry excuse for a man called Kunal Chopra?

Its a pity that today, the fallen hero instead of rising from the depths of doom, as was promised, has slipped a few notches further into disgrace & despair In the eyes of many a viewer who is repulsed by him.

It's an even greater pity that Samir Soni, even though not convinced of the shape of his character does full justice to it, making it all the more easier to hate Kunal Chopra!

So my question to you is... If your husband believed some mud slinging lies of his ex girlfriend & turned his back on you, would you take him back if he begged you to?
I wouldn't, I'd find myself someone better, bcz as the L'oreal ad goes... I'm worth it!!

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-Rojaa- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 April 2009
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fariyal

So my question to you is... If your husband believed some mud slinging lies of his ex girlfriend & turned his back on you, would you take him back if he begged you to?
I wouldn't, I'd find myself someone better, bcz as the L'oreal ad goes... I'm worth it!!

my answer is no. What a lady expect from her husband?the first thing is protection and a secure life. If the husband believes his ex Gf's lies and leave his wife when needs him the most, why should the wife accept him? where r the promises taken during the marriage rituals? I would never accept him again,as they say  I'm mature enough to forgive that person but I'm not dumb enough to trust that person again. 

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-Hima- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 June 2012
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 6:42am | IP Logged
No woman in her right mind would accept a husband who trusts his ex more than her. Actually, KC as a concept in real life would not work.. he is still surviving only because of EK and of course SS. Same goes for Siddhi also I guess.. which woman would give up her love to the vamp in exchange for a life-sentence?? and don't even want to mention her super-human pregnancy and spider-woman stunts during her 5th month!!

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chitsss IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 February 2012
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 6:44am | IP Logged

Fari spot onClap!Kunal Chopra has been extremely disappointing,especially so in the last couple of months.Before I state why I say this about Kunal Chopra let me clarify I am not a over enthusiastic Siddhi fan either , I do not support her so called sacrifice which as per me was lameAngry and no matter how many buckets she weeps I still stand by it!

For ease of understanding I shall list out as points why Kunal Chopra has been found to be lacking and to a great degree repulsive for the past couple of weeks.Ouch

*He abandoned his pregnant wife to rot in jail for a crime she did not commitAngry.Kunal Chopra had been updated by both the then Mrs Siddhi Chopra and Vikram Garewal that Rohit did not die in that accident and that the whole thing was plotted by the Thakral offspring!This so called idealistic man did not lift a finger to help his wife, yes she left him but if I am not mistaken so did Richa but did that stop him from running helter skelter to save her from VineetConfused?

*Fine Richa saved him from wrongful imprisonment but knowing very well it was Richa who stopped Vikram from producing ROhit in court the previous time why did Kunal not suspect her.Just one of the reasons, he is well aware of Richa's previous acts too.Basic common sense went lacking in  gold medalist.Angry

*Siddhi abandoned him but he still loved Siddhi right , that too truly then why was the female who tried to murder Siddhi walking around his house, in his bedroom?What does that say about Kunal Chopra's great loveAngry?

*Richa first told him that Siddhi abandoned him for the future of her kid , then later told him Siddhi abandoned the kid itself , how lame must a man be to not see through thisAngry?

So in answer to your question Fari , I would not want Kunal Chopra back if I was Siddhi simply because like you said I would  'I am worth much better'! Kunal Chopra thanks to the brilliant Soap Queen and her chamcha's and chamchi's has been rendered a man worthy of nothing better than ridicule!OuchOuchOuchDead

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Silambu IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 February 2012
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:26am | IP Logged
I just could not resist responding to this post. I have been fuming with fire
For the past week, I have been trying to pinch myself that the KC I was reading was just a figment of my worst nightmare. Never I thought he would readily buy into the lies sprouted by his ex-gal over his wife who is carrying his child espeically after all the evil deeds that ex  did, which I will not go into details for we all know what it was...
What really  bothered me and is still bothering my, is how KC believed Richa without any questions asked. Its apparant and transparen to the world dumbest, that if what Richa say is true about his wife, why the hell is she serving time in Jail for she would have been smart enough to vanish in the thin air without any trace. But good lord Mr Kunal chopra, the woman who claims to have taken money is now serving jail term and this man could not smell any foul play is beyond my understanding. Best part he has accepted that Siddhi has done wrong along with his family and worst his in laws as well. I have to ask this " Do Ekta CVs  really get paid to write such unbelievable nonsense" The whole bunch need to be fired for doing nothing.! Its pretty obvious that they are just adamant to move the story post leap, and to hell with any logics and making the cast to act like dumbos!
There is a limit to the level of stupidity. And this is going way beyond the benchmark and the tolerance level of the Ritcher scale. Its bloody outrageous and  insulting !
 I cannot accept this KC for doing nothing and wallowing in self pity as if he is the victim. The KC I knew, would  have sprang into action and would have got to the bottom of the deal between Siddhi and Richa. But not this guy , who walks around like a zombie, reads books in his bed, mysty eyed with tears ready to pour down any minute. I have no doubt about SS mindblowing acting skills but what in heaven's name is Ms Ekta Kapoor doing to KC character? Why is she making him act like his eyes are covered with wool and he cannot figure out the simplest equation - age old women Jealousy fight over a man? Accepting the serpent back into his life again is not something I would have associated with KC but he has done it! And now to add further insult to the injury, marry her? What is he nutz?
The 4 mths he had, never once did he question Siddhi's sudden change of behaviour.  He gave up on her without any fight. Just like that...and that's call love? What kind of sick love is that? Did he ever love Siddhi or just used her as a vessel for his baby. I am sorry to say this but KC really failed big time as my hero and worst as a man who was not worth  a single dime of his wife's unconditional love.
I dont agree with Siddhi's sacrifice either. What woman in her right frame of mind would give up her husband to another woman in this era and time? Are we living in dark ages where such unnecessary sacrifices is required? C'mon give me a break will you Ekta!
And to answer your question, I will not take the scumbag husband of mine, if he ever chooses to believe a woman who had done so much injustice. over me , and giving up on me so easily without any fight. I tell him to go to hell and burn!. I will never accept ,forget or forgive him for choosing to believe the worst, simply because he never really loved me or trusted me did he? Or for the matter did he ever know me at all, what's in my heart, my body and soul? So no way, will I accept him into my life again for there are other millions of fishes in the sea and I will have my pick.
Sorry for the long post but KC behaviour  is disturbing me a lot... and causing me sleepless night,.for he has let me down in many ways where he should have taken the stand as what a real man would have done!

Edited by Silambu - 06 August 2012 at 7:32am

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rainbowgirl IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 March 2012
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged

Fari i have to disagree on the title of your post Wink Calling kunal chopra a man itself is a joke, there is not a residue left in him to call him the man of the show now. What he was a year ago was a fallen man who had his brains & below the belt stuff in proper working condition. Today he is a drunker-ed drone  who hasn't an iota of grey cells by which he's able to figure out what's happening Ouch

He has ditched his great love and is asking in a nonchalant way the vile person who pushed him to the dungeons of hell if she wants to marry him as he's already dead & going through the motion of living a lifeDead. Seriously how can he even ask such things to a person like her & allow her to trot around his house? Angry I feel ashamed to say today that i once loved & respected this character coz i felt that allot of people once in their life would have gone through the circumstances like him & could connect to his vulnerabilities & helplessness. I was thinking too much i guess, coz he's just a worthless, irresponsible & selfish person who in-spite of loving & respecting someone beyond anything is ready to call it quits believing any cock & bull story when the going gets tough Dead 

Fari i would never take a self indulgent boy back Wink who sees only good in you until you are good to him & isn't able to see the love in my eyes and have full faith in me no matter what bad things i am forced to do isn't worth wasting my time on. I strongly believe that such person shouldn't be given any sort of chance to mend their sorry life. they are a bane & liability to society. Thumbs Down

Ekta & her band of in-competent fools who call themselves CVs have ruthlessly killed their own baby parichay coz they didn't have it in them to treat this special child with differently. All they do is get badly influenced bollywood,hollywood & their own serials to make crap shows in the name of entertainment to torture the mass.

Edited by rainbowgirl - 06 August 2012 at 8:03am

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Shehnaz.K Goldie

Joined: 16 March 2012
Posts: 2392

Posted: 06 August 2012 at 7:58am | IP Logged
All has been said.
Just want 2 say that ekta nd her jokers showed such a degradation in kunal's character that i can only cnclude that they can stoop 2 any low level in future just 2 put things in order from the mess they wil b creating post leap.
Nw it's yet 2 b watchd whethr remarraige occurs bcs unlike the other show it has no meaning as richa is the vamp of the show.

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d.padmini IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 December 2011
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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
yup even i could not resist my self from commenting... well to me the biggest and worst insult to a wife  and her love  for here husband  is when a husband lets another woman roam about freely in their bedroom.. which kunal chopra is doing ..
if my  husband in not with me when i need him the most, when he is incapable of protecting me.  fighting for me ,standing by me and supporting me ..  when he trust his ex more than me, when he just beilves what I say but cant understand my feelings than better i find some one my answer is big no...
p.s .. i dont know whether I am going to watch teh show henceforth or not depends on KC marital status.. but yes would definitely see the episode when Kunal will come to know the truth ..  i want to see him in pain for not trusting his wife

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